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Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke (born Alan Willis Jeffrey; March 1, 1947) is a Canadian actor, comedian, songwriter, and game and talk show host.

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In some of the more disturbing news I have ever heard, Alan Thicke will be starring in a reality show called "Unusually Thicke."
Alan Thicke gets new reality TV show called Unusually Thicke - I4U News: Daily News and Trends for the …
"In the Thicke of It" A Reality show starring Robin, Paula, and Alan Thicke.
I keep mixing up Alan Thicke and Robin Thicke and Anderson Cooper and Bradley Cooper!
Canada is responsible for Justin Bieber, Alan Thicke, Nickelback, Howie Mandel, and ham that falsely calls itself bacon. These are reasons enough for their hockey team to be disqualified.
He's on his way to being part of late night TV history, right up there with Rick Dees and Alan Thicke.
Dreamt I was watching Jennie Garth and Alan Thicke star together in a made-for-TV rom com. Someone hire me as a casting director!
This is going to be great. Celebrity Wife Swap USA S02E03 Gilbert Gottfried and Alan Thicke ping
Getting ready for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Opening Night Film & Gala, the World Premiere of Mission Blue with directors Fisher Stevens & Robert Nixon, oceanographer Sylvia Earle, and composer Will Bates in attendance, along with Tim Matheson, SBIFF jurors Alan Thicke, Frances Fisher, Mimi deGruy, Anthony & Arnette Zerbe, and Tony Award winning composer Adam Guettel. documentary film MISSION BLUE highlights Earle’s life’s work and follows the increasingly urgent international effort, coordinated by the National Geographic Society, to build awareness about the state of our oceans. Called “Her Deepness” by The New Yorker and The New York Times, and a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress, Sylvia Earle is an oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer. She has led more than 60 expeditions and logged more than 6,000 hours underwater. Earle’s wish was to convene an extraordinary gathering of scientists, philanthropists, and conservationists for a TED conference at sea i ...
I didn't realize Alan Thicke and Olivia Wilde were in it.
Liz Melendez posts her report of the Grammy Awards: "Beyonce' came out in her underwear and her husband came out and got her and took her away, and then the cast of the movie Beetlejuice did a dance number, and then KD Lang came out playing guitar but got completely schooled by Gary Clark, then Carole King and Sara Bareilles came out and actually played instruments and sang which confused the other performers, and then Pink came out from the ceiling and she was awesome because Pink is awesome, and then Alan Thicke got in a time machine but when he came out he was 20 years younger and thought he was Marvin Gaye, and then Chicago was removed from cryogenic storage to perform with time machine Alan Thicke and that was awful, and then there was a country girl singer in sparkly boots who was genetically engineered in a lab from Taylor Swift's belly button lint, that same sparkly boot girl won the Grammy for best new artist even though no one knew who she was, and then Taylor Swift performed and banged her head ...
Every family has one. Even the Seavers. Members of Kirk Cameron’s Growing Pains family, including Alan Thicke and Tracey Gold, are among those in Hollywood […]
Canada: We'll keep Neil Young, Alan Thicke, half of the NHL, William Shatner, and Alex Trebek.please take back Beiber!!
I want to thank everyone who entered our 200 likes giveaway. The giveaway is now closed. Here are the answer to the giveaway questions. 1. What is Nicki Minaj real name? Answer: Onika Tanya Maraj 2. What 70's soul group had a cameo appearance in the 1979 film version of "Hair" ? Answer: B The Stylistics 3.Who are Robin Thicke parents ? Answer: Alan Thicke & Gloria Loring The winner will be announced tomorrow January 15 Thanks again for entering and Good Luck! :-)
For decades, Gloria Loring has been recording songs and performing on tour. Her versatile singing voice has made her a legend in pop music. Her media credits include stage, television and radio, as well as co-writing the themes for Diff'rent Strokes and The Facts of Life. Gloria Loring began her professional singing career at the age of 14 with the '60s folk group Those Four. She made her acting debut when she appeared on The Merv Griffin Show. This led to many singing spots on different television and talk and variety shows, including The Tonight Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and The Carol Burnett Show, as well as performances on the Emmy and Academy Awards. In 1970, Loring married television star Alan Thicke. The union produced two sons, Brennan and Robin. She and Thicke divorced in 1983. While the children were young, Gloria Loring spent much of her time writing songs, including theme songs for television shows. Her song "What've You Got to Lose," co-written with Eric Kaz, was used in the film Inside Move ...
(Still very amused that Valeri Bure's wife was in a Christmas movie with Alan Thicke this year. And it wasn't bad!
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So the food is heartier (think lard instead of butter, molasses instead of sugar, cream instead of milk, etc.), It's home to Nathan Fillion, Barenaked Ladies, Dan Aykroyd, Michael J. Fox, Mike Myers, James Cameron, Phil Hartman, Eugene Levy, Norm MacDonald, Lorne Michaels, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Rick Moranis, Leslie Nielsen, Matthew Perry, Christopher Plummer, Donald Sutherland, Alan Thicke, Scott Thompson, ALEX TRABEK, and countless other talented celebrities, as well as my girlfriend. It ranks higher in basically every life index category with the exception of income, which I'm pretty sure we can all agree the general populace is not seeing terribly much of. In international assessment, it ranked 21, 15, and 15 countries higher than the U.S. in Math, Reading and Science, the average comparison scores too embarrassing to mention. This, my friends, is why those silly, goofy-talking, maple eating mounties we call Canadians, whom we all seem to laugh at and think are SO backwards, c ...
Why the *** does Alan thicke have a reality show?
Remember when Alan Thicke had a thing for Petula Clark, who wouldn't?
Way before his kid became a singer, Alan Thicke sang backup on the “Diff’rent Strokes” and “Three’s Company” themes. Just saying
Everyone called Mike's best friend in Growing Pains *** Even the parents called him *** Alan Thicke has no filter
Must resist--must resist--- RESIST THE URGE TO SING THIS SONG. NnoO. "A man is born! He's a man if means. Then along come teo they got nothing but their jeans!..." Darn you Alan Thicke! Darn you straight to H E double hockey sticks!
2006. Timberlake/Timbaland. 2005. Fiddy. Got so caught up in the other direction. 2013. Alan Thicke Jr.
who takes these stock photos of Chinese dishes? It is like Alan thicke who writes all tv theme songs?
The theme song for Different Strokes was written and performed by Alan Thicke.
"What's ur favorite thing about 2014 so far?" FOOLISH OPTIMISM.
Shootout in the snow could take a while. Advantage: goalie.
The great game of Chelsea thanks to José Mourinho!!
- Listening to replay of Robin Thicke on Howard Stern Best of 2013!
sleeping in and then watching the Winter Classic
What's ur favorite thing about 2014 so far?
I had no idea "Growing Pains" star, Alan Thicke, is Robin Thicke's dad. Eww.
So hopefully we'd get a lot of shots of alan thicke dancing around while the captions are talking about breaking *** in two
For example: get alan thicke to sing and dance to Blurred Lines at a karaoke machine
I have no idea who that his dad Alan Thicke from Growing Pains?
Did anyone else not know that Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son?
Happy New Year to your family from the Levinsky-Matthews family! Many blessings to you and all that you do!
When I see Robin Thicke, I remember he's Alan Thicke's son & it's funny. Then I picture him as Alan Thicke performing & it gets 10x funnier.
.really should have been picked up. So funny!
days after watching 2013 wipe I randomly find myself humming the tune to 'sweaty and hot' a la Alan Thicke. Thx a fekin lot
The only thing I hate about Alan Thicke is Robin Thicke.
Everything in the world is created from a thought. If you can dream it, you can do it! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Eddie Vedder caught in the act of being himself. Stadium opens for theater - thank u my friend!
Happy New Year! Listen to talk about growing up son and perform the song of 2013.
I didn't catch all the details but apparently Alan Thicke's kid is an intern or something on *** Clark's TV show. Good on you, kid!
Wait I didn't know Robin Thicke was alan thicke's son
thinks Alan Thicke's child is talented but there's something that just ain't right about him. Fugalicious just introduced "Fall Out Boy" and their lead singer is rockin' a Hot Rod Biggs lid. Dr. Doom wears less finger armor than Fugalicious. Miley Cyrus is sticking around for the first *** class that Jenny McCarthy is teaching in 2014. The Florida Georgia line has to wear long sleeves to cover up their tats because the network doesn't want to offend all the folks that are watching Miley grind on a space midget. If you had real "freedom" you wouldn't be smoking a blue tipped E-cig there Gargamel.
I also want to Alan Thicke's kid in the throat. Not because he's Alan Thicke's kid, but because he *** in his own right. No one can rip off Marvin Gaye then sue his family.
My New Year's resolution is to never hear Alan Thicke's "Blurred Lines" ever EVER again.
Robin Thicke on Tv and Ryan says serious as shot, "I just wish Alan Thicke would come on stage."
Ok. Am I buzzed or does everyone else also want to see Alan Thicke (aka Dr. Seaver) sing "Blurred Lines"?
More proof I am behind the times: Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines Vocalist) is the son of Alan Thicke & Gloria Loring! (Who are they, Mom?)
"I just never thought anyone related to Alan Thicke would be doing something like this." - about
Alan Thicke > Robin Thicke … If you disagree, then you must be seeing
alan thicke trying to sing over a rap beat is the hardest I laughed this year
Well his dad is Alan Thicke he is a famous Canadian actor,and Wayne Gretzky was watching him when he got a call
Every time I see Robin Thicke, I wish that Kirk Cameron has been Alan Thicke's real son.
Was that Robin Thicke or Alan Thicke? Can anyone REALLY tell the difference? "I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so i can...see you in the night". Lololol.
Robyn thicke looks like the love child of Alan thicke and George Michael
Alan Thicke is rolling in his grave right now.
Robin had his time in the spotlight. Why can't 2014 be the year of Alan Thicke?
It's okay that I don't get Alan Thicke, right? I'm mean, why?
I like Alan Thicke way more than Robin.
Why am I just now finding out that is son?
Some kids have a Robin Thicke poster, growing up had an Alan Thicke poster.
Alan Thicke's kid owned 2013? Oh. Least he could do is actually sing for this performance. I miss Billy Joel.
Hasnt Robin Thicke gotten the memo only *** bags and alan ashby wear sunglasses indoors duh
Was watching the much music countdown with Ros A Lynn and made a bet that their top song was Blurred Lines by Alan Thicke (I hate it that's how I knew) and if she lost she'd buy me coffee. Let's just say 󾠓Blurred Lines! You're buying coffee, you're gonna like it 󾠓 lol
Wishing you and your family nothing but the best in 2014!!! Hope you are all warm -33 degrees Celsius tonight in KL!
"For Be a Better person and stay true to ourselves... Love family and friends and Be kind!!!" :) 🎉🎉🎉🎉
TIL: Blurred Lines is not sung by Alan Thicke.
Miley's midget was still more attractive than Miley dancing with Alan Thicke's son.
wishing u and your family all the best in 2014 & always. Happy new year.
.. no that is his son... Growing Pains was Alan Thicke.. .. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Sir Henry Oakley used to be my favorite Kirkland Lake Celeb...but then i followed New
and now the most overplayed song of 2013...Blurred Lines by Alan Thicke's son
Audiobook Idea: Alan Thicke drunk, airing his grievances about Growing Pains. "I'm the one who said we should call him *** "
So... I have questions. Is it a thing for celebrities to have midgets in their entourage? Did Fergie leave the Fugees or something? Where did they get this Vanilla Ice impersonator? Why won't they broadcast images of Typhoid Jenny's vaccination removal clinic? Is this Pitbull guy like that dude in 'Memento'? Is that why he needs to say his name every three seconds? So he doesn't forget it? This Alan Thicke clone... It's great technology and all but they should have made him less date-rapey. Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone.
I think it was Alan thicke or drummers (yes 2) weren't even playing what the audio track was lol
'Alan Thicke named his son Robin? What a jerk.' - Dad qualifying his longstanding theory that Alan Thicke is, in fact, a jerk
I felt old because it thought Robin Thicke was Alan Thicke. Then TIL that's his son and I feel old again.
And then Robin Thicke tossed it over to dad Alan for a red-hot version of "Friends and Lovers" with Gloria Loring.
rather see Alan Thicke then Robin singing LOL
That Alan Thicke song is a ripoff of a Marvin Gaye song
he seems to have shared the stage with pretty impressive names. Why does he not have more hits? Come on Alan Thicke, help a son
I must be showing my age but every time Blurred Lines is performed I wonder what Mr. Seaver (Alan Thicke) is about looking like your Dad, Robin Thicke has some strong genes...
Robin Thicke is really morphing into Alan Thicke.
Wishing you a fab '14 with loved ones (like Tyler and Carter.)
Did you know Alan Thicke could sing? I didn't. *** Clark teaches me so much every New Years!
Keith didn't know who Alan Thicke and Growing Pains were, I think we need a divorce...
Literally just dawned on me that Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son. Duh.
Ok, Miley, Justin and Alan Thicke can just sail away !
Robin Thicke & Alan Thicke? Should I have known they are father and son?
hey blurred llines I love alan thicke and this song
Alan Thicke fell into a time machine and has returned to Earth to do some kind of quasi Jackie Wilson impersonation... weird.
I just learned Robin Thicke was Alan Thicke's son. That is just weird.
It's official. I am too old to know, like or appreciate any of the performers on the New Year Eve shows...and how did nerdy Alan Thicke have a son who is so popular?
You think you're so cool? You're Alan Thicke's son . how cool can you be?
is anyone else freaked out that Alan Thicke from Growing Pains is Robin Thicke's dad.
That Alan Thicke gets younger every time I see him.
Alan Thicke should have been sterilized!!
In 2014 I predict that Billy Ray Cyrus will twerk to Alan Thicke's remake of "Achy Breaky Heart".
I'm beginning to think that nothing else happened this year besides Hannah Montana twerking all over Alan Thicke's son...
I'm disappointed that neither the Alan Thicke Holiday Special nor the Ralph Benmurgi New Year's Eve Countdown are being aired on my channels. Curse the CRTC!
"Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it." Alan Thicke I am often asked what is the best exercise to do. The best answer is the one that you will keep doing. Make it something you like to do!
What is that Molly Cyrus doing to that nice Alan Thicke?!?!
May 2014 be the year of more Alan Thicke and less Robin Thicke.
Happy birthday to Burton Cummings! Watch Cummings and Alan Thicke at The 1983 on
As the sun sets on 2013, we as Americans literally changed the definition of the word literally. Miley Cyrus and 'twerking' just destroyed the runner-up to the most talked about news story and Alan Thicke's spawn, Robin, had the THE song in the the country with 'Blurred Lines'. What a neat road we are on! Way to go, gang.
5 songs of 2013 worth taking notice of: (& why) 1. Burn - Ellie Goulding (sing out loud in the car) 2. On top of the world - Imagine Dragons (feel good tune of 2013) 3. Wrecking ball - Miley Cyrus (clever marketing exercise by miley to sell the song) 4. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke (Alan thicke's son. Enough said). 5. Bound 2 - Kayne West (prize for song you hate on the first listen and then you find yourself singing it 24/7)
Gosh I wish Alan Thicke was my father. Is that a *** sentiment? IS that ***
Can't wait to see Unusually Thicke the Alan Thicke reality show and Avalanche Sharks...
It was Alan Thicke's idea to put the "hm" at the end of the Diff'rent Strokes theme
Fergie, Alan Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Seacrest, . Can we just drop the Tiffany crystal ball on the sound stage tomorrow night? Just wipe them all out at the conclusion of 2013.
I just realized that Alan Thicke and Patrick Duffy are different people.
I didn't realize that Alan thicke sung on the theme song to Different
PFT doing Alan Thicke is my new favourite thing.
Oooo Alan Thicke Robin Thickes father on celeb wife swap USA lol how sad am I
Hi all. Here is a complete, full episode of Win, Lose, or Draw with special guests Alan Thicke (the future host of Pictionary), Burt Reynolds, Michele Lee an...
If Blurred Lines is the 2013 theme song then 2014 can't get here soon enough. The only thing worse than Alan thicke is his gross *** spawn. Just my humble opinion.
wow... I guess one of the Facts of Life is that Alan Thicke composed the Facts of Life theme song... AND diff'rent strokes. Holy SMOKES, Alan!
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Strange scenario pick one of the day = You bump your head and for the rest of your life every voice that you here sounds like? Pick one. A: Alan Thicke B: an adult from peanuts C: Mike Tyson D: any British person E: Fran Drescher
Really? Alan Thicke has a reality show now? Alan freaking Thicke? Who the *** cares about Alan FREAKING Thicke?
Fun fact: did y'all know that Alan Thicke sang the theme to Different Strokes and wrote the music to Threes Company?
I love this movie Hallmark movie! Let It Snow with Candace Cameron Bure and Alan Thicke. Does anyone else find it funny he's playin her dad?
My wife is watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel starring Candace Cameron and Alan Thicke. I’m watching 2 see if Screech or Urkel show up
How did Alan Thicke's old, white, Canadian balls produce Robin Thicke??
Long before Robin Thicke creeped everyone out with his sexy jams there was his dad, Alan Thicke. Alan was Dad on the popular 80's sitcom Growing Pains
Big thanks to Nick Lorenzen, Ben Schwartz and Jeff Benanto (and I'm assuming Evan Leek for adding the song we figured out was our free conference service's hold music) for my crowdsourced Best of 2013 list on Spotify. If I overlooked anyone, I'm sorry. Open to everyone. Add your songs. Songs that inspired you, that remind you of great memories in 2013, or songs you couldn't escape but begrudgingly felt a guilty pleasure toward (hence that song from Alan Thicke's son).
As I was watching "Let it Snow" last night ... I realized three things , 1)there were too many Christmas's without my Dad .2)my brother Chris looks just like Alan Thicke.3) I'm getting old!
So I go to search for my old homegirl April Olson and this "kinda picture" comes up of a "kinda match" but this girl is from Butte, Montana! Ooh No. Is there such a place as butt Montana? April and I were Valley Girls: Encino, baby. The fvalley. Where is Montana anyways???! Where is Montana's butt *** -- oh that's right... It's on Alan Thicke. (Wait I meant Robin Thicke) (((Sorry, I'll try to behave but I'm losing my mind at my Momma 's right now... Cray-zee I want my divorce trial to be over with so I can be myself again. I hate this stuff.. So. I'm a bit loopy --- for the next few weeks on a giddy high because I finally get to give this guy the shaft he so deserves. And you my darhlings are going to feel the thrust of it (I'm afraid). ) with double closed brackets so you know I mean business... That's like a double condom--- you know things will be breaking before hand and you just aren't settling for "ugly genes." Oh lord Jesus it's a fire.
Two star sightings in Santa Barbara today, Spencer Pratt and Alan Thicke!!! Merry Christmas all.
I really want to hear about IRS tax laws from Canadian Alan Thicke
I want to thank everyone involved in being interviewed for Actor? a documentary. It has been a wonderful journey both Helen McCready Csa and I have shared. It was amazing to have a chance to speak to so many established actors Ed Asner, Wolfgang Bodison, Robert Loggia, Randolph Mantooth, Terry Moore, Doris Roberts, Alan Thicke, Dee Wallace, We have amazing VO talent for the characters, Danielle, Ruben, Brandon, Marcus, John, Linda, and Mike. Great audio people, John and Bart and our talented Nick, editor and graphics designer. Next month you will see all of our hard work come together in the DVD and Blu-ray. I will post more details on the DVD and Blu-ray in a few days. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
And he's kind of resembles Alan Thicke hm
AMJ's Jenny Bowser is shown presenting our sponsorship cheque to Alan Thicke at the David Foster Foundation Gala. AMJ is a proud national sponsor of the David Foster Foundation which provides support for all non-medical expenses for families of children undergoing major organ transplants, so these families can focus on what really matters - looking after their child.
Our little, Canadian Christmas elf, Alan Thicke, joins us tonight on Overnight America. I'll ask him who's the undercard for Boxing Day.
"Dad, we have our name on the Walk of Fame!" Watch Alan Thicke Official's tribute and acceptance speech at the 2013 Canada's Walk of Fame Awards:
Directed by David Mitchell. With Jim Carrey, Alan Thicke, Richard Gautier, Ziggy Lorenc. Two friends travel to a ski resort, with one looking to hit the slopes, while the other spends time trying to pick up women.
After seeing what Alan Thicke's kid did in 2013, I cannot WAIT to see what Charles Grodin's children will do in 2014.
I walked into my parents house wearing a pair of black on black vertical striped pants. Mom: What do you have pants like Alan Thicke? Me: I certainly hope not.
Watched "Skyfall" tonight. Not too bad until it really went off the rails in the last 30 minutes. It's never a good sign when you're yelling "What are you doing, you *** ?!" at James Bond. Got to watch it snuggling with my girl though, so that made it totally o.k. To be honest I'd watch Alan Thicke read from the phone book for an hour as long as I was with her. :)
"Jesus Christ, Kathleen! Why is Molly Cyrus grinding up against that nice Alan Thicke?!"
The errant humming noises on the new CBB are quickly making Alan Thicke my new favorite PFT character. Also I almost cried from laughing during the Dalton Wilcox poem.
Interesting news today: Aida Mentkowski thinks Alan Thicke is hot. Guess I should tell her about my crush on Phylecia Rashad now.
Found out Robin Thicke is really Alan Thicke's son. I thought that was just a joke.
Glad my grandma could bring this family together through the oscar winning Hallmark Classic "Alan Thicke and DJ from full house save Xmas."
Jack: What's his name? Alex Trebeck? Diane: No, Alan Thicke. Close but no cigar.
In the 1st Candace Cameron Christmas Hallmark movie her dad was Tom Arnold. Now it's Alan Thicke. Still has a dead mom though.
Guilty pleasure.cheesy hallmark and lifetime Christmas movies starring 1 or more 80's or early 90's tv star. The one on now has Candice Cameron and Alan Thicke ;P
Already watched Hallmark movies starring Hillary Duff's sister, DJ Tanner, and Alan Thicke today with my mom.
My baby w actor, Alan Thicke. Some of u may know him from Growing Pains while others as Robin Thicke's dad.
You don't put in a movie and show him only once. He is the main event of every thing he is in.
I'm giving away: bacchus 1988 alan thicke mardi gras doubloon new orleans coin. Check it out -
I just used to sing along Blurred Lines by
So I just heard AWOLNations Sail unplugged and I'm not all that impressed sounded like Alan Thicke was singing it.
Alan Thicke and Robin Thicke should be featured in the Wedding day of Barney and Robin.
There's a movie on Hallmark right now starting Candace Cameron and Alan Thicke.
Alan Thicke sighting on The L.A. Complex. Man, they are DOUBLING DOWN on the Canadian-ness in the second season.
"Don't you hate it when your cathedar falls out? I'm Alan Thicke."
I'm watching a hallmark Christmas movie, no which Alan Thicke plays Candace Cameron Bure's dad...he used to play Kirk Cameron's dad.yeah, mind blown
Alan Thicke, the father in the TV show GrowingPains wrote the theme songs for The Facts of Life and Diff'rent Strokes.
Alan Thicke: "My controversial son is in Asia doing the Twerk Me In Japan tour."
why is Alan thicke photo bombing your twins selfie?
Just heard that Alan Thicke "Hey Hey Hey" Fat Albert rip-off song. It. reminded me of The Dingus.
DVRed the Canadian Walk of Fame. Finally watched it. Proud to be a Canadian. Thanks Alan Thicke - great acceptance speach. featured in NBC s Science of Love
"Catie, what was that song I liked? Wavy waters?" "Blurred Lines, Dad." "Oh yeah, I dance just like Alan Thicke's son."
TV personality Alan Thicke chats via satellite with Philip.
If you wanna get down on a Kenney Christmas classic, then peep this 1987 Muppet Christmas where the Muppets meet up with Sesame Street to celebrate Christmas. What?! They also stumble upon Fraggle Rock?! And this video is complete with 1987 commercials with the likes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Oshkosh Bigosh, and Alan Thickes after school special of son that he created from a robot (not to be confused with his real son who can do the robot). Peace on earth, GIVE ME PRESENTS!
Of course I tune into to hear interviewing talking about Alan Thicke. I just listened to the song!
Confession Time: just figured out Robin Thicke and ALAN Thicke not the same person. Makes the Miley Cyrus thing less awkward, at least.
Did anybody else put two and two together that Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke (the dad from Growing Pains) son!
“Women are glad to be smart but the still like to be ‘hot’” ~Alan Thicke
2013 Inductee helps out with his annual "Thicke's Picks" for last minute
Alan Thicke is best known as one of the most famous fathers in TV history for his role on the eighties sitcom 'Growing Pains.' He will also star in the reality sitcom, 'Unusually Thicke' this spring. Alan talked to Fox43 this morning about
thanks for singing a little facts of life during your sat interview this morning with us here in Cincinnati !
Alan Thicke came in on my list of great Americans this year, despite his being Canadian. Is this cool
There's a radio station that seems to exclusively play the same 5 songs in a loop, a rigid cycle only broken by occasional insertions of that Marvin *** song by Alan Thicke about how awesome it is to rape drunk girls.
Me, and do a killer acapela version of the Growing Pains theme song. We'd love for you to hear it!
Why am I just realizing that Alan Thicke is Robin Thicke's dad??? Lol
just informed me that theme song was written by Alan Thicke. We are learning things.
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If we're getting to the bottom of Canadian social media exceptionalism we'll need you, AND got Nice! All I have is for celeb status which isn't too exciting ;)
You know your over 35 and Canadian when you initially call Robin Thicke… Alan Thicke
It's time for Listens Live! on at noon! We have special guest... THE Alan Thicke! Listens Live! page:
Love your Alan Thicke, When he says "Joyoo Noel" Er Funny as ***
Alan Thicke was a guest this morning. As you know, his son Robin has become a huge star this year with the song that is on the radio, on every station, every time you turn it on. So I asked him ... What rhymes with "Hug me . " He replied that it depends on where you are and what time of day it is. Good answer
.Alan Thicke and all 12 Doctors ftw! (Sorry Capaldi, you have to wait)
I dreamt about Alan Thicke giving me a shout out, not sure if it was Thicke but it was some kind of Alan.
.also, I like that you have a young Alan Thicke hanging in your cube.
Thanks 4 joining me We'll see him in 2014 w/new reality sitcom "Unusually Thicke." Son Robin makes cameo!
Who knew Alan Thicke's son would have so many... Growing Pains? *winks into camera, is murdered by everyone*
'Funny things I didn't say' the only thing wrong with doing nothing is that you don't know when you're finished.'
He made it by being Alan Thicke's son before he even started singing
That was Alan Thicke... Hes the son of Alan
I hear Bob Sagat is going to be the new Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty. Alan Thicke was a close second.
Don't miss the 8am hour of AM Tampa Bay-- 8:10 Alan Thicke – Actor best known as “Jason Seaver” on the hit sitcom Growing Pains – Thicke’s Picks of last minute gift ideas 8:40 Paul Mercurio – Tampa Improv - A graduate of Georgetown Law and former Wall Street Lawyer and Investment Banker, Paul is a national headlining comedian, who is also a regular satirist on “Hannity,” “The Dylan Ratigan Show” and “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.”
We'll interview your favorite TV dad, Alan Thicke, about his best ideas for gifts. That's soon, on
Almost threw shade at Alan Thicke's because I saw his name and thought of his rip-off artist of a son. I like Alan.
Currnet newsroom discussion: can Alan Thicke twerk?
I especially loved that the were on and of course that Victor Garber and Alan Thicke were honoured
Wow, Ali, praise from THE ALAN THICKE!!! I have loved him in everything he has done. This is very cool.
Thank you for your son. His song makes me wanna kill myself everytime I hear it.
Hey I know your son got some backlash for Blurred Lines. His was fine! Mine's the worrisome version
WAIT A FLIPPIN MINUTE. Alan Thicke is Robin Thicke's dad and Liza Minelli is Judy Garland's daughter.
you have always been cool in my book and now right back to top of the page u go! May I add still sexy!
funny how much this reminds me of Boyd!
Alan Thicke just authored a book about parenting... What's next a book on sobriety by Lindsay Lohan?
To be fair, I think it would be hilarious to see Phil twerking with Alan Robin, whoever.
Marvin Gaye's family is just angry because Marvin's dad shot him with bullets when all Alan Thicke did was shoot his son with handsome.
Anyone else recently make the connection that Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son? When I first saw him on that horrible Miley Cyrus performance I felt like I had seen him somewhere from the 80s and he had been cryogenically frozen for 30 years to reappear now... But I guess it does make more sense that it's Alan's son...
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Ahead of Alan Thicke's recognition at Canada's Walk of Fame, the actor and his co-star Joanna Kerns answered questions about their hit series, Growing Pains.
I probably should NOT admit this, but I turned my sound system up full blast to Alan Thicke and Good Girl. Realize that the song itself is not my style, but oh my the beat was AWESOME!! I can dance again!! yeah!! Listening to Fall Out Boy, I think. LOVE strong music.
At the Jingle Ball with my kids ... so far, the children of Alan Thicke and Julio Eglasias have been enjoyable.
LOVING Canada's Walk of Fame - Alan Thicke's speech was great. Tribute to Terry Fox moving. Song by my all time favorite song-writer/musician and proud Canadian Tom Cochrane was just perfect. WOW. Canadian pride.
Watching Alan Thicke choke up while taking his place on The Canada Walk of Fame had me near tears then they inducted Terry Fox ... someone please pass the tissue ...
Omg. I got a gorgeous Stella dot necklace for Christmas ok and I just saw it with the bracelet that I have to on Joanna kerns on the award show giving Alan Thicke a Canadian walk of fame star wow ,it looks so nice lol
Just spent a good 30 minutes or so talking to actor Alan Thicke! Really funny guy.
What was the biggest story of 2013? Obamacare? Boston Marathon bombings? Miley Cyrus *** Alan Thicke's son? Tell us tonight on Sarcastic News Live from 8-9pm PST. Listen at and call (800) 893-9562!
Today's quote from work: " no, shut up, I was talking to Alan thicke"
Im not starstruck but Alan Thicke sitting near me at lunch. I keep thinking of Growing Pains
As a father, my first priority is to help my sons set and attain personal goals so they will develop self-confidence and individual strength. Engaging in regular fitness activities with my children helps me fulfill those responsibilities. -Alan Thicke (2013-07-12). Motivational Quotes: How to Become and Learn to Be Motivated (Kindle Locations 303-305). . Kindle Edition.
Best Growing Pains related jokes. That time Mike was aguring with Benjamin who was considering joining a pretty obvious pyramid scheme and said, "Hey, don't be so Alan Thicke headed." Or that time Mike was having some really bad Growing Pains and Carol was trying to cheer him up and reading from her spy novel said, "So, it seems the plot Alan Thickens."
I saw Alan Thicke today. Now u just need Courtney Love to complete celebrity bingo.
Billy Ray Cyrus & Alan Thicke, please pick up your children.
I'm a very artsy and creative guy who loves music in particular from all genres and I also find that the music we love says interesting things about who we are ... My challenge here today is for everyone to list 10 artist who are not from their own ethnic group who's music you grew up listening to and loving... My list includes the following classics and superstars and is a lil longer than 10, but I couldn't exclude these influences on my appreciation of music...Actually I could think of about a dozen others but these will do for now.. :-) The Osmonds Frank Sinatra Def Leppard Eminem Madonna Elton John Queen Bob James David Sanborn Tony Bennett Barry Manilow and two new comers to my list of all time favorites Alan Thicke Justin Timberlake
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Fun fact: I used to be Alan Thicke.
Its like 80s TV has gone crazy. I'm watching Candace Cameron play a character named "Stephanie" and her father is Alan Thicke.
"Let it Snow" is on the W channel this evening, across Canada. This movie stars Candace Cameron Bure & Alan Thicke! I had the pleasure of meeting them both during my 6 days on set ~ recording the show to see how it turned out :)
Alright 80's sitcom watchers. Julie Bensley Pulley was watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark where Candace Cameron's character was the daughter of Alan Thicke. She didn't know the connection. Anyone???
Is watching a movie about snow valley resort where they reference blue mountain hmmm coincidence I wonder, has Alan Thicke in it, very cool :)
Alan Thicke...I don't care how sexy your son is everytime I see you I expect to see Kirk Cameron.
"Now the world don't move, to the beat of just one drum...what might be right for you, may not be right for some.. ~Alan Thicke~
So Daniel Farrell and I are in the car and Blurred Lines comes on the radio. We turn it up and Dan says "Alan Thicke is soo good!" I say "you mean Robin?" "Nope," he replies.
Lori Freed Shields I enjoy that Alan Thicke song about having bad vision.
Rather than do revision I'm watching Lamb Chop's Chanukah special. It's so amazingly 90s. Alan Thicke (Robin Thicke's father) is their special guest and this wonderful quote happen. "Brawn without brains? Thats like Arnold Schwarzenegger without Maria Shriver!" lol
is anyone else freaked out when they hear Robin Thicke speak? All I can think of is Dr. Jason Seaver (Alan Thicke on Growing Pains)
Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son. How did I miss this?
Alan Thicke gets on Canada's Walk of Fame? For what? What a self-absorbed ***
Fun night with friends celebrating some birthdays.and listening to some awesome music by Mitch Clark.We ran into Alan Thicke aka Jonathan Stone ..
Alan Thicke named his son after Robin Sparkles, I've decided.
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Didn't Alan Thicke get the keys to the city of Boone in the late 70s to early 80s and what was the story about that?
So... I just realized who Robin Thicke's dad is! WTH Alan Thicke from "Growing Pains"
I really want to hear Alan Thicke sing Blurred Lines.
Is there ANYBODY more 80's than Alan Thicke?
I am pumped just booked a interview with 80s sitcom dad Alan Thicke for next week did you know he also wrote tv themes including the Facts of Life ?
Top 10 Best Honeymoon Quotes Short honeymoons are better than no honeymoons, but long honeymoons are best of all. --JOHN DAVEY The honeymoon is not actually over until we cease to stifle our yawns. --HELEN ROWLAND Honeymoons are useless, dangerous, and ought to be abolished. They are useless in that the only people they profit are the hotel-keepers. They are dangerous to the happy pairs, who see enough of one another in a fortnight to imperil their happiness for a lifetime. --TOM E. ROT Today, honeymoons are redundant. At best, an opportunity to travel. But the first time a couple has sex together? Puh-leeze. --STEVE MARTIN I'll be on my third honeymoon, so I'm more of an authority than I care to be. --ALAN THICKE Women have to be careful to not wear out their husbands on their honeymoons, or they get so weak that they can't go to work! --VICTOR VILLASENOR Maybe honeymoons are God's anesthesia. Like the "laughing gas" used by dentists, perhaps honeymoons are designed to protect us from a bit of the pain a ...
If I had a dollar for every time they show this all Alan Thicke IRS commercial. I could pay off the IRS.
thanks to the commissary and its not quite loud enough to hear piped in music, I now have Christmas music infused with Alan Thicke's "Blurred Lines" sunning through my head. Awesome. Like either one of them wasn't bad enough already!
I got a good one for you this morning FB Family...Bass player Marcus Miller remakes Alan Thicke's "Lost without you"..But the featured vocals of Teraji Henson is what sets this version OFF...Give a listen and let me know whatchathink...Starsky.
BLURRED GENERATIONAL LINES: Just did a stand-up comedy set in Charlotte. I was doing an Alan Thicke reference. I asked, and it turned out no one knew him, The Facts of Life, or Different Strokes. I had to introduce him, to them, as Robin Thicke's dad.
Ah yes, the Grammys...where French dudes in robot masks face off against Alan Thicke's kid for song of the year.
Kirk Cousins is refusing to play unless Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, Jeremy Miller & Tracey Gold are on the sideline.
Miley Cyrus and Alan thicke at excel
Kaepernick doesn't have to be Jay Leno to the SF media...but he doesn't have to be Alan Thicke either.
*** I really did not know Robin Thicke was Alan Thicke's son! Seriously!
This just dawned on me. Alan Thicke is Canada's Ted Baxter. Sorry to be so slow
Continuing our TV Theme Song series for, we got Alan Thicke to sing the beginning of the "Growing Pains" theme song!
Another OMG moment here. I just found out (I'm blonde bare with me), that the nasty, perverted singer Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son! How the heck did the dad on Growing Pains and the host of AFV raise a perv like him!?
I think I like Alan Thicke more than Robin Thicke
Disappointed when I woke up and wasn't in Vegas, and realized I didn't meet Alan Thicke. That was a great dream.
was wondering...yes I do that when I'm being most nosey..ha' about the guy who sings Blurred Lines..I thought he was the guy you know the dad that played on the sitcom Growing Pains...Alan Thicke but if it was he'd looked much older...but it turns out it is his son ..Robin Thicke who sings that song...who would of known sometimes U have to be a little ..nosey
Of course Alan Thicke is dad; she is Mike Seaver's sister, after all.
Funny how life is... I grew up watching / loving Growing Pains and Kirk Cameron and the shows patriarch Alan Thicke... And now my children ... Well, Connor listens to Robin Thickes music including Blurred Lines... (son of Alan), and Abby Enjoys Full House and DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron, Kirks sister)!! Rofl
\'Francesca Eastwood Seeks Annulment from Jonah Hill\'s Brother\' is everything you need to know about show business, a story that involves Adam Levine, Tyler Shields, Clint Eastwood\'s daughter, Jonah Hill\'s brother, and Alan Thicke\'s son.
Robin Thicke's speaking voice is upsettingly similar to Alan Thicke's. He should yell at Mike Seaver for old time's sake.
I always wanted to see Mike Seaver and *** jump Alan Thicke because he always interfered in their ways.
Alan Thicke is famous for playing the character of Jason on Growing Pains, Nickelodeon's version of Welcome Back, Kotter.
By all rights, Haley Joel Osment should've grown up to look like Alan Thicke. Disappointing.
So I got the so here it is, 6 things you may not already know about me: 1. When I was 9 I was a contestant in the Miss Pre-Teen Arizona Pageant. 2. In high school I was one of 8 kids selected to cohost a talk radio show with Mindy Cohn & Alan Thicke. 3. I severely dislike mayonnaise. 4. I peed my pants during my high school graduation because my friend Maggie made me laugh so hard. I'm pretty sure my gown had wet spots when I went up to receive my diploma. 5. Tangerine is my favorite Led Zeppelin song. 6. I was born on December 18th at 12:18am.
Oh my Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are Miley Cyrus and Alan Thicke on their show this morning. It is hilarious!
presents: Alan Thicke, John C. Reilly, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Now with hat rack.
Just did a phoner with Gilbert Gottfried and there are still tears in my eyes (what a contrast to the Chris Tucker invu). He could just do a whole set on his Alan Thicke experience on Celebrity Wife Swap.
Just saw the ep where Screech got raped on the rowdy Growing Pains set by Alan Thicke and Kirk Cameron while Jeremy Miller rubbed one out!
Alan Thicke tells Us Weekly his son, Robin Thicke, and daughter-in-law, Paula Patton, are a "power couple" and could be "the next Brangelina" if they adopt children
Tuesdays this fall on CBC: "What Do You THINK Will Happen" hosted by Alan Thicke and "Double Judge" with Colm Feore and Victor Garber.
Strangely, I feel very comfortable with the idea of Tom Coburn babysitting my kids. I can't explain why. Maybe that Alan Thicke 80s-hair?
Biggest thing I learned yesterday, Robin Thicke is the son of Alan Thicke. How did I not make that connection before?
Gone South doc lines up Canuck talent - Alex Trebek, Alan Thicke (pictured) and Neve Campbell are some of the notable names to be featured in the doc from Victoria's Less Bland Productions about how Canadians have shaped and influenced American pop culture.Read More
Monday is the absolute last day to purchase tickets...they will NOT be sold at the door!Come party with Tom Bergeron, Paula Abdul, David Boreanaz, Alan Thicke and many more of your favorite celebs! Purchase tickets today, don't wait!
Although I like River Monsters I hate animal planet now. I seriously want my animal stories and Alan Thicke back. It was my thing back then.
If Robin was Alan Rickman's son instead of Alan Thicke's, he'd probably be promoting Snape culture.
I feel like Alan Thicke should cover "Wrecking Ball."
Anyone know why hasn't covered Blurred Lines yet?
if u need me, I'll be picking up my shattered skull & brain fragments after realizing that Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son
we're not talking abt a person. We're talking abt a questionably sentient being who dry humped Alan Thicke's offspring
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I got to ask Alan Thicke what he likes to listen too, and you might be surprised by his answer...
So then the fact that Alan Thicke was like "best dad" in the show, but his real son is dirty sex and fake son is christiannical
Then I had that. WAIT Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke's son? WAAAH moment
We saw a commercial with Alan Thicke last night and Rob mentioned he thought it was funny that Robin Thicke is so dirty now
This whole time I thought Miley Cyrus was twerking on Alan Thicke from Growing Pains.
Ryan? Do u mean Robin? Or maybe u mean Alan Thicke. He was head of the Seaver household in Growing Pains. 😉
Did you know that Alan Thicke, the father of Robin Thicke, wrote and sang the theme song for the TV show "Diff'rent Strokes"? Thankfully, Gary Coleman was never shown twerking during an episode.
no! seriously bummed jesse j is recording something w/ alan thicke. I secretly love her, he's a cheesy misogynist ***
EXCLUSIVE: Robin Thicke's brothers, Brennan & Carter discusses life with Alan Thicke and how it was growing up...
I always think of Robin Thicke's father (Alan Thicke) when they mention him. Which makes Blurred Lines sound all the more creepy.
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