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Alabama Senate

The Alabama State Senate is the upper house of the Alabama Legislature, the state legislature of the US state of Alabama.

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Now that we have numerous elections over, let's all focus on the Alabama Senate race. December 12th, 2017 is the next dat…
if u want Democrat Doug Jones to win the Alabama Senate race. Help us below!.
Doug Jones is tied with Roy Moore in a new Fox News poll of the Alabama Senate race.
Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is now under investigation for campaign finance fraud—& nonprofi…
Also unclear why HC can't comment on Brexit but MEP for SE England's input is needed on the Alabama Senate election.
The U.S. Chamber is staying out of the Alabama Senate general election. Why big business isn't endorsing the...
Wow Chuck Person making a late push to qualify for the Alabama Senate race.
Sarah Palin and Dr. Gorka team up to campaign for Steve Bannon favorite Roy Moore in Alabama Senate runoff.
Steve Bannon will headline a rally for Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate battle
.praises Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in apparent break with
Ben Carson breaks with Trump in heated Alabama Senate race by Bryan Logan via Feedburner
working the Alabama Senate primary. Roy Moore recruits old Bush and McMullin operatives
Joe Biden jumps in to help Democrats win Alabama Senate seat ➡️ by
EXCLUSIVE: Alabama Senate candidate refers to Native Americans and Asians as "reds and yellows" https:…
Trump making colossal mistake in decision to campaign with Luther Strange in US Senate race in Alabama
is a flashpoint for the grassroots to show GOP elites that they voted for not
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Another reason to vote for Alabama Senate tbh.
The prosecutor of those last two bombers, I should note, is currently the Democratic nominee for Senate in Alabama: https:…
Trump takes on Bannon in Alabama Senate showdown via
♞ Trump takes on Bannon in Alabama Senate showdown - Politico
takes on Bannon in Alabama Senate showdown
Palin to stump for Alabama Senate candidate running against Trump-backed incumbent
Trump to campaign with Luther Strange in U.S. Senate race in Alabama
PolticsNewz: takes on Bannon in Alabama Senate showdown
CONSERVATIVES UNITED: Very honored to have the endorsement of a great Conservative leader, >>>
So in 10 days the republican primary for the senate race in Alabama will be between Roy Moore and Luther Strange. Vote R…
Luther pitched Trump on a visit in several phone calls last week. And told PENCE not to believe the public polling https:…
I will be in Huntsville, Alabama, on Saturday night to support Luther Strange for Senate. "Big Luther" is a great guy…
Alabama Senate candidate repeatedly appeared on radio with pastor who preaches death penalty for ***
BANNON is going to the mat for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, breaking with Trump
Luther Strange, Roy Moore head to GOP runoff in Alabama Senate race - Chicago Tribune
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Republicans in Alabama Senate race head for runoff
Judge Roy Moore & Luther Strange head to Alabama Senate runoff. Judge Moore is in it to win it for 🇺🇸 Conservatives! h…
Don't look now but Roy Moore just came out on top of an Alabama Senate primary, runoff next month. We may have Senator Roy Moore. I'm done.
Moore, Strange in GOP runoff in Alabama Senate race Fox News Radio -
Leading candidate for an AL Senate seat is a judge removed from office for refusing to recognize same-sex marriage https…
Trump riles conservative media allies with Alabama Senate primary pick via the App
Alabama senate primaries are Tuesday just FYI
I urge every voter to elect "Judge Moore will fight to make America great again.."
You are just another unqualified candidate and embarrassment to the State of Alabama.
The ballsiest move for a Republican senate candidate in Alabama not named Roy Moore, at this point, seems to be to stop kissing DJT's ***
Alabama Senate race a fight to the finish: HEFLIN, Ala. (AP) — Wearing an NRA baseball cap and newly armed with an…
Alabama Senate race a fight to the finish | 2016 US ELECTIONS
Pro-Trump super PAC launches last second effort for Alabama Sen. Strange
The Alabama Senate race is a fight to the finish.
Republican Senate hopeful in Alabama says "you could say that" re: America being the center of evil in the world.
Alabama Senate race a fight to the finish
Alabama Senate race a fight to the finish (from
In Senate Race, Alabama Judge Moore Takes on D.C. Establishment . Despite a fierce assault by the establishment...
GOP candidates make closing argument in final weekend of tight Alabama Senate primary - Who are the Alabama Senat...
Social issues take back seat to other debates in Alabama Senate race (via
Spending $10M on a seat that's going to go R anyway is such a waste. McConnell overplays hand in Alabama Senate race
Alabama Senate. Keep liberals out before they ruin your State like they do in Illinois, New York, Cali and Minnesot…
In the Alabama Senate race is defending his Alexandria shooting themed ad, calling it pro
Roy Moore: Former chief justice, fiery and outspoken, stirs far-right base in Alabama Senate race |
NEWS: Alabama Senate candidate Pittman to meet with Club for Growth .
Mo Brooks, who thinks there is a "war on whites," is running for Jeff Sessions' old Senate seat in Alabama.
Openly *** environmentalist running for Senate in Alabama: 'It's a long-shot we have to take' https:/…
Oh, FFS. Is this the only thing that Alabama produces? People worse than Jeff Sessions?
Instead of another racist POS, Elect Attorney Doug Jones who is running for Sessions Senate seat. via
Lawmaker running for Jeff Sessions' old seat is obsessed with the "war on whites"
Alabama Rep. Brooks announces bid for Sessions' Senate seat
Alabama Senate votes to mandate autism therapy coverage
The Alabama Senate Race Is Going to Be Nutty, Fun, and a Huge Headache for Mitch McConnell. Boot him.
The Alabama Senate race is going to be nutty, fun, and a huge headache for Mitch McConnell:
Alabama !!! STOP this man and his ideology NOW!
Washington establishment and media elite already attacking candidate Mo Brooks in his AL Senate bid... https:…
Guy who says there’s a “war on whites” running against guy who went after the KKK
Democrat drops out of US Senate race in Alabama
Rep. Chris England, D-Tuscaloosa, tells the press corps he will NOT run in the Alabama Senate race.
UPDATE: Republican Caucus to hold Pro-Life Day in Alabama Senate today -ALL BILLS PASSED ON way to Gov.desk
Alabama Senate votes to allow executions by nitrogen gas; bill heads to House. (Via FOX10TV)
Join the Alabama Senate tomorrow for Pro-Life Day at the State House in Montgomery! . https:…
HB 24 passes w/ amendment on 22-9 vote in Alabama Senate. Now moves back to House for concurrence.
Alabama (Sputnik) - On April 11, the Alabama Senate voted to allow a megachurch in the city of Birmingham to...
Education budget stalls in Alabama Senate. via
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Alabama Senate taking up the Education Budget today. Here's the spreadsheet:
Alabama Senate postpones vote on state education budget | -
Alabama Senate postpones vote on state education budget -
Alabama bill to further exempt older vehicles from certificate of title requirement approved; with full Senate
Alabama Senate holds up 'dark money' disclosure bill
Alabama State Senate: This petition is to get justice for Nina - Sign the Petition! via
Dig if you will this picture: Alabama Senate is playing Prince over the speakers.
Alabama Senate recesses for lunch. Will return at 1:30 p.m.
Marsh says teacher evaluation bill is 'shelved': The Republican leader of the Alabama Senate says he is shelving…
Birmingham's city council-mayor system could be rearranged if a bill passes in the Alabama Senate.
And on Alabama Senate calendar for today, bill calling for Article V constititional convention for balancing federal budget.
I would say Yes. The Lottery Bill should be passing into the Alabama Senate and the House. Yes it should! We need this lottery!
Live video from the Alabama Senate here.
It will become the business of the Alabama Senate if/when it is proven that a law has been brok…
Here are members of the Alabama Senate Finance & Taxation General Fund Committee: Meeting going on now.
Listen in as Alabama Senate committee debates bills affecting ETF: Mtg starts at 1.
Alabama Senate will vote on bills today and tomorrow to take money from the Educ Budget to give to prisons and other state services.
Gambling legislation cleared its first hurdle in the Alabama Legislature- winning approval in Senate Tourism committee.
Alabama friends, this is URGENT. From State Superintendent, Dr. Tommy R. Bice. Senate Bill 30 has been introduced...
Sen. Del Marsh: Matt Murphy interviews the President Pro Temp of the Alabama Senate, Del Marsh, about the special…
Alabama Senate committee OKs bills on *** marriage, guns and Confederate monuments
No Support for Taxes: The Alabama Senate remains divided over the issue of taxes.  Republican Senate leader Del…
While Senate tries to defund PP, Alabama GOP wants to designate one US citizen as a "breeding vessel"
The Alabama State Senate has wrapped up for today. A hearing on gaming legislation is set for 11 in a tourism committee.
In and out in a little over an hour. What an interesting morning in the Alabama Senate
The Alabama Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee on Monday approved the bill to do away with...
Alabama legislation to stop issuing marriage licenses advances in state senate
The Alabama Senate is in session with 28 senators present.
Sitting in on the Alabama Senate before another round of committee meetings.
Taking Alabama students' funding to solve the General Fund dilemma is unacceptable. Senate bill 30 is not the answer.
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Committee approves bill to take Alabama out of marriage biz -- A state Senate committee has approved a bill to take…
GOP Bill to Take Alabama Out of the Marriage Business Advances in Senate
Senate committee OKs bill to remove state from marriage license business -
Called into special session to address GF budget gap, senators focus on guns, same-sex marriage & monuments
Alabama Senate approves bill to allow handguns in cars without a permit - Yellowhammer News
Pat Harris, Secretary of Alabama Senate, says there won't be a Confederate battle flag in Old Senate Chamber at this time tomorrow.
AAA changes pass Alabama Senate in a close 17-14 vote. House still needs to concur before bill goes to Bentley.
Alabama Senate approves loaded guns in cars bill - Sen. Gerald Allen, R, saw his bill to allow gun owners to have ...
This morning an Alabama Senate committee approved a bill to repeal common core standards in the state.
Alabama Bill to repeal set for hearing in Alabama Senate committee. via
Payday loan borrowers would have 6 months to pay under Alabama Senate bill
In the Alabama Senate, banking committee members collectively received more than $116,000 in the last election...
Alabama Senate minority leader hopes Democrats have voice [TimesDaily]
Democratic state Sen. Quinton Ross of Montgomery is the new minority leader in the Alabama Senate.
Alabama Senate name Sen. Quinton Ross of Montgomery new minority leader via
Breast Cancer Awareness
The new Alabama Senate chamber looks great! Done with state labor to contain costs
Bussman picks up PAC money, Mancuso puts up $25K of his own in District 4 Alabama Senate race
Activists seek to oust Alabama Senate's pro tem in unusual legal challenge.
The Coiffure at 108 is ready to welcome students on
Alabama's gambling cash for campaigns scheme playing role in Virginia Senate ... - Press-Regist...
Sen. Shelby and call on the new VA Secretary to provide a plan, visit Central Alabama
encouraging statement on from US Senator
Vote for at the 014 Alabama elections on Nov 4th for the senate seat. Candidate is for the legalization of medical marijuana
Alabama State Senator Sanders discusses the power of homeownership and its effect on his family and career
Art and More giving away FREE to 1st 25 students on
Between 1999 - 2010, the D-Senate majority in AL shut down debate 26x; in the past 4 years, the GOP = 121 occasions.
Long before he became the most powerful man in the Alabama Senate, before he controlled...
In the US Senate where seniority is paramount, Alabama is poised to dominate via
Only state where a major party did not run a nominee for U.S. Senate in '14? Alabama. need new leadership/new life
Robin Williams testifies before Senate on Homlessness Prevention in 1990 RIP
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Folks of SD-32 Kimberly McCuiston For Alabama Senate District 32 needs your help if we are gonna win in Nov.
Main Street is showing at to UNA students for FREE Aug. 22 at 9pm
Not sure what candidates are running for state senate? Check out our list!
Merry Blu will be serving FREE purple cotton candy in honor of Thurs,Aug 22
I passed a Senate Resolution to commend the members of the Rebelaires for their achievement in the music industry. Sammy Smith serves as head of security in the Alabama Senate. I have known Bubba Torbert, Jimmy Peacock, Gus Orum, John Lewis McCraine & Morris Birdsong when they were performing, an outstanding group of men & special friends.
Death penalty secrecy bill moves forward in Alabama Senate
Why can't we have more like this. Thanks for standing up!! From a county committee in Baldwin county. Robert McMillan 1 min · Stockton, AL . Commissioner Frank Burt takes a pro-gun stand on Sb354. Mr Burt today let the entire Baldwin County Legislative Delegation, County Commission and Sheriff *** Mack know that he supports the right of lawful citizens to be armed outside the home. Start Email: Honorable Members of the Baldwin County Local Legislative Delegation: Thankfully, the Alabama Senate has now passed SB-354 and sent it over to the House! I respectfully ask for, and seek, your full support in the State House of Representatives. I fully realize that most Democratic House Members will work very hard to oppose passage of this Bill; but, hopefully each of you will work to get this Bill approved in the House. Please support passage of SB-354.. Respectfully, Frank
Earlier this week the Alabama Senate made cornbread the official bread of Alabama. I would've voted for Red Lobster's cheese…
Here is an update on some of the most recent activity in the Alabama Senate:. Sent to Governor Bentley:. Ending...
A debate over allowing people without a permit to carry a loaded pistol in their vehicles continued this week in the Alabama Senate. Full story: Scott Beason says it’s time to extend Second Amendment rights. After reading the story, do you agree?
Alabama Senate committee approves bill to regulate lawsuit lending Plaintiffs in personal injury-type lawsuits sometimes take out loans in anticipation of jury awards or settlements. A bill to regulate lawsuit lending cleared a committee in the Alabama Senate today after proponents said the loans have “exorbitant” interest rates and can hurt consumers and affect the civil justice process. Senate Bill 231 by Sen. Cam Ward, R-Alabaster, called the Alabama Consumer Lawsuit Lending Act, would cap the interest rates at 10 percent. It would require the lenders to obtain state licenses and be subject to regulations by the State Banking Department. Eric Schuller, director of governmental affairs for Oasis Legal Finance, a lawsuit lending company, said the 10 percent rate cap would put the company out of business in Alabama. Schuller said four states have passed laws regulating the industry, but none have interest rate caps. He said people seeking a civil judgment for damages often need the upfront money for b ...
Amazing speech on Alabama Senate floor right now. Watch:
Anniston Star - Wind farm bill advances in Alabama Senate
Article about pending Alabama Recall Laws With the Alabama Senate considering a recall law for all officials throughout the state, voters could look north to the recall fights in Wisconsin and express some concern whether the state would become a brutal, political, three-ring circus. However, because of the way the potential Alabama law is structured, the likelihood of misuse is small. Alabama would be the 19th state to allow for recalls for state-level officials (an additional state, Illinois, allows it just for the governor). Alabama is already one of the 36 states that allow some municipalities to provide for a recall of local officials. Among those 18 states with the recall for state-level officials, there is a deep and very meaningful divide. Eleven of them have what is called a "political recall" -- meaning they can recall an official for any reason whatsoever. The famous recalls in U.S. history, such as the ones in Wisconsin and the recall of California Gov. Gray Davis in 2003, were not for any cha ...
WHMA Friday News Update - Senator Del Marsh, R-Anniston, the President Pro Tem of the Alabama Senate will seek another term in 2014. The Republican primary is just under year away and Marsh has not drawn any primary opponents to date. Additionally, no Democrat candidates have yet made any plans to run known. However, Nancy Worley, the acting chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party said that Marsh will face a Democrat opponent next year. Marsh was first elected to the Senate in 1998. The Gadsden Civil Service Board ruled that Police Chief John Crane's relationship with murderer Justin Denson violated its rules and suspended him for 15 days. The board said Crane may have negatively impacted the reputation or perceived reputation of the Gadsden Police Department. Ten days of the penalty will be held in abeyance, and Crane will serve his suspension during the last five working days of June. The board, at a later date, will determine how long the other days will be held in abeyance. Denson ...
by TAC Update A bill to nullify all federal gun control measures passed by a wide margin in the Alabama Senate today. The vote was 24-6 (roll call here) Senate Bill 93 (SB93) declares that “All f...
Alabama Senate ed budget committee meeting about to begin.
Good to see Alabama Senate pass Bill 286 (firearms bill)!
Legislature Votes for Law Enforcement Changes: The Alabama Senate has given final approval to legislation to...
We have introduced TWO similar midwife bills this year: one in the Alabama House (HB178) and one in the Alabama Senate (SB246). Both bills have been assigned to committee and neither will progress any further unless the bills can be passed out of committee with favorable recommendations. We WILL NOT make it out of committee without your help! On Wednesday of this week, the House Health Care Professionals and Procedures Subcommittee is hearing our bill. It is imperative that CONSTITUENTS of the members of this committee contact their representative TODAY! Here is a list of the committee members we especially need constituents to call/email/meet with: Donnie Chesteen: House District 87- Geneva & Houston Co. Samson, Geneva, Chancellor, Hartford, Black, Slocomb, Coffee Springs, Malvern (334) 242-7742 (334) 684-2196 dchesteenForte: House District 84- Barbour, Bullock & Russell Co. Hurtsboro, Eufala, Hatchechubbee, Pittsview, Baker Hill, Blue Springs, Clayton, Louisville, Midway, Clio, Fitzpatrick, Perote, ...
The Alabama Senate passes School Flexibility law -- what that means for our classrooms at ten
Some AEA reps in tears along the senate rope line. Tough night. Big win for Alabama families and school children.
I tip my hat the the Alabama senate dems for not just rolling over, and actually standing up for a change
Wow! I was just listening to the audio of the Alabama Senate. Just wow.
Things are getting out of hand in the Alabama Senate Chamber. Greg Reed needs to channel his inner Charles Bishop and uppercut somebody.
BREAKING: school flexibility passes after unrest in the Alabama Senate, 22-10.
.it sounds like the Senate democrats have decided they don't like the minority in Alabama. Yes?
The vote is 22-11 and just like that the broken Alabama education system is on its way to a true overhaul. The Senate carried the day.
Things are getting heated in the Alabama Senate right now over this education bill...Definitely worth listening to!
The Senate chamber in the Alabama Legislature is an absolute mess right now --- any moment fists will be flying
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You can watch the Alabama Senate craziness live here. Fight, fight, fight!
Vote to be taken in 5 minutes in AL senate. Still, no one knows what's in the secret charter school bill or cost to Alabama.
LIVE AUDIO: Listen to the Alabama Senate as Republicans, Democrats fight over school flex bill changes...
The normal decorum in the Senate has been lost. The Dems have no desire to help the kids of Alabama.
Holy crap. The Alabama Senate is yelling and Lt. Gov. Ivey has lost control.
Screaming and howling in the Alabama Senate.
watching the Alabama Senate right now has to be better than watching Honey Boo Boo
Every last member of the Alabama Senate should be ashamed of what I am hearing on their website right now.
This is good... If you are not listening to the Alabama senate right now, you should be
Lt. Gov has lost ALL CONTROL of the Alabama Senate. Democrats asking for points of order, Sen. Marsh trying to speak. This is a mess.
If you have access to the Alabama Senate Video, turn it on NOW!
~'Working in good faith' never to exist again in the Alabama Senate.
Alabama House approves reworked flex bill 51 to 26. Goes back to Senate
Senate restructures legislative functions: The Alabama Senate has passed a bill to consolidate administrative ...
Ross: "The Alabama Senate is run by the Alabama House of Representatives."
Pics I took yesterday @ The State House for the Senate hearing on (
Legitimately concerned that Skynet has taken over the Alabama Senate.
House and Senate Divided on School Flexibility Bill: The Alabama House and Senate are divided over whether a...
Ala. Senate roll call on school flexibility bill
Read Senator Coleman Op-Ed on Medicaid at the Alabama Senate Democratic Caucus website.
Alabama Senate panel tries to squeeze Airbus jobs out of Miss., Florida: When Mobile, Ala., was selected as the...
School flex passed the Alabama Senate with some bipartisan support. Has some changes to protect tenure, too. Will likely go to conference.
Synthetic cannabis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A bag of Spice brand herbal incense Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive designer drug derived from natural herbs sprayed with synthetic chemicals that, when consumed, allegedly mimic the effects of cannabis. It is best known by the brand names K2[1] and Spice,[2] both of which have largely become genericized trademarks used to refer to any synthetic cannabis product. (It is also for this reason that synthetic cannabis is often referred to as spice product, due to the latter.) There is controversy among calling Spice and K2 synthetic cannabis and is considered by some to be a misnomer, because the ingredients contained in these products are mimics, not copies of THC.[3] Research on the safety of synthetic cannabis is only now becoming available. Initial studies are focused on the role of synthetic cannabis and psychosis. It seems likely that synthetic cannabis can precipitate psychosis and in some cases it is prolonged. These studies suggest that sy ...
Riley leading the pledge for the Alabama Senate.
Alabama Senate officially on the School Flexibility bill. Could be a long Thursday.
On Alabama Senate debating school flexibility bill today. It has already passed the House:
Alabama Senate could give final passage to school flexibility bill today
Senate Committee is gearing up for a vote on bill that threatens clinics:
Senate committee sets vote next week on clinic regulations
Please Sign and Share! To make it a little easier we have put all of the current petitions on the same page.
Alabama state Senate committee sets vote on abortion rules.
Finally! The entire Senate hearing video on HB57/TRAP @ the Alabama State House today:
Listening To The Senate There was a lengthy debate — if by debate, you mean Jeff Sessions of Alabama blowing of...
Silence: So far that's Sen. Shelby's response to call by Alabama GOP that he ...: BIRMINGHAM...
All of the pics I took today @ The State House for the Senate hearing on (
Just received a Resolution from the Alabama Senate!!
Looks like the Poarch Creek Indian casino investment in ALGOP is paying off.
Alabama Senate committee approves bill calling for $50 million bond issue for career tech.
Shadrack McGill (R-8) and his Merry Band of Beef Wits have now introduced a fetal personhood bill in the Alabama Senate -SB205.
Alabama Senate confirms Randy Owen for another term as JSU Trustee.
Alabama Senate reconfirms Randy Owen of Alabama to the Jacksonville State University Board of Trustees
Almighty God: We pray for the men and women of the Alabama Senate – for Governor Bentley, Lt. Governor Ivey and...
GO ALABAMA!--- This just in. Alabama Senate bill would bar federal regulation of guns, ammo made in AlabamaBrian Lawson | blawsonBy Brian Lawson | blawson on January 25, 2013 at 4:37 PM, updated January 25, 2013 at 4:39 PM View/Post Comments HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- A group of Alabama senators is sponsoring a bill that would bar the federal government from regulating firearms, ammunition and related accessories made and retained in the state. The bill is titled the "Alabama Firearms Freedom Act." Firearms manufactured or sold in the state under act, must include a stamp "Made in Alabama." The measure would apply to "firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition that are manufactured, pursuant to this act, and retained in this state on or after October 1, 2013," according to the bill. The bill's sponsors include Alabama Senators Gerald Allen, R-Tuscaloosa; Cam Ward, R-Alabaster; J. T. "Jabo" Waggoner, R-Birmingham; Harri Anne Smith, I-Slocomb and Jerry Fielding, R-Sylacauga, according to the Alabama Legislat ...
In 2010 voters in St. Clair County elected State Senators Scott Beason (R) from Gardendale and Del Marsh (R) from Anniston to represent them in the Alabama state Senate. The redistricting plan that was passed by the Alabama state legislature in the spring special session changed the Alabama Senate ...
I attended the Elkmont High School 100 Year Reunion today and carried Alabama Senate and House Resolutions of Congratulations, and a State of Alabama Flag that had been flown over our State Capitol in honor of this event. Senator Holtzclaw could not be present because of being out-of-state. He did send his greetings and congratulations by me. This was a great event for the Elkmont community, and for our entire County. I estimated that between four and five hundred people attended and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Rep. Mo Brooks and several other local dignitaries spoke and welcomed the crowd. John Carter was the master of ceremonies, but his red-headed sister, Vicki Dowd, was the main organizer. Both of the Carters and their children are graduates of Elkmont. I saw so many people there that I have known for years. and all my Compton cousins that make up most of the Elkmont population were there. Congratulations from Senator Holtzclaw and me to all those who assisted with making this such a successful an ...
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Ahh, these small government Republicans. :lol: Mandatory counseling. [quote]A Republican bill in the Alabama Senate would create a new twist to marriage in the state, one that would require pre
Good morning! This Monday night at our Northport City Council meeting we will be honoring Northport's own Jaz Lunceford. a member of the national champion softball team. Also I will be reading a proclamation from the Alabama Senate honoring first responders. Our business of the month will be Celebrations Bakery. I encourage everyone to attend YOUR council meetings. We want you to help us lead the City. Love!
Drawn to public service after working for other elected officials, Sen. Cam Ward has served Shelby County in the Alabama Senate since 2010. Prior to that, the senator, who has a bachelor’s degree from Troy University and a law degree from Cumberland School of Law, served two terms in the Alabama Hou...
Hundreds of immigration rights supporters will be bearing witness today as the Alabama Senate tries to make a bad law even worse. Today is the last day of the Legislature's regular session and, barring a special session, it's the last chance this year for legislators to end Alabama's disgrace, the ...
Senator Williams Because of the disqualification of Chris Messervy for the Republican nomination for district judge in Madison County we now have a clear standard of zero defects with respect to the campaign finance reporting required by Alabama's Fair Campaign Practices Act. This is a significant development and I applaud the efforts of your father, Colonel Phil Williams, Sr., in helping to establish it. As a member of the Alabama Senate ethics committee I am sure you share my opinion. Inspired by the civic-mindedness of your father, I am reviewing campaign finance reports to see whether we have any problems with Republican officeholders being on the wrong side of the line drawn by Phil Williams, Sr. I regret to say that we do have problems and many of them belong to you. And some of them are similar to the ones in your father's complaint against Mr. Messervy. In my review I found that you made some expenditures and received contributions without reporting the date of the transactions. You also filed an ...
By Rick Piel of US Combat Sports --- In order to help fund the newly formed Alabama Athletic Commission the Alabama Senate passed Senate Bill 455 on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. The new bill adds the duty of regulating professional wrestling under the supervision of the newly formed Alabama Athletic Commission and it may just be the key to the survival for the AAC. Since the inception of the commission the self-funded organization that has had little money come through the doors. The initial processes have begun slowly and tediously and without revenue even things like office supplies haven't been able to be afforded. One year after the commission was formed the state was able to host their first professional boxing events and held four to five shows the first year of regulatory body. The commission only got a small event permit fee, fighter application fee and five-percent of the gate. On most shows this accounted for less than $2,000 going towards the commission. With debt now climbing over $6,000 a month th ...
Alabama Senate to consider revisions to HB56 immigration law tomorrow
Alabama Senate eyes floor vote on immigration law revisions: Judiciary Committee today will debate House propose...
BREAKING: Alabama Senate panel passes major changes to Charter School bill. Expect a battle in the coming days.
Alabama Senate committee approves covenant marriage bill | The Legislature is its own freaking joke.
Alabama Senate gives final legislative OK to Jefferson County tag bill: he bill will become law if Gov. Robert B...
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