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Alan Carr

Alan Carr (born 14 June 1976) is an English comedian and television personality.

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To the track on Alan Carr's Happy Hour here:
Not very professional calling one of your staff members Alan Carr, the admin of this T…
Alan Carr is joined by Martin Kemp, Dannii Minogue, Gary Barlow for his Chatty Man Christmas Special
people just think Alan Carr is spending a lot of time in the city *on his keyboard*
Alan Carr leaves Gary Barlow red faced by asking if he'll look for a CHUBBY GAZ on Let it Shine:
'Alan Carr's 12 Stars of Christmas' starts tonight at 10pm on and is one of the guests!
My bit from today's paper on Alan Carr's 12 Stars Of Christmas. I'm thinking C4 doesn't like Alan Carr anymore:
Leigh speaking Dutch (broadcasted on Alan Carr's 12 Stars of Christmas on Channel 4, 19/12/16) - Hannah🔮
I liked a video from Lady Gaga performs 'Joanne' on Alan Carr's Happy Hour
Today (December 9) in 2015 - “What a laugh taping Alan Carr Chatty Man tonight ..he is the funniest guy ever” (via Nia…
Why are my family comparing me to Alan Carr right now on our group chat
Alan Carr, your Christmas Chatty Man was fantastic. Thanks for such a funny show. Loved it all, Thanks.
you would anything for a £5, Alan Carr your better than this also how big is Lady Gagas pens lol.
it's how he touches his glasses, like Alan Carr
Why can't the likes of Graham Norton, Jonathan Ross of Alan Carr be like Ellen giving lavish stuff away for no reason what so ever...
The last time Lady Gaga was on one of Alan Carr's shows was back in 2013 where she also performed 'Do What U Want' and 'Do…
ICYMI, watch beautiful performance + interview on Alan Carr:
even alan carr's better at accents and sketches. so stick to YOUR colouring books. tv GOLD shows the diff from then +now !
Love my memory wall and although Taylor thinks i look like Alan Carr at least i know he loves me 😂👌🏻
just wondered what time the Alan Carr show finishes 2morrow? The time 2 start is early & the time it finished didnt change
also picked up Chatiman by Alan Carr very spicy undertones
PIC: Alan Carr and David Walliams recreated that famous nude Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry pic…
Wow Lady Gaga on Alan Carr is the best performance of Million Reasons yet.
Bad teeth are not accepted in society but is on very rare occasions! Ken Dodd insured his teeth for over a £ Million ano…
Alan Carr's Grease Night still won't win. No one's that strong.
alan carr mr Chatty Man i live in the USA i watch ur shows! Ur hilarious&so entertaining! No cancellation please!
Bit of Xmas fitness with Alan Carr aka my brother from another mother loving life doing my…
Today (December 11) in 2015 - "How long does it take to get to a man bun?" (Alan Carr airs!!)
As many others did, I grew up being entertained by Alan Thicke. 69 is far too young. My thoughts are with his family and his…
Alan Thicke died from a heart attack today in L.A., according to publicist for Thicke's son, singer Robin Thicke.
Watch Lady Gaga on Alan Carr's. new show "Happy Hour" tonight. at 8 PM GMT on Channel 4!
OMG I'm re-watching the 1D interviews on alan carr and i cant stop laughing at fetus harry!!.
We lose Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Florence Henderson, Prince, Charmian Carr &now Alan Thicke in 2016, but we still have trump?
David Walliams and Alan Carr strip off to recreate infamous Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry pictures…
with my dear friendand the late and lovely Alan Carr, partying at my sisters house http…
Little Mix will feature on Alan Carr's 12 Stars of Christmas
good luck! I quit by reading Alan Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking! I don't know if you've heard of it but it worked for me! 💕
Sarah Millican, Olly Murs, Craig David and Lady Gaga are on your tablet tonight. Alan Carr's Happy Hour C4 8pm…
Alexander Armstrong will be on Alan Carr's 12 Stars Of Christmas in Christmas Week
Tune into 12 Stars Of Christmas on Monday 19 December at 10pm with Alan Carr is an…
Lady Gaga will appear on Alan Carr's new comedy show 'Happy Hour' on Friday, December 9th!
I thought Nelson would prefer Alan Carr to the Gorgeous Amanda Holden 🤔🤔
Seriously, what is wrong with 2016?! First David Bowie, then Alan Rickman, then Charmaine Carr, then Trump, what else?
this still gets me to this day, cormac was trying to organise a *** orgy with Alan Carr
Literally can't look at Scarlett Moffatt in the same way ever since I was told she looks like Alan Carr 😭😂
She is, but don't you think she's the spit of Alan Carr though?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Scarlett looks so much like Alan Carr I can't un see it 👀😂🙈
Fat Martin on I'm a celeb is annoying & when did Scarlett buy Alan Carr's Teeth😳😂
Ime a celebrity : Scarlett Moffat looks like , alan Carr
Sound check for tonight's Pure Country Show at the Fton Heritage Centre feat Alan Stillwell, Cheryle Carr and Oland…
Tfw your sister says your glasses make you look like Alan Carr
I've had that for years. Shame I'm actually more like Alan Carr.
I liked a video New Nicki Minaj Interview on Alan Carr Chatty Man HD
Des O'Connor, Toby Anstis, Nanette Newman, Alan Carr, Ben Duckett, UK base of Carlsberg you're boys took a *** of a beating in 2016
Is it me or?... Keep thinking of Alan Carr when I see Scarlett 😂
I liked a video Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller - Full Interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man
Gonna be in the audience for Alan Carr's new show on Thursday 😜😜😜
It makes me extremely happy that Alan Graham Carr exists
John child of Derek Trotter and Alan Carr
oh my god give Alan Carr a hug from me. I LOVE that man!!!
Put a pair a specks on Scarlet fae I'm a Celeb n she's the double of Alan Carr
domain names
Alan Carr on set with his Comedy icon Lanah.
I am up late tonight dont know my arce from my elbow its been such a strange filming day.I will propably have a dirty dream about Alan Carr
Alan Carr wants new show to have the buzz of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke your…
Hello yes this is the real Alan carr Filming today for his new years eve special.Your in for the surprise of your l…
Anyone else think Scarlett looks like Alan Carr?
Thank you for Craig David , Alan Carr , Greg Rutherford and Phil collins today 😍😍
Gutted has been axed. Alan Carr is so much better than Graham Norton 😞
Ch 4 axe Alan Carr's Chatty Man talk show after 16 series because he was struggling to compete with Graham Norton https:/…
22:00 Live at the Apollo: Alan Carr introduces performances from Francesca Martinez and Nish Kumar.
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Benedict Cumberbatch, Alan Carr, Kim Kardashian West, Gordon Ramsay… …
If there was a man version of loose woman here my panel - Philip Schofield, Graham cole, Alan Carr and john nettles as anchor !
If Kirstie Alsopp, Jimmy or Alan Carr go anywhere near Bake Off I will be furious.
think they should give the job to Danny Dyer and Alan Carr what a mix up that would be lol
I think Alan Carr is in the running for this. And maybe Rylan Clark. He presents everything no matter what the channel!
Alan Carr going prewatershed for a booze-free Happy Hour🙄 ratings fell cos it was always on at different times ffs
Alan Carr, Chatty Man - THAT VOCALS!! Nothing else is more epic than her voice.
Alan Carr's got a new Channel 4 show set in a working class British social club
Mad how Alan Carr has made a full stand up career out of being *** isn't it
They need to just put Miranda and Alan Carr in there
Alan Carr should fill in for Chris Evans
Alan Carr sings Tom Jones on the Chris Moyles show Classic tunes for your Tuesday evening
SINGLE and interested in being a part of ALAN CARR's new special? We'd love to hear from you: casting
It hasn't all been bad. I really enjoyed watching Alan Carr Chatty Man headlining glasto. He sings just like Adele...
Alan Carr as Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
Congrats to who will see Ariana on Alan Carr next week live. You deserve it !
Has your friend had a romance? Want to surprise them on Alan Carr's new Channel 4 show? Email - Casting
Are you SINGLE, fun and outgoing? ALAN CARR needs you! For a brand new Channel 4 special. Email casting
4 & 5 star reviews flooded in from his UK tour. Aug 13th brings his Yap Yap Yap tour to WGTN
Can't be done, my mom likes Alan Carr, could possibly squeeze in Jimmy Carr?
when I was in Swansea I missed Derren brown, Alan Carr, Dara O'Brain & a few others by matter of days & weeks.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Imagine if they remade Carry on Camping today. Cast includes Russell Brand, Paloma Faith, Len Goodman, Alan Carr, Neil & Christine Hamilton.
Happy birthday to me Donald Trump, Alan Carr, Paul O'Grady and Boy George 🤘🏻💃
Please also pay your respects to Che Guevara, Donald Trump, Paul O'Grady, Alan Carr and Boy George
she also shares her birthday with Lucy Hale, Alan Carr and Paul O'Grady
are you excited for our birthday on Tuesday? We share it with Alan Carr & Paul O'Grady don't you know!!
You should watch the two live shows by Alan Carr and Micky Flanagan. Out of this world funny.
Alan Carr's Yap Yap Yap Tour: No stranger to yap, Alan has yapped his way around the UK and Ireland and now i...
When your best mates with Lee Evans and Alan Carr 😂😂😂
these texts I am getting, talking about Alan Carr and now Eurovision with that maxx guy
Can't watch Lenny Henry Come Out of a Premier Inn without thinking he's shagged Alan Carr..
Naomi Campbell on "Alan Carr: Chatty Man" explaining how Yves Saint Laurent helped her get a French Vogue Cover. - I http…
Same as Alan Carr when he has those stupid games with the guests
I never new Alan Carr and Vinnie Jones were Blackpool fans :)
What was the conversation between you and Hugh Grant in the green room when you were on Alan Carr?
Stephen looks like Alan Carr now a days
Bloody *** I mistook Alan Carr for the Austin Powers guy!! :P . Watching repeats of the
from - Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Melanie C being interviewed on the Alan Carr:...
Together at last: Alan Carr & Stewart Lee: The comedy week ahead
Also: Justin Lee Collins, Russell Howard, and Alan Carr. What a terrifying army of *** we're building here.
Spice Girls Emma Bunton and Mel C join Alan Carr, Denise Van Outen and Laura Whitmore at gig at KOKO to…
Alan Carr the comedian defamed on Sky paper review by Kevin Maguire 're tax evasion/avoidance.
LIVESTREAM: Don't miss appear on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man at 5 PM EST!.
Having seen on Alan Carr, I find Howard even weirder and more brilliant!
just watched them on Alan Carr Chatty Man and I was fan girling hard 💖👭👭💖
I liked a video from Ariana Grande on Alan Carr: Chatty Man UK
Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Channel 4 tonight with Rod Stewart, Stephen Mangan and Formula 1...
I broke my toe when I went to see Westlife on Alan Carr Chatty Man I ran into the wall trying to shout Kian (He was my fave) 🙈
Just found the perfect reaction gif to picture of Gary while watching his interview on Alan Carr. Wait for it.
This totally works. Especially in comparison to the Kate and William 'Stacey Soloman and Alan Carr' face swap.
.The X Factor, Alan Carr, BBC Teen Awards, a cancelled live lounge bcuz of the girls, text santa...
They first got suspicious when Mr Blobby, Alan Carr and Idi Amin were made saints in the same week:
Exclusive: 'Kanye West told Kim Kardashian to come on my show,' says Alan Carr...
FROW spots so far at - Rosie Fortescue, Amber Atherton, Alan Carr (taking a selfie with Kelly Hoppen)
Why has Thursday become the new Friday? Cats Does Countdown, Alan Carr. They've moved!!!
Whenever my puppy is being fussy, I put on interview with Alan Carr & she stops her fussing & watches Gary intently 😍😂
America's okay. But we definitely don't have an Alan Carr.
Gary downing the wine on Alan Carr was the best
This week in my lessons I played Taylor Swift, Robbie Williams, an Alan Carr parody and the new, wildly eccentric Barry Scott replacement.
ok I'd really have Peter Kay, Lee MacK, Alan Carr & Jack Dee.
Okay but like when is Tyler gonna be on like Alan Carr or like the Jonathan Ross show or something cause I need that
Behind The Candelabra(2013, BBC iPlayer): Imagine Dale Winton adopting Alan Carr and you've got the gist of this Liberace biopic.
Rather silly Alan Carr going to join the others Old fashioned games... David Guetta looking so out of place far too classy
Parris is gayer than Gok-Wan and Alan Carr having a orgy with Elton John, Joey Graceffa, Kane Larkin, and Tyler Oakley.
Both Chris Evans AND Alan Carr on New Years Eve? Makes going to a pub on town seem appealing
At least Harry didn't mess up his second high note on Alan Carr!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jimmy Carr, Lee MacK, Russell Howard, Tim Vine, Alan Carr, Dave Spikey ✔️ .. Next its the big man in Blackpool!! 👍🏻
James Corden and Alan Carr should be the only people to ever interview the boys.
'I heard you were Henry the Hoover in Holby City'; Alan Carr just burned a robot. I love it.
Alan Carr and James Corden are the best interviewer on the planet they deserve an award
James Cordon and Alan Carr will forever be the best interviewers
James Corden and Alan Carr. Not a miniscule drop of comedy, between the pair of them
James Corden,Ellen, and Alan Carr have the best interviews👏
Alan Carr and James Corden are my favorite people to interview the boys
Blackface is fine because Alan Carr and Mrs Browns Boys.
How did I manage to not know Kim & Kanye had another baby until Alan Carr said it on Chatty Man? Did I even know she was pregnant again...?
The boys giving Alan Carr the low down...
Lady C on Alan Carr tonight, this is gonna be good😂
The boys with Alan Carr at "Chatty Man" show. It'll air today at 10pm UK time on channel 4 One Direction htt…
Dirty Dancing fail for Alan Carr as he struggles to lift Linda Robson in stunt
what even is that? Looks like a mixture of gok wan and Alan carr
my cousin won tickets for Alan Carr tomorrow and one direction and lady c are gonna be there 🔫
Who's 18 and wants to come to Alan Carr Chatty Man tomorrow afternoon! 😂😂
If anyone has a spare ticket to Alan Carr Chatty Man i am willing to pay for it
you probably know but Alan Carr is on Loose Women tomorrow☺️ x
watch out ladies wiv Alan Carr tomorrow then he's in the head lol
1D will be alan carr's guests so let's hope he'll ask niall about selena
The boys will do an alan carr interview, AAoOD, and larry interacting with each other more often. we are living the 2012 l…
Alan Carr looks like Susan Boyle when he has a condom on his head
Royal variety, BBC music awards, Alan Carr and the X factor🤗good week for a one direction fan
The boys have the BBC Music Awards, Alan Carr and then X Factor Finale left before break begins 😱 One Direction
Watching and on Alan Carr is so strange! It's like an old friend growing up! 😩😍❤️
when you were on Alan Carr it was amazing! One of the best shows I've seen! So proud!😁
Constantly repeating and on Alan Carr so funny
Alan Carr success in the condom challenge! with and
my mum and dad are watching you do the condom challenge on Alan Carr, feel proud boys
How long do I have to wait to see and w/ Alan Carr on YT 💩
Alan Carr Chatty Man was brilliant last night because it had and on it. Well done guys.
were hilarious on Alan Carr: Chatty Man 😂
Alan Carr has the bloody dream job... Alcohol and goss 💅💁🏻
yap yap yap tour Derry millennium forum can't wait to see Alan Carr perform in December !!
winner gets life size model of 'Chatty Man' Alan Carr fashioned from cheddar and edam (head)
Rita Ora wears metallic crop top on Alan Carr's ...
OMG Grace Jones is CRAZY awesome! She makes Alan Carr: Chatty Man do an oyster shot!
Little mix on the Alan Carr Chatty Man show. 2012-2015
Catching up on watching on Alan Carr Chatty Man ☺️
Was watching Alan Carr Chatty Man w my mum yday and she said we have the same teeth..
Alan Carr: Chatty Man is the funniest show
Beady Eye performing 'Iz Rite' at Alan Carr: Chatty Man a day like today in 2013. .
on Alan Carr Chatty Man has just made me fall back in love with her again 😩
I'll give you odds of 3/1 that Tyson Fury does a duet with Alan Carr on the Chatty Man Xmas special this year
2 nights of im a celeb, Alan Carr Chatty Man, the Jonathan Ross show, GPs behind closed doors and Sunday brunch 🙈🙈🙈
Watched Dylan Moran, Alan Carr, Dara O'Briain & Noel Fielding DVDs.. then yours... in one day. Yours was the best! Marry me!
In happier times: Rita appeared to open up to Alan Carr about her relationship with DJ Calvin Harris during an ...
after watching you on Alan Carr, you should definitely have your own chat show!!
He (Alan Carr, the Los Alamos historian) will ship a DVD to your address (whenever he has the time).
Big phil schofield and Alan Carr doing tequila shots at half 12 on a Wednesday afternoon
I see just i've never seen him on Alan Carr or Graham Norton or any of the big chat shows lol
Alan Carr pouring a glass of Malibu and red bull, Malibu isn't that strong but Christ he might as well have not bothered with the red bull😂
. In the am celebrity get me out off here. I would put you Erin Keith lemon , Alan Carr. Jim Davidson l…
Alan Carr is probably the funniest late night host along with jimmy Fallon
Goldie Hawn tells Alan Carr why she hasn't wed Kurt Russell after 30 years # # # - Daily Mail 😈
do you know how to get in touch with any famous Northamptonions? Alan Carr, Matt smith ect
Do you want an exclusive clip from Alan Carr's new stand-up show? Course you do! This way...
Justin Bieber will be on the Graham Norton show and Alan Carr: Chatty Man next week.
I love when they're on Alan Carr and James Corden! If you want a laugh, go watch all of those 😂😂
All purpose parts banner
sound like a cross between Del boy, Fletcher and Danny Dyer but can be camp as Alan Carr when I wanna lol
Joe Sugg + = Alan Carr, why am I still laughing at this 😂😂😂
Graham Norton on one channel and Alan Carr on another. One of many reasons I never watch TV at home except documentaries & some movies
At least Graham Norton sounds like he speaks English. I don't know what the hall Alan Carr says.
just finished Gogglebox..Alan Carr now..then Graham Norton..then...
so justins not on Graham Norton until next week and Alan Carr the week after times
I can't wait for his Graham Norton and Alan Carr interviews though bc they're actually good.
And in November she'll come do Alan Carr or Graham Norton in the UK
When is Justin's Graham Norton and Alan Carr aired ???
so Justin did something with Alan Carr? and he's doing Graham? can he go for 3 & do Celebrity juice?
so if Justin was filming Alan Carr today, does that mean he's filming Graham Norton tomorrow?
Bizarroworld moment in which Alan Carr and Noel Fielding are classed as "edgy"
Cat Deeley is 39 this week. Some of her peers are - Benedict Cumberbatch, Anna Friel, Tiger Woods, Keeley Hawes & Alan Carr.
Weird light for the photo but good night watching Alan Carr at the Civic hall!
After seeing 5SOS do an interview with Alan Carr, I'm convinced those guys are a helluva fun. Them on Celebrity Juice = TRIPLE FUN...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
wonder when Alan Carr started doing it lol
Platini - "what the fyou doing here Alan Carr " ?
Alan Carr Chatty Man always does it for me
I made my brother watch the Alan Carr interview with 5sos earlier and he said he liked Ashton because he was funny, yaasss me too bro
yeah it's not a normill show, but they managed the bants with Alan Carr so I'm sure it'll be fine
I liked a video 5SOS on Alan Carr: Chatty Man (10/9/15)
Can one direction be on the Alan Carr show again I need that in my life
Omg have done/are doing so much whilst in the UK! Tons of radio stations, Alan Carr, celebrity juice, Sunday brunch... LOVE it
Had a fantastic time at Alan Carr Chatty Man taping! He & Adam got on like a house on fire, so much good stuff - hope he gets a long edit :D
Had an awesome time at Alan Carr Chatty Man!! Big thank you to for making it extra special & singing happy birthday to me!!
The bottle of wine ash was drinking on alan carr touched thomas turgoose' *** first😂😂
I had to watch Alan Carr afterwards to change my mood😩😩😩
I don't understand how but it's already a week since we went to Alan Carr and I'm still not quite over hearing
you know the focus date is November 13th right? You also know that the last chat on Alan Carr sold a lot of …
It's still so weird to me that 5SOS have actually made it to get on Alan Carr and Celebrity Juice 😂
Video: 5SOS' interview with Alan Carr on his Chatty Man show!
ALL MY UK TV DREAMS HAVE CAME TRUE:. 1) 5SOS on Alan Carr (which airs on Channel 4 in an hour). 2) 5SOS on Celebrity Jui…
I love Alan Carr but 5sos just makes my night 10x better
UK: Tune into Channel 4 now to watch 5SOS' interview and performance on Alan Carr: soon
here's your top 5 for the weekend!: 1. Amazingly, there are still tickets for Alan Carr at City Hall:
Sarah Millican and Alan Carr together is my fave.
5SOS is performing on a special Stand Up To Cancer episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man airing October 9th
5sos is performing on Alan Carr's Stand Up to Cancer TV special that should air on Oct 9th! (-Dana
WATCH: Gareth Thomas teaches Alan Carr how to scrum
Alan Carr discussing rugby with Gareth Thomas and London Welsh RFC was hilarious.
Gareth Thomas on the Alan Carr show doubt Carr will have GT talking about how many *** n bum holes he's had!!
So I only tuned in for the Kristen Wiig interview and a week later, I'm still dying over Alan Carr. HILARIOUS.
. And Ben, that was Richard Hammond (with a goatee) not Robert Downey Jr and it was Jimmy not Alan Carr!
Katie Piper enjoys hen party watching Alan Carr ...
Katie Piper enjoys hen do at Alan Carr's stand up show
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Katie Piper enjoys hen party watching Alan Carr live ...
VIDEO: Not HQ - Selena performs Good For You for the first time on TV at Alan Carr - Chatty Man
Photo: smg-news: September 24:Another picture of Selena on  Alan Carr: Chatty Man
Selena performing at Alan Carr - Chatty Man's show in London on September 23
Yesterday Selena Gomez was on Alan Carr's Chatty Man (UK) and she performed her song "Good For You" in my design!...
Photoset: selgomez-news: September 25: Selena on Alan Carr: Chatty Man in London, England [Filmed on...
September 23: Photos of Selena during her interview with Alan Carr: Chatty Man in London, England.
Selena Gomez chats with Alan Carr and performs! | Alan Carr: Chatty Man.
Fancy a giggle? Free tickets Michael Mcintyre, Dara O Briain, Kevin Bridges and Alan Carr now listed on our website
Demi Lovato hints she is bisexual on Alan Carr: Chatty Man
According to this site Selena will be performing on Alan Carr in the UK.
Selena will be performing and being interviewed on "Alan Carr: Chatty Man" on September 25th, 2015
UK: Selena Gomez is set to perform at the Channel 4's show Alan Carr: Chatty Man on September 25!
Selena will perform and be interviewed on Alan Carr: Chatty Man September 25!
Jon Snow and Hugh Dennis...are both sons of bishops. Ricky Hatton and Alan Carr are both sons of professional footballers.
I'd rather listen to Alan Carr singing Mariah Carrey's Greatest Hits than listen to Glen Hoddle commentate.
Alan Carr: Chatty Man is back next month with Tom Hardy and Demi Lovato on the sofa
Remember when Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale and Matthew Morrison were on Alan Carr.
Alan Carr talks the talk ahead of shows next month
Alan Carr: "I will sound like Barry White by the time I come to Nottingham" - Nottingham Post
Taylor Swift and Alan Carr ribbon dancing is it.
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