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Alan Trammell

Alan Stuart Trammell (born February 21, 1958) is a retired American baseball shortstop of the Detroit Tigers from to .

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Congratulations to Jack Morris & Alan Trammell on their Hall of Fame election by the Modern Baseball Era Committee. But exact…
Good to see 1980s baseball get more love in the Hall of Fame. Congrats Jack Morris and Alan Trammell.
The Tigers have released the attached statements regarding Alan Trammell and Jack Morris being elected to the National…
Jack Morris, Alan Trammell voted into Hall of Fame by Modern Era committee - via App
Pleased for Alan Trammell and Jack Morris, but justice won’t be fully served until Lou Whitaker gets into Baseball Hall o…
Years overdue, two baseball oversights are corrected: Jack Morris and Alan Trammell will go into the Hall of Fame.
Happy for Alan Trammell and Jack Morris finally making the Baseball Hall of Fame via a Veterans Committee. I think…
Pitcher Jack Morris and shortstop Alan Trammell have been elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Modern Baseball Era…
Former Kearny HS baseball star Alan Trammell voted into hall of fame
Detroit Tigers stars Alan Trammell, Jack Morris make Baseball Hall of Fame via
Ex-Kearny High star Alan Trammell voted into Baseball Hall of Fame
Jack Morris and Alan Trammell elected to Baseball Hall of Fame. Morris: 5-time All-Star, 254 career wins. Alan Trammell…
Former shortstop and World Series champion Alan Trammell is going into the Baseball Hall of Fame. https…
Former teammates Jack Morris, Alan Trammell elected to the baseball Hall of Fame
Tigertown: Jack Morris and Alan Trammell elected to baseball Hall of Fame:
New from -> Alan Trammell, St. Paul Native Jack Morris Elected to MLB Hall…
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Cal Ripken Jr. is the only shortstop in MLB history with both more oWAR and dWAR than Alan Trammell. Trammell rank…
Alan Trammell should've gotten in years ago.Career WAR better than the average HOF SS + being overshadowed in the 80's by Cal Ripken
Alan Trammell belongs in the Hall of Fame. Consider the complete list of all players with 2000+ starts at shortstop, 10…
Alan Trammell and Ozzie Smith weren't just contemporaries; they were virtual equals. I looked at it year by year, and Tram…
Looking through voters' old BBWAA voting is interesting. Especially in the case of fringe HOFers. Alan Trammell and…
.on Alan Trammell: "For Hall wonks such as myself, if there’s one thing that could help to restore some…
Sports Illustrated makes the case for Alan Trammell's election to the Hall of Fame via
Infielders, join us Dec 3 for a detailed only Shortstop Clinic led by Alan Trammell. A great off season development…
The Modern Baseball Era ballot is a perfect opportunity to do right and elect Alan Trammell into the Hall of Fame (…
new third installment of the Modern Baseball Era Committee slate covering Alan Trammell, the ballot's best…
New on Sports Illustrated: It's Time to (Finally) Elect Alan Trammell Into the Hall of Fame
Just filed my third Modern Baseball Era Committee installment a profile of Alan Trammell (with a side orde…
Alan Trammell should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame
Alan Trammell should finally have his ticket punched to Cooperstown
. Alan Trammell is one of the top 10 SS's all-time. . Go ahead, list 'em..
Alan Trammell should be in the Hall of Fame the only thing ozzie could do better than him was a backflip
If Jack Morris or Alan Trammell see this, I want 2 remind you that during the summer I told both…
Alan Trammell should already be in Hall of Fame. Time fix that injustice.
In keeping with our surveys regarding the Baseball Hall of Fame...does Alan Trammell belong in the HOF?
I remember staying up each All-Star Game to see Alan Trammell play only to see Ripkin refuse…
Will Jack Morris and Alan Trammell finally get the hall of fame nod? Tiger great Al Kaline joins at 9:45
To all who are voting for HOF, present & past players, candidates Alan Trammell & Jack Morris have ea…
Baseball HOF needs to right a wrong & put Alan Trammell & Jack Morris in. Seriously!!
The following is a club statement on Jack Morris and Alan Trammell.
UPDATE: Turns out Lou Whitaker was snubbed for the Modern Baseball ballot. Jack Morris, Alan Trammell are on it.
Could this finally be the year that former greats Alan Trammell and Jack Morris finally get elected to the Hall of Fame? "Bout time.
I am still sporting my Alan Trammell glove from 25 some odd years ago, but this look…
For the record, Ripken was way better than Jeter. 24+ in WAR. Jeter is Alan Trammell.
10/13/84 . Alan Trammell drives in all four runs as Detroit goes up three games to one in the World Series.
Today in History: 1984 - Two 2-run homers by Alan Trammell help beat the 4-2 in Gm 4 World Series Gm 4.
Sparky: "Can anyone wonder now why I say Alan Trammell is the best in the business?"
Oct. 13, 1984: Alan Trammell hits two 2-run HRs to give 4-2 win, one away from championship
win 4-2 on two 2-run HRs by Alan Trammell. can clinch the championship tomorrow
In the bottom of the 3rd, Lou Whitaker singles, and Alan Trammell homers again! His second 2-run HR
I was at the Alan Trammell game... lost my mind, twice!
Today in Detroit sports history: 1984 Alan Trammell hits a pair of HRs in Game 4 of the 😄. 2013 Big Papi hits his grand Slam 😞
And Lou Whitaker and his double play partner Alan Trammell
You eat at the Salty Butt with Alan Trammell. You order straight bird seed punch with ketchup.
On July 27, 1987, Iván Calderon climbed the fence in left to rob Detroit's Alan Trammell of a HR. http…
The glorious moment when Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker guested on an episode of Magnum P.I. ...
1984 World Series Game 4 Alan Trammell hits two homers and Jack Morris is awesome, was at the games days after appen
Johnny Grubb hits 2 home runs. Alan Trammell goes 3-for-5
Yearly reminder that Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker & Jack Morris all belong in hall of fame.
Alan Trammell, Bo Jackson, Don Mattingly(to get a ring), Magic Johnson, Larry Bird
. How many DP's do Elvis and Ordor need to turn to tie Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell?
Most of my daily anger can be attributed to the fact that Ozzie Smith is in the Baseball Hall of Fame but Alan Trammell isn't
I see Brad Ausmus is blown another game. He is getting his bad as a *** Alan Trammell fire Brad Ausmus
Roy Oswalt, Yordano Ventura, Ron Santo and Alan Trammell are also in the game if you create a player named them
No word yet on whether Alan Trammell is available to play SS for the today. He can't do much worse right now. .
Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell Double Play on 30th Anniversary of 1984 it's done
Alan Trammell, help open new Harwell Field at
Jeter is going to buy the Marlins? He's considered sure fire 1st ballot HOFer, career is 72 WAR, Trammel is 70 WAR:
Kirk Gibson Alan Trammell on-hand for Harwell Field unveiling at Wayne State WATCH at:
Former Tigers Alan Trammell, left, and Kirk Gibson, right, join attorney Gary Spicer for the…
Alan Trammell is at Harwell Field grand opening
And here is Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson talking about the building and Ernie from .
Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson help open new Harwell Field at Wayne State
Thank you to & Alan Trammell for helping to celebrate the Grand Opening of Harwell Field. Proud to support
Colt Cabana dropping Alan Trammell references, thus locking up a spot on my WON ballot for Announcer of the Year
Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana with the Al Kaline & Alan Trammell references in Lakeland, quality commentary.
Hamilton Collection
Behind the scenes with Al Kaline and Alan Trammell. We've got something special coming up this season fo…
Alan Trammell said what Mike Ilitch did for Detroit and state of Michigan "will never be forgotten."
Alan Trammell said when Mike Ilitch was watching his teams play he was locked in on what was happening and cared a lot.
Former Athletes of the day Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell and
Without Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell, The Hall of Fame is an illegitimate institution. First ballot if they were Yankees.
I was surprised to see Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker 3rd on this list for most games played together.
... Alan Trammell lives in San Diego, grew up as a Padres fan and vendor at Chargers games at Jack Murphy Stadium
Top 1st: Lou Whitaker leads off with a base hit. Alan Trammell triples him home. Lance Parrish sac fly scores Trammell
Detroit should rename streets to honor Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker - Bless You Boys
Alan Trammell & Lou Whitaker played for Sparky Anderson his entire time in Detroit (1979-95).
is Alan Trammell physically going to be at game?
William Moss Print of Tiger Stadium - Signed by Alan Trammell & Kirk Gibson
ALAN TRAMMELL Detroit Tigers Autographed one-of-a-kind 8x10 color photo COA
-- Who was better: Trammell or Whitaker? -
Are you going to take Alan Trammell so I don't have to
put Dale Murphy, Don Mattingly, Lee Smith, and Alan Trammell in, then talk to me about roid boy.
Yes, but that's an incomplete view. He failed with good teams. It's not like he got Alan Trammell'd.
Alan Trammell is proof that the Hall of Fame should revise its election rules via
WAR (suggests that if Jack Morris didn’t play in front of Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Chet Lemon, etc his ERA would be 4.08.
great article! Tried when I was a kid. The only one I can remember returning was Alan Trammell. Any good hockey ttm signers?
Perhaps ironically, also in 2003 - Alan Trammell was manager of one of the worst teams in MLB history. The 43-119 Tigers.
One oddity was that the year after Alan Trammell retired from the Tigers, Bubba Trammell showed up in Tigers boxscores.
I would like to see Gibby and Alan Trammell, but we know that's not gonna happen.
sweet Lou and Alan Trammell not in the HOF is a national tragedy on the scale of Trump as potential president.
May 14, 1980 It’s the best WPA game Alan Trammell ever had: 0.924 WPA. 4-for-5, one double, three runs, and two RBI. Tigers 6 - A’s 5.
Alan Trammell turned 58 yesterday, Sparky Anderson would have been 82 today - to me, they're both Hall of Famers
Are these dudes running for Mayor of Detroit? Stop asking Detroit questions unless they are about Alan Trammell.
It would be a nice ceremony if Jack Morris, Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker went in together.
And we have come to the end of Jim Harbaugh's coaching tenure with Tigers. Alan Trammell replaces him at first base in 4th inning.
Harbaugh out after three innings. Ausmus sends in the youngster, Alan Trammell, as 1B coach.
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Alan Trammell has known Harbaugh for years, enjoys him
Alan Trammell's here today, he's known Jim Harbaugh for a long time. Says he respects his intensity about his sport: 'Jim's a lifer.'
I'm giving away something for you on Alan Trammell. Get it here -
I'm giving away something for you on 1989 DONRUSS ALAN TRAMMELL TIGERS Bas. Get it here -
Mad Max Fury Road losing to Spotlight is Alan Trammell losing MVP to George Bell in 1987. Don't even need WAR to see that.
The Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker for this generation. May they break records!
Alan Trammell on not making HOF: "would have been an amazing honor but it's not in my control. I don't live my life for awards"
Still makes me mad. Ozzie Smith. Barry Larkin. Alan Trammell. You tell me why. H/T to
This would explain why Alan Trammell isn't in the Hall of Fame.
Would Alan Trammell be in the Hall of Fame if he had played in NY?
No, 70 is not a lock.Larry Walker, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Scott Rolen all at 70. Tim Raines 69
Al Kaline, Willie Horton, and Alan Trammell will be in uniform as spring training instructors in Lakeland next month.
And no Alan Trammell, much less any other Detroit Tiger from 1984. I'm in a bad dream.
Former Tiger teammate Rusty Kuntz says Alan Trammell belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame:
I hear all the reasoning what makes a HOF and yet Lee Smith, Alan Trammell still on outside. Put them in!
The book's closing on Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker and Tiger Stadium
Alan Trammell, HOF Candidate: Doesn't expect to get in the Hall of Fame by MLB Network Radio
then so is Jack Morris & Alan Trammell; Proud of stance taking with no voting until they allow more inductees
Thank you for voting for Jeff Bagwell (and Piazza) for Great ballot down to Alan Trammell.
JAWS: Alan Trammell deserves HOF nod, but his time on ballot has run out (by
When you’re on a flight with Al Kaline and Alan Trammell, first class is redundant.
Others on the ballot love to watch/follow were Garrett Anderson, Edgar Martinez, Curt Schilling, Lee Smith, Alan Trammell and Larry Walker.
Only change I like to see made to Ausmus's staff is bench coach, time for Gene Lamont to retire and add Alan Trammell to staff.
Ladies and gentleman, Matt Williams, product of the highly successful Kirk Gibson and Alan Trammell managerial school.
Dahlen will get in. He's too similar to Alan Trammell, who's going in and George Davis, who's there.
Why did John Grisham poop on Alan Trammell? To trim Dean Norris.
yes; if I had to guess, he gets Alan Trammell'd off the ballot.
Alan Trammell is coaching 1st base today and wearing I'm entirely too happy about that. I've loved that dude since I was 5.
Mr Dela cruz has a few too many too.They need Alan trammell to come down there and help them out!
We see lots of duplicate numbers in college football, but apparently you can have them in the as well?!?
Trammell gets old number back for weekend
Remember when Willie Hernandez won the MVP instead of Alan Trammell?
Who would have ever guessed after 2005 that Alan Trammell would be coaching 1st base and Dombrowski is gone in 2015?
Wait Ian Kinsler wears number 3, but so does their 1st base coach Alan Trammell, how is that allowed?
Alan Trammell back to No. 3 while coaching first base:
Alan Trammell back at 1B coach wearing number 3 tonight.
Trammell back to No. 3 while coaching 1st base: Alan Trammell is filling in for Dave Clark, who is away for hi...
Alan Trammell is wearing No. 3 because clubhouse manager Jim Schmakel wanted him to wear his number in front of the home fans.
You can argue Posada for Hall. But there is no argument about Alan Trammell
if you think Jim Rice is better than Alan Trammell, Tim Raines, etc... then you're a fool
Alan Trammell wearing while coaching first base today.
.manager Lance Parrish was obviously a big part of that 1984 team. Alan Trammell will also be on hand.
Dave Clark is gone for the weekend for his daughter's wedding. Thus, Alan Trammell is making another appearance on coaching …
Good to see Alan Trammell wearing the No.3 today while coaching first base.
That title might belong to Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell.
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J-Roll and Utley sorta make me want to compare them to Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell.
I guess Felipe Alou is still managing. Or Phil Garner or Alan Trammell! Lol!
I like to name my characters after baseball players. Alan Trammell of the Tigers is one of my favorites.~Joe Eszterhas
I know this isn't going to happen but Kirk Gibson as manager , Alan Trammell as bench coach.
Who'd be better skipper for this year's club: Brad Ausmus or Alan Trammell?
Omar Vizquel is away from the team. His father passed away this morning. Alan Trammell will coach first base.
I was surprised not to see Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker on the list.
Alan Trammell hopes to go into the Hall of Fame with Lou Whitaker. from Detroit Athletic
Remember Eric Davis, Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker, Dale Murphy hitting into double plays, Steve Sax booting the ball
Correct answer: should have retired the numbers of Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Mickey Lolich and Norm Cash -- YE…
Most recent players to HR on the day they were 22 years 222 days old:. Jonathan Schoop. Haney Ramirez. Andres Thomas. Steve Sax. Alan Trammell
How did I not know that alan Trammell joined the tigers coaching staff that's awesome
That is great, too bad Alan Trammell retired.
Back in Detroit, Alan Trammell signs some pregame autographs at Opening Day. Photo by
Can't wait to get home from work so I can sport my We Want Alan Trammell in the Hall of Fame T-Shirt from
I love how the Tigers have brought in the new guys Kurt Gibson and Alan Trammell
Tigers fire Brad Ausmus before all star break after worst start in history.Alan Trammell takes the squad to the World Series
Detroit Tigers special manager Alan Trammell does a interview ahead of Opening Day at Comerica Park.…
The media is just swarming Alan Trammell on
Alan Trammell meeting with reporters before the game.
Great to see Alan Trammell in the Old English D again
Alan Trammell's back! And throwing out some pitches during batting practice.
Just looks like some older dudes in baseball pants, doing their best Alan Trammell impressions.
First Opening Day in Detroit in 10 years for Alan Trammell.
Alan Trammell and Brad Ausmus playing catch before Tigers Opening Day.
Last one for the night: What do Toby Harrah, Jim Sundberg, Eddie Murray, and Alan Trammell have in common - other than all stars?
Alan Trammell winning MVP, Kirk Gibson drilling 2 home runs in the game 5 clincher including a 3 run shot in the bottom of the 8th
Tigers notes: Alan Trammell will rove minor leagues immediately after Opening Day
how cool is it to have Alan Trammell on the coaching staff?
Alan Trammell all the way. I taped his retirement speech off the radio... wonder if it still somewhere
Alan Trammell said he'll be in Detroit for Opening Day. He'll spend most of April watching prospects at AAA Toledo and Lo…
Alan Trammell will rove minor leagues after Opening Day via
Alan Trammell doubts Hall of Fame will happen - unless it's with Lou Whitaker via
"Alan Trammell, how is that guy not in the hall of fame?" -Atlanta Braves television broadcaster.
"Alan Trammell feeding Omar Vizquel for infield practice. this a dream?
Alan Trammell feeding Omar Vizquel for infield practice.
Lawrence Rocca's 3 votes in the 2013 Hall of Fame election: Alan Trammell, Tim Raines, and Dale Murphy. Absolutely shameful.
What am I missing when it comes to Alan Trammell and the HOF vote? What are writers missing? Here's my blog.
Who was in your Hall of Fame ballot? For me, it would be Pedro, Randy, Biggio, Alan Trammell, Lee Smith and Lou Whitaker.
Alan Trammell and Rock Raines should walk into the ... And Dale Murphy ... What a disgrace
Craig Biggio, Lee Smith, Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammell, Pedro Martinez, Jeff Kent and Randy Johnson should be in the Hall of Fame in 2015.
Forgot to mention earlier, but also cast HOF vote for Alan Trammell, along with Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling
How do you not vote for Alan Trammell?
On this date 37 years ago, Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker debuted for the on Sept. 9, 1977.
Time winding down for Alan Trammell's Hall of Fame hopes
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Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Ernie Harwell, Eric Karros and more autographed bat
Not voting for Alan Trammell on this year's Hall of Fame ballot would be a crime.
Hey I thought Jack Morris was done? also, Alan Trammell for Hall of Fame
The BBWAA announced its 2015 Hall of Fame ballot today and for the 14th and second-to-last year, Alan Trammell is on it.
Despite numbers, Trammell a Hall of Fame longshot: Alan Trammell has made his way back to the Tigers, now a sp...
The welcome back Alan Trammell in his new role as special assistant to Tigers President, CEO and General Manager David …
Alan Trammell would have left Sanchez in...
Wow Kirk Gibson and Alan Trammell canned by the That *** Maybe Arizona should put up Some Robert DeNiro to get some Talent.
LRT: Someone put Craig Biggio in touch with Alan Trammell, so he can hear what it's like to be hired to try and get a pass from fans.
Tiger facts: Alan Trammell, Al Kaline and Ty Cobb are the only players to be with the team for at least 20 seasons.
Alan Trammell and Al Kaline have the best signatures
Alan Trammell speaks to the fans during the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the 1984 World Se
She should only cry if Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker return 2 play middle infield for the Tigers. And you don't know who they are
Don't worry. I have streams set up for things like "Hall Rating", "Hall of Stats", and "Alan Trammell".
Former Tigers shortstop Tom Veryzer dies at 61: Tom Veryzer, the man who preceded Alan Trammell...
Long Island native. RIP. “Tom Veryzer, the shortstop before Alan Trammell, has passed away.
Tom Veryzer, of course, was the shortstop right before Alan Trammell. Seeing Tram was ready, Veryzer was dealt to…
GO TIGERS! "No matter where I go, no matter who I play 4 I will always root for the Tigers." Alan Trammell 1984 MVP!
Voting in baseball is important: it shapes our memories of the past. Ask Alan Trammell.
WATCH: Light-Hitting Davis Slams Walk-Off Grand Slam: Rajai Davis and Alan Trammell (1988) are the only player...
"Alan Trammell hones in on a grounder, circa 1988."
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Some famous baseball brawls - Where is the love ??? 1. Mattingly Joins the Fray June 11, 2013 The Dodgers and Diamondbacks were involved in a heated brawl that involved players and coaches, including Don Mattingly taking down Alan Trammell (pictured). There were six ejections, stemming from a night in which Arizona's Ian Kennedy hit rookie Yasiel Puig in the face with a pitch and hit starter Zack Greinke with another high pitch. Shields Up 2. June 5, 2008 The ongoing feud between the Rays and Red Sox continued at Fenway Park on June 5, when Tampa Bay's James Shields hit Boston's Coco Crisp in retaliation for Crisp's rough slide into a Tampa Bay player the previous night. Crisp charged the mound, and both players threw roundhouse punches that failed to do any damage. A bench-clearing brawl, resulting in three ejections, followed. 3. The Sucker Punch May 20, 2006 Cubs catcher Michael Barrett didn't take too kindly to being run over at the plate by his counterpart, White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski. After Pi ...
Its the 2nd round of 1976 baseball draft and the Detroit Tigers are on the clock, they decide want the Komet infielder from Kearny high school in San Diego, Alan Trammell. Trammell who turns 56 today, would play 20 seasons for the Tigers. He is born in Garden Grove California. He breaks in with the Tigers in 1977 at the age of 19, wearing number 42. He switches to 3 in 1978. In those 20 years, he was a 6 time All-Star, 4 time gold glove winner and 3 time silver slugger award. He earns a ring with the Tigers in 1984 and plays in the post-season in 1987. His final season would be 1996, He returns to the Tigers in 1999, being Larry Parrish hitting coach. 2000 thru 2002, 1st base coach for the Padres. 2003 -2005, he is the manager of the Tigers 2007 thru 2010, bench coach for Lou Piniella and the Cubs. 2011 to the current day, bench coach for Kirk Gibson and the D-Backs
Today is February 21, and hopefully I will be a Grandpa by days end. If so, my granddaughter will share a birthday with Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey 1903 Dr. Jack Ramsey 1925 Sportswriter Bob Ryan Former Detroit Tiger shortstop and current D-back coach Alan Trammell 1958 Record Executive David Geffen, who's responsible for signing the Eagles, CSN & Young and Jackson Browne. He later went on to form Dreamworks Entertainment 1943 Other notable birthdays Jennifer Love Hewitt 35 Billy Baldwin 51 Mary Chapin-Carpenter 56 Kelsey Grammar 59 Christine Ebersole 61 Tyne Daly 68 On this day in 1801, the 1st self-propelled locomotive on wheels was unveiled in Wales 1878-The first American phone book was released in New Haven, CT. (Also the home of my stepmom, Ellie Daniels) It was 1-page and had 50 names and numbers in it 1952-Skater *** Button performed the first triple jump in competition 1953-the longest College Basketball game went to 6-OTs before Niagara defeated Sienna 88-81 1969-Ted Williams signed a 4-year contr ...
to help us wish Alan Trammell and Devon Travis a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!
What a crazy day yesterday, all sorts of weather. Always love lightning at nighttime .. at least the storms lowered those huge snow piles. Wind Advisory still in effect until 7 tonight, with flurries and falling temps. Power outages in Bay and Midland counties already. Let's take a look back on February 21st .. 1849, the sewing machine was patented .. 1878, the first phone book was printed in New Haven, (with only 50 names) .. 1885, the Washington Monument was dedicated .. 1947, the Polaroid Land Camera was demonstrated .. 1948, NASCAR was formed .. 1964, the Rolling Stones released their first single "Not Fade Away" .. and in 1972, "Precious and Few" went gold. Born February 21st were Nina Simone in '33 .. Rue McClanahan in '34 .. songwriter Bobby Charles in '38 .. David Geffen in '43 .. Kelsey Grammer in '55 .. Mary Chapin Carpenter in '58 .. Alan Trammell in '58 .. and Jennifer Love Hewitt in '79. People we lost today were Janet Vogel of the Skyliners in '80 .. and NYC DJ Murray the K in 2002. ...
My list of the ten greatest shortstops of all time. Both fielding ability and power hitting are taken into consideration. Barry Larkin Dave Concepcion Arky Vaughan Bert Campaneris Nomar Garciaparra Omar Vizquel Ozzie Smith Derek Jeter Cal Ripken Honus Wagner On my "bubble" list I really hated to leave off are Marty Marion, Luke Appling, Luis aparicio, Pee Wee Reese, and Alan Trammell.
Al Michaels performs a y there are no Insurgent tricycle Alan Trammell am very good at rat.
MICHIGAN TRIVIA: Think Spring! Who became the first Tiger since Al Kaline (1955) to collect 200 hits and 100 RBI's in the same season? Alan Trammell (1987)
Tigers 1960s inf *** Tracewski shakes the hand of D'Backs coach and Tigers great Alan Trammell.
Activision you Mine is alan trammell mumps went artist
Last week HC Craig Rainey broke some bread w/ Alan Trammell on campus. Said awesome to learn from great MLB SS, now coach.
So many potholes. Feel like I'm driving on Alan Trammell's face.
Barry Larkin is a hof player but Alan trammell isn't. They're the same person. Bbwaa logic is confounding.
and where the lack of Alan Trammell and Jack Morris not being in MLBHOF I'd concerned
“Yes, that is a very young Prince Fielder, with Alan Trammell behind him, circa 1994. dope 6s
I am praising God tonight. Anyone who knows us knows the struggles my baby girl has talking to people. Even people she has known for a long time have never had her talk to them. God has been moving in her and helping her grow. A year ago, she wouldn't talk to anyone outside of a small few people outside of of us and her brothers. But God.He said He isn't giving up on her. He continues to help her grow and take steps in her communication. And tonight, we were blessed to meet her favorite singer Jamie Grace. Now, when I was a kid I got to meet my favorite baseball player Alan Trammell. When I did, I didn't say a word. I just handed him my baseball card to sign and moved on. Now my baby girl who is scared to death to talk to people that she sees all the time...TALKED TO JAMIE GRACE! And not just once. Multiple times! My God is so big. Despite times when we get worried, fearful, anxious, and even angry when she doesn't progress the way we want her to, God steps in and says, not so fast. My ways are not your w ...
Alan Trammell was the superior player and can't sniff the Hall.
In a Baltimore Orioles yearbook one year, they listed a description of the best players to wear each uniform number beside the corresponding page number.  Here are my answers for the same exercise with Tigers uniform numbers.  The pickings were slim once I got past 48 or so and here they are:1 Sweet Lou 2 The Mechanical Man 3 *** McAuliffe and Alan Trammell both starred at shortstop 4 The Goose, Paw Paw, and one of the Aurelios 5 Hankus Pankus 6 Don't even think of asking! 7 Eddie Lake had a society named after him, Rocky Colavito a curse 8 Not a law firm: Owen, Cramer, Boone, Brinkman, and LeFlore 9 Paul Richards and Bob Swift - catchers who later managed 10 Two more managers - Mayo Smith and Jim Leyland 11 From the all-time team, catcher Bill Freehan and manager Sparky Anderson 12 Righthanded starters Bobo Newsom and Art Houtteman 13 Lance Parrish was lucky 13 for years 14 A Schoolboy, a Hoot, and Hall of Famer Jim Bunning 15 Dizzy Trout's first number and later, Joe Coleman 16 Hal Newhouser, stil ...
Hall of Fame Soapbox: It is called the Hall of "Fame", not the Hall of Stats….Though many players make it in based on Statistics, Jackie Robinson did not make it in on stats alone(1500+hits, 170+HR, etc). Guys like Craig Biggio, Edgar Martinez, Don Mattingly, etc should be instant Hall of Famers because of what they did for the game outside of stats…open up the vote to the people already BBWA. That is all. Comment on who you would like to see from this list inducted. Craig Biggio Mike Piazza Jack Morris* Jeff Bagwell* Tim Raines* Roger Clemens* Barry Bonds* Lee Smith* Curt Schilling* Edgar Martinez* Alan Trammell* Mike Mussina Jeff Kent Fred McGriff* Mark McGwire* Larry Walker* Don Mattingly* Sammy Sosa* Rafael Palmeiro*
Once again, Jack Morris and Alan Trammell failed to earn election to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
.Numbers say great Alan Trammell, not Jack Morris, should be in
A closer received the same amount of votes as Curt Schilling, and more votes than Edgar Martinez, Larry Walker, Alan Trammell, and others.
Jack Morris and Alan Trammell got screwed again. I blame these new stupid statistics that make little or no sense. Morris and Trammell were two of the best players from 1977-1993. *** for that matter what about Lou Whitker? Another nearly 20 year great player. I won't advocate for Kirk Gibson, because he's an a
So, Baseball Hall of Fame inductees are announced sometime after 9 AM Wednesday Morning. For what it is worth here are my picks. Writers are allowed 10 picks, I only selected 8 that I thought were worthy. Greg Maddux, Jack Morris (winningest pitcher in the 80's), Frank Thomas, Lee Smith (478 saves), Curt Schilling, Fred McGriff, Mike Mussina and Tom Glavine. Not on my list - Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Jeff Bagwell, Roger Clemens and Jeff Kent, all PED users. Guys that didn't quite have the stats - Craig Biggio, Tim Raines, Alan Trammell (breaks my heart to say), Larry Walker (Colorado factor) and Don Mattingly,
MLB Roundtrip with Jeff Joyce and Scott Miller is live until 11pmET! Of the players who have been on the ballot a while and likely aren’t getting in (Tim Raines, Edgar Martinez, Lee Smith, Alan Trammell, Jack Morris, Don Mattingly, Fred McGriff) which is the biggest injustice? Give us a call at 866-MLB-ON-XM/866-652-6696
Which player is most deserving of the Hall of Fame: Edgar Martinez, Tim Raines, Curt Schilling or Alan Trammell? Paul Severino welcomes Ken Davidoff, Peter Gammons and Tyler Kepner to look at notable Hall of Fame classes, the ten-player limit rule and what changes they think should be made in the voting process on Clubhouse Confidential, LIVE at 3:30pm ET.
So the ESPN writers did their own HOF vote, and would theoretically elect only Maddux, Glavine, Biggio, and Thomas. For the record, here is my own personal list of all current eligibles for the Hall that I would vote for if I had a ballot, ignoring the outdated and inane 10-player limit: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Jack Morris, Fred McGriff, Mike Mussina, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines, Curt Schilling, AND Bonds and Clemens (on their pre-juicing stats alone). I would also not be against seeing Jeff Kent, Alan Trammell, Larry Walker, and Lee Smith get in. Differences in opinion and aspersions on my sanity are more than welcome. Chris Mugavero Luke Franc Andrew Samuel Vinny Scafuto Patrick Albanesius Patrick Lavery A Myroslav Harmaty Mark Smith Thomas G. Morro Thomas Kaluzny Alex Krajunus Nicholas Ferrante Al Gaillard John Eldis
Hall of Fame voting is announced January 8th. If you were a member of the baseball writers association, who would you vote for and it's limited to 10 players. My choices would be Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Jack Morris, Alan Trammell, Mike Piazza, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Jeff Kent and Tim Raines
THANK YOU ALL. Whole Foods Market, whose matching $25,000 gift has just got us to $51,000! That's $51,000 in just 3 hours. You're all so incredible. And thank you to the guests who've joined us so far, including: Tony Bennett, Alan Trammell, Bradley Whitford, Brady Hoke, Tony Dungy, Tara Lipinski, Hank Azaria, Mike Tirico, and more who have donated time, incentives, and funds. And especially to you all for donations of any size. I hope you'll stick with us today:, WJR 760 AM.
Alan Trammell, Jack Morris and Kenny Rogers on Hall of Fame ballot
Of the candidates liter below, the lock for the 2014 Hall of Fame is starting pitcher Greg Maddux (300-game winner, gold glover). I'll give an outside chance to fellow SP Tom Glavine (300 game winner; last one for awhile) and 1B/DH Frank Thomas (power hitter and two-time AL MVP), as well as SP Jack Morris, for whom it's now or wait 'til the veterans committee. Morris was the stud pitcher from the 1984 Detroit Tigers. He had a high ERA but he was a gamer. So too was Alan Trammell, the shortstop, but he won't get in. Jeff Kent put up some big numbers but doesn't have the pedigree. Bagwell & Biggio could get in eventually. Bonds, Clemens, McGuire, Palmeiro, Sosa and even Piazza (whispers), all tied to steroids. Martinez, Mussina, Schilling & Raines, dark horses who could someday get in. Mttingly just a couple years short because of injuries (had 5 strong years, when at least 7-9 needed). McGriff has power numbers but not as trendy as a Thomas. Lee Smith a work horse, but not a hall of famer. My prediction: G ...
Baseball Hall of Fame inductees on Jan 8th. I think 2 will be voted in granted they are pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, great pitchers don't get me wrong but I'd like to also see Frank " The Big Hurt " Thomas, Alan Trammell and Don Mattingly.
Ages of recent Tigers managers in 1st season: Sparky Anderson (45); Buddy Bell (44); Larry Parrish (44); Phil Garner (51); Luis Pujols (46); Alan Trammell (45); Jim Leyland (61); Brad Ausmus (44). Sparky was just 36 when his Reds team won 102 games in 1970.
Plus, Kirk had a falling out with Dave Dombrowski after Alan Trammell was fired as manager. Gibson was Tram's bench coach.
Whelp ... time to brush off the resume and send it to Mike Ilitch and Dave Dombrowski ... so I can be the new field general of the Detroit Tigers. Here's what I bring to the table: - I have followed baseball for nearly 50 years - I own an Alan Trammell jersey - My next-door neighbor growing up was Hal Newhouser - I own a baseball bat and glove - I have a Tigers WRIF bumper sticker If these don't garner me at least an interview ...
who should be the next Tigers Manager.we know who it won't won't be Kirk Gibson or Alan won't be Tony LaRussa won't be Lloyd McClendon or Gene Lamont either.who could it be? My friend Mike Mock thinks it is going to be Ozzie Guillen. I am not sure if he would be a good fit.
So , any thoughts on who you like to see replace Leyland ? My first two choices are spoken for. Joe Maddon is my top choice, with Terry Francona as second. Maybe Kirk Gibson or Alan Trammell. Please Lord, not Gene Lamont, the only coaches I'd like to see back are Brookens and Jones .
TV5 has learned that Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland has announced that he will be stepping down as the team's skipper. Leyland, 68, made the announcement Monday morning. Leyland told the team he'd be stepping down after the Tiger's loss to Boston in Game 6 of the ALCS. Leyland has been Tiger manager since 2006, taking over for Alan Trammell. Leyland has led Detroit to two Worlds Series appearances and four American League Championship Series appearances, including the last three. He is a three-time Manager of the Year winner, twice in the NL with Pittsburgh in 1990 and 1992 and with Detroit in 2006. His career win-loss record is 1,757-1,711. In eight seasons with Detroit, his overall record is 700-597.
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I'll never forget my first game. Alan Trammell hit a homer, Sweet Lou Whitaker was sweet, and Tiger Stadium was scary.
in Detroit is hard to beat Steve Yzerman, Barry Sanders and Alan Trammell
This day in baseball...a new dawn. 2005 Two-time National League Manager of the Year (1990 and 1992 Pirates) Jim Leyland is named to replace Alan Trammell, who was fired as the Tigers’ manager yesterday. The sixty-year old, who guided the Marlins to a World Championship in 1997, has not managed since resigning as the Rockies skipper in 1999.
As we all know the Dodgers and Dbacks coaching staffs are filled with really good players from the 80s and 90s. Well I put together a line-up with both of these coaching staffs and this is what it would look like. The Number next to the player are their career numbers, this isn't the exact order it would go in C- Steve Yeager, 816 Hits, 102 HRs, 410 RBI 1B- Don Mattingly, 2153 Hits, 222 HRs, 1099 RBI 2B- Davey Lopes, 1651 Hits, 155 HRs, 614 RBI, 557 Stolen Bases 3B- Matt Williams, 1878 Hits, 378 HRs, 1218 RBI SS- Alan Trammell, 2365 Hits, 185 HRs, 1003 RBI LF- Kirk Gibson, 1553 Hits, 255 HRs, 870 RBI CF- Turner Ward, 389 Hits, 39 HRs, 219 RBI RF- Don Baylor, 2135 Hits, 338 HRs, 1276 RBI DH- Mark McGwire, 1626 Hits, 583 HRs, 1414 RBI Bench Player- Steve Sax, 1949 Hits, 54 HRs, 550 RBI, 444 SBs With this line-up there is a combined, 3 MVP Awards, 17 Silver Slugger Awards, 15 Gold Glove Awards, 9 World Series Rings, 2 Rookie of the Year Awards, and 33 All-Star Appearances. -Dbacks Nation
It was the year the Tigers called up Jack Morris, Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammell & Lance Parrish to the bigs... On the same day.
August 5, 1986 Detroit wins the opener 6 - 5, game two starts off with Detroit's first two hitters - Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell cont..
Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell played together for 18 years
Check out former star Alan Trammell's unique flare knob from
Alan Trammell combined excellent defence with a solid bat, but is the victim of an elite era of shortstops:
Dahlen, along with Alan Trammell, might have the best argument for the Hall for an eligible SS not already in.
Maybe if we're lucky, Ryan Braun will give Alan Trammell the 1987 AL MVP
July 24, 1983 - Detroit’s star shortstop Alan Trammell has his only 5-for-5 day in the Tigers 4 - 3 win over the angels.
from earlier: Alan Trammell deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, here's why:
one of the biggest reasons I hated Sparky Anderson, Jack Morris, Alan trammell, Lou Whitaker and Kirk Gibson as a 10 year old.
New header with alan trammell and lou whittaker
Back to ESPN2, August 26! or Regis Philbin? Wow, that's a tough one, like, uh... Alan Trammell vs. Ray Oyler?
Meanwhile in Detroit, Magnum met Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker from the Tigers.
Lou Whitaker discusses 1984 Tigers, Alan Trammell and the state of the game
With Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell, Matt Williams and Steve Sax, have the most star-studded coaching staff in
Cahill outdueled by Stults in D-backs' loss to Padres ASSOCIATED PRESS | Friday, June 14, 2013, 10:33pm Cahill reacts to D-backs' loss D-backs' offense can't solve soft-tossing Stults D-backs manage just two hits against Padres soft-tosser Stults in 2-1 loss that 'definitely hurts.' San Diego (AP) -- Diamondbacks right-hander Trevor Cahill tied his career high with his 10th strikeout of the night when he fanned Will Venable for the second out of the sixth inning with the bases loaded. One more strikeout -- or just one more out, period -- and Cahill would have gotten out of the inning. Instead, Logan Forsythe hit a two-run double and left-hander Eric Stults pitched a career-best two-hitter to give the Padres a 2-1 victory over the NL West-leading Diamondbacks on Friday night. The fourth-place Padres pulled within four games of the D-backs. San Diego has won four straight and seven of nine overall. Bench coach Alan Trammell managed the Diamondbacks while Kirk Gibson served his one-game suspension stemming . ...
So Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell, and Mark McGwire were all involved in a brawl, was this a recent game or from an '80s all star game??
Love it, the old guys of baseball acting their grnadchildrens' age. Los Angeles Dodgers batting coach Mark McGwire (12)(the old A's slugger) holds back Arizona Diamondbacks third base coach Matt Williams (9) (who once played for the Dogers I think) as Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly (8) (of Yankee pinstripe fame) speaks with Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson (23) (who's homer spurred the Dodgers to a World Series championship) in the seventh inning at Dodger Stadium. (Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports) Still at it... Manager Don Mattingly of the Los Angeles Dodgers pushes down coach Alan Trammell (3) (a true Tiger from his days in Detroit) of the Arizona Diamondbacks during as Diamondbacks coach Matt Williams tries to restrain Mattingly. (Stephen Dunn-Getty Images)
Some fun things about baseball yesterday: 1) There was a brawl between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks that seemed to involve every coach who was an all-star in the 80's: Kirk Gibson, Mark McGwire, Don Mattingly, Don Baylor, Alan Trammell; 2) this lead to the perfectly cromulent headline "Plunkings Lead to Fracas"; 3) The last three pitchers to start a game for the Toronto Blue Jays: Johnson, Dickey and Wang.
Alan Trammell, Don Mattingly scuffle during Dodgers-Diamondbacks brawl ...: It began in the sixth inning of th...
I'm so disappointed that Alan Trammell let Don Mattingly take him down last night.
Great Dodgers / Diamondbacks action last night. Bean balls galore and bench clearing dust-up. Guy on the Baseball Network described it as a "fantasy brawl" - Don Mattingly, Kurt Gibson, Don Baylor, Alan Trammell, Matt Williams, Mark McGwire - all mixing it up.
Rewatching the brawl to get a clear grasp on this. Who should be suspended and or fined: Dbacks: Ian Kennedy, Turner Ward, Alan Trammell (he tackled one of the Dodgers coaches), Cody Ross (a fine, he kind of picked Belisario) Dodgers: Mark McGwire, Yasiel Puig, Don Mattingly, whoever pushed Ward and whoever hit Hinske, Ronald Belisario (a fine). There's more, so many have jackets on and I can't tell who they are. Feel free to add your opinion.-Brandon
Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell, Mark McGwire, Don Baylor, Rick Honeycutt, and Steve Sax all appeared in either the All-Star Game or the World Series in 1988, and were all very physical in the middle of the scrum during the brawl tonight at Dodger Stadium. They were joined in the scrum by Matt Williams, who was on the first of his several All Star teams in 1990. If this thing had happened 25 years ago it would have been the greatest brawl of the 1980's. And I thought that Saturday was Old-Timers Day at Dodger Stadium!
Mark McGuire, Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell, & Matt Williams r still getting into baseball brawls in 2013. Meanwhile...
Mark McGuire, Don Mattingly, Don Baylor, Alan Trammell, and Kirk Gibson all involved in the thats a fantasy lol
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Man I wish I was at Chavez Ravine tonight! McGwire and Matty Williams going at it! Kirk Gibson in the mix with Alan Trammell being tossed like a rag! And that was just the coaches. How many times does Grienke plan on getting in brawls this year?
I thought I was too young to see Mark McGuire, Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell, and Matt Williams all brawl in the same game.I was wrong
Wow, talk about an "old school" brawl. Don Mattingly, Alan Trammell, Don Baylor, Kirk Gibson, Mark MacGwire and Matt Williams. Classic!! I'd pay money to see MacGwire knock Matt Williams out!!!
Wow, watching Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, Don Mattingly, Matt Williams, and Mark McGwire fight it out in L.A. tonight. Flashback to 1990.
I seriously just thought Mark McGwire was gonna punch Matt Williams, Kirk Gibson, and Don Baylor all in a matter of 30 seconds!! Don Mattingly threw Alan Trammell to the ground. If Tim Walloch would have thrown a punch it would have been one for the ages!! This was great!!
Cardinals have tied the Diamondbacks 6-6 as we head to the top of the 8th at Busch Stadium. St. Louis evened it on Carlos Beltran's RBI single in the 7th. In the 6th, Yadier Molina slapped a single that scored Beltran, who was thrown out trying to steal third but was somehow called safe by fill-in umpire Jordan Baker. After a pitching change, Baker tossed Arizona bench coach Alan Trammell. Trevor Rosenthal is on to pitch for the Cards.
coaching staff is like an All-Star team fr 90's Kirk Gibson, Charles Nagy, Steve Sax, Matt Williams & Alan Trammell.
Was thinking of underrated 80's players. Sidney Moncrief and the double play combo of Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell are a few on my list
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