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Alan Sugar

Alan Michael Sugar, Baron Sugar, Kt (born 24 March 1947) is a British entrepreneur, peer, media personality star and political advisor.

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TOTPS 1981 has Chas and Dave (possibly !) Alan Sugar and a suss song with presenters singing 'see one,feel one,touch one' 🙀
tastes very sweet, so probably fake sugar. I don't know I don't consume a lot of sweets.
what's about Lord Hughes... Make Alan Sugar feel important
Do they add fake sugar or just less sweet tasting?
that your picture of Tony Blair, at the angle you have it, looks like Alan Sugar?
Shrewd businessman, patriot. Antithesis of Alan Sugar who built naff computers and traded country for future favours
So It's Trump vs. Clinton. If you're having trouble getting your head around it, the British equivalent would be Alan Sugar vs. Norma Major.
I have principles and I am not going to be forced to compromise them.
o a 'franchise' sorry alan sugar I best stop or you'll sack me
"I'm a commercial person, not an academic". - Lord Alan Sugar
is it me or does the Romanian coach look like a cross between Alan Sugar and Paul Hollywood?
If it does become Trump Vs. Clinton, the British equivalent is Alan Sugar Vs. Norma Major.
i just watch this Lord Alan Sugar Speaks About The EU Referendum & British Politics At Oxf... via
Brilliant news Sir Alan Sugar. Now go and get yourself on the Brexit bus.please.
Lord Alan Sugar: I don't want Brussels to tell me more stupid rules and regulations
"The British equivalent of Trump v Clinton would be Alan Sugar versus Norma Major". LOL
"Trump/Clinton: Like a choice between Alan Sugar and Norma Major". Edwina is no Monica!
Gareth Gates reveals he wants to be 'the next Alan Sugar' as he launches a coconut tea...
spot on Alan every big building site has at least 60% immigrants
So sorry Alan that the remain were 3 shouty woman last night hurling insults at Boris.
Have a boxing match with Alan Sugar Mr SilverFox
Love him or loathe him, Alan Sugar means Liam Byrne has an excuse to plug his book
Liam Byrne: Whether you love or loathe Alan Sugar, Britain needs its entrepreneurs to succeed
Bryan Adams, Lennox Lewis, Alan Sugar, Katie Hopkins. Zac's got all the big up-and-comers.
Chas n Dave, Alan Sugar, Ossie Ardiles, Garth Crooks your boys have taken one *** of a beating.
This essay includes: Jeremy Corbyn, articles from the Telegraph and Guardian, Gerry Adams, Owen Jones, Alan Sugar and the IRA
Thank You Scott! by Alan Sugar, Sir Clive Sinclair, and the makers of Together in Electric Dreams via
Toby Young, Tim Farron, Michael Howard, Alan Sugar, the Ministry of Defence & Will Hutton are trending. Time to switch off.
JP Morgan,Alan Sugar,John Major all low-education, no shame except in eyes of media.
Keith Lemon plays childish banter games with Alan Sugar and Steven Spielberg. Celebrity Jews.
pamper. Fantastic night, amazing products. Thank you Susan Ma and Alan Sugar
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Staying sane with the interpretation that Alan Sugar and Peggy Mitchell were way ahead of their time and Carry On is a meta commentary.
If you photograph an Alan Sugar autobiography through a loo roll you can pretend he's James Bond
Loads of birthdays today on the celebrity front! Undertaker, Jack Swagger, Jim Parsons, Peyton Manning, Alan Sugar, Alyson Hannigan 🎂
Piers Morgan has made this bet with Alan Sugar about Arsenal's title chances! Why???
Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan just bet 10 grand to Ormond Street Hospital that Arsenal will/won't win PL respectively
.You won't become a David Beckham, Alan Sugar, Andy Murray, Jonny Wilkinson, or Tom Hanks by setting goals you also need talent
Could you imagine, if Alan Sugar, with no political experience, suddenly became prime minister of England, and built walls!?!??
She looks like Alan Sugar has just fired her!!!
If trump can run for president, do you think Alan Sugar could run for PM? . I'd vote for him .
its Alan Sugar's disguise after the consolised CPC failed
then Alan Sugar will rub himself in butter and slide down White Hart Lane naked
45 Motivational Alan Sugar Quotes. by Jesse Brown . Alan Sugar is a business magnate, media personality and...
i was rolling with my hood up, young apprentice selling Alan Sugar
well Sid James always got the burd even though he looked like Alan Sugar after smallpox
Alan Sugar. Gordon Ramsey. Tom Cruise (yes there was one)
I deserved the dignity of having a distinction for an MA I thoroughly deserved because I was like a young Alan Sugar of ELT.
some1 hook Alan Sugar up with a ghostwriter, or a new one: 'more cheek than kim kardashian'... Alan fam that didn't bang
Alan Sugar, Donald Trump, queen Elizabeth have huge orgie gangbang bareback on crystal meth to spread HIV around the world around the clock!
Donald Trump & Alan Sugar split roast the queen Elizabeth from ONE bumhole & both ends. Together they *** on queen Elizabeth FACE!!!
Alan Sugar has the face of a man given the option of eating the left or right camel ***
Alan Sugar, Donald Trump, Elizabeth queen are the DEVILS against ISLAM without knowing meaning of ISLAM. They go to *** FIRE INDEFINITELY!!
Alan Sugar, Elizabeth queen, and Donald Trump is the next HITLER to take over the world with the filthy ugly mentality denial of CREATOR!!!
Robinson's SPAD suggests Peter akin to Alan Sugar in Apprentice.Daithi McKay asks if he isn't closer to Donald Trump who fronted US version!
Just keep thinking; This is the USA's Alan Sugar." Then I remember we made Alan Sugar a Knight. Then my brain just shuts down.
My mums nodding along and commenting on the Apprentice as though she's Alan Sugar himself
Here we go again... "When I was..." - Is that Alan Sugar or Uncle Albert?
Alan Sugar once signed his wife's birthday card 'Best wishes Sir Alan Sugar'. Blamed a 'bad day in the office'. She was 'not a happy bunny'.
Spurs vs Arsenal. Alan Sugar vs Piers Morgan. What a day to be alive!
Reminder: frontrunners in the Republican race are America's Alan Sugar and a doctor with a Walter Mitty complex & weird ideas about pyramids
And instead of Tories like Alan Sugar and Karen Brady calling the shots it's the Irish Tory Party
we are interviewing for Juice. Just call us Alan Sugar and Karen Brady!
If Ian Bell was in the boardroom of The Apprentice, what would Alan Sugar say?
Dean Hoyle has fired more people than Alan Sugar. Impatient card flogging bell 😑
TV Idea: Jeremy Clarkson, Alan Sugar & David Cameron are abandoned on a remote island. It's not filmed or broadcast. Desert Island ***
Alan Sugar is more out of touch than my Nan is in a branch of Foot Locker.
As if Alan Sugar was in my town two weeks ago 😂
Just watched the apprentice. Alan sugar was right to fire aisha!
Imagine spotting Alan Sugar walking around London and him just stopping to photograph his shadow
Hello Sir Alan. I'm starting an office cleaning business in London from scratch. Any quick tips on getting clients? Cheers
alan sugar: you're rotating like a kebab, ruth. DYING
just keep at it and you and your children will reap the rewards. No one wants to employ rude people ( except Alan Sugar)
this if you want to see me aka Alan BROWN Sugar on
Nahhh how are you going to stand in front of Alan Sugar and hear that you made under a £2 profit 😂😂
Walked in from work to the exact moment Alan sugar was firing someone when I haven't seen it yet, can it get worse
mark wright won't last he's a misogynist saying that Alan sugar appreciates women he will notice
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
that's nice for you Alan sugar what has my modelling got to do with izzy blocking you
Loving your show. I admire, the work you have done over the years. Well done Sir Alan and the rest of the board room.
I think I'm in love with Alan sugar :/
tear in my eye when Alan said "don't give up on your project" my project is my son i wont give up on my son
After that Tribunal, Alan Sugar doesn't have an anymore because they're a Business Partner. Why doesn't the show title reflect?!
Alan Sugar put the girls back together for the cactus task and they're acting all happy but I bet they hate each other really.
I don't think they'll be bothered about your secret love of Alan Sugar
Alan Sugar gets more money from The Apprentice than he's made from his actual company in the last 5 years. He is paid one po…
Horrible *** Sir Philip in 'Unforgotten'. Is it me or is he clearly modeled on Alan Sugar?
Imagine is Alan Sugar was in your friends whatsapp group, the roast he'd give everyone 😂😂
I must admit that I found Alan Sugar's attempt to demonstrate that he knows what Tinder is to be particularly amusing.
"You said Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn grew apart, which is a bit of an understatement as her head grew apart from her body" - Alan Sugar 😭😭
Big fan of urs Alan,I like ur sense of humour & I am enjoying the apprentice,it's great.
Hello Alan, i invite you to Islam. Reject all false Gods and Accept the One True God (Allah) who created the Heavens and Earth
Yeah but when I've paid you two back probably Alan Sugar.   10% Off
Alan Sugar returned in his comic role with the apprentice for yet another year, prob 5 years longer than it should have lasted!
Isn't it about time Alan Sugar refurbished the board room?
Most of Alan Sugar's immense wealth doesn't come from his technology ventures -
The Apprentice should challenge candidates to code; not flog fish fingers. I couldn't agree with more.
Watching last night's So excited for this new series. Although, Alan Sugar is an unsavoury character.
74. And one telling me one of my *** is on, but that turns out to be Alan Sugar.
"Like for a hot or not!" says the guy who looks like Alan Sugar's athlete's foot-ridden scrotum
"Don't suck up to me, if I wanted to be loved, I'd turn to Tinder" Alan Sugar laying down the boundaries
I love this guy! . Jonathan Pie: Reporter gets angry about Matt Damon, David Cameron, Alan Sugar...etc'!
nail on the head. Did you read this?
- Ron Dennis to replace Alan Sugar as presenter of the Apprentice.
Alan Sugar needs to go more Vince McMahon when he fires people. That would make for much more entertaining TV
ok Zoe candy corn is the nastiest thing you'll ever try it tastes like someone melted a crayon and put a load of sugar in it 0/10
I vote for Niall would nail Alan Sugar's apprentice!! (T&Cs
If alan sugar wants entrepreneurs he should go to secondary schools during lunchtime to see the real hustlers
seems that Alan Sugar has been told to add more suspense in the board room by saying "and for that reason" more than once.
It's time to kill off The Apprentice
Nothing is funnier on UK TV than Alan Sugar's laboured attempts at humour.
hrinflow : "Self-belief is a critical skill for business success."- Alan Sugar how to grow…
getting angry about Matt Damon, David Cameron and Alan Sugar
Una Stubbs and Alan Sugar (not together) on Piccadilly. Former v chic, latter incognito (?) casual
Alan Sugar: incontrovertible proof that making lots of money turns you into a massive wanker
True/False interviewer, I don't know which is more frightening Alan Sugar 😂 or Alan Sugar not 😁 no real daylight between the ⚁
I've not many blocks, but the ones i have are good ones: Alan Sugar, Frankie Boyle and Tommy Robinson.
Get rid of Ronnie and Roxy they are sooo boring. Ronnie keeps her job only cos of uncle Alan Sugar. She can't act.
Why is a grumpy Tony Blair dancing with Alan Sugar and William G. Stewart? Not that better drawing would improve it.)
Be like Alan Sugar and post gross images of your surgical staples at lunchtime.
This is scary. Mostly because the guy in the picture looks like a cross between Alan Sugar and Freddie Krueger.
Bolasie is the sort of signing we'd make when Alan Sugar told Gerry Francis to stop the punters moaning about not being entertained
The papers say that Alan Sugar has confirmed a big increase in the of the speed of light.
OK last one: Alan Sugar, Frank Dobson or a disgruntled ***
Can't wait til Sorkin & co. eventually tackle the Alan Sugar story. Daniel Craig would be perfect in the role.
Could English businessman Alan Sugar be the next
u dont get it , search up the Lord of commons , I'm the next Alan Sugar 👌
Least you and Alan Sugar can officially marry now
Thanks for suggesting I follow Alan Sugar, Jonathan Ross and Jeremy Clarkson. Two out of three *** ain't bad.
Good to see Dave Gorman back on form in Modern Life Is Goodish. Went off the boil for a while but his Alan Sugar trolling is marvellous.
Yewtree 2.0 looks pretty good, right? Who've we got on this then? Jim Davidson, Piers Morgan, Alan Sugar, David Attenborough...
Alan Sugar resigns from Labour Party after Ed Miliband failed to bring back a diamond, an oud, a skeleton, and a sizable …
which of those things do Sir Alex Ferguson, Alan Sugar, JK Rowling, Stephen Fry and Stephen Hawking, among others, fall into?
people say that labour are bad for big businesses yet are supported by successful people like Nick Hewer & Alan Sugar
[Alan Sugar and Mohamed Al-Fayed in the pub]. Mo: Do that thing. Al: Aw come on. Mo: Do it! It's funny. *Al points finger*. Al:…
Grant Shapps once fired Alan Sugar, Donald Trump, and Vince McMahon all on the same working day
revelation: "Alan Sugar uses WhatsApp and likes the monkey emoji"
This is how Alan Sugar must feel every week on the UK version of ' The Apprentice'.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Electrician Paul Regan jailed after "clumsy" attempt to be Alan Sugar
When mentor is Neil Kinnock & a peer lord is Lord Bully charlatan Alan Sugar the Result is
.Thanks for a very interesting and informative evening,here's to the future. Good to meet Alan Sugar.
Great Meet the CEO do with season ticket holders & debenture chat and debate, & Alan Sugar joined us:)
Mike Ashley is a tycoon,Alan Sugar is a tycoon.You catching my drift here?
sold my first item on eBay i feel like alan sugar
Ashleigh Apprentice now has business plan with Lord Alan Sugar ... Earning while learning - now in business
“I totally understand Alan Sugar now, firing people is so good 😂😂 nice nails...
The apprentice, is the on Donald Trump or Alan Sugar
what they say before u do ur Alan sugar impression 'you're blocked?
'Arsenal wasted their money on Bergkamp. We've got a better player for less money in Chris Armstrong' 'Lord' Alan Sugar, 1995.
As Alan Sugar would say YOUR FIRED! And he will be if you VOTE FOR CHANGE IN MAY VOTE LABOUR
. I ask him why he chose Alan sugar over me and he blocked me!! 😢
...Just did a gorgeous 12% tan on a friend who's going to a meeting with Sir Alan Sugar this weekend!
Also ignores class as both a cultural and economic factor. A college grad working a part time bar job vs Alan Sugar for instance
Anyone who follows Alan knows that he gets volatile quite frequently. You have to accept it if you follow him
powerful contribution to int women's day debate (watched by Lord Alan Sugar). Did he agreed with her I wonder?
Focus on if things do go your Alan Sugar, speaking the truth
tonight Matthew I am Sir Alan Sugar from etc
please tell me you are Lord AlanSugar from hit autobiography 'Alan Sugar my autobiography'
Every time I try to imagine Ed Miliband doing a solo TV debate my mind keep wandering to Alan Bennett performing 'A Chip In the Sugar'
Kayleigh you never need to ask me for sugar with your tea because you are sweet enough. Xx
Need to stop thinking I'm Alan Sugar at 2 in the morning 😰 on Barclays website reading up on business loans 😂😂😂
Watch out Alan Sugar, Tommy is after your job
Tommy thinks he's P Diddy, Lydia reckons more Alan Sugar
Some people take their work way too seriously. It's 10pm, you should have finished 5 hours ago. You're not Sir Alan Sugar. Give it a rest.
Thanks for clearing that up Alan. We needed your input. So was it a penalty?
sir Alan, your wife is way smarter than most! COYS
"Mr Grey will see u now" sounds like a perverted episode of The Apprentice imagine Alan Sugar sat there with his knob out lik…
Alan Sugar's right hand man on The Apprentice.
I liked a video Would I Lie to You? - Was Martin Clunes actually fired by Alan Sugar?
Is it really news that Alan Sugar has chosen another lapdog to make him more cash?
the one I'm most proud of is Alan Sugar. Still need Piers Morgan and Sol Campbell for Spurs bingo
Row, row, row, your boat, gently off the waterfall. You're no longer Alan Sugar's bootycall 😂😭
Alan Sugar literally showed himself pointing at the person sat on the right. Whoever is sat on the right next week wins the …
Tea flavoured cheesecake! Forget that Alan Sugar, what we sophisticated shoppers want is Plain chocolate flavour ice cream
argh Greg Wallace has caught the Alan Sugar saywles not sales lingo? Just thought of u x
I hope it's Karren Brady vs Alan Sugar. That would be so good. And maybe all the Dragons can run as independents
"you made the Piers Morgan of drinks, it's as bad as that" oh god I love Alan Sugar
Tofty holds an Alan Sugar grilling of NCTJ students during their Apprentice presentations
"Let's get married by Sir Alan Sugar and live off all-butter croissants in Canary Wharf!"
rudeness is a very weak imitation of strength Sir Alan. I always liked you until now. Barry Manilow is Gentleman unlike you!
Alan Sugar - perfect example of how money doesn't make you a better person.
That wouldn't be one of candidates taking the *** out of Sir Alan would it?
great visit on the set, also had a personal message from lord Alan suger and
that would be a good episode for alan sugar to do. Just watch a horologist for the day and keep your mouths shut
What All Hiring Managers Can Learn from Donald Trump (or Alan Sugar!) Nicely written blog from the US.
What was the first thing Alan Sugar did when he took over the ship?. He fired some seamen.
Working at Entertainment One in London. In a meeting room on phone, come out to find Alan Sugar had walked by my open door and did'nt see
Feeling cheery this morning. Just needed a good sleep after having to be Alan Sugar!
Suzanne beat Lord Alan Sugar to the top spot! She got recognition for years of supporting women entrepreneurs in Essex
Shock of my life at work when I turned around and Alan sugar is behind me 😱😱
Since 2009 has created 5,000 apprenticeships. Alan Sugar eat your heart out!
Christina Aguilera returns as top ten battle it out on 'The Voice': Last week we lost Sugar Joans, a s...
going to start calling my dad Alan Sugar the way he's going through employees 😂
Fact Of The Day: Alan Sugar invented the Hamstrad. A pig with keyboard keys on it. But later it failed to take off.
Alan Sugar should fire all those numpties on The Apprentice and go into business with the kid who's made £14K selling sweet…
Why would you do that? Alan sugar will only be eligible for the minimum amount of dole!?
I am going to get a ghost writing machine and slip,down the dole office ! . signature of the day . Sir alan sugar
it's probably Alan Sugar bidding on it
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
BREAKING NEWS: Alan Sugar dismembered in foul bee puzzle.
Alan Sugar is Labour. Labour are scum. Sugar is scum.
So will the Home Secretary tell us who's an extremist? Is John Sentamu an extremist? Alan Sugar? Banksy?
Oof, a lovely close-up of Sir Alan Sugar's neck sweat there
"It was very boring, you've made the Piers Morgan of drinks" - Alan Sugar lol
"If I put you in a team of one you'd still have an argument" classic from Alan Sugar 😅
Acn is a company where roadmans think they're Alan sugar once they've signed
”Once you decide to work for yourself, you never go back to work for somebody else” -Alan Sugar
I love the "banter" between Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan
quotes like that remind me how painful your chat was, very Alan Sugar
you got payed a load of dosh and now you have enough money to pay alan sugar to partner you in a middle million £ business
catching 5 mins of Carry on Cruising at the weekend, it only just occurred to me that Alan sugar and Sid James might be related.
Number of dead girls phones hacked by Alan Sugar and Arsene Wenger in the past decade = 0
he reminds me of a young Alan Sugar
You'll be accepted. I swear into empty cups.. I will be outside, having been Alan Sugar'd.
I Know I'm a bit late sir Alan sugar but congrats on the business
well done on nabbing a joke off Alan Sugar
I dont get how 15% of my final english result is based on Alan Sugar
Every club has that joke of a fan celebrity ie Piers Morgan for arsenal and alan sugar for us
"Just goes to show you don't need grades to earn good money" soz Alan Sugar
I love the thought of alan sugar sat at home watching tv making sarky comments to himself
imagine in the jungle. Sir alan likes a task.
he looks younger than you Sir Alan.
Just sold my first item on etsy. Feel like Lord Alan bloody sugar!
you remind me of a young Alan Sugar
Finally catching up with the apprentice. Alan Sugar has done well for himself considering he looks like a wonky ***
'Alan Sugar only got 1 GCSE'. 'Richard Branson stopped education at 16'. 'Simon Cowell dropped out at 16'. You are not these …
Alan Sugar there, a man who made his millions from the home computing revolution, questioning the worth of scientific advancement.
I imagine Alan Sugar to be a very rough fingerer based on the way he aggressively throws his finger about when he fires people
I have to remove 4 lines from my personal statement, I feel like Alan Sugar...which lines do I fire? Oh god the pressure...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Typical left-wing BBC, Alan Sugar on BBC1, and Michael Portillo on BBC2. It's like bloody Cuba.
Why is it on Alan Sugar is referred to by his title (Lord Sugar), but Karen Brady as Karen ?
Alan Sugar acting like his true Spurs chairman roots right there.
Move over Alan Sugar and Richard Branson new entrepreneurs in town now
Alan Sugar should stop them doing that
Alan Sugar is part of Government now, hes a Government advisor so it does affect other people
Alan Sugar is bloody rude stopping man before he even finishes his sentence
"In a city built on commerce, one man stands out." You mean Alan Sugar, right? The guy that makes crap computers?
if there is one person I absolutely HATE, it's Alan Sugar, the man's a fool!
You don't need Alan Sugar or Donald Trump around when you've got John Ross! .
'Counselliing Penguins in the Arctic' dear dear dear Alan Sugar, everyone knows they live in the Antarctic...
Gingerbread Sir Alan Sugar in time for the Apprentice
Alan Sugar spends 84% of his time firing people who don't even work for him.
The great thing about union donations are they don't come saddled with twattish ill thought out views like those of Alan Sugar.
How does Alan Sugar get away with firing people who don't officially work for him?
If Alan Sugar knew what was on those t-shirts, I think we can all agree he'd also leave them at the printers.
Alan sugar is back in his boardroom once again
Like a group of 5 year olds Alan sugar should boot the lot off
"Are you suggesting Alan Sugar goes dogging?" Never thought a sentence like that would make me laugh so much
think sir Alan gonna call it a day after this series to concentrate on hes trumpet lessons
Why does no one ever tell Alan Sugar how rude it is to point?
Be Grateful to he guided us to please him by being on the rather than being on the tryin…
The Apprentice 2014 preview: Alan Sugar's new crop of wannabes mark the ...
I wish that I could be Sir Lord Sugar daddy Alan's Apprentice. Then I could finally learn the secret to making money in the 1980s.
Alan sugar will shoot down your confidence with absolutely no care for your human rights
Just heard Alan Sugar doing announcements on BBC1. Dont give up your day job Lord Sugar lol
On this day in 1998: Christian Gross was sacked as manager by Alan Sugar. He was replaced by caretaker David Pleat
Decided - Ben Kingsley should play Alan Sugar in the film version of The Apprentice.
Alan Sugar looks so different without his wig and fake beard.Pat Jennings looks the same as he did 40 years ago.
Don't care what Piers Morgan, Alan Sugar, James Corden etc think re Give us an hour or so of Des Lynam, Jimmy Hill, Barry Davies etc.
Being chosen to manage the tuck shop at playtime and running it so smoothly that you felt certain you'd be Alan Sugar'…
I gotta say Piers, for a grown man, a successful man... Alan Sugar is a child.
Free frozen yoghurt in Soho Square where the Ben & Jerry's team make our day by mistaking a pic of Nelson Mandela for Alan Sugar
Never EVER Give up on your dreams. Lee Evans wanted to be musician, Alan Sugar was once a tarmac layer, SeaSick Steve was homeless, Johnny Depp was in his 40's before he was noticed and Robin Williams was told he'd never make it. R.I.P Legendary weirdo :D
Graham Taylor, Karen Brady, Alan Sugar all employed by bbc
but you get high profile bosses like Alan Sugar moaning about maternity leave and employing women of child bearing age :-(
There's a Canadian Dragon's Den. Is there a Canadian Apprentice? And if so, is their Alan Sugar called Alan Maple-Syrup?
Kofi Annan, Alan Sugar and Mr T. As coffee, sugar and tea jars in Stephen Hawkin's kitchen! As he watches Wimbledon.
It's a cross-party campaign backed by business leaders, the likes of Alan Sugar etc
he also didn't like Graham's ego & management style. Doesn't like Alan Sugar for not backing him in court..
The Premier League managerial merry-go-round gathered pace yesterday as Tim Sherwood was thrown out of the Tottenham hotseat - and Sam Allardyce was left clinging on at West Ham. Terry Venables has finally broken his silence over his bitter battle with Alan Sugar - and admitted: "It was the worst time of my life." John Terry has signed a new one-year deal at Chelsea. Lee Cattermole is set to be offered a bumper new four-year deal to stop interest from Stoke and West Ham. Roy Keane has blamed Manchester United's awful season on their spineless midfield and defence. Louis van Gaal could bring Feyenoord and Holland defender Bruno Martins Indi with him to Manchester United as he looks to replace departing centre-back duo Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand. West Ham have made a £7million bid for Stuttgart defender Antonio Rudiger - despite uncertainty over their own manager Sam Allardyce's future. Barcelona's Javier Mascherano has opened the door on a sensational return to Liverpool, four years after he left Anf ...
Why? Prefer the Alan Sugar, David Pleat, George Graham days of finishing 10-12th?
Alan Sugar divided by John Virgo is closer to the mark.
Bad news for Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage - young people believe Jeremy Clarkson, Russell Brand and Alan Sugar would make better prime ministers. The YouGov poll for the think-tank British Future found Ed Miliband topped the survey on 17%.
Alan Sugar v Chelsea Clinton. Bill Gates v Patti Reagan. Mao Tse-tung v Jenna Bush. Just three Chairman v ex-President's daughter match-ups which (sadly) never took place. But next Saturday at Oldham parkrun you can see one for real! RRR Chairman Bryan Lawton takes on Liz Phillips, daughter of former RRR President Dave, in the First Round of the RRR Cup. Not to be missed!
Michael Mcintyre s new chat show interview with Alan Sugar was so funny
"10.35 The Michael McIntyre Chat Show. The funnyman turns his hand to interviews, meeting Terry Wogan, Lily Allen and Alan Sugar." Ha, ha, that's hilarious. Good one, Evening Standard, you almost had me going there.
The New Michael McIntyre chat show has got Lily Allen, Terry Wogan and Alan Sugar as's at times like this that extreme terrorists could really get the public on their side.
52 weeks of Gratitude - Week 8. Through strange circumstance, what I had once seen as a personal deficit is now my point of difference, and that is what I'm grateful for. So, what do these people have in common? Steve Jobs, James Cameron, Paul McCartney, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ralph Lauren, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, Lionel Logue, Henry Ford, Karren Brady, Oprah Winfrey, Rodney Lovell.
Former Marks and Spencer boss Sir Stuart Rose has been asked by the UK government to lead a review into how to improve management in the NHS in England. Has he, now? And what expertise in, and experience of, running hospitals does Rose have? Er, none. (Unarguably, Buster is equally qualified in this field). Did Rose not also preside over M&S during a period in which we were told, consistently, that it was "losing its way" and had squandered its domination of the retail clothing market? Our governments are mesmerised - absurdly - by these business figures, regardless of their track records. Remember Blair and his fascination with the likes of Alan Sugar - among others - a man who steered Amstrad almost into oblivion, and Tottenham Hotspur into the most inglorious period in the club's history? (And now he has the audacity to bully aspiring entrepreneurs on television with his alleged expertise...) Regardless of Rose's history selling ready meals and conventional clothing, the NHS is not a commercial organis ...
135 Years of Bad Predictions: (If anyone should have known...) 2005 Alan Sugar predicted: “Next Christmas the iPod will be "dead, finished, gone, kaput." 1998 “Byte Magazine” editor Edmund DeJesus, predicted that Y2K (Remember Y2K?) would be a crises without precedent in human history. 1971 Time Magazine described the TV program "All in the Family" as “Boring & Predictable.” It was one of the most popular ever. 1969 Surgeon General of the United States William H. Stewart, speaking to the U.S. Congress said “We can close the books on infectious diseases.” 1962 An executive at Decca Records said, “We don’t like their sound.” He was referring to The Beatles. 1955 Variety Magazine predicted “Rock & Roll” would be gone by June. 1954 Grand Old Opry manager, Jim Denny, said, “You ain’t going nowhere, son…Go back to driving truck” He was talking to Elvis Presley 1943 Thomas Watson said, "I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers all-time." Thomas Watson ...
1830 [1820] Hrs GMT London Wednesday 05 February 2014 Tom Watson, “MP”, Alan Sugar (a Pee-r) and a host of “Labour luvvies”, typified by the Tories-loved (strategically, of course) Tessa Jowell, were among the “Labour” names who were featured in the Evening Standard, LBC, ITV London campaign for the lies of Boris (and his Big Biz Agenda pushers) in 2012 and against Ken Livingstone’s candidature for “London Mayor”. Where are those named and others whop aided and abetted the lying Boris campaign in 2012? What have those to say for their collusion with the lying Neo Cons? A “new” PR woman for the lying Boris Johnson project has emerged in the face of Elizabeth Day, who is incredibly dressed as a journalist with the Guardian-ed OBSERVER. Elizabeth Day is a woman who utters with what sounds like a forked tongue. She elevated her estimation of Boris Johnson as an almost universal image who is “above” Party limitations. Elizabeth Day could not be distinguished from the Neo Cons’ PR m ...
Exclusive: Alan Sugar hits out at fallen Apprentice star Stella English saying Leah Totton is far superior
hi all xx i will be in attendance with a lovely range of tropic make up and skin care. Tropic is a natural range of products created by Susan Ma with backing from sir Alan Sugar. A beautiful range of fresh smelling beneficail must haves i cant wait to share with you. I...
Too many women risk making Parliament look 'ludicrous' says Lord Hurd, dressed in the skin of a dead ferret, sitting in a golden room with Alan Sugar, Seb Coe and hundreds of other people who haven't been elected.
i also really loved Olivia Coleman on her last episode, that one had Alan Sugar and Hugh Laurie too
Luisa Zissman is such a dark horse after watching her on the apprentice 😂 Would love to see Alan Sugar catching flies watching this 😵
People who try to manipulate me, using the techniques of Edward Bernays, who was a closet Nazi, in thinking he was a member of the master race, just like Alan Sugar.
FREE BOOKS Russel Brand booky wook Alan Sugar ...the way i see it Larry Lamb..mummy's boy Chris Moyles...the difficult second book Chris Moyles ..the story of a man and his mouth Frank Skinner ...Frank Skinner collection murdashaw runcorn .
Decided to take it easy in 2013, only saw 51 shows, took a tour of the BBC, supported Kim in the London Marathon, Mark in the Milton Keynes Marathon, Siobhan in the London 10k (big one next year ;) ) and ran the Olympic Stadium run whilst making running look like the most painful thing in the world. Production managed a project at Kensington Palace as well as delivering some 14 other projects across the old globe. Took a trip to Spain and did a T turn onto the wrong side of the road, camped in Bexhill on Sea and got cold, and took a tour of The Houses of Parliament and pretended to be Alan Sugar in the house of Lords. Watched some unknown gigs by people such as Paloma Faith with Tom, Beyonce, Patti Lupone wiith Ryan and The Big Reunion and caught up with Eddie Izzard. Dislocated my knee falling from a train trying to get to see Rock of Ages, which I never saw, climbed Big Ben and climbed Mount Snowdon, – generally did a lot of walking and met some cracking people in doing so... also had more blisters th ...
Amongst others, I would like to see death also visit Alan Sugar, Paul Hollywood, Olly Murs and Clare Balding.
Famous celebrities who have allegedly had blepharoplasty (eye bag removal): + Alan Sugar + Louis Walsh + Catherine Zeta Jones + Jayne Torvill
The weather, people, river Thames, National Trust, HTB church, Tate, BBC Apprentice, my Alan Sugar.. even my small tiny room..and the train heading to Newcastle.. I miss them all. When can I come back?!
Mandela goes on the day his film premiers, then Biggs on the day his premiers. Any chance of a film about Alan Sugar &…
Titbits . I see Roberto Di Matteo 's name in the hat for the West Brom job , it can only mean one thing the MUG at the Bridge has finally paid him off. In other news , so Mr Levy the miracle 'top four' searcher want Capello. I understand that he even at one point flirted with the idea of Spuds winning the league this year . .and we all thought Ehis is the deluded one . Oh well, if I were him , ill go for Laudrup who I have come to rate highly. Finally this was what former Spurs owner Alan Sugar had to say about AVB. describing him as behaving like a kid let loose in a sweet shop .
Stephen Fry, Jeremy Clarkson & Alan Sugar on one programme, all it needs now is Brian Cox and Louis Theroux and I'd be entertained all day.
Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Peter Jones - no K’s but they’re stinking rich
Interesting that Alan Sugar, James Caan etc, after being involved in TV have almost cult status with public
Wow fulham v spurs means Richard Osman v Alan Sugar ... who will be victorious???
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