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Alan Moore

Alan Oswald Moore (born 18 November 1953) is an English writer primarily known for his work in comic books, a medium where he has produced a number of critically acclaimed and popular series, including Watchmen, V For Vendetta, and From Hell.

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On page 948 of 1280 of Jerusalem, by Alan Moore
3 of 5 stars to Another Suburban Romance by Alan Moore
Hearing read Norse myths outside at night was awesome, even if I never got to ask him what Alan Moore smells like.
I've been reading Alan Moore/Alan Davis' run on Captain Britain again:
Alan Moore had the decade wrong with Watchmen
Like the swamp in the MAN-THING comics. Eerie in EERIE, INDIANA. And Northampton in Alan Moore's JERUSALEM.
Alan Moore should be a dlc character with a mad guitar and all
😜Please! Don't all leave. Somebody has to do it, don't you see? Somebody has to save the world... 🤗
are you done reading Jerusalem by Alan Moore? 😬. If you are, can you please review it?
Alan Moore deserves to just think about sex fairies rn.
If Alan Moore personally tells you in person in front of you he hasn't seen V For Vendetta, drill him on it. Make sure he ain't cuz I asked.
There's no such thing as quitting. Just sometimes there's a longer pause between relapses. ~ Alan Moore
Alan Moore in 1988 about Britain: "It's cold and it's mean-spirited and I don't like it here anymore." It's 2017, and that's how I feel now.
The only explanation possible is that Alan Moore believes psychics exist in the real world so he didn'…
If you Google Alan, you get Alan Moore. Says it all really.
was far too light on Castlevania. I wanted Vampire Hunter D and got warmed over Alan Moore.
To even meet Alan Moore would be an honour. Yes, my fanboy is showing.
Than Jim Lee. No offense to Jim. I'm sure he is doing his best for creator's rights for everyone not…
Alan Moore's tenure on Swamp Thing is still one of my favourite runs in all of comics.
Which in turn is desperately trying to suck off Frank Miller and Alan Moore at th…
Best description of what magic really is by Alan Moore, author of V For Vendetta. Art is magic.
Susan, you may wish to read Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for some…
Captain Britain & CB Corps are some of my favorite Marvel heroes.Comics legend Alan Moore's run is tru…
Alan Moore warned us about recycling the culture of the baby boomers. Maybe that's partly why we re in this regress…
Oh can you imagine John Cravan meeting Alan Moore on Coutryfile ! Sunday TV at its best !
Alan Moore would improve CounryFile greatly,if they'd thought to ask him.In fact,a special edition prese…
CountryFile talking about the tanning industry in Northamptonshire, but sadly no Alan Moore talking about his days throwing ***
That's the truth about most Alan Moore stories. The only exception is Watchmen.
Good point they did do a terrible job with a great batsman story. But translating the work of Alan…
Alan Moore // "I hope that the world turns and that things get better. But what I hope most of…
So psyched to finally be reading Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen. Gotta love the classics…
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This article defines some of the Verbiage used:
This reminds me of Alan Moore's account of seeing Constantine in person a couple of times. Did Baphomet wave hello to you?
😜Outside an ambulance begins to scream as if overwhelmed by the suffering it must forever carry in its belly…
I had thought it had something to do with Alan Moore
😜If I have to have a past, then I prefer it to be multiple choice. 🤗Moore
Roy Moore: Former chief justice, fiery and outspoken, stirs far-right base in Alabama Senate race via the
as the guy says, “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” . ― Alan Moore
Interview with Alan Moore about science, imagination, and time
I think its beyond John! We need The Doctor ...or Alan Moore ;)
3 great books. Mine would be. 1. Batman & Robin: reborn by Grant Morrison. 2. Killing Joke by Alan Moore. 3. DKR by Frank Miller
So like, he has much more in common with Alan Moore than Jeff Koons
BREAKING: Damon Lindelof has signed up to develop a series for HBO based on Alan Moore's 'Watchmen.' That could be inte…
DAILY NEWS! Caleb Orecchio here with thoughts on Brighter Than You Think: Ten Short Works by Alan Moore - and more:…
People hating on Zack Snyder should realize that his works are perfectly in line with those of Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and Frank Miller
Oh wow, Saturdays play includes Alan Moore in discussion with Adam Curtis and a performance by Nina Conti. And Arthur Smith in a bit part.
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So, for my world fantasy lifetime ach. award ballot, I'm leaning Jack Kirby, Brian Froud, Alan Moore, Howard Morhaim. Thoughts, y'all?
[The city in Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore's extraordinary "Watchmen".]
Has V For Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd come up in this discussion yet?
V For Vendetta by Alan Moore & David Lloyd is another thoughtful conception of a likely future. A wo…
Wait. So that thing at the end of Alan Moore's actually exists??
One day I'd love to sit Alan Moore, Jeff Minter and Roy Wood around a table with suitable refreshments and just record what happens.
Check out this panel from Providence by Alan Moore & Kenneth Grant Aleist…
Moonstone ep 3 by Alan Moore and Mike Collins - from Fantasy Advertiser in 1983.
WATCH | 'Watchmen' creator Alan Moore unveils trailer for new anthology film 'Show Pieces'
It's your chance to see Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins Show Pieces film series digitally this June!
Now here's something to get excited about - Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces, 29th June, only on Shudder!…
Coming to Shudder on 29th June - Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces!
Alan Moore said something once like, "I realized it wasn't up to me to give people what they wanted, but to show them what they should want"
It's a far cry from Alan Moore taking groceries to pensioners during a cold snap, that's for *** sure.
I DO tire of the "Well, Alan Moore used previous works, and that's the same…
Alan Moore did his best to put them out of business.
I suggest that person avoids Jerusalem by Alan Moore as all the angels are called angles very confusing
Providence 12 comes out tomorrow. While I love you all, fingers crossed Alan Moore finally destroys the universe wi…
365 reasons why comics are the awesomest of all art forms:. reason 66: From *** by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell
nic_mm there are lots of other adversity for women to overcome than just rape and assault. No matter what Alan Moore thinks
So this a thing that exists -- Alan Moore interviewing comedian Stewart Lee.
2 of my favourite creative minds. Not thrilling, but fascinating. . Stewart Lee in Conversation with Alan Moore
I liked a video from Stewart Lee in Conversation with Alan Moore
a short Alan Moore looking guy in heeled ankle boots & a purple velvet jacket just bought out our Michael Moorcock
So Stewart Lee was incredible. I ache from laughing so hard and as expected Alan Moore did end up in the audience
Lol 😂 He takes Wonder Woman south of the border for that sort of stuff. Miracleman, by Alan Moore explores things like that
The Arrow-verse is fun n' all, but DC should take a cue from Fox's Legion and do a proper Alan Moore era Swamp Thing series.
Wow! It's the legend that is Alan Moore interviewing Eno (aka
Today's is me interviewing Alan Moore during last year's Brighton Fringe, go listen
Thankfully, DC Comics got Alan Moore to write Watchmen, and not Charles Murray.
Little Giant Ladders
Shelf Life with Laura Joh Rowland is now up! ft. Alan Moore, Andrew Wilson, + Carol Goodman:
Happy 40th Reading Tharg's Future Shocks as a kid, in particular this Time-Twister from Alan Moore, made me want to…
A page from A Graphic Novel, art by Harsho. {All thanks to Alan Moore & Eddie Campbel…
Embarrassed to admit I'm finally getting around to reading V For Vendetta on this trip. It's great. It's Alan Moore. He's always great.
"The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it." . - Alan Moore, V For Vendetta
Now, I don't know Alan Moore's intentions and Sir Terry Pratchett taught me to never guess with wizards. So this is purely my thoughts on it
Media that changed me as a person forever:. V For Vendetta by Alan Moore. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Gurren Lagann. Silent Hills P.T.
All Star Superman, the one-shot "For the Man Who Has Everything" by Alan Moore, Kingdom Come, Superman/Batman by Je…
Alan Moore has become both a Mandrill and John Cooper Clarke in response to brexit and Trump
Alan Moore is a peculiarly unsung triumph of British culture, and ...
Alan Moore, Frank Miller and, Jeff Loeb/Tim Sale did a bunch of standalone works that are good. Recommend Torso
I may not like Alan Moore much but god *** the man struck gold w/ The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, bravo sir…
I am still gathering my thoughts about Alan Moore's Joyce-ian, Blake-ian masterpiece, Jerusalem. Short version: It is really really good.
📷 Joe Orlando drew this page of “Tales of the Black Freighter” for Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons to use...
RXTT's Intellectual Journey continues with Alan Moore's new novel, JERUSALEM
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
wonder if we'll ever get the Alan Moore penned stuff adapted.
Notes to Self : make a comic that is Homage to Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons issue of Watchmen called Fearful Symmetry
On a biography run at the moment - Alan Moore and Robbie Robertson in the queue.
Did DC steal something from Alan Moore? Or did he refuse to be paid for Watchmen royalties?
some of us are more sympathetic to Alan Moore than we are to DC as a corporate entity.
and Kevin Maguire I knew of from seeing his art in a issue of Alan Moore's Wildcats
2. Anyone who tries to tell you that Alan Moore and Frank Miller are visionaries is lying to you, and is probably a DC exec in a meat suit.
I still think that most writers making heroes edgier or eviller are trying to emulate Frank Miller and Alan Moore and whatnot, cause they
"You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it." - Alan Moore
Reminds me a lot of the Alan Moore and Frank Miller later-career epiphanies. I hope del Toro finds, er, better way…
The Facts in the Case of Alan Moore's Providence is an excellent source of annotations made by
Ira Steven Behr is one of the finest writers of tv ever. He strikes me like Thomas Pynchon, Alan Moore and Samuel Delany.
Should read Jerusalem by Alan Moore, but it's 1200 pages long and I still haven't read Boone Shepard 4. Yeah that's right, I've read 2 and 3
Currently: listening to Stewart Lee interview Alan Moore about Jerusalem
Alan Moore talks to Stewart Lee about books, writing, and "words about stuff" (podcast 56 min.)
Haven't tackled Alan Moore's 1000 page Jerusalem? Hear him discuss it with standup comic Stewart Lee
This Stewart Lee talks to Alan Moore pod via is predictably great
Stewart Lee in Conversation with Alan Moore is one of the best conversatinos I have heard recently :)
ICYMI: We just published a book, SPIRITS OF PLACE, featuring new essays by Alan Moore, Warren Ellis and many others…
We’ve got a new book out: “Spirits of Place”, featuring Alan Moore, Warren Ellis and many other great writers!
As per last answer Brian K Vaughan and Alan Moore lead the way for me as writers.
Though he never credits Brian Bolland for the art, despite talking a lot about it. Which is a shame given how much he talks about Alan Moore
Film about John Clare dir. Andrew Kötting, starring Toby Jones, Alan Moore, & me as fat boxer in DMs is on 2morra, Somerville, Oxford, 5.30
Created by Alan Moore, Brian Bolland, and John Higgins. is my fave and if you haven't read…
If he's not reading Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and Gail Simone, he's doing comics wrong.
almost Halloween, so why not buy Dead Funny Encore - stories by Stewart Lee, Alan Moore
Stewart Lee talks to Alan Moore about writing his book, Content Provider... via
My two obnoxious idols chatting as if I weren't watching : Stewart Lee in Conversation with Alan Moore
Following a fascinating evening w/ is An evening with Alan Moore and Stewart Lee
I had good role models, including Ramsey Campbell, Jim Herbert and Alan Moore. They wrote and were good dads.
Alan Moore's writing is almost novelistic. It's very intricate and ...
Sure. Alan Moore is a curmudgeon, but he's written some lovely things. Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye is great.
Described accurately by Alan Moore as a "disturbing Gothic drama". Richard Nixon as Norman Bates. Phillip Baker Hall possibly never better.
Arthur Machen, a long held favourite horror writer of people like Lovecraft, Guillermo Del Toro, Alan Moore.
The thing Alan Moore got wrong in V For Vendetta is that he thought it would be surviving a nuclear war that got us to this stage…
is a podcast, Book Shambles. and Josie Long talk with Alan Moore about Jerusalem. A mus…
"We are composing, moment by moment, the universe inside our own neurology." A deep Alan Moore conversation today:
Are you going to try to read Alan Moore's new novel "Jerusalem"? It's a massive 1300 pages. No wonder he decided to retire.
how did harley quinn and joker meet? by Alan Moore. DC Comics, Inc.
Why V for Vendatta author Alan Moore says you should support Jeremy Corbyn
Celebrating Batman Day the traditional way: by asking Alan Moore to sign my copy of The Dark Knight Returns
Bookish Book Fans: this week Book Marks added the following titles: JERUSALEM by Alan Moore, THE FORTUNES by Peter *** Davies...
on Moon Knight is stunning & if you're into this kinda thing, Alan Moore's Providence is a great read, too!
Imagine a Harry Kim Clone Saga. Would have made the Spiderman one feel like it was written by Alan Moore.
The more I read about Alan Moore's Jerusalem, the more I wonder how it'll compare to Michael Moorcock's Mother London.
"My mind's like a dance hall fire,a crowd of terrified voices all screaming instructions at once.". ~ Alan Moore 🌬
Really dig. Huge soft spot for YB (Alan Moore's short run is one of the best superhero reads EVER!!!).
This is like something from an Alan Moore Graphic Novel set in a dystopian future.
DC has had Frank Miller, Alan Moore and (mostly) Grant Morrison. Dc has better writers than marvel.
I'm wondering when someone tries to Alan Moore's Miracleman to the screen and totally misunderstands it
the Red Lanterns are what happens when you splice Geoff Johns into Alan Moore.
This interview between Alan Moore and Eno is great too, not least for the image of Eno and Bowie doing Pete and Dud.
...Geoff Johns and Darwyn Cooke. Not Frank Miller and Alan Moore.and I just realized I spelled Paul wrong. :/
This is very good: Alan Moore interviews Brian Eno:
Last Page original art by Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore's FROM ***
do you think Scott Snyder and Geoff Johns are up there with Alan Moore? I think they are.
Can't wait to meet 8/16 Downtown 6:30 & hear about Alan Moore's new book Jerusalem:
yeah, even Alan Moore says he wishes he never wrote Killing Joke for pretty much that reason
yeah, we'd have squandered an even bigger sum on the likes of Alan Moore and Curtis Fleming.
They say "You can tell a lot about a man by his friends" Robin.Well with Alan Moore & Brian Cox as yours you must be some person!
TJR reviews The Movie version of Batman The Killing Joke based on the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore
I think the work of Scott Snyder has done more for Batman as a character than Alan Moore or Frank Miller ever did.
It's funny how even more Alan Moore regrets writing TKJ but when he talked about it, he didn't even mention Barbara.
lol just Alan Moore, 1988. Grant Morrison was only giving his own take on the ending. Makes absolute sense. Lol still hate Barbara
Alan Moore on his decision to paralyze Barbara Gordon: "It was probably one of the areas where they should've reined me in, but they didn't"
A reminder that even Alan Moore thought he went too far with The Killing Jokes & now these creeps add MORE awfulness to it…
The Comic Bros need to learn that Alan Moore & didn't create Oracle it was John Ostrander & Kim Yale on Suicide Squad
Oracle was born of the genius of John Ostrander & Kim Yale, not the meanness of Alan Moore.
The 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Omnibus' by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill is Dave's
Couple of little bits I picked up from Dan a Berry & Leah Moore (yes, that is Alan Moore's signature)
Drinking Punk IPA, listening to Jeff Buckley and reading an Alan Moore comic based on HP Lovecraft's weird tales. Reality can just f**k off.
On page 123 of 448 of Watchmen, by Alan Moore
Alan Moore was ahead of his time. It's time to go.
Oh, I got act 1 of Alan Moore's Providence (more Call of Cthulhu madness). Prepare to get trolled...
Do you agree with on his summation of publishers today?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Remembering Scotty Moore in the appropriate way by listening to some classic recordings from the 1950s.
R.I.P. Scotty Moore. Elvis has his guitarist back.
These people never do their research. You're an Alan Moore troll.
Bc DC is fighting the watchmen trope that Alan Moore created with rebirth and I'm so hyped
Grant Morrison's "secret origin of Doom Patrol" is probably the most overtly his Alan Moore fixation has manifested.
"Don't leave home without your sword-your intellect.". -Alan Moore
The back cover has praising quotes from not only Alan Moore but also Cosmopolitan. Talk about a cross-over hit.
Nothing Alan Moore did w capes was ever meant to be canon. I much prefer when 8 yr olds r welcome in superhero readership
Well, Alan Moore has even recently said he doesn't like the book he created. It is very dark, but I love the storytelling.
Funny how people listen to men, like Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, and ignore women, like McKinnon, Langsdale, LeBas and me.
I think it was Alan Moore who noted the appeal of conspiracy theories is the belief that at least *someone* is in charge of…
"Language comes first. It's not that language grows out of consciousness if you haven't got language you can't be conscious." Alan Moore
Alan Moore has moved on from Alan Moore's comics. Why hasn't DC?
I'd say Alan Moore answered that back in 1988. Or perhaps James McTeigue in 2006.
4) Saga Vol. 6. According to the back, Alan Moore and like it. If that isn't high praise, what is? WHAT IS!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
DC needs to move on from Alan Moore.
*looks at then looks around* Yup, like I said, Alan Moore Graphic Novel story, we’re living it.
Alan Bridle,Shaun Moore & Ian Sheppard discussing economic opportunities for our customers at the breakfast brief
Pagan occultist Alan Moore really does know the score...
The kids and I are loving new book, I can hear my son laughing right now! Congrats to you Alan
Saga Vol. 6 is out TODAY! On the back are recommendation quotes from Alan Moore and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Now... THAT'S high praise.
Beyond Spotlight of the day: WATCHMEN # 12 OF 12 - Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons
On the upside, Britain can now become the Alan Moore dystopia It was always destined to be.
Tonight I bought 2 pounds of jolly ranchers and an Alan Moore comic. Ask me what it is like being a responsible adult
for those who missed what I've been upto check this out, we visited Alan Moore a few weeks ago he loves our festival
Annual 11 by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons called this almost 3 decades ago.
Reading about UK race relations post makes me think V For Vendetta is a documentary from the future. Alan Moore's vision made flesh.
Looks like Alan Moore's 'V For Vendetta' Britain is becoming a reality!
Scotty Moore: another great musician gone to join the Class of 2016.
RIP Scotty Moore, Elvis's highly influential guitarist. A true pop pioneer who will never be forgotten. Thanks for the music Scotty!
Whatever gets written about how influential, delightful, and interesting Scotty Moore's guitar playing was - it won't ev…
congratulations for winning the Mavor moore award and for Alan winning too
But still, I feel like the comics retail industry has a real chance of making me an Alan Moore lvl of curmudgeon. If I'm not already there.
Musical icon, Elvis' guitarist Scotty Moore dies: Photo by Alan Spearman. Scotty Moore was present for the Gl...
The very BEST Alan Moore ending in his entire body of work.
It's time to leave Alan Moore's comics behind, DC.
I imagine you as a mini Swamp Thing Pop Star, Jem and the Holograms meets Alan Moore.
Alan Moore and David Lloyd had this vision ages ago.
You remember that facial expression of Rorschach's that Alan Moore famously described for four pages so Dave Gibbons could draw one panel?
Coming up at 11pm, Zack Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons' influential comic book Watchmen.
Which issue of will it be when Wally West comes back to remind DC of the promises it made to Alan Moore + Dave Gibbons?
Watchmen by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons, first published as a 12-issue miniseries 1986-87.
If he could receive the Internet, Alan Moore would be cackling, like a madman, shouting "I told you so, Dave!"
I think Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons creating vaping in Watchmen is something everyone overlooks.
Alan Moore's like Dave what did I tell you
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The comic book Watchmen, penned by Alan Moore and drawn by artist Dave Gibbons, is one of the most revered books...
🕙✨Graphic Novel by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons. Story is set in alternative universe during Cold War✨🕙
In stock now! Cinema Purgatorio (we have a few copies of left too) Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Max Brooks etc
Watchmen no. 9 (1987). 📝 Alan Moore. 🎨 Dave Gibbons. “We gaze continually at the world and it…
You know that makes sense...and is in line with Jim Lee's glad handing Alan Moore at Wildstorm...
Reading Adam Thorpe's Ulverton, which has at various times reminded me of Alan Garner, Alan Moore, David Mitchell, and Russell Hoban.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
but DCE likes screwing over Alan Moore & Mark Waid to worship Frank Miller
Basilisk, probably. Maybe catch up on comics? That needs money, as does getting around to the film of Alan Moore's Unearthing.
Zach Snyder describes himself as a 'comic book guy. He's more accurately a Frank Miller and Alan Moore guy as he doesn…
I recently began re-reading Alan Moore and Stephen Bissette's Saga of the Swamp Thing, after ~10 years. My goodness gracious, the perfection
UNEARTHING, a performance do Alan Moore sobre Steve Moore
Only one more day to go! Help support us by buying this amazing painting by Victoria Stothard and Alan Moore!
Who wants to buy this excellent painting by Victoria Stothard and Alan Moore to help fund our magazine? Go on!
Is it just me or does Tom Araya look more and more like Alan Moore?
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Grant Morrison and Alan Moore would be two recommendations of mine. Both comic book writers into sci-fi and occult
Adlard, Kirkman, Millar, Simone, Liefeld, Romita Jr. And as Killing Joke will be popular - Alan Moore 👍
Took a photo of Jeffrey Lewis while he wasn't looking Alan Moore would be proud.
the trailer for Alan Moore's The Killing Joke is out. Have you seen it yet?
On page 32 of 64 of Batman, by Alan Moore
On page 100 of 296 of V For Vendetta, by Alan Moore
Frank Miller and Alan Moore. They were the JJ Abrams, Shawn Ryan, Vince Gilligan and Kurt Sutter of the Graphic Novel format.
On page 18 of 48 of Batman, by Alan Moore: "There are girls on the street who earn that i...
"Neil Gaiman,. Dave McKean,. Alan Moore... they all stayed creatively true to themselves.". PAUL JENKINS.
Always been a fan of Christian Nolan but getting hooked onto Alan Moore, Zack Snyder and Frank Miller just gives it another perspective.
1.) The Killing Joke was written in 1988, not 1998. 2.) The Dark Knight Returns was written by Frank Miller, not Alan Moore.
Come to think of it, Frank's Daredevil is the best Daredevil also. People went from giving Frank too much credit to too little. thx Alan Moore
My DC comics collections consists of the works of Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison. I need to branch out
I'd forgotten Alan Moore popped up in the second series of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle!
Finally finished reading by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbs last night. So much to absorb in it. Fantastic book.
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Alan Moore and arguably Frank Miller aside, I can't think of a time where he was portrayed otherwise though.
Swamp Thing SIGNED by Steven Bissette in NM, Alan Moore, Saga of the
Some of the guest appearance characters who were in Alan Moore's amazing run on Swamp Thing! 👏👏👏
Snyder only good when borrowing from Frank Miller, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons IMO
This started with Elseworld tales by Alan Moore and Frank Miller, stories never meant to be canon.
Lobdell/Nicieza could’ve been the second coming of Alan Moore or at least Peter David but I wouldn’t’ve known b/c the art.
Spending this evening luxuriating in the folds of Show Pieces by Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins courtesy of
They're making an animated movie about the Alan Moore story, The Killing Joke. They are also expanding Barbara Gordon's part, due to SJWs.
Me too, Matt! I've just demolished Stan Lee's How To Write Comics along with an Alan Moore book and a bunch of Will Eisner's :)
[LMG] [comics] Howard Chaykin Speaks … Chaykin, like Alan Moore, is unable to give to give a bad interview … ‘...
Left the con with a collection of Harley Quinn (mainly for Paul Dini), David Mack's Daredevil, and FINALLY Alan Moore's Killing Joke.
Plus, more people are simply in love the the Alan Moore Graphic Novel. The biggest fan of The Shining book is Stephen King himself.
I'm reading "Forty-Niners", the sequel to "Top Ten" and, by page 3, I'm already loving it. Alan Moore creates interesting characters.
oh I agree, that's my favorite Alan Moore run. Just don't get David Goyer to write it or Zack Snyder to direct it!
Didn't Alan Moore and David Lloyd write it originally? The Wachowski Brothers wrote the screenplay.
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My favourite book is From *** by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, but I rarely suggest that anyone reads it. It's horrible.
Can we get a switch of Frank Miller and Alan Moore where Miller goes into seclusion and Moore writes more?
This should just be known as "The Frank Miller/Alan Moore" effect aka "good writer is now a hateful old crank"
Let's just say that Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo aren't random names for me.
Alan Moore's new novel JERUSALEM - Coming from Knockabout in September. Read Alan's blurb htt…
just say it was part of the Alan Moore run. Nobody paid attention to that.
Alan Moore's the Merrier: 4 short books from Avatar Press... . .
Fantastic February: V For Vendetta, by Alan Moore: What lies behind this mask is a mind that understands the h...
📷 travisellisor: page 28 from Watchmen by Dave Gibbons, John Higgins and Alan Moore
Len Wein was great and then later Alan Moore! Swamp Thing was treated well!
loved your Swamp Thing pick for movie fights.Alan Moore's run was magnificent.You might want these.
Alan Moore,Geoff Johns,Scott Synder,Tom Taylor, Brian Michael Bendis, some of my favorite comic book writers.
It makes me sad Mark Ellis didn't know Alan Moore's Swamp Thing- it's really good.
This Barca team are reminding me of when I played Gareth Taylor, Ian Moore and Alan Moore in the same team
On one hand, I can't make jokes about Daniel Bryan turning into Alan Moore any more. On the other hand, Daniel Bryan got DREAMY.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neil have one last League of Extraordinary Gentlemen story to tell...
This week's 'What's Alan Moore not getting paid for' news - they're doing 'For the man who has everything' on Supergirl. It will be awful.
IAIN M. BANKS' CULTURE SEQUENCE by Alan Moore and Dustin Nguyen would be pretty okay too, though.
Alan Moore is doing a Kickstarter-funded horror anthology with Kevin O’Neill and gang
Superman / Alan Moore / Justice League Unlimited fans will know what that thing was
Alan Moore was spot on when he described that whole Charles Saatchi crowd as Thatcherism!
Someone telling me Jonathan Hickman is a better writer than Alan Moore is like someone telling me Ellen is funnier than Richard Pryor.
Alan Moore and Riz Ahmed thanks for asking
Alan Moore at 152 loses his match 17-7. Team score 9-0 Johnston
I stuck with Swamp Thing until Wrightson left. Never even looked at Alan Moore's later incarnation.
Go to the Tate and check out Alan Moore's sculptures very effecting and powerful.
I await Alan Moore's angry grumbling about this. But, he did like the JLU adaptation, so there's hope.
Supergirl Tackles Alan Moore Adaptation, Adds Smallville Alum: Supergirl is going to be adapting the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comi...
I liked a video Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, Dan Claus in Simpsons Husband and Knives
After Pirates of the Caribbean, Alan Moore said we were 10 years away from Johnny Depp playing Cap'n Crunch.
Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke" should be prescribed reading in school. It's so much more than just a Graphic Novel
I just read a list of the "Top 10" of bloodiest comic deaths. It's like reading Alan Moore & Garth Ennis' resume.
Alan Moore's Green Lantern story about Abin Sur is technically a "fill in the blanks" story...
That being said, I feel Lucas has paid the price to turn into Alan Moore, if he so wishes. More power to him.
.goes back in time to revisit an Alan Moore story.
Someone asked to see Alan Moore's tribute to Jack Kirby, so I've posted in on my site:
"From *** , by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. It's probably worth reading one book on Jack the Ripper at some point. This is as good as any
.describing in Future Shock how Alan Moore told him how a finished Halo Jones would have ended made me genuinely emotional.
I've got a load of trades of Alan Moore's stuff, but the tone of the mag rarely speaks to me, so I'm kinda reconciled.
pastor is preaching about John the Baptist. Abe nudges me and shows me a pic of Alan Moore on his phone. They're basica…
I still don't know how Rob Liefield got Alan Moore to write Supreme.
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