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Alabama Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Alabama is the highest court in the state of Alabama. The court consists of an elected Chief Justice and eight elected Associate Justices.

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Fun fact about me. My clerkship at the Alabama Supreme Court began 3 days after CJ Roy Moore installed the 10 Commandment…
Alabama Supreme Court upholds decision to remove Roy Moore
Alabama Supreme Court allows wrongful death claim for miscarriage of previable fetus - ABA Journal
God Bless the Alabama Supreme Court. Every state should follow your lead on saving God's precious children.
Alabama Supreme Court unanimously recognizes personhood of unborn children.
Alabama Supreme Court ruling delivers big win in favor of the unborn
The Bible has always held this view.
We have to have a ruling on AL SupremeCourt rules that an unborn baby is a person...
An unborn baby recognized as a baby by Alabama Supreme Court in murder case.
Alabama Supreme Court: “Unborn children...are human beings and thus persons entitled to the protections of the law." https:…
This is the second time Roy Moore has been suspended/removed from the Alabama Supreme Court
The Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore, who told lower court judges to ignore the US Supreme...
Roy Moore has been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for defying the United States Supreme Court on the...
Alabama Supreme Court not acceding to SCOTUS on same sex marriage
By the way if any of u did not know..., Alabama Supreme Court just did away perversion marriage two months ago...
I nominate Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court for the position of Chief Justice for the U.S. Supreme Court.
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Chief Justice Roy Moore & the Alabama Supreme Court have shown us the way to freedom and the restoration of a constitutional republic.
After meeting Tom Parker who is a sitting judge on the Alabama Supreme Court Justice. Unless our state just caves...
Finally! Shut the last state down, but this covers so MANY more important things like workplace discrimination...
Supreme Court rules in favor of *** mom denied adoption rights in Alabama
In a victory for AL Anti- adoption rights ruling unanimously overturned by US supreme court
Is the US supreme court above the Constitution or below it?. Alabama: How to break the back of judicial tyranny
The court ruled that the Alabama Supreme Court had erred in refusing visitation because it disagreed with Georgia laws allowing same-sex
And by the way..., where is al of the press coverage about the alabama supreme court telling scotus to go to ***
Supreme Court makes ruling on Alabama *** adoption:
A light in the darkness of judicial tyranny and a Supreme Court completely out of control. Thank you Judge Moore.
Read this insightful piece by about our adoption. victory @ & impact on people
You are talking about the *** marriage laws yes? The supreme court ruled it constitutional. Alabama is going to concede soon.
US Supreme Court unanimously reverses Alabama’s voiding of adoption for same-sex parent
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday overturned an Alabama judicial ruling that had refused to recognize a *** woman's
The Supreme Court on Monday summarily reversed an Alabama Supreme Court decision that had refused to recognize a same- sex…
ATLANTA (Reuters) - The Alabama Supreme Court on Friday affirmed the right to same-sex marriage, dismissing a challenge by conservative
Alabama Supreme Court Rejects U. S. After reading this, it becomes more suspicious about Judg Antonin's death.
Supreme Court reverses Alabama court that denied *** woman's adoption
Montgomery Advertiser Supreme Court dodges more nonsense from Alabama Montgomery Advertiser The…
Supreme Court ruling on Alabama adoption case shows inevitable effects of its same-sex marriage ruling.
Alabama Supreme Court refuses to go against equal marriage ruling
Supreme Court reverses Alabama court that denied *** woman’s
Obama narrowing list of possible Supreme Court candidates
Kayla Moore, the wife of Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court, has just endorsed Ted Cruz. Kayla...
WHEN you are elected President-PLEASE nominate Judge Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court to replace A. Scalia
(Reuters) - The Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court ordered the state's probate judges on Wednesday not to issue mar…
Alabama officials have asked Justice Clarence Thomas to stop same-sex marriage rulings from going into effect on...
US Supreme Court steps in after Alabama court stops *** mum seeing her own kids.
Aliant Bank v. Carter: At the time the Carters entered into the contract, the judgment liens agai...
Who is Antonin Scalia and why is he out of touch with changing social views?
Lawyers for VictoryLand, state file arguments with Supreme Court
50,000+ PTs from 107 countries viewed the OSTEOPRACTIC PHYSICAL THERAPY blog in 2015! Most viewed posting in 2015:
Highlight of my year was winning the marriage equality lawsuit! Thank you & team!
See recent cases released by the Alabama Supreme Court and the Court of Civil Appeals:
Seems that the 501c4 donor non-disclosure is due to Supreme Court ruling - NAACP v Alabama 1958.
Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas would have granted the stay denied by the Supreme Court on Monday...
blocks Alabama court order that declared mother's adoption invalid:
The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the convictions, but Alabama persisted in retrying the defendants, keeping them imprisoned for years.
sides with *** mother in custody case: The Supreme Court on…
Alabama *** mother gets support in fight before U.S. Supreme Court via
The Supreme Court has acted in a *** couple’s adoption dispute, siding with an adoptive mother after the Alabama Supreme …
Supreme Court sides with *** mother in Alabama adoption fight via
UPDATED: As of 2:30p, at least 50 of Alabama's 67 counties are not allowing *** marriages.
“Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman,” the Alabama Supreme Court states,...
NEW U.S. Supreme Court Transcripts of Record State of Alabama v. Montague by Per
Alabama Supreme Court refuses Governor’s request for lottery and gambling opinion
Kasey Dean and her Senior Government Class on their way to see the Alabama Supreme Court.
2 big wins. Fed judge blocks AL defunding And an OK win:
Alabama Supreme Court reinstates parental lawsuit over daughter’s secret trip to New York for abortion
We are grateful for Justice Tom Parker! Let's re-elect him to the Alabama Supreme Court in 2016. Like the page:
Alabama Supreme Court reverses ruling on 2013 case
Alabama Supreme Court says state doesn't have to recognize *** adoption from Georgia:
Probate judge asks Alabama Supreme Court for order protecting his religious beliefs
Alabama Supreme Court assigns new judge in Vance case
Heather Renwick of discusses revisiting the Miller v. Alabama Supreme Court ruling at
I saw Ten Commandments at the Alabama Supreme Court but missed Moses delivering them.
I'm also not sure why the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is holding an anti *** rally in Texas but whatever.
A probate judge is asking the Alabama Supreme Court to concede that *** couples can marry in Alabama if the U.S.
Alabama Supreme Court rebuffs federal court in �historic� ruling: forbids marriage licenses for *** couples
George Takei and his husband give the "wedding finger" to Alabama Supreme Court
.has a special message for the Alabama Supreme Court.
Alabama Supreme Court halts same-sex marriage, says Federal court used "sleight-of-hand"
Supreme Court Orders Judges to Stop *** Marriages Not too long ago:
Alabama Supreme Court takes 148 pages to say federal courts aren't Alabama's real dad and can't tell it what to do
Headline: "Alabama Supreme Court halts same-sex marriage." Time for some federal marshals in Alabama again.
Matthew 19:4-5 A minister who performs same sex marriages goes against the Bible and are not true ministers
The Alabama Supreme Court has ordered judges to halt *** marriages. There will also be no dancing allowed w/ that fancy…
federal rulings trump state rulings. What Alabama Supreme Court is doing is unconstitutional
Probate judges and Alabama State Supreme Court presiding justice are an embarrassment to the entire US legal profession
State court defies federal ruling: The Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered probate…
The Alabama Supreme Court has ordered judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
Same-sex marriages in Alabama halted by state Supreme Court
What I was imagining while reading the Alabama Supreme Court's ruling on *** marriage
BREAKING NEWS: The Alabama Supreme Court has ordered the 21st century to stop and go backwards.
Ala. Supreme Court tells probate judges to stop issuing licenses for same-sex marriage, countering fed. court ruling
On what possible authority can the Alabama supreme Court override a federal court? "we'll pretend not to know the supremacy clause" rule?
president says Alabama Supreme Court will be embarrassed by its decision
to stand with the families harmed by out-of-step Supreme Court order ht…
Today the Alabama Supreme Court banned *** marriage. Banging your first cousin, however, is still a go.
Important to take a minute to think about the poor Alabama Supreme Court clerks who were given one of the worst research ***
“Supreme Court halts same-sex marriage uhm make your *** mind up, marrying ur sister is about d same
Remember: Case to Supreme Court was brought by two private orgs, who are in NO way harmed by same-sex couples…
talk about Alabama tomorrow? can the state supreme court LEGALY overturn a FEDERAL judge's ruling?
Alabama Supreme Court rules in favor of the traditional definition of marriage, surprising many married women who are now…
The Alabama Supreme Court has blocked same-sex marriage on the legal grounds that it is 1953.
The Alabama state Supreme Court shamed itself tonight. There's no justice in this ruling. It's lawless.
Alabama Supreme Court has no power to overrule 11th Circuit who already let District Court ruling stand.
laughing at the relevance our Alabama Supreme Court thinks they have.
sign the petition to remove Chief Justice Roy Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court
Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court,Roy Moore:'Federal judges are not infallible' says it all via
Alabama Supreme Court justice threatens to defy "tyranny" of federal courts on *** marriage
Alabama Supreme Court engages in blatant judicial activism to ban electronic bingo.
As usual, "legislate from the bench", ignore laws, precedent, and Constititions.
Alabama Supreme Court embraces judicial activism, and betrays conservatism, to outlaw electronic bingo via
An article in ProPublica about Alabama supreme Court Justice Tom Parker is very informative about ProLife...
Premiums would soar if rules no fed credits in
Convicted murderer Caspari wins motion before Alabama Supreme Court.
Alabama Supreme court rules against Dothan gambling hall via
WIAT 42 . Alabama Supreme Court says no to electronic bingo
Alabama Supreme Court says no to electronic bingo, says bingo means the old-fashioned paper kind (from
Alabama Supreme Court sides with Prichard mayor in dispute over fire chief's dismissal.
Alabama Supreme Court says no to electronic bingo
Supreme court rules against Dothan gambling hall
That's not bingo, Alabama Supreme Court says about machines seized in Houston County via
Alabama Supreme Court says no electronic bingo
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I will continue to enforce the law of Alabama, as set forth in our Constitution and interpreted by the Alabama Supreme Court.
I am proud to announce a decisive victory in an Alabama Supreme Court case involving so-called "electronic bingo."
Alabama Supreme Court says no electronic bingo.
Alabama Supreme Court says no electronic bingo - via
Alabama Supreme Court says no electronic bingo (via
Alabama Supreme Court says no electronic bingo (from
Legal battle between Tracy Morgan and WalMart continues: reports that WalMart seeks to delay justice
At Alabama Supreme Court in Montgomery for a commercial shoot. Light & weather are perfect. My job is freaking awesome!
"Race, Politics and Drawing les pratiques de en Alabama Practicing gerrymandering in Alabama
try reading the actual transcripts of the Alabama Supreme Court case...
Court Rejects “Tipping Point” Theory in Medical Malpractice Case: In a case out of the Alabama Supreme Court, ...
apparently Gerry is mandering pretty hard in Alabama .
in Alabama that made the Black vote irrelevant: . SCOTUS Hears AL Case on the Voting Rights Act .
The fight for continues: Hears an Case on the Voting Rights Act
Alabama Supreme Court rules in favor of Lowell Barron; could lead to charges being dropped: The court unanimously...
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BREAKING NEWS: The Alabama Supreme Court ruled, unanimously, in favor of former Sen. Lowell Barron today. Attorney General Luther Strange had filed an appeal with the court asking to allow evidence to show a romantic relationship between Barron and former aide Rhonda Jill Johnson. More to come.
Court tosses evidence in Lowell Barron case An attorney for former State Senator Lowell Barron says an Alabama Supreme Court ruling Friday is a complete victory. The state's high court upheld rulings by lower courts rejecting efforts to introduce evidence that Barron was in a romantic relationship with his co-defendant Rhonda Johnson. Barron and Johnson was indicted last year on charges of misusing campaign funds. Barron's attorney Joe Espy says the ruling is a total victory for Barron. "It is incumbent on the Attorney General to dismiss the case," said Espy. "It should have never been brought and it is over." Espy said he was in the process of contacting Barron to let him know of the ruling.
Lawmaker challenging prosecutors in perjury case: MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The Alabama Supreme Court will weig...
Sticking to its guns: Alabama Supreme Court again says brand name drug mfrs. can be sliable for generics' use.
The first briefs have been filed in the upcoming case on racial redistricting in Alabama:
Alabama Supreme Court reaffirms that brand-name drug maker can be liable for harm to generic user:
weather bad look from office courtyard at the Alabama Supreme Court building
Brand-Name Drug Makers' Liability for Generics Upheld by Ala. Court: The Alabama Supreme Court has upheld its ...
Hugo Black, US Senator from Alabama, was sworn in on Aug 19, 1937, as associate US Supreme Court Justice (AP, 10/21/97)
This WSJ Blog piece, by E. Silverman, explains an Alabama Supreme Court ruling that has broader im…
Pfizer is Liable for Harm Caused by a Generic Version of its Drug: Alabama Supreme Court . via
Whining all the way to the courthouse. Blacks pout about AL legislative map.
I don't get Alabama's decision against Pfizer in light of global GMP data integrity and quality issues.
Repeal Mensing in Response to AL Generic Drug Decision - The Alabama Supreme Court ruled Friday that brand-name ...
Lightfoot Client Obtains Dismissal for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction from Alabama Supreme Court. Read more here:
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Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Generic Drug Liability Ruling: … of five justices on the nine-member court...
Alabama Supreme Court redux: Pfizer can be sued for generic Reglan harms: The Alabama Supreme Court wo...
Great new map on state reforms since Supreme Court JLWOP ruling in Miller v. Alabama.
How the Alabama Supreme Court did not reverse the previous decision...? Is beyond me
Thanks Jay Sekulow for all you do. The "common man" in Alabama appreciate the long hours and hard work of the...
Alabama had in their constitution (but not effective thanks the Supreme court) until 2000
AL Chief Justice says 1st Amendment is only for Christians via -- THIS GUY IS A SUPREME COURT JUDGE!
On the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder, that gutted key...
Construction Law: The Alabama Supreme Court Broadens the Definition of “Occurrence” in a General Contractor’s ...
Lawyers look to Alabama Supreme Court on juvenile killer sentences after legislature fails to act: A bill had...
ARE YOU VOTING ON JUNE 3RD FOR PRICHARD? A referendum came about because a group of concerned citizens from Prichard and Chickasaw saw that they pay higher rates to get the same water from the same source that the customers of MAWSS use. In response to the grassroots movement, State Sen. Vivian Figures and State Rep. Napoleon Bracy co-sponsored an amendment to the Alabama Constitution that allows residents of Mobile County to vote on whether to dissolve the Water Works and Sewer Board of the City of Prichard and allow those customers to be served by MAWSS. MAWSS encourages Mobile County residents to vote "Yes" on June 3. A "Yes" vote on the county-wide amendment promotes responsive service for everyone, improves the cost-effectiveness of water service and enhances opportunities for economic development. Voters passed a statewide amendment in 2012 for MAWSS to assume management of the Prichard Water Works and Sewer System. Since then, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that a local amendment is required for t ...
cannonfire: Behold...PARASTUPID!: Ray Moore is the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He recently sai...
Alabama Supreme Court justice Roy Moore has said that Freedom of Religion in America under the First Amendment is limited to Christians. He specifically names Buddhism as unacceptable. Discuss.
CONGRATS TO MY FRIEND, MR. ISHMAEL ROBLES FOR HIS INDUCTION INTO THE MASTERS HALL OF FAME THIS JUNE 7TH. He is one of the best sport karate competitors from Texas, Master Robles is a two-time United States Lightweight Champion. He was rated the Lightweight in the world by the World Journal of Martial Arts and captained the Texas Karate team, which won 3 consecutive U.S. Team titles. As a professional kick boxer he won 2 (PKA/WKA) United States Welterweight Championships and in 1983 captured the KICK World Welterweight Title on ABC Wide World of Entertainment. He retired in 1985 with a professional record of 27—3 with 19 KO’s. His students include Golden Greek award winner Master Al Garza, 7-time World Kick Boxing Champion Cliff "Magic" Thomas, World Kick Boxing and IBF World Boxing champion Troy Dorsey, 21 time NBL World Champion Regina Thompson and Judge Roy Moore — former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He served on the board and as president of the Amateur Organization of Karate and . ...
According to a report issued by the Associate Press, an Alabama Supreme Court judge stated that Barack Obama should have to prove that he was born in the United States, and that he was eligible to be on the state ballot in 2012. The Republican panel voted 7 to 2, to uphold the dismissal of Alabama’s…
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SUNDAYS WITH SUZANNE OBAMA BIRTH RECORD, CITIZENSHIP, UNRAVELED FOR ALABAMA SUPREME COURT? MARCH 16, 2014 COACH COLLINS 2 COMMENTS by George Spelvin Barack Hussein Obama’s birth riddle is being analyzed in a 13 page, Amicus Curiae brief filed with the Alabama Supreme Court by Harvard Attorney Albert W.L. Moore Jr. The brief promises to offer a straightforward theory as to just who this man in our White House really and truly is. (1) Moore summarizes what is going on: “He (BHO) was a natural born American on the date of his birth, but further official records prove that he lost American citizenship and constitutional eligibility to the Presidency as definitively confirmed by his 1983 naturalization as an American citizen. By law, this process of naturalization did NOT restore his constitutional eligibility.” Filed on 13 May, 2013, Attorney Moore (pg. 10) is asking that the AL Supreme Court remand the Obama eligibility conundrum back to the trial court to seek discovery concerning the following: a. s ...
In a filing with the Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday, Escambia County Tax Assessor Jim Hildreth said he would move ahead with an audit of Poarch Band of Creek Indian lands in the county, citing a recent federal court ruling in California on Indian tribal lands.
“Although parents who resort to the divorce courts voluntarily surrender a portion of their decision-making autonomy, that curtailment should be no greater than necessary to resolve the dispute at issue. Courts should be wary of further disturbing the residual affection and mutual sense of responsibility between parents that may yet survive the stress of divorce. Thus, arbitrarily intruding the State into parental decision-making, even after divorce, is unwarranted and is inconsistent with the recognition that "it is a natural parent, not the state, who has a fundamental right to the care, custody, and control of a child." ~ Alabama Supreme Court in Ex parte Christopher (2013) .
White House nightmare: Eligibility case still alive 150113obama Judges still haven’t decided challenge to Obama’s tenure (Tea Party) - A legal challenge to Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential eligibility still lurks in the Alabama Supreme Court. Filed on appeal almost a year ago, at least two judges have expressed an interest in Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, brought about the case remains on the court docket. Klayman recently made headlines for his successful fight against Obama’s NSA spy program. FAX BLAST SPECIAL: Impeach Obama NOW! The case was brought on behalf of Virgil Goode, 2012 Constitution Party presidential nominee and Alabama Republican Party leader Hugh McInnish. They are asking Alabama’s highest court to force the Secretary of State, Beth Chapman, to verify that all of the candidates were eligible to take office. Although the case has been fully briefed, the two justices have not yet announced whether they will hear a ...
Homosexuality In: Ten Commandments Out These thoughts could be discouraging, depressing and frustrating. Yes, it does seem that all that is degrading and wicked is winning the battles, and that God and His word are losing them all. As most of us know, the United States Supreme Court recently struck down the “Texas Sodomy Law”. Then last week the Alabama Supreme Court told Judge Roy Moore that his Ten Commandments on stone had to be removed from the courthouse. Yes, it does seem that Satan is having a field day. Now, I don’t want to diminish the significance of these and similar events of recent months, but we must not forget that we have seen such things before. This is not the first time that darkness seemed to blot out the light. • In Noah’s day, repentance was preached for over 100 years, and the only converts came from Noah and his family, Genesis 6-9. But God was not through with the battle for righteous living. • In the days of the prophet Samuel, God’s people seemed to lose every batt ...
On Saturday, October 26, 2013 4:04 AM, Tom Lawson wrote: This is the same attorney who has filed the case before the Alabama Supreme Court about Obama's ineligibility to be president. It is worth reading and passing on. Dr. Tom RECLAIM AMERICA NOW THE 2ND REVOLUTION BEGINS NOV. 19! Exclusive: Larry Klayman calls on millions to mass at White House, demand resignation Published: 10 hours ago author-imageLARRY KLAYMAN About | Email | Archive Follow rss feed Subscribe to feed Printer Friendly Text smaller Text bigger “… Then the lady sitting behind the desk; I don’t know what their name is, but the lady that was sitting behind the desk … I couldn’t really understand what she was saying because she had me on speakerphone. I remember her saying, ‘We can’t have this type of stuff going on here, so we have to release you.’ But they had locked the doors and everything; I guess they didn’t want anybody to come in there.” – Earline Davis, fired Obamacare telephone operator, Healthcare Marketpla ...
10 Commandments Judge Roy Moore going to hear Obama's eligibility before Alabama Supreme Court soon. :)
On this day in 1819, Alabama first constitutional convention was held in Huntsville. In less than a month, delegates adopted the Alabama Constitution of 1819, the first of our six state constitutions. Forty-four delegates were chosen, twenty-eight of whom were from North Alabama as at that time the northern part of the state had a much higher population and much of the south of the state was still in Creek and Cherokee hands. John Williams Walker, the Speaker of the 2nd territorial legislative session was elected as the convention's president. Walker was from Alabama's most populous county (Madison) and was a close friend of Georgia Senator Charles Tait whom sponsored the Congressional Enabling Act which had been the first federal allocation of monies for internal improvement and set forth the motion in which Alabama and other, "western" territory as they were considered at the on the path of statehood. From the delegates we attained six Governors, six Justices of the Alabama Supreme Court, six U.S. Senat ...
Here is something I really did not want to believe concerns Obama's birth certificate. Deep down I felt that the story of his being born in Hawaii was probably true but it was kind of fun to twist the tail of liberals by raising the prospect of fraud. Well for you folks who like to check things out; check this out. Yeah it is kind of long but good documentation sometimes is a bit detailed. Reed Hayes is a court qualified handwriting and document examiner whose business is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has nearly 40 years of handwriting related experience, and has worked as an international consultant and speaker. Never heard of him? Well, Hayes is the Certified Document Examiner (CDE) who produced the 40 page opinion referenced in the Mike Zullo affidavit that was submitted to the Alabama Supreme Court in the Obama eligibility case and his report concluded that the Obama birth certificate image, located at is a complete fabrication. The rabid followers of the “O” (Obots) hav .. ...
"...a recent Alabama Supreme Court case brings to light just how hypocritical the courts have been in dealing with the abortion issue. Alabama (like most states) has statutes on their books that prohibit recklessly endangering a child's life. So it made perfect sense when Alabama state prosecutors charged meth addict Amanda Kimbrough, 32, for willingly placing her unborn child in danger by abusing methamphetamines during her pregnancy. Tragically, the little boy, Tim Jr., was born 15 weeks prematurely and died just 19 minutes after his birth. Then, in what is clearly a precedent setting decision, the Alabama Supreme Court held that the unborn child was a person -- and that endangerment laws which protect children, must also protect unborn children. Obviously Kimbrough did not use common sense, nor self-control, and was found guilty of carelessly destroying the little life in her womb." (So what about or illegal)
EXCLUSIVE: Mike Zullo Sounds Off! Astounding Revelations and Claims! PPSIMMONS NEWS Exclusive May 15, 2013 3:30 pm E.T. Benghazi Coverup to Obama Identity Fraud! Mike Zullo - "I think the general public is now on the verge of a great awakening. With the situation unfolding in Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, and finally the national media that just learned ... (that) they are now finding themselves as victims." The newly released 207-point Cold Case Posse affidavit relating to the Obama fraudulent birth certificate case is raising a lot of eyebrows. Many are beginning to understand the sense of the frustration that must have been involved from the investigation standpoint, now that the facts of the case are laid out before the eyes of the world. After an examination of the official affidavit, supplied to the Alabama Supreme Court by the CCP in a candidate eligibility case, one can clearly see the mound of credible evidence for the case of a massive fraud and apparent cover-up campaign by the . ...
Sworn Affidavit Stating the Obama Identity Documents are Forgeries Provided to Alabama Supreme Court by AZ CCP Investigator Michael Zullo Read and download a copy here:
BREAKING! 10:27 PM ET. Zullo Affidavit to the Alabama Supreme Court. Read it and download it HERE! Exclusive to PPSIMMONS.
I'm sure that advice is not lost on the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.
Roy Moore elected Chief Justice, Alabama Supreme Court,10 years after he defied a federal order to remove d 10 Commandments at a courthouse
Breaking: Alabama Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Obama case. Also, update on Florida case. via
What I learned while doing my research paper: the Supreme Court Justice that removed prayer from school was Alabama's Hugo Black.
If knew anything about Alabama Supreme Court Case 1120475 he wouldn’t be clucking so much.
Alabama Supreme Court declines application to rehear case in Irondale-Leeds land annexation dispute: On Feb. 1...
Roy Moore, the Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court, road his horse to vote in GOP primary.
its about to come up before a very tough Chief Justice in the Alabama Supreme Court. No technicalities there.
Virgil Goode takes his case to the Alabama Supreme Court. Judge Roy Moore presiding:
Photo: one of the key people who motivated him to begin his ministry was Alabama state Supreme Court Chief...
So, does this Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice have the nads to blow open Obama's ineligibility?
Judge grants restraining order to prohibit Bentley from signing tuition tax credit bill By Kim Chandler | kchandler on March 06, 2013 at 1:46 PM, updated March 06, 2013 at 1:57 PM MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- A Montgomery judge this afternoon granted a temporary restraining order to prevent Gov. Robert Bentley from signing a controversial school choice bill that will give tax credits to families zoned for "failing" schools. Montgomery Circuit Judge Charles Price ruled in favor of plaintiffs in the Alabama Education Association backed lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged lawmakers violated the Open Meetings Act and legislative rules when they radically changed the bill in conference committee. Price granted the restraining order and scheduled a March 15 hearing to discuss the next step. Legislative leaders are expected to appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court. James Anderson, a lawyer representing the AEA employee who filed the lawsuit, said at the March 15 hearing they will ask Price to enter a permanent injunction. T .. ...
By Cameron Smith | January 24, 2013 Alabama Supreme Court Undermines Property Rights At the end of 2012, while Alabama families were focused on the holidays, the Alabama Supreme Court issued an opinion that undermined private property rights in Alabama and created a significant deterrent to economic investment in the state. In 2003 and 2004, M&N Materials, Inc. purchased property in an unincorporated area of Madison County with the intention of operating a quarry. Because the M&N property was adjacent to but outside of the corporate limits of the town of Gurley, residents who opposed the quarry could not stop M&N from using their private property in a manner consistent with their business. One of the residents of Gurley, Stan Simpson, lived only a mile away from the M&N property. Simpson, who would later become Mayor of Gurley, was determined to prevent M&N from operating their business, so he enlisted the help of State Senator Lowell Barron and State Representative Albert Hall to stop the quarry. During ...
A REPORT FROM "END OF DAY: To: Friends & Supporters From: Gary L. Bauer State Court Declares Unborn Child A Person With Rights Last week the Alabama State Supreme Court issued a ruling that has not gotten the attention it deserves, especially as the nation prepares to mark the tragedy of 40 years of abortion on demand. The Alabama Supreme Court was considering two tragic cases of children born to mothers who were drug addicts. In one case, a baby boy, Timmy, died 19 minutes after birth due to "acute methamphetamine intoxication." The mothers were charged under a "chemical endangerment" law written to crack down on parents who expose children to illegal drugs and to dangerous chemicals in meth labs. The mothers were convicted but later appealed contending that the law to protect children did not apply to unborn fetuses. In a 6-to-2 decision, the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the convictions. Here is an excerpt of the majority's opinion: "The decision of this Court today is in keeping with the widespread ...
Monday News Headlines from WHMA. Former Calhoun County Commissioner, Eli Henderson, was sworn in Friday as the county’s new circuit clerk at the Ken Joiner Calhoun County Administration Building. Henderson was elected circuit clerk in the November elections, narrowly beating Democrat Missy Hall in a contest that came down to a recount. Henderson replaces long-serving Circuit Clerk Ted Hooks, who decided not to seek re-election in 2012. Officials hope to reduce Alabama's suicide rate, which is worse than the national average.The Alabama Suicide Prevention and Resources Coalition is planning an advertising campaign for this summer to address the taboo against talking about suicide. According to state suicide prevention director Debra Hodges, the campaign will be funded with a $1.47 million, three-year grant aimed at youth suicide prevention. Judge Roy Moore, of Etowah County, standing before a packed crowd in the Alabama Supreme Court building Friday, placed his hand on a stack of Bibles ...
Busy Friday, attending investiture ceremony for my good friend, Justice Tommy Bryan, to the Alabama Supreme Court; and later this evening attending the Associated General Contractors Hall of Fame Banquet, where my good friend, Alain Gallet will be inducted into the AGC HOF. So happy for both of them!
Alabama Supreme Court rules in favor of Vincent in controversial rock quarry actions
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Breed specific legislation (BSL) was dealt a savage blow last week in an historic victory for American campaigners.when the supreme court in Alabama ruled that there was no genetic evidence that one breed of dog was more dangerous than another simply cuz of its breed.
Equal Justice Initiative Marsha Colby was released from prison last week, in time to spend Christmas with her family. Ms. Colby was wrongly convicted of capital murder in 2007 and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole when she gave birth to a stillborn baby. EJI challenged Ms. Colby's conviction and the Alabama Supreme Court reversed and ordered a new trial.
the Alabama Supreme Court decision on quarry dispute.
Read the Alabama Supreme Court decision on Gurley quarry dispute.
Alabama Supreme Court reverses $5 million verdict against Gurley in quarry dispute: The court found that the tow...
Alabama Supreme Court reverses $5m verdict against Town of Gurley in quarry property lawsuit.
Gurley judgement thrown out by Alabama Supreme Court src:Local
Gurley judgement thrown out by Alabama Supreme Court
Breaking: Alabama Supreme Court throws out $5 Million judgement against the town of Gurley...
Here in Alabama, it's going to be a tough sell to regulate gun control. Supreme Court Chief Justice denies evolution & equality.
“Every person, news org, lawmaker, is/are for letting this guy get away w/ charade!
What is wrong with following our Constitution? Every Politician & news outlet accepted what he told them!
This man came to mainland America when he was 17/18yrs old. He knows nothing of what it is to be American!
Every person, news org, lawmaker, or whomever is/are for letting this Muslim Jerk get away w/ his charade!
Alabama State Supreme Court Aims High to Take on Obama’s Eligibility as POTUS GO VIRAL. Great! RT
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Judge Roy Moore, elected as the Alabama Supreme Court's Chief Justice, believes the Constitution establishes the Judeo-Christian religion. Those who don't follow it are second-class citizens.
I hadn't realized Roy Moore (the '10 Commandments judge') is back on the Alabama Supreme Court.
Judge Roy Moore Returns, Without Monument: Roy Moore is returning as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court ...
Roy Moore, also known as the Ten Commandments judge, edged out his Democratic opponent Tuesday to win back his seat of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. The ...
Roy Moore is Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court again. Remember the Ten Commandments guy? Did...
MOBILE, Alabama (Reuters) - A former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was removed from office nine years ago for refusing to take down a Ten Commandments monument has won back his job. Republican Roy Moore defeated Democrat Bob Vance, a circuit judge, in Tuesday's election for the Supr...
Don't celebrate too much. Roy Moore beat Bob Vance and will be Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court
Time to start the 2016 campaign off full blast. IF we have elections in 2016 or they are not rigged. Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore was restored by the voters to his post as C.J. of the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore for President 2016 anyone?
Roy Moore elected new Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court following Bob Vance's concession.
ELECTION DAY - I just voted a straight Democratic Party ticket, and since my 86-year-old mother could not see the ovals to fill them in, I split her ticket and voted for Judge Bob Vance. Even though she was willing to vote for a Mormon for president, which I think is crazy for a Baptist, at least she did not support that nutjob Judge Roy Moore for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.
The race for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is between two men with high name recognition, but not for traditional reasons.
Voting today in my opinion: Do not vote the entire Republican ticket! For instance; Roy Moore is running on the Republican ticket but is not fit to be elected Dog Catcher much less Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court! I am voting for the Democrat running against him. Do what you want, this is my opinion!
VOTE for Judge Bob Vance to keep Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore off the Alabama Supreme Court:
Tuesday, November 6, 2012, is a very important day for our state and nation. Here in Alabama, please remember to VOTE for Judge Roy Moore FOR Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Judge Moore is a man of principle and he will always fight for our conservative christian values. Please be aware of Judge Moore's Democratic opponent, Judge Robert Vance, who is a contributor to President Barack Obama. His wife, Joyce Vance, is appointee of President Barack Obama. We cannot afford to have a liberal Democrat on the Alabama Supreme Court. So please remember to vote for the only conservative choice, Judge Roy Moore!!! Also, this is critical election to our country. The only conservative choice is to vote for Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President.
James Dobson isgivingan enthusiastic endorsement to unabashed theocrat Roy Moore, who is once again running for his old seat on the Alabama Supreme Court. And I mean enthusiastic. He’s practically gushing about what a wonderful person and Judge Moore is: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Dave Mowery and I have been working hard for Jefferson County Juge Bob Vance's campaign for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Judge Vance is a very good man and great judge. I'm asking all my friends to vote for Judge Vance.
If Roy Moore gets elected as Chief Justice to the Alabama Supreme Court, we"ll be set back 100 years.
The only contested appellate court race on the Nov. 6 ballot is the contest for the top judicial post in the state Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.
Finished Craig Unger's book "Boss Rove" this afternoon. Now back to finishing my own story and video script on how Karl Rove helped take over the Alabama Supreme Court, creating a corporate money machine for Republicans while destroying the justice system for the rest of us.
Chief Justice Roy Moore's embarrassing defiance of federal law ended abruptly yesterday, when a moving crew rolled his Ten Commandments monument out of the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court
Roy Moore, the Republican candidate and leading contender for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, delivered a speech this week on some of his favorite topics: God, greed, guns, lust, hypocrisy and the Constitution.
I'm running for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court
Advertiser Endorsement: Vance vastly better choice for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court
In August, I was named the Democratic nominee for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. My decision to enter this race was not an easy one -- to the contrary, it came only after a great deal of soul-searching.
Vance said he entered the race in part because of the way Moore handled his last term as Chief Justice, by defying a court order. "Being willing to disobey a valid court order shows he's willing to put himself above the law," Vance said. "On a personal level I respect Judge Moore, he sincerely loves...
Bob Vance gave money to Barack Obama. Now he's talking about his carrying on his father's dreams. Do we want the Obama reasoning on the Alabama Supreme Court...
Best Choice for the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court
Philippines Supreme Court restrains government from enforcing new cyber law (
Bob Vance is a candidate for Chief Justice of The Alabama Supreme Court. He has no agenda and will not be an activist judge!
Morning Docket: 10.15.12: * What effect will the Supreme Court’s ruling in Miller v. Alabama, regarding life sen...
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Our best choice for the next Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court!!
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