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Alan Robertson

Alan Robertson FRS (21 February 1920 – 25 April 1989) was an English population geneticist. Originally a chemist, he was recruited after the Second World War to work on animal genetics on behalf of the British government, and continued in this sphere until his retirement in 1985. He was a major influence in the widespread adoption of artificial insemination of cattle.

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson

I found a greater identity with my own emotions in the Armenian cultu...
I'm not really a mass market writer.
I hope I never have to face that feeling of missing and sending my coun...
Ever since I was a kid, I just loved those comedians on TV who would ju...
Aside from my family, I have two great loves in my life: acting and t...
Your whole life is on the other side of the glass. And there is nobody ...
The class has become over the years fairly large, running to three hundr...
I've always considered myself more of a mathematician than a psycholo...
the best! award winners! Congrats Alan Robertson ,Nicole Barlow &Jane Stewart .
Alan Robertson from Air Design is talking about the partnership with Solid Accountants.
Watching Stuart Bingham Vs Alan McManus is like watching paint dry. still not as bad a match as Neil Robertson Vs Joe Perry.
Bullock by name, and Bullock by nature.
Alan Robertson from is judging this year's Awards
we could do with Kathy Burke and John Robertson now
No Oliver Burke at all. Interesting. Andy Robertson on bench.
Really Pat? Groping women is macho. Which chapter or verse? Hypocrite of the highest order. Rebuke yourself. . http…
I love films that are made with almost no budget.
"Lerner without Loewe": exquisite time capsule celebrating the genius of Mr Alan Jay Lerner. An absolute privilege to see Liz Robertson 💖🌹
That's not Jase, it's our own Pastor Eric Gerber! . We can't wait to have Alan Robertson share his back story...
Whether it's an innate ability or an acquired way of regarding the world around us, being l...
Really down to hear about long-standing MFC matchday staff member Isobel Robertson passing away. She was a stalwart of the South Stand with
I'm not sure. I'm sure I staked him properly and cut off his head but you never know.
We had some marvelous outtakes, but the producer had destroyed them all.
As a culture, we are not comfortable with mortality. We do not accept it the way other culture...
Angus Robertson: Indyref2 will be held if Brexit talks fail
My background is deep and set in deep time, and in a narrow space, ora...
Hear Liz Robertston sing the music of with friend
Do you take money from the Robertson's,the Koch's,from Ralph Reed?Ed Needed,Alan Sears?Jerry Falwell?Sanders 2016
Well, visual language is another boring discussion about the nature of...
Don't know who she is. I can see Alan Wells, Willie Carson, Christian and Jim Watt as well as B.A. Robertson (aka Peter Weir)
You do live longer with bran, but you spend the last fifteen years on ...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Laying the "foundations" for many years to come.old friends, new friends, Robertson
Fantastic presentation at half time for a true Killie legend Alan Robertson. Met him many times, top class guy. 💙
A fantastic reception for Alan Robertson there. A bona fide Killie legend. Enjoy your retirement!
Going over to the game today ⚽️👍🏻 Hope the fans turn up also and give Alan Robertson the reception he deserves!!
I can tan. I get tannish. It's not really tan, it's tannish. That kind of c...
Big one again today, cant wait for the game! Also hopefully a big crowd to give Alan Robertson a great send off at halftime what a great guy
Alan Middleton from Tod Coaching gym in West Lothian takes on Kevin Robertson for Team Parente Gym in Edinburgh.
Brilliant decision by to get Davie Sneddon and Alan Robertson on the pitch at Half Time on Saturday
There will be a presentation before Saturday's match to thank Alan Robertson.
What was the first physiologically-relevant gaseous signalling molecule identified? A question to which the answer is NO. Thx Alan Robertson
Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theater, a piece of music, ...
President Obama has earned my vote on the basis of his excellent judicial a...
If you're going to have any kind of political opposition in the 21st centur...
In my own life, I think legends of supernatural, mythic things are really j...
Lovely interview with Alan Robertson on his playing career, life at the club & his approach to youth development.
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I could never be the kind of writer who went to the set of the movie and fu...
Enjoy your retirement Alan Robertson! 41 years involved with the club - a bona fide legend!
Alan Robertson will be missed and is almost impossible to replace. Best of luck to him in the future - a true Killie legend.
Remember Julian Robertson's Webster Mgt, part of Kidder? He worked with Alan Fleming, the great Peter's dad.
Happy retirement to Killie legend Alan Robertson who has spent 41 years involved with Killie.good to see him at Hamilton yesterday.
Greensomes: Final Results. Darren Gorrie and Cameron Robertson runners-up with Raymond Palmer and Alan Douglas in...
30' Good defensive work from the back between Luyanda Hlongwa and Alan Robertson. The pair has managed to deal...
“God works things out on his timetable to bring the best results for us.” - Alan Robertson
Jimmy Robertson and Alan Gilzean enjoy some afternoon tea.
Alan J. Robertson is now Partner at Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher & Perry Law Firm
Alan Robertson is a top man, and his youth system has consistently churned out great players over the last 15 years or so.
So Phil and Alan Robertson were at Jacob Myers today. No big deal.
Oldest ‘Duck Dynasty’ brother to be in Augusta: AUGUSTA — Alan Robertson of A&E Network’s “Duck Dynasty” fame ...
'"We are forever hopeful that ... Robertson will never walk the streets again."
Marriot Dalmahoy - second from left is yesterday's winner Alan Robertson and far left is Daniel Harper who took 3rd
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It is in this Joshua Robertson article He acknowledged my contribution unlike others
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My kids sitting on a big rock. As Alan Robertson would say, "you kids totally rock!"
Also a nice result for Eden Sharav earlier, a 4-2 win against Jimmy Robertson to set up an all-Scottish clash with Alan McManus
Great to see my friend from Duck Dynasty Alan Robertson the in NOLA speaking to
Final day of kicks off with Prayer Breakfast featuring Alan, Lisa & Miss Kay Robertson from and
Congrats to Alan Parker winner of the July Seniors Mixed Stableford with 44pts. Runner-up was Bill Robertson with 40pts.
Our third keynote speaker is announced!
Meet the new Mr & Mrs Alan Robertson! Wishing Alan and Clare a long and happy life together! :-)
Just got offered an Alan Davies interview but argh I grew up watching him I don't know if I could play it cool enough. Do I say yes?
4. After an introduction by Prof Crick Lund, Prof Robertson is now leading a tribute to Alan Flisher
SIGNING NEWS: Alan Robertson confirms the latest additions to his youth squad http…
A commitment to Christ and to one another is the secret to a life long marriage.
Alan sports a Leica while visiting the German camera company's uber-store on Beverly and Robertson.…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
can you say hi to Alan Robertson in Swansea he tells everyone your his brother lol :)
You're going to have to narrow that down a bit...!
Train your staff to KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS Your customers will think your staff are AWESOME!!!
Indeed. thank you Alan. See you next week.
Hey Duck Dynasty/Duck Commander fans, Alan Robertson is joining the show tomorrow morn 8:50 to discss upcoming trip to Quincy.
Piper Craig Weir shows and Alexander Robertson School pupils in New York how to play bagpipes ht…
Exciting! Alan & Lisa Robertson & Miss Kay Robertson to speak at Register today:
I had the pleasure to work with the great Alan Alda, beautiful Britt Robertson, & awesome director…
BREAKING: Alan & Lisa Robertson with Miss Kay Robertson will address this year's prayer breakfast!
Happy to report that Alan, Lisa and Miss Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty will join us at NRLC 2015!
We are thrilled that Alan, Lisa, and Miss Kay Robertson from Duck Dynasty will be the Prayer Breakfast Speakers...
Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Alan Alda & Freida Pinto guest on the Today Show.
:-)My ideal party would be formed from left of Tory, right of Labour and with Alan Johnson, Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg
I am confident after reading this book, you can have your miracle and live it too! Lisa & Alan Robertson
This is a conflict of interest I think. The Robertson family are bible toters and quoters. With that being...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Alan Solomons praises Al Dickinson for his last minute trysaving tackle that helped beat LondonIrish
Alda explores endurin luv in The Longest Ride
Daniel Robertson with the diving grab! Well done We see you!
New Kilmarnock manager Gary Locke says coach Alan Robertson fulfils role of asst manager for now
It's the most iconic photo of Oscar Robertson, they said ... Use it for the the trophy, the said ...
Alan Robertson talks about Discovering and Monitoring Everything at
Big man dancing in between Alan and Dj Robertson .
Duck Dynasty's Phil, Kay and Alan Robertson are at Frazer UMC tonight at 6 p.m. Come hear them talk about "Faith, Family and Ducks."
Duck Dynasty's Phil, Kay and Alan Robertson will speak on Faith, Family & Ducks Feb. 27, 7 pm at Frazer UMC!
Stay tuned for an awesome video interview The Drive with Alan Taylor did with Willie Robertson and...
Duck Dynasty’ couple Alan and Lisa Robertson have a surprising past full of adultery, abortion and more.
Our Perth based site manager, Alan Robertson, is off to London this month to take part in the NHBC awards at...
Duck Dynasty stars Alan and Lisa Robertson talked with Us Weekly about their new book, which details their…
Great to hear Kate Robertson, Ronan Dunne and the Lord Mayor Alan Yarrow speak so passionately about…
Even after all that's happened over the last year, I still (and MUST!) believe in God's healing and redemption.
'Duck Dynasty' stars Alan and Lisa Robertson discuss cheating, drugs, abortion in new book: 'Duck Dynasty' sta...
They know their family's not perfect... Alan and Lisa Robertson tell Us how they overcame an affair:
Congratulations to our sweet friend and speaker Lisa Robertson & her husband Alan on…
Entertainment Alan and Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty Open Up About Rough Life in New Book: Alan and Lisa Robertson…
Here's Alan & Lisa Robertson's new book just released! We were blessed to read an advanced copy & I must say it's...
So proud of Alan & Lisa Robertson! They have a powerful testimony about love and forgiveness that gives hope to...
In cheating fake hillbilly redneck jesus freak news - via
Duck Dynasty's Robertson clan has a reputation as one of the most devout, moralistic families on reality TV
Start your new year off right with the Duck Commander devotional.
Alan and Lisa Robertson on abortion and *** marriage
Some couples do survive infidelity, and much can be learned - Duck Dynasty Couple On Overcoming Her Affair
Duck Dynasty's Alan and Lisa Robertson open up about overcoming the affair:
On page 7 of 400 of The Duck Commander Devotional, by Alan Robertson
Had a great time at the breakfast for the dcibowl with Alan Robertson of duck_commander.…
Duck Dynasty’s Alan Robertson, an ordained minister and the eldest son of patriarch Phil Robertson, said he “absolutely” believes the Devil is real, that a literal *** exists, and that the occult is
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New post: Bryan Duncan Joins Si and Alan Robertson of Duck Dynasty for Characters of Character Event at Auburn Arena
I love you so much, David Alan Robertson. I will miss you so much and I will root for you to win every game not against the Yanks.
Alan Edward Robertson is motor mechanic! Enjoy it
Duck Dynasty's Alan Robertson says the Bible should be on the ...
Alan Pardew is the Premier League Manager of the Month
BREAKING: Alan Pardew is the Manager of the Month for November
Asda delivery man cleared of causing death of oil tanker driver: Tristan McKenzie not guilty of causing the de...
Preach it, Bro. Alan. Can I get an amen?
Who will replace Alan Rusbridger at the Guardian?
"I would rather believe in God and find out I was wrong, than not believe in God and find…" — Cathy Carroll Rampasard
This impressive dark and cold looking shot by Alan Robertson sums up the weather we currently have at Dunnottar -...
I too believe the Devil is real with his decibels walking among us-
Duck Dynasty's Alan Robertson: Satan 'Absolutely' is 'Real' and so is The 'Occult
I love this book! But it is cheaper in Barnes and Noble. My family is really...
He owns half the country. He's entitled.
Website Builder 728x90
More chance now of going to a major finals. Career decision.
Ha! One of the few Dylan songs I can't listen to now. Murdered in Trumpet Bar, Oslo. RIP.
only beaten by 's rendition of Rainy Day Woman. A modern day classic
I rated it why do I need to write a review? If it's good then it's good if i...
Andrew Robertson was the best player in that Scotland squad. Never gave up once and deserved his goal couldn't fault him
Three nice goals. Much improved from England. Robertson looks useful for the Scots. But then I said that about Alan Hutton once.
Hanley's murder mate. Robertson at least good going forward
Robertson and Hanley completely to blame for both goals.
Robertson is going to prove tonight he is 10x better than Luke Shaw
Breaking:Omar Mouneimne, assistant head coach to Alan Solomons to leave his post for personal reasons and return to S/Africa
Scott Robertson might play for Hibs with broken hand. Hibs boss Alan Stubbs today revealed that...
Sharing URL - He's right; the "slippery slope" leads straight to a cliff, and the US is close to that "lip" now!
Photo: Misti Cooper with Alan Bernstein and friend at 2014 at Phyllis Morris on Robertson in...
Who does sin affect? Everyone. There are no private sins. . Here is a related read from the Robertson Clan. In...
Been saying this for awhile now. If we do not turn back to God, we will not be here as a free nation.
Here are the 2014 CFO of the Year winners — and what Pittsburgh Business Times Publisher Alan Robertson had to say.
Bottom line.WAKE UP AMERICA!!. A BIG warning for America from this Duck Dynasty star!
Duck Dynasty’s Alan Robertson Warns Americans to Repent and Turn Back to God or Face Severe Judgment...
Awards just about to start at 2014 CFO of the Year. Pittsburgh Business Times Publisher Alan Robertson speaking now.
Kiwanian Alan Robertson (left in the photos) gave an interesting talk on Rome, Malta and Sicily illustrated wi...
got for husband for Christmas, we have both enjoyed reading and learning mor...
James has come 3rd in Portugal in the overseas Pro-Am. His team (Thomas Fisher, Alan Robertson and Simon Hayhoe) were 4th! Well done!
You know there are some very kind people about. Paul Nash and I would like to thank Kirstie Robertson and Alan...
My family watches Duck Dynasty every time its on A&E. Its a show that teache...
.brandishing photocopy of The Vow, Alan Beith has an original copy of the in question. Assume Robertson's burnt his
Ulster second row Alan O’Connor cited for alleged choke tackle on Mark Bennett that left him unconscious.Bennett now ok.
Was a real pleasure watching Alan Hutton & Andrew Robertson of doing the business at full back on Saturday
Our CEO Alan Robertson is a judge at next year’s
Alan Robertson strikes again for his fourth. UCI 10, Pepperdine 5 (5:59 - 3rd).
Alan Robertson scores his third in the game. UCI 9, Pepperdine 5 (7:15 - 3rd).
Alan Robertson strikes again for the Anteaters . UCI 8, Pepperdine 4 (:13 - 2nd).
Alan Robertson scores the first goal in the quarter for the Anteaters. UCI 1, Pepperdine 0 (5:47 - 1st).
“When we choose things that are evil and stupid, then we pay the cost of lost opportunities to do good." Alan Robertson...
Predict that Lewandowski, after tormenting Durm, will meet his match in Andy Robertson. Then he’ll switch sides and dominate Alan Hutton…
Ended up on a golf course with alan shearer 👀
Thought Alan Hutton and Andy Robertson were fantastic yesterday
Alan Robertson scores on the aftergoal UCI 12, SFC 5 (1:08 - 3rd)
Have to say that Scott Brown and Andrew Robertson impressed as did Alan Hutton. However a better opposition could have caused us trouble.
Andy Robertson and Alan Hutton is the new Cafu and Roberto Carlos, great first half.
We've got our Scottish Cafu and Roberto Carlos in Alan Hutton and Andrew Robertson.
2nd half tries from Visser, Fife give edinbro 24-10 win over Dragons. Only 2nd win of the Pro12 season and vital one for Alan Solomons.
If I was not a Duck Dynasty fan I would still love this devotional. Alan Rob...
Edinburgh head coach Alan Solomons brings back Dougie Fife to wing and Tom Heathcote at 10 for match v Dragons
.Great chat. Worth a watch as ever Alan. Kevin Robertson and Alan Bissett. Referendum TV.
Sharing time. Lunch time. With Alan Chambers and the beautiful Janet Robertson.
The daily notes an prayers hit home each day, God has a way of doing that. T...
I'm on the radio 10-11:30 AM CT. Alan Robertson discusses the Duck Commander Bible. Listen at
I'm genuinely waiting for that last option, "Maddy was taken by aliens". The only solution that matches zero evidence :(
With the beardlessbro Alan Robertson and his wife Lisa!
Duck Dynasty's Alan Robertson has entered the building!
Hugh Robertson on Moazzam Begg’s claim he offered to help in Alan Henning’s release: Every offer is “very, very carefully assessed” by govt
This is part of that Doxa > Let’s fight the idea that high tuition fees are inevitable
Alan Robertson speaking this evening here in Mount Ida!
Duck Dynasty stars to perform at Fort Worth event: Phil and Alan Robertson will speak at an event in…
On page 132 of 400 of The Duck Commander Devotional Pink Camo Edition, by Alan Robertson
Heading to Columbus to see Willie,Korie,Uncle Si and Alan Robertson
Over at Religion Dispatches, Sarah Posner reports that the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute's annual banquet will be hosted by Phil and Alan Robertson of the enormously popular reality show Duck Dynasty. Phil, the family's patriarch, is perhaps best known to those who don't follow the A&E show about…
I know it will be a top read, though I won't understand all the words.
you sure you don't want to make a few more changes, Alan?
Pals have been asking me for years when their book was coming. Two are now no longer with us sadly...
thanks mate. Oh and please, don't sign it. I may want to forward it as a Christmas gift ...
With you soon too Gordon. Not sure it will be delivered as requested - but hope it's of some interest!
will be with you soon Stewart, can't remember if you gave me address. if not, can you DM it please just to be sure?
Should be en route to you as well Tam!
hopefully on the way to you David! Thanks for the kind words. Never thought I'd see the day either.
Tear in my eye. I never thought I'd live to see it.finished.
The book they said would never happen!! Can't wait to read this one.
he started writing this when Scotland were still formalising their Commonwealth Games host bid!
I refuse to believe it actually exists until Lord Lucan hand delivers me a copy on Shergar's back
I am looking forward to receiving a copy as well. Only a matter of time, Sir Bruce, eh!
Just got copy of ,'s great new book on big Dunc. Out officially on August 14. Superb read.
why was Alan wearing sunglasses on tonight's episode!? I thought the wore
If you even feel left out just remember there's another Robertson brother called Alan
Phil Robertson still hasn't decided to tell Alan he was adopted
Jep Robertson is the best Robertson, Alan (Willie's beardless brother) comes to a close second
I am so happy to see Alan on the show. It shows that family is family no matter what! The true Robertson way!
Thanks Alan, what’s the best email to get you on please?
Bit bizarre of Alan Douglas in the Mail to say D Utd plucked Robertson from obscurity. Don't get me started on Rangers not signing him...
Alan Robertson. A grad in Pol and Journalism from the Univ. of Strathclyde, Alan joined the team as a...
Indeed. Although I would also accept Whoovers, Whookers and Whoogles.
(although, technically, that would have to an Latviavian to qualify. You cheeky monkey.)
Will you people PLEASE stop deflating a perfectly good rant? THANK you. :-P
This is no time to be thinking of meringue.
Alan Stubbs can get best out of Scott Allan at Hibs. Scott Robertson has backed Hibs head coach Alan...
Scott Robertson: "Scott Allan has exceptional talent and players like him will flourish at Hibs." Read more -
New register MR Craig Alan Robertson works for K68car Limited as director. More information about him
It should really be called The Space Claim Jumpers/Rustlers as it's a Western. Pirates sounds better, though :)
hoping it's not too soon for Robertson (still not agreed personal terms) but don't wanna see another Alan Hutton
Men's 5000m final up next at the track! 3 kiwis going head to head Zane and Jake Robertson!
Ran into the Duck Dynasty boys (Phil and Alan Robertson) in ATL last month. Alan told me they were Left Behind fans.
Last morning session for the North live at Lee Strobel speaking and Alan Robertson of Duck Dynasty. What a great week.
Not according to my sources. . Alan Robertson: “Yeah, I would be the B *** of the family!”.
We're giving away tickets to this business luncheon with Alan Robertson in Here =>
Off to the International Christian Retailers Show in Atlanta! Sermon tonight from Kyle Idleman (Not A Fan, Gods at War, AHA), then talks and music from Anita Renfroe, Phil and Alan Robertson, Aaron Shust and Tasha Cobb. Wish I could bring you all along! Can't wait to share with you guys all the new books, music, films and more coming later this year!
Really enjoyed Phil and Alan Robertson at Rock the South! Love me some Duck Dynasty
'Duck Dynasty' stars Phil and Alan Robertson will release the ‘Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible’
It was a pleasure hearing Phil and Alan Robertson from speak here at
Phil and Alan Robertson just put on a clinic in Cullman Alabama!
's Phil and Alan Robertson on the big stage. So excited!
Minutes away from taking the stage with Phil and Alan Robertson of Duck Dynasty at
In Phil and Alan Robertson's RV before going on stage after at
I'm not even gonnae say anything (about my goal, but feel free to ask).. We won 3~2. Craig McFarlane your still a dirty b*stard. Alan Robertson you read the game well, didn't deserve to lose (but you did)... anyway.. now for the good bit... Neil Aitken Billy Cargill Martin McGinley Katy Longyear Stuart Gardner Stephen Layden
Once again this year the Hill wants to bring you some summer family fun. The Hill and KSera will be giving away a trip for 4 to Blue Bayou/Dixie Landing in Baton Rouge each week, all summer long. To register go to, sign up for the free newsletter and you are automatically registered to win.       The Family Promise of Ouachita Thrift Store is open Monday through Saturday from 9 until 5 at 100 Trenton Street/West Monroe. If you have items to donate, call 654-4101. The store supports the ministry of Family Promise of Ouachita.        The local Blue Star Mothers are collecting stick deodorant, personal bug spray, anti itch lotions and sunscreen to be sent to our troops overseas. These items can be dropped off here at the Hill. Call 355-2146 if you have any questions.         Project HELP could use your help. H.E.L.P. stands for Healing, Education, Life skills and Parenting. For more information on how you can get involved, call Jana Hutzler at 322-1427.        Trail Life USA is a ...
I praise and thank God for these 13 godly men who are the servant leaders (elders) of our White's Ferry Road church family...Robert Ables, David Bromley, Gordon Dasher, Dennis Davenport, John Howard, Steve Idom, Tommy Inman, Mike Kellett, Randy Kirby, Alan Robertson, Phil Robertson, Bill Smith, and Paul Stephens...all godly men, and I must emphasize again...they do not function as a board of directors...they function as servant leaders...
A very successful and fun evening I would say (well I would wouldn't I?) I think I'm gonna have to do this Scant Regard Club more regularly! Thanks so much to Daniel and Little Death Machine, Roi and Mechanical Cabaret, Guy Sangster Adams, Poppy Baker, Joseph Alan Robertson and everyone who came down to the fab tonight. You're all super troopers.
Hamilton Collection
Outdoor Extravaganza with Phil & Alan Robertson is coming to Century Link on September 6. Phil and Alan Robertson will entertain, inspire, and with out apology, share the reason for all they do in life—the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are expecting to sell out quickly, so reserve your tickets before they are released to the public. Rocky Springs has reserved a block of tickets for our members under Rocky Springs Baptist Church. Our members can purchase tickets on June 23-24 (Mon & Tues) by calling Ticket Masters or the box office at Century Link Center On June 25, they will be released to the public on a first come, first served basis. general admission($18) and reserved seating($35)
I never knew that there was an award named after my uncle. Alan E. Robertson award 😌😍
to our interview with Alan Robertson. Read Alan Robertsons' interview with Risen Magazine in our Spring...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Alan Robertson served as executive editors on a version of the New King James Bible, The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible.
The new book, titled The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible, will include a New King James version of the Bible, as well as 30 testimonials and 125 inspirational notes from Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson family on A&E's "Duck Dynasty," and his son Alan Robertson, known as the "beardless brother" because he is the only male Robertson family member who lacks a long, burly beard.
Alan Robertson: Phil Robertson is the Voice of God! - Duck Dynasty star Alan...
Alan Robertson says his dad Phil is like John the Baptist -
Alan Robertson, son of "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson, gave a moving speech honoring his father and comparing him to John the Baptist at the Watchmen on the Wall conference earlier this month. Alan also called his father a "21st century prophet" who was speaking the truth and honoring the L…
Thoughts? "Duck Dynasty" star Alan Robertson is defending his dad Phil Robertson's controversial views on homosexuality ... and even thinks his pops is "a 21st Century prophet."
Duck Dynasty's Alan Robertson supported dad Phil Robertson's comments about homosexuality and sin. Speaking to Watchmen on the Wall, Alan said his dad is like a 21st century prophet.
Speakers thus far today! Pastor E W Jackson, Senator Tim Scott, Johnathan Cahn (The Harbinger), Dr. Kenyn Cureton, Todd Starnes (Fox News) Bishop Harry Jackson, Rep. Tim Walberg, Alan Robertson (Duck Dynasty), Senator Ted Cruz, and his dad, Pastor Rafael Cruz! And the day is not half-done. What a call to this nation to return to GOD from the heart of Washington DC!!
Latest standings after Aviator & Graham James' marathon. Finally there's been a change at the top: Chris Moore is now leading the Men's age graded champs with myself 2nd but Alan Robertson is only 1 point behind.
Alan Hansen ends an era tonight. Longevity is the true barometer of TV success. 22 years on MoTD will never be bettered…
Mike Ashley - stop throwing money at an under performing manager and squad, and spend some cash in the summer!!
Sad to hear that Edinbro coach Alan Solomons thinks Matt Scott's shoulder injury will keep him out of Scotland tour. Big miss.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Thanks Alan Robertson for all the great work out at the lake. With some help the lake might just stay playable though the summer.
Had such an awesome night listening to Phil and Alan Robertson speak in Souderton! They talked about their faith, raising family and we even got to hear Phil use some of his duck calls :)) Faith, Family and Ducks!! Putting your faith first in all you do will always lead to joy!
Lookin forward to hearing Phil and Alan Robertson speak in a few minutes with
Can't wait to hear from Phil and Alan Robertson.
Dons have had 19 different goalscorers this season. Only outfield senior players not to score are Clark Robertson and Alan Tate.
Alan and Si Robertson at Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home fundraising event in Ruston.
Alan & Heather Robertson's moving truck is being unloaded in Ruston right now. Welcome home!
Great bike ride today trying to stick to the back wheel of Alan Robertson and Gareth Jones. Jumped in an "Ice-bath" for the first time when I got home. Don't know if it will help my legs but it doesn't do much for your manhood that's for sure. It's never huge at the best of times but I think I was about 5 when I last seen it that small.
Don't forget that special lady in your life this weekend! Log on to and get her tickets to see Willie, Korie, Si and Alan Robertson at Columbus North Gym in August! A Night with A&E's Duck Dynasty!! Happy Happy Happy Mother's Day!
Alan Robertson Joins Uncle Si at Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home for Fundraiser --
Got some hang time with some good guys tonight. Photographed Alan Robertson and Si Robertson. This…
Had such a fun night at the UMC Children's Home Benefit with some of the Duck Dynasty crew! Uncle Si and Alan Robertson were great!
Uncle Si and Alan Robertson of speaking at for United Methodist Children's Home.
Alan Robertson = legend. Tell him I was asking for him please.
Well done & Alan Robertson on a successful season with u20s. Many of the squad making 1st team apps this year!
Check out the new issue of feat. an article from Read the article about Being A Daniel: http:/…
Just met mrs.kay,Alan and his wife Lisa Robertson.Friendliest I have ever met
Robertson and Alan Boniface getting warmed up for their future of discussion…
I just bought: 'The Duck Commander Devotional' by Alan Robertson Reply w/ to add this via
'Duck Dynasty's' Uncle Si and Alan Robertson to entertain at event for Louisiana Methodist Children's Home
For me, James Kelman, Alasdair Gray, Alan Warner, AL Kennedy, Murial Spark and James Robertson immediately spring to mind
Guilty as charged! Alan's so expressive when singing the verses, something to aspire to when miming songs. I won't go onto...
Highlights have been Robbo's tons, Robertson & Selby match, and seeing Alan McManus play well, mixing the eras up.
Get Alan Robertson and James Fowler to do the job until the summer, then hire Gary Holt. Simple.
Update April 2014 Come along to the May Day March and Rally 2014 and celebrate solidarity across borders Celebrate International Workers Day. Join with us in a family friendly march down Union Street to demonstrate your opposition to austerity and to show solidarity across borders. The 2014 May Day March and Rally, on Saturday 3 May 2014, will gather at Rubislaw Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen at 11am. Organised by Aberdeen Trades Union Council (ATUC), it will march off at 11.30am down the full length of Union Street, to a Rally in the Castlegate at 12.15 where there will be a variety Alan Robertson, President of the ATUC urged union members, their families and friends, and community activists to attend the march and rally in numbers. He said, "Once again marchers will be able to march the whole length of Union Street so it is really important that as many trades union and community activists as possible turn out. "Please bring your banners, flags, pendants and signs to make the march and rally as colourful as ...
Just read THE best email EVER! Was already signed up as a volunteer for Wildfire Weekend... Which was next weekend and it included Phil and Alan Robertson. Excited already. THEN, I decided to check my emails. Got one that said the dates have been changed to June 13-14. But why?!? Because they have now added.wait for it.JASE ROBERTSON AND TIM TEBOW! Let's just say, YAY! Guess we'll be seeing each other sooner than we thought Timmy poo!!! Can't wait! Smooches!
Uncle Si and Alan Robertson, the"beardless brother," from Duck Dynasty spoke at Abilene Christian University on Sunday night.
Had the pleasure of meeting Chris Robertson and his lovely family yesterday. Was great to talk all things comic and Alan Moore.
Alan Forrest scores for Ayr, they are back in it at Brechin (2-1), and Scott Robertson levels for Stranraer at East Fife (1-1)
Dirk Nowitzki is now 11th on all-time NBA scoring list after 27 points Fri. He trails No. 10 Oscar Robertson by 32. http:…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
First full party plan for my company today! Nervous is an understatement.., well smash this guys! Hannah Shim Gray Poppy Baker Joseph Alan Robertson
With Genna Robertson and Alan Robertson and Beth Borsboom and 2 others enjoying life
Great pecha-kucha from David Robertson on ZombieLab: using zombie actors to explore consciousness questions.
Justin Allgaier NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Texas Race Preview Deep in the Heart of Texas...Justin Allgaier will be making his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) start at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) in the No. 51 BRANDT Professional Agriculture Chevy. This weekend will be Allgaier's second start this season on a 1.5-mile oval. His first 1.5-mile track this season was Las Vegas Motor Speedway where he finished 31st. Allgaier had mixed results in the NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS) at TMS, scoring five top-10 finishes in 11 starts. See Justin...Allgaier will appear at Racing for Faith, located in grandstand section 146, near gate seven, at 9:45 a.m. local time on Sunday, April 6 for a Q&A session. Also appearing are the Duck Commander's Phil and Alan Robertson along with Wendy Venturini. Martinsville Recap...Allgaier made his first NSCS start at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday afternoon, one of the few tracks on the circuit that Allgaier has not raced on. Allgaier had a smooth practice and qualifying session ...
Hi Alan, your man Mark Bennett being put up at Glasgow presser today. Look out for his pic in the papers tmrw.
Tickets are still available for this years MSEF fundraiser featuring speaker Alan Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Message me for details!
We are having a Q & A with Alan Robertson Saturday night and will ask one question from social media! What question do you have for him?
Alan Alda on science communication and keeping it real and clear | UChicago News
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