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Alan Brazil

Alan Bernard Brazil (born 15 June 1959) is a Scottish former football player and broadcaster.

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Jackson Follmann, Neto & Alan Ruschel are cheered onto the pitch ahead of Brazil v Colombia.
Going of the Radio today.. Alan Brazil, Jim White & FiveLive are going to be absolute gutted over this result..
According to Alan Brazil the fenians play in front of a full house every game.
Even that massive Bellend Alan Brazil is on to him and he doesn't know what day it is.
obviously Mel Gibson only because Alan Brazil isn't on there!
did I hear Ray Parlour say bellend end this morning at 7:52? Reading a poem on Alan Brazil. Scazza from Bradford
Alan Brazil likely to erupt in next week, warn seismologists
Is there a way to somehow reclaim hours of your life lost to listening to transfer chat? The Duke even mimics Alan Brazil
Coutinho has signed a new deal at LFC & Alan Brazil asks Ray why Arsenal haven't done that with Alexis as it's so easy as LFC have proved.
Alan Brazil just said he hadn't heard of pigs in blankets. This man.
25/1 06:52 Alan Brazil 'If only I had a brain' song!!
Tell Alan Brazil Jose Fonte HAS joined West Ham and to put the bottle down
FT | Colombia 1-0 Brazil | A game that was more for the Alan Hansens than the Peter Beardsleys of this world. Late Valencia goal unexpected.
was morning he was linked with CFC again. Alan Brazil was live on phone with Yannick and there was knock on door, was Rom and
Manchester United could finally sanction deal for this World-Class st..
NOW: Alan Brazil's Late Breakfast!. Catch up on the highlights from the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show.
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and also, leave Alan Brazil alone! He's the only good thing along with short bread that has come out of Scotland.
Alan Brazil: Danny Boyle's from Glasgow, isn't he?. Think you're getting confused with Jimmy Boyle, big man :o)
The fact Alan Brazil still has a job says a lot.
for some reason Alan Brazil came to mind.
Same reminder to Alan Brazil and Quinny on radio.might also want to kick Alan Brazil Fonte left a w…
Alan Brazil has an uncanny resemblance to Shane from the Undateable's.
Anyone else notice PL was supposed to be on Alan Brazil show this morning and didnt show? Hopefully sorting Keanes contract!
NOW: The best from today's w/ Alan Brazil & Micky Quinn. Guests include Iain Hume & Gaizka Mendieta
Ewan McGregor should have joined Jonny Lee Miller & Robert Carlisle on with Alan Brazil & Micky Quinn
Wondering why TalkSport employ drink drivers Ray Wilkins and Alan Brazil, morale high ground
how did Alan Brazil get on with his date last night???
Everton is only club this Man United star will sign for - top pundit
Good to see Alan Brazil on the undateables last night.
Man United transfer news: Wayne Rooney will leave now - Alan Brazil - Daily Star
Taxi driver me for directions every other minute, reminding me about the weather and listening to Alan Brazil.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Talksport presenter: I heard this Man United transfer will happen
Did Alan Brazil just called someone disheveled about a cheek.
Did I just hear Alan Brazil say good news van Dijk is injured
and of course Mike England and Alan Brazil failed their trials for nominative determinism
Alan Brazil is a bit of a charmer isn't he..
Alan Brazil is a dead ringer for Shane off the
Good to see Alan Brazil and Ronnie Irani reunited .
Funny how you never see Shane from and Alan Brazil from in the same room.
Alan Brazil and Shane from the Undateables...anyone ever seen them in the same room tog…
. Great to see Alan Brazil on tonight's undateables!
I see Alan Brazil done well on the undateables
What's Alan Brazil doing on the undateables? 😂😂
Can't wait to hear Adrian Durham, Alan Brazil & Danny Murphy talk about how Davies has the potential of Scholes or Lampard on
Has the Alan Brazil show turned into the "were all funny scousers"Mickey Quinn Show
Alan Brazil and Mickey Quinn on Talksport together, absolutely the worst start to a Tuesday, horrendous chat
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Great to hear "The Bongo Song" by Zongamin soundtracking Alan Brazil's Sports Breakfast on TalkSport
Talk Sports l15 you Alan Brazil lol *** Quinn Ray Parlour
Absolutely correct. Alan Brazil gave evidence that convicted Jim Torbett & now denies he was a victim.
Its obvious why Neymar hates the Selik, Jim Torbett touched up Alan Brazil, Neymar is from Brazil.there's yer connection x
Alan Brazil reckons he was in a pub last night with Ray Parlour and ray wouldn't shut up for 2 hours😳I wonder why😅😤
Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast - best bits of the week: Friday, October 7…
Neymar has now scored 49 goals in 73 caps for Brazil. He's still only 24-years-old!
The YouTube clip of Alan Brazil getting lifted for drunk driving is a timeless classic
8:46 Fri 7 Oct, Brazil with Vinnie Jones: "Lucky Lou - remember that!". What, like you have Alan? London Lou.
Them two Alan Brazil & talked about bosses what install confidence reminded me I need to instill new oven
Alan Brazil will end up playing him in the film about his life.
I liked a video Arthorium Records CD's + Albums bought in Brazil
well we don't have Limbaugh; Alan Brazil can't quite raise the same hackles.
Could see Steve Evans being mates with Alan Brazil. . Can see SISU being mates with Cellino
he was on Talk Sport with Alan Brazil this morning
Hi have you cracked open that champagne yet? I could do with some. Are you getting Brazil'd later, Alan? Can I join you, Alan?
Maybe Alan Brazil is interested in Steve Evans's diet? Just wondering.
Newcastle Still Favorites To Win Championship: Coral’s Dave Stevens has been on the Alan Brazil Sports ...
would someone please tell Alan Brazil and his co-presenter that the Union Jack is Not the England flag.
Not often I agree with Alan Brazil, but.!
does Alan Brazil realise Burnley only signed Keane from last season?
Steve Evans and Alan Brazil in the studio at the same time. Is there any food left near
Wonderful photos of Brazilian life by in
Why do I have suddenly have the image of sweaty Alan Brazil in my head ?
how can anyone disagree with the moose on this? He's bang on and Alan Brazil's a moron
I could not spend the rest of my life sitting in Brazil writing down who called whom uncle and a
"Football is awash with television money." . "Referees deserve more of a share.". on ref salaries. https:/…
Alan Brazil - first human to undergo operation to swap their head for a baked potato
hello I am the founder of the first page dedicated to his work on Brazilian soil Alan Walker Brazil 🇧🇷
nah...with Alan Brazil it's cos he's perpetually in the middle of an evolving stroke.
Watch: Alan Brazil in clear over 'sexism' and 'bullying' accusations in Talksport row with female……
Alan Brazil,Micky Quinn,the list is endless
*puts on hears "good morning it's the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast with Micky Quinn" puts off again
Remember when I was on about when people might be pleased when some celebs die? Micky Quinn will be one of those. & Alan Brazil. Fat ***
In Brazil they have this beer called Germany's goal and it has 7.1% of alcohol
give him a break, he's on the same radio station as Alan Brazil.that takes great man management 😂😂😂
". On the A47,. shouting at the passers by that Alan Brazil seems to be the singer in the Goombay Dance Band"
what are perfect evening at Lingfield
why do you dilusion yourself these people are your friends - Alan Brazil knows truth
Torbett is horny Alan Brazil is terrified
ha maybe Alan Brazil if you've ever listened to his breakfast show you'd think warnock taught fergie all he knew
Jason, a mate of mine said on the Alan Brazil show they were saying there's trouble behind the scenes at CFC, is it a wind up?
PokemonGO will be available in Chile around the same time as Brazil.
will be coming too Brazil very soon.
When Alan Brazil eventually explodes, I reckon he will look something a bit like this.
Or the breakfast show with Alan Brazil.
In '82 Brazil showed that you can't win the World Cup without a solid defense.
Never mind anything else, someone sort out Alan Brazil with some sun tan lotion
Will copies signed by Alan Brazil be available?
the combined work rate of Alan Brazil.
. Very. Alan Brazil is looking well though !!
Id be amazed if Quinn done it. Like Alan Brazil, he sold his soul a long time ago!
Alan Brazil this morning: reckons United or City could win prem. Fancies Newcastle to go straight back up. Fears for Hull, Boro, Burnley
Alan Brazil still trying to flog Stones, the fat faced spunk trumpet.
‘Very bad news for Brazil’: virus found in second mosquito species
I'm convinced it's 4players he wants. As I said couple days ago Rodgers said he wants a few in on Talksport Alan Brazil
Brazil: 10 arrested for plotting attack on Olympics
"you found me on the A47 shouting that alan brazil seems to be the singer in the goombay dance band"
Looking forward to hearing Alan Brazil pronounce the new Watford signing
My pal Welsh Lee was pushed over by Alan Brazil when he was a kid.
remember torbett was a protestant and a hun like yourself alan Brazil stated jock knew nothing
Brazil Olympics: Ten arrested for 'plotting 'terror'
dya know I saw yestday you said AB would be on . I thought Alan Brazil, Ipswich. Made Pratt myself earlier so I never asked.
It's mid July and as per the last ten years, Alan Brazil is predicting this could be " the big season " for Spurs. Will he never learn ?
Thanks foe everyone’s suggestions yesterday. I think you’ll agree I’ve done Thom proud. Thanks to Alan Brazil ❤️
Alan Brazil has just asked Olly Murs what it's like to play for Big Sam??! *** Genius radio!!!
Join me on UK this morning with Alan Brazil on from 6.00am.xmb
Reports suggest that Manchester United are closing in on a deal for 22-year-old Brazil defender Fabinho from Monaco
Alan Brazil: Big Sam will be bad news as England manager&for ... Big Sam 😢👶
Ask Alan Brazil tomorrow if Sam's contract is worth 12 million :) :) :)
He does it while phoning into Alan Brazil on TalkSport.
What a player the one and only Alan Brazil
FA chief has said media are partly to blame for early elimination, with Alan Brazil failing to pick up Sigthorsson for Icel…
Andy may have won again but no way is he Scotland's biggest sportsman. That's Alan Brazil.
I'm one of them, I think I'm John Motson at times when really I'm Alan Brazil.
Glenn Hoddle. . A man whose television work this past month has convinced Alan Brazil and Raymond Wilkins he should be next manager.
Has Ray Wilkins been out with Alan Brazil all day?!
Merson, Ray Wilkins, Alan Brazil, Redknapp all saying Hoddle is the man. This is why England football is on its ***
Alan Brazil, Ray Wilkins and Redknapp all recommending Hoddle. Words fail me.
Waiting for Alan Brazil to put Neil Warnock and Glenn Hoddle for the job. Maybe even Ray Wilkins
the ultimate Talk Sport show line up show should be Mike Parry and Alan Brazil
David Ginola taking Alan Brazil to task with regard sexist remark about woman's football was refreshing to hear this morning.
he was let go quietly... Alan Brazil is not Jock Stein.
all over Talk Sport this morning thanks to Ray Wilkins and Alan Brazil. :)
Alan Brazil on earlier. "Can't believe Mahrez isn't in the French side" Mark Schwarzer "He plays for Algeria"
Id have Gary Birtles or Alan Brazil over him and that's saying something
Oh he was. I remember Olsen.just. Mostly from the 85 final. Alan Brazil was another Garry Birtles
someone tell parlour it's the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show... so give it a rest and let Brazil get a few words in.
Alan Brazil is congratulated by Andy Gray after scoring against Wales in the Home Internationals (1983)
just spotted Alan Brazil at Waitrose in Canary Wharf. His face is massive.
we met Alan Brazil before game & booed John wark as he went in the front door, AB stood & spoke to us. Great game
Searched for pictures of Alan Brazil last night & I'm fascinated with how he can look like this without being dead
I feel a Mike Parry-Alan Brazil charity sumo event coming on, but in all honesty, I don't think I want to watch it!
Alan Shearer insists that Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli reminds him of Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle. https…
Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew believes that Dele Alli has given England genuine hope for Euro 2016.
Ha Ha Alan Brazil in the back ground.
Macbeth became King of Scotland in 1040. Alan Brazil is normally in the pub by 1055.
Robbo with the club's new signings: Jesper Olsen, Alan Brazil, & Gordon Strachan
Amazing Alan Brazil has been on air 2 hours without a sniff of Alli's goal mentioned. 😂
Alan Brazil & Danny Murphy talking how win at Man Utd was a lifeline for the club. We've won three games on the bounce.
summer Olympics? What are you planning on going to Brazil? 😂
Journalist Alan Nixon claims that Burnley are hoping to sign Alex Pritchard on loan this month.
Alan Belcher, but she was just in Brazil training with Gracies.
What a weekend of football. Me and discuss the latest transfer news on this weeks podcast. Subscribe
Alan Brazil: It's time the January transfer window was scrapped for good
I did a school project on Ipswich in 1993 and received letters from alan brazil, John Wark, *** Stockwell and Bobby Robson.
Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew says Dele Alli’s stunning goal was “horrible to watch.”
Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew feels Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen play like midfielders for Spurs. ht…
I sure do miss the daily version of Alan Brazil’s Sports Breakfast on as a podcast. The weekly highlight show isn’t the same.
Town's first ever league win at Field Mill. Well we did have two Pele(y)s playing,. Just like watching Brazil (not Alan).
that game was insane. Would love to hear Alan Brazil comment about it
.and on this occasion its not Alan Brazil.
Jack Bannister RIP lovely voice lovely summaries on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast
if you haven't heard the Alan Brazil 'is Hanse' moment from a few years ago,try and find it, JBs reaction is priceless
Me and on the podcast chatting latest transfer rumours & a few other stories from porkys past. subscribe
😃 Porky once wore a Rangers tie, courtesy of Alan Brazil 😃 probably just a blue one
claims on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show he’s desperate to stay at Totenham .more at
u go in to TS toilets, only 2 urinals. Alan Brazil's muttering to himself at one. D'you go at urinal or cubical
you could play golf with one sporting non golf great (eg Alan Brazil) but you had to give up beer
The king of the gaffe Alan Brazil with this corker.
.on fine form on this week's podcast, must have been the wine. Subscribe and listen here -
Alan Brazil said this morning he'd LOVE a reunion with his/the 1976 youth team. Any chance you can organise this for him???
Alan Brazil holding this poll. Literally what use will the info be to him?!
New podcast episode available tomorrow, catch up with last week's by subscribing here -
Alan Brazil and whoever is on with him this morning - in shock 😂😂😂😂
Alan Brazil is the best thing about the wireless in the morning
Even Alan Brazil is mocking us. New low.
Alan Brazil there,a big fan of of bricking up the Channel Tunnel
Liverpool target "Teixeira is a young lad isn't he...under 20.." says Alan Brazil. Well he's 26 so by Brazils standards that's accurate.
why does Alan Brazil have to interrupt everyone on his show when they are talking
Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew feels Tottenham Hotspur possess the best goalscorer in the Premier League. htt…
she must be getting mixed up with Alan Brazil
The day AOC starts taking advice the Ray Wilkins and Alan Brazil, it's over for him 😂😂
hi porky. Listen to Ray Wilkins on Alan Brazil's show this morning and check out how many times Ray says SPOT ON!
First stint of the year on coming up at 8.20 with Alan Brazil and Ray Wilkins!
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Parry said 'don go back' coming from the man whose had more stints at talksport than Alan Brazil
But wait *** Quinn, Alan Brazil and assorted "expert" pundits at said Leicester were a flash in the pan. Cmon Foxes.
Incredibly, Alan Brazil and *** Quinn just provided a good, unscripted breakdown of Saturday night's card at the O2 on Talksport
. Alan Brazil show 6.10am. Ray from Azerbaijan couldn't remember players name banging on table ." Kyle.. bang the table Walker "
Neil Warlock will be back on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast before you know it!
hya Stan, quick question. Is Alan Brazil as much of a pisscan as everyone makes out?
Big weekend of action coming up, can get a win at ? the latest podcast now available -
Why does grovel at any mention of Alan Brazil. Porky be your own man. You are better than that.
New scary spider found in Brazil named after 'Lord of the Rings' character via
Great shout, will be next to Brazil on Talksport soon, can see him doing "Alan answers".
of the Month - Discover the wonders of Brazil from the latest issue
I have 644 new followers from USA, UK., Brazil, and more last week. See
Formula 1: JPM vs Kimi's 200mph skirmish: I always enjoyed Interlagos from my first trips there in the seventi...
The year that the championship got away from Kimi (> McLaren Formula 1 - JPM vs Kimi’s 200mph skirmish
Would the quality of host be improved if Alan Brazil replaced by a plank of wood?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Tune in Thursday at 8am for full interview
"Even with one of his drivers involved in a title fight, Ron was prepared to let them race"
JPM vs Kimi’s 200mph skirmish: The Brazilian GP was perhaps not the most exciting race we have seen…
Brazilian battleground. Alan Henry on JPM vs Kimi’s 200mph skirmish at the 2005
Transfer Rumours and Paper Review - Friday, November 7: John Cross joins Alan Brazil and Ray Wilkins to round ...
PS. Imagine being dumped for the likes of Mike Parry, Alan Brazil and Ronny Irani. Just imagine that
Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast - the best bits: Tuesday, October 20
Its a competitive mkt but theres no breakfast radio host more unlistenable than Alan Brazil. This AM he's pronouncing Juventus as Jew-ventus
thanks to Alan Brazil for a very entertaining afternoon yesterday at borough market. What a top top bloke.
Alan Brazil quickly skirting over MCFC win on Talksport, can hardly get himself to mention it, bitter tool.
Alan Brazil just made a quip about there only being 47 people in the crowd in Pakistan. Honest.
Really need some intelligent opinion on news events. Who you going to call? Alan Brazil.
I'm sure we'll hear Alan Brazil wishing him a Happy Birthday... NOT!
Rivalry is the essence of sport and I cannot wait to see Brazil's Alan Oliveira go head-to-head with…
Fan of Heard the exclusive podcast yet? The latest episode has just landed. Enjoy!
.& a happy Gooner discuss incredible victory over Bayern Munich last night:
: Exclusive: Alan Brazil and Arsenal hero Ray Parlour discuss the week's top stories . EXPRESS SPORT have…
Yeah ive just had a second look,Alan Brazil aint it hehe.
Exclusive: and discuss the latest stories on the Up Front podcast
Just spent a couple of hours with Alan Brazil. What a top top bloke.
I wonder what the odds would be on, Alan Brazil going teatotal for a solid calendar year??
Good to see Alan Brazil getting into spirit with our 1985 shirt
@ after all these years I've only just seen a picture of Mike Parry, he looks like Alan Brazil's older brother
- Alan Brazil makes a young fan's day by posing for a photo. . Looks a lot like h…
Looking forward to Alan Brazil talk about rugby its like Janet Street Porter reading poetry
Me and Big Al talking North London Derbies and all things football😉👍.
.and me talking North London derbies and what’s going wrong at and Listen here
Alan and Pastor Daniel presenting and translating the EvangeCube in Sorocaba, Brazil.
Alan Brazil says Klopp isnt wanted and we believe him?
yep.Alan Brazil is the worst of them
Hard to disagree, he never backs up Arsenal when Alan Brazil is slagging the club off.
He was probably off somewhere sipping champagne with his pal Alan Brazil. He obviously didn't watch the game
This morning I listened to "Talk Sport" radio and Alan "Brendan, Brendan, may I lick your *** Brendan" Brazil ask his idol be given time.
See Alan Brazil is doing his very best to ensure Brendan Rogers gets sacked by being constantly negative. Give it a rest.
Alan Brazil mentioned arsenal fans from last night all of 5 seconds that is it I suppose
Interesting fact Alan Brazil never got the match ball as after his 4th goal someone had kicked it out the ground!!
Alan Brazil scoring all 5 goals against Southampton including a hat-trick in 5mins!!
Alan Brazil had a good goals per game ratio for United though!
I swear I just heard the names Bobby Robson, Alan Brazil and Eric Idol in the same sentence on my stream?
I think Alan Brazil is my spirit animal 🐯❤️
Alan Brazil saying Eva Carneiro is 'in love with herself' and Mourinho won't be worried. What next? "She was asking for it"?
Clip for you. Porky doing his Alan Brazil like route for a road journey. It was right at the start of Two Mikes early hrs Wed 23rd.
'Awesome.' That's how exchange student Alan D. Furst of Brazil describes this week's
“He is a street fighter.” believes Diego Costa is unlikely to change his style of play:
Tottenham vs Arsenal tonight in the Capital One Cup! Hear preview:
Alan Brazil's view of Gabriel's red card at Chelsea over the weekend.Sounds like 'Good old time' football.
Micky Gray, Bobby Gould, Ray Parlour, Neil Warnock, Ray Houghton, Jason Cundy and that ridiculous dinosaur Alan Brazil to name but a few...
So did Jim Smith! Always linked with Cyril but ended up with Alan Brazil instead
Ray Evans flies in to tackle Alan Brazil of Ipswich in January 1983
Alan Brazil just won back 1 brownie point by discussing Max Gradels move to DC with Simon Grayson.
Alan Brazil can we train rose to do this???
is that like Vidal joining arsenal like you and Alan Brazil said?
Exclusive: Alan Brazil and Mike Parry discuss Sterling, Man United&transfers and B...
Exclusive: and discuss Sterling, Benteke and Ranieri, via htt…
Exclusive: and discuss Sterling, Benteke and Ranieri, via
My followers live in 54 countries: Brazil(52%), Argentina(7%)... Get your free map!
Alan Brazil predicts Tottenham to finish below Liverpool this season via
How do you think Tottenham will get on this season?
we could test that out on Alan Brazil, he's the right size for it
"Teams treat players in an unproper way". Alan Brazil - Talksport
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Talksport discussion • Re: Things Alan Brazil would have to do to get the sack fro: 5. Mil...
Alan Brazil stated - 'no chance, big jock wouldn't have stood for any nonsense.' The victims own quote
not ignoring alan Brazil but he is a rambling alcoholic.i listen to a dignified man like mcneil
So you were lying when you said no paper reported it then? And what did Alan Brazil say at the time? One of JT victims?
Where's Alan Brazil this morning then?isn't the same with ruining the show!
always telling non sport related long winded stories.Turned off when he compared Alan Brazil to toast.hes not funny
Valdes didn't last long. As Alan Brazil would say "What a numpty!"
Brazil 118 118 she must have his.number
she didn't mistake you for Alan Brazil did she?
three people that played against their surname Matt Holland Mike England Alan Brazil
so Alan Brazil and the boys who said he knew are lying then?
Alan Brazil will be beside himself with rage, if this is true. Or maybe not
a clip of the week from Alan Brazil at 9:38 (ish) this morning where he referred to Robert Dinwiddie as Robert Dinwiddle
"...what does she [Karen Brady] know about ankles?... Ankle bracelets maybe". Alan Brazil on Talk Sport. . Astonishing.
The hypocrisy over Raheem on is a delight. Especially Alan Brazil.
Alan still bitter from city beating Ipswich for 2nd place in 2000. 'Are u watching Alan Brazil'. Bitter numpty
Joining Alan Brazil on Talksport at 8.20 to discuss The Open and Ashes!
I can't believe Alan Brazil asked if it was a women's team that Norwich played when he heard they won a friendly 10-0.
Alan Brazil - "regardless of the money id have signed Nathan Redmond ahead of Raheem Sterling". The *** spouted is never ending
Liked when ya asked who was the fattest player he ever saw but he bottled it lol toss up between Quinny & Alan Brazil
Alan Brazil has decided to leave the pub and turn up to work
If Alan Brazil can get a top jazz singer to sing his jingles can you and oldMG not at least get Kanye West or ...
You are an *** if you think JS knew about this stuff, go ask Alan Brazil, you and will get on well.
Alan Brazil promised me his best days were ahead of him. And they were. On the Talksport Sports Breakfast.
Could have been worse, if you listened for much longer you would have had to listen to Alan Brazil and Danny Murphy
Oliver Kahn, John Pantsil, Wilfred Bouma, Tore Andre Flo & Alan Brazil. Not great but at least I've got a goalie!
Alan, when I will see you again in brazil?? i miss you 😳
Listened to Alan Brazil ranting about 'non-whites', and talking about 'birds' this morning. Now this rubbish on 'The Sports Bar'.
Talk Sport pundit and ex footballer Alan Brazil been at it again with his ignorant comments in the public domain , what an *** !
Just remembered Alan Brazil calling someone a 'tube' on the wireless this morning. Having another beer.
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better looking than Alan Brazil ronnie😂
Don't see what Alan Brazil did wrong? I listened live, was not one racist comment said. People blowing colour topics out…
nbanews Alan Brazil, The former Scotland forward was adamant that the Rooney Rule - which is designed to get more ethnic minorities into…
Alan Brazil walking around Epsom totally wasted the blokes an embarrassment
Poor old Alan Brazil, you can't really blame him for his comments. Lack of education plus alcohoisml, what do you expect ???
Christ he's only 55, could Alan Brazil have on air heart attack? soon.
The white man can't compete with the black man for power and strength, but brains is different. via
Hi Simon, heard Alan Brazil this morning, apparently used wrong link on internet and wouldn't let me have the Messi bet - tell your IT guys!
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