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Al Qaeda

al-Qaeda (', translation: The Base and alternatively spelled al-Qaida and sometimes al-Qa'ida) is a global militant Islamist organization founded by Osama bin Laden sometime between August 1988 and late 1989. It operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad.

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Al Qaeda stands to gain from Donald Trump's air strikes on Yemen
mindless."syrian fighters" A.K.A. Al Qaeda. all so the CIA can win its war against the Department of Defense
White Helmets are Al Qaeda! Only operate in AQ areas and have wahhabist agenda!
Because terrorists will keep all their Al Qaeda and Isis contacts under their real names on the cell phones they bring thro…
oh no sweetheart. Your boy W destabilized the entire Middle East and your precious Reagan kicked off Al Qaeda by supplying them
i love how trump banning muslim in fear of terrorism when HE WAS THE ONE KILLING INNOCENT UNDER PRETENSE OF FIGHTING AL QAEDA
Worth noting that Obama Admin stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011 due to terrorism concerns
Where is the proof that Al Qaeda members were killed in the US dawn raid in Bayda today? Seems like all them were civilians…
Al-Qaeda ideologue's eight-year-old daughter killed in US raid on Yemen.
BREAKING UPDATE: US soldier killed in Yemen raid on Al-Qaeda – military
U lost argument, no hate. DT's immigration ban same as Obama's in 2011 but it's shorter
Anwar al Awlaki's father Nasser confirmed that his 8yo grandchild has been killed by US. She was shot in her neck. https:/…
Jihadists quoting Awlaki's prediction that "the West will eventually turn against its Muslim citizens.” Background: http…
"It's like Americans only think there are two types of people in this world anymore: Europeans and Al Qaeda. 🙄" -
Nora Al-awlqi was killed last night in US military operation targeted Al-Qaeda in central Yemen. Nora was not the...
Trump White House risks alienating entire Muslim world, playing into the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda. General Flynn: Is t…
Obama incoherent? No. Muslims are killed abroad so you think the Muslims at home are OK.
US Navy SEAL killed, 3 injured in raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen via the App
So now we're fighting against al Qaeda in Yemen? Cause we were on their side in Libya and Syria. 🤔
.on Trump's travel ban: "The only people celebrating this propaganda gift are ISIS and al Qaeda"
Trump honors US service member killed in raid on al Qaeda headquarters in Yemen
U.S. service member killed, three others injured during raid by Navy SEALs on Al-Qaeda in Yemen, officials say.
Khilji is no figure to glorify today unless one wants to praise ISIS and Al Qaeda, had same mentality and methods. Was…
he got it wrong. Everything else too b/c she doesn't support al Qaeda & ISIS in Syria
Trump's EO "is, in short, the best New Year’s present that Islamic State and Al Qaeda could have received."
The White House said it was mourning the death of the soldier, whose identity hasn’t been released
Raid on Al Qaeda militants in Yemen leaves an American commando dead, three others wounded. https…
No mention in the story of the Yemenis killed* . __. *57 at last count, including 16 civ…
.Weren't you the Secretary of State in 2011?
Lt General (retd) Mark Hertling just said on CNN that for ISIS, the is the recruiting & PR equivalent of Abu Gh…
US soldier killed in Yemen. Prayers. Don't forget we have troops serving us in dangerous places around the world. https:…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
It would be great to see pay respects to the family in person. killed, 3 injured raid Al Qaeda.
Except Obama banned refugee applications from Iraq for *6 months" in 2011. Not a peep from anyone.
dot cotton beats Al Qaeda by tombstone lmfaooo
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Says Obama Administration was Directly Funding ISIS . Al Qaeda = ISIS renamed by Obama as s…
. instead of demonstrating against Trump, protest when the Isis, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, committing massacres of women and children
John McCain called a traitor for supporting Al Qaeda in Syria. This is why the NEO-CONS cry 24x7 about "Russia" their plot h…
"Hey ISIS, Al Qaeda says you guys are pu**ies! What do you think of that?" I got Bill…
Look who I found at Atlantic Council's event on combatting Al Qaeda: David Petraeus, who argued for supporting... Al Qae…
Obama bombed multiple countries, droned civilians, allied with Al Qaeda, hounded whistle blowers but did you see he lov…
meanwhile in the UK, the plan as told by Khalid Sheik Mohammed - Al Qaeda, similar to the Muslim Brotherhood plan i…
George Clooney comes out in support of ISIS-Al Qaeda terrorist organization The White Helmets...calls them "heroes"
Before or after we sold them shares of uranium, and proceeded to arm rebels/Al Nusra Front/Jihadists/Al Qaeda? 🤔
Who is funding ISIS, Nusra Front, Al Qaeda and others? Why pain when Russia comes into action to thwart nefarious designs?
well, come on, Al Qaeda is still saying: "Conspiracists r crazy, Usama bin laden made 9/11". but i believe 9/11 was a big black magic ritual
So bin Laden is the bad Al Qaeda while Joulani is the good Al Qaeda. Ok got it.
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Iroquois Six Nations Confederacy of the great miners and steel workers back to our enemies. Al Qaeda in to Egypt to Libya. Good!
Syrian Air Force is bombarding Al Qaeda positions in Wadi Barada, Damascus Countryside today to support the Syrian Army advan…
Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood in the ME & created the Syrian refugee crisis by arming rebels that were ISIS Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda was behind the Oklahoma City bombing
Jo Cox and her husband were/are supporters of the Al Qaeda White Helmets why did her husband leave his job again
Hillary is actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that become the Islamic State.
Senator John McCain Lies About his links to Al Qaeda / ISIS terrorists.
I already have. Targeting Kurds who were fighting ISIS & Al Qaeda.
That time when Louie Gohmert said John McCain supported Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda is on the run, partly because the United States is in Afghanistan,...
Our enemy is Al Qaeda and its allies, people who have publicly ...
Radicals were there since early 90s. Richard Holbrooke admitted they let Al Qaeda get away. Jack knows this.
Fearing abandonment by Trump, CIA-backed rebels in Syria mull alternatives, including closer alliance with Al Qaeda http…
Onthullend: Only one in 25 British Muslims believe Al Qaeda carried out 9/11 via
Trump fawning over Pakistan. You know, the place that gave aid & comfort to Osama bin Laden & Al Qaeda. Wonder what India thinks.
We really don't give any attention to any French barking at the UN! Any Attempt to save al-Qaeda in E Aleppo will fail, e…
I've watched like five different films on al Qaeda and the Taliban and I'm so confused trying to separate them in my mind
ISRAEL: As al-Qaeda has promised, so it begins - 'Arson Jihad': Makes you wonder about the fires…
Is FBI looking into al-Qaeda link to recent US forest fires?ISRAEL: As al-Qaeda has promised, it begins - 'Arson Jihad' http:/…
Saudi is two for two on positive anti-terrorism stories in WSJ today.
A home-grown movement inspired by al-Qaeda - Base Movement stayed off radar by avoiding Internet, mobile phones
So, what? We should let Al Qaeda hold onto cities and territory? - How about Birmingham, Gareth? Or Oxford?
The regime change war in Syria has strengthened al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in the region. We must end it.
9/11 mastermind: Al-Qaeda favors 'immigration' to defeat USA Easier to use weak laws against us, US mu…
FBI says propaganda from ISIS and now-deceased al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki may have inspired OSU attacker
All this while they support the splinter group of Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood! Not to mention the propa…
This is a terrible reason to monitor FB, but worship of ISIS, Islamism, Al Qaeda is an excellent reason to do so.
CIA (USA) & al Qaeda (Saudis & Qatar) are old "friends", from time of Islamists vs Afghanistan & USSR war.
'Unleash *** : New Al Qaeda magazine describes in detail how to start huge forest fires across the U.S..
Saeed al-Jamhi, a Yemeni expert on Al Qaeda: A number of second-tier Al Qaeda leaders have joined the Islamic State
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is no longer just threatening in US, they are FULFILLING those threats.
A home-grown terror journalism that willmake P. Swami happy. even the pretense of "anonymous source" is dropped.
13. Al-Qaeda had a modest amount of success, for ex with Boston Marathon bombings led by men who as far as we know had 0 c…
FBI earlier: Ohio State attacker may have been inspired by ISIS and Al Qaeda.
11. Since at least 2010, al-Qaeda's been experimenting with idea of no longer using a phone 2contact their recruit; instea…
AUDIO. Ohio attack was classic Al Qaeda / ISIS. What it means for USA and the next President.
& don't forget Jonathan Powell dispatching someone to Waterstones on Trafalgar Square to buy books on Al Qaeda
As the liberation of E. Aleppo begins to unravel the western media narrative, MSM hypes its last story: Bana the Al Qaeda ban…
In history books one day, the White Helmets will be used to illustrate the collusion btwn Western govts and Al Qaeda
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed reveals Al Qaeda wanted to use America's lax immigration laws to infiltrate the country's legal and wel…
What Trump has in common with Al Qaeda and ISIS: “They all view the world in binary terms,” says one expert:
When you're the only bank in a company town, and that company is Al Qaeda...
In terms of the breadth of the threat of Al Qaeda itself - it's not the ...
That's mostly because ISIS is an offshoot of Al-Qaeda Iraq. Which didn't exist prior to the invasion.So yeah.
Indiana not named in Al-Qaeda threat, but police ask Hoosiers to remain vigilant
Al-Qaeda 'planning three attacks' in the US on Monday
SYRIA: Al-Qaeda launches ‘do or die’ attempt to break siege of eastern Aleppo.
US authorities warn of al Qaeda threat to election
If we didn't let terrorist in the threat of al Qaeda attacks in Virginia, Texas, NYC would be MUCH lower VOTE TRUMP ht…
The US military confirms it killed Al-Qaeda's emir for N-E Afghanistan during an air strike last month
British diplomat:little more than a cover for al-Nusra". "htt…
Sources say that U.S. Intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that Al Qaeda could be planning attacks in 3…
Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, really did talk about how the US created Al-Qaeda
*Job interview with Al-Qaeda . "where do you see yourself exploding in five years?"
GOT HIM: US airstrike ANNIHILATES top al-Qaeda leader Faruq al-Qatabi in Afghanistan
Can't make it up: main Russian TV news show accuses Clinton aide of al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood ties https:/…
We went onto Iraq because Neocons lied and claimed they had WMDs. Taluban…
SYRIA: Al-Qaeda launches 'do or die' attempt to break siege of eastern Aleppo -
(2/2) Intelligence talks about attacks in NY, TX & VA by Al Qaeda; intelligence is being assessed. It's credibility has n…
U.S. intelligence warns that al Qaeda could be planning jihad massacres in three states for Monday
WHO'S diverting election? Just posted How the US Helped Create Al Qaeda from So if terror's US FAL…
Sources: U.S. intel warning of possible al Qaeda attacks in U.S. Monday
7. But then On 9/11, Osama bin Laden the leader of al-Qaeda, coordinated an attack on America, bringing down the WTC. ht…
US mindful of Al Qaeda threat about election day: White House
for a day. Various groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS & ISI held an emergency joint meeting…
“Intelligence agencies are running al-Qaeda camps in North Africa — UN consultant (EXCLUSIVE)” by
Al-Qaeda leader killed in US drone strike in Afghanistan
U.S. authorities warn of al Qaeda threat to election
Senior al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan killed in US drone strike The US military confirmed Friday it had killed Al-Qaeda's emir for northeas…
Don't exactly know how al Qaeda pulled it off but a long braindead MSM sure is giving them lots of cheap airtime. At least bill them for it.
US confirms Al Qaeda leader's death in Afghanistan
JUST IN: U.S. intelligence officials say Al-Qaeda could be planning attacks ahead of the presidential election, according to a…
our country is threatened by Al Qaeda hes doing this should change his name to Alfred E Newman (What me worry?)
Al Qaeda's ruthless pragmatism makes it more dangerous than the Islamic State, says RAND's
The Lion of Panjshir, Ahmad Shah Massoud, assassinated 15 years ago by Al Qaeda in preparation for 9\11.
JFS (Nusra Front): preparations for the battle of Aleppo. Since its name change, Al Qaeda branch openly fight alon…
After this read, 2 democrat friends decided 2 vote 4 Trump just to stop Hillary from arming Al Qaeda w heavy weapons http…
Lattakia Customs officers seized a pickup attempting to smuggle weaponry to Al Qaeda in Syria +allies in Northern Hama CS tod…
and Al Qaeda. And ISIS. And Al Shabab. And Boko Haram. And many more. Drive them out if it means so much.
And Mother Jones openly wonders how The West Wing would deal with Trump. The Left's answer to how Jack Bauer would handle Al Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda resurgent, plotting jihad massacres in UK and Europe
That would be awful. If I were in Al-Qaeda, I would surrender all the secrets after that kind of torture.
''The Pentagon paid $500m to make fake terrorist propaganda videos'' how much money were paid for isis by Pentagon?
The Real Reason the US Can’t Separate Moderates from Al Qaeda in Syria via
500M+ to UK PR firm, "part of American propaganda machinery" in Iraq. (note PR firm also had Asma Assad as client). https:/…
Anything to overthrow Moscow says America made “a deal with the devil [Al-Qaeda]” in Syria.
As the Army closes in on Al-Qaeda & Associates in expect the noise, propaganda & pseudo-moralistic ranting to…
Angela Merkel pledges allegiance to Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Wants EU to impose more sanctions on Russia
The Americans Stand on Our Side and Give us Weapons - Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Qaeda)
The US Joint Chiefs of Staff Want to Join Aleppo Battle on the Jihadi Side, in Support of… http…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"U.S. intelligence has detected signs that Al Qaeda operatives in Syria are plotting attacks against the West"
Americans are shocked when you tell them their Government supports Al Qaeda in that shows you the power of MSM…
They needed to spend half a billion dollars to portray Al-Qaeda in a negative light? 🤔
Al-Qaeda "moderate" White Helmets seeking ur vote for the Nobel prize for "moderate" terrorism!
Coldplay now supporting al-Qaeda rescue team, made up mostly of armed Islamists. Goodnight world.
it is impossible to see how innocent US money are killed in Syria!.
Protecting | is willing to risk war with to protect jihadists.
the time will come and terrorists from Al Qaeda and ISIS will be awarded in the White House.
what is wrong with wishing death to millions so that my Al Qaeda pimps can survive and continue…
.While Soros is indeed an architect of masonic Zionist genocide it's important to note that Al-Qaeda neve…
UN's Special Envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, offers to personally escort al-Qaeda out of eastern
Al Qaeda rejects de Mestura's offer to be their hostage/escort for safe exit from Aleppo
Finally, the love inside for US, makes her to sympahize with Al Qaeda in White Helmets. Sad.
Al Qaeda Must be Saved, as Top Washington Officials are Ready to Attack Syria Without UN Resolution via
The Pentagon paid $500m to make fake terrorist propaganda videos
May 2015. member seen with celebrating Jabhat al-Nusra/al-Qaeda fighters after capturing the town of Ariha,
Jamat al Tawid wal Jihad, which became ISIS was created in 1999. Al Qaeda in 1988
DoD: Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria No 'opposition'
Shimon Peres legacy lives on in Al Qaeda!
he U.S. designated Nusra a foreign terrorist organization and an alias of Al Qaeda in Iraq.
Sen. Paul: Who will take over if Saudis defeat Houthi -- Al Qaeda? ISIS?
'Lone wolf' Rahami had a shepherd. His name was Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki. Al Qaeda's chief weasel in Yemen was killed…
Guantanamo prisoner accuse Saudi ‘royal’ for fuelling terrorism: MIAMI: An accused Al Qaeda bomb-maker who we...
A race to bottom: ISIS is too radical for Al Qaeda and this Boko Haram leader is too violent for ISIS.
or like Bin Laden was a CIA tactician and we gave $6 billion to Al Qaeda in 1989-92
OBL was US' asset. US is still funding Al Qaeda's subsidiaries in Syria/Libya i.e Al Nusrah Front/Free Syrian Army
I find it rather cute that refers to Al Qaeda & Islamic State terrorists as an "outraged community from among the…
Worked without too many incidents for 55 years, then along came the Free Syrian Army, Al Qaeda or the Mujahideen in disguise.
Al Qaeda and Los Zetas are working together to steal our jobs!
Islamophobia happens often as the angry reaction to behavior of Saudi Arabia, Al Qaeda, Islamic Stat…
Deaths of 4 by al Qaeda was no concern to WH; interest in the wake of attack was O appeared “steady and statesmanlike"
And this does not include about 120 mosques & Sufi tombs in Yemen destroyed by Al Qaeda during this Saudi war so far. Same Wah…
3. We live in a bizarre world: A senior AQ cleric (yes, al Qaeda!) in Syria is cheering on American airstrikes that kil…
This is a college. We don't want your young people being recruited for ISIS or ISIL, or Al Qaeda. Get him OUT!!
SAA + allies advancing against Al Qaeda in Syria + allies in South Aleppo, Incl. Technical School today (31/08/2016)
3) ISIS, fraudulent all around terrorist group can't even live up the the standards of prime Al Qaeda
they're* see this is why we need CSI not al Qaeda
Al Qaeda is not the enemy anymore. It's all about ISIS now.
"Once an al-Qaeda Recruiter, now a Voice Against Jihad”. Interesting profile of Jesse Morton, now at
Except the Shiite terrorists Iran funds across Levant and Yemen, the Al Qaeda terrorists it is known to harbor, etc. https:/…
Now that Alt-Qaeda in Syria are our allies, they get to choose which western journalists are "professional"
Jesse Morton, "This is an opportunity for me to make amends, I realize I was completely wrong in my perspectives."
From recruiting Al-Qaeda to requiring America's future generations! Well done
I can identify all of these people. Irv introduced me to all of them.
on August 6th 2001 Bush recieved an Al-Qaeda report of the attack and still takes no action almost as if he had a part in it despite
Al Qaeda im Syria gets support from Israel.
Pentagon Spokesman admits the US government is not fighting al-Qaeda terrorists http…
Right now we reached a point of conflict where praising Al-Qaeda has been normalised & ties to ISIS starting to get accepted
That man STARTED ISIS by funding Al Qaeda. Sorry, he is one of the keys to 9-11. He's also an ***
Ahrar al-Sham—a Salafi group allied with al-Qaeda & formerly with ISIS—complains it's been conflated with terrorists ht…
I may live in SEC land but I'm loyal to my Buckeyes. I'll only cheer for an SEC when they play Al Qaeda.
MEMO event: Al Qaeda & beyond, where do Arab dictatorships fit? | Book your free ticket here htt…
Terror groups like Daesh, Al Qaeda, LeT, JeM can't be fought by a single nation alone, says John Kerr…
revealed in new video that shows he died fighting Al Qaeda with his BARE HANDS via
The Airman that died fighting and killing Al Qaeda with his BARE HANDS.
Arabs of Northern denounce invasion by Turkish Army & Al Qaeda
The latest WikiLeaks email dump confirms Secretary of State Clinton was supplying arms to ISIS & Al Qaeda in Syria~https:/…
The kind of site that confirms Barbara Eden was an Al Qaeda operative
Now on the rise of Abu Sulayman, Australia's most senior man in Al Qaeda. reports
His chief of staff, Denis McDonough, "suggested that a fight in Syria between Hezbollah and Al Qaeda would work to America’s advantage."
Chilcot revealed Tony Blair was warned before Iraq invasion that his actions would provoke Al Qaeda attacks on UK. https:…
On this day, 7/7/1994, Ali Abdullah Salehs forces, along side Ali Mohsin and Al Qaeda militants, entered and occupied
Goes without saying since it us, Al Qaeda's, newest, Modus Operandi,now. is 1]a suicide vest&sweapon.
"Blair was warned that military action would increase threat from Al Qaeda"
So would you claim that eg Al Qaeda's Ayman al Zawahiri is not Muslim & takfir him? Where do u draw the line with Salafis?
Ayman Al-Zawahiri friend you r new Al Qaeda leader cuz we killed last three no position ''warn'' U.S. anything U B dead before Jesus B- day
Next: Al Qaeda suggests lone wolves stay away from firearms so their attacks can't be blamed on the NRA.
Al Qaeda to jihadis: ‘Target white Americans, because US mislabels attacks as ‘hate crime’ via
bill Clinton brought out al Qaeda and the taliban, but they're nothing compared to isis. But they're all islamic😂
ISIS or Al-Qaeda are not fighting or motivated by freedom from bigotry, they're motivated by Wahhabism
AlQueda urges jihadists to target WHITE PEOPLE in the USA! We need IMMEDIATELY! https:/…
Muslims urge terror acts on white ppl to avoid "hate crime" label. .
Al Qaeda urges jihadis to kill whites so as to avoid the 'hate crime' label. This is what "diversity" means.
The want all the credit: Al Qaeda urges Lone Wolves to target white Americans. via
Al Qaeda tells Jihadis to only attack White Americans (
Al-Qaeda mirrors SJW rhetoric - killing only whites is acceptable.
Al Qaeda urges lone wolf terrorists to target white Americans and avoid *** people
US government urges terrorists to attack Whites instead of people of color to avoid hate crime charges.
Terror leaders urge followers to focus on whites so media can't call the attacks hate crimes against minorities. http…
INVESTIGATE HUMA: How did a woman linked to Al Qaeda get access to our classified intel?
Even Al Qaeda knows that "America" means "whites." If you really want to hit the US you have to kill whites.
Hmmm.I think we're still dealing with some hate issues here, Al Qaeda ;-)
Al Qaeda told people to shoot white people so it wouldn't be considered a hate crime.
Black humor: al Qaeda is frustrated b/c Obama admin doesn't know a jihadist attack when it sees one!
Al Qaeda to lone-wolf terrorists: Target whites to avoid ‘hate crime’ label
Al Qaeda urges lone wolves to target whites, to avoid 'hate crime' label via the App
"The White Helmets are... the most crucial component of the US and NATO shadow state building inside Syria"
This group of people have been known by many different names such as Wahhabis, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Taliban, Sipa... https:/…
. What makes you think whoever replace Assad would be any better. You want us to side with Al Qaeda to fight ISIS.
We had something of an advantage with al-Qaeda's relentless focus on big, long-planned, complicated attacks.
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...yet he doesn't answer claims that the publication he edits has links to Al-Qaeda.
Could Boko Haram be about to scrap its alliance with the Islamic State in favor of al Qaeda? htt…
Like I said helping terrorists. Now go away.
I actually did wrap my rounds with raw bacon back when was having a dance of death with AL Qaeda's Jihadists DISS EM
I did actually do that 4 the record when i was having my Dance of death with al Qaeda back in Afghanistan
You, on the other hand, voted FOR the Iraq war, which led to the rise of al-Qaeda in Iraq, which led to ISIL.
Myth. Has knowing Arabic helped rid Arab societies of extremism? Where did Al Qaeda and Daesh emerge from?
Footage taken from latest Al Qaeda release;. "One day in South Aleppo" .
McCain furious that al-Qaeda allies in Syria are getting bombed.
While was blocking action in Congress, Al-Qaeda told would-be terrorists to exploit the terror gap. https:/…
iSIS and Al Qaeda despise each other
weird cuz you have 'Al Qaeda' written all over your retarded face.
Al-Qaeda will make a serious push to steal Boko Haram from a floundering ISIL. You heard it here first.
A strategic passage wanted by the Taliban and al-Qaeda, Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley is among the d
What percentage of the world's 1.6 billion Muslims tell pollsters they support ISIS, al Qaeda & suicide bombings?
FOLLOW THE MONEY: The White Helmets are just one component of the new NGO Complex.
Why are all political parties in the UK endorsing the Jo Cox fund to provide financial assistance for an... …
“primary function is propaganda” reported an independent journalist, who tied the group to Soros...
Obama, Hillary Clinton Knew of Weapons Supplied from Benghazi to Al-Qaeda in Syria http…
In short; Islamist Turkish Shiekh joined Al Qaeda in Syria with his students & were all killed in South https:/…
There is evidence that some of al Qaeda's nuclear efforts over the yea...
Hillary was Secretary of State but didn't know she was arming al Qaeda?
for starters try Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or Isis. Take your pick.
PROOF: Obama & knew of weapons supplied from Benghazi to Al-Qaeda in Syria
You've got blood on your hands and that bothers you clearly. How are your ISIS and al-Qaeda buddies taking the news?
Erdogan wonders why Nusra, Al-Qaeda's branch in Syria, is called "terrorist." Will he delist PKK using this logic?
"ISIS, Al Qaeda and their ilk cannot be defeated just by bombs, the ideology has to be defeated too." htt…
The European Nazis very likely managed to kill more people in one week than al-Qaeda & ISIS during their whole existence.
Shocking > HUMA ABEDIN: Top Clinton Aide Has Deep Al Qaeda, MusBro Terror Ties. *** is going on?
The significant differences between ISIS and al Qaeda extend beyond the wide disparity in each one’s power.
Tenet is a moderate, but he has the most extensive knowledge of Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Islamistan, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, etc.
It's time to reclassify as a terrorist organization - they have killed far more Americans than Al-Qaeda
The prequel to "13 Hours" will be very interesting. can watch it from federal penitentiary.
This is where Labour is sending JoCox memorial money and why I'm resigning my membership of Labour
Differences in Jihadist philosophy caused ISIS' to defend in contrast to Al-Qaeda in Yemen who left Mukalla…
Clinton was POTUS when al Qaeda attacked the Cole, two embassies, and a barracks.
Yup, it is. ISIS is a result of the Iraq War, Taliban and Al-Qaeda were initially funded by the US, etc.
Can't wait for the State Department to explain why their moderates are handing over equipment to Al-Qaeda
How did Al Qaeda get into Iraq in the 1st place?. ISIS came from bad decisions in Iraq in 2003.
Within one minute, said she didn't know who Al Capone was AND thought Al Qaeda was a region of Iraq.
by this logic bush was responsible for 9/11, Reagan responsible for Al Qaeda, Ford was responsible for Iranian revolution
A black flag of Islamic State & Al Qaeda surface during funeral of Sheikh Tanveer, a suspected militant.
Discusses ISIS training base near Ciudad Juarez: Run by Omar Khabir, who trained 100s of Al Qaeda fighters.
Oklahoma's governor is saying the *** are more dangerous to the USA than terrorists...I think Al Qaeda would be disappoin…
Two men from Al Qaeda group operating in Karachi nabbed - Pakistan Today
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Staying in a very public fight with the U.S. is exactly what Al Qaeda ...
I'm not scared of Russia, ISIS, North Korea, Al Qaeda or anybody else. I'm scared our own people will ruin this nation. Me…
Former head of Israeli 'We aid Al Qaeda in Syria because it has never targeted https:/…
Yes definitely. Slooted Abu Nazir. He's infiltrated Al Qaeda one man, died and restored to life. Done
Once you ran down the massacre of 3000 Americans by Al Qaeda. Taliban said we are gonna
This is making me wish Al Qaeda had adopted "Rock and Roll Part 2" as their anthem, just so I'd never have to hear it again.
Malir SSP Rao Anwar says the suspected militants belonged to the outlawed Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent.
A British man was sentenced to 40 years in an Al Qaeda plot to blow up Heathrow Airport in London
Al Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban are thriving b/c US war on terror is being diverted by neocons to target Iran. Stop enabling them.
..and plan large-scale offensives led & dominated by Al Qaeda on the Syrian army & people, without Russia bothering to do much about it.
Al Qaeda. founded AUGUST -> 11th . Hijacked Flight 11. and hit the WORLD TRADE CENTER . on SEP -> 11th in NEW YORK the 11th…
Al Qaeda reportedly back in Afghan heartland, plotting new attacks against West
Sam Harris says Iran is ''subtly different'' from Al Qaeda?. Harris is a neo-con masquerading as a progressive, much like C. Hitchens was.
The Jihad fight will never end. Al Qaeda reportedly back in Afghanistan, plotting new attacks against West
Al Qaeda is the long distance runner while the Islamic State lacks patience
Exactly, Islams teaching is peaceful, but Islam has Al Qaeda and ISIS, Christianity has Westborough baptist church, which is grow-
ISIS. Al Qaeda. Boko Haram. Get news and reports on the world’s most dangerous extremist threats. via
I considered Al Qaeda back in '08. But the Chicken Tikka Pasty had just come out & I realised you can't have it all.
I also argue that Al Qaeda maintains a much more cohesive international organization than these intel officials say:. ht…
How Al Qaeda is winning in Syria. Via et
Al-Qaeda media cell with latest technology. “They regularly watch and like Hamid Mir and Salim Safi.”. Ali Gilani. Hamid and S…
Hey you make a cameo in al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent video on shariah and democracy.
PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Muslim Brotherhood so many more - I am sure you know them all.
Result of 3-year stay with al-Qaeda? Ali Haider Gilani raises voice for imposition of shariah in Pakistan
The USA has continued to deliver sophisticated weaponry to Al-Qaeda and Daesh in Syria
will be victorious over terrorism are Al Qaeda
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