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Al Sharpton

Alfred Charles Al Sharpton, Jr. (born October 3, 1954) is an American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, and television/radio talk show host.

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Obama viewed Al Sharpton as de-facto leader of the black community. Obama had Jeremiah Wright as his pa…
The fake reverend tax cheat Al Sharpton should stay home & pay his taxes. He can't even l…
Clergy to gather today to march for racial justice in event. My Q&A with organizer Rev. Al Sharpton:
Rev. Al Sharpton honors 54 anniv. of March on Washington w rally today. Relive his&Dr. E. Faye Williams visit here:
Rev. Al Sharpton rallies 1,000 ministers for historic interfaith march on Washington
Al Sharpton is not working to further the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On the contrary, he is erasing his progress.
Elder: "Can we agree to denounce all bigots — whether a David Duke or Maxine Waters or Rev. Al Sharpton?"
Al Sharpton had a "REVOLVING DOOR" n2 the WH..Barry WAS aware he owed huge amounts of UNPAID taxes ..WHY was that A…
Remember *** Bishop Eddie Long was posting selfies to attract young boys so what is Al Sharpton trying to attra…
When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton claimed they would carry on MLK,Jr's dre…
Mericas at war wit the alqueda but we are still losing the war wit Al Sharpton- Clayton Bigsby
Yes! Love this idea. Sign up Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Corrine Brown, John Lewis and Cory Booker…
Looking at you Deray, Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, Van Jones, Don Lemon. Keep rubbing salt on old wounds you race pimps ! .
Al Sharpton should be in Federal Prison for Tax Evasion.
FOX News Trump Goon Tucker Carlson compares confederate monuments to having monuments for Al Sharpton and Marion Ba…
OMG ROTFLMAO "Just like I wouldm't want to see a statue of Al Sharpton or Marion Barry" every day…
Was the referring to Jesse Jackson & "Reverend" Al Sharpton?
Also Valdosta SCLC & NAACP agreed death was accident. Ben Crump bailed so did Al Sharpton
Joy Reid in 08: "Is Hillary becoming the candidate of white racists Or is she just the Al Sharpton of white people?"
Adam Schiff AKA Al Sharpton and Chuck Schumer AKA Jessie Jackson, shills all, continue to change the narritive from reality to obsession. Fm
Never imagined Shannon Sharpe being a better voice for black people than Al Sharpton and them. Crazy times we live in. S…
Joe Scarborough is about as much of a Republican as Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Schumer , and Al Sharpton
Wayne why do you only attack blacks; Al Sharpton. Maxine Waters, Obama, Shawn King and others
"Al Sharpton in mirror taking selfies. How are him and Bill Cosby supposed to help me?" Jay-Z "Family Feud"
Al Sharpton's National Action Network to rally over no-black-nurses lawsuit claims at Hurley Medical Center toda...
You know we Republicans integrated schools, ended the Vietnam war, made MLK Day a national holiday (along with Al Sharpton).
Live from now till 4 pm/et from North Carolina. Tune in to Keeping it Real w/ Al Sharpton on local stations and SIRIUS XM 126…
And set the tone for men like Marcus Garvey, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and, sadly, John Lewis.
Rev. Al Sharpton calls Bill Maher out over use of N-word Hey white Clarke Sh…
Al Sharpton gives Bill Maher and little pass for using N word. No one gets a pass Sharpton. All races off limits to vulgarity Reverend.
He's a reverend like Al Sharpton is. A real credit to Christianity!
.Frankly, sounds like was ordained by "Reverend" Al Sharpton .
I don't remember seeing Al Sharpton or the Reverend Jesse Jackson after a single 1 of those shootings.…
Al Sharpton how about Tawana Brawley, remember her?
Nothing as sinister as Obama's Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter meeting with Al Sharpton in th…
Bryd brings in Al Sharpton, Magic Johnson, John Lewis, etc. They must know Michelle Obama. OU18 lets work to bring her her…
Obama, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker all anti-white racists who…
What color is Rev. Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? They look mighty white to me.
Al Sharpton after shock treatment for not paying his taxes, and finding out that penalties and interest come to 1 tril…
Every single black has one...thanks to Al Sharpton, Louis Farrak…
Maybe they can get Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley for a promo tour. "Lonzo Ball"
Was her name Tawana Brawley? Has the validity of her story been checked? Where is Al Sharpton in all this?
Lol Gloria Allred is the Al Sharpton of law 😂😂
The only news I watch is MSNBC from 7pm to 11pm, Joy Reid on weekends, and Al Sharpton on Sun.…
And white people aren't the only racists. Just look at Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Loretta…
Very true... if it were the other way around, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be holding town hall m…
"Growing up in NYC, the tabloids alternated between Leona Helmsley, Bernie Goetz, Al Sharpton and THIS GUY." - on
Jesse Jackson, *** Gregory, Al Sharpton, Paul Mooney and you on for an hour altogether.. Can we get that conversation?
I recall Al Sharpton doing much worse in Trayvon Martin case and Ferguson, but no one cares about that I suppose.
Same to be said for racist Joy Ann Reid. An Al Sharpton wannabe
Lib Hypocrisy is Endless. Al Sharpton & other. Hosts Slapped with Warrants. .
No, I'm teetotaler. I just think of liberal politicians and people like Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, getting rich.
. What a bunch of stupid people. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barry Soetoro the Fraud are responsible for this kind of 💩.
Maxine Waters, John Lewis, and Al Sharpton. are a few of the reasons liberals. don't let us watch Amos & Andy on tele…
I got it; colonel mustard did it in the study with the candlestick. Where is Al Sharpton on this? He would get to the bottom of this
Give him a break Joe he was not trained by al Sharpton .
AL Sharpton is an black *** *** and not racist but for him I'll make an exception moron
Hello? She surrounded herself with one racial scam artist after another. Call Al Sharpton on his B-Day! OMG!
The people who carry on manufactured persecution are: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Plantation Owners
The nation's number one racist is front and center, Al Sharpton.
omg, you guys are obsessed with The President, look up Al Sharpton taxes, he owes 8m
about Al Sharpton taxes he owes 8 million no chance he will ever pay the IRS
Jodi, did you have a person in mind that Wallace Mercy resembles? I pictured someone like Al Sharpton. Thanks!
Al Sharpton came 2 Tulsa, OK & tried to still up crapola when there was a peaceful march going…
I wonder why Al Sharpton hasn't made a peep since the election, may be having visions of the "grey bar" hotel and his unpaid taxes
Al Sharpton should give you tips on how to be a better Master Baiter.
Chuck Berry did more for race relations than Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton combined
sick of seeing black ppl played by Al Sharpton n Jesse Jackson types
really want it raw do a story on Joy AND Al sharpton taxes or stfu
Now that we know what Trump paid in Taxes Maybe we need to open the door on Al Sharpton and Joy's tax issues swept under the rug
Um, excuse me but that's 'The Reverand' Al Sharpton to you.
Al Sharpton deserves a knife stuck in his neck
I liked a video Al Sharpton caught telling blacks to kill cops (recovered 1992 video)
Turn over some of your unpaid taxes Bernie. The poor could use some of yours and AL Sharp…
you don't see fake news making any bones about you lib allowed Al Sharpton skip paying tax Coty babies all you are
Hypocrite white version of Al Sharpton, creates false drama for own personal gain Enjoy the lake house 13.5% tax rate? Liar
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Moron Al not so Sharpton just said we're not at war so we don't need to build up the military.Has he watched the news l…
who are you talking about Al Sharpton?
"I thought Trump said he was going to make America great first, so why doesn't the budget reflect that?"- Rev. Al Sharpton
I got the chance to hear and meet Reverend Al Sharpton today at…
Listen... I hardly ever agree with Rev. Al Sharpton, but his sermon was excellent today.
Big head, no body. A female Al Sharpton.
Al Sharpton is an American hero. His tax issues are only more IRS persecution of minorities and liberals. Right?
JudgeJeanine tell me how to press charges against al sharpton for tel…
Maybe she'll reveal what century Al Sharpton will pay his back taxes?
Remember that time Al Sharpton annihilated Imus over "racist remarks?" Where is the good Reverand's outrage over Bow Wow…
Al Sharpton is the biggest most racist bigot in our society! Owes millions $ in back taxes! needs to make…
"The prerequisite of staying woke is that you've got to first wake up.". - Rev. Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton, Timothy Geithner & NYT who did not pay or those who didnt pay fair share by comparison
Trump paid his taxes, unlike Al Sharpton, Timothy Geithner, and other Liberal freeloaders.
In a Ten Commandments remake Edward G Robinson's role should be played by Al Sharpton. Al agitates despicable behavior better than anyone.
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Hotep is a continuation of Martin Luther King Jr's legacy. Not what the charlatans Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are pushing...
Jorge Ramos and his compadre Luis Gutierrez is an Latino hombre hustler. Similar to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. tuckercarlson
don't forget black "leaders" like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. - It goes both ways
Go to Netflix and watch Louis Theroux's 1999 documentary on Al Sharpton and NYC's Black Nationalists. It is AMAZING.
. In B. O.'s defense he is a Community Organizer aka Al Sharpton with an alleged education.
Civil Rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton will be on campus for a talk on Tuesday the 28th! RSVP here:… that the felonious Al Sharpton I see? When is the IRS going to nail him?
is a common thug set-out to oppress New York black community using flawed arguments 😎
Maxine Waters Al Sharpton and cummings is what gives blacks a bad name look how they act shame on you and you guys post the educated
Iwish micheal Moore and al not so sharpton would join survivor on an island 😎
Where is the out rage from liberals, Democrats, Al Sharpton, African Americans,. There is none because a Liberal sai…
black community by none other than Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton, etc. Especially for work in Harlem.
:As many whites died freeing the slaves as there were slaves...Al Sharpton needs to give whites money!
Go get him AG Sessions, Al Sharpton...About Time, don't you think?? Race Baiter, Hiding from the IRS ..and his Fami…
the National Security Council. and Al Sharpton was never part of Obama's staff.
Obama's advisor was David Axelrod, not Al Sharpton you *** Al Sharpton served as his 'race relations' advisor.
It is time Maxine Waters mouth quit spewing hatred on this adm. We have enough Al Sharpton already.
AL sharpton wasn't even an advisor to Obama.
If Al Sharpton would pay his taxes, I would listen to what he has to say. I have to pay my taxes, why don't he?
If Al Sharpton cares so damned much about "black" issues, where is his outreach to sick children & the elderly that…
um, Al Sharpton was never an advisor. So, yeah, that's just not an actual fact.
Al Sharpton claims to be for civil rights for all, but the only people I have ever seen him defend is liars and criminals
nice logic *** huge hole in your claim tho, al sharpton isn't a conspiracy theorist and doesn't agree with Julius Evola
I'll take Bannon over AL, I can barely understand what sharpton says half the time and he is so shady. I never trusted him.
Sort of like BHO's with race baiting tax evading Al Sharpton? Or BHO and his DOJ who took the 5th?
Al Sharpton was not on the Obama staff. And defending Bannon? Who else do you idolize? Let me guess, Richard Spencer?
amen! Get Al Sharpton, John Lewis and Maxine Waters! We pay our taxes and by God, so should they! Plus interest!
. An accomplished multi billionaire as opposed to the Al Sharpton w the alleged education we just got away from. We all ok
did AL sharpton pay his taxes? If not, isn't it about time someone goes after him?
I don't think for 1 minute that Dr king would have supported the same things as Jessie Jackson and AL Sharpton. Some yes but not all.
DNC Chair candidate Tom Perez is live on Keeping it Real w/ Al Sharpton. Tune in on local stations or XM 126.
same station that employed a man who invented fake rape al sharpton this is what NBC stands for
al shArpton 5million 100 visits to barrack Hussein
Someone needs to tell he is a sports talk host not a black activist. He sounds like Al Sharpton right now.
Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been made millionaire from doing exactly what you are describing.
United States and also Al Sharpton knows about the case too if you have any questions about this case the Case please contact Vincent Lee
Im going to need a choir and Al Sharpton for this New Song Im writing
Elijah Cummings owes back taxes. Why does he get away with it Al Sharpton. Pelosi. Lewis make them pay please
And besides we have Aliens now on this planet Al Sharpton
no, I'm going to fight your nonsense just as hard as I fight Al Sharpton's nonsense.
They just dont get it. They threw down their shovels & brought in a backhoe for their own grave! Al Sharpton reportsnext LOL
Actually is this Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton in Drag??..They sure do look alike..😅😅..and just as Crazy...
Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton thought Trump was great until he ran for POTUS as Republican, then he became racist.
I always beat the sun up in the morning. It's the secret to why I'm double trouble.Rev. Al Sharpton.
IRS ain't done anything to Al Sharpton, Leo ain't got anything to worry about
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Al Sharpton look like that bird Woodstock from the Peanuts Gang on Charlie Brown...that is all!
Barack Obama enlisted Al Sharpton and BLM to set America's race relations and US cities literaly on fire and he didn't…
toe GOAL of G. Soros (& his slaves: Obama, HRC, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson et al) is to CAUSE CIVIL WAR & then ini…
Hey anybody seen Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton lately?
Pelois and Warren think they represent women, Its like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson's representing blacks. is too kind.
similarly, the opposite is true for the left leaning. Jessie Jackson? not black. demonic reptilian. Al Sharpton? Not black. Green!
Here's a role model for the black community to focus on. Instead of following Scumbags like Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson
Indeed. It is a despicable thing to say. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would be proud.
Coke has a history of cowering under pressure, Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton have made a living off of that Co.
lol. Al Sharpton is not the emperor of black people.
Former FBI informant & Tawana Brawley hype man Al Sharpton is now speaking on judicial fitness. What a land.
Speaking of tax cheats, what's Al Sharpton been up to lately? Warren Buffett? George Sor…
Beats getting them from Bill Ayers and Al Sharpton.
Obama enlisting Al Sharpton and BLM to wage war on cops and set race relations and US cities literally on fire was quit…
Old Rev. Al is coming to Huntsville. . Civil rights leader Al Sharpton, critic of Jeff Sessions, to visit Huntsville
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I question the legitimacy of Reverend Al Sharpton being a reverend. What church does he run.???
It saddens me for all of the people like Charles Payne, Amy Holmes, and Thomas Sowells of the world, there are Shaun King and Al Sharpton.
In today's worlds,John Lewis,Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,would not even of been friends with M.L.K.Jr. He would have seen right through them.
A race baiter and rioter like John Lewis, Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton is only a hero to domestic enemies called democrats/RHINOS
isn't it time we admit John Lewis, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, James Clyburn make their living off the oppression of the black man?
John Lewis has put himself in the same category as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson "RACE BAITERS"!!
Even the wutlis *** in Chicago haven't used that talking point lately.Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al are now speachless
Awesome advise to a Al Sharpton, or Jessie Jackson want a be, but shouldn't be necessary to a U.S. Congressman!…
Al Sharpton . Jessie Jackson. Corey Booker. Elijah Cumming. John Lewis. Racist Bigots all cut from the same cloth.
Booker T Washington was right and still relevant. Just look at Rev. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. We call them ra…
EXACTLY!!! Look at Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton. Lately it seems all that means to me is hate speech and division. 1/2
End of their recognition ! Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson n Soros r the worst n recognized Criminals in this…
Lewis thrives on race issues, just like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others. He doesn't want it to be better!
I believe Al Sharpton is his butt brother..maybe Jessie Jackson...hmm who else .
John Lewis is nothing more than Rev. Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson ...A race baiter for the democrat party.
as many times as fake heroes Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Where are the real civil rights heroes?
Roy Innis died this week. I was reminded of when he knocked down Al Sharpton on the Morton Downey Jr show
Al Sharpton is calling for civil disobedience over Pres-Elect cabinet picks. .calls him a 'carnival b…
one of the best memories of Roy Innis was that time he fought race-baiter & professional victim, Al Sharpton, on th…
Roy Innis vs Al Sharpton on the Morton Downey show was classic
Roy Innis famously knocked Al Sharpton to the ground during a 1988 Morton Downey interview at the Apollo Theater. D…
Sorry to hear Roy Innis passed away. I've been a fan since he roughed up Al Sharpton live on Morton Downey Jr:
That guy ain't goin' nowhere. He'll be Al Sharpton,Al Gore&Jimmy Carter(Israel hater)rolled into one now.
I'll always remember Roy Innis giving Al Sharpton that work on the Morton Downey, Jr. Show.
I remember when he fought Al Sharpton on Morton Downey Jr show. Knocked him down.
How's Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton doing?. Those family trees they do for legendary football coaches...
too many loudmouths who make money off uneducated. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc
Ask Juan what he thinks Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have to say! Silence when the tables are turned.
How could this happen you ask dummy Juan? Ask Juan what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have to say?
Asians lack professional outragers as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson
Get rid of Mayor,Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton,to start with!...This situation, the Mayor let get out of control ,prior…
So where's the outrage from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?
Thank You Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch!! You've made race relations as bad as they were in 1968..
The gator on the left, smiling, is Rev. Al Sharpton.!
Senator Vincent Hughes and Rev. Al Sharpton live at Mt. Carmel Baptist church. Come on out tonight.
Rev. Al Sharpton speaks out against Comcast 's decision to decrease distribution of The Word Netwo...
Maybe she should seek the spiritual guidance of Rev. Al Sharpton.
Empowered 1on1 with Dr. Jamal Bryant and Rev. Al Sharpton via
When Al Sharpton speaks...NO one in their right mind listens: Sharpton: Sessions a 'nightmare' AG candidate
Al Sharpton said Russia made them do it!
With this hate crime in Chicago I'm wondering where Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are? Not a peep from either of those two.
yes, good point, Obama never met with far left jokes like Al Sharpton, DeRay Mckesson, David Brock...
Nothing Al Sharpton does isn't self-serving. This is PR and probably posturing to expand hate crime law coverage
This is where people like Al Sharpton should be heard denouncing such actions of barbarism and…
If it were u or me IRS would be all over us. Al Sharpton still too busy to pay his taxes
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do everyone of them plus other lowlifes so called Celebrities like Michael Moore Whoopi Goldberg
.“To have as Attorney General is a nightmare we cannot wake up from.”
Props to Al Sharpton for saying a hate crime is a hate crime and it's wrong. No idea why it's so hard for others to do the same.
Al Sharpton would of had an aneurism if those 4 black thugs were white and the disabled guy was black. Chicago...
Marxist Al Sharpton: Sessions as attorney general 'a nightmare'
a nightmare for that race baiter AL Sharpton.
wants a Philly presence at D.C. march:
Where's the outrage over this from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson???
F Al Sharpton. He is a has been and he knows it.
If I hear this Al Sharpton commercial on the radio one more time he talking like that for anyway
story about 4 black kids beating a white special needs kid- where's the rioting and burning of stores? Where's Al Sharpton?
Al Sharpton knows all he'd get is a boot in the *** from white people! No money here, he preys on his own poor Blac…
Al Sharpton is a race baiting hack and his biased views mean nothing to the majority of Americans
He has made a career editorializing on all things race related. He's the white Al Sharpton pretending to be black.
These are street kids with no parents around. Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton shld step up to educate & help their own!
What Congregation does the Reverend Al Sharpton lead? Always wondered since he's certainly the political gadfly. https…
The MUST be brought to justice. Brittany Herring thinks this is OK? THIS IS A
I don't know who Al Sharpton is but I'm assuming he ***
What do Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Michelle O, etc all have in common?? Watch: https:…
Black on White Hate crime, guess we won't be hearing from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.
Diamond and Silk: Where Is Obama's DOJ and Al Sharpton on Racist, Anti-Trump Kidnapping Beating in Chicago?
Al Sharpton: Sessions becoming attorney general would be "a nightmare"
Great! He didn't know what he was doing anyway without Bill Ayres and Al Sharpton telling him what to do! He fell hard! On own
Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson actually write their own stuff and don't order trans prostitutes so there is a bit of…
My favorite conservative trope is where they pretend MLK was any different from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.
She was only hired after race baiting MSNBC was shamed b/c of their all white line up. They then hired Al Sharpton, Me…
What are the qualifications for being a 'cleric'?. Probably similar to Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton being 'reverend'.…
*** straight. Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Eric "The Racist" Holder, as ordered by their Master, George Soros
Still waiting 4 "Exit" of entertainers who said they would leave US after Trump won Take Barbara P.,Reid,Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton with U!
Nate Parker's fan base now includes Al Sharpton, Harry Belafonte, and Mel Gibson.
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Where's that *** Al Sharpton when white kid stabbed by two black thugs?? . Any comment Al? .
Did you actually use your magazine to promote the idea of average Americans become like the most famous Tax Cheat, Rev Al Sharpton?
Trump talking to Al Sharpton? I certainly hope he isn't talking to the little criminal creep!
Rev. Al Sharpton hosts rally at Md. church ahead of pre-inauguration march in DC
Al Sharpton has never had a job.Gets rich off of hate speeches.And libtards love him.Saying kill white people &cops. https:…
Al Sharpton my advice to you stop marching stop producing something like a paycheck for my people ain't you tired of marching. I'll show you
today: "If you see something racist, you have to call it racist.". Yesterday: "We welcome Al Sharpton."
I would say the same for Al Sharpton.
She's making her best Rev. Al Sharpton face...
Uh this isn't Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Deray McKesson you're talking to, bud.
Call Al Sharpton and tell him to pay his taxes.
Let me be clear: as I have said repeatedly, I do not believe that all ...
We’re not antipolice… we’re antipolice brutality. Rev. Al Sharpton.
The forgotten men have over come, Al sharpton BLM want to keep us divided
Tax payers should demand that Al Sharpton pay his taxes, or he above tax payers   10% Off
Al Sharpton's 1992 off the pigs video via
was watching last week and al sharpton popped up. I was like "is that actual *** al sharpton" and looked it up and it was
If U want to know who to vote 4 in future elections, just find out who (Al Sharpton & George Soros) endorse and vote opposite.
I feel compelled by Satan and the Forces of Darkness ... What should I do? Talk to Al Sharpton?
🚨 🚨 Hate Crime Alert 🚨 🚨. Al Sharpton calls for the killing. of all white people and cops 🚨.
Al Sharpton fire, me and bro be bumping it lol, News or Sumthn fire too
If you look at the current administration - the abolishment isn't over. As Al Sharpton says, brush ourselves off, o…
Ima assume u never heard News r Sumthn, In Abundance, or Al Sharpton..
... and are the 21st centuries racist taking the place of their mentors jessy Jackson & Al Sharpton
🎤Mr. Al Sharpton, here's why I don't respect you, and nobody like you. See, you're the type that gets off on getting on other people. 🎤
Lord remove Al Sharpton from our political arena. Blacks are better off without him. Let us prosper under Pres. Trump & f…
So you leaving Al Sharpton the NAACP 'nem a voicemail tonight or calling tomorrow?
This critisim is rich coming from someone who tried to imply that Al Sharpton was worse than the American Nazi Part…
Thank you for NOT referring to Al Sharpton as a Reverend. That would be like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a chef.
The Reverend Al Sharpton needs a rocking chair on a porch in the middle of nowhere. He is a POS and so is MSNBC!
and reverend Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton were choir boys??
Al Sharpton's 1992 off the pigs video - YouTube have you changed since than reverend?
What's all hammering of Steve Bannon? Hey people you lost! Al Sharpton...Rev Wright..Louis Farrakhan. ..BLM surely cant get more racist!
Al Sharpton's 1992 off the pigs video . Dr Kings dream is not the nightmare you preach, no Reverend at all
The black hate groups BLM, BP and NPB, and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other people should take good advice fro…
I haven't seen any Trump videos showing him as racist "Reverend" Al Sharpton is on video being himself thats racist & Obamas buddy
let's not forget Reverend Wright, inviting BLM to the White House, Al Sharpton can do this all day...
like Obama's ties to Reverend Wright and Al Sharpton. I guess alledged racism only works for WHITE people. NBC you suck ***
Racism stain on son of Trump's national security adviser via Reverend Wright and Al Sharpton!
Being hit on by a reverend feels weird. It shouldn't, but it does. (A real reverend, not an Al Sharpton type)
but Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Al Sharpton (counseling the WH) are just fine...
Just my 2since,. So called " Reverend" Al Sharpton should be arrested for hate crimes and charged for treason
What about his son and uncle Al Sharpton
LOL. Has anyone seen or heard from "Reverend" Al Sharpton or has he already left the Country???
... gee ... some people have been saying that exact same about the Good Reverend, Al Sharpton ...
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Do we need to remove the Electoral College? Reverend Al Sharpton asks his listeners. Tune in now
I'll see your David Duke and raise you a Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Van Jones.
According to Fox, the protests are artificially created by George Soros, Al Sharpton, Michael Moore and other...
Al Sharpton is a joke he sold us out a long time ago. Someone should hold him down and cut his hair off.
how is this different from Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and on and on and on including BLM leaders
It's probably along side the ones from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
And to think these same ppl had a problem with Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson - Neither of whom were in the Obama admin.
This race B.S. Is media Propaganda. Again the media is out of praise Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson raciest
You have to invite Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to join the movement to be more effective.
There will always be racism bc of Van Jones, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & the democrat plantation.
Where is Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson to look into this and make sure this doesn't take place?
This from a party that gives Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Van Jones cover?
I didn't say black friends. I said Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Those aren't just your normal black friends.
Then why can Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton be seen in pics shaking his hand and smiling?
Hillary joined the ranks of Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson this going AFTER the black vote not TO the black voter
Amy Schumer . Al Sharpton. Whoopi Goldberg. Miley Cyrus . You all claimed you'd be leaving if Trump won. Start parking :) htt…
Rosie O'Donnell, Al Sharpton, and Whoopi Goldberg said they would move to Canada if Trump won. I'll happily volunteer to h…
I'm not a fan of Rev. Al Sharpton but his comments today about President-Elect Trump..Rev.AL I stand with you brother!!
I remember Glenn talking about Van Jones. IMO Jones is like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.
But that didnt stop people like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton from character assassination.
he's not racist. Has been praised for helping minorities by n one other than J Jackson and Al Sharpton.
Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are somewhere in Brazil, sippin Pina Coladas, countin blue hundreds.
Al Sharpton needs to move on or go to South Africa with Sammy Jackson. Bye Bye to you both. Please don't come back.
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