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Alan McGee

Alan McGee (born 29 September 1960) has been a record label owner, musician, manager, and music blogger for The Guardian.

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No, Alan McGee. Guy who signed Oasis back in the day.
Quote of the Day "What if we co-produced it with the Bay City Rollers and got Nicola Sturgeon to play Alan McGee??"
The whole set from by gig at Alan Mcgee's Tabernacle on Saturday 8th available to hear via...
The Warriors really helped Javale McGee show the potential he had 🙏🏽🙌🏽.
JaVale McGee is in double figures for the fourth time in his playoff career (first since 4/30/13 w/DEN vs. GSW) with 13 poi…
A GOVERNMENT arts agency has denied refusing to fund a biopic of music industry mogul Alan McGee because it “was...
Irvine Welsh-penned movie about Creative Records mogul is denied funding
Irvine Welsh movie about Alan McGee rejected for 'not being Scottish enough' (Yahoo!)
A film about Alan McGee by Irvine Welsh. Dunno how much more "Scottish" you can get. Obviously not enough tartan, haggis and Bannockburn
Alan McGee was born in East Kilbride... how cool is that ?
It annoys me to be governed by who are just hate-driven & divisive. They hate the English, it's so obvious.…
It will chart the rise of the Scottish music industry mogul Alan McGee, has been penned by Irvine Welsh and will f…
Exclusive: New Irvine Welsh film on Alan McGee branded 'not Scottish enough' for funding by
Irvine Welsh film on Alan McGee may be shot in Wales, not Glasgow, after turned it down for support:…
Irvine Welsh film on music mogul Alan McGee 'not Scottish enough'
Thanks Blake Moyer for giving Alan McGee the opportunity to put you in this 2017 Focus SEL.
Alan Moore said something once like, "I realized it wasn't up to me to give people what they wanted, but to show them what they should want"
When ya go to a gig and meet the legend Alan McGee
It's a far cry from Alan Moore taking groceries to pensioners during a cold snap, that's for *** sure.
No way is Alan McGee at Richard Ashcroft in Newcastle
And Alan McGee's uncannily accurate David Brent impersonation.not once, but twice.
Why would you have a club owner as one of your profile/cover pics? It's like being a oasis fan and having a pic of Alan McGee it's very odd
I DO tire of the "Well, Alan Moore used previous works, and that's the same…
Alan McGee has strong words for anyone hoping for an Oasis reunion
also, I'm hypocritical for loving Kevin Shields and hating Alan McGee in the past. I know now how wrong I was
News of the day is turnin Alan McGee's book on Creation Records into a film
Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh to adapt Alan McGee's memoir into Creation Records movie:
Film about former Oasis manager Alan McGee's career to be written by
Alan McGee's Creation Records film to be written by Irvine Welsh
Alan McGee's Creation Records memoirs adapted for big screen by 'Trainspotting' author
"Trainspotting" author Irving Welsh is to adapt the screenplay on Alan McGee's Creation Records:
Alan McGee talks to MirrorCeleb on and MAH gigs
Listen to Alan Mcgee, Emma Rule and Colin Burr Talking about the Musicians Against Homelessness project! Northern...
Alan McGee talks to about Oasis Maine Rd &
Alan McGee talks to on Oasis and MAH gigs
Alan McGee talks to about Oasis at Maine Rd and MAH project
Oasis Maine Road gig 20 years on - Alan McGee on the time the band were 'untouchable': . Alan McGee tells Mir...
You're welcome Alan always a pleasure and thank you. Have a day blessed with inspiration :-))
Tuned in Burnsy talking to Alan Mcgee and the Hull MAH team '-'
interesting to hear Alan McGee this morning & Wonderwall. Going to see Noel Gallagher in Leeds tonight. Can't wait.
You're welcome Alan and thank you for your kind words.😄
Premiere : Willow Robinson unveils video to debut single + announces first London show. >
Premiere: Willow Robinson unveils video to the colossal 'Stones' | Gigwise
Alan McGee wants Scots musicians to help fight homelessness
V cool intuitive Alan McGee !. Much like our initiative last year! htt…
article by featured appeal by Alan McGee & Keith Farry BL
Met Alan Mcgee tonight . Shat it like you'd expect. "Oh Noel's great too" . Wanker!
Music Royalty,the man that discovered Oasis, Alan McGee discovers Glasgow Eyes..
"Nirvana opened up people for that sound - even though Bob Mould, Pixies & Dinosaur Jr invented it" Alan McGee
Read a message posted today from our patron & co-founder Alan McGee here
Willie McGee. Waived by the Yankees to make roster room for Dave Collins
You're welcome Alan, I hope yours is terrific as well😄
Noel Gallagher was brilliant last night. Still buzzing I meet Alan McGee at firewater as well.
Music News: : Managed by Alan McGee's Creation, newcomer Willow Robinson has unveileved the video to his impec...
Alan McGee picked this demo as a potential single near end of life. Unreleased...
Julianna was at Noel Gallagher tonight n doesn't know who Alan McGee is actual disgraceful
Alan McGee has arrived in firewater n Emma is having s breakdown
Spotted Alan McGee in the suunsshinnne by Central Station. He DJs in tonight with after gig.
Some big news coming soon regarding Alan McGee,s music against homelessness events
along with Keith Farry BL and Alan McGee made front page
Noel Gallagher's Official Aftershow Party with DJ sets from Paul Gallagher and Alan McGee!
.add Alan McGee and more to conference line up
Former Oasis boss & Creation founder Alan McGee launches gigs to help homelessness & tells of own time on streets
mcgee gets a one game ban and the Alan Fitzgerald misses a few weeks with a hand injury. Punishment is not severe enough
.on plays 26th March! Alan McGee's secret chapel of music (shh) our sec…
oh so Alan fitzgerald should have just left McGee break his fingers?
its 66 in south amboy, 77 in Florida, not much going on, hows Alan
WATCH: This incident involving Kerry's Alan Fitzgerald and Neil McGee has everyone talking
Debbie McGee thanks fans for support
you said Alan was sent off - he deserved to be sent off - no mention of what McGee did prior.
the main talking point is the Alan Fitzgerald Neil McGee incident. Not once did you mention the latter
WATCH: The incident with Neil McGee which saw Kerry's Alan Fitzgerald sent off
All the hatred against Alan Fitzgerald does anyone remember Neil McGee trying to break Alan's fingers???!!!
Great advice Alan have an amazing day!
Neil McGee tried to rearrange Alan Fitzgerald's fingers yesterday. Today he better
Shorter Harry McGee: Jack Chambers is One Of Us now so leave him alone.
If McGee aimed to break Alan's fingers then he shouldn't see a football field for a long time.
McGee tried to break Alan Fitz's fingers, he struck in self defence
what would expect Alan Fitzgerald to do when Neil McGee was intentionally trying to injure him/break his …
a sneaky despicable act by McGee. Alan Fitzgerald clearly reacted instinctively to fear of breaking his finger…
There were sinners on both sides today but the ugliest act was Neil McGee trying to break Alan Fitzgerald's fingers - Alan had to box him
this is McGee trying to break Alan Fitz's fingers
Dirt from Neil McGee & stupid from Alan Fitzgerald in front of umpires
No harm for McGee to get his nose popped for what he did to Alan Fitz. That's going to him a long time.
At which venue did Alan McGee of Creation Records first spot Oasis?
my managerial influences include Peter Jesperson, Alan McGee, and Tony Wilson
Some of today's listening on Alan McGee's label
Wishing & his mucker Alan Mcgee a cracking Home gig tonight in Glasgow smash it
In August '15, at 55, he reentered the fray. PR time, perhaps? His latest rant could be more hype than hypocrisy.🎱~
(( Thought I was going to die laughing... best work/TW of Alan McGee in 2012.
"listen chickpea. I'm not your sir"─Alan McGee replied to was where name Chickpea came from. …Nice story for Chika's BDay?🐣
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Popped in the pound shop to get a drink, found Alan McGee's autobiography. £1. Winner.
think Alan McGee was involved with them?
"He's got to be the drug dealer. Because nobody in a band looks that good." - Alan McGee on the first time he saw Liam Gallagher
Alan McGee: North East pledged 'world class' rail services as new train operators...
Final gig of 2015. Remaining tix available from - - Alan McGee DJ set/featuring Rab Allan on guitar from
I met Alais Kid, Alan McGee's new band, told them I as looking for Alan and he owes me money
Alan McGee was Creation boss, NOT Oasis' manager. That was Marcus Russell, who still manages Noel.
RESULT! CAN'T WAIT. Pete Macleod,Alan McGee, Rab Allan, Kieran Fisher and much more for less than a tenner! BEST TKT IN TOWN
These c**ts charging £140 for meal for 2 in the old Hackney College building opposite Alan McGee's Creation offices?
Alan McGee of that is a post-modern art, the likes of which we will never see again.
"I don't try to change the way the bands sound unless they've gone massively wrong." Alan McGee - Oasis career orchestrator
Thanks for support in 2015, Alan McGee & lads enjoyed being on your podcast. 2016 looks great for Alias Kid
'magazine is out now with Alan McGee, Kurt Cobain, and much more!
Is this any good ? Alan McGee and The Story of Creation Records by Paolo Hewitt
"There're 7 people givin hope to the young people of UK. That's me, our kid, Guigsy, Bonehead, Alan White, Alan McGee + TONY BLAIR!"
All purpose parts banner
The line up for this years I'm thinking McGough and Patten, Julian Cope, and Alan McGee.
Bickers was the Syd Barrett. First album soared. Alan McGee sold me t shirt at merchandising stall at Mandela Hall 1990.
Another epic (and justified) rant by the great with added bonus of getting Alan McGee's back up
Alan McGee 'wants it all again' - and looks set to sign major label deal - Music Business Worldwide
Kevin Shields every time Alan McGee asked if Loveless was ready yet.
"Even as a pure instrumental tune, there is a staggering and dynamic spirit" -
Have to say have been amazing on this tour all thanks to Alan McGee and alex lowe
Many thanks to Alan McGee for sharing these pictures
Former Creation head Alan McGee knocks out Mark Selby in the snooker..
Don't step on that Banana skin...Think Strategy..grow your business..and avoid the slip up's...
FYI chaps - the last book I read was Alan McGee's Creation Stories. Highly recommended.
Alan McGee talks about Dan Treacy from the TV Personalities and The Creation Sessions in Edinburgh & Glasgow:...
Interview with Alan McGee, apologies for the terrible sound quality x.
Great advice from Alan McGee for all SNP members. & a few words on The Branch Office:
The infamous Alan McGee of Creation Records/Mgmt speaking to students in a Masterclass right now!
. Bobby Gillespie and Alan McGee were at mine.
The SNP has a chance to clear out the Labour Party at the 2015 election, Alan McGee blogs on
Mind you, hearing Kevin Shields and Alan McGee tear strips off each other over Loveless was a bit like listening to your parents fight (2/2)
John Robb has posted a Story about to be managed by Alan Mcgee and Creation Management, Full Story Link Above...
Hey Wally. Did you see that Alan McGee chose one of Adrian's records in his Baker's Dozen for The Quietus?
review. "Great track, it reminds me of when Elton John was rocking.." Alan Mcgee, Creation Records .
Alan McGee is in South America this week with The Jesus and Mary Chain ! Chile is included on the tour ! Brings back loads of good memories for me does Chile ! I've never been there of course , but sitting in a pub with Chrissie , leader of the space cadets one day , and she says 'Dixie , I'm not as dull as you think mind , ask me any question you like , the first one that comes into your head ?' 'Ok' says me 'What is the Capitol of Chile ?' She starts pissing herself laughing , digs me in the ribs with the full force of her elbow , and says 'Dixie be serious ! Chile's food !' :0(
Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records and manager of Oasis, Primal Scream and The Libertines (Source) “Scotland should have more powers. It should be much more like Ireland and a celtic haven for artists. We should be making it easier for people to exist, with tax breaks not just for musicians to live in their home country but artists like Jim Lambie, who shouldn’t have to live in New York.” - See more at:
if it wasnt obvious the bands name is made up from Bobby Gillespie / Alan Mcgee :-)
It is 6 months to the day since AK's first gig, which was played to a handful of mates at Ducie Bridge Manchester. It has been 6 months that nobody could have predicted; there have been back-to-back bookings to headline at District for 359 Music and Alan McGee, there have been great reviews, radio interviews, YouTube posts, a "rockumentary" and we've met some great people (and great bands) along the way... the list goes on and on. Topping it all off we have recorded our début album with Grammy Award Winners Paul Quinn (Teenage Fanclub and Soup Dragons) and Kevin Burleigh (Glasvegas and Simple Minds). The next 6 months are going to be huge as the album (even pre mastering) is getting tipped to take the nation by storm and could start to turn the tide against the current trend of soulless, manufactured music. We want to thank every single person who has been involved in this ride on any level. Revolution can't happen without people joining together; we'll take the bullets when they come flying (and they wi ...
Alan McGee describes Bob Geldof's 'brave' eulogy' at his daughter's funeral:
Bob Geldof delivering a eulogy for his daughter Peaches has been described as the "bravest thing" by close friend Alan McGee. The Boomtown Rats singer spoke at his daughter's fune...
Peaches Geldof funeral: Alan McGee says Bob Geldof’s eulogy was ‘the bravest thing I think I’ve ever seen him do’ -
John Lennon McClullah the 15 year old teenage wonderkid whose raw songs that tell the truth of life in current UK made a real impact last year hits the road this spring. Released on Alan McGee's 359 label John's acoustic solo songs are raw and melodic missives from the frontline and his assured live...
The man himself, Alan McGee, is on BBC Radio Scotland from 10PM tonight. Check it out...Px
‘McGee was our Malcolm McLaren & Tony Wilson...' - Bobby Gillespie . Alan McGee shares his Spotify playlist with us -
Creation Records&Alan McGee on drugs, raves, discovering Oasis and dinner with Jimmy Savile via
Alan McGee's recent interview on Richard Bacon has put me in touch with the Rolling Stone album from .Stunning music.
it has to be at Palace Hotel feat: Wilko Johnson, Alan McGee, Tim Burgess and lots more
Our lead interview in our next edition will be Graham Nash (of Hollies/CSN&Y and, yes, Crosby & Nash fame). We also have interviews with 60s folk/psych legend Donovan; Eric Burdon; Gary Numan Official; the Magic Brothers (new band of Woody from Madness); Steve Ignorant official (best known for Crass); Steve Hackett (of Genesis, of course); Mineral, the second signing to Alan McGee's new label; Slaid Cleaves; Dengue Fever and Death Valley Ralley. There will also be interviews with Chuck Berry promoter Joe Edwards, Deerstock promoter Jed Edwards; Ten Songs that made us love Queen and a review of Mark Morris. Phew! Possibly, just possibly, our most star-studded issue ever! It will all be published very soon.
Working out whether I can see Postman Pat at on Sat, b4 interviewing Alan McGee in Mountain Ash
Return of the Mac: praises rock's Scottish Svengali, Alan McGee
Name: Alan Mcgee Nationality: Irish Background (Reasons for entering The Race) I began running about three years ago for fitness and quickly began to
Alan McGee has a new record label. Oh yes a guy who knows music is back in control. C'mon Alan lets do this.
If you missed today's with Alan McGee discussing recent & some fitba' natter here it is:
Me & the legend Alan McGee from Creation Records founder of oasis autobiography out six weeks called creation story
Alan McGee to launch new club night in Liverpool with DJ set this Friday (September 6) via
Listen in to Alan McGee and some music from artists now @
Founder of and former Oasis and Primal Scream manager Alan McGee joins us in the studio. Listen here:
they've just split with Acid Jazz, but they're playing the launch of Alan McGee's new label on Saturday
Alan McGee will be live on radio this afternoon at 3.15pm to talk about music, sport and of course Tune in!
Alan McGee on talkport any minute now mate
Looking forward to hearing Alan McGee talk music with the great on Talksport X
Proud to have mastered four out of the first six albums to be released on Alan McGee's new label
Hi! I've just uploaded my first Music Industry blog post and it's about Alan McGee! Please check it out and give feedback!
Can't wait to play this. Our next Liverpool gig 4th October for Alan McGee's new label club night Get down
Apparantly Jake bugg has a team a writers helping him out!! So says Alan McGee..can't be doing with that!!
Recently signed with Alan McGee's new label and opened for another fellow Scot Amy Macdonald in Germany. Was Rockin! Petex
Just a regular Friday morning at the hotel.
The brother and sister look after many of the world's great and good during the world famous Hay Festival. They don't like to advertise the celebrities that frequent the place but the likes of Bob Geldof, Seamus Heaney, and this man.Alan McGee have frequented the place.
“Celtic have all the cool people supporting them. Rangers have me and Wet Wet Wet!!!”. Alan McGee’s lament on the great truth
I've heard there goin to be on a Alan McGee nite in Glasgow. Don't no how true that is like. But there a boss band man
Tonight @ 10pm: Saturday Social with & this man. Alan McGee talks about his latest signing for 359.
Quote by Noel Gallagher about Alan Mcgee 'A true believer in the power of music and more importantly a believer in the people that make music. He gave me, and many more like me, a chance to change my life. A pity he supports Rangers'
Last night was a lot of fun in Warrington. Friars Court was a great venue full of great people. Thanks very much to those who travelled down to see us, we hope to see you again at our next gig for Alan McGee, at his new club night in District on the 4th October. We are really looking forward to that! See you then. SM x
A playlist made by Alan McGee for our sister label 359 Music! ♫ Alan McGee's Friday Playlist 01 by 359 Music
Alan McGee new book..order now X...
Parks new McGee signing to his Red collaboration Music x
Hear the first song off debut album for Alan McGee's new label
best of luck with the launch. With that voice, talent, name, and Alan McGee backing you I'm sure it will be a smash!
My debut to vinyl will be my single released on Alan McGee's new label on the 28th of October. Such a good feeling! :) Px
Some dates of gigs and events Friday 27th September - The Pop Factory £4/£5 entry Sunday 29th September - Video Shoot for 'Coming Home' 6pm - Live Acoustic The Coach House (Ely) Saturday 26th October - The Mountain Ash Inn (Alan McGee New Record Label night) Also in between all these, we are hoping to hit the studio and lay down a few more tracks. "Im way up high, I just don't know" Edd
Looking forward to what Alan McGee will offer us all:
John lennon Mccullagh is live on absolute radio with Alan McGee at 3.30pm playing his new single Then on stage at 8.30 pm at electric ballroom Camden to open for the strypes
ALAN McGEE LAUNCHES NEW RECORD LABEL 359 MUSIC WITH CHERRY RED... Alan McGee: ‘Recently I found myself reinvigorated by new music again after being 5 years away from music living in rural Wales, a...
Reading Alan Mcgee: 'Liverpool is best music city by a mile' …
The and Alan new signing Lennon McCullagh @ The Ballroom tonight !
Happy 21st Anniversary to my HOT STUFF! I love U, Kenneth Alan McGee! And please stop bring me food!!!
It's so sick how I might be going into the studio with Alan McGee - the exowner of creation record who signed Oasis & Primal Scream !!!
Re-creation! Why I've launched a new label by Alan McGee:
Just seen the rather good John Lennon McCullagh - 15 yr old kid signed to Alan McGee's new label
Am standing next to Alan Mcgee at his album launch watching John Lennon McCulloch - youngest protest singer I've ever seen. 15 years old...
Heading to Alan McGee's 359 Music launch tonight with the missus at the BBC.
Now Laura Mvula has walked in... I'm off to Alan Mcgee album launch at BBC Club then onto gig so can't hang around to chat
Guest column - Alan McGee on why he's back with a new record label,
a short flm dedicated to the new era of a musical generation & Alan McGee filmed at the venue
I love this quote by Alan McGee. "Got an iPhone or a Blackberry? Then you've got a record label office." In this digital age, it's so true.
Alan McGee's guest blog for Q magazine:
"It's said that sometimes you have to go away to remember who you are" Alan McGee on new label 359 Music
Filmed By Johnny Miles Gregory, Milk Presents. A short dedicted the era and new era of a musical generation driven by Alan McGee.
"Pete is a rock'n'roll star, his next single is the first sign of greatness. I love the guy and his music, he's a truly genuine talent and a lovely bloke." - Alan McGee Pete's star has been rising ...
Alan McGee, the legendary indie mogul responsible for signing Oasis, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, and many other great bands to his C...
last night we passed on a cd of our demos to the one and only Alan McGee. True music legend.
is amongst the first signings/releases on Alan McGee's new label Blog on 'Rolling Stone' here
next week to record our debut single, supporting gig for Clint Boon and then we play Alan McGee's night!
Music legend Alan McGee blogs on the start-up of his new record label 359 records
Janice Long interviews and Alan McGee (Lots of good music in between. 1 day left to stream:
Hi Jo! I have just signed to Alan McGee's new label. We were both on Janice Long's show on Tues. Can I send you my single? Thnx Px
Alan McGee announces the first six acts on his new label 359 Music and promises albums from them all by the end of November 2013
A word from Alan McGee: 359 MUSIC ANNOUNCE FIRST SIX ARTISTS Alan McGee: “Less than two months since we first announced 359, we have had over 2500 submissions (and I thank you all!), we now have ou...
Svengali is up for Best British Film at Edinburgh International Film Festival next week . Stars Martin Freeman , Vicky McClure , Jonny Owen , Alan McGee and ..well check out the photo an all star cast a soundtrack to die for from Jake Bugg to The Who and its the music business , razor sharp and *** yourself funny ! x
A personal message from Alan McGee on the launch of his brand new record label 359 Music in association with Cherry Red Records in May 2013. Alan specificall...
Filmed on a freezing winters february morning in 2012 with an iphone ,Featuring special guest and good friend ,music industry legend Alan Mcgee. This song is...
Former founder of Creation Records, Alan McGee, sets up new record label
Alan McGee launches new record label
Former Oasis boss sets up new label Alan McGee, former Oasis manager and founder of Creation Records is setting...
Alan McGee starts new label, invites artists to send an MP3. He vows to personally listen to the tracks.
Creation Records founder Alan McGee starts new label:
Creation Records kingpin Alan McGee launches new label 359 Music & is looking for bands:
Creation Records founder Alan McGee & launch new label 359 Music with open call for submissions:
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
yeah. It was deleted due to it not being the pop album Alan McGee wanted/asked it to be. Only rereleased in 2007 I think.
Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, is in the cultural news again as a film producer. Here he talks about his new movie, Kubricks.
Here is a teaser clip from Alan McGee new film "Kubricks"...
'Kubricks' is the first feature film from Alan McGee and Dean Cavanagh’s new independent film production company, Bad Transformer Production. Written and directed by Dean and Josh Cavanagh and starring Roger Evans, Joanna Pickering and Gavin Bain, Kubricks is the story of Donald, a wannabe director ...
Alan McGee set to bring back Creation Records: McGee says he is 'seriously considering' bringin... ...
for those that don't know fakeis the ex-drummer from Oasis that blames Alan McGee for getting him the sack.
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