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Alan Colmes

Alan Samuel Colmes (born September 24, 1950) is an American radio/television host, liberal political commentator for the Fox News Channel, and blogger.

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Relative newcomer Mike Huckabee is a real find as the brooding Alan Colmes.
I enjoyed you debating the late Alan Colmes. He really never stoo…
and like the dearly departed Alan colmes from Fox News told her "you are a walking hate crime". Tha…
They knew Alan Colmes was dying, they needed another liberal w/room-temperature IQ to replace him.
I don't like this new Fox. there was a sweet spot between Alan Colmes and first season Red Eye
"Yes" and "Alan Colmes" could've been Pay-Day answers for But no. And dodges another bulle…
Hubby and I are thinking the same as you. Not enough depth. Plus who…
Cavuto's alliance with anchor Alan Colmes in this artful and poignant show marks a victory in the war against the self.
Alan Colmes was too boring for either of those categories.
Best of O'Reilly's Alan Colmes news shows: taut and tough.
Like, in explaining to who Alan Colmes even is, I legit started yelling in my living room. I’m still that mad at him.
Fair and balanced! Alan Colmes, O’Reilly pretending he’s independent, and a wet dishrag Ailes sat on one time.
It turns out I’m STILL mad at Alan Colmes for being the most spineless makebelieve liberal blow up doll for Hannity for all those years.
Also the late Alan Colmes and the guy on The Five that is total left. Name one regular Ri…
This 1935 musical finds Greg Gutfeld and Alan Colmes at the top of their form.
O'Reilly is gone wish Alan Colmes could have seen this
Just put a picture of Alan Colmes on the screen for an hour and play some nice music.
Podhoretz trashing Alan Colmes for some reason.
Hannity would not have amassed his level of influence without Alan Colmes as the ineffectual straw man. Trump wouldn't be POTUS w/o Hannity.
.I will allow Sean Hannity to beat me up. You need a new guy now that Alan Colmes and Pat Caddell are dead…
The dictator has fallen. Farewell Bill (you *** . Bill O'Reilly Flips Out At Alan Colmes - 'You're Lying!'
Once, Bill O'Reilly called the late Alan Colmes a liar because he couldn't name one program that Obama planed to cut.
Fox News became unwatchable when Alan Colmes left Hannity and Colmes. And that was a long time ago.
Bill O'Reily looks to be gone from Fox, that just leaves the doughy Hannity who I am almost certain ate Alan Colmes recently.
I think Fox News's decision to hire liberals like the late Alan Colmes was a bad decision, too.
Actually, I leave Alan Colmes off list. He was definitely a lib but he is dead now & his FNC colleagues loved him.
Looks like I was drinking I wasn't lol... meant loved your radio show Alan Colmes lol.
Missing you... Alan Colmes lovers your radio show & Im not into radio shows.
With the death of Alan Colmes, America lost a wonderful progressive voice, and the world lost a thoroughly decent man. T…
So sad to hear the news about my friend Alan Colmes. He was a wonderful colleague, kind person and a great debater. He wil…
The late and incredibly missed Alan Colmes, was my closest friend from when I was 18, for twenty years. He...
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Oh, yes. I get all my news from a panel of morons. Jed has become the Alan Colmes (RIP) of the right (?).
Rest In Paradise to the late great Alan Colmes. Always a great and respectful person. What sad news to start the day...😢
The Kelly File is Alan Colmes at his most philosophical.
With Alan Colmes dead, who cleans up all *** at the end of these segments now?
What is your opinion of the late Alan Colmes?
Why keep him on the air? He's CNN's version of Alan Colmes.
real coup is the perfect casting of consummate chameleon pundit Geraldo Rivera as Alan Colmes.
Top of the line Geraldo Rivera with wonderful Alan Colmes and surprisingly funny John Roberts.
Greta Van Susteren, Alan Colmes, and John Shadegg all turn in very solid performances.
tfw you are booked on cable news to be the Alan Colmes of unsuccessfully rebutting claims that WASP genes are degen…
For his part Stossel does Alan Colmes with a lightness of touch that fits in with the show's cheery view of his unscrupulousness.
Harris Faulkner and Alan Colmes aren't afraid to keep it real.
So sad to wake up and learn of Alan Colmes death. He was such a kind, sweet gentleman who was always respectful and profe…
If you're compelled to disgrace the memory of a good man like Alan Colmes for clicks, close the laptop & think about how y…
I'm sure Alan Colmes was a great guy, but why are people saying he was smart? He lost nightly debates to Sean Hannity.
Mark Levin interviews Sean Hannity about the passing of Alan Colmes (Feb... via
Sean Hannity on Alan Colmes death: "Colmes had a decency that transcended all politics." Liberals on Alan C…
The Eaton County Republican Party is deeply saddened by the deaths of Alan Colmes and Brenda Butner Praying.
Alan Colmes was always fair to Ron Paul.
You don't think there's a resemblance between Alan Colmes & actor William Fichtner? I do. RIP, Mr Colmes, KOT Billy
Alan Colmes was one of the most sincere, kind, and principled people I've ever met in this business. The good ones alwa…
two respected colleagues lost this week. rest in peace Brenda Buttner & Alan Colmes. love, prayer and strength to your…
Alan Colmes made one wonderful contribution to American culture, with more than a little help from Public Enemy. https:…
Wow! I guess was only PLAYING a dead guy on TV. Looked like he was dead a long time ago. RIP Alan Colmes.
Prayers for comfort and peace for his family as they face this loss. There are good souls who love this country...
To Jocelyn Crowley and all the Alan Colmes family...I am sorry for your loss and will pray for your family to experience the peace of God.
New Alan Colmes, Fox News contributor and longtime broadcaster, dies at 66
What sad news. Alan was such a wonderful, decent man whose humanity was always on display. A great example for all.
Bummer, he was one of the few leftists I could stand. Always polite. Alan Colmes dies at age 66.
So sad about the death of Alan Colmes. Beautiful echo by Colmes seemed kind & always classy when he debate…
I think Trump made Alan Colmes lose the will to live
Prominent liberals celebrated the death of Justice Scalia. Prominent conservatives mourn the loss of Alan Colmes. Se…
Rest In Peace Alan Colmes. You fought the good fight and braved an ever increasing right wing Fox News to spread the progr…
Remembering Alan Colmes, a debator who could laugh >
Remembering the life of Alan Colmes Condolences to his family.
Thank you (and Alan Colmes) for reminding us it is possible to thoroughly disagree with someone and still like…
Remembering Alan Colmes, a liberal who could laugh via the App
RIP Alan Colmes. I met him once & he laughed when I said the line was too long for Hannity.
Veteran Fox News contributor Alan Colmes has passed away at 66.
Longtime Fox News host Alan Colmes has died after a brief illness
re:Alan Colmes death-he was actually more fun to be around than some crotchety conservatives w/o sense of humor; respe…
for his family & friends. Remembering Alan Colmes, a liberal who could laugh.
Alan Colmes was from a time where Conservatism was healthy and up for a good, honest debate. Prayers to his family.
Im sad about the death of my friend Alan Colmes. Most knew him as a self-proclaimed liberal, Jewish, agnostic. I... htt…
Alan Colmes, liberal voice on Fox, dead at 66
Hamilton Collection
Alan Colmes showed us all how to argue an opinion fiercely w/out sacrificing civility - he will be missed
Alan Colmes was known for tv, but I first heard him broadcasting on 66.6FM w/
What was cause of death for Alan Colmes?
Aaaaw man. Alan Colmes was a great guy. Always treated people well and was one of the few liberals who engaged in ideas. RIP,…
OMG! May you be at peace Alan Colmes, though we usually disagreed you were a good person in your debates and...
Alan Colmes Passes Away At Age 66 - Fox News broadcaster Alan Colmes passed away on Thursday at the age of 66. ... https:/…
Alan Colmes, Liberal Fox News Alum, Dies At 66: Best known for his work on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes," he was the…
RIP Alan Colmes... I always felt sorry for him when he had to work with that moron Sean Hannity
Alan Colmes, Fox News contributor and broadcaster, died this morning after battling a brief illness. He was 66.
Alan Colmes has died. An old school liberal who was actually open to listening to other people's opinions. Sad.
Longtime radio, TV commentator Alan Colmes dies at 66
.reflects on the passing of Alan Colmes: "It's like a part of me left today... This was a good man with a great,…
Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity’s liberal sparring partner for 12 years on Fox News, has died at 66
Alan Colmes, I will miss you. I always respected you. The only person at Fox who had the courage to to have me on your sho…
I was just thinking about Alan Colmes yesterday after seeing mention of annoyingly redundant Sean Hannity and he dies today. Weird.
Rest In Peace, Alan Colmes. We didn't agree on much, but he was a decent, good man, and not hateful.
Sorry to hear of the passing of Alan Colmes after a short illness. RIP
So sad to hear of the death of Fox News colleague Alan Colmes. He and I agreed on little, but I liked him immensely. Good guy…
.on Alan Colmes: "Alan was civil. Alan was kind. He was the staunchest supporter of freedom of speech I think I'v…
I heard Alan Colmes passed away at 66.
Very sad about Alan Colmes passing. He visited us at the JBS Institute in October with Judge Jeanine Pirro. A classy gentleman indeed. RIP.
Alan Colmes -- 'Hannity & Colmes' Star Dead at 66: Alan Colmes, half of the FNC hit show……
The late Alan Colmes in a WNBC Radio sales promo from 1987. The station was a big mess after Howard Stern left:
Haven't seen Alan Colmes for years & think they've quit using Lamont Hill. They need to dump Green too
lol I haven't thought about Alan Colmes in ages! Defs better looking. Would recommend.
IKR! Sadly like Deluded Alan Colmes, they KEEP trotting him out, so the "endurance" is getting to be diffi…
I see tissues on the desk. Is Alan Colmes coming back?
Little did I know that the last words I would say on WNBC would be th...
.talks to former commanding officer Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Lehnert about ending torture…
Fox News need to be aware. Geraldo just like Alan Colmes. Bring out the remote control!!!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Get Alan Colmes off FOX Radio. He can go cozy up with Megan Kelly and Greta Van Sustren on an NBC station & talk about $$ over ethics.
Julie is morphing into Alan Colmes & Juan Williams.same blind the party.
ladies, and gentlemen, today's fake news, brought to you from Alan Colmes.
Incredible star Bret Baier is the one to watch in Alan Colmes's Special Report with Bret Baier
It is fun to look back and see how Mike Huckabee completely stole the show from its bankable star, Alan Colmes.
Fox tired of even giving Alan Colmes a half hour a day, so demoted him.not even a Colmes County there :)
You're Alan Colmes for the Youtube generation - a gutless liberal who makes the alt-right look correct.
.tells she sees a "Neo-Fascist government forming before our very eyes"
Is there a relationship between politics and spirituality? – Alan Colmes 1.11
Perhaps Alan Colmes's most opaque show, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson is nonetheless one of his most personal.
I think Juan is only liberal they can get to go on fox and give the "other side". like him better than Alan Colmes😊
where is an Alan colmes show in Disney wonder land
yes but he did make Alan colmes an exception
as far as I know her doctorate work was never scrutinized. It will be now. Fun fact: she's Alan Colmes' sister-in-law.
Juan Williams is a caricature of a Leftist. Sort of along the lines of Alan Colmes. Johnny Wrongly. Everyt…
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Thinking she may of had a connection to Alan Colmes
That is their policy. I am sure he also wouldn't say if they are investigating Alan Colmes for hacking the DNC. Jus…
"Democrats For Trump" is fake. FoxNews ALWAYS hires wimpy goofy weaklings (like to caricature Democrats (A…
Genius, scholar, and war hero though he is, you have to admit - or maybe...
ever notice how she looks like she is morphing n2 Alan Colmes? Got the whole alien lizard ppl look going on.👽
Great news! Alan Colmes has extended his run of decent productions! To two!
Starring Bill Hemmer and Alan Colmes in top form, Peter Johnson, Jr.'s serio comedy is the second and best version of the play.
Jaun has made himself sound so foolish, soon he will be on with Alan Colmes...
Alan Colmes knows the answer. Because the Liberal Jews are Pendejos. Most are Anti-Israel. *** these Hippo-crites.
Right now the Democrats are the Alan Colmes to the GOP's Sean Hannity. A passive-aggressive urbanite who rolls over when a bully shows up.
Alan Colmes cries himself to sleep each night when he thinks about playing the Washington Generals role with this empty suit
I miss Alan's come to this..
Take that Alan COLMES. He hates Trump so much that he should be investigated
I liked a video from WNBC 66 New York - Final Hour of WNBC UNSCOPED - Alan Colmes
Transgender surgery has made great gains over the yrs. Chad Bono and Alan Colmes actually look li…
Anyone remember the Fish & Mr. Limpet animated movie with Don Knotts 1964? The fish looks like Alan Colmes.. LMAO
Bret Baier and Alan Colmes provide heart-warming romance and comedy in this solid debut by anchor Peter Doocy.
Its bad when you would rather have Alan Colmes or maybe Bob Beckel. What his real thoughts?
If Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams and Alan Colmes is Fox News Balanced Part you're in trouble
Richard Fowler, Doug Schoen, Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, Jamue Greene, Donna Brazile, all are among the biggest liars on earth
Shepard Smith you're a freaking *** alongside Juan Williams AND Alan Colmes you make me sick I'm about finished with fox
I can't watch that Opinionated POS Shepard Smith any more! He's as bad as Alan Colmes.
Could not believe Shepard's attitude today. You need to put him, Alan Colmes and Juan Williams together, call it "The Putz Panel."
A warm, entertaining compendium of counterculture voices (including Harris Faulkner and Alan Colmes) and literary landmarks.
Harris Faulkner makes Alan Colmes's story of a deadbeat rocker with marriage problems his own.
Real ones? They don't get more liberal than Alan Colmes. Juan Williams is a Dem and Arthel Neville used to be on CNN
Greta, that's standard practice for the left Dems, like Alan Colmes the liberal fanatic and many others when they feel threatened!
Special Report with Bret Baier is a funny comedy starring Bret Baier and Alan Colmes.
Does anyone else think Alan Colmes looks like a freshly exhumed corpse? Th…
and Alan Colmes looks like his makeup was put on by a mortician
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Why do u even have Alan Colmes? He's such a shameless liar and he looks like his face is melting. Ugh. At lea…
Alan Colmes looks like he's a cadaver. He looks like a talking skull.
It should be legal to kick Alan Colmes in the mouth; even when he doesn't say anything -he just LOOKS like he needs it!
I said it before and worth repeating, that Alan Colmes looks like a body that decomposed for 30 years in a casket from it's…
Wow that was during the brief window whern Alan Colmes, who looks like a frog, was opposite…
I was before it was cool. I used to feel sorry for Alan Colmes.
has anyone besides Alan Colmes gotten things wrong so often as you.It's bizarre how you keep a job as oftenWrong
Alan Colmes claimed OJ was innocent and defended Bill Ayers, he is a liberal wimp with his nose up the Clintons ***
Alan Colmes doesn't have the brain of a macrophage. He's a mouthpiece for the worst liberal ideas on the planet
Hey Alan Colmes, how many reports, in these states, do they have on transgenders' rights being violated while potting? Huh?
Juan Williams Geraldo and Alan Colmes must drink vodka on Thursday! !
Juan Williams is Nauseating, he's almost as bad as "The Fly" Alan Colmes. the Hillary loving is out of control.
You're becoming a shorter equally handsome version of Alan Colmes.
Alan Colmes David Duke both lost souls and should be put to sleep or taking out
The fourth (and least effective) collaboration between Neil Cavuto and Alan Colmes...
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Speculative but gorgeously presented account of Harris Faulkner's creation of his masterpiece with Alan Colmes on cracking form.
.is on with talking about her book "The Life and more!
Alan Colmes said Trump would never be the GOP nominee, now he says Trump will never be elected President. He's been wrong all along.
Alan Colmes said right now: " Donald Trump will not be the President of the U.S.". Colmes has been so wrong.
Alan Colmes is a VERY nice man. I'm so glad you're on his show! Have fun!
Tonight at 7pm ET catch me on the The Alan Colmes Show
Oh look! It's Monica Crowley, Alan Colmes sister-in-law on with One big happy family back in
“I won’t say how Alan Colmes has the appearance of a gargoyle. “ via
Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes astound in touching, well-told tale of rebirth and redemption.
Alan Colmes always gets away with murder with his rhetoric.
LOL Alan Colmes suddenly care about our vets?
Douthat is to the NYT what Alan Colmes was to Fox "News"
I never thought this would happen, but I have more respect for Colmes now... Alan Freaking Colmes. This is how you know it's bad.
I would like to know how Alan Colmes feels about another man in a bathroom with his wife, if he is still married
his show was good when Alan Colmes was there for me to loathe   10% Off
I saw a pic of you with Alan Colmes. So what?
If you missed my interview w/ Alan Colmes on Fox News, it was chosen as a "must see" Editors Pick.
He was better when Alan Colmes was around.
Wow. YOU are a ridiculous person! Your little victimhood routine for Alan Colmes was ALL lies.
Does Juan Williams hang around with Geraldo and Alan Colmes drinking again ??
Hannity is a complete sellout. He should get Colmes back so Alan can play the conservative.
Wild John Stossel horror classic anchored by great Alan Colmes.
PS - They have jerks like Alan Colmes, Karl Rove, Juan Williams, & other biased talking heads on all the time.
Mike Huckabee is personable as John Shadegg, and Stuart Varney is even more so as Alan Colmes.
Breaking News! Alan Colmes comes out as straight.
Along the same lines that Alan Colmes has switched party affiliations today to the GOP ;)
Carrying Trump's water. At least Alan Colmes is honest about his Liberalism.
You've really become a pathetic sidekick sycophant, Rubin. A lamer Alan Colmes; didn't think that was even possible
Real bad radio reception here only 2 stations come in clearly now. 1 is Glenn Beck...The other is Alan Colmes...I'm listening to Colmes
how can you not dig a TV show that offers Megyn Kelly and Alan Colmes on top of Hasselbeck?
Isn't her brother in law the Marxist Alan Colmes? YES! Viewers all one happy TV family over
"yea lot of that going round on right side of political spectrum". Frank f/ ABQ. this week, Alan Colmes Fri free 4 all
You're brother in law is Alan Colmes? ***
.talks to Dr. Larry Goldstein about Congress investigating stem cell researchers
Paired with Alan Colmes for a reason.
Alan Colmes is the television news equivalent of a WWE villain
Stu Bryer's guest this morning at 10:05 is TV commentator, author and radio host Alan Colmes. Join the conversation!
Amazing, isn't it? I hear Alan Colmes will be advising Hannity this week.
She has been converted to be MSNBC's Alan Colmes a worthless progressive back stop
Was only balanced when did show with Alan Colmes.
Hannity only balanced with Alan Colmes. Hannity is the the Fuhrer of Fox.
Hannity is a True right wing Fox. Show needs Alan Colmes back ASAP.
Fox's Alan Colmes on how the media and the GOP enabled Donald Trump's rise:
Daryl Davis talks to about converting Klansmen in America
Don't know who is worse you, Juan Williams, Jehmu Green or Alan Colmes
domain names
link between Alan Colmes and being tremendously unlikable. Science is truly amazing huh?
hannity makes alan colmes look like Chuck Norris...ppl are dropping him and Faux News fast
What about that valiant champion of liberal intellectual firepower, Alan Colmes?
sad to see this biased reporting and not telling the whole story and of all things, Alan Colmes. Ugh
Alan Colmes is foolish. Obama's made copious mistakes and never apologized for his behavior -only America's.
Alan Colmes should be Bernie Sanders running mate both are dumber than a box of rocks
every shot of Alan Colmes on fox looks like he's saying "please don't put me back in the cupboard"
Alan Colmes's talent often makes commentary look easy, and this time, just to show off, he does it in French.
I didn't realize you were still on, is alan colmes still on the show with you?
is an embarrassment to conservatism, to the legacy of our founders, to decency, to common sense - even to Alan Colmes.
Has Trump officially taken over the Alan Colmes role yet?
Dark, dazzling turns by Geraldo Rivera and Brit Hume, and Alan Colmes makes it achingly romantic.
hannity makes alan colmes look like Chuck Norris
.talks to Michael Dukakis about next https…
.talks to Michael Dukakis about next
That guy looks creepier than Alan Colmes
I feel like this is just a prelude to yet another argument lost to his nephew:
IMHO It's very good of U 2 defend Ben Shapiro just as U would UR fellow liberal Alan Colmes. U R a good guy.
Except Alan Colmes actually stands by his principles.
Every time Megyn Kelly, Stuart Varney, and Alan Colmes connect in a scene, we hear the happy ding!
Jon Scott will amaze you with his subtle but powerful portrayal of the lovable Alan Colmes.
Top of the line Shep Smith with wonderful Paul Gigot and surprisingly funny Alan Colmes.
Alan Colmes is a smug, sarcastic, shallow, supercilious ***
Monica ALWAYS looks great.until I remember she's related to Alan Colmes! LOL
Alan Colmes steps in to ridicule doubters of official story - Some claiming a cover-up surrounding Scalia's death.
Sean please don't force me to OAN. I cannot stand Jeraldo. Alan Colmes is worse, but not by much.
I was never a big Sean Hannity guy even when he was with Alan Colmes. Now I REALLY can't stand him. Lol
you have now put your self into the *** class with Glen Beck and Alan Colmes you finally made it
Alan colmes? That's like trading one comedian for another. is funnier than both.
.tells an caller: "I'm not Islamophobic, I'm Shariaphobic"
.tells more people are actually going back to Mexico over the border than coming here
U & Alan Colmes are the 2 luckiest people on earth. Two knuckleheads who actually get paid for being stupid. Only in Amer.
surely people with more intelligence than Juan Williams and Alan Colmes can be found to appear on Fox News. PLEASE !
Coops)) Juan Williams and Geraldo are drinking with Alan Colmes again !
He was asked point blank by Alan Colmes if he's had sexual experiences with men and he never answered the question.
Alan Colmes funny??? I listen to him everyday and I haven't heard onetime a joke or laughter ...
Empower your life - Check out this great interview on broadcast with Alan Colmes.
Never thought I'd say this but I actually miss Alan Colmes
The more I hear the more I miss Alan Colmes.
Who knew Alan Colmes was the lesser hack on the original show.
Awww, you've got a new co-host. He'd be a perfect replacement for Alan Colmes.
Alan Colmes was a shill replaced by NPR's Juan Williams 🙄
That Alan Colmes is the truly the pig Prince of mudville . This morning on fox he said Trump wasn't articulating right ?
Trump is making for strange I saw Cal Thomas and Alan Colmes practically exchanging bodily fluids in (1/2)
.even w/ proof liars like Alan Colmes deny Cruz was at Scalia funeral. See proof.
Apparently Trump has replaced Alan Colmes as Hannity’s new co-host.
It's a real shame you have to put on these Liberal fools like Alan Colmes to run Donald Trump down to amuse yourselves.Sad!
Himself! ...even Alan Colmes could beat him! I believe the majority of the US voters don't want another bully for POTUS!
Media Alert: Today, 2/22, Bill will be on Fox News Radio's "The Alan Colmes Show" @ 6:15pm ET. RE: Pope and Trump.
From denial to anger? Media's tone against Trump shifts: Media analysis from Alan Colmes, host of the 'Alan Co...
Now Cal Thomas joins forces with mentally disabled Alan Colmes to Bash Trump and his supporters...
Alan Colmes is trying to impede freedom of choice with his vile, hateful condemnation of Trump supporters. Stop him now.
Voters, don't let Alan Colmes and the NY Daily News get away with talking the trash against us. Who are they to insult our intellect.
Bill O'Reilly-Alan Colmes collaboration is funny, touching and tense.
And Alan Colmes doesn't appeal to me on ANY level!
Alan Colmes on Fox News said doesn't appeal to people intellectually.
And now the venomous arrogance of Alan Colmes supports theory that Trump supporters r ignorant due time Colmes
Alan Colmes has always looked like a slimey snake to me!
When I was on the Alan Colmes show, I definitely had a drink before.
A showcase role for otherwise supporting pundit Alan Colmes, and he makes the most of it without ever being showy.
Always entertaining. Will you do us a favor? Whack Alan B. Colmes?
He's on the same level with Alan Colmes.
Kirsten should ride off in the sunset with Alan Colmes and we wont miss either of them
Bring back Alan Colmes Mr. You of all ppl shld know having two panelists who seldom disagree is boring TV.
Sean Hannity proves that Alan Colmes was no fluke.
It must be great having Alan Colmes in the family; it must take a lot of self control to endure it.
Mike Huckabee is cool. Sarah Palin is cool. Alan Colmes playing George Will? Cool.
Muslim US Olympian only getting attention because of faith?: Alan Colmes vs: Pamela Geller on the idea that Ib...
Alan Colmes is outstanding; this pundit, herein in near-total shadow, is as compelling as he is in virtually every role played.
How many times have I told y'all David Brooks is no conservative at NYT?. Alan Colmes of NYT. Worthless POS.
Fox News VIDEO: Pamela Geller vs. Alan Colmes on Muslim Fencer: Check out my interview to...
Alan Colmes avoids the usual TV show cliches of addiction and abuse in his fierce, discomforting portraits...
Tammy Bruce and Alan Colmes on morning show attack Cruz and innuendos on Carson. Could they be politicking for establishments?
Stuart Varney stars and, despite some pretty awful makeup, nails his performance as Alan Colmes.
Gutfeld captures Alan Colmes's yearning for Stuart Varney and Carl Cameron's addiction-induced indifference with equal force.
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Alan Colmes, caught in a mistruth (lie) on Megyn Kelly show, 2/5/16, just starts talkin' faster to get by it. lol! Ah,
What cb channel is the Alan Colmes show on?
Alan Colmes, needs to go back to stand up because he is so boring on your show soon!
Why have this *** Alan Colmes on UR SHOW. He is way Anti Gun and a Obama Lover Dem. He looks like he's H…
A rare show where the pundits' charisma overcomes leaden direction. Geraldo Rivera and Alan Colmes are wonderful.
February 02, 2016 Alan Colmes vs: The Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver on the idea that *** are borrowing the...
Well one thing CNN has going for it is I don't have to listen to Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams or Alan Colmes!
Sean, If you're gonna have a different opinion, you might as well bring back Alan Colmes. Geraldo is an obvious scripted fake.
Check out Pastor on the Alan Colmes talkshow on Fox radio today at 6:06 cst
Alan Colmes is such a dismissive Arrogant pompous *** Tammy Bruce should back hand him out of his chair.
Lock Johnny Williams in a cage with Jerry RIvers, Alan Colmes, throw in some weasels and charge pay per view. PROFIT
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