Alan Harper & Half Men

Alan Jerome Harper, DC, is a fictional character from the CBS situation comedy Two and a Half Men. Jon Cryer has played the role since the series began in 2003; after being nominated for an Emmy Award for his depiction of the character in 2006, 2007, and 2008, Cryer received an Emmy in 2009 for his portrayal. Half-Man is a French fairy tale collected by Achille Millien and Paul Delarue. 5.0/5

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January is acting like Alan Harper in Two and Half Men.
I had some Crapy Crepes and now I'm having some Crepe' Craps!. Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men
Remember Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men?. This is him now, feel old yet?
A Fun Fact. Jon Cryer, who plays Alan Harper on “Two and a Half Men,” once auditioned for “Chandler” on Friends,...
American Actress, Marin Hinkle who plays "Judith", the ex wife of "Alan Harper" on Two and a Half Men was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Sitting here watching 'Two and a Half Men' and realized 20 years from now is Alan Harper. 😂
The beer that Alan and Charlie Harper drink in Two and a Half Men is a German beer brand called Radeberger Pilsner.
Alan Harper, the character from Two and a Half Men is the epitome of someone who has absolutely no dignity. 😐😐
Who is Alan Harper? . Alan Harper is an *** !! . Laughed sooo much at this dialogue from Two and Half Men :) :D
I added a video to a playlist Two and a Half Men: Alan Harper's Funny Moments
Two and a Half Men 11x16 How to Get Rid of Alan Harper
Jon Cryer's Alan Harper dressed as Duckie for Halloween? It's (almost) enough to make us watch "Two and a Half Men."
Is it just me, or does Abbott look a lot like a character called Alan Harper off TV's "Two & A Half Men"?
silly pic Alan Harper from Two and A Half Men burnt his eye with toast
hey are you the hidden son of Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men ?
I'm watching Two and a Half Men 1x11 "Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor"
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Alan Harper wears the most flamboyant clothing in Two and A Half Men.
Two and a Half Men is being cancelled probably because of the character, Alan Harper. I dislike that character!
Alan Harper wears the most gruesome Ralph Lauren polos on 'Two & A Half Men' he is great though.
i know Two and a Half Men can die any minute now and the show is not as funny as it once was but I am NOT ready to let Alan Harper go! :(
This customer service seminar guy could be the older version of Alan Harper from two and half men.
Nigel Llong looks like Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men
Alan Harper is keeping this new version of Two & a Half Men from sinking deeper..
Two and a Half Men, starring two men and a woman. Is it implying the woman is half that of a man, or Alan Harper is only half a man?
Let's face it, Alan Harper is the 'most annoying' character in Two&Half Men. So annoying! Arrghh!
The Argos are like Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men
I bear an uncanny resemblance to Alan Harper (of Two and a Half Men fame. And the similarity doesn't end at appearance alone!
On a brighter note: The Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has been replaced by Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men http:…
But isn't life all about living off others?- Alan Harper, Two and a Half Men. :p
Ah, my one weak spot: I just can't stand cheapskates. The best modern example is the Alan Harper character in Two and a Half Men. No class.
AKA Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) from Two and a Half Men! ;) Will be nice to see Dan! Haven't done so in quite some time!
*** According to a report from Deadline, the new idea is that Charlie Sheen‘s character, Charlie Harper (who, after a voltile exit from the show was replaced by Ashton Kutcher‘s Walden Schmidt) has a long lost daughter who shows up looking for her dad and will eventually “move in with Walden and her uncle Alan Harper (Jon Cryer).” The role is yet to be cast. So, now we’re supposed accept a girl as the Half of the series title, Two and a Half Men? Is this just wrong on so many levels and should the CBS show just call it quits once and for all? Or is a feminine touch exactly what Two and a Half Men needs to spark some interest? Sound off below
"I have a knack for babies. And animals. It's only English speaking adults who dislike me."- Alan Harper, 2 And a Half Men.
I couldn't score a woman like that if my semen cured cancer - Alan Harper in 2 and a Half Men
Allgeri is Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men.
Good to see Alan Harper off Two and a Half Men playing well in the World Snooker Final!!
Forget Charlie,Alan Harper is the reason i got hooked onto "Two and a Half Men".
Its so hard to watch 2 and a Half Men because Alan Harper is such a terrible human being.
I'm basically Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men
Watched on XBMC - Gomiso plugin (watching Two and a Half Men, Alan Harper, Frontier ... S01E11)
Two and a Half Men renewed... well I love Alan Harper
I've just noticed Alan Harper off of Two and a Half Men stay wearing polos on the show
whats your least favorite character from a tv show — Either Alan Harper from Two And a Half Men or Carla Esponos...
"Now I did not want to this, but I am Matthew Broderick!" - Alan Harper(Jon Cryer)_Two and A Half Men
Watched all of Pretty In Pink driving myself nuts wondering who Duckie was. Last scene realized he's Alan Harper in 2 & a Half Men!
As Alan Harper noted on Two and a Half Men . . . MMS: Massive Mammary Syndrome; bad for women, good for chiropractors.
Alan Harper says it when he is offered a threesome from his lass on Two and a Half Men...
Love is all around me? Is it hiding behind the loathing and rejection? /Alan Harper, Two and a Half Men/
Who's worse: Alan Harper (Two and a Half Men) or Frank Gallagher (Shameless)? Think Frank is worse but Alan is the better freeloader.
Anybody else watch Two and a Half Men? I think the writers try to write a script about everything that a woman finds repulsive, and then makes it Alan Harper.
I love Two and a Half Men, Alan Harper is too funny man!
That ref last night looked like Alan Harper off Two and a Half Men..
And today I learnt the word chiropractor from Two & A Half Men,and how similar Alan Harper is to Dr J.D. from Scrubs.
Alan Harper. Ahhh this guy. If it wasn't for him, the new Two and Half Men episodes would be boring!
Me and dad watching a new episode of Two and a Half Men: Jake (to Walden and Alan): I've been thinking about names for my first child, I was thinking Walden Harper. Walden: No! Jake: Looks like I'm left with Alan and Chang Xao. Alan: Chang Xao? Why Chang Xao? Jake: I need to be prepared dad, they say 1 in 3 children born are Chinese. Me and Dad: *uncontrollable laughter*
Alan Harper is carrying Two and a Half Men. Still.
This *** reminds me if Alan Harper From Two & Half Men .
Alan Harper of tv's Two & A Half Men. The most pathetic person to have never really existed
O John Paul Jones parece o Alan Harper do Two and a Half Men.
I liked a video Hilarious Alan Harper on Walden's wedding ring [Two and a Half Men]
Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men kisses so weird..
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Sure it *** being Alan Harper in 2 and a Half Men.
Saudades do Charlie Harper em Two and a Half Men ! Tão mais divertido.
Rich and sassy Alan Harper is the best thing about Two and a Half Men right now.
LOL Alan Harper gets better and better in Two and a Half Men
WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: "Two and a Half Men" S11E01- Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) gets in a pickle after discovering the body of his dead son. CBS 8PM
Mind is a wonderful thing., it forgets pain, so it can go out and get some more -Alan Harper, Two & a Half Men
If there is one person I would not like to be, that is Alan Harper from Two & a Half Men
I liked a video Best of Two and a Half Men - Part Four - Alan Harper
*** Jon Cryer is turning into the real life Alan Harper lol. First Charlie Sheen badmouthing Two and a Half Men while working on it and now it's Angus T Jones. Wonder how this year's Two and a Half Men drama is going to play out lol
"Nobody likes the taste of alcohol, we like the effects of alcohol" -Alan Harper, Two and A Half Men
A collection of Alan Harper moments from the T.V. series Two and a Half Men.
Nice guys don't finish last. They finish in the shower :D - Alan Harper. Two and A Half Men :P
Alan Harper, Back to the Future em Two And a Half Men
"I'm Alan Harper & I'm not having sex" too funny Judith wedding to Herb episode of Two & A Half Men
I feel like I am Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men and I kind of look like him too.
Alan Harper was always the best actor in Two and A Half Men.
Today in 1308 room we have the remake of 2 and a Half Men.. STARRING: Shane as Charlie Sheen, Jordan as Alan Harper and Ivan like Half
Two and a Half Men shared the following link and had this to say about it: "Crazy makes you do crazy things" -Alan Harper Watch this clip from last week's episode when Alan finds out about Walden & Rose! (Melanie Lynskey) runs into Walden at a bar and pretends to be choking so he can save her.
This *** reminds me of Alan Harper from Two n Half Men
There is NO WAY Alan Harper, in real life, could get the girls he gets in Two and a Half Men
Alan Harper and Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men they're just so funny
"Skanky kankles,Isn't that what they call Santa clause in Norway" -Alan Harper (Two & A Half Men) Lol :-D
"We all know what happens after making out. Making in and out"- Alan Harper, Two and a Half Men.
Walden Schmidt just kissed Alan Harper. They never needed cheap tricks like these when Charlie was around.I'm giving up on Two and Half Men.
Two & a Half Men 10x03 Threesome ain't that easy for Alan Harper !
"We're not making band-aid's here so no Johnson meets Johnson." -Alan Harper. LMFAO one of the funniest episodes of Two and a Half Men ever!
I think I married Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men.
I have to say tonight Two and a Half Men was so hilarious... I see why Jon Cryer won an Emmy for playing Alan Harper...
Four balls, 2 bats, and one mitt.said Alan Harper about a MFM threesome on Two & a Half!!
Today I realised that Alan Harper in 'Two and a Half Men' is also Duckie from 'Pretty In Pink'. How did I not spot that before now?
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Time to catch up with Walden Schmidt and Alan Harper, god I love Two and a Half Men!
I know this is old news but I just found out. Jon Cryer as Alan Harper (Two and a Half Men) beat out Louis C.K., Larry David, AND Alec Baldwin for an Emmy... ***
Is it just me that thinks Mascherano looks like an identical twin of Alan Harper? (Two and a Half Men)
Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men always wears Ralph Lauren!
so how many people think, that i remind them of Alan Harper from "Two and Half Men?
Watching "Two & Half Men" with pops. Realized: If "Alan Harper" can land a hot blonde, there's hope for me yet!
Show Summary: It’s been a year since we saw Walden Schmidt, a lovelorn Internet billionaire, attempt to drown himself in the ocean after his wife kicked him out. He stumbled into the Malibu beach house where tightly-wound chiropractor Alan Harper and his slacker teenage son, Jake, had been …
Jon Cryer seemed genuinely shocked to win the Emmy for lead actor in a comedy for his role as chiropractor Alan Harper in "Two and a Half Men." Cryer has won for best supporting actor in the days when Charlie Sheen was the show's lead actor. "I did not just win this," Cryer stammered in his acceptance speech. "This is crazy." Jonathan Cryer: this is an actor that I really enjoy watching.
Yah, my boy Jon Cryer won the emmy awards for best leading actor in Two and a Half Men. Make Charlie Sheen proud, Alan Harper.
I think they paint Alan Harper's scalp on Two and a Half Men
Looks like Alan Harper out of Two and a Half Men
Hello Jon, when you leave the 10th season of Two And a Half Men? Here we are in Brasi recruits a lot of you fans Alan Harper!
The doctor to Alan Harper "I have some news... I'm banging my receptionist!" I love Two and a Half Men
Alan Harper's middle name on Two and a Half Men is Jerome? I don't see it. Lol
Holy Nuck Futs!!! 90 Episodes!!! Don't miss Two and a Half Men. Now it's just an annoying *** Brother...and Alan Harper!
Just realized Alan Harper on Two and A Half Men is actually Barney Fife from Mayberry RFD decades later. The similarities, eh?
"Two and a Half Men: That Voodoo That I Do Do ((2005) Alan Harper: [about Charlie] Why - why do you enable his behavior? Berta: Why? I'll tell you why. Because your brother is the embodiment of the can-do, roll-up-your-sleeves spirit, that made this country great! He never gets discouraged, he goes after what he wants, and he doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit". And if the day should come, when any man, no matter how humble, can't go out there, and soil the loins of some hot little dancer, well... I don't want to live in that America! Berta: [starts singing as she leaves the kitchen] "Oh beautiful, for spacious skys, for amber waves of grain... "
Does anybody else think that Javier Mascherano's expression looks like Alan Harper's from Two and a Half Men?
Not only will she not let you touch her, she will interrupt you when your touching yourself --Alan Harper (Two and A Half Men) lmao
I'm suddenly realizing how much my life is similar to Alan Harper's when "Two and a Half Men" first started...
My side dream is to have friends like leonard and sheldon of The Big Bang Theory during college life,have a mixed group of buddies similar to F.r.i.e.n.d.s during job life,and finally after 40,live like a boss like Two and a Half Men's Charlie Harper in a beach house with cigars,bourbon and a brother like Alan Harper. Quite frankly,the first phase is coming true.
"If Zoey don't say, I will: I love you, Walden Schmidt!" - Alan Jerome Harper (Two and a Half Men)
I absolutely detest Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men
Alan: 'who is the real Alan Harper'. Charlie: 'that's easy, Alan Harper is an *** . Lmao. Love Two and a Half Men.
I would hate to be Alan Harper's character on 2 and a Half Men.
What are the 5 favorites words of Charlie - Alan Harper " I can't Spend The Night" - Kathy Bates as Charlie Harper Spirit Two and A Half Men
A history lesson from Alan Harper about the Booty Call
Sharon(Janeane Garofalo,Janis Gold-24) and Two and a Half Men's Alan(Jon Cryer) hook up with amusing consequences in 5x02 episode(Media Room Slash Dungeon) o...
Two and a Half Men The Lost Script Lines: -Alan Harper is reviewing his son Jake's report card, and is dismayed (cont)
Alan Harper "Two & Half Men" gets some classic lines, great script, but Mr Moore is no Charlie Harper
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"A woman's heart is a deep and mysterious place, almost impossible to reach much like the G-Spot!!although we know the heart exist..."Alan Harper 9 Of 2 and A Half Men
I just watched Two and A Half Men On Demand. Jon Cryer's role in that is more annoying than ever!!! Alan Harper is such a freakin' load!!!
Ya know, I have been watching "Two and a Half Men" for some time. It was a fun show when Charlie Sheen was on and I came to appreciate the humor. With Charlie Sheen gone and Ashton Kutcher replacing him, the show was still funny in the first episodes. But that has changed. Does anyone else find that the writers have turned the Jon Cryer character, Alan Harper, into a conniving, lying, and completely unsympathetic person that you no longer like at all? I am at the place where I do not event want to watch the show anymore. Maybe just stick with "The Big Bang Theory", "Mike and Molly", and "2 Broke Girls" for comedies, "Body of Proof" and "Castler" for dramas and of course "Glee" and "Smash"
Alan Harper start to pretend he's Charlie on the new 2 And a Half Men... Now this is something I want to see...
Look who's causing Alan Harper some misery: It's Kathy Bates as the ghost of Charlie on Two and a Half Men! Here's the first official photo of Bates in character — and yes, she's even smoking a cigar and wearing one of Charlie Harper's signature bowling shirts. In the episode, set to air April 30 at...
"LOVE Will Get You thru Times with No MONEY BETTER than MONEY Will Get You Thru Times with No LOVE" ~ Alan Harper on Two & a Half Men Today I Thank GOD For the Many Blessings I Have While I Pray for the Needs of Others Because GOD Knows What I NEED Already. Lord there are Many Suffering from Illness & Disease that Need a Miracle or Cure, there are People Dealing with Grief over the Unexpected Loss of a Loved One that Need COMFORT, there are Others Dealing with Financial problems that Need Help paying their Bills and there are Children being Neglected/Abused that Need LOVE. Please Meet ALL the Needs of My Family & Friends & May Your LOVE, Mercy & Grace Be With Those That Need it Most.Have a Great Day People. I'm Off to Pick up My G~Baby Natalie to Have a Great Day Myself.1 LOVE
Jon Cryer aka Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men
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