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Al Roker

Albert Lincoln Al Roker, Jr. (born August 20, 1954) is an American television weatherman as well as an actor and book author.

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Especially if Al Roker took the gyro right out of your hand.
Matt Lauer, Al Roker learn about men and melanoma
Amen to that! The priest on the left looks like Fr. Al Roker!
Al Roker: I’m going to ride the Orient Express with Josh Gad via
Worse coverage by NBC. All Broadway shows and Al Roker interviews. No parade shots!
Shame on Al Roker and Jenna Bush for letting DeNiro get away with his back handed comment this morning about THE administration.
Al Roker look goofy af in real life
Yes even Al Roker has had the pleasure of sampling our delicious cakes. We still make them just as...
thought I was the only fan in the family until this AM. My 85 yr old Dad said, "that girl sure is pretty but she's not Al Roker" 😂
Need a change from all the politics on the news? Watch take the for htt…
Al Roker is hitting the road again for his 2nd record-setting OU is his first stop, so now you can be part of…
Don't Matter if we face AL Horford, AL Gore, AL Bundy, or AL Roker in some dirty drawers, we sweeping in 3 - h…
Al Roker and Josh Gad take a ride on the Orient Express via
"Al Roker's really managing to keep the weight off" and other middle age musings by Ryan Bailey.
Al Roker snubbed,Whitehouse Easter egg event by President, Vice president and first Lady
Miz should've hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Al Roker.
Sorry, Al Roker. Darryl Dawkins never relinquished his nickname.
Al Roker, no offense but there's only one Chocolate Thunder and his name is Darryl Dawkins.
Al Roker just called himself chocolate thunder...Darryl Dawkins rolling over in his grave rn smh
Al Roker is only the guest ring announcer for this one because Willard Scott wouldn't do it.
If you do not worship the ground that Al Roker walks on or praise him as the new messiah, then you've never been to Oswego…
I'd kill to get drunk with Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Carson Daly lol
Black Hills State University submitted a video to convince Al Roker to visit the campus!.
Al Roker didn't know about Hoda's baby but Kathie Lee did?!
I’m glad humans aren’t like dogs and other animals. I wouldn’t want to be watching the Today Show and suddenly see Al Roke…
Join us in the quad next week to show Al Roker why Murray State is the best university in Kentucky! h…
New favorite weather guy: That includes Al Roker, but *** will always be the legend.
libs posting pictures of dead journalist killed by isis but no pictures of Brian Williams don lemon Matt Lauer or al roker
Set your DVR's will sit down with Al Roker for the show's Living Legends series.
This is Al Roker. He is watching you. He is
But we wish it were "Boosting morals", you know what I'm sizaying Mr. Shaun King version of Al Roker?
im aware ive got an unhappy neutral face but I guess it's enough 4 might-as-well-be-Al-Roker to stop me in the subway and ask if I'm alright
My only trigger is footage of fat Al Roker
Is it just me or does he look like Al Roker now?
Ya just ask Al Roker because it happened to him. Can you imagine what it must be like for someone who's not a known figure
.Wow!!! Al Roker must be a KimCat then...Kim, what do you think? A real KimCat wouldn't clean that mirror🙏😻
TODAY's Al Roker to Visit College Campuses for 3 - This year, Rokerthon is Storming Into the Madness...
See that, you've got the chops for the big time. You could be the next Al Roker. or that other guy who does weather type stuff.
he looks like Al Roker swallowed Laurence Holmes.
and aren't 'Black' TV shows. Same as when Al Roker does a weather report it's not 'b…
Please help us out We want Al Roker to come to "our neck of the woods!"
🎶 I'm a joker. I'm Al Roker. I'm a forecast broker. Looks like Tuesday there'll be sun 🎶
Enter for the chance to have Al Roker is visit your college and help you break a Guinness World Record.
I stopped watching the Today Show after Al Roker lost weight. I don't need that kind of negativity.
Brian_roberts. Let's tell them Phi Beta Sigma supports Al Roker. We want him to remain in the NBC Today Show!
Dear if u replace Al Roker & Tamron Hall w Megyn Kelly, I, like many others, will drop entire show & watch Good…
NBC celebrates by running off "Tamron Hall", moving Al Roker...then Hires Megyn Kelly, and they call T…
. I hate Megyn but I hate Al Roker more.. Megyn is the new Deborah Norville. 😂. ✌🇺🇸
Al Roker & Tamron Hall helped make the Today Show & they are STILL being replaced by Megyn Kelly. I'm sure race had NO…
Megyn Kelly to Take Over an Hour of ‘Today’ Show, May Replace Tamron Hall and Al Roker: via
Megyn Kelly to replace Al Roker and Tamron Hall on the Today Show. I'll just let the optics on that soak in for ye. https:…
So Tamron Hall and Al Roker's 9am hour of The Today Show beats every other 9am show in ratings and they replace them with Megyn Kelly? 🤔🤔🤔
Why is everyone giving Jenna Bush Hager such a hard time about Hidden Fences when Al Roker called Jessica Biel Jessica Alba?
As Jenna Bush Hager apologizes for ‘Hidden Fences,’ Al Roker slams those who mocked her
More rankings:. Lee Goldberg and Chris Cimino- Wonderful. Sam Champion was the champion. Al Roker immensely watchable. Bill Evans can get weird
Who's been a familiar staple at one place longer, Al Roker (NBC) or Jason Voorhees (Crystal Lake)? 😅
"Fritz & The Trantrums" - Al Roker getting his Steve Brule on
I hope you get beat up by Al Roker while he steals your Thanksgiving dinner
When it comes to dieting, I'm the kind of person that likes to be told w...
Baby pull me closer if your name is al roker
Best weather satellite ever built rockets into space, and Al Roker is excited
The most advanced weather satellite ever built rocketed into space Saturday night, and Al Roker is excited…
Amen. we have launched Al Roker into space.
Al Roker & the weather channel loons were all giddy about it..
Why is the program manager talking to Al Roker? You'd think he'd be busier. 🤔
Waiting for the launch with the one and only Al Roker!
"When the tree gets lit, we all get lit!" -my main man, Al Roker 🎄
Al Roker on Christmas in Rockefeller Center: "The tree gets lit, we all get lit."
"At 8:55 the tree gets Lit, at 9:00 we all get Lit!" Al Roker is a low key boss
. Would you tell Al Roker to shut up so we can hear the countdown
Al Roker. "6:42 the sky is going to be lit and by 6:44 I'm going to be lit"
Al Roker just said he was gonna get lit lmao its lit
Waiting for this weather satellite launch that keeps getting pushed back even Al Roker just said he's about to go "Get Lit" 😭
tell ya what, i love you but the corn is strong with thee. Al Roker just went all the way up, btw. AL ROKER IS GONNA GET LIT
Al Roker is such a Type A SPAZ, I half-expect him to run up to that rocket & boost it into the air himself. 😛😏
The Al Roker sat is readey to go over.
Al Roker just schooled Dr. Phil while condemning his interview with mentally ill actress Shelley Duvall
Breakib=ng: Al roker Is on hold Launching his weather satellite.
Watching Al Roker while he talks on NASA TV about
I am a babbling meteorolileftist. over. Al Roker,.
Al Roker opens the doors to his luxurious Manhattan brownstone via
Al Roker discusses saving lives using on
TODAY's Al Roker and The Weather Channel's Jen Carfagno report live from the GOES-R launch site. Plus, watch NASA...
The Al Roker 1 is on hold. Breaking news.
Get into the holiday spirit w/ the hosted by Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker!...
When Al Roker is told about Billy Bush's latest mess
Al Roker needs to be somewhere doing this to Billy Bush.
I forgot that this is the same Billy Bush that told elder Al Roker to "calm down" over the Lochte mess. https:…
So I'm just thinking about the number of workplaces in America in which there's a Billy Bush who patronizes an Al Roker.
Al Roker tried to warn us. When he stirred that straw, it was actually *** morse code for “Billy Bush is not to be trust…
Al Roker had honor of breaking Billy Bush's suspension news on the "Today" show
Remember kids, luck could turn your way and you too could end up smiling like Al Roker
yep he went ham and Al Roker checked him with his tea. 😂😂😂😂
you didn't know it was he in the Al Roker tea meme? Lol Classic! 😎😂
First knowledge of him was interaction w/ angry Al Roker about Ryan Lochte. Worth watch to understand his frat-boy personality.
Billy Bush Is Reportedly Very Unlikely to Ever Return to Today. This is the same guy who tried defended Lochte from Al Roker.
Echoing the "If this holds up," but wow was Al Roker forecasting somethin' with those stirs.
Al Roker fills in for Billy Bush on Today after Trump-tape suspension
[Clink of receiver being lifted]. Al Roker voice: "Hello..?". "Yes, a collect call for Mrs. Bush from Billy Bush . (Phone hangs up)
Didn't know the name, but had seen him annoy Al Roker by trying to make excuses for Lochte.
oh my god the look on Al Roker's face as they announce Billy Bush's suspension this morning
Al Roker had better be getting his stir on
On page 178 of 320 of The Storm of the Century, by Al Roker
Al Roker ripping him to shreds re Lochte in Rio was the first time I'd ever heard of him
Al Roker has taken over for Billy Bush at the Today Show
Al Roker tried to tell y'all about Billy Bush.
the brave caipirinha that gave its life to save Billy Bush from Al Roker:
What's going on LA? Al Roker and Tamron Hall address Billy Bush's suspension… Get Found ->
YES to the yes! Fills in for Billy Bush on Today Following Trump-Tape Suspension via
I heard they gave Al Roker the job. may know.
Kind of makes people look differently at the brief confrontation he & Al Roker had during the Olympics...
Looking back, Billy's defense of Lochte par for the course. Even angered Al Roker
Al Roker you sly devil releasing the access Hollywood tapes 󾌴󾌴󾌴.
I just wanted to use this gif. Oh. Also, Al Roker is replacing Billy Bush on the Today Show.
Find out the latest about Billy Bush's future with the
Al Roker v. Billy Bush on Ryan Lochte interview, Natalie Morales didn't come off any better than Bush:
Billy is a worm who showed his true colors when fighting with Al Roker about Ryan Lochte.the man is a punk and coward
Local TV news folks futilely trying to fill time on the Balloon Fiesta coverage. They ain't no Al Roker,Bob Eubanks or Stephanie Edwards.
Flashback to when Al Roker tried to warn us that Billy Bush is trash.
Billy Bush is in the news for being a creep, so once again, here's our video of Al Roker destroying him.
Wait . . . what? Today Show staff in meltdown because Al Roker said Ryan Lochte lied
Al Roker source of 'embarrassment' among Today staff after his Ryan Lochte rant
Willie Geist left, Natalie Morales left, so it's just Tamron Hall, Billy Bush, and Al Roker now.
Producer Curtis Mitchell, NBC Affiliations with Bill Cosby, and Al Roker shuts down KJAM!
Billy Bush thought Al Roker was just gonna say "now here's what's happening in your neck of the woods" but Uncle Al brought th…
Billy Bush telling Al Roker to "calm down" is the con man's way to make his point seem more rational in the face of the rea…
Al Roker stiring that drink and checking Billy Bush and Charles Blow telling it like it is.
thank you to Al Roker and Tamron Hall for talking about my video on your very big morning show today
*stirs drink* . Billy Bush on Lochtegate: I played ‘devil’s advocate’ to Al Roker in debate
Billy Bush owes Al Roker a public apology. And the rest of the world, but let's start there.
Al Roker was stirring his drink to keep that Queens, NY from coming up outta him. Billy Bush don't even now how close he…
So proud of Al Roker and Natalie Morales standing up to Billy Bush on Hope Bush is getting chastised +coaching.
The shade Al Roker threw on Ryan Lochte is giving me life right now
For a brief moment, Al Roker was the hero America needed in the Ryan Lochte mess.
When Billy Bush said "calm down", Natalie Morales looked over at Al Roker like...
Billy Bush is trying to defend Lochte on Today and Al Roker and Natalie Morales are DRAGGING him.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Seek out the clip of Billy Bush cornered by Al Roker and Natalie Morales on this. Women and POC see this 'storyline' differently.
I'm just glad I got to see Al Roker PAWN a Bush *** "Embellish" my uno what.
Watch this fantastic video of Al Roker talking about Ryan Lochte lying. (Love when he starts to stir his drink 💀) http…
Well wadaya know: Al Roker the klansman!. Huh. . Just goes to show.
This little straw swirl is all that kept Al Roker from snatching Billy's still-beating heart out his chest. 💀
The way they go out of their way to defend this nonsense is ridiculous...and telling. Al Roker wasn't having it
Billy Bush says Ryan Lochte embellished his Story and Al Roker says "Billy! That's called Lying in your Neck of the Woo…
We too are tired of Al Roker. Watch here at the show co-host gets fed up.
The justifications by some media personalities for Lochte are absolutely insane.
They should have let Al Roker have that interview. Man...
"SAY BRUH" - Al Roker as soon as them cameras went off
AL was like: >>Al Roker goes in on Ryan Lochte, becomes internet hero via
Al Roker stirs up ‘white privilege’ narrative after rant about Ryan Lochte’s robbery story
Well he is to Al Roker who is 30 years older...
Al Roker on Ryan Lochte: "He left his teammates hanging while he skedaddled" tp://
Order Miche Bag Online!
Al Roker slammed Ryan Lochte in a new viral video:
Forget Matt Lauer. I want Al Roker to interview him 😎
Ryan Lochte is one of the most dishonest people ever in the Olympics. Al Roker agrees and says he's a total liar. https:/…
WATCH: Al Roker calls Ryan Lochte a liar after Billy Bush tries to excuse his actions:
White privilege at its finest. Well done Al Roker - he was not having it!.
For many of us, our day to day is Al Roker stirring his drink.
Al Roker speaks for everyone fed up with Ryan apologists via
Al Roker Goes In On Ryan Lochte, Becomes Internet Hero. Side note, since losing the weight Roker looks like one of those da…
Al Roker, Matt Lauer, and that whole bunch can suck my balls
I only wish Al Roker had come on after Matt Lauer and slapped the taste right out of Ryan Lochte's mouth.
This Lochte interview would be more interesting if NBC assigned Al Roker rather than Lauer.
Al Roker when that white man told him calm down
Yo tell me why watching Al Roker reminded me of this
says is a LIAR. cries it's blah blah blah. Who do YOU agree with?
Al Roker stirring that drink is every black person who has a co-worker come up to them and start complaining about how much…
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The most problematic part of that exchange was Billy Bush telling Al Roker to "calm down" when Al was speaking the truth.
In sum, Al Roker was speaking the truth while Billy Bush was trying to uphold white male/American privilege.
Why was that reporter defending Lochte's actions by minimizing the fact that Lochte lied? Thx Al Roker!
Kudos to Al Roker for keeping it real, this is a prime example of why "representation in the media matters"
Al Roker, in one segment, made black folks around the world go, "Yeah...Al is woke."
Al Roker taught us today that when people aren't making sense & you have a drink, Just stir it each time they make a m…
What I really want is for Ryan Lochte to sit down with Al Roker, not Matt Lauer. He had his chance. So did Billy Bush.
Al Roker stirring his drink and shaking his head is the best
Al Roker is stirring his drink like your church lady grandma starts sipping iced tea at a family gathering to keep from…
"Kids traveling abroad" Lochte is 32. Al Roker is fantastic here- the other two, not so much
Give the person who edited Billy Bush's wiki to include that 'additional schooling' he got by Al Roker today a Medal h…
"embellished" lmao sure dude, sure...go Al Roker!
Al roker done with these white people
He did not hold back one single bit
Billy Bush arguing with Al Roker today and Bush still calling them 'Kids' having fun who 'embellished' a story, makes m…
I have been replaying the video and dying EVERYTIME Al Roker stirs his drink
Al Roker went off on Ryan Lochte’s lies and the whole internet blew up
That time Al Roker was NOT having anything from Ryan Lochte apologists, coworker or nah.
That time you caped for Ryan Lochte and turned Al Roker into Malcolm X.
Rather than watch the interview with rocks for brains watch Al Roker school Billy Bush on lying.
Al Roker was FED UP. Who edited this lol
Al Roker holds it down for the truth,
Ryan Lochte is almost as bad at apologies as Donald Trump. Thanks to Al Roker for keeping the media honest on this.
Strong column on NBC's handling of Lochte story from Al Roker was NBC's voice of reason.
Al Roker, when buddy told him to calm down
Roxie Roker was a star from The Jefferson, her son is Lenny Kravitz and she was a cousin to Al Roker.
Two things: Al Roker needs to dump those stupid hats .. Fat head small hat.. Not good.. And Mark Maron *** has been 52 for 5 years
TBT: Almost one year ago Trinity Region Recreation Business Line Manager James Murphy was live with Al Roker...
"Wouldn't it be great if bees swarmed like in cartoons, making arrows & stuff? That's what I want!". - That is a literal Al Roker quote! ***
This Upton Park coverage is all a bit OTT really: Highbury, Maine Road, The Dell, Roker Park et al didn't get this level of sentimentality
When I was in Greenough, Montana, I came across a bear cub. I was off this ...
I'm still reeling from the Al Roker sex dream I had last night.
Fun shoot with Matt Lauer & Al Roker! Watch for their trip to White Sands tomorrow right after
can we give the entire good morning America crew and especially Al Roker a giant "wigga please" for this BS
John Oliver just made Al Roker look like an evil villian. Bravo, sir.
John Oliver scolds "Today" for shoddy science reporting, then proceeds to shoddily report science.
The weather guy is supposed to BE a scientist. Is that how Al Roker did the weather too?
"...find the study that sounds best to you and you go with that"~Al Roker. "No! No, no, no..."~John Oliver.
John Oliver burned Al Roker's interpretation of the shows daily use of studies follow the one that you cherry pick
Al Roker looks like a Sin City character
Al Roker, most misunderstood man on television (John Oliver just mistook his sarcasm for sincerity)
Why don't they just throw Al Roker in the booth I'm sure he can do better
Best ones I helped were Al Leiter, Al Roker and to break the 'Al' chain, James Lipton from "The Actor's St…
The Dangers of Detox Diets - NBC Today’s Al Roker recently published a book on how he was able to finally lose ...
Get ready I rehearse as on the turntable with
holy crap. Al Sharpton looks like he ate Al Roker
Bite sized news U can use from Al Roker Entertainment & Watch:
Are you telling me that Al Roker has bitmoji I'm screamin
Al roker..i used to knock pounds off
In the pregnancy process I have come to realize how much of the burden is o...
My uncle jack just described himself as "the black Al Roker"
Al Roker a boxing fan. Didn't know this. Welcome brother. I still remember you from Seinfedl
passed some gas, but it was mud. Shat herself like Al Roker
What do you expect from the network that employs Al Roker?
at the Kentucky Derby Al Roker asks me why I named my horse that and I explain in graphic detail
The Storm of the Century by William Hogeland and Al Roker (2015, Hardcover)
This is your bi-annual reminder that Al Roker once admitted to sharting at the White House.
A delicious way to impress mom tomorrow.
thanks for sharing Al Roker, have a great Saturday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
Al Roker is cooking on a team at BBQ Fest >>
I have been blessed with working with the best in the business.
MK UKTRA PPL happened to Al Roker as well
Find out what it is that makes people drop 100 lbs in 6 days but none from their heads, like Al Roker did
Have an amazing mom? Tell us! TODAY with our sponsor may celebrate her on Friday.
They call me Al Roker cause I make it rain 💴💰🍟🍔
Lol -even there gop/rush conniptioned over Al Roker saying Polar Voryex last yr!
that looks like Al Roker outside of work lmao.
My web team just posted some short cooking video clips, with Bobby Flay, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Natalie Morales, &...
As Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker gather for TODAY's Take, it's the annual Free Cone Day...
One of my favorite picks is a Brooklyn rooftop where there's even a pizza named after Al Roker. Two thumbs up!
I want so badly for Al Roker to refer to snow as "frosted flakes" for an entire broadcast just to see if anyone calls him on it.
Donnell Rawlings aka Ashy Larry hangs out with NBC's Al Roker!!
Today I shook the hands of Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie and got a shout out from Matt Lauer. What a way to start the day! Carnegie tonight!
I wanna be Al Roker when I grow up.
When did Al Roker shart at the White House
Little Giant Ladders
Remembering that time I ran into Al Roker...
I'm dope smokin with al roker in nova scotia
my hustle, so Russell,. I stretch work, yoga. You know I got it down dawg,. Al Roker, I used to knock pounds off
News anchors needa learn from man like Al Roker, that is one fly guy.
THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT WITH SUN FM. It was more than just a cool thing for Al Roker and Lady Gaga to do _ it was...
Who doesn't know who Al Roker is my god
BR! brave the chilly waters in Chicago for the https:…
By far the best Lady Gaga has ever looked (epic Hawks hat)
I'd probably say my biggest yo-yo was when I was finishing up my senior yea...
Lady Gaga, Al Roker jump in the lake – for charity
These celebrities jumped into frigid Lake Michigan for a good cause
Someone told Lady Gaga and Al Roker to "go jump in the lake" in Chicago. So they did!
at most 10% non-white and that included Al Roker who was taking selfies in front of me.
Blog Post: Lady Gaga and Al Roker take Polar Plunge in Chicago - KIRO Seattle
I think me, Natalie Morales, Savannah Guthrie & Al Roker could all be BFFs. It be like new kind of Sex and the City or somet…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Al Roker is doing a great job using Periscope to promote NBC Nightly News each evening at 6:25, minutes before
Media backfire on that chick who called him out. Al Roker and his one line of shade LOL via
Al Roker in Nashville visiting Channel 4 WSMV this afternoon. Dan Thomas had a weather partner! Very Cool!
Let's just say Al Roker told us to expect loads of snow tonight.
On TODAY's Take, Al Roker, Tamron Hall, Willie Geist, and Natalie Morales get a look and some incredibly...
Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker recently found themselves in a situation that might seem unusual: sharing cocktails and banter
The only 2 things missing from the red carpet commentary: Al Roker and Willard Scott.
Al Roker & Hoda Kotb, excellent announcers 4 Rose Parade & appear 2b good people as well! Good job.
Matt Lauer's eyes legit LIT UP with unbridled glee over a Darth Vader onesie that Al Roker just gave him on The Today Show.
Seeing fat al roker and Matt Lauer with hair is my Xmas present
I miss the pleasantly plump Al Roker
I love cooking for myself and cooking for my family. . 🍁 Al Roker
Customer: I hope you have a wonderful whatever you celebrate!. Me: I only celebrate Al Roker's birthday and excruciating pain.
When i was younger i thought Al Roker was a myth
Don't think for a second I'm gonna let you live down thinking Al Sharpton was Al Roker
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It’s almost like the alternate reality I wish I lived in where Al Roker is still fat and 9/11 never happened.
Somehow I never see anyone famous in NYC but walking down my tiny main street I see Al Roker.
Remember that time I kinda took a selfie with Al Roker? Me too
Weather Man Al Roker and robot r2d2 aren't all that different. Short, fat and bald...but Al is way more annoying.
Al Roker thanks his son's occupational therapist on "Today"
1) always have a swim suit on you . 2) can someone make me a grilled cheese? . 3) are we worrying about Al Roker enough?
May Al Roker's prosthetic Charlie Brown ears be burned into your brain
mostly me, a few of us, and one of Al Roker
I just found out that Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House. Wait, what?
I just want everyone to take a moment to remember how evil Al Roker was in the Proud Family.
Fun fact: "Arby's" is an acronym. But it does not mean "Always Roast Beef? Yes Sir!" It actually means "Al Roker: Burn Yourself Silly"
In a segment called Al Pays It Forward, Roker shared the story of Lori Rothman, an occupational therapist who began her career working
Lmao they said Deon Sanders look like Al Roker
Rick Carter will be playing the roll of Al Roker for the Sparks Hometowne Xmas Parade.
Al Roker finally made it to the booth, saving us from Fake Ann Curry & her evil captor, Matt Lauer.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
JR still laughs about the fact that Al Roker called me Jerry "the Ring" Lawler! I was sooo mad!
Al Roker talked entire time went by behind him. we never got to hear them
Al Roker claims NYC taxi driver didn't pick him up because he's black
Al Roker, on marathon forecasting tour late for Fargo-Moorhead stops.
Rusty Dawkins interviewing Al Roker. Watch Al do the weather for North Platte tomorrow on NBC Nebraska Today.
Columbus-based NetJets helping Al Roker broadcast from all 50 states
Al Roker plans to give weather reports from all 50 states within a week starting today in Honolulu.
The Today Show's Al Roker is coming to Cape Girardeau on Tuesday:
Al Roker is bringing 2 to Fargo and Moorhead. Cheer him on Monday at 7:30pm at The Fargo Theatre.
Al Roker's marathon taking him to Fargo-Moorhead.
Al Roker coming to Fargo-Moorhead; attempting world record: New York, N.Y. (KFGO-AM) - Al Roker is coming to b...
Al Roker's Charlie Brown costume reminds me of a negative version of Nick Stahl in SIN CITY.
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