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Alabama Democrats register thousands of felons to vote in last-minute push to win Senate race
Wait.Alabama Democrats registered felons to vote in order to attempt to keep Roy Moore from winning?. How and why are…
Alabama Democrats have a shot at beating Roy Moore. Let's go Doug Jones!!!
Alabama Democrats have nominated former Rep Parker Griffith as their GOV nominee. So the alabama democratic party is basically dead right?
Clock is running: Can surgeon general Regina Benjamin offer cure for Alabama Democrats in Gov's race?
Vicious Jew-hater and Racist Farrakhan Embraced by Alabama Democrats A natural alliance. Mind you, Louis Farrakhan blasted Jews and whites at this confab. That is who and what the Democrats have become -- the party of hate and supremacism. Coming to see “the Jesus”: Racist Farrakhan Embraced by Alabama Democrats Posted By J. Christian Adams On June 15, 2013 The results are in. Despite criticism, the inclusion of Louis Farrakhan with Alabama Democrats on a tour to rally support for federal preclearance obligations of the Voting Rights Act brought warm accolades from those at the rally. The Birmingham News reports: “What I know is Minister Farrakhan will give us words of wisdom and true guidance and words to unite people,” said Brenda Beyah, a new resident of Birmingham. “I would like to see those who are meant to be here to come and fellowship with one another.” Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford at the Birmingham rally told gatherers that Farrakhan is a strong leader among African-Americans. Farrakh . ...
Jeffery Bond, two men came to Alabama today, one preaches "The white man is our mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him. I will fight to see that vicious beast go down into the lake of fire prepared for him from the beginning, that he never rise again to give any innocent black man, woman or child the *** that he has delighted in pouring on us for 400 years." The other preaches : "When I treat other people with kindness and love, it is part of my way of paying my debt to God and the world for the privilege of living on this planet.". One was Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan here on behalf of Alabama Democrats. The other was Dr. Ben Carson, renowned neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins who is the American example of someone who has achieved great success from a broken home and humble background, here on the behalf of the Republican Party. What group supports racism?
Alabama Democrats say 1st congressional district race is 'winnable.'
Alabama Democrats say 1st congressional district race is 'winnable': Nancy Worley, chairwoman of the Alabama D...
Senator Tammy Irons to deliver Democratic response to the Governor’s State of the State Address: Senator Tammy Irons (D-Florence) will present a response to Governor Robert Bentley’s State of the State address on behalf of Alabama Democrats this evening. Irons plans to outline several of the Democrats’ priorities for the 2013 Regular Legislative Session, which commenced today. “Tonight we will call upon the Governor and the Republican supermajority in the Legislature to stop wasting taxpayer’s dollars and end the meaningless rhetoric that has as its sole purpose to divide our state and delay progress,” said Irons. “We hope that the focus of this session will instead be on the important issues that affect the hardworking people of our great state.” A main focus of the Alabama Democrats this upcoming session will be to properly fund services that seniors, children, veterans and the disabled depend on each and every day. “The people of Alabama are in part suffering due to misplaced priori . ...
Alabama Democrats hopeful for 2014 elections; Republicans see ... - Montgomery Advertiser
Dear Democrats, Yesterday, Americans embraced building a bright future for all, instead of for just a few, and rejected the ugly politics of division. It is a great victory not just for Democrats but for us all. Bill Armistead has been saying for months that Alabama Republicans were focused on a strategy “from the court house to the White House”. They failed. Democrats came out on top in many of the local races that the Republicans targeted, and Alabama Democrats still maintain a majority of local offices in Alabama. Despite the efforts of Richard Shelby and Governor Bentley, Democrats held the Probate Judge’s office in Tuscaloosa County right in Governor Bentley’s back yard, and Democrats swept every Republican in Jefferson County out of office. Armistead’s Battleground Patriots program of sending volunteers to battleground states didn’t stop the President and Vice President from being re-elected handily and it didn’t stop Democrats from picking up seats in both chambers of Congress. G ...
*** you Alabama Democrats for making Roy Moore look acceptable in comparison. Any liberals care to explain this?
The Democratic Party candidate for state Supreme Court chief justice in Alabama, nominated by his state party earlier this year, now may be booted from the general election ballot because his personal beliefs are at odds the national party’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. Bradley Davidson, executive director of the Alabama Democrats, told WND that a panel is scheduled to hear arguments Friday over a decision that could result in the removal of Harry Lyon from the Democrats’ list of nominees in the 2012 general election. Lyon was the only Democratic candidate who surfaced for the position of Supreme Court chief justice, which is an elected slot Alabama. The GOP contender is the famed Ten Commandments judge, Roy Moore, who, according to polls, is leading by a significant margin. Davidson told WND there are rule and procedure issues that need to be addressed with regard to Lyon’s candidacy. But Lyon told WND the problem arose because of his statements on his personal online social media page opposin ...
Linn Libby liked Alabama Democrats Lose in Court and Legislature - WTOK-TV: Alabama Democrats failed in the…
Alabama Democrats lose in court and at Legislature.
Alabama Democrats lose in court, at Legislature
5:04 News: Gov. Bentley signs immigration law changes and Alabama Democrats lose in court, at Legislature on redistricting. --Ryan
Alabama Democrats lose in court, at Legislature - Daily Comet
Alabama Democrats lose in court, at Legislature on designing new districts [TimesDaily]
When the Alabama Democrats attack a decision to have Congressman Allen West headline the GOP Summer Dinner coming up on June 22nd in Montgomery, Chairman Bill A
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