Alan Shearer & Gary Lineker

Alan Shearer OBE, DL (born 13 August 1970) is a retired English footballer. Gary Winston Lineker, OBE (born 30 November 1960), is a former English footballer, who played as a striker. 5.0/5

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Gary Lineker ✅. Alan Shearer ✅. Ian Wright ✅. Don't miss Match of The Day on at 22;20 BST.
"Romelu Lukaku will leave Everton for £60-70million" - says Match of The Day pundit Alan Shearer: Gary Lineker…
"Is that all?" Gary Lineker calls out Alan Shearer's valuation of Romelu Lukaku.
Gary Lineker in his pants. Ian Wright and Alan Shearer getting the giggles. What a brilliant start to MOTD.
The Former Premier League stars will join BBC regulars Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer for t...
In aid of I shall be tea bagging Alan Shearer on the desk whilst Gary Lineker eats crisps
Alan Shearer offers Gary Lineker the use of his wife's BRA on Match of The Day
Gary Lineker backed to score with LADIES by Alan Shearer after split from Danielle Bux
Looking forward to BBC's coverage of England - Wales at Euro 2016, with Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and OJ Simpson.
Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Peter Schmeichel, Robbie Savage. Wonder who the misfit is there.
Gary Lineker, Peter Crouch, Martin O'Neill and Alan Shearer... Thats the group of old men in a club who try and chat up young girls.
Gary Lineker, Ian Wright and Alan Shearer heading to Exeter for City v Liverpool match on Friday via
Bet Mike Dean was straight on the phone to his Mrs: 'get motd on record, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer will be talking about me, again'
I also miss the original Match of The Day with Gary Lineker, Lawro, Hansen and Alan Shearer. That was proper Match of The Day
For Roy Keane it is understandable but Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker are like someone died
David Hirst of Sheffield Wednesday, Gary Lineker of Tottenham Hotspur and Alan Shearer of Southampton, 1992.
in 10 secs think of 3 ultimate England FC role models first three: 1. Frank Lampard...still playing strong...arguably the best player at Man City on loan this season..a bargain snip...also Chelsea FC record all-time goalscorer replacement Bobby Tamblin... a good talker in public and married to Christine Bleakley with a soon distant but close romance to go on...he had his moments especially off the pitch but remained No.1 then Gary Lineker.a non disciplined footballer with an excellent career as a Golden Boot World Cup striker who came close to his dream in both 86 and 90 cups winning for England on his own. then Alan Shearer...just professionalism from the Geordie Southampton graduate of Uni Newcastle.
VIDEO: Rooney 'one of England's finest': BBC Sport's Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer praise Wayne Rooney, who wi...
If this England squad had a young, in his prime Alan Shearer or Gary Lineker. They could be a monster.
Rio Ferdinand: Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer have been a great help to me
Alan Shearer.took his chances.Gary Lineker.took his chances.Ian Wright.took his chances. Who we got now?! Exactly
Did the BBC really need to send Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer et al over to Brazil, on our licence fee's may i add, when they could do the job in the studio's in England just as well?
from BBC sports. Panel by Rio Ferdinand, Alan Shearer and Theirry Henery and anchor man Gary Lineker
I hate Gary Lineker, smug tw*t. Not keen on Alan Shearer. Rio Ferdinand looks like a new born camel and he is a druggie. And Thierry Henry is arrogant and cheated v Ireland.
Why is it that the BBC and ITV fill there pundit positions with foreigners, apart from Ian Wright, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker and Glenn Hoddle, they’re all foreigners. I’m not including Rio Ferdinand in this as he doesn’t know how to play football anyway, so doesn’t count. I’ve not included Lee Dixon either as he’s an unmitigated *** So we’ve got a couple of French, a Spaniard, a Dutchman, an Italian, a Uruguayan and we dip, for some unknown reason, into the opinions of various home nation pundits from Scotland and Ireland. WHY ? It’s not as if they know anything about football either, having not qualified in recent tournements. Beats me.
World Cup PUNDITS PREDICTIONS - BRAZIL OR ARGENTINA TO WIN THE World Cup The World Cup starts in Sao Paulo on Thursda and finishes in Rio de Janeiro on 13 July. Thirty-two teams will contest the tournament, including hosts Brazil, holders Spain and perennial hopefuls England. But who will get their hands on the famous trophy, how will the Three Lions do this time, and which outsiders could spring a shock? BBC Sport's TV and radio football presenters and pundits predict what will happen during the next four weeks. *Who will win the World Cup? Gary Lineker: I just get a feeling this might be Lionel Messi's time, and Argentina's World Cup. They are a bit lightweight defensively but have a good coach in Alejandro Sabella and some brilliant forward players. I think Messi was saving himself the last few months of the season and he will take some stopping. And they have got a nice easy group so will probably get to the knock-out stages without wasting too much energy. Alan Shearer: I'm going for Brazil. They had ...
You look at the great England strikers we've had in recent time; Gazza, Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Ian Wright, Teddy Sheringham, Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Andy Cole ect and that's just off the top of my head. Now look.
Just been told by an enthusiastic worker at RTS that the World Cup is like Christmas coming on Thursday. Not sure if everyone feels that keen about the takeover of media being obsessed by football. Are you entered in any sweepstakes and if so which teams did you get. I have Italy and not sure if that is a likely to win being Argentina and Brazil seem favourites according to the likes of Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Phil Neville and Chris Waddle. Well if this is Christmas coming I haven't got my turkey and no one is getting presents. However plenty of beverages and BBQ's are planned. Come on Italy!! Oh and England of course.
Happy to see Avram Grant, Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker on my BA flight. Baby Jane's in Acapulco.we are flying down to Rio. And yes there is someone in my house any burglars reading this
1. Where was the 1986 World Cup held? Mexico 2. Who was the last player to captain England before David Beckham? Martin Keown 3. What football club did Gordon Banks play for when he won his 1966 World Cup medal? Leicester City 4. Fill in the missing name in this sequence of England managers: Ramsey, Mercer, Revie, ? , Robson. Ron Greenwood (1977-82) 5. Which of these players never scored a hat-trick for England: Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker, Paul Scholes, Luther Blissett, Teddy Sheringham, Alan Shearer? Teddy Sheringham 6. England coaches Sammy Lee and Ray Clemence played together at which club? Liverpool 7. How many places were allocated to African teams for the 2006 World Cup? Five 8. What did all these players win between 1989 and 1997: Paul Merson, Matt Le Tissier, Lee Sharpe, Ryan Giggs, Andy Cole, Robbie Fowler and David Beckham? The (PFA) Young Player of the Year award, 1989-97 9. Aside from goalkeepers, which two England captains since 1966 never scored their country? *** Mills and Trevor Cherry. ...
Things just seem to get bigger and better here at Pentball HQ The raffle is promising to be the biggest and best yet. Rory Mcilroy has kindly donated a signed pin flag from the 2012 Ryder Cup and is said to be devastated that he couldn't attend the ball after failing to secure a date. England football legend Alan Shearer has kindly donated a replica Euro 96 England jersey signed by Alan and BBC Match of The Day presenter Gary Lineker. Alan heard of the pent ball through a conversation with Clontarf Seniors captain Hugo Whelan in Val De Lobo recently. Alan's only request was that Odran Fanning would celebrate the winning penalty in a similar fashion to Shearer's trademark celebration. Cathal Pendred has signed an ultimate fighter vest which Philip Deignan has been eyeing up. Phil said it'd show off his gainz quite nicely. Speaking of Philip his very kind girlfriend and front runner for the Pent Queen Shuv Ferris has donated a pair of Studio Beats. This act will be looked favourably on by the judging commit ...
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Well I've been thinking, if we had a time machine to go and get the greatest England football team together for the World Cup, who would be in yours, here's mine .IF ONLY EH Gordon Banks / David Seaman / Peter Shilton Bobby Moore / Terry Butcher / Glen Johnson / Jolean Westcott / Jack Charlton / Des Walker / Tony Adams / David Beckham / Stevie Gerrard / Glen Hoddle / Theo Walcott / Colin Bell / Paul Scholes / Martin Peters / David Platt / Geoff Hurst / Gary Lineker / Alan Shearer / Bobby Charlton / Jimmy Greaves
Just had dinner at the next table to Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer, Robbie Savage et al,at Prezzo Media City Manchester :))
GET naija : Did Luis Suarez dive? Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer back Liverpool striker.
Having done England's top World Cup goalscorers by club I think I might as well do the same for the European Championship. I will use the same criteria as before. If anybody has represented England in the EC while with that club but there are no goalscorers I will put in an entry regardless: AC Milan - No goalscorers Arsenal - Tony Woodcock (3) AS Monaco - No goalscorers Aston Villa - Darren Bent (2) Barcelona - Gary Lineker (5) Bari - David Platt (1) Bayern Munich - No goalscorers Birmingham City - No goalscorers Blackburn Rovers - Alan Shearer (5) Blackpool - No goalscorers Bolton Wanderers - Gary Cahill (1) Burnley - No goalscorers
Thierry Henry has joined the BBC's dream team for next summer's World Cup in Brazil. The Former Arsenal man, who was on Sky Sports on Wednesday nightfor their Champions League tie with Napoli, joins Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand, Clarence Seedorf, Alan Shearer, Phil Neville and Alan Hansen as an analysts in Rio.
1635 Former England captain Alan Shearer - BBC Sport "There is so much going on this stage of the season but you can guarantee the players will all be sat round the television. In France 98. I was a bit disappointed with the draw because I wanted one of the big guns to get going. Instead we got Tunisia, Romania and Colombia." 1635 A QUICK RECAP A pre-draw will be held to move one of the European non-seeds (potentially England) to pot 2 Pot 1 will then be drawn. Brazil will be placed in Group A, with all other seeds drawn sequentially in Groups B-H The four South American seeds are temporarily allocated to Pot X and one team is drawn - meaning their group will include the European side moved to Pot 2 in the pre-draw The remaining teams in Pot 2 will be then drawn This is done sequentially from Group A to H, although groups may be skipped to guarantee geographical separation - i.e. Chile and Ecuador will not be drawn into groups containing South American seeds The teams from Pot 3 will then be drawn sequent ...
Everton manager Roberto Martinez will join Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer at 4.30pm on on Friday for draw …
Frustrates me when Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker give us no praise and just laugh at the mere mention that we might actually be in for the running of the title!
Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Michael Owen.has there ever been a more boring combination on MOTD? I'm yawning just typing their names.
Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, and Michael Owen all bumming each other cos they're all past England strikers. Little *** tag team.
Gary Lineker sitting with Michael Owen and Alan Shearer. GL: you were one of LFC's legendary strikers... AH: what? I never played for them.
Jeez. Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Micheal Owen all together. I don't think I can stay awake. Night night.
Michael Owen, Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker on Match of The Day tonight. What have we done to deserve this cruel & unusual punishment?
Old warhorse Gary Lineker and newbie Alan Shearer in 1992.
ESSENTIAL SATURDAY NIGHT VIEWING A little treat for all of you watching Match of The Day this weekend. England manager Roy Hodgson will be in the studio on Saturday night with Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, both former Three Lions captains. Two of Hodgson's former clubs, Fulham and Liverpool, will be in action. England lead Group H by one point and face Montenegro on 11 October before hosting Poland four days later.
Alan Hansen, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer all never have anything worth while to say about Arsenal. Its quite sad really.
COMPARISON: Whilst we stare at Gary Lineker, Alan Hanson, Alan Shearer. This is the Italian Match of The Day presenter. http:…
Juninho was interviewed on Match of The Day earlier and said that winning the Carling Cup with Boro was better than winning the World Cup with Brazil! Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer couldn't believe what they were hearing - true Boro legend.
Ex-Sunderland star Bryan 'Pop' Robson says the likes of Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker should work with the England team.
Alan Shearer 8-1 to replace Gary Lineker on Match of The Day ...: lineker
Graham Taylor made several changes for the challenge of France, one of the strong favourites to win the Championship and considered to be the toughest opposition in England's group. Alan Shearer was brought in to play alongside Gary Lineker, with David Batty of Leeds introduced to stiffen the midfi...
Think there's an 'It's a Knockout' special first. Like FA cup. Then, over to Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.
Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Mark Lawrenson are looking a!
Hoddle on Owen: "He is in the top 4 of our greatest finishers, along with Jimmy Greaves, Gary Lineker & Alan Shearer," . Clearly... cont..
Soccer legend Pele's '100 best' soccer stars Top man: Beckham is among Pele's greatest 100 players Seven England stars have been named by Pele in his list of the 100 greatest living footballers in the world. Modern heroes like David Beckham, Alan Shearer and Michael Owen are preferred to Sir Geoff Hurst, the man whose hat-trick against West Germany ensured England's World Cup triumph. They join former stars Gary Lineker, Kevin Keegan, Bobby Charlton and Gordon Banks as "the best, most outstanding, creative players of their generation". More than 20 of those in the list, revealed by world governing body Fifa today, have played or are playing in the Premiership. Four Arsenal stars, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires and Patrick Vieira are named, as are three of Chelsea's foreign brigade in Hernan Crespo, Juan Sebastian Veron and Marcel Desailly. Manchester United's Roy Keane and Ruud Van Nistelrooy are also included. But, in keeping with the diplomatic role he has adopted as an international ambas ...
Personality stand-off: Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen or Alan Shearer? My money's on Hansen, at least he's got the disproving belligerence.
Get well soon : 1. Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere have donated money for Paul Gascoigne’s treatment. Pray for the England legend- get well soon Gazza. 2. Spain and Barcelona star striker David Villa has been admitted to hospital for a kidney stone treatment. Pray for him if you want to see him in the fiend again.
When are Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, David Beckham and Teddy Sheringham coming on?
Why do you need a parental code to watch Match of The Day on virgin? Cant remember the last time I saw Gary Lineker going to town on Alan shearer while commenting on Newcastles back 4..
Love it when alan Hanssen is "telling" Gary Lineker about being a striker...His face is priceless.
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I thought it would of been Gary Lineker — No, as a child I was obsessed with Alan Shearer
It's now the 5th year running of the FA Cup and England matches being on ITV and I can't stand it. I prefer them both being on BBC, where the coverege is better, analysis is better and commentary by i.e. John Motson is also better. I am better of joining Gary Lineker, AlAlan Hansen, Alan Shearer, Mark Larwenson, etc. The BBC should bring backboth the FA Cup and England matches.
The BBC NI 2012 Unsung Hero Lenny Blakely will be live on BBC NI newsline tonight 6.30pm at our new Hub. Lenny took a Moneyslane top to the SPOTY 2012 awards and got a few famous signatures on the top. David Beckham, Didier Drogba, Vincent Kompany, Bradley Wiggins, Jessica Ennis, Ben Ainslie, Katherine Grainger, Roberto Martinez, Lawrie McMenemy, Colin Jackson, Ellie Simmonds, Alan Hansen, Gary Lineker, Steve Redgrave, Sharon Davies, Katie Taylor, Mary Peters, *** McCarthy, Duncan Goodhew, Lynn Davies, Steve Collins, Dion Dublin, Steve Cram, Alan Shearer, Dave Brailsford, Chris Broadman Jonathan Edwards, Denise Lewis, Jayne Torvill, Paula Radcliffe, 1st framed top for our new clubrooms. Moneyslane is just a wee spot in Europe, but a place of great fame! BAWA
Gary Lineker presents highlights from a busy evening of Premier League action, with analysis from Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer.
5 names for you Stan, you, Gary Lineker,Alan Shearer,Tim Sherwood + David Seaman that would give us a chance in 2018
Rooney's high five honour Wayne Rooney marked his first competitive match as England captain by firing his way into the national team's top five goalscorers of all time. The Manchester United forward entered the World Cup qualifying game against San Marino on 29 goals but a first-half penalty and a second-half strike enabled him to leapfrog a famous trio - Tom Finney, Nat Lofthouse and Alan Shearer - and move into fifth place with 31. The only men now above him are Michael Owen (40), Jimmy Greaves (44), Gary Lineker (48) and United legend Sir Bobby Charlton (49). "Obviously it's a great honour for me, there are some great players there," Rooney told ITV Sport. "To be in England's top five goalscorers of all time is something I'm extremely proud of. Hopefully there are many more goals to come. I'm still only 26, I've got a long way to go, so hopefully I can score a lot more." England won 5-0 thanks to Rooney's double, a brace from Danny Welbeck and a final flourish from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but some pu ...
Alan Hansen criticising Liverpool or Gary Lineker taking a paycut or Alan Shearer using Head and shoulders?!
Alan Shearer to Gary Lineker: I live your big ears
Gary Lineker "Tonight my guests are Alan Shearer and Joseph Barton"
Gary Lineker , Mark Lawrenson and Alan Shearer taking part in an intersting conversation
Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen are going to do an analysis of it later
Gary lineker and Alan Shearer have changed.
BBC substitutes please... Lee Dixon for Alan Shearer, Danny Mills for Alan Hansen, Jan Molby for Lawro, Mark Chapman for Gary Lineker. Thx.
Stopped following Gary Lineker as I find him a bit tedious in an Alan Shearer sort of way.
Lee Dixon + Gary Lineker + Alan Hansen + Alan Shearer = a group of spunk trumpets. Add in the commentary team & Jesus wept, bunch of plums
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Listening to Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker in the after match commentary. Have I forgotton something. What did they ever win for England
I wish we had front men like Jimmy Greaves / Gary Lineker / Alan Shearer for
Perhaps he should be commentating with Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker and the rest of the crew. Should get on well :))
I'm loving the spat between Joey Barton & Gary Lineker/Alan Shearer.He has threatened shatter their clean cut image with some dirt!
were just shockin. Its easy for d likes of Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker t hav a pop cause I am sure they r squeaky clean rite?
Gary Lineker:" Grant Holt for the Euro's?" Alan Shearer: " No... not for me" Gary Lineker: " Why not?" Alan Shearer:" Peter Crouch has a better goal scoring record at that level." Well to be blunt Mr Shearer, he would have, because Holty has never been given the chance to play at international level because of t***s with attitudes like you. If Carol can get a cap with his AWFUL performance record, surely the second highest goal scorer in English football should get a chance. I mean, even Nugent did the same for England as Carol has after one appearance and your'e saying he's a better player?!?! Maybe you just don't want to give a player who you publicly stated would not "cut it" at premiership level, who proved you totally and hopelessly wrong, and jepardised your worthless job security a chance to prove how utterly rubbish your opinions are. Or maybe he doesn't fit the mold of what you see an English player should be. Well he fits your mold... he scores goals... not glamorous but he put's em in the net r ...
Reading the story of how Yekini lived his last days is just so pathetic.FG may not know everything,but what about the state government?what are they doing?The governors of the states where he resided and comes from will not claim ignorance of the situation with Yekini.Cant imagine an Alan Shearer or Gary Lineker dying like this.Its a HUGE SHAME.
Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer are joined by guest pundits Jurgen Klinsmann and Clarence Seedorf to look back at some…
Gary Lineker says, "the was no contact, more like a mild stroke of the left breast" Alan Shearer then says, "doesn't mean he has to go down"
oh wow..Gary Lineker - 'it was a mild stroke of the left breast'.. Alan Shearer - 'but that's no reason to go down' *** or is it just me?
Tonight at half 10 watch all the highlights of the Premier League from today hosting Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Alen Hansen!
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