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Alabama State University

Alabama State University, founded 1867, is a historically black university located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Come be apart of making THE Alabama State University gorgeous! ❤️
Proud to say I'll be finishing my journey at Alabama State University . .
USC thinking of Alabama, not championship - The State
The only thing I like about Alabama state university is the marching Band. The Mascot is cray. Academically do not .
University of Alabama online Library has a historical map section that has a lot of old maps of our State and local area
Senior Hunter Hanson received a scholarship offer from Division I program Alabama State University and will be a pa…
Happy Founders Day to the Ladies of Kappa Alpha Kappa ... Especially The Beta Pi Chapter at Alabama State Universit…
The only person talking about Larry Nassar is this psychotic OCD booster from the University of Alabama. Just jealous of Michigan State.
happy to announce i have committed to play division 1 softball at Alabama State University! Go Hornets !!
Blessed beyond measures to announce that I have officially committed to play baseball at Alabama State University!
'20 5'10" LHP Madison Spell in camp at Alabama State University with Coach…
Had an amazing time on my Official Visit📍at Alabama State University🐝
I hate Alabama State University lost there President 😢 keep your head up 🖤💛 from 💜💛 ✊🏾
got accepted into Alabama State University & Alcorn State University
Extremely Blessed to be able to continue my career at Alabama State University! http…
Proud new member of the Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. at Alabama State University
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Snippet of me walking in Tuskegee Homecoming Fashion Show @ Alabama State University
When you decided where you wanna do grad school at now you patiently wait for undergrad to be over 🙄 Alabama State University 💛🐝
That time Bama tried to buy 1,000 cowbells from Mississippi State to bring to the 1974 Iron Bowl...
When Alabama State University has been Your dream school since you were little ... n you can finally say you're going there…
University of Alabama Counselor Fly-In 🐘🌊. Learn more about out-of-state scholarships:…
Alabama state , Tennessee state , Lincoln university ,. and Clark Atlanta
ARI is at Jacksonville State University in Alabama and the University of White Water in Wisconsin today! Come by...
It's university of ALABAMA. Their state flag is *** near a confederate flag. What do people expect? Decency? Nope
on our backs. Ready to take down anything in our way!🤘🏾 @ Alabama State University
Your new Miss Collegiate 100 2016-2017 at the Alabama State University 👑✨
We had a wonderful time meeting everyone at the Alabama State University Fall Career Fair!
Thank you to the amazing archivists at Alabama State University for their help today researching late 1960s Montgom…
Clayton state and the university of Alabama stay sending me mail so it either one of them , I'll be attend after I graduate.
If a clown came to the University of Alabama it'd be a Penn State riot on steroids
What's up ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY HORNETS ! Are you seeking an or…
Okay here's something crazy Why is Alabama still number 1 and not The Ohio State University and Louisville should still b in top 4
Was a great athlete, after high school he went on to play D1 basketball at Alabama State University http…
Got accepted to Northern Illinois University, Tennessee State University and Alabama A and M. That's just the start 😘
I would like to thank the Alabama State University football program for giving me a chance over and over again unfortunately this program &
are you performing for Alabama state University homecoming? 😭😩
I just need everyone to know that 2 Chainz graduated from Alabama State University with a 4.0
Hi from Alabama State University! Great turnout - 700 participants. Scouting for talent.
Please build a chipotle closer to Alabama state university
I was just offered (and accepted) a full ride scholarship to Alabama State University
We, Afro-Americans, or Africans are men and women. No, we are not animals
I'll see folk putting GA state food on SC and I'll be looking at my very own THE Alabama State University food and cry real tears
Alabama's age of majority is difficult for out-of-state students - The University of Alabama ...
I added a video to a playlist GFN Week 3 Grambling vs Alabama State University and Tribute to Doris
One of the students I've been advising got offered a full ride scholarship to Alabama State University at the HBCU college fair.
Alabama State, Savannah State, Tuskegee all have Marine biology. There's even one at University of the…
I dress to show that I have a purpose for being where I am today @ Alabama State University
I think you meant to tag (Alabama State University) - two completely different universities!
"What state is the University of Alabama in?" ~Brit
Nigerian students are suing Alabama State University for extortion -
I'm so done with Alabama state university ! If I can transfer today I would !! Don't ever go here 💯
I don't think so. Her shirt says Alabama State University! But that would be so cool if she was!
Top 3 schools I want to attend . 1. Alabama state . 2. University of Washington . 3.North Greenville
So, the new MAJOR topic is a young, educated female graduate of Alabama State University who is an educator. Yet,...
My brother got excited cause he got invited to attend a showcase out in Alabama State University in a couple of weeks
Nigerian students sue Alabama State University for discrimination and treating them 'like animals'
Dozens of Nigerian students are suing Alabama State University for ripping them off via
Alabama State University sued by Nigerian students... See why here
Happy to announce that I will NOT be returning back to Alabama State University next year😘✌
Wishbone Cafe, the best restaurant in Montgomery, AL. Alabama State University alumni owned. Blackened Talapia Filet http…
Blessed to say that I have committed to Alabama State University 🐝💛 🏀
Steve Harvey received his honorary doctorate from Alabama State University 👏
Alabama State University and Federal Bureau of Prisons hold hiring fest
i heard Alabama State University a good school, but im still attending Norfolk State University 🤔
Congrats Ziaira Doe 2016 SC76ers Black, Hilton Head Christian Academy on her commitment to Alabama State University
Alabama State University looking too good rn
After alot of thought I have decided to take my talents to Alabama state University playing as a DE 🌊🌊
Vote Asia Nache Martin as your next Queen of the great Alabama State University!
Auburn is the best University for sports and fans in the state of Alabama. Hands down. . WAR EAGLE!1
Shout to Hot 105.7 in Montgomery and Alabama State University for all the love and support. Now…
if the mail for me isn't from The University of Alabama or Mississippi State, I'm really not interested 🎓😴📚.
Alabama State University Mighty Marching Hornets vs Talledega College Marching Tornadoes Botb tomorrow in the Acadome at 2pm
Eartha earned a B.S. degree in education from Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama, and a M.Ed with...
Mobile Police Officer shot in line of duty: Alabama State University's bigge...
This one for the *** of it Mr.Alabama State University 😂😂😂😂
Like I would choose to go to Alabama State or Southern University in all seriousness
Montgomery safety summit geared at teen driver's: Alabama State University's...
I hope and pray I get accepted to Alabama State University
Just touched down in Montgomery Alabama. Alabama State University we on our way!!!…
Meet me and my team at Alabama State University's 2016 Spring Career Fair April 8th.GVRA wi…
.to make major announcement @ Alabama State University Saturday .
lmao dumb after that's Alabama STATE university. They let nonreading children in Famu 😂😂😂😂
JSU hires new VP to turn around declining enrollment numbers: Jacksonville State University…
Carlos Diaz: JSU finished behind Alabama State University in the SWAC East f...
Dr. Brown of Athens State University joins Dale in studio to discuss Alabama politics, Governor Bentley and Donald…
As campaigning continues on the campus of Alabama State University, we wanted to give candidates…
Emporia State University is like the Alabama football of teachers colleges every person nominated was from ESU,...
We are underway in Troy, AL vs. Alabama State University! It's a beautiful day for ball 💚⚾️
A Look Back at 2015: Alabama State University's athletics program racked up seven SWAC championships this year,...
So, accepted into Michigan State, Wayne State, Alabama State University, and Kent State this week. 😍😘✅📚
CSM Luther Thomas Jr., command sergeant major of the U.S. Army Reserve, speaks to Alabama State University and...
Union Springs Native and spouse donate to Alabama State University via
Congrats to 17U Prime RHP Nick MacDonald on his commitment to Alabama State University
On a a conference call and an Auburn fan just referenced The University of Alabama as the NFL team in the state of Alabama.
Miles College VS. Alabama State University VS. UAB VS. . who's about to turn up harder this Friday?
I just voted for Alabama State University to win $50K from Allstate. Get your vote in today!
If you guys didn't check your email. @ Alabama State University
Congratulations to my ole school & stomping groud, Tennessee State University, for their Labor Day weekend victory over Alabama State
Recent University of Alabama sorority recruitment video sparks discussion at Penn State via
We're Read about our latest opening here: Alabama State University Montgomery – Retail Management -
Met the Alabama State University President, who is also my former president, at the
Alabama State University Alumnus 🐝🐝 all products of Bullock County High ♥ pretty educated black women…
He starts getting excited talking about them and I start recognizing he's not talking about alabama state university
Early Projection has The Ohio State University, Alabama, Baylor, and Notre Dame in the playoffs
Students, do you need a ride to the football game against Alabama State University on Sept. 19? Sign up by Sept. 15!
I am appreciative for The Marion 9 who pave the way for us all so we could walk the campus of the Alabama State University..
EXCUSE YALL can THE Alabama State University have a filter on you alls app please.
Alabama has been the state's top university since it was founded, and has always been the best-funded. They established a winning
via played by Alabama State University feat the Stingettes!
It's gameday again in Trojan Arena and your Trojan Ladies take on Alabama State University at 12:00 PM AND ETSU...
ASU TRUSTEES COMMITTE MEETING (1): The board of trustees of the licensee of WVAS-FM, Alabama State University, will…
Supporting our girls Riché Williams and Sharia Philadelphia at Camp 3T at Alabama State University! I…
I love Alabama State University and can not wait to start in Fall 2015.
HBCUs>>>. I thank God for placing me at THE Alabama State University
So I have no cable In my room and the channel is on Bounce.. while I'm attempting to fall asleep I hear Thee Alabama State University lol
Vehicle Operator - The University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL: Possession of a valid State of...
Samford, Alabama State, or University of South Carolina. I wanted to go to school in Atlanta but they won't let me
I don't play any I have a academic scholarship and the Alabama state university
Mervyl Melendez from Alabama State University viewed my profile on
is the flagship university of the state of Alabama.
If i get accepted into Alabama State University or Georgia Southern University .. Imma straight cry real tears.. Nah fr
Video: Jay Hill – “Port City”: Alabama State University student, Jay Hill, just released a new visual to his r...
My view right now at The Alabama State's storming like crazy
ATTENTION HORNETS OF ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY! The water balloon fight has been postponed to a…
Have a full concert every time I'm on the road. 😎 @ Alabama State University
Lol idk yet.. Either University of Alabama or Jackson State
you have to come back to The Alabama State University for a few weekends out the year. 😊😊😊😊
Inroads Conference with the ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY interns and the Nashville Interns!
PHOTO GALLERY: Memorial for Charleston victims held at Alabama State University.
Holding hands as Alabama State University holds a memorial for victims of the
Kay Brown holds Micah Brown at an Alabama State University Memorial Service for
Alabama State University to hose vigil tonight for Charleston church shootin...
Alabama State University and Montgomery PD partner to fight violence against women
If your not attending THE Alabama State University then you lame asf 🐝 🐝
I have LSU, TCU, Alabama, Florida State and the University of Connecticut on the calendar. I also get to spend a week i…
i miss my school THEEE Alabama State University . best *** school in the country ! best HBCU !
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
A good looking group of Summer Transition students headed to visit Alabama State University
When school get back in. plugdinpromo @ Alabama State University
Montgomery police teaming up with Alabama State University to work to prevent violence against women.
Y`all it is not THE Alabama State University! It is THEE Alabama State University. As in two Es! As in THEE ONE AND ONLY!
“I hope so. 💯”and on Jesus Alabama State University have the best parties!
Today 4-10 it's gonna be epic the grand finale to THE WEEKEND @ alabama state university club lounge…
I guess I will be making my decision by next week or so .. University of Alabama 🐘❤️🅰 . OR. Alabama State University 🐝💛✨
Howard, Syracuse, University of Oregon, University of Alabama, or Auburn but I'm settling for Buff State if I'm here 😬
I really hope I get in Alabama State University next year🙏
One of the things I liked about college, marching on the drum line ASU Alabama state university
I guess nobody I know is goin to Alabama state university
A Howard University Alumni and proud Alabama State University professor is changing how Black girls see...
I always said I don't want to go to a hbcu, but guess where I'm going ? To ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY
Join us today at 6pm to welcome our special guest speaker Dr. Lamya Almas, professor at Alabama state university,...
The grand finale of the weekend. DAY DREAMS Montgomery Al this Sunday @ Alabama state university…
Congrats to all the Graduates who are graduating from Alabama State University today! 🐝
I am a graduate of central elementary\ Central High and an Alumni of Alabama State University!! I am…
So excited about visiting Auburn University and Alabama State.
Alabama State University to host free 'Women in Business' workshop today
Dr. Jess Brown: In his weekly segment with Dr. Jess Brown of Athens State University, Dale discusses the Alabama…
Kinda really want to go to Alabama state university 😩
Alabama State University best band in the land and a music industry program.
coo & From Alabama State University. What about you?
ft my dad in the background hyped lol ⚾️💪🏽 @ Alabama State University
THE University of Alabama is not only the bell cow in the state but also the SEC. So we don't need nobody
Great workout at Alabama A&M with Look forward to coming back next year. Check out my Hudl in my Bio.
but instead I'm applying to schools like the university of alabama and georgia state 😅😩
Alabama State University to host free summer camp on transportation for Blac...
Just in: Hyundai Motor America CEO David Zuchowski to speak at Saturday's graduation ceremony at Alabama State University.
EVERYONE go checkout my Article on the Alabama State University COBA Alumni newsletter!!! at
The Alabama State University is stupid. I swear if it's not one thing it's another.
University of Alabama runs that state. We've known this for a while. . Wish it would happen, but it isn't going to.
2 Chainz graduated from Alabama state university with a 4.0 GPA and honors courses.
Thank you Alabama State University for the invitation to be your speaker!
My potential has been realized here at Albany State🐏, now it's time to venture off where opportunity is at THE Alabama State University🐝
Anybody no when the Alabama State University show come on again?
Update on tuberculosis scare Alabama State University after 1 student tested positive. 88 people tested so far, all negative.
I think I want to go to Alabama State University
🐝 Hornet Nation 🐝 get your season tickets, come out & support your Alabama State University.
[ Higher Education (University +) ] Open Question : I am a current Exercise Science student in the state of Alabama. I was wondering if I…
Alabama State University you're on the menu tonight congratulations all the way from Nashville…
The graft and corruption in the Alabama University system and the BOT is an embarrassment to the state, not just UAB
2 white professors sue Alabama State University for 'racism against whites':
Former Eagle Devin Mitchell is transferring from the University of Alabama to Georgia State University next year.
University of Alabama is as old as the state [old photographs] -
Congrats to Kyshaun McDaniel on receiving his 1st Offer from Alabama State University, with more to come.
South Alabama to play Jacksonville State in midweek action: MOBILE, Ala. - The University of South Alabama baseball…
In love with Alabama State University's Band!!! I want to go to the Magic City Classic!
Watch first footage from Alabama State University marching band reality series |
Alabama State University marching band on lifetime! Please watch!!!
Check out this item in my Etsy shop girls
Just crossed the Alabama state line. Where their state university had not won a game since 2014
When the LIVE FIVE come through the home state and fawk it up 😎 @ The University of Alabama
Ex-Alabama defensive lineman Dee Liner is now a member of the Sun Belt Conference. He's transferred to Arkansas State University.
Alabama State University is still in the top 3 to receive the $50,000 grant!! ✔✔✔…
Congratulations to Destiny Snell. She is now an Alabama State University cheerleader!!!
However, I will be doing my graduate at THE HBCU. Alabama State University 💁. Kay. I'm done.
Georgia's Valdosta State University to offer in-state tuition to Alabama residents via
My students from Alabama State University are great (Natasha Barnes and Mildred Potts).
If I could go out of state for college I would go to university of Louisville or Alabama state
Autopsy planned for Alabama A&M Univ. student found in pond: MERIDIANVILLE ...
Shout out to all Alabama State University alum 's. Let's Vote
One of our groups with the Alabama State University Recruiter...We're so large they split us up again
Is an Alabama "secret society" behind the sabotage of FSU QB Winston? And if so, what's in store next for Ohio State? http…
The goal was to find affordable, in an urban area. To do this, about 50 Alabama State University st…
I heard someone blasting TK n Cash ft. Pee Wee Longway-Dreaming at Alabama State University today the movement is moving
Jacksonville State University posted a video from last month's Alabama VEX State Championship.
Body of Alabama A&M University student found in pond: MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. (...
The College of Business Administration at Alabama State University is for suckers. I'm over it! I'm so sick of this mess 😐
Let's go Hornet Nation!. Vote for Alabama State University in the Home Depot Retool Your School Campus...
I have a meeting with the president of Alabama state university 😳
In just about 3 1/2 I will be at Alabama State university
It's a go officially signed with Alabama state university God be the glory
Imma be a manger for the Alabama state university stingnetts dance line in mobile Alabama
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I won swag from The University of Alabama, Iowa State University, and 😄
Growing up Alabama State University was the only college in my life. My mom attended, cousin was Miss ASU, and plus the others. Now I'm...
The 2015 Alabama Boys State will be held from May 31st through June 6th on the campus of The University of Alabama.
University of Alabama MBB prepared to make big run at Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall via
Vote Staci Jones for Miss Alabama State University 💞👑🐝. For more information, select the link in…
Today's College of the Day: ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY ... established in 1867 and located in Montgomery, Alabama
The University of Alabama is planning to make a big run at Wichita State head coach Greg Marshall come the end of the season.
The University of Alabama is set to make a strong push to sign Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall. Will offer at least 3 mil or more a year.
Good morning Fam! Proud to announce that my alma mater Alabama State University is having me as a…
Taking visits to:. University of Tennessee University of AlabamaMichigan State University
FAMU Softball team will be play against Alabama State University this Thursday, March 26 at the Lady Rattler Softball Complex at 4pm.
Appalachian State Softball Falls in Doubleheader to South Alabama: Appalachian State University softball dropp...
THE HORNETS of ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY will invade the next College Sunday! LOL
Texas State used a four-run eighth inning to knock off University of South Alabama baseball 8-7 Sunday at Stanky...
I really can't wait to be at Alabama State University next spring   10% Off
Jaguar softball completes league sweep of Appalachian State on Sunday: Chip English  University of South Alabama…
Alabama state university prepares to take on North Carolina A&t !
The sutton legacy all started at Alabama State University !
Debating between florida state university or alabama state university🙇
2 year first cause it's outta state then I'm go to university of Alabama
If you read the News, you knew... A month ago.
"Officially commited to Alabama state university Future Bama …
“Officially commited to Alabama state university
Officially commited to Alabama state university
NEWS: UAB and Arizona State top C-N in sand duals - COLUMBIA, S.C. – The University of Alabama at Birmingham (2-3)...
MARCH MADNESS UPSET: Well...University of Alabama-Birmingham just beat Iowa State (Final Score 60-59)...Let the br…
Wayne State University is honoring with a doctorate. Just before her birthday, Apr. 11. Splendid!... http…
Alumni won't leave millions to University of Alabama because of state's war on same-sex marriage
Fabulous performance by Alabama State University Dance Company!!! "Brownian Movement" choreographed by Michael...
No. 23 University of South Alabama softball's Wednesday contest at Jaguar Field versus Alabama State has been...
Mississippi state university, university of south Alabama, southern Mississippi
just got accepted to Alabama State University aye lmao
Congratulations to the University of Alabama and its current state of progression!
Dr. Carly Johnson performs 'Jesu Oba' for Trumpet and Organ by Godwin Sadoh at the Tullibody Recital Hall, Alabama State University, Feb. 24
On Thursday, March 12th the Lady Tigers of Grambling State will play in the quarterfinals and will take on Alabama State University at noon.
ALABAMA State University . I heard you guys are going to turn up the hardest Saturday 😳.
Alabama State University's Jasmine Peeples has been named the SWAC defensive player of the year. She is also first team all-SWAC.
It feels good to be an honor student for the Alabama State University, proud of myself 👏
"If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough"- Dr. G. Boyd, President of Alabama State University
Adaeze just put in Armstrong university instead of alabama state. *** gps said 5 hours LMFAO.
“What college are you going to?”Alabama State University Tuskegee University or Florida State University
White House official to speak at Shelton State, University of Alabama
“Alabama A&M University, Miles College, Tuskegee University, Alabama State University - in the home state”Oakwood2
This past weekend The Alabama State University chapter of the NAACP was able to participate in
LOL says the guy who goes to Alabama. One hateful fraternity does not make an entire state/university trash.
That flag was at Oklahoma State -- people saw it thru window. Founded on University of Alabama.
Interesting take on raising taxes by Troy University professor. It's frequently talked about on state, local levels
Everything is settled and official. Summer 2015 Shelton State, Fall '15-Spring '19 The University of Alabama, & Pharmacy School at Samford!🙏
"It's not everyday you meet people from Utah and they're cool as s**t!" -our new friends at Alabama State University. We love you guys!
I attend an university that is in a city that is rich in history especially BLACK history! Proud student of THE Alabama Sta…
I've looked at the University of Alabama, Mizzou, Penn State, and Seton Hill.
"37. colleges your interested in?" Florida University , Alabama state & Marquette 😃🎓
So basically, Alabama State University is the most TURNT school in Alabama?. I hear they about to turn
Gwendolyn Boyd. President of Alabama State University and former National President of Delta Sigma Theta
see you tonight!! Tuscaloosa Alumni Chapter of Alabama State University (TAC ASU) meets tonite 6pm Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Congrats to Former Assistant Medgar Harrison on his new role as Head S&C at Alabama State University.
Greetings HBCU Fam! I'm Antonio Barrino, a proud graduate of Grambling State University, a student in the Masters of Music Ed Program at Alabama State University, and current statistician in the Sports Info Department of Tuskegee University. Proud supporter and advocate...
TIL 2 Chainz is 6'5" and went to Alabama State University on a basketball scholarship
"The Buckeyes just aren't going to have the chops to justify a title game appearance."
TOP 5 FOR 2047:. 1. Kentucky. 2. Yale. 3. Alabama. 4. University of Puerto Rico (They'll be a state. You watch.). 5. University of Phoenix Online
University of Alabama-Birmingham football battle may move to Legislature
GOOD MORNING ALABAMA !!. Congratulations to Ohio State University for a dominating win !!. !
Everybodys excuse for Alabama and Oregon losing to The Ohio State University is that we got lucky
Thee Ohio State University outscored Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon 143-55! please say overrated or we play nobody again. 😈
You have to respect Ohio State University Football. Alabama, and Oregon sheesh.
Congrats to the worthy National Champs: THE Ohio State University. They crush both Alabama and then Oregon.
“TCU should be playing Alabama right now.” That's why we got a natty.. THEEE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY
Now Ohio State fans please don't get happy now because there is and always will the university of Alabama
Many many congratulations Ohio State University. Beating Alabama and then Oregon is extremely legit.
Congrats to Ohio State University! After beating Alabama and Oregon we have crowned you champions!
“The Ohio State University isn’t good enough to make it into the playoffs they said…..” Alabama will kill them they said…
If Alabama sorry or trash..then why are we still being mentioned during the CHAMPIONSHIP between OREGON and OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY...but 😴😴😴
Ohio state is dr. Pepper university Alabama is banana tech Oregon is sandwich state and Florida state was the chips
“20. what college do you want to go to/ already attend?” Alabama A&T , Alabama State University , Temple , last Morgan
i wonder if Braxton is on the sidelines looking at brochures from Duke, Florida State, Alabama.University of Findlay.
Just got offered a full scholarship from Alabama State University 🙌🏈
Tonight when Ohio State wins, it will be their 8th national championship in history. Only 7 away from University of Alabama. Tide
Ready Mix has donated 4 tix to the University of Alabama vs. Louisiana State University football game on November 7!
Let me also say I hope every one at The Alabama State University has a great first day
MS/AL All-Star Basketball Games will be played on Friday, March 20 at Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL.
What exactly is a Buckeye, and why is it Ohio State's mascot?: BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- Our state has one university…
Alabama State University looking at me ,Jalen and Dps official put our name out there Heading to there camp on the 23rd and 24th
Class of 2016 QB Demari Simpkins (received his 2nd offer from Alabama State University
Rosephanye & William Powell Professor of voice and coordinator of voice studies & professor of music and director of choral activities College of Liberal Arts Music has the power to move people to clap, shout, cry and come to their feet. Music professors Rosephanye and William Powell, in the College of Liberal Arts, experienced all of this and more with the Auburn University Chamber Choir at Lincoln Center last summer. Rosephanye, who is from Lanett, Alabama, composed the compelling spiritual The Cry of Jeremiah, and her husband William, who is from Americus, Georgia, conducted in the Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. Rosephanye is the coordinator for voice studies and is renowned as one of the leading female composers in America. William is the director of choral activities and a nationally esteemed conductor and arranger. Together, they are one of Auburn's most dynamic duos. 1. How did you two meet? William: We met at Alabama State University in Montgomery, but we didn't date until we were at Westmin ...
Shout out to my alma mater Alabama State University!!! Happy Magic City Classic! Let's beat dem AM,,,
Two more orders ready to be sent out. A Dallas Cowboys ear warmer and an Alabama State University ear warmer.
Go Vote For The Alabama State University MARCHING HORNETS for the Top 5 HBCU Bands of 2015 via
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