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Alan Smith

Alan Smithee (also Allen Smithee) was an official pseudonym used by film directors who wish to disown a project, coined in 1968. Until its use was formally discontinued in 2000, it was the sole pseudonym used by members of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) when a director, dissatisfied with the final product, proved to the satisfaction of a guild panel that he or she had not been able to exercise creative control over a film.

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TOUCHDOWN ALAN SMITH . Panthers 28. Menominee 0 . 3:27 left in the 1st half
Nagel goes deep and finds junior WR Alan Smith for a 56 yard TD pass. 28-0 DeWitt w/3:29 to go in half.
Yes! The game Alan Smith broke his leg and you lot barricaded his ambulance?
A conundrum. address only via market and regulation
From Ali to Zadie: the best books of autumn 2016
Alan Smith or Andy Townsend. I never thought as a Liverpool fan I would miss Gary Neville
Handwashing and adequate nutrition are essential to protect children from
Entertaining night at listening to the Sky Sports commentary panel, even if Alan Smith is a Goone…
Well done First to find Alan SMITH in our Newcastle
Riise breaking Alan Smith was as good as any goal I've seen
Today's show: Bucs TE Alan Cross in-studio at 11:20. Les Smith from Belize at 12:20. in-studio at 1:20.
Put down the book of Mormon,read the 66 book Bible,Joseph Smith is/was a FALSE PROPHET,the Holy Spirit confirms this in me
Yes Joseph Smith said Jesus and God were brothers, that there are millions of gods in the universe, that god started as a man
Get your people strait. John Smith married Pocahontas. Joseph Smith talked to God the Father & the Son Jesus Christ.
John Smith also says Jesus is the Brother of Satan and that there are millions of gods through out the universe. NOT TRUE...
Glenn Beck holds to bad Mormon doctrine, he need to have faith in the REAL Jesus Christ, not the Jesus John Smith concocted...
Alan Smith talking about informal large scale settlements in Argentina, new Villero cinema.
When you say Alan Smith which Alan Smith comes to mind first? Arsenal legend or United scrub?
"Name Of The Game" became a 6th UK No1 for at the end of 1977. Its a fantastic song 👍🎶😎 https…
More criticism of the TPD from in Editor's Diary this morning
These aren't the usual commentators where's Martin Tyler and Alan Smith?
Alan Smith's ambulance being rocked after riise broke his leg with a free kick was anot…
I'm sure an England beach towel including Alan Smith and Shaun Wright-Phillips is something everyone's dreamed of.
Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood and driver Alan Smith found guilty of conspiring to pervert course of justice following trial…
Alan Smith's Premier League team of the weekend - Tottenham dominate after stunning Man City win
Arsene Wenger's best-ever Arsenal XI, according to Alan Smith. See here:
Niall Quinn, Alan Smith and Terry Henry, I see Sky are providing a balanced commentary on Spurs again...
Thierry Henry and Niall Quinn in studio with Alan Smith on commentary. Should be a balanced afternoon of opinion
Sky have Thierry Henry, Alan Smith and Niall Quinn doing the Spurs match today... I presume Tim Sherwood was unavailable
If only the footy media had neutrals like Thierry Henry, Alan Smith, Paul Merson, Charlie Nicholas or Niall Quinn.
Imagine Niall Quinn or Alan Smith reacting like this. Ray is untouchable, best co-commentator of all time.
Why are Martin Tyler and Alan Smith so out of sync in the game?
Les Ferdinand, Alan Smith and Martin Tyler will all be St Albans v Hampton & Richmond tomorrow for
most clubs have them. I know from a previous job that Alan Smith and Darren Fletcher were both brilliant
People met today: Pat Jennings, Ossie, Jamie Redknapp, Alan Smith and the one and only Martin Tyler 👍
Leigh_Curtis published Alan Smith sprinted for boots just to play for 10 minutes,...: Notts County boss John ...
Reminiscing about Notts County v Orient last season. Roy Carroll, Alan Smith, Jon Stead, Nicky Hunt, Jobi McAnuff and Kevin Nolan all played
'He should grab it' – Ex-and striker Alan Smith urges Jamie Vardy to join Gunners https:/…
Standing watching great and good get their trains. Tyler, Alan Smith, Stuart Pearce, Ex ref Steve Bennett. They're all here!
Alan Smith & Martin Tyler my favorite commentators.
Jesus help me , having to listen to Martin Tyler & Alan Smith on bein sports
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentary boring as this game
Wait, so in real life Martin Tyler & Alan Smith don't talk about the state of the pitch every few mins? lied.
Just listening to Martin Tyler & Alan Smith running commentary of the Euros Final; is like playing FIFA.
Love it when Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentate together... Makes me feel like I'm playing
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith for So much mumbling and understating and taking 15 minutes to describe one attack
You know it's a final when Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are on commentary
"Hi there, I'm Martin Tyler and this is Alan Smith."
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith ladies and gentlemen 😊
But Martin Tyler and Alan Smith??? They are BEAST!!! Not better than the other 2 BPL commentators though...
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentating, could this match get any better
final, vs ,Ronaldo vs Griezmann, nearly a lakh people, Martin Tyler & Alan Smith commentating, can't get better ⚽🏆
on super sport it's Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. It's in d game!!!
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith on the com 👌👌👌
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentating the game I feel like I'm playing FIFA
So happy Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are on the commentary case vs ⚽️
Guess what? Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are the commentators tonight.
There is no obvious candidate to replace Roy Hodgson as boss, says Alan Smith
England out - Roy gone. Live to Nice for reaction to exit & Alan Smith, Martin Tyler from 9 with
Lawrenson and Savage do it for me 😳😳. Only saving grace, no Niall Quinn, Ray Wilkins or Alan Smith.
Give me Ian Darke, every match. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are great too. American commentators just purely aren't as good.
Croatia v Turkey game and the commentary were world class Martin Tyler and Alan Smith
theres no such things as those. I meant Clive Tyldesley(I think) and Alan Smith.
Sheffield Wednesday bring the noise but fall short of Premier League return | Alan Smith
Football Special Podcast - Man United v Bournemouth: Ed Chamberlin is joined by Alan Smith and Niall Quinn to...
Alan Smith: "Mourinho has a siege mentality, us against the world, it'll be interesting with Pep Guardiola at City." h…
Gary Neville(he is the obvious name mentioned,Alan Smith is ok,Danny Higginbottom,Danny Murphy and Andy Hinchcliffe) are all
Michael Owen, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Smith and Martin Keown... Who decided they would make good commentators?
Watching Arsenal cup final. All that new 4-3-3 George Graham was doing it 16 years ago with Alan Smith and Kev Campbell
Spent a six figure sum on Izale McLeod 9 months ago. Also paying Roy Carroll, Alan Smith and Jon Stead to play in L2
worrying thing this time is we don't have a Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith or Andy Carroll to take hold of things.
Go and have a chat with Kevin Nolan and Alan Smith, see if all 3 of you will come back for next season..oh and Chrissy Hughton
defo missing players like Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith and would have made sure we weren't in the this position
Scouser using the victim card again over Eamonn Holmes comments.. Scousers who stoned a ambulance with Alan Smith in it
You know how it goes. If your losing the debate and in the wrong, don't admit it. Simply verbally attack...
Great summary by about what made last night's so compelling.
And poor delusional HULL have him as their labour leader.
Former teammate explains how Alan Smith never wanted to join Manchester United.
Review: Kevin Smith just directed the best 'Flash' episode of the season
So just directed the best Flash episode of the season
No song in the world has the effect on me that Alan Cumming's I don't care much has 😭
fans hated Alan Smith for Scum move, not understanding he did against his will, so got required funds.
Thanks!! No, another Alan Smith, mine connected to
.takes a closer look at Ryan Smith:
voters are ‘EXTREMISTS’ makes staggering declaration during tirade
See what others are saying about Alan Smith:
'S' my first United game was against Leeds at OT in 2004 with Scholes and Alan Smith scoring in the 1-1 draw
"Hoping to establish themselves in the Premier League" - Alan Smith's FIFA 15 commentary of is wonderfully, if accidentally, prophetic
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith were the best ever commentary duo
So is Michael Smith former Chair of AICD still a Director of just sacked Alan Fels because they don't want to pay staff?
'shadow rider' by jay alan smith at 10:15AM (PST) May 11, in show,
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Coming from a guy who's party flooded uk with mass immigration, R anti Semitic & support terrorists
Coach was their in enough time, Alan Smith said so on sky. Maybe West Ham should have controlled the fans properly
Ali Smith: How Alan Garner used fantasy to rage at the injustices of postwar Britain
Also, with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith on commentary, I'll be amazed if they make it to 20 mins without mentioning Leicester City!
1/2 Alan Smith on "United did get within a stone's throw of the ground. It's not as if they left late they w…
How the *** are we going to survive it without Nicky Butt and Alan Smith :(
2/2 a bit like Alan Smith and Nicky Butt.
Derek Adams still coy about his interest in former star Alan Smith
Leicester legends Alan Smith, Matt Elliott, Simon Grayson and Steve Guppy give their reaction to one of the…
Martin Tyler & Alan Smith after years of FIFA looking at them right now just doesn't seem right
Waho my favourite commentator, Martin Tyler what an impartial man he will be tonight shame no Alan Smith
Martin Tyler, Alan Smith and golfer Andy Sullivan were on the Soccer AM sofa this week.
The only duo better than Sharkboy and Lavagirl is Martin Tyler and Alan Smith
We live to fight another day. Not sure I can quite stomach another 90 mins of Martin Tyler & Alan Smith on Leicester thou…
Divides like that should never be crossed… Alan Smith? Oh dear… Kenny Miller prob the worst of all, Rangers to Celtic to Rangers 🙈
A+ for Leicester, C for Arsenal - Alan Smith's weekend grades for Premier League and FA Cup: https…
Brilliant. Arsenal fans slagging off Alan Smith who "achieved nothing" - because he gave an opinion on Wenger.
Terrific piece with Steve Coppell & Alan Smith on life at Crystal Palace in 1989-90 - bonkers!
It is. You should've listened to Alan Smith tonight after the game. Said it in black and white AW wouldn't improve this team
don't forget to send Martin Tyler and Alan Smith a replica shirt c/o Kind regards.
Sky Sports commentator Alan Smith yet to take off his red and white tinted glasses
I can't believe Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are mentioning Andy Carroll and Euro 2016 in the same sentence. Sort it out
Jesus Christ how biased have Martin Tyler and Alan Smith been to Leicester
Are Martin Tyler and Alan Smith sitting in a studio commentating on this because it sounds like it's really tinny
Martin Tyler mentioning the Arsenal-Leicester game. Perfect time for Alan Smith to remind us all how he played for both teams.
If you aren't at the Leicester game, your match commentators are Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.
2/2 Alan Smith, Lawrie Madden and Chris Turner are all here. No Nigel Pearson or Danny Wilson. Couldn't make it.
Where is Alan Smith or Niall Quinn when you need them?
I have written get well cards to Alan Smith and Antonio Valencia via post
Imagine the scenes in Alan Smith's house when Gary Medel scores a goal
you know where Gary Neville went wrong? He didn't sign Alan Smith
I'm guessing you've never heard of Alan Smith, Niall Quinn or David Platt?
Adam Campbell is coming on for Alan Smith.
Alan Smith, Bowyer.. "Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, ian harte...with strongbow on that all white Jersey
Nicky Butt? Steve Bruce is a Geordie. Michael Owen on BT (and poor). Maybe Saha doesn't have the NE profile? Alan Smith? Andy Cole?!
What have Gary Stevens, Frank Lampard and Alan Smith got in common? ( re England)
Arsene Wenger could leave Arsenal if title is blown, says Alan Smith
Mersey Beat Magazine: January 3rd, 1963. "At a Recording Session with the Beatles". by Alan Smith.
We need new Commentators in FIFA, I'm tired of Alan Smith & Andy Townsend + Martin Tyler. A Peter Drury & Jon Champion would be great!
I was in Macon Friday. Saw Alan Smith and he told me she had a game for GISA, too. Best wishes/Blessings to you & your family.
LISTEN: SNF Podcast: Alan Smith joined Jamie Redknapp to analyse table-topping Leicester's win over Watford on...
Either that or the curious offspring of Alan Smith (also Pob-ish) and Toby Jones.
Good luck to langley park in the next round of Alan Smith trophy
Get down support the lads in another QF. It's the Alan Smith trophy today, at home to Langley park 10.30 KO at woodham school
Notts County have Scott Loach, Alan Smith, Izale McLeod and Graham Burke on the bench! Very strong squad on paper.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
A short experimental film by Alan Smith and Wayne Petitt featuring the music of Green Hills Alone.
he partnered the other negative tosser Alan Smith up front for them
Alan Smith played for Leicester as well
The bag lady look isn't an insult, it's hot fashion. have no pensions! .
Why do Sky have co-commentators like Alan Smith doing Arsenal games, well firstly why do they have him in the first place.
IN BRIEF: Former & Arsenal striker 9smudge gives his reaction to yesterday's game
IN BRIEF: Former & striker gives his reaction to yesterday's game
he was the best co-commentator, Alan Smith is good but Niall Quinn is awful
Just found out that Hiram Boateng shares the same agent as Alan smith, what a wanker that man is!
What's going on OC? 4th Annual Pool Service Appreciation Day with Alan Smith… Get Found ->
Live at the Emirates! Geoff Shreeves quizzes Alan Smith on his Arsenal and Leicester career!: via
Current top 10 in the winter league. Best 9 scores to count. 1st Alan Ward-Jones 306. 2nd Andrew Smith 303. 3rd Derek...
When my name is Dr. Alan Smith, CPeT, BS, Pharm. D, MS, PhD, then I'll find chill.
Can Maggie Smith get me to finally like an Alan Bennett movie?
Alan Smith goes through his pre-match notes from the gantry. KO nearly here!
he'll be Alan smith before he knows it. Hope not
Alan Smith expects Arsenal star to remain benched for Leicester clash...
Even Alan Smith and Thierry Henry seemed disappointed with our win!
I agree, instead we listen to Alan Smith trying to pronounce his 'r's correctly
Spanish much more entertaining than alan smith
I'm still frustrated not to have seen the Lady In The Van. Maggie Smith and Alan Bennett. A dream team if ever there was one.
📷 apelsin-ka: Nathan and Alan, Fat Man on Batman Podcast with Kevin Smith -x-
had to live with Alan smith, Niall Quinn and now Henry at sky
Nice to see Karanka speak so highly of Alan Smith - he seems a gent. . Hope hes required to be gracious in defeat tomorrow.
Happy birthday to my brother Alan Smith, in heaven. I love and miss you. Heaven is sounding sweeter all the...
he was, Alan Smith posted a picture with him today
Alan Smith clearly showed his allegiance with LCFC but Henry's comments unbelievable. What people do for money.
Remember when Alan Smith signed for Arsenal, went on loan to Leicester then played at Highbury against Arsenal?. ..of course yo…
the two of them are the most biased commentators going I agree should not be allowed Alan Smith today was pathetic
get rid of Martin Tyler & Alan Parry etc etc boring old farts, Alan Smith, Niall Quinn etc etc get some new blood trained up!
Got into the media center after game. Met a few old gunners, Alan Smith and David Hillier. Also saw the boss
Celebrating the 59th birthday of Alan Smith!
Commentating on the *** game- Alan Smith,commentating on the Spurs game,Niall Quinn studio-Henry. MOTD,Keown,Dixon,Wright?
Leicester City defender Wes Morgan looks like entering football folklore after excelling once more at Arsenal: Alan Smith: At Forest ...
Happy birthday to the Alan Smith of SIBN and a good pal
obafemi martins, Alan smith and garrincha
Agreed if you listen to Alan Smith there is only one team he wants to win & its Arsenal, given Leicester made him
Alan Smith is very quickly turning into Stewart Robson
Dennis Bergkamp played here or Tony Adams played here, or Marc Overmans, or Alan Smith or Ian Wright or whoever
sometimes I think I regret buying Tom an Xbox One; I think he'd rather be in a relationship with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith
ICYMI: Alan Smith turns down Plymouth: and Blair Adams set for Notts stay:
I'm just raging Alan Smith hasn't been seen at the Helen St Asda :-(
I'd like to see previous evidence. Can't see the likes of Owen,Townsend&Alan Smith on the hard stuff.
Alan Smith to stay at Notts County despite holding talks with Plymouth , details in our live blog
Never really liked Alan Smith as our manager! Well written as always Dave👍🏽
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Seen and heard it al before right from Alan Smith to Jonny Howson to Ross McCormack to Sam Byram dunno how you people buy into it
No playerisi WC until they prove they are WC. Alan Smith was not, John Radford was not etc
What do Lee Dixon or Alan Smith know about pick up!?
Speak to Lee Dixon or Alan Smith... It's the life in your woman that counts, not the women in your life...
heard him and Alan Smith signing in the January window
HeraldSport commented Is this Alan Smith pictured with Derek Adams?
Plymouth are looking closer to signing Alan Smith as he was spotted in the city with manager Derek Adams
Is this Alan Smith pictured with Derek Adams?: Could former Manchester United forward Alan Smith be ...
Derek Adams should have taken Alan Smith to Cap'n Jaspers for a yard of hot dog would have been a done deal in no time
Derek Adams and Alan Smith spotted at the Royal William Yard.
Feel like a right pap snapping Derek Adams and Alan Smith deep in conversation this afternoon
Some proof Alan Smith is on his way to Spotted (we think) in Plymouth today: (Credit:
Are Plymouth Argyle about to sign Alan Smith? Is this pic the clue?: https…
BREAKING: Derek Adams pictured with Alan Smith today at The Royal William Yard.
Lot of people not keen on us signing Alan Smith. Trust Derek Adams, he's not got much wrong so far has he? 👍
We have received this photo of Derek Adams and Alan Smith spotted in Plymouth today
*** is Alan Smith on about, of course Joe Allan looked to pass to Ibe? Looked straight at him!!
John dilnot said I was OK writeing back in let Tony betteridge Andy Willey James douwne Alan smith dean Yates wes Morgan stat it
There was no foul for Mickey Thomas's match-winning free kick and Alan Smith had a late equaliser disllowed
Has alan smith signed for northampton yet
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our ALAN SMITH Conundrum. Nice one!
Alan Smith Vs Crystal Palace in a 4vs0 win in 1991.
how do you feel now about breaking Alan Smith's leg off that freekick
Alan Smith likely to be somewhere on the A38 finding his way to for talks
Alan Smith in on Yaya Toure:. Mr Smith, brief moments of almost-coherence cannot mask total ineptitude as a commentator...
Rangers star James Tavernier hails 'discipline and determination' of football heroes Alan Smith and ...
James Tavernier looks up to Kenny Miller, just like he did to Alan Smith
Alan Smith from is turning the inside out!
Colin Slater says his sources at are expecting midfielder, Alan Smith's arrival after offering a contract i…
Jaden Smith is the new face of Louis Vuitton Women's Wear SS16.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Leeds United fan James Tavernier compares this Gers team-mate to Alan Smith: James Tavernier has compared Kenn...
James Tavernier: Rangers have to be ruthless like my hero Alan Smith (From Evening Times)
Harry Leslie Smith is much funnier if you assume he's Michael from off of of the Alan Partridge in a few years time.
approach for ALAN SMITH is gathering speed. Looks like he's going there tomorrow for talks
That's what happens when Alex smith actually throws down the field, or in general.
If you missed our sold-out screenings of make sure to catch our encore screenings starting on Tues! http…
Year in Review: Big energy talent branches out with PE backing: Forrest Wylie, Alan Smith, Kenneth Owen, Mike Van…
Most Man Utd fans well the ones I follow I am sure don't remember the period we had Alan Smith, Roy Caroll, Tim Howard, Heinze etc
Notts County midfielder Alan Smith attracting interest from.
Plymouth Argyle are interested in signing Notts County midfielder Alan Smith.
ICYMI midfielder Alan Smith attracting interest from
. midfielder Alan Smith is a transfer target for http…
Shearer loves Sunderland and Alan Smith was a fraud
Alan Smith nets v Norwich - what a way to score your first OT goal for United!
61' - Double sub for GB & Ireland as Ryan Giggs and Darren Fletcher come off to be replaced by Trevor Sinclair and Alan Smith.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Alan Smith just oozed confidence back then. Arguably not our most talented player, but easily one of our finest assets at that time.
Fergie beat Roma 7-1 with Alan Smith at 9 and Fletcher in MF. He can be a ***
Crazy isn't it. It's like the old days of Steve Lynex, Alan Smith and Russell Osman. . Mahrez like a young Frank Worthington
Patrick Davison is joined by Alan Smith to look back at Newcastle's crucial Super Sunday win over Tottenham at White Hart Lane.
Alan Smith and Niall Quinn give him a run for his money in the biased stakes
Leeds Uniteds Michael Bridges and Alan Smith celebrate with goalscorer Lee Bowyer in 1999/00.
I do like Alan Smith on commentary. He isn't Gary Neville levels, but he a different class to Niall Quinn!
Are you on Martin Tyler and Alan Smith? Theu sound loud enough to me.
Scandalous statements coming outta Martin Tyler and Alan Smith tonight... Only encouraging to get ahead of themselves 🙈
I hope Martin Tyler brought his hard sock with him tonight otherwise Alan Smith is gonna be covered in it.
I bet Alan Smith is happy has left so he gets the big games again with Martin Tyler
When Martin Tyler & Alan Smith are commentating on an actual football match & for a moment you think is Fifa
Commentators for the match are Martin Taylor and Alan Smith... Seems legit
Gary Neville is no longer a commentator/pundit for Sky Sports... There goes our chances of getting rid of Alan Smith as a FIFA commentator
Gary Neville goes to Valencia. This is going to mean more Alan Smith on commentary, isn't it?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Hi can we use the money to pay off Alan Smith, Roy Carroll, and Izale McLeod's contracts?
Gary Neville will be a massive loss to sky. They can't fill his void with another Alan Smith/ Niall Quinn.
going to miss Gary please god he take Carra and Alan Smith with him
Actually gutted Gary Neville has left Sky Sports to go manage valencia, Alan Smith will be Martin Tylers Co commentator again 😭😭
Tony Adams is there, Alan Smith scoring in the 94 Cup Winners Cup final and Michael Thomas Anfield 89 ;-)
Alan Smith thinks this could become a 'cricket score'. Yeah, Spurs could score 276 for the loss of 7 men. Don't be so stupi…
This is it, its El Clasico.In Martin Taylor and Alan Smith's voice. 5-0 barca
How can have Martin Keown commentating on the Arsenal game tonight? Like when had Alan Smith doing the NL…
Heres some of the worst of the worst...Wayne Mardle,Jim Watt,Phil Clarke,Mark Roe,Mark Lawrenson,Alan Smith
Jon Stead and Izale McLoud up front, Alan Smith in midfield, but Notts offered nothing
Alan Smith has moved for £6m twice in his career. Jon Stead has combined transfer fees of around £5m. Roy …
Really, playing Jon Stead on the left wing and Alan Smith anywhere other than the subs' bench is a sackable offence in m…
what a fall from grace for Alan Smith... Former Premier League winner and England international ran ragged by Salfords midfield!
They won't miss Alan Smith! You would not of known he was playing.Talk about a fall from grace.WE SAW YOU CRY AT THE REEBOK!
Alan Smith getting subbed off in a game against Salford City, talk about a fall from grace.
I love Maggie Smith. The Lady in the Van Press Conference in Full - Maggie Smith & Alan Bennett via
do you know how to get in touch with any famous Northamptonions? Alan Carr, Matt smith ect
Three of my favorite things: Ali Smith, Alan Garner and woodland
Sir Alan: "Charlene, you're fired". Charlene: "Sorry Sir Alan, could you put David on the phone?". https:…
Alex Jennings on playing Alan Bennett: 'He wanted me to be tougher'
Why are all football commentators so unbearable? Owen Hargreaves, Michael Owen, Andy Townsend, Alan Smith.. Not a good one since Andy Gray
All I ever want to see in my life is a midfield trio of Alan Smith, Lee Cattermole and Michel Doyle.
The more football I watch, the more I have come to conclude that Alan Smith is the only decent co-commentator around...
Aaah diddums !!Does the poor little gooner miss Alan "WOW,what a 2 yard pass from that *** player"Smith .
No different to Alan Smith when doing an Arsenal game.
winger should bring on John Jensen,Alan Smith and Francis Jeffers
Owen Hargreaves has got to be up there with Niall Quinn, Robbie Savage and Alan Smith as the worst commentators
Jets QBs Ryan Fitzpatrick (left thumb) and Geno Smith (left shoulder) both participated in the early portion of...
"Are you people sure you want thieves liars and organized crime members running this state?" - Alan Smith
I wonder if he sits outside her house crying, like he does in the East Stand car park at Elland Road?
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Couldn't happen to a nicer scummer,
. In the back of your head you are cheering Bayern. Tbf you have to put up with Alan Smith on sky!
Think you're neglecting 92-99, awful people like Alan Smith and Dave Bassett had teams
. Martin Tyler: Now the young Italian is coming on making his debut today. . Alan Smith: he was the biggest signing this summer
ECCN peacebuilding session. Alan Smith " education must go beyond doing no harm to being transformative."
Alan Smith speaks of NI peace process. Building trust out of spotlight.
Alan Smith wasn't a starter and DM you say? That I can't recall, must have been for a special game.
those weren't only for Big Games. John O'Shea literally played every single position for United. Alan Smith moved from CF to DM
How can pull off shock against Alan Smith: If…
"My grandmother Christina Smith and my two uncles Peter and Alan Smith. This " ... 1964 Thanks Jamie Ann Dunne
In other news, Alan Smith says he will never join Manchester United.
Saw alan smith in Bristol wanted to get autograph for my gran as my gramps died & he was massive fan loved smithy
So how come schmeichal can commentate on Utd games but Phil Thompson can't on ones oh an Alan smith can on…
So then what delights you got for us Sunday. Merson, Charlie Nicholas & Henry as studio guests with Alan Smith commentating
Alan Smith said he looked awkward, then Michael Owen, and all the sheep went BA! Super on the ball-for ages.
Alan Smith & Alan Parry to commentate on Liverpool V Southampton? Please not Davie Provan
Alan Smith: Martial is United's greatest attacking threat - don't waste him out on the wing https…
Who would you rather commentate you to sleep.. Davie Provan, Alan Smith or Michael Owen?? 😴
Nice to see two former United player's At St James Park today. Roy Carroll and Alan Smith.
Alan Smith starts for Notts County at St James's Park. On this day 15 years ago he was lining up for Leeds Utd against Barcelona in the CL.
Gary Lineker nips in ahead of Tony Adams and Alan Smith to score our second goal: 1991 FA Cup Semi Final
Helen Rowland (above) was looking forward to a 10-day break in Turkey with partner Alan Smith when she went to her doctor with chest pains
fergie is right they are not world class.. Fergie can win league with Titus bramble sef.. Look at Alan Smith what he did with him
Alan Smith praises Tottenham Hotspur's character: Alan Smith has told Sky Sports that he was impressed b...
Alan Smith is joined by fellow internationals Niall Quinn, Gerry Armstrong, Neil McCann and Ian Rush...
Smith: Arsenal need consistency: Alan Smith doesn't think Arsenal have to win the Premier League ... (Sky Sports)
Jon Stead equalises, fantastic quick free-kick from Alan Smith, the run from Adam Campbell and ball into Stead and he sl…
Theo Walcott is improving as a striker for Arsenal, says Alan Smith
Alan Smith: "It started on the opening day at home to Swansea when Jefferson Montero tore the Branislav Ivanovic to shreds." [Telegraph]
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