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Alabama State University

Alabama State University, founded 1867, is a historically black university located in Montgomery, Alabama.

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At alabama state university right now chillen
Where did you go to college? — Bevill State Community College and the University of Alabama
The Chaka Khan concert at Alabama State University was so good. She still can sing really well.
Time for the second half of the Alabama State University, Stillman College game.
News Minute: Here is the latest Alabama news from The Associated Press: Alabama State University officials say they…
Even the thotties have something to purchase. @ Alabama State University
i hope Alabama loses to Southwest Missouri State University of the woods
“ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY!! Y'all ready or nahh. 😝” . Tryna roll? Wen I see THE Miracle I'm cuffing on sight‼️
“ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY!! Y'all ready or nahh. 😝” Listen here your my girlfriend foreva baby!! 😊
but, Alabama State University will suffer in their marginal cost because of this decision. no where near ticket sales like in the past.
Wish I could be at Alabama State University today 😩
☆ ☆ ☆ ALABAMA NATURALS!!! ☆ ☆ ☆. Join us today at ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY HOMECOMING in Montgomery, AL for an...
Alabama State University inaugural concert of the BFA/Dance Program
Congratulations to the initiates of Epsilon Beta chapter, Alabama State University
Well, it's Friday evening and the first of the three day tournament in Montgomery, Al., at the Hornet Classic has ended. First day competition consisted of 5 games per match with 5 matches being played. I must say, during the past 2 years of coaching this team of girls and beginning the 3rd year, this has been our best start to any tournament. Usually Fridays are the least productive of the tournament for the team. Today, started with the Techsters shooting against Texas Southern University. First I would like to welcome back Texas Southern's coach, Ms. Sabrina Rose. The team consisted of Kelsey Calzaretta, Tynea Starks, Sarah McComic Shelby Smith and Harley DeKeyzer. This would be the team for the day. At the end of the match, Louisiana Tech found itself in the win column, defeating Texas Southern, 885 to a losing 737. The next match involved the Lady Techsters fighting against Southern University, Baton Rouge. Again, the bulldogs came out on top with an 852 against a 768 by Southern. Match number 3 fou ...
At the Alabama State University Dance Company Show! So excited on how my university is on the move! Even more excited that I was able to have some of my cheerdaughters accompany me!!! This is history! ! The first HBCU to offer a BFA in dance!!;) Jozetta Billingsley Camisha Rivers Donna Thompson
All purpose parts banner
I don't often say this but congrats to University of Alabama beating Mississippi State 25-20. I'll be routing...
So apparently University of Alabama beat Mississippi State today and people in decided to…
Just for clarification, Alabama is still not number 1 and Mississippi State is still the greatest university in the nation.
I hate nick Saban I hate the University of Alabama and I hate the state of Alabama
And goes down! Congratulations to the University of on upsetting Mississippi State.
The University of Alabama for the most part destroyed Mississippi State from start to finish and Alabama should...
the University of Alabama football team is beating Mississippi State to your no limit classic! F dem other nig***
Got a full ride to Alabama State University 😌
I want to go to Alabama State University 🏤
IT'S COLLEGE GAMEDAY! . Mississippi State is taking on University of Alabama. With a high temperature in the...
Today is that University of Alabama vs Mississippi State let's go Roll Tide 🅰🐘🏈
Saturday's on the quad. Beat State. @ The Quad - University of Alabama
Alabama, LSU, Florida State University. There gonna be upset today on
For some reason I want an Alabama/The Ohio State University match up.
I'm picking Mississippi State Bull Dogs to beat the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.
So Close yet So Far Away: The University of Alabama and Mississippi State University are 90 miles away from on...
Hate when people try to talk bad about Alabama State University
Visiting Alabama state university made me so much more appreciative to say im from FAMU
WE DID IT! The KaBoom Playground is complete. More than 120 Alabama State University volunteers turned out to...
Tickets are now on sale for Alabama State University’s annual Hornet Homecoming concert, which this year will...
I did not give proper acknowledgement of the SGA President at Alabama State University. I have to…
Alabama State University archivists discuss how collections drive programming.
Alabama Rejects $1M Claim by Parents of Slain Auburn University Student. An Alabama state board this week reject...
One of only 4 schools in Alabama and the only private university in the state listed as one of "America's 100 Best College…
The Alabama/Mississippi State game is happening during the UA Veterans Week. The University of Alabama Veterans a...
University of Alabama, spelman, ga state, & university of tennessee. Hbu?
UGA was a university before Alabama was a state
Congrats to Lavontae Waldon on signing to Alabama State University. That makes 8 D1 signees in 1 1/2 yrs already …
TAC-ASU Fundraiser - Chik-fil-A University Mall TODAY from 5pm-8pm. Ten percent (10%) of all sales will be donated to Alabama State University (per the Tom Joyner Foundation). So, go eat more chicken!!
"Shawan Parks a Junior at Alabama State University named the Tom Joyner Foundation “Hercules Scholar for this week."
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Go Play Calendar: For more information, call 782-7317 or visit www.millbrook...
Alabama State University Cross Country teams putting in some hill work in downtown Montgomery.
Mel's Club brings breast cancer awareness to teens at Brainerd United Method...
Not sure how this got by me: black mob violence at Alabama State University: ...
Alabama State University is proud to be the Tom Joyner School of the month! http:…
will you be coming to STATE UNIVERSITY (ASU HORNETS) it's the oldest Historical Black College
u comin by Alabama State University??? You'll def draw a crowd
JSU-pits offense against stingy Tennessee State: Following the trip to Prai...
Writing out each team&score to share scores is time consuming, use ScoreStream to do it faster, dm me!
-Alabama State Bar. -Wills for Heroes Clinic. -Thursday, October 9, 2014, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. -University of Alabama School of Law
I pray for all of my Family, Friends, and the Students that attend ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY. That they will...
Stop playing Northwest Alabama Tech & Big State University all the *** time. Prove it w/ 1 week to prep.
There are fans at every university that taint the overall fan base; there just so happens to be a lot of these fans in the state of Alabama.
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Selma to Montgomery March, Patti LaBelle comes to Alabama State University for concert in March 2015.
Patti LaBelle to hold concert at ASU for 50th anniversary of historic march:...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Alabama State University would like you to work for them in Montgomery, AL.
So excited to make my visit to the University of Montevallo next week in a state I've never been to.. Alabama!! 🎾
Locals in the pros, colleges update: Tovar Allen (Alabama State University) ...
welll NCAT is my first choice😁 Im lookin at Mizzou,TSU, Georgia State,University of Minnesota,University of Southern alabama etc
School Bell: College fair set for Oct. 16 at Anitoch's Deer Valley: Some of ...
Had a great time visiting The University of Alabama today as well as Shelton State !
Happy to be teaching a class at Alabama State University next week. I have spoken to the students there many times and will enjoy filling i…
Excited to have co-authored a paper for publication by the Alabama State University Center for Leadership and Public Policy.
University of Alabama will be on campus at 8:30 tomorrow (Wednesday, 10/8) and Appalachian State will be here at 12:30 tomorrow.
PHOTO GALLERY: Alabama State University and Montgomery announce Patti LaBelle to attend celebration.
We have to go against Oklahoma University, Penn State, WKU, and Southern Alabama in a forecasting competition. Ouch.
Patti LaBelle to perform at ASU on March 7 to commemorate 50th anniversary o...
Patti Labelle in concert at Dunn Oliver Acadome March 7, 2014 on Alabama State University campus.
and had a athletic scholarship to Alabama state university with a 4.0 gpa
So glad that THE Alabama State University is the Tom Joyner School of the Month!!! Its a campaign…
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Alabama State University named October school of the month - Tom Joyner Foundation
Gotta love Eng translation: "He studied at university state of Alabama, which is famous for one of the best basketball programs in the US"
Homeless student population has doubled in Hamilton County schools since 200...
UNA is the oldest state-chartered university in Alabama, & there's a reason why. Come see what has to offer http:…
Right now Alabama State University is ranked with 2% of the vote. Vote today, and every day, until November 30, 2014.
Congratulations to Alabama State University on being the Tom Joyner Foundation's school of the month.
Tom Joyner has a message for Alumni of Alabama State University. Alabama State University was selected as the Tom Joyner Foundation October School of the Mon...
David Higgins: Mr. Hammond is the Director of Adult Vocational Rehab at East...
Mind in one place .. heart in another @ Alabama State University🐝
Accrediting agency zeroes in on Alabama State University
My out of state tuition for Alabama State is the same as the in state tuition at University of Alabama 😔
In 1987, went to Alabama State University to study media and communication.
Check out new video from Translee "THE RETURN" feat. Alabama State University's marching band .
Asleep at the Wheel, a Trucker Destroyed a Family. He Isn't Sorry: Peter was...
Alabama State University scientists have received a $578,224 grant from The National Institutes of Health...
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Come celebrate with the Giant of Africa! Nigerian Students at Alabama State University..
So glad to say that I am officially committed to Alabama State University to play D1 volleyball next fall😊
😒😒 I don't stay by Alabama state university lol.
Ok. I'll see you then. Wait. I'm going to Alabama State University Homecoming in November.
Chris you better bolive in the University of Nebraska crushin Michigan State Alabama is going to throttle old miss
Congratulations to setter Riley MacDonald on her commitment to NCAA D1 Alabama State University!
University of Alabama acceptance to college of arts and sciences and acceptance to Mississippi State University😊
can you come to Alabama State University?
- Congrats to Varsity setter Riley MacDonald & her decision to become a HORNET and commit to NCAA D1 Alabama State University!
Catch me At Alabama State university homecoming !! NOVEMBER 22nd IMMA Turn up with my blood my Favee cuzin Kei . Then CHICAGO I go :)
ASU scientists get half-million dollars to fight cancer: Prostate and colore...
Did you know...?. The University of Alabama now has a majority of out-of-state students. How 'bout that? . And...
No. 5 University of North Alabama vs. No. 21 Valdosta State. 54-yd FG as time expires.
The growing list of conquered campuses this year. . Miss. State. Florida state. University of Alabama . University of Georgia.
I will like to attend alabama state university as well . featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tigers Secure Victory in the Cotton Bowl State Fair Classic: This win ended...
I think I'm going to apply to University of Alabama, Temple University, and Penn State University. ☺️
Job hopping: Millennial college students looking for the right fit: “In the ...
yup at a HBCU convention. but my dream school is Alabama state university. my older siblings graduated from there
Alabama State University’s Board of Trustees held a full meeting on Friday, Sept. 26, approving several new...
Hornets' nest: Gwendolyn Boyd's rocky tenure at ASU
I plan on attending Southern University or Alabama State in the fall of 2016 ✊🎓🎉
right now, I like Alabama State University over The Gators! I will not crown Bama until their O looks great against UM's D
Alabama State University is the best & know it !
I think we should get for our Homecoming at Alabama State University 🐝🐝
My acceptance letter to the University of Alabama brought tears to my eyes when I got it. But so did out of state tuition 😭
Alabama state university Bethune cookman university, and North Carolina A&T university will be at the scholarship fair Monday 🙌🙌🙌
Thank you for letting me shoot at your concert tonight at Alabama State University 💯
Alabama State University was ready for ya .. We stay
Out-of-state students outnumber Alabama residents at the University of Alabama - . Alabama resident are now a...
Now you know got power if he renamed a WHOLE *** university from Alabama State to Montgomery State, Free-ban pride! 😁😁
S\O to the Alabama State Hornets 🐝 in defeating the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 🐯 yesterday 42-7 ‼️
Chattanooga’s first emergency family shelter to open soon, in time for winte...
Aye!! what you mean Montgomery State University you got Alabama State looking like.. ***
Future probably said Montgomery State University because *** near all of Montgomery go to Alabama State
first thing first... When you speaking of Alabama State University its bae! Get it right or leave it be!
you need to be at Alabama State University you have all is waiting you better turn up
“Montgomery State University” no my *** it's Alabama State University now please come to the *** stage.
Future really said Montgomery State University tho.. thats worser than when Elle Varner called A&M University of Alabama
Alabama State University name has now been changed to Montgomery State University why? Cause Future said it
when adults in college are rude and think you care 🌼 @ Alabama State University
🏈 catch the game on ESPN 6:30 Central @ Alabama State University
Alabama State University to host community event to honor victims of 9/11 today - The Huntsville Times
These freshman girls will do anything to catch the attention of upperclassmen.ANYTHING -Alabama State University
I need someone knowledgable about Alabama State University to report to my DM's
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Alabama State University marching band to star in reality show on A&E Network -...
The Mighty Marching Hornets of Alabama State University will bring a new accolade to halftime shows and band battles this fall; in January 2015, the band will star in its own reality television ser...
Tomorrow starts Day 1 of my assault on the Alabama State University housing department..
Right now my main goal and focus is getting a scholarship into Alabama state University.
Yup... The WHOLE housing department at Alabama State University is gon have to catch these hands come August
16 more days until I go back to THE Alabama State University!
lmfao my grandpa ain't never just said "University of state Alabama college" 😩 whut?
What college you going to? — my top three choices are University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama State Univers...
Chattanooga's new Manufacturers Road ramps scheduled to open in September: Y...
cause I told her their school was Albany state university not Alabama
o girl you fancy and hcc then transfer to university of California mama or Alabama state idk somewhere far lol
One of my cousins got accepted to Alabama state university on a football scholarship nice
Athens State University to present history of women in Alabama - . July 27, 2014...
After two years at Savannah State University 💙🐯, I'm transferring to the University of Alabama ❤️🐘🅰
Is America ready for female presidential leadership? Attend the workshop, powered by Alabama State University, to find out!
STING-A-THON LIVE at ASU, Aug. 5: The first-ever Alabama State University "Sting-A-Thon" will take place on...
Forbes names Samford as the top university in the state of Alabama...
Gov. Bentley calls special meeting of...
In this state its Alabama.then University of North Alabama...then Jacksonville State... then Miles. That's it. Move on to Georgia.
This mess going on at Alabama State University is crazy. I think Dr. Boyd's days as President are clearly numbered 🐝
Me w/ & the Delta Eta Iotas of Alabama State University at today. Goals…
Scholars make Detroit Connection: I don’t think I could attend college witho...
Dr. Oliver Director of Bands of Alabama State University plays on the new Roland TD30 VDrum with the electronic sounds; with over 300 songs downloaded, he ca...
Committee demands answers before funding ASU audit: A contract proposal to e...
Just got a thank you letter from Alabama State for my donation of $5. Hopefully I won't be the only one this month. I will give you a total at the end of the month and announce the next school we will be donating to. Here's the address in case you haven't donated yet: Alabama State University Office of Development 915 S. Jackson Street Montgomery, Al. 36101 Please write HBCU Professional Netword in the comment section of your check.
SOUTHERN LIGHTS: Old black newspapers are historic gift: Presumably, the “no...
Saban worth every cent plus to the University & State of Alabama. If players have a case (I believe they do) they shd be paid
You all know, based on my comments telling you that you're wrong, that I'm a a fact checker before I post something... That being said, 2 Chainz graduated from Alabama State University (Roll Tide) with a 4.0 GPA, majoring in psychology. Just wanted to put that out there.
Now Playing on SR1898: Troy State University - My Home's in Alabama - (
oh okay where you goin for the 2 years , n I'm going to Alabama state university , but I'm a lil nervous😁
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OPEN CASTING CALL FOR ‘SELMA’ Produced by Oprah & Brad Pitt! DATE: MON 9 JUNE & TUES 10 JUNE Teens(17+) and Adults to work on “Selma“ “Selma” will begin production in Alabama shortly and has now announced an open casting call for those who would like to be extras on the film. The film is looking to cast extras between the ages of 17 and 70. The MLK feature film is looking for hundreds of Extras who are available to work this summer, June 17th through the 20th in Alabama. All extras who are hired to work on the project will be paid, see below, and may need to be available on set for up to 14 hours during the filming days. There are 2 open casting calls scheduled so far, one in Selma Alabama and another in Montgomery. Here is the Information: ATTENTION ALABAMA RESIDENTS: Selma Productions, Inc. EXTRAS CASTING CALL Feature Film “Selma” Selma, Alabama Open casting call Monday, June 9th, from 3-8pm at The Performing Arts Theatre 1000 Selma Avenue, SELMA, ALABAMA 36701 Selma Productions, Inc., . ...
I am headed to go see two Tygtal Exposure and Sporting Consulting member play tonight. Shoutout to Big Aaron Wheeler originally from Hancock Central High School and Alabama State University along with Big Jason Peacock originally from The Baldwin High School and the Arkansa Razorbacks,, I am extremely proud that these two young men left me tickets at the will call gate tonight for the Georgia Fire game..
Alabama State University already has three draft picks 
Can you say Hornet!! With everything going on I manage to get Accepted and Pay my housing fee. Can't wait til August. Alabama State University here I come !!
Tauheed Epps played Basketball for Alabama State University on an athletic scholarship. . Rapping was just a better option.
Pirates draft FGCU outfielder Suchy in fifth round: Nineteen places ahead of...
G+: Montgomery, Alabama is home to the Alabama State University. It is also the second largest city of the State. …
The Alabama State University Stingettes are the best dance line hands down!
Florida catcher Gushue goes in fourth round to Pirates: Nineteen places ahea...
"Selma" movie seeking extras in Alabama: The casting director will see candi...
Praise God FBF. Come join us the A.M.E., A.M.E. Zion, and C.M.E. At Alabama State university in Montgomery Alabama, Sunday afternoon with bishop Paul Morton and many more powerful people of God. It is all FREE. You don't want to miss it. It is FREE. Methodist for life.
"Who coming Alabama state University with me in fall !!" Me!
Bucs nab Fresno State outfielder Luplow in Round 3: Nineteen places ahead of...
Strike Force will be getting girls signed this week. Some coaches talk about it we do it. Let's go What college do you want to go to AL Alabama State UniversityAR Hendrix CollegeAZ Arizona State UniversityAZ Arizona Western CollegeAZ Grand Canyon UniversityCA Academy of Art UniversityCA Cal State Dominguez HillsCA Citrus CollegeCA College of the DesertCA Concordia University (California)CA Dominican University (California)CA Loyola Marymount UniversityCA Pomona-PitzerCA Saint Katherine CollegeCA Simpson UniversityCA University of Antelope ValleyCA University of California - BerkeleyCA University of RedlandsCT Yale UniversityDC George Washington UniversityHI University of HawaiiIA Iowa State UniversityID Northwest Nazarene UniversityIL Bradley UniversityIL University of Illinois at ChicagoLA McNeese State UniversityMD Towson UniversityMI Central Michigan UniversityMI Eastern Michigan UniversityMI Finlandia UniversityMO Avila UniversityNC University of North CarolinaNE York CollegeNH DartmouthNJ Princeton . ...
For the Pentecost Explosion at Alabama State University in the Hornet Stadium.
Someone drew the Judge at Boys State at the University of Alabama 😂😭
ASU's Marrero goes to Phillies in MLB's 7th Round: Alabama State University ...
St. Jude class of 1964 graduates gather for reunion: Moderated by Georgette ...
Seeing the Alabama State University sign just made my day all over again!!! Go Hornets!!!
Last final in 30mins... Wow I'm about to graduate with a Masters degree. Thank Dr. Brencleveton Donta Truss for opening the doors for me at Alabama State University. ThankDr. Tonea Stewart, Dr. Wendy Doc Coleman, Brian Martin, and Anthony Stockard for pushing to pursuing a higher education. Your product is the outcome of your process
I swear the college students and rising students that I know go to : Alabama State University, Valdasta State University, or Alabama A&M
Montgomery Public Schools recently announced nearly $23 million in scholarship offers to its 2014 class. Students received scholarships to schools such as Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Emory University, University of North Carolina, University of Alabama, Tuskegee University, Troy University, Alabama State University, Auburn Montgomery, Huntingdon College and Trenholm State Technical College, according to a news release from MPS.
Who wants their Professor of Dance to look like this?Assistant Professor of Dance & Director of Alabama State University's BFA/Dance Program, Michael Medcalf will be honoring Michael Jackson in our concert. June 27th & 28th at 8pm. Ticket info:
It's May, meaning 4276 Seniors have committed to schools! Look out:. -Alabama State University. -Boston...
Happy Anniversary to all my Beautiful and Intelligent Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Springs "01" Beta Eta Chapter; None Greater, at Alabama State University!!! Its been 13 years, God is so Good. We all have accomplish so many different things in our lives, and we have so much to be thankful for, and we still striving to be the best that we can be. I love all of my Sister's, and may God continue to bless all of you, and I wish you guys nothing but the best. Have a bless beautiful day!
Alabama Attorney General to Take Over Alabama State AuditAlabama Governor Robert Bentley will not renew the contract of the firm conducting a forensic audit of Alabama State University, leaving the review of the school’s financial activities in the hands of the state’s Attorney General’s office.The…
I wasn't leaving Alabama State University until I got my degree
Been out with my daughter Camille Hambright and got back home and check the mail and a letter was in there that she had been accept to Alabama State University. Praise God
Age I was given: 19 Where I lived: Montgomery,Al What I drove: 2007 Blue Kia Spectra What I did: Collector for NCO Who had my heart: Quentin Williams Age now: 25 Where I live: Montgomery, Al What I drive: 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo What I do: Full time student at Alabama State University about to graduate on Dec 2014 Who has my heart: Quentin Qwetta Williams Like my status and I will give you an age
Reasons why I don't bang with the state of Alabama
Social workers honor volunteers, employees: It was the culmination of a mont...
I met some of the fakest ppl at Alabama State University!
Social workers honor volunteers, employees: The three are among the state-le...
You should go to Alabama State University to be a STINGETTE — One of my dreams
I'm stuck between University of Alabama, Florida State University or Miami.. I don't know which to pick 😩
"I think ima go to Alabama State University"me too.
Social workers honor volunteers, employees: Gloria Griffith thought no one n...
Social workers honor volunteers, employees: “Her story is a great example of...
Social workers honor volunteers, employees: earned the Social Worker of the ...
2 Alabama State dance students selected to perform at Kennedy...
Local camp introduces children to new sports: While many schoolchildren spen...
No, I paid off Delgado last month and now I can pay off Alabama State University soon.
Kyle Conkle (University of North Alabama Athletics) and Delta State Statesmen's Michael Manley are the Baseball...
Local camp introduces children to new sports: Spring Break Camp 2014, locate...
Alabama State University RT"14. what college do you want to attend"
Academic Olympics: Deadline for applications to NAACP event is Saturday: De’...
2 Alabama State University dance students selected to perform at Kennedy Cen...
University of in Tuscaloosa leads state in on-campus drug arrests. No other campus is close.
Alabama State University VS Grambling State: Stingettes 2014 P8: . The time remapping HDR video from th...
Security Intensifies for Power Plants as Alabama State University teams up with Total Protection Services Global
Hey.i just checked the list and im still on the honors list for the College of Education here at Alabama State University. Yea what ever
Dirty South hip hop and societal ills in the former Confederacy: Dirty South...
University of south Alabama still look good to me thoe, and you no i still love Georgia state...but West Florida seems like the best choice.
If you have been accepted and plan to attend Alabama State University, have a GPA of 2.5 or better, and an ACT score of at least 17, you are eligible to apply for a scholarship to ASU sponsored by the Columbus/Phenix City/Russell County Alumni Chapter. See Mrs. Scott for an application.
Responding to “State gun laws prompt debate” The University of Alabama Crimson White
The University of Alabama, the band not the state.
Planning to because a forensic chemistry major at Alabama State University as an ambassador while joining the air force.
“Alabama State University really is my dream school 😶”why
Alabama State University really is my dream school 😶
.i wanna give a ShoutOut to my sister Lee Anthia Shonate Ford for making Alabama State University…
The Alabama State University Board of Trustees today voted to offer the university's presidency to Gwendolyn Boyd.
come to Alabama State University and speak to some of us.
Trivia: In what year did Tribe of Judah become a student organization on the campus of Alabama State University? The first to INBOX will be the winner!
Welcome! Starting TODAY @ we commit to remembering every victim! Our nonprofit organization is a multiracial group of citizens of Montgomery, including educators, poets, and soon, some Alabama State University student volunteers. Our goal is to honor every life lost in our city due to homicide, and then to share their stories with everyone who knew them, or would have liked to have known them. Founded by Cheryl Lynn Moyer - Peele and Georgia Ann Banks
ASU students return from journey to study disease in Peru: Alabama State Uni...
Ok so Alabama State University has a new female African American president, to whom (might I add) was the 1st African-American to graduate from Yale with a Master's of Science degree and she is a native- graduate of ASU. I LOVE SMART BLACK PEOPLE.LOVE MY SCHOOL
I know our big mama is smiling, hollering and shouting... my baby bro just got accepted into Alabama State University. yayyy!!
Southern blows out Alabama State in battle between SWAC's best: Southern (La...
Luckett, Brown score 16 apiece as Alcorn State comes back to beat Alabama A...
I finally got a chance to see Grudge Match and it was pretty good. I must say I enjoyed seeing my beautiful city on the big screen. Shout out to my fellow Alabama State University-Alumni Yohance Myles, man this brother is popping up everywhere!! Congrats sir!!!
I'm not sure yet; but it's out of Auburn university, Alabama state, & Louisiana state.
Finally accepted to be a BFA Dance Major at Alabama State University!
Congratulations to all of the colleges that competed this past weekend here during the SWAC East Round Up! Another congratulations goes to Alabama State University's Bowling Team on the victory for the entire weekend! The business was much appreciated and we hope to see you all again! -Jessica
For five years, researchers from both the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Penn State followed the eating habits of
“Class of 14 quote this with your college for next fall ..” Alabama State University 🐝
The Alabama State University Marching Hornets knows where where it's at.
Schedule of events. February 27th - DJing Stop the Violence on Alabama State University campus. February 28th -...
Congrats to my son Jaivon Francis for being accepted to Alabama State University
I think I just told the lady who's doing my toes that I'm a marketing teacher at Alabama state university... or that's what she comprehended
The time I spent at Alabama State University was educational, stressful, and exciting. But the one thing I can say it was a wonderful experience to live the life of a college student. Word of advice stay in school. Lesson learned!
Having come to the conclusion that in order to achieve my goals I needed to go back to school, I wanna thank Mrs. Mahone for her assistance in filing my FAFSA application to attend Alabama State University. The requirements to establish and maintain a comfortable lifestyle is becoming more difficult and will require more than a high school diploma. There are opportunities out there to assist you in getting where you want to be in life without selling drugs or committing crime period, the choice is up to you, it simply comes down to whether your will to live a better lifestyle exceeds the excuses that you've accepted as reason(s) to continue living a lawless life. BELIEVE YOU CAN BE BETTER AND YOU WILL DO BETTER!! Hotel!
My baby got accepted to Alabama State University! I'm so proud of him.
I just sent my application in to Alabama State University.
Outside enjoying this weather with dr_jay_phil ⛅️@ Alabama State University
Acceptance Letter - Jordan JUST received an acceptance letter from Alabama State University Home of the Hornets!!! GOD IS NOT ONLY GOOD HE'S GREAT!!! I am so proud of my baby!!
After pleading my case to a board of 7 deans, I GOT IN-STATE TUITION TO THE University of Alabama!
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star set to speak to students at Alabama...
State expects to turn over Bryce Hospital grounds to University of Alabama by June
Thelma Horn Tate received her Library Science degree from Alabama State University in 1957. She took her …
Congratulations to my God Daughter Latrice Lee-a senior at Alabama State University and a member of the ASU Hornets Track Team...ASU won for I think the third year in a row -maybe four - the SWAC Indoor Track and Field Championship held this year in Birmingham Alabama...And Latrice won the 60 meter dash and the 200 meter dash..Congrats Babygirl on being an Excellent athlete and an EXTREMELY EXCELLENT STUDENT ! LOVE YOU AND I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU !
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Auburn named the top university in Alabama by
I am a student a Jacksonville State University in Alabama. This pic was posted by another student and…
MVSU travels to Alabama State University next Saturday and Sundayis ready?
Best known as one of the popular housewives on Bravo's reality show "Real Housewives of Atlanta", Phaedra Parks spoke to students of Alabama State University about leadership, black history month and the steps she's taken to reach success.
Alabama State University *** !! They do not do anything right and there teaching ethic is sooo freaking off! They wonder why students who graduate from here are not capable of completing work related tasks. I am only here because of a scholarship, I left along time ago but came back for it. Rooming *** WiFi, everything you name it! I do not recommend any parent or high school students to come here. Blah, get your weight up
Went the the Black College Expo today in LA is was a really great experience I learned a lot and got to network and meet new people. I also got accepted into Alabama State University & Tuskegee University with a 5k scholarship from Tuskegee. I'm soo appreciate and truly blessed.
I'm so excited about tomorrow. Hall Memorial CME Church and our sister-church in Montgomery, 1st CME Church both have Family & Friends Day tomorrow, Feb. 23rd. For morning worship we'll swap pastors. At 11 A.M., Rev. Nicholas T ONeal, pastor of 1st CME will lead worship and preach at Hall Memorial CME Church. At the same time, I will be in Rev. O'Neal's pulpit, leading worship and preaching down the road at 1st CME Church. Lunch at Hall Memorial is at 1:30 P.M. I preach again in my home pulpit at Hall Memorial for our 3 P.M. worship service. All of HMCME's choirs will represent during the day, including the praise team of Alabama State University students. We might even have some special guests. It's gonna be a mighty day of Word and worship in Montgomery, Alabama. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA GET IN ON THIS! 541 Seibles Road, Montgomery, AL 36116
Alabama State University, Alabama A&M, Stillman University, Southern University! Dasia was excepted to ALL. YAS I had to fight back my tears. Im so proud of my baby Dasia Shaw
I got accepted into Miles College, Stillman College and Alabama State University 😁
Plan a campus visit to Alabama State University March 8th as part of your college consideration !!!
I got in to Alabama State University the school i realy like.Benedict College and Paul Quinn College and cookman im proud of my self i pushed hard an grinded threw thank you to all who believed in me.
BIG ADVANTAGE: Dallas County leads Dora 31-16 after three quarters at the Dunn-Oliver Acadome at Alabama State University. Dora made a run, with two consecutive three-pointers, but the Hornets scored the final five points of the quarter to extend their lead. Barring a miraculous comeback by the Bulldogs, Dallas County appears to be on its way to its first ever Final Four appearance.
Wow, we received 200+ outstanding student applications for ASU Honor Band this year! March 7-9 is going to be one very fun weekend for the Alabama State University Department of Music in Montgomery!
I got accepted to Alabama State University & Benedict College in South Carolina today 👏📃😌 im proud myself 💯
A representative from Alabama State University will be at Bryant on Monday, February 24th. If interested, please sign up in the guidance office.
Find a place to live at Alabama State University.
Phaedra Parks of Atlanta housewives will be at alabama state university today!
No matter where I go and who I see... I always run across a fellow HORNET... The welcome I get when we introduce ourselves and talk about the campus makes me smile deep down inside.8 yrs ago I made the BEST CHOICE to attend ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY
APA welcomes students from Troy University, University of Alabama, Auburn University & Alabama State University.
The 60th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott is near. Our rural area. Our low density calls for innovation. Screams for renovation. Not changing the buildings. Changing the atmosphere. Changing the transportation. Put some spark into the area. A major transportation system for this area would and could save a lot of folks. We have major education institutions here. Florida State Seminoles Auburn University University of South Alabama Tuskegee University Alabama State University. I ask that those interested ask students and residents alike who felt transportation played a role in their college education. Heightned the security and law enforcement presence here by identification, voluntary drug testing, voluntary fed gps systems in vehicles, all with fee incentives. So of course there is tolls. Tolls can be used in the manner that best benefits the program. Donors and investors. Private and government funded.
Scholarship Watch: If you plan to attend Alabama State University, applications for the Tuscaloosa Alumni Chapter scholarship are now available. Please see Mrs. Wilson in the guidance office. Deadline to apply is February 21, 2014.
Congresswoman Terri Sewell held a Town Hall Meeting at the Plaza at Centennial Hill on today, Wednesday, February 19th, and also toured our other properties. Montgomery Housing Authority Commissioners attending were Bettie Barnett, Cubie Rae Hayes, Willie Durham and Chairman John Knight. Other elected officials included Mayor Todd Strange, Commissioner Jiles Williams and Rep. Joe Hubbard. The new appointed lady County Commissioner was there also. Our Executive Director Yvette Hester represented us well. Although, Congresswoman Terri Sewell was the main attraction, our new President of Alabama State University attended as well and received a roaring applause when she said that good people came from Tulane Court, because that was where she grew up. So full of joy just being in the presence of both of these outstanding representatives of finer womanhood.
The Luverne Varsity Boys basketball team will play R.C. Hatch TOMORROW NIGHT @ 8 PM @ the Dunn-Oliver Acadome Alabama State University. Everyone please come out and support our Tigers! Good Luck and GO TIGERS!
I want to give big shout to the Alabama State University baseball team as they beat the University Auburn Tigers 9-3 way go ASU. Yes we play big baseball at Alabama State University "Go Hornets"I told yall about my boys
Please remember our Lady Tigers will play Carbon Hill on Thursday at 12:00 in Montgomery at Alabama State University. We need the "Handley Family" to show up in large numbers. We are one of only 16 4A teams left in the state. Only two games away from the Final Four. GO HANDLEY!
Rivals Central, Paul W. Bryant to face off Thursday for Class 5A Central Regional title: MONTGOMERY | The Paul W. Bryant High School boys basketball team is seeking a second straight trip to AHSAA semifinals. To get to Birmingham, the Stampede has to beat its No. 1 rival, the Central Falcons. The two meet at 4:40 Thursday afternoon at Alabama State University, and the winner takes the Class 5A Central Regional title.
Alexandria Ayers, a soccer player and senior at Alabama State University died recently due to complications with lupus.
The Alabama State University Soccer team has lost one of its own when Alexandria Ayers passed away over the weekend from the effects of Lupus in her hometown of Atlanta.
The Alabama State University Department of Social Work is mourning the death of one our beloved students, Alexandria Ayers. She was truly loved and adored by us all and will be greatly missed. I'm so blessed to have and known and taught her. She was one incredible young lady. So glad I was able to talk with her last week and to tell her how much she meant to me. I will miss u sweet girl.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Just got an email from Alabama State University asking me to be on a Women in the Music Industry forum. Very cool.
Tomorrow is Game Day!!! Lady Dawgs take on Spain Park at 12pm at Alabama State University in Montgomery! Wear black and cheer loud! Go Dawgs
So proud to be an Alabama State University Graduate! If your not an Hornet just take notes.
In 1991, Judge Harold Lloyd Murphy of the U.S. District Court, issued a 840-page decision that ruled that Alabama State University suffered from vestiges of racial segregation and ordered the state...
Glory be to God! That He enabled the teens@ StrongHold Christian Church East to travel today to visit two awesome colleges Alabama State University and Tuskegee University .. Our kids need our support of furthering their education.. Praying for traveling grace.. With God, I know they are in good hands...
Regional Basketball Starts Today at the Central Regional Site at Alabama State University. Go to for live stats.
Going to alabama state university tomorrow ... so ready
The AHSAA Central Regional hoops event begins today at Alabama State University. Check out the schedule:
The journey to claim the title of the  2014 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) champion will begin for Florida A&M University (FAMU) students on Feb. 15 at the national qualifying tournament at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Ala.  FAMU is a seven-time HCASC national champion and was last year’s runner up. After succeeding at the qualifying tournament, the FAMU team will advance to the national tournament, held in April in California, to compete against the top 48 historically black colleges and universities. The academic challenge is being dubbed “the Olympics of the Mind.” Finalists will be announced on Feb. 20 via a live webcast. The championship team will win a $50,000 grant for its university. The students representing FAMU for this year’s challenge are: Kimberlyn Elliott, a history major from Gainesville Fla.; Travian Albert, a computer and electrical engineering major from Milton, Fla.; Roslyn Shanklin, a mechanical engineering major from New Haven, Conn. and Aubrey Upshur II ...
The first female president of Alabama State University is Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.’s...
"You ARE PHENOMENAL! I'm so happy that you are my President of the Alabama State University. :)"
Thursday we honored our past and present presidents of Alabama State University at the Early Childhood Assembly. A big thanks to everyone who was a part of this special service!
ASU students are excited to welcome Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, returning as Alabama State University's new President. Whether you are or be sure...
Alabama State, O Mother Dear,. Again we come to thee. Alabama State University Hymn. See full bio of President...
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