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Alan Jones

Alan Stanley Jones MBE (born 2 November 1946 in Melbourne, Victoria) is an Australian former Formula One driver.

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How fantastic is this - yet Alan jones Hadley and co fight to keep cars in Sydney cbd - Aus falling behind the rest…
Hopefully the debut run of Dame Pattie will give broadcaster Alan Jones something to smile about after undergoing recent back operation.
Alan Kelly should book Joevin Jones when he gets a stoppage. Will he?
Alan Tudyk, Riz Ahmed, Gareth Edwards, Diego Luna & Felicity Jones on the red carpet with
Alan wyn Jones will be captain. Most accurate hooker to take berth. Hartley will be lucky to tour
Bit like Alan Jones. Hates climatchange, loves coal, hates wind turbines, loves white people, CSG question
Just heard the words, 'Alan Rickman steals the show tonight at 9pm on Drama. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.' He sure does, love him. X
Alan Pardew admitted he had sympathy for referee Mike Jones after Robert Snodgrass "fabricated" a penalty.
my money is now on Alan Wyn Jones or Gethin Jenkins. Both have the class and experience !
It's been raining quite heavily here. We timed that well!
Yes I've had a coffee ☕️ too. You've quite the collection there! 👍🏼
well coffe made and Chester introduced to his new friends now
😄I'm home but yes, a trek and couldn't believe how even that park had filled since then. They were also queuing for car wash!
LMAO. The terrorist arrested yesterday after Geert Wilders was found guilty of saying there are too Moroccans in Holland i…
This painting by Alan Gwynne-Jones also features in the latest First Known When Lost blog
Alan Wyn Jones should be captain for next years Lions tour
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Alex Jones is Rush Limbaugh ' s heir. If you listen to his show, do us all a favor: DON'T HAVE CHILDREN.
Problem solved we'd like to announce Alan Jones has been added to the u15 squad in time for tomorrow's cup game 💙⚽️
Missi that upset Suzie when she heard the meows
This was a lot of fun. Thank you to for the opportunity to think/write about these things.
Chili cook off winner peter.alan.jones with last year's winner showing true…
Alan 'Piggy" Jones updates up on the Brampston Beach Road Race
Ours is Jimmy Haslam or Alan Jones both billionaires
didn't Alan Jones do a flyover and confirm it's fine a while back?
Take note please the likes of Tom Elliott, Steve Price, Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt and the reset of you deniers!
Alan Jones under investigation by NSW Police for statutory rape of boys in the 1980’s via
please watch video. This is all over YouTube Alan Jones
Breaking news Alan Jones flys over the South China Sea, declares the Spratley Islan…
I sincerely do not recall any Labor MPs "assassinating" Sarah's character in the media. Look to Dutton, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley
And who have u been brainwashed by I wonder - Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, A…
would Ray Hadley and Alan Jones be included in that 90 percent I wonder??
yes you have to smash this up quickly Jason. No room for a 2nd view in lefty world is there! Alan Jones.
Alan Jones - Alan Jones had dinner with Mike Baird on eve of greyhound backflip
Which workshop are you attending? Alan Jones from Lucy Arnold from or Richard Evans from
Have you heard ‘Alan Jones pays tribute to Rebecca Wilson’ by Daily & Sunday Telegraph on
33k views in 48 hours: indoctrination. Alan Jones with parent power from Mark Latham & http…
organising a rally against the bullying and conflict of interest of Ray Hadley and also Alan Jones. Please will you support us?
Live now: Aljazeera special discussion on Sarah Harrison, Alan Jones and former Pentagon goon JD Gordon
Next we're talking anniversary with Sarah Harrison, JD Gordon and Alan Jones. Join me 1730GMT Tuesday..
Alan Jones and Mark Latham are talking about the greyhound ban. Great show on a Tuesday on SKYNEWS. ^TR
Gilles Villeneuve (2nd) Alan Jones (1st) and Clay Regazzoni (3rd) on the podium at the 1979 Canadian Prix.
Alan Jones new stadium at his cricket club one at his pony track a train between them plus a foot bridge ungrateful ***
Did he mention Alan Jones? I reckon he's due another comeback.
Check out this very raw interview with Rob Hirst from and Alan Jones on
I'll be on talking about the Vic govt's fracking ban. Alan Jones & I are going to disagree on this one!.
re.Bucket list,did you catch PVO on-air interjections into a Chalmers presser? Described by Tony Burke as 'Alan Jones like'
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Dear young Gil doesn't want to be interviewed by Alan Jones.
Please don't show this to Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt, Steve Price, Ray Hadley or Alan Jones - keep it hush hush
a true hero indeed - a brilliant photo with him, Alan Jones and the (Austrian?) pit straight too 👍👏🏁
Morning Brisbane. Soon Alan Jones speaks with Byron Bailey about MH370 & later & the Bush Telegraph
No holding back from networks on Rogerson but Alan Jones lies low Amanda Meade
Bolt, Alan Jones, Steve Price, and Hanson stir up divisions and hate. Scum.
I actually get upset because sometimes I watch Alan Jones on and I agree with him. He seems almost Green on that show
Q&a with Pauline Hanson is like watching Bill Shorten on Alan Jones it totally biased and a ambush for her
Shove over Andrew Bolt, Pauline Hanson, Eddie McGuire, Alan Jones, Miranda Devine & Sam Newman, is now being added to the list
on in the Ensign-Ford-N177 but dropped out after losing a rear wheel. Alan Jones, Williams-Ford-FW06, had a
Isn't it obvious that they roll out known provocateurs to create sensationalist content? Eddie McGuire, Alan Jones, Greer, Hanson, etc.
Alan Jones's vile comments about Julia Gillard exposed his sexism. Now, with Hanson, he reveals his racism.
Oh well if Alan Jones has given Pauline Hanson his stamp of approval, I guess we should all pipe down
Now playing: ""10 past 7 is 10 past 7, isn't it?"" by Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister with shock-jock Alan Jones from ''
Gerry Harvey thinks we need a dictator. I won't be satisfied until the opinions of Alan Jones, Rupert Murdoch & Anthony Mundine are in !
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Shock jock Alan Jones has endorsed Bob Katter to retain his seat of Kennedy: https…
Alan Jones to "Come and face the people. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."
or when Chris Reason told Alan Jones he didn't want to put things in his mouth.
Alan Jones tells Sky Tony Abbott has won this forTurnbull, via his 2013 seat tally. So Turnbull not allowed to win his own ele…
Channel 7's coverage has involved extended periods of silence as Alan Jones *** on his lips.
Alan Jones spot on the Union royal commission did not get a mention from the PM of the most exciting times.
good episode some insightful comments from Chris Richardson, Marcia Langton & surprise surprise Alan Jones
Prof Marcia Langton, Alan Jones & Chris Richardson and the voices of logic ago reason compared to the 2 point scoring pollies
Alan Jones is pretty close to correct even that Chris Richardson guy is all going okay. Just vote Saturday unless you PV'D
There are white people, brown people, yellow people black people and then there's pink person Alan Jones
Chris Richardson and Alan Jones talking sense about need for Lib Labs to stop warring & cooperate http…
Alan Jones has the perfect face for radio. I don't like him at all. And yet I was given a book about him as a graduation gift. *sigh*
What does Alan Jones know about fingering the *** !
Alan Jones, the shock jock, is a rusted on Librat so don't expect balance. He'll be seeking to shore up tonight
Alan Jones for the role of Alf Stewart?
So what did Alan Jones say on radio today about his good mate & murderer Roger Rogerson?
Alan Jones' favourite bent cop on the beat
Alan Jones likens council sackings to Putin’s Russia in speech to sacked mayors. . Your in deep trouble.
Alan Jones – Dami Im | 2GB via Thank you Allan, for your Awesome interview with the fabulous
F1: Daniel Ricciardo gets his smile back by driving Alan Jones' title-winning car - Fox Sports
I like to hear Mark Latham's opinions on Alan Jones & his newspaper columns.
Mark Latham, Alan Jones and Pauline Hanson have all be on sky news in the past 10 mins...
Wendy Harmer enjoys ratings spike: 2GB’s Ray Hadley remains top for the mid-morning timeslot while Alan Jones...
Alan Jones says Gillard education policy to allow low marks into tertiary education is ridiculous & having an effect on standards & costs
"You mean the time Alan Jones tried to argue that fibre would soon be obsolete due to an experiment in Europe" Tim
Want to start Come down to tonight and meet Alan Jones of - Grab a ticket: h…
Can't stand Alan Jones after what he did to Campbell Newman & can't stand after what he did to 👎👎
Learned something new today via Alan Jones. Out of all the refugee advocates,only Julian Burnside has actually housed them.
Check out the destruction Alan Jones saw as he flew over the Hunter Valley with 7 News Sydney. This is what coal... http…
After his win, Carlos Reutemann consolidated his lead in the drivers championship, he had 34 points, Nelson Piquet on 22 and Alan Jones on
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behind Lauda. Jody Scheckter finished 4th in his first outing in the new Tyrrell-Ford-P34. Alan Jones had a good run https:/…
Alan Jones accuses Mike Baird of trying to 'torpedo' Malcolm Turnbull over council mergers
Did you catch chat with Alan Jones this morning? Meet her tonight from 6pm at the Logan Hyperdome
'Alan Jones and Ray Hadley had regular interviews with Abbott as PM. Both snubbed by Turnbull to date'. Interesting
Any chance of getting Alan Jones and Malcolm Turnbull on the same panel anytime soon?
Malcolm Knox . Hello mate ,the great man Knox is now being quoted 's Alan Jones .'Todd Greenspan ' great !
DIARY: Malcolm Turnbull, Alan Jones, and Paul Sheehan to leave the SMH
Malcolm Allbull has been asked 17 times to appear on Alan Jones show and has dogged it !.Scott Morrison too !
Great day today with Greg Webb, Carl Stefanovic,Bob & Robbie Katter and Alan Jones.
Wow. has the balls to front up to Alan Jones on 2GB but Turnbull won't? Pathetic. Shorten is smashing Turnbu…
Alan Jones talks to Bill Shorten about his budget reply. audio - worth a listen, covers a lot
'He was only 28'. another pedophile protector Alan Jones defends evil Pell on Q&A. When are you old enough?.
Michael Lasser, Cindy Miller and Alan Jones to Celebrate Lyrics of Sheldon Harnick at NY Society Library -…
Liverpool rally, with Tony Benn, for miners & council 1985. Photo: Alan Jones.
Alan Jones says weekend penalty rates looming in election. Martin Ferguson accuses unions of exploiting workers for political reasons
I can confirm its not Dave or Peter Brettell, Adrian Hurley, John Scott, Chuck Harmison or Alan Jones!🏀
Alan Jones has taken to Lucy Wicks again!
Why did not Alan Jones interview Gill? Would not smooth Gill be running to Sarah/Liz Lukin?
Alan Jones and Nick Cater face libel case over Grantham flood claims
Some good advice from Alan Jones, a man I seldom agree with: "Don't vote for Lucy Wicks"
Token podcast: is Alan Jones holding Australia back? - Podcast regulars Monica Tan and Michael Safi are joined ...
Alan Jones dumps on disgraceful, taxpayer funded, violent behaviour of NSWLiberal Party - "unelectable"
Alan Jones defends the unions, attacks the Liberal Party. Yes, you read that right. 10 amazing minutes.
Last time Alan Jones unloaded on a Lib, Campbell Newman lost government. As Bob Ellis would say, "so it goes".
2GB radio shock jock Alan Jones will come to Townsville for a public meeting on QNI jobs crisis
Glamorgan legend Alan Jones named new county president...
Jones named president of Glamorgan: Alan Jones takes over as president of Glamorgan County Cricket ...
Can't believe I'm saying this. I agree with Kyle Sandilands and Alan Jones. And I'm not racist. Amazing.
. Attention . Please put up a podcast of the conversation between caller Stephanie and Alan Jones this morning. It's a must-hear!
but Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and even Angry Anderson are really disaffected. Just ask them if you dare!
Huge line-up of shows for and with Ray Hadley, Alan Jones and sandwiched between!
Speaking to AJ, describes terror threat level in some European countries as serious and imminent.
heard the Alan Jones interview she was even using Turnbull's talking points she is still with him I feel.
. Bishop also appeared on this morning with Alan Jones. Something's up Andrew...
A huge thank you to Alan Jones for supporting our Potentialist Chefs!
She has Dad's balance and competitive drive: Meet Zara Jones, daughter of Alan, a showjumping star in the making https:/…
Alan Jones frm talking abt personal electronic vehicles & opps they can bring cities
Alan Jones opens Session A with ‘The future of urban transport is something you will carry’
Amazing radio interview this morning with Alan Jones and our American Express Potentialist Chefs, Hugh and...
Foreign Minister talking to Alan Jones on now
Alan Jones ranting 📢 more than usual about this morning, wonder if 🔪 called in a favor overnight.
source said Turnbull remains suspicious of Morrison's relationship with Hadley who, and 2GB stablemate Alan Jones, cannot abide Turnbull
My dad may consider me to be a degenerate, but at least I don't listen to Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt every day like he does.
Tune in to 2GB 873AM in the next 20 mins to hear Hugh & Lauren chat with Alan Jones.
Alan Jones talks to Dubbo mayor about flawed process of via
I thought that Alan & George sang the perfect song 4 George Jones. They were in sic for a last min ⏰⏱to get it ready
NOW: Peter Jennings from discusses the with Alan Jones. LISTEN:
Morning Brisbane. Peter Jennings from will join Alan Jones today with the latest on the
.4 TD game in 2011?. He was mic'd up for all of it. And it's pure GOLD.
. Thomas Jones , Alan Faneca, Kris Jenkins, Shaun Ellis, . They all did well when Sanchez was our QB.
Alan Jones says Turnbull now has advisor Parkinson checking anything Morrison does. Lucy Turnbull, Sinodinos & Pyne in the inner sanctum
Alan Jones says Abbott rolled by the Messiah Turnbull for a Westminster system but Morrison Joyce Corman Frydenburg squeezed out
Alan Jones says there's no room for leaders mealy mouthed language
Alan Jones says there's 30 Muslims in Belgium & that's the problem. Reads Bolts column & agrees with it.
Alan Jones says he'll scream if he hears another politician says Islam is a religion of peace. Reads many derogatory listeners letters
Alan Jones says all sorts of things emerging from Brussels. (Does seem his speculation yesterday of refugees being responsible is debunked)
Home Alan jones island got talent via
We came for a week, Chris. We leave on Friday morning.
"Roy, sweetheart. Less of the little" -Stuart Alan Jones
Art from Banksy’s Dismaland coming to New Mills Festival
Buy Miche Bag Online!
A lovely afternoon at the Castell. We walked down the hill back to Portmeirion but after all that food & drink, can hardly move now.
4 of 5 stars to Blue Wicked by Alan Jones
Home Alan jones island got talent: via
I liked a video from Home Alan jones island got talent
not really. Been to work today so off tomorrow, so not back in office until next Tuesday so nothing will upset me today🎉
Would it help if I lied about it and said it was terrible? 😉
“Why would you replace an Australian workforce with exploited foreign labour?” - Even Alan Jones says it’s the right q…
Alan Jones - who once claimed 'women are destroying the joint' - has shocked his followers and critics alike by proclaiming…
They are the highest profile followers I have even Alan Jones, Eric Bana, Bathurst winners. I still value your opinion Sam.😊
Alan Jones read something out from another group and said well done and that he hopes to see more of it. Maybe helps imo
A captivating conversation with Alan Jones and Chris Joannou h…
??? Xtians/EastIndiaCo presided over world's major genocides. Rd Alan Jones
& leave the rest to Alan Jones & the Presstitute to slam Labor for the LNP's incompetence. https:…
Alan Jones on the new NSW police state yesterday …–-jeremy-buckingham-1 …
You're right Colin.I have NEVER WATCHED OR LISTENED 2 Alan Jones since⏩Wrecked our state cos of personal vendetta
..Alan Jones won the election for Liebor in Qld..has she actually done anything since winning..
Claire awards Alan Jones with a replica of his 1980 F1 championship trophy at the Australian Motorsport Hall of Fame ht…
Alan Jones wipes the floor with and DAVID IPP is the architect of their demise | 2GB via
Alan Jones opens fire on Mike Baird over lockout laws and amalgamations by James Robertson via Sydney Morning Hera…
Jo-Ann Miller has denied this breaking story on QT. It originated from Alan Jones this morning.
Alan Jones says Turnbull is looking more increasingly though he doesn't have a clue. New Turnbull advisor Angus Taylor is brilliant
Shock jock Alan Jones labels NSW Premier Mike Baird the Vladimir Putin of Macquarie St over his...
Alan Jones is a closeted homosexual white supremacist. Alan Jones is not a feminist.
Alan Jones says Border Force may go on strike at Easter over salary negotiations. Doesn't understand why they'd inconvenience the public
We ask war criminals like Blair and Howard for their opinions, so why not Alan Jones? This is what we are and why rates.
Alan Jones said "Indigenous and Anglo-Saxons" We are the most successful multi-cultural society we are told. Platitudes I think
Alan Jones comparing George Pell’s media portrayal to Lindy Chamberlain. Pull the other one m8
Wait, did Alan Jones just compare George Pell to Lindy Chamberlain?
Alan Jones has delivered a blow to Bronwyn Bishop's hopes of holding on to her safe Liberal seat
Alan Jones isn’t racist, he wants Aboriginal kids to be safe, writes Graham Richardson
Morning Brisbane, today Alan Jones speaks with Fmr PM John Howard, and Lord
I blame Alan Jones who came to Brisbane radio 3 weeks before election and slammed Campbell Newman. Nasty man at times
Listen to AG talking about recent stolen gens comments by Alan Jones. (30 mins into program)
Pleasing result but a scrappy game.
Royal Commission for Institutional : Alan Jones child sex abuse investigation - Sign the Petition! via
funny Alan and his Owen Jones impersonators always pushing the TSS
Rope starring Alan Rickman - paying tribute with a rare gem from the archives:
Isn't it a terrible pity that Alan Wyn Jones is Welsh! Of all the Welsh players he's the one I'd love to have playing for us. .
please listen This is more about the lack of policing, not RSA
Defamation case ag. Alan Jones looking bad for Jones. When you accuse Warren Truss!! of evil, it's All Over Red Rover.
So Platini's lackey is now FIFA President. Does that mean Infantino will be Platini's puppet? The 40 team WC idea should be thrown in bin
If you're a Spurs fan you should be here: Steve Perryman, Phil Holder (Noddy's brother)!!, Alan Gilzean, Cliff Jones, just for starters...
Gonna attempts some 'safe' Alan films during my time off.something that doesn't make me cry for him. x
Coleslaw in a shopping trolley. The end of the world is nigh. (Pic:
"I'm going to count to three. There will not be a four." (Hans Gruber accent) Alan Rickman being his legendary self. https:/…
So looking forward to starting my holiday in three weeks today!
FL State Sens Joyner and Gibson among those in Jacksonville w/today. Reps Pafford, Fullwood, Mia Jones, Alan Williams here too
Alan Jones – Cory Bernardi | 2GB via Well done again Thanks for your work expos…
Over 26,000 people have interacted with our 3D video of http…
Yes, it does look like it was knitted.
I just love the yellow Pom Pom instead of a head
Oh true. If it was fluttering around her I'd run a mile!
Our very own Alan Jones, offering his expertise 👍
⚡️ "Is this the most beautiful insect in the world? 💖".
chelle's book reviews: The Cabinetmaker by Alan Jones
Check out my 4.5 star review for The Cabinetmaker by Alan Jones
Australia doesn't need more 'Stolen Generations'. We need to stop validating broadcasters like Alan Jones
Can you price up Alan Wyn Jones Man of Match please? Seem to have everyone else bar him? Ta
nails it make US great again. Australia needs brains! Alan Jones cleverest people in Aust. today.
Good morning from spain...always Alan Rickman
Alan Jackson caused thousands of tears to fall as he sang this George Jones classic
anyone > Alan Jones. You don't listen to Faine?
my dad hates him yet he still listens to Mitchell. I don't mind him. Mitchell > Alan Jones.
I'll just plagiarize a Junie B. Jones book & turn it in as my junior theme
Panellists for Mar 3 GPA chair Andrew Weidemann, Nats leader & director Andy Barr, with Alan Jones as host
Alan Jones speaks to the beautiful Nancye Hayes and .
Paul Sheehan is the result of giving free hand to bigots like Andrew Bolt & Alan Jones using Main Stream Media to Spread Hate &…
Alan Jones gives both barrels to yesterday's front page of the Calls it deliberate attempt to destroy Steve Jones' reputation.
A mark of the man - at Steve Jones funeral Dame Quentin Bryce & Alan Jones
Stand against Alan Jones, who claims we need another stolen generation:
Alan Jones says in 5 months Malcolm & I have done nothing but raise expectations. I'll take that as praise
I'm in an uber and the radio is an interview between Mark Latham and Alan Jones. Please send help or kill me.
Alan Jones opinion is worthless, just like his character, his integrity & his radio hate spew show
If you think guys like Bob Carr and Alan Jones are out of touch checkout Barnaby Joyce
You think Alan Jones and Bob Carr are out of touch. See Barnaby Joyce explain his view on *** marriage ..
Sydney: only needs one descriptor. Home to Mark Latham, Alan Jones and Bob Carr.
You're right, Alan Jones isn't senile. He's just a gross human being.
Alan Jones another big Spender donations for the Liberals. owns them like !!
Alan Jones, UR welcome to listen to this mp3 of my nanna Emily if you want to know how beneficial being "stolen" was
Hitler once said 'He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future'. Not far off what Alan Jones has said about stolen generations .
Alan Jones tears Greg Hunt to shreds over mine | The New Daily
people have accused me of being like Alan Jones or Rebecca Wilson for voicing my opinion. Its all confirmation bias.
80 fans ejected from the rugby 7s at Allianz over the weekend. Might need to be a Rebecca Wilson & Alan Jones investigation?
you reckon Ben is just a pseudonym for Alan Jones or Rebecca Wilson?
Kaleo director, Alan Jones doing his job at Revamp!!! Robinson theatre in Church Hill. Come on out!
This is what happens when Rebecca Wilson and Alan Jones drink drive and procreate.
isn't Barry a bit left wing for the Trust. Tony Shepherd, Maurice Newman, Alan Jones et al
Australian of the Year. Partial transcript of Alan Jones - Craig Kelly interview about Tim Flannery's predictions.
Alan Jones attack threat to potential Craig Kelly challengersvia
On Tuesday Liberal MP for Hughes, Craig Kelly told Alan Jones, "At the start of the year, on January 1st, the...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Alan Jones overt bullying of potential contenders to replace Craig Kelly
Alan Jones in bed with Craig Kelly? Like watching congress between hippos. Hideous via
Paul Keating is about to be interviewed by Alan Jones
I often wonder if the media outlets who lament the influence of Alan Jones see the irony in reporting his views as if they'…
Allan Border medallist David Warner has told Alan Jones his family will join him on tour (pic getty)
Erin Jones said this best. Yes, I actually also have friends who support charters because public schools are not...
Some people really shouldn't be allowed to use The Internet!
20 years ago Craig Alan Jones joined Slipknot as a guitar player to replace Donnie Steele, who left the band...
Alan Jones has tried for Liberal Party pre-selection on occasions. He's too extreme for even the RWNJ of party
Good i will come and work to help Alan Jones win Wentworth.Go Alan.
LOL Caller wants Alan Jones to run in Tunbull Wentworth Seat Coz Jones would win & knock off Turnbull
My Personal Tributes To Two Amazing Legends - David Jones as the innovative David Bowie and Alan Rickman as the he…
What? More popular than Alan Jones or Andrew Bolt? What about Hadley - doesn't he get a nomination? Clive Palmer?
How can it be a week since Alan Rickman died 😩😔
The late Alan Rickman urges you to watch this tortoise video for charity.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Our Pal Alan Jones as plenty of Money .Fools keep listening to the arrogant so he does not give a Rats ***
Can we get Andrew Bolt to moderate while Alan Jones does the microphone passing?
Alan Jones could be sued for defaming ICAC barrister
I do hope the Climate Council has checked this first with Maurice Newman, Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt.
Yeah a few of the ShockXpress crew are on here - Alan Jones, Kim Newman, Ramsey Campbell etc, but sadly not Stephen.
gee Jimmy,I thought George Micheal & Alan Jones were the only ones excited by public toilets
I know I need to move on, otherwise I'll end up like Alan Jones after Howard lost the 2007 election.
One of my favourite bits of radio this year was Ray Hadley and Alan Jones talking about spray tans! Thanks for reliving it.
1956 Stagebill for the Shubert Theatre - Alan Jones in Silk Stockings
next time Alan Jones wants to mention CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere, remind him that 0.0005% cyanide is lethal.
Astounding that 200 nations meeting on climate change in Paris could just ignore the views of Alan Jones, Maurice Newman
Looks like the Alan Jones & Rebecca Wilson Book Club are having a meeting...
Alan Jones tells Tony Abbott he suffered "astonishing heckling and vilification from the media class"
Neil Mitchell, partner to Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, Andrew Bolt, Chris Smith. That says it all about Neo Nazi fraud radio 3AW
Attention Hunter Valley: Ian Macdonald tells Alan Jones he was hard done by at ICAC Doyles Creek inquiry. No, I'm not joking
Alan Jones just said "Governor of Victoria, a judge, a woman, Linda Dessau... ". Why the emphasis of "a woman"?
Watch Channel 601 Foxtel at 8pm. Alan Jones. Never forget what they did to James Hird. .
Every Qld Racing participant must listen to this Alan Jones interview. Can we bring him to Qld now! ht…
Salmond's dig at Hilary Benn over his dead father recalls Alan Jones' hateful remarks about Julia Gillard's father
and we need to address thr problem with Alan Jones and Rebecca Wilson
why have you failed to attack Alan Jones & Rebecca Wilson for their disgraceful comments??.
GUUS: Matthew Jones Aust Open win. GOOSE: Rebecca Wilson for exchange with Alan Jones. Next Thursday: Goose/Guus of the Year
Rebecca Wilson,Alan Jones&Ray Hadley all been convicted of breaking laws. Never click on their weblinks unless you like paying their wages
Can't wait to hear the fury from Rebecca Wilson and Alan Jones about this.
Unless it's Rebecca Wilson, Alan Jones, Devine, Panahi, Bolt, Ray Hadley et al. It never is. Always good folk cut. https:…
On we confront the man Alan Jones accuses of death threats against him, Ray Hadley and Rebecca Wilson. http…
"Simon, you're asleep at the wheel." What? Alan Jones no doubt stunned someone had the temerity to stand up to him.
Water or coal? Can't have both. Make your choice. Alan Jones - Elizabeth Farrelly | 2GB via
By George, that 2GB shock joc, Alan Jones, must have failed Art class after drawing the longest bow since William Tell!
Alan Jones talks to Elizabeth Farrelly about Hume Coal and access to farming land
Alan Jones talks to Elizabeth Farrelly about the battle against big via
Remember when Alan Jones was raging at Abbott & the LNP cabinet just like he did with Julia Gillard for breaking a promise? Neither do I...
"Where are the Destroy The Jointers trying to get Bills sacked like they did when Alan Jones sad Julia Gillard should be thrown out to sea?"
.."King of The Mountain " a painting of Joey Dunlop by Alan Jones..
Alan Jones says Turnbull has made a mistake in how he's running the taxation debate. Too many incentives in rich & super
In her 1st interview since, explains to Alan Jones why she never got to perform on Melb Cup day.
NOW- Alan Jones is joined by singer Jessica Mauboy. Her only radio interview
Alan Jones speaks EXCLUSIVELY to Jessica Mauboy in ten minutes from now. Her only radio interview. Listen here:
Alan Jones: Angus Taylor MP on tax reform - 4BC
Alan Jones says Turnbull facing a backlash from back bench. Brilliant Cory Bernarndi says tax reform is about lowering tax not increasing it
Alan Jones hates Barnaby Joyce and Warren Truce .I'm not sure about him at all.Ray Hadley has always Ben Liberal
2GB's Alan Jones to face defamation case over Grantham flood claims via
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