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Alan West

Admiral Alan William John West, Baron West of Spithead GCB DSC PC (born 21 April 1948) was, from June 2007 to May 2010, a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the British Home Office with responsibility for Security and a Security Advisor to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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Friday has Lyn on Control, Bob heads to Glasgow and Alan S covers the West. And we're 40 followers from 2000!
also the Alan Ball songs that ended 'and so is Gordon West' .
It was pretty great 😄. The gardener in Wild West Seymour was called Alan and he was the actual gardener at Codies...
The truth behind boardroom is out and viewers CAN'T deal
I'm back in action with Alan West & Steve Black tonight as we return to The Bellows at The Wheelwright Inn...
chief gives first ever interview to attack Elites are THAT worried about victory.
I like the west coast because it's only 9:15 right now lol at you EST people
Yes, Debbie's home. Col Alan West was cheated out of a win in t Same county. Fraud Alert 4 every precinct!
When I look around at Broadway and the West End, theatre is becoming an...
The philosophical connection between the Islamic world and the West is...
Alan's even more of a moron than he appears if he thinks it's exclusively a west of Scotland problem.
People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differenti...
Hm - maybe things have changed since this
Third world correction has come to the west and Europe lol.
Broward, Dade and Valusia FL counties have always been corrupt. Voter fraud ousted Alan West (R) in Valusia county. Home of hanging chads.
Fantastic insights at the east-west panel. Sally Mulready, Dr. Alan Barre…
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Labour MP Marie Rimmer cleared of attacking Yes campaigner
Alan West highlights importance of greater, wider dialogue with in order to reduce escalation of current tensions
imagine stafe standing at West Ham's ground . You'd have majib trying to bounce along side Alan who goes matches too drink and have a pie
Honored to speak and work with Broadcasting dept. at West Seneca West, my alma mater!. (Sorry I still smell like an alpaca…
it puts the West ham deal to shame in relative terms, Alan. But it was done in better financial times when nobody cared.
This was in 2012 in Murphy's House race against Alan West.
Alan Partridge star shines in Jane Austen classic at Hall For Cornwall - West Briton
Alan West has a show on 2016-11-03 at 20:30 @ The Bellows at The Wheelwri... in Colyford, DEV
Hi Alan they don't actually do reviews but if you would like to send a galley the address is 544 West 27th St, NY, NY 10001
A wonderfully intimate and wholly acoustic set from Alan West & Adam Sweet this evening at Jagz…
. Start the welfare card in north west in burnie
[inside the games]I would not call myself a current West Ham United fan - I haven’t bl…
Shoutout to the newest edition to the West Team, RB and Ohio State commit, ! 🇺🇸🏈 http…
agree Jenkinson is very average, he was awful at West Ham, but who would you have played instead
I was there at West Ham that day. At fault for three goals and a red card on top, as I say, fair play to still get games for us.
on November's first nightshift with Alan M covering East & covering West. With you until 6am.
wow seen up close. spoke to guy from E German other day, he can see west is heading same way, many similarities
Even after all the bad press, these West End clubs are still keeping up the racism on the door 💩Check the thread
Growing up in Georgia, I used to think people up north or out west were...
The start of November sees me back out with Alan West & Steve Black - tonight we're at Jagz in Ascot with this...
Black community has racist too, Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, Pastor Burns, Alan West,they hate Blacks
For Monday, it's Julie on Control with Tom heading to Glasgow and Alan S covering the West.
LOL! All he was missing was Herman Cain, Alan Keys, Allen West, and Clarence Thomas. What a joke!
So happy to be back in the west lawn area ❤️❤️
what about Hillary? ... I would have supported Ben Carson, Condaleeza Rice, or Alan West... Policy not skin color
Crystal Palace and West Brom bosses pay for misses.
Arsenal legend Marouane Chamakh injured himself during West Brom trial this weekend. 'Don't call us, we'll call you' htt…
Ex-Celtic goalkeeper Zaluska 'wanted to kill all Rangers fans'
Tonight we have Yvonne on the phones with Scott A covering East and then Alan S in West. Ready to roll from 6pm.
The West has lost its way thanks to the Left. We are full of self-loathing and have forgotten why we are great.
M'sia stands to gain from the initiative due to our multicultural background & location that connects West As…
Sheridan Smith flashes a beaming smile as she leaves her West End show... supported by famous pals Alan Davies ... …
Did Kayne West kill his beloved race horse Alan Shearer? . Sunday at 10:30pm on
Our team tonight is Graham A covering the East, then Alan S covering the West. Scott A on the phones. All her…
Meat Loaf! Alan Cumming! Dominic West! It's spot the famous face... world
Yip! China is "Roll'n Coal" on the West. . Poor little greenies in their Prius's.
Irish Times … Inexplicable, ghastly deaths in Cavan: Alan Hawe’s violent killing of his family and then himse...
manager Alan Devonshire signing an autograph for a fan no doubt with West Ham allegiances
Sherdian Smith greets fans after her West End show via
Thanksgiving Eve Axis presents JUNGLE PARTY 5. DJ Alan Saunders spins the music from 10pm-4am. Nina West and...
why only Alan Kurdi on media,while much worse is happening to millions of children in Syria specially by west
Ffyona then Karlin on Control today with Gary P covering the East and Alan S covering the West.
Will the stay safe? Don’t miss the summer finale in TWO hours, West Coast.
It's been one year since the photo of little Alan Kurdi—dead on a beach—shook the West. What's changed?
written by not Alan West, btw there's nothing wrong with Alan west. facts are facts.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Oscar is still waiting for his special someone!
Why persist? Because Turkey chose to become a Terrorism sponsor against and West
My primary tongue, I would call North-West Mercian.
Ffyona on Control tonight with two Alans: Alan M covering East and Alan S covering West. All with you through until 6am.
Join SLL & South West region for talk on LG6: The Exterior Environment with Alan Tulla on 8Sept -
Alan Johnson is a disgrace, i hope the people of Hull West and Hessle constituency get rid of him.
"It was an easy decision when I heard Palace were interested.”. Tomkins on his move -
he's not on the list but Alan West would be perfect in my opinion!! Strong, military, experience!
Trump should consider Alan West...a war hero and familiar with congressional issues!
Stay on que and use Alan west as ur running mate
Crystal Palace complete £10m signing of West Ham defender James Tomkins as Alan ... -
greta, i also like Alan West & Huckabee. Lots of good republican choices
Didier Deschamps had all to figure out his supremely talented midfield. He couldn't do it.
Pious Turks like Erdogan's vision, especially the combative stance he takes against the West http…
Mia Love has 0 experience and turned completely Rino Alan West is off the wall. Clarke is a Dem but good
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Alan has an office in West End and is a good egg. He will know. You both do DJ stuff too!
Michelle on Control, Alan out West & Scott A in East tonight. Job number 1 is Skyreburn exchange for a GCH-DGRI sample transfer.
Medical devices – the wild west for cybersecurity vulnerabilities and savvy hackers - Alan Zeichick
west has a post onFB that trump should use as a basis for aWest appearance at GOP convention. Points he makes great!
Fully aware of that/still waiting for Alan to respond to his constituency Hull West supporting Corbyn
Solution to USA's problem: Resettle all of the ilk-minded WASPs and Afro-Saxons (see: Alan West, David Webb, et al) )
Pick Alan West VP. He is an asset to you and the country.
Photo by Alan Shepherd. If you want us to share any of your photos of West Cornwall just email them to gabriellucas…
Labour supporters in Alan Johnson's Hull West and Hessle constituency have given their backing to Jeremy Corbyn.
In Westbourne and West Cliff are many companies. For example ALAN FREEMAN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED.
Today's trio is Lyn on Control with John M heading to Glasgow's QEUH & Royal Infirmary while Alan covers out West.
I love to see M. Cuban as VP but, Alan West is the young Vp b/c I am concerned about Trumps, Gingriches ages & Christi wont give much pull
So far to date,the best populist VP candidate that could support D.Trump is Alan West. He said he could teach D.Trump cc politics in 30 min
Mr. Irrelevant, like Alan West and Mitt Romney and *** Cheney etc.
West Wing was ideologically incapable of allowing the Republican to win... even if it was Alan Alda. : )
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If not Alan West for VP, please,.please choose Condaleeza Rice as you VP...!
Please,.please consider, vet and choose either Conoleeza Rice or Colonel Alan West as your VP...!
Please, and choose Colonel Alan West for VP...!
Or Allen West or Alan Keyes who hold conservative patriotic principles.
pence is good but Alan West Is great. Censervative, vet , African american, experienced. A winning ticket!
Pence is a good guy but wrong Vp choice. Alan West for vp.
I like Pence but Alan West Is the best choice, Veteran, experience, African American, conservative.
Alan West is fundraising for British Heart Foundation. Donate to Alan's JustGiving page+
Alan West's Website is reporting two officers shot in Valdosta, GA. Will survive says his report.
Alan West asks Minister for assurances that those on St Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha are given access t…
VP for Donald Trump! Condoleeza Rice or Alan West. Would unite the party. Beat Hillary!
Wow..Even Robert Kennedy, Alan West, NyPD., Corey .how many great men will she try to destroy? She belongs in prison.
Leonardo DiCaprio,Congr LTC Alan West, the NYPD,Students for Liberty all have had assault charges filed by Michelle Fields…
"Remember when she accused Alan West of sexually harrasing her, than the video came out, remember when…" — Jade Sun
Because this is a pattern with her. She's accused Alan West, Robert Kennedy and NYPD of abusing her. Open your eyes.
Alan West my have muted US. This button gives prestige the aurora of following you. but hey, it boosts your prestige. Game? :-( :-)
A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator go wild over Kanye West's "Freestyle 4" beat:
Monster Hunter X is coming to the in the west as Generations!
. It is time for Donald Trump invite Alan West to campain with him. Black and military honest man will encourage black vote
Alan Sealey opens the scoring in the 1965 European Cup Winners final for West Ham United at Wembley 1965
practising for when we win a championship ( west Virginia )
In West Palm Beach on Sunday, made the case for a two-state solution.
On Sunday in Florida,delivered powerful remarks in support of a two-state solution. Here's what he said: htt…
BLOG: Alan Elsner on the Need for a Two-State Solution in West Palm Beach via
Exclusive: 'Kanye West told Kim Kardashian to come on my show,' says Alan Carr...
How to find private to fund any deal with on this weeks
That moment when you forget Alan Rickman was in a movie, you remember it's him, then you die. Crying. In a puddle. 💋
Kanye West is not allowed in any of my casinos.
Alan West makes the good point that Navy will pay for engineering courses ⚓️
morning alan Jessica here ive made it to the finals of miss British isles to represent west london
The Recorder of London imprisoned Alan's client for 10 and a half years. You can read more about the case here:
promised to introduce to the ENTIRE cast of fraggle rock at west ham last night...
I bet west brom game will be a draw somehow. Lvg got out done by Alan irvine lmao. Pulis will wind him up
yea crazy we just need to beat Arsenal now though West Ham away would be harder of the two
It's great to be a city fan Alan but I feel a bit naughty after cheering Liverpool, Swansea and West Ham on like...
West coast, c'mon ! An all new starts in just under 25 minutes 🔥🔥🔥
They are democrats they can do any thing Alan west. Every body keep their mouth shut because they are busy finding fault with republican
Canny believe West Ham are a point off of top 4,love it😂😂
DreamTeamCabinet TedCruz as President MarcoRubio as Vice Pres. Rand Paul TreasurySecy Alan West Secy of Defense Ben takes Marcos seat in FL
OK, I need your help:. There's a song that begins with a sample of Alan Alda (from MASH & The West Wing) explaining a "System". -- any ideas?
Alan Shearer: "West Ham thoroughly deserved that victory."
It's time to change directions with the hope that Black citizens will embrace the GOP. Tim Scott, Mia Love, Alan West. Hope!
Gee--why couldn't FInn actl like Alan Ladd in SHANE (1953) or Charles Bronson in ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (1968)?
Some more on our latest Buttonquail surveys from Dr Alan Lee
Chelsea's Diego Costa is fit to face West Brom at Stamford Bridge:
We interviewed Alan Curbishley for bwin; and the Former West Ham boss is backing Arsenal for the title
Wayne Rooney, Marcos Rojo, Ander Herrera and Phil Jones will all MISS the game against West Ham.
Alan Snow Agricultural Engineers have been appointed Kuhn Farm Machinery main dealers for west/north Devon -
Kanye West has lashed out at Amber Rose - and THIS is how she responded: .
I just got excited for Alan Alda's cameo on West Wing, then he's gonna run for president!? This could be fun.
Great win for in Oldham and West Royton - Labour vote up 7%, Tories down by 10%!
Alan Taylor West Thanks for Following our Page | & for
missing the show and you Alan now that we live in Grenada, West Indies. Congrats!
I know. I think everyone agrees with Alan West, that it lends legitimacy to there point of view.
Alan Pardew would love nothing more than to get another chance at West Ham.
Arab who opened fire on Israeli solders today was Palestinian Authority intelligence officer.
Good, What date did Alan Curbishley resigned as West Ham boss?
the only reason alan colmes gets listenership is because you invited him - radical Muslims hate the west going back 1300 years
And now, today's Syrian weather report -. Tornado's and Typhoons coming in from The West.
have a look at what Admiral Sir Alan West said to the Defence Select Committee on 24 November 2004
Labour MPs who voted for the bombing of Syria:. Adrian Bailey (West Bromwich West). Alan Campbell (Tynemouth). Alan...
Kanye West's Adidas Yeezy Boost has been named the Shoe Of The Year
Oldham West by-election tonite is only the start of Labour's problems. Gd stuff from
Shieldmuir to Hamilton West. 07:46 from Motherwell cancelled, station staff don't know why.
The difference between yesterday and today? British jets are dropping their bombs 100 miles further west.
I agree but they should never change the 4 original AFC West teams too.
Can't have two NFL teams from same conference sharing same stadium. Guessing Seattle moves back to AFC West and San Diego moves to NFC West.
Mr. Jerry Alan West, the former Los Angeles Lakers basketball star was much younger and near to being a boy in the range of
Oldham West and Royton polls to open
When you lose to West Brom but remember that Claude and TY will be going at it on ArsenalFanTV
Our Cadet - Alan did a fantastic job representing West Ham SCU at the Area Conference. BZ!
they're buying this. I would have taken Alan keys, West, Cain, you know, freedom lovers.
Were you consulted as a constituent by Alan Johnson ? I felt the majority of West Hull/Hessle CLP were opposed to air strikes..
Wow. My pal ranks ahead of Kanye West and LeBron James. Of course Alan had a better year.
Think Alan Johnson MP got a clear message from West Hull/Hessle CLP last weekk that members do not want the UK to begin air st…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Enjoyable from Collison who thinks Arsenal and Spurs must buy in January and praised Alan Pardew
Listened to some Corb Lund after going to the doctors & waiting for my hubby! Wondered if East would meet West! Corb Lund & Alan Doyle
Alan Irivine West Brom. No prem experience and he wasn't even playing manager at the time he was a coach at Everton I think!
Alan Irvine at West Brom. He was under pressure before the season started. Such a bewildering appointment.
Alan Irvine at west brom and no it didn't
West End and 60s pop star star Lyn Paul is to lead the cast in Blood Brothers
“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good."-Jerry Alan West
Here's one who definitely does: Lord Alan West . He's linked to QINETIQ, an arms manufacturer, and he is pro airstrikes
•A Better Choice For Speaker. -Alan West. •Immigration (WILL) be stumbling block for Paul Ryan if he runs for speaker
Israel and the Rotten Soul of the West
Makes you wonder. He says the most idiotic things, he's another Alan West.
West Midlands free study days at UHCW Coventry
We did pal if it wasn't for all those West Walian mind games the spoils could have been ours!! 🙈😂
Have just assisted the latest Alan Yau venue in obtaining a later terminal hour within West End Stress Area at Westminster
Tartans created for comic book heroes
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Dozens of Palestinians injured in Gaza and West Bank
West Brom and former boss Alan Irvine finally reach severance agreement allowing the Scot to return to management
Putin accuses West of double standards over Syria
Yes there was. It was mild in my part of the country. It never gets bad here. We face West, typhoons from East of us
Alan Pardew reacts to his side's 3-1 defeat to West Ham as Crystal Palace played the entire second hal...
Particularly with Alan Johnson on the panel. He grew up in a west London slum in the 1960's!!!
It's looking like final Benghazi report will end up on the roll of the West Wing private bathroom in January 2017...
3 straight NL West Titles and 3 straight years of 90+ wins. With all the drama, too. Thank you, Don Mattingly!
West Bank bids farewell to veteran Palestinian activist
How did West end up needing Putin to fight Islamists for us? He may be ruthless but so are our enemies
Designer Alan Siegel has not been shy to admit that a photo of basketball legend Jerry West inspired his iconic NBA logo, even if the
Is the west going to allow Putin to dictate the future of Syria with that abomination Assad still in command?I cannot believe it!
Alan West calls on Govt to start discussing direct with & others use of airspace rather than rely on US
Alan West pressing Lords Defence Minister on what discussions Govt has had with re: use of airspace over &
Alan Turing, the creator of modern computing, was recently ranked as the North West’s most original thinker. Via
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FEELING GOOD TODAY! The West End was a dream come true last night! listening to this morning
West asks UN to investigate Iran ballistic missile test
Fuel switches clue to Clutha tragedy
The Constitution doesn't require the Speaker to be an elected member of the House. Could be anyone, Newt Gingrich?Alan West?
Him, Alan West,Jason Riley, Larry Elder, Charles Payne need to go on national tour …
or how you would vote for Ben Carson, Alan West or Condoleezza Rice you might be a
Apparently, Alan West will use the plight of the poor, the under privileged, the downtrodden and the victims as a...
more respectable black Americans on fox than the other low rank networks. People like Ben- Tim -Alan West- etc go watch Al
You be careful baby gurl.that brother is a clost conservative...he hangs out wif Herman cain, Alan West & Joe Kony !!
I would like to see Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, Alan West or Ben Carson. Who could win? Probably Gowdy bcuz he can answer attacks
I don't dislike Obama because he is black but because he's useless. In fact I would like to see Bec Carson as POTUS and Alan West as VPOTUS.
Alan West or Ben Carson: I would vote for either of those two Black men. Barack Obama, I never even considered voting for th…
So do I. Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love. no 1 in that photo though
talk to Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Alan West or Sheriff Clarke about black leadership. Time to throw away your crying towel.
Well how about Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, Rand Paul, Alan West, Sarah Palin.and even Donald Duck better than Jeb.
Black folk and some Whites know the truth That, that grand dragon, I mean grand jury was a farce in the Michael Brown case. Bottom line we live in a racist system where Cops can kill a young black man and even if there is video tape showing the victim was right, the cop still will get off with it. We already knew from jump street there would not be ANY charges. they took 3 months to decide what they knew they were going to do the first day.Two days ago they just killed a 12 year old Black boy, nothing gonna happen. Richard Pryor had it right "You go downtown looking for justice, and that's what you find JUST US" A Black cop shot 28 times by 4 White cops no real reason. bottom line the Black cop survived, got 40 years in jail and the white cops run free they destroyed all evidence crush the Black mans car and fabricated obvious lies. Youtube it.Then you have these uncle toms and tomacinas on Fox news Like Quan Williams, Alan West,Jason Riley, Ben Carson, Harris faulkner, siding with master just to be ex .. ...
Amazed. I post an article from Alan West's FB page referencing the beheading of a journalist& all a liberal can reply …
The first black President could have been: Ben Carson, Alan West, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Caine, Tim Scott, Mia Love
has anyone ever seen Alan West and Ben Carson in the same room? Hm?
Sharkton & Jesse Jackson have gotten rich off fools,if you want a hero check out Ben Carson or Alan West, they're for real.
Alan West opposes Democrats and the president. . Doctor Ben Carson opposes Democrats and the president. . Thomas...
I was proud of our EBHS graduates this evening. I watched each one walk across the stage and thought of the challenges faced in these four years by so many of them. I have come to know many of these young people on a personal level and am truly proud of them for not letting occasional obstacles deter them in their pursuit of the diploma. I am also very proud of those for whom earning a diploma was never much of a stretch-success is always expected of this group. They now have an opportunity to continue to achieve their life goals at the next level-wherever that may be. I am grateful for the community members who came to support our students and publicly validate them. Thank you to County Commissioner Russell Priest, Board of Education members Ophelia Munn-Goins, Bonnell Walker, Alan West and Dr. Wilbur Smith for letting these graduates and their families know that they matter to you.
I picked Timmy Scott, Alan West, and Ben Carson. We need a true nut to lead our truly nutty party... Dad bless you all!!
.Sadly true. We have others, like Thomas Sowell, Alan West, Dr. Ben Carson, but not nearly enough!
A little perspective from Col. Alan West. Enlist in the U.S. FREEDOM ARMY at Act now!!!
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