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Alan Dershowitz

Alan Morton Dershowitz (born September 1, 1938) is an American lawyer, jurist, and political commentator.

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Alan Dershowitz using Mike Cernovich to sabotage case of Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, protect Mossad's Maxwell?
Jim Wallis, Alan Dershowitz, And Amy Sullivan on the Separation of Church and State: Is it…
...A strategist, an opportunist. - Alan Dershowitz about Steve Bannon
Sleezy pedo lover : "I kept my underwear on during the massage," Dershowitz alleges.
Epstein's lawyer and friend Alan Dershowitz and His Association with Corruption and Pedosadists
99.9% of today's liberal Jews have no knowledge of Jewish history, otherwise they would all be staunch Zionists like A…
Natalie Portman is a jewish supremacist who worked for notorious racist Alan Dershowitz. I used to find her attractive http…
Cuba: 60 Years Later. by Alan M. Dershowitz March 10, 2017 . I finally made it to Cuba -- nearly 60 years after...
Psychopath Alan Dershowitz says that Israel should ignore international law when deciding how to deal with Iran.
Alan Torture is Legal Dershowitz is an Israeli Zionist using America for his own purposes which seems to be…
Why do you continue to have alleged rapist, avowed bigot and hardcore warmonger Alan Dershowitz on your show,
Alan Dershowitz, Professor of "Law" at Harvard, propagandist for Torture, Genocide and theft of…
Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz are among the names in his little black book of pedophilia. That might explain deal https:…
Alan Dershowitz went to Cuba and something that surprised him. It has to do with Raoul Castro's daughter.
Alan Dershowitz thinks voters the same as in the 1980's! may want his MTV, but polls show voters want bank r…
Will Mr "Silverman" will call Alan Dershowitz an antiSemite for absurd fantasies about disproportionate JewishPower…
United Against Freedom (video) While Alan Dershowitz calls his fellow Jews to brag about their power, gentiles are…
Evidence that attorney Alan Dershowitz attempted to cover up his involvement with pervert
is Alan Dershowitz ever going to call in again on your show? Last interview he hung up!
The rejection of Alan Dershowitz and everything he stands for, is for the Western mind, a return to Athens! https:…
Do you want your daughter to end up alone with a Jeffery Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, or Anthony Wiener?
Like the AIPAC Gatestone Institute people like Alan Dershowitz and Jack Rosen?…
"My passion is defending freedom of speech - right, left, and center." - Alan Dershowitz
always the first to throw mud at who advocate peace - as Finkelstein and Falk can testify.
My latest interview with on Trump's wiretap allegations
The Staten Island Ferry and her lawyer, Alan M. Dershowitz - New Yorker Cartoon
A deeper look into Alan Dershowitz's connection to child sex ring
In an unsurprising development, Alan Dershowitz and Mike Cernovich are friends.
apologist in Westminster via Henry Jackson Society. Dershowitz “In Conversation” with Douglas Murray’
No it didn't. And stop intimidating victims of child sex abuse
It's really good, except I can't take Charlie Runkle as Alan Dershowitz.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Wake up. They chose billionaire bigot Alan Dershowitz who backs murderer over Keith.
I, and Chapo, will support Tom Perez if he tells Alan Dershowitz to kill himself
Alan Dershowitz will "quit the Democratic Party" if Keith Ellison elected DNC Chair!. cc
Alan Dershowitz threat to leave if Ellison wins makes it clear: Vote for Ellison for or vote for Islamophobia &…
No matter the outcome the Dem party should be running far away from the likes of Alan Dershowitz, Jeff Epstein's bu…
Alan Dershowitz, who unwittingly endorsed Ellison by "threatening" to leave DNC if he's defends George Zimmerman AND…
I've had Mark Geragos and Alan Dershowitz on with me many times. I have to get and
Alan Dershowitz says Pence statement about him on was "fake news" via
Alan Dershowitz on acting AG Sally Yates: "I think she's made a serious mistake here. This is holdover heroism."
Wow! Alan Dershowitz is a Trump brown noser!
Highlights of Alan Dershowitz's remarks last night at Temple Beth El.
JCRC/AJC worked with the Jewish Federation and host Temple Beth El to present Alan Dershowitz last night.
Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and...
Alan Dershowitz is "threatening" to leave Dem Party if is head of DNC. What took…
How does he explain the attacks on the resolution by the Washington Post, Dennis Ross, Aaron Favid Miller, Alan Dershowitz, all 2-staters!
Alan Dershowitz: Obam will go down in history as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever !.
Alan Dershowitz life long democrat is waking up after all these years of sliding left! The Torah says"you shall reap what you sow!" Read it!
Alan Dershowitz called Black Lives Matter antisemitic based on nothing but thinks it unfair to call Bannon an antisemite bc…
Oh so attorney Alan Dershowitz was on The Lolita and Prince Andrew too
I was just watching Alan Dershowitz on the Kelly Files. This old man is losing it. # no wonder he's a professor
. Haven't you heard? Megyn Kelly & Alan Dershowitz just dismissed any trouble for from FBI. smh
SUPER LIBERAL former lawyer Alan Dershowitz on Kelly File " BLAMES" Comey of trying to skew election in Trumps favor LOL!
Alan Dershowitz said TRUMP needs to take responsibility for saying Hillary's scandal is worse than Watergate. SURE, BLAME…
Alan Dershowitz: the world is a less safe place since Obama has been president. He was too young 2 idealistic and too inex…
People miss the real reason O.J. Simpson got acquitted, says his lawyer Alan Dershowitz - CLONE Noah Friedman
who cares what Alan Dershowitz thinks. he has zero political acumen. his call to fame was OJ Simpson.
'The People v. O. J. Simpson' left out a vital piece of information, according to Simpson's lawyer Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz tells me people misunderstand why OJ got acquitted. Forget the bloody glove. It was the bloody sock.
On my radio show TONIGHT 7-9 p.m. ET: Alan Dershowitz re: Obama scrubbing radical Islam; Dems and Israel; Brexit and 2016 campaign
'American human rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz'. ok now I'm def laughing. amount of bs in this article is staggering.
Alan Dershowitz and Natan Sharansky on Peace in the Middle East...
Anti-Semitic incidents are soaring, group says: Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz said it was hard...
I've thought of publishing a book of my hate mail, but I don't own the...
When I was 14 or 15, a camp counselor told me I was smart. I had never...
A criminal trial is never about seeking justice for the victim. If it ...
Ken Starr was on Jeffrey Epstein's legal team with Alan Dershowitz. These are not coincidences. Sexual predators.
Harvard? Where got an 'education' from the proponent of Torture, Professor of Law, Alan Dershowitz?
(Censorship is) easily misapplied to merely unpopular or only marginally dangerous speech -- Alan Dershowitz
Well, many insane people and seriously mentally ill people seem very r...
because Jewish gangsters rape and sell American children with impunity. Alan Dershowitz
So, endorses Thanks for tipping us off to the likelihood that u're complicit w/ slave trade.
Awe cute! A comedian pretending he sees reality (while ignoring atrocities by Clinton).
Good thing about being older than dirt like Alan Dershowitz is you can say anything and nobody calls you on it.
Respected Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz on.CNN tonite said Donald Trump committed blatant Fraud in his Trump U Scam.
Alan Dershowitz said the Hillary will lose if she adapts some of Bernie’s positions, but didn’t say that He outperforms her in the general
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Alan Dershowitz is a retarded *** who pretends to be smart. No wonder Ted Cruz lost. Dana Schwartz ***
you are total frauds advocating 'diversity'...see comments from Alan Dershowitz
I feel like my 50 years at Harvard were an interlude. I'm really a New...
Joan Peters & her plagiarist Alan Dershowitz both claimed Israel as a land sans people, 4 a people sans land. Hoax!
Alan Dershowitz is not Israeli and his legal opinion is similar to mine.
Alan Dershowitz on the Origins of Human Rights at the 92nd...
Good character consists of recognizing the selfishness that inheres in...
I think mistakes are the essence of science and law. It's impossible t...
The prosecution wants to make sure the process by which the evidence w...
Alan Dershowitz: “Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system.”
It's much better to have rules that we can actually live within. And a...
Irwin Cotler nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Alan Dershowitz via
Talking OJ Simpson with Alan Dershowitz - Tonight at 11 see why he is looking Into White Boy Rick Wershe
Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and Hannah Simpson weigh in on NYC guidelines for transgender pronoun usage.
The speech I wish our White House and military would hear now that the next major attempt to delegitimize Israel...
Yes indeed. Here's a great example ►
The head of the Harvard Law School, Alan Dershowitz said Cruz was the smartest student he ever had at the school.
Alan Dershowitz takes the UN to task. How correct he is.
No, Alan Dershowitz, Obama going to the UK to talk Brexit =/= the Netanyahu speech to Congress:
Alan Dershowitz, defender of ethnoreligious supremacy, comes out against Obama's pro-EU speech in Britain. Brexit never looked better.
Alan Dershowitz, one of his professors- a liberal- said Cruz was one of the smartest students he ever taught- at Harvard.
Alan M. Dershowitz: Hillary Clinton shouldn’t move to the left - The Boston Globe
Alan Dershowitz must be kicking himself for saying Ted's the smartest student he's ever had.
. . . and neither is Hillary. Obama is not pro Israel and his former Secretary of State follows his policies.
Alan Dershowitz wrote a piece. So my colleague responded:
Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz: Obama a hypocrite, should apologize to Netanyahu
Why has this not come out before this week? Flight logs released Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' via
. Wtih a husband like this, HRCs attacks Sanders ?
Talk to us about Monica L. and Bill's other victims as you "fight" for women?.
There's no evidence that I'm aware of that guns reduce crime.
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No, Alan Dershowitz has spoken very highly of Cruz. The citizenship issue was settled in the courts.
📹 eretzyisrael: WATCH: Dershowitz Exposes the Evil Double-Standard Against Israel In this video, Alan...
Have lost all respect for professor's Alan M Dershowitz judgement & only because of Ted Cruz .
"Obama either has a short memory or adheres to Emerson’s dictum: foolish consistency is hobgoblin of little minds.”
"Rape is a crime so heinous that even innocence is no defense" -Alan Dershowitz
Double standards: Obama owes Netanyahu an apology. (PS: he won't get one.)
Is that the Frank Luntz manual or Alan Dershowitz?
I'm talking only about the book and how it refutes Alan Dershowitz' book, in a scholarly way.
She Accepts bribes from child traffickers. … …
She Accepts bribes from child traffickers.
Hillary Clinton should stay centered, says Alan who doesn't feel for Bern. … via
Alan Dershowitz in Hillary Clinton must avoid temptation to move to the left https:…
Alan Dershowitz: Obama fails to see the hypocrisy, meddles in but shuns speech about https:/…
then I was trying to remember why I hated his thoughts. Then I remembered he's Alan "Torture's OK with the Right Paperwork!" Dershowitz
clicked on a provocative headline, then said out loud, "Wait, who gave Alan Dershowitz permission to keep having an opinion"
Update your maps at Navteq
Alan Dershowitz should stick to being a lawyer-he has no clue about politics. So many things wrong w/ this-.
Alan Dershowitz: Obama meddles in Brexit but shuns Netanyahu when he speaks up about Iran | Fox News
Alan Dershowitz admitted he thinks OJ killed Ron and Nicole But he helped him get off. Slimeball!
Alan Dershowitz -- I Coulda Gotten Jesus Off!!! via Big words from a known pedo. Keep up your evil Dersh
You're the Alan Dershowitz to the league's Robert Shapiro. I daren't speculate who's OJ.
Alan Dershowitz: Don’t be fooled America, Bernie Sanders is not pro-Israel | Fox News |
Alan Dershowitz told Megyn Kelly was one of his smartest students.
Talk to Tom Flynn at Free Inquiry, or Alan Dershowitz, both have secular arguments against *** marriage.
I think I have an Alan Dershowitz complex.
.is amazing TV drama, but I was a student of Alan Dershowitz: the Mark Furman element was a serious issue not a desperate Hail Mary.
Alan Dershowitz tells should stay in the Senate "where he belongs"
.talks to Alan Dershowitz about and the
F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz and Barry Sheck along with Johnnie Cochran and Carl Douglas.listen!!
The focus was mainly on allegations made against Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, Je…
Who was NOT on Simpsons "Dream Team" of lawyers? . Alan Dershowitz. Melvin Belli. Barry Scheck. Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.
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According to Alan Dershowitz, Tutu deserves to be "in the dustbin of history". You agree?
DNA of 3 well known figures in US Jewish community (Carole King; Tony Kushner and Alan Dershowitz).
Do you think Dershowitz has already had sex with the Baby New Year?.
You must B an 0bama voter. Alan Dershowitz declared the best law student he had ever encountered. Debate named after
I liked a video Alan Dershowitz: Students don't want diversity of ideas
Jeffrey sex scandal: Alan suffers setback in defamation case
Well, while we're on the subject...
Alan Dershowitz suffers setback in case related to Jeffrey Epstein's underage abuse victims http…
Famous Harvard professor rips into 'tyrannical' student protesters, says they want 'superficial diversity'
That's b/c Ted Cruz is "off-the-charts brilliant" per Alan Dershowitz. Imagine having a brilliant President.
Huge story - great flashback... people need to watch this segment. Alan Dershowitz deposed just in Oct
Sarah Kellen & socialite Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly found and groomed the underage girls:. . Both …
Bill Clinton and the teen prostitutes of "Orgy Island". The plot thickens; the noose tightens.
By Alan Dershowitz At a time when Israel is under persistent attack—on the battlefield, by internati
By Alan Dershowitz About the author: Professor Alan M. Dershowitz is a Brooklyn native who has been
Love Boat trip to Pedophile Island. (see also Lolita Express:
When The Constitution is silent on a matter, it goes to the States..check w/ Alan Dershowitz
The Jeffrey Epstein case is still a potential mine field.Alan Dershowitz gave a depostion on oct 15
*** .Johnnie Cochrane and Robert Kardashian are dead..what about F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz and Robert Shapiro?"
Epstein case & connection to Clinton is alive b/c of Alan Dershowitz's October 15 testimony
You probably think what he & friend/convicted pedophile J Epstein were doing was "consensual" also.
Alan Dershowitz: "I don't believe in firing professors. They have academic freedom."
Pervert Alan Dershowitz regrets sharing Lolita Express with Bill Clinton on trips to Jeffrey Epstein's Orgy Island.
Alan Dershowitz, he defended Jeffery Epstein, the high-profile pedophile. He's the staunchest supporter of israel
Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal: Alan Dershowitz suffers setback in defamation case
I think Cassell is 100% honest, and I totally believe the Jane Doe allegations against scumbag Alan Dershowitz.
All Trump has 2 do 2 win Presidency is say 2 words before millions on TV in final debate v Hillary. Jeffrey Epstein.
“We are the only democracy in the world that makes our criminal justice system political” Alan Dershowitz
Are students from violent neighborhoods disabled? & Alan Dershowitz look at both sides w/
Jackie sweetie, here's the facts...that 'teen' accuser accused Alan Dershowitz not Clinton & the judge tossed the case
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Alan Dershowitz says of former student he is "off the charts brilliant" Maybe you're the *** Sean.
Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet show attorney Alan Dershowitz flew on it at least four times
Senator Carl Levin (left) Rabbi Dov Zakhiem (centre) Alan Dershowitz (right). These Zios did it. Obama just served
William A. Jacobson, Eugene Volokh, Mark Levin & Alan Dershowitz agree that Cruz is a natural born citizen. Good enough for me.
Alan Dershowitz on the Defense (His Own) by Barry Meier [The New York Times] Last month, demonstrators at John...
Iran deal debate on BBC World: arguing with Alan Dershowitz for motion; against the motion: Jack Straw and Norman Lamont
Alan Dershowitz now speaking in intelligence squared debate about the Iran deal on cable news.
At Oxford, Alan Dershowitz debated UK human rights activist Peter Tatchell on boycotting Israel and won. Here's why:
Off the charts brilliant,” liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said of his former student.
You think Obama would appoint Cruz ranked the smartest Harvard student taught by Professor Alan Dershowitz?
you should also watch Peter Beinart debate Alan Dershowitz on this. It's online. It's a crush.
I think it was Alan Dershowitz who said, "no contest = completely innocent"
'Debating against - and winning', by someone who knows how to do it ... Alan Dershowitz.
Israel always loses at Oxford? Debating Against - and Winning, By Alan Dershowitz . …
New post added at - A Conversation with Alan Dershowitz&Jay Lefkowitz
He is a friend and colleague Kasim Hafeez was mentioned by Alan Dershowitz at this pro-Israel event. TREMENDOUS!...
I've had such a satisfying life professionally and personally. I hope my tombstone says, 'Never boring.' - Alan Dershowitz (Lawyer).
Hey Did our agent (Alan Dershowitz) call you about this Oh Hello hosting the Oscars thing? I'm open to it. Let me …
Alan Dershowitz: Debating Against BDS - and Winning. When I was invited to debate in favor of the motion "Is BDS...
Scumbag " Perhaps was at orgy with under age girls".
In his first time at Oxford Union, Alan Dershowitz wins debate on BDS via
who is Prosecutor Marcia Clarke versus Ms. Danny Glover and Mr. Johnny Cochern and Professor Alan Dershowitz and the
monster number: 1" who is Professor Alan Dershowitz as a very, very, tough college professor who in my opnion flunks many
Referring to Cruz's time as a student at Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said, "Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant"
Professor Alan Dershowitz sets out the challenge to all those who single out and unfairly condemn
The Movement summarized in one quote by Alan Dershowitz!
Alan nails it at last nights event in London.
I added a video to a playlist The Lies of Alan Dershowitz
The trial of Abraham here at with Alan Dershowitz, Harvey Cox, and Judge David Barron https:…
Alan Dershowitz and Abraham are two of kind
It's not an accident that Alan Dershowitz blurbs Harris's books. And is praised therein.
Alan Dershowitz and Abraham are two of kind
But...but...but Alan Dershowitz will be in mourning
I got a book called 'The Case for Israel' by Alan Dershowitz give it a read.
Ted Cruz IS most qualified to occupy the White House, and CONFIRMED by liberal law prof Alan Dershowitz
World’s most famous profiles who he thinks is the first Jewish lawyer, from the bible
Elie Wiesel... Board of Advisors (in formation); Alan Dershowitz... Board of Governors (in formation).
I'd like to hear more from Dennis Ross and Alan Dershowitz about how Palestinians feel. [Insert Wonka meme here.]
a few yrs ago I thought maybe ur ok now I detest u! Hillary's ahead of everyone in the race! Alan Dershowitz said there's
emails the same way so Hillary did, it was legal u twit! Alan Dershowitz said Hillary hasn't broken any laws or done anything
Alan Dershowitz was his prof. @ Harvard, & said was his best student ever. Yikes!
Cruz: bad on immigration, caved on Obamatrade, backer ClubFor'Growth' & is Alan Dershowitz approved
no bought as in bought by political pressure against Britain through the Balfour Declaration. Even Alan Dershowitz agree.
ICYMI: Lawyer discusses his new book about opposing the Iran Deal, the presidential election, & more:
Alan Dershowitz is coming to DC Oct 25 Dershowitz & Abraham are 2 of a kind —
Yes, Alan Dershowitz is a very prominent liberal lawyer. Youngest Harvard law professor in history. Much smarter than you.
More images. Alan Dershowitz explains Israels lawful legitimacy and the worlds bias against her.
Note Alan Dershowitz that nastiest anti semite has only under 0.1% Middle Eastern blood. Oy vey hucksters
I don't take what Alan Dershowitz says as the gospel and I think Norman Finkelstein has his number.
You just 100% nailed his ploy. Alan Dershowitz pretends he's a liberal, too.
I'm in an alternate reality when I listen to Alan Dershowitz and he makes complete sense on
yup he got off on a lite sentence b/c his buddies Alan Dershowitz & Ken Starr represented him. Evil ppl at the highest levels
Q&A w/Alan Dershowitz on his new book, ABRAHAM. "Abraham inspired me to become a lawyer."
admin realized criminality of nuclear deal:Alan Dershowitz
.admin realized criminality of nuclear deal: Alan Dershowitz
admin realized criminality of nuclear deal: Alan Dershowitz
.Prof. Alan Dershowitz: is "Committing a Crime" by providing material support 2 terrorism
Prof. Alan Dershowitz: is "Committing a Crime" with by providing material support to terrorism
1995 O.J. Simpson found 'not guilty' Defense team was F. Lee Bailey, Robert Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian
Alan Dershowitz says "gun laws matter." See more of the discussion between Dershowitz & on gun control
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Alan Dershowitz and James Carville are stupid? They've both called Ted brilliant and talented.
SOME Anti-Whites are anti-Israel. Abe Foxman and Alan Dershowitz are not.
Is "hard left" part of the Grey Lady's neutral lexicon? I think of Alan Dershowitz, Sean Hannity et al
Perfect, because Alan Dershowitz and Matthew Kroenig truly belong in a comedy cellar.
Comedy Cellar hosts an debate with Jim Walsh, Alan Dershowitz, Fred Kaplan, Matthew Kroenig this Friday.
The first two interviewees in this film are Jerry Stiller and Alan Dershowitz. I'm loving it already. 💟
Just read Alan Dershowitz's chilling analysis of European anti-Semitism (Mar '14). Must-read for open-minded people.
Totally agree, the book Terror Tunnels by Alan Dershowitz is highly recommended in this regard.
Alan Dershowitz tell truth about AIran Nuclear Agreement tomorrow on The Costa Report
. is more liberal than Alan Dershowitz!
The President Should Stop Questioning the Motivations of Opponents of the Iran Deal by Alan Dershowitz
What money abd influence can buy: Impunity. Israeli apologist Alan Dershowitz get away with a crime. .
via Alan Dershowitz | Mr. Obama, your Iran deal will fall apart
"Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected." ~ Alan Dershowitz
Don't worry Jared, just hire Alan Dershowitz. He got off.
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You can tell when Alan Dershowitz is lying, his mouth moves
Did Dannythefink show alleged paedophile Alan Dershowitz around our British House of Commons?
Alan Dershowitz Calls Obama an 'Inept' Negotiator and a 'Bully' to Iran Deal Op... via Bad
NCDD Summer Session: So many great moments, but Prof. Alan Dershowitz and Dean Emeritus Steve Jones best sum it...
Live from Cambridge: Alan Dershowitz and Dean Emeritus Steve Jones celebrates 20 years of NCDD.
Jim Wallis, Alan Dershowitz, and Amy Sullivan on the Separation of Church a | | Speakers & Storyteller…
I'm for Ted Cruz the smartest 1 in the field even Alan Dershowitz agrees
Lib law prof Alan Dershowitz said Ted Cruz at Harvard was "off the charts brilliant." BHO's grades there were, well, r…
Alan Dershowitz, Esq on why the BDS movement makes no sense! Two state solution supported!
Alan Dershowitz suing TD Garden for slip and fall - Boston Globe (subscription)
good lawyer joke (not even a joke, really, since true) from Alan Dershowitz, quoted in new Jon Krakauer book.
On Friday night at Search: Paul Clayton - Opens May 6th in NYC the famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz came to the...
Alan Dershowitz blasts Marilyn Mosby: 'This is a very sad day for justice'
thanks but nothing saves an *** chewing she's a cross between Alan Dershowitz a USMC DI and a short Jaime Lee Curtis
nah, more like: F. Lee Bailey, Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian and Barry Scheck.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ken Starr involved in getting Epstein and ultra right wing nationalists Alan Dershowitz off... via
tObama could not get in Alan Dershowitz class at Harvard. Cruz did. Dershowitz said of Cruz,"Has to qualify as one of the…
Even liberal Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz who was his prof at Harvard says “Off-the-charts brilliant"
Alan Dershowitz & Paul Callan explain why conviction makes sense and why we'll extradite her
Palestinian state came across as a last-minute move of desperation, Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz said Tuesday during an
Alan Dershowitz on why is NOT the commander in chief of foreign policy
Alan Dershowitz on the role of the in Israel's election results
This is amazing. Alan Dershowitz is not defending Robert Durst.yet.
Thoughtful piece by Alan Dershowitz on how Palestinian Authority actions influenced the Israeli election.
Do you agree with Prof. Alan Dershowitz that the actions of the Palestinian Authority are the cause of the...
FBI might have Jeffrey Epsten's sex tapes: report. Is this a problem for Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew?
I will guess Professor Alan Dershowitz, the fascist who promotes Torture as 'legal state policy - your Professor.
Opinion: The Role of the Palestinian Authority in Israel’s Election Results, by Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz writes, "At least twice over the last 15 years, Israel has offered the Palestinians...
Alan Dershowitz: twice over last 15 years, Israel has offered Palestinians generous two-state solutions
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
founding editor of the Latino Law Review-Alan Dershowitz said he was off-the-charts brilliant
Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz, a supporter of Barack Obama’s election in 2012, is offering...
Time yet for Alan to apologize to President after shameful statements?
President is not Commander in Chief of Foreign Policy. by Alan M. Dershowitz • March 17, 2015 at 1:00 pm
Did Robert Durst seal his fate with "Kill them all" confession?: Alan Dershowitz, Professor emeritus of Law at...
Press row debate on whether is the Spike Lee of I think it's probably Alan Dershowitz.
Bill O'Reilly & Alan Dershowitz think that screaming denials, and threats to sue, make anyone think the charges aren't true. No way.
Alan Dershowitz sure looks nervous these days. And his teeth are so yellow.
Alan Dershowitz BFF is now the at CIA. BRILLIANT!!!
The idea of trusting Alan Dershowitz's surrogate son with US secrets is hilarious.
Ted Cruz drives the left crazy. Also according to Alan Dershowitz: Ted Cruz one of Harvard Law's smartest students
"It's every lawyer's dream to help shape the law, not just react to it.". Alan Dershowitz
Dershowtiz: We who voted for PBO have "major responsibility" to stop him frm becoming Chamberlain of the 21st Cent
someone I know is friends with Alan Dershowitz's daughter and were talking about what a good man he is. I missed an opportunity
'The Internet knows no national borders.' - Alan Dershowitz
The Len Mazur Memorial Lecture featuring Alan Dershowitz is just around the corner. If you could ask him a...
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