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Al Qaeda

al-Qaeda (', translation: The Base and alternatively spelled al-Qaida and sometimes al-Qa'ida) is a global militant Islamist organization founded by Osama Bin Laden sometime between August 1988 and late 1989. It operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad.

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Al Qaeda man killed in drone strike: PESHAWAR: An Al Qaeda leader, listed by Saudi Arabia among the most wanted...
Today's Ben Barrack show... Two of the five stealth jihadists that Glenn Greenwald tipped off by going public with NSA surveillance information provided to him by Edward Snowden last year, have connections to Sudan, a State Sponsor of Terrorism according to the U.S. State Department. Faisal Gill and Asim Ghafoor have had dealings with the Sudanese government, which should serve as a significant reason to monitor them. Gill - a Republican - once worked for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under George W. Bush and Ghafoor is an attorney. In a lengthy article about these five individuals - which include CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad - Greenwald set out to defend them. Here is part of what he wrote about the dealings of Gill and Ghafoor in 2007: Gill and Ghafoor traveled to Sudan to meet with government officials there about representing the country in U.S. court. Many family members of victims of Al Qaeda terror attacks were suing the government of Sudan for aiding the operations... Under U.S. ...
Al Qaeda is a worn out CIA venture like Heavens Gate Alien tools to keep war business going ISIS needed to start shooting
2. They lie about everything LASHA DARKMOON: How can so many Americans still believe in the outrageous lie that Al Qaeda did 9/11 when there are so many Jewish fingerprints all over this crime? SEYMOUR HERSH: We lie about everything. FRANCESCO COSSIGA (former Prime Minister of Italy) : I have always said that the intelligence agencies of the leading nations of the world are certainly very well aware that the official version is a fraud. The largest media networks are also aware of the 9-11 hoax, primarily because of their fundamental role in perpetrating this fraud on the public. The people are always the last to know the truth. ABRAHAM FOXMAN (angrily) : It is incumbent upon all good people who reject hateful conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism to stand up and speak out! — so that these unacceptable views remain marginalized and relegated to the far fringes of society and the darkest corners of cyberspace! KEVIN BARRETT (ignoring Foxman) : Recently, Seymour Hersh, America’s top mainstream invest .. ...
When we ignore the cries of the minority just because the majority carried the vote. This is what will happen. * Al Qaeda * Boko Haram * ISIS * Niger Delta Militant E T.C Do not under estimate the power of the minority in the society. If you must know, It took just one man( Osama Bin Laden) to bring United States of America to her knees. Democracy is so over rated.
(Video) [9/6/2014] 'We Will Kill It, or It Will Kill Us': Huckabee on Radical Islamic Hate "Well, I'm just back from a week in Israel, where our friend and ally is recovering from horrific terrorist attacks from Hamas, launched from the Gaza Strip over nearly two months," Mike Huckabee said last night in his opening remarks. "Hamas agreed to 11 different cease fire agreements and broke every one of them except the most recent. Sadly, many Americans think that what happens in and to Israel doesn't really matter to them. But the truth is, the hatred targeted toward Israel is the exact same hatred targeted toward Americans." Huckabee asserted that the radical Islamic hate behind 9/11 is the same hate that resulted in the savage beheadings of two American journalists. "Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS are all branches from the same sick tree," he said. "It's been 13 years since radical Islamists flew airplanes into the twin towers and the Pentagon and would have flown .. ...
Al Qaeda preacher: those guys at ISIS are nuts!
President Bush warned us about leaving Iraq too soon saying if we do, Iraq would be a breeding ground for threats worse than Al Qaeda. President Obama can't decide if he ended the war or not and laughed at President Bush dismissing him as "disconnected." Mitt Romney was right about the Russian threat to the Ukraine, President Obama laughed at him saying he was stuck in the Cold War. President Obama said to the world that he has no plan to protect America from ISIS. Who is laughing now Mr. President? The thousands of Christians who are being slaughtered by ISIS everyday as you sit action-less worrying about the votes you'll get from Immigration Reform? If you think America is safe in the hands of our current administration, and those who represent it, then please, do America a favor, and never vote again.
BAINIMARAMA CONTINUES TO CHASE VOTES AS Al Nusra THREATEN TO TRY CAPTURED TROOPS No RFMF officers have gone to Golan since troops were captured. The Syrian rebel group linked to Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, has threatened to try the captured 45 Fiji peacekeepers by Sharia law. Reports from Israel citing the London-based Arab daily, Ashark Alawsat, say the missing troops will be tried unless rebel demands are met. Al Nusra want humanitarian aid distributed around Damascus, Bainimarama chases votes while troops missing compensation for the death of three of its people last week during intensive fighting with Filipino soldiers, and the removal of its name from the United Nation's list of terrorists. The Times of Israel says the UN has called on countries of influence to press the Al Qaeda insurgents to release the peacekeepers. The 15 council members have endorsed a press statement after a briefing by UN peacekeeping chief, Herve Ladsous, but there has been no acknowledgement by Al Nusra. Intel sources say the rebel ...
May like to see my article published in 'Dainik Jagaran' today on Al Qaeda thrreat to India:.
Intelligence Bureau issues national alert after Al Qaeda video threatens terror attacks in India. News Flash:
"We're down two towers I don't think we can win this." "We were down two towers against Al-Qaeda and we still won that!"
Al Qaeda to open office in India is an achievement of Modi Sarkar
It's hilarious how Muslims who vocally support al-Qaeda, Taliban or/and Hamas are pretending to be disgusted by the Islamic State.
Indian Muslims Dare Al Qaeda: Keep Away From India: This one is a solid slap on the face of self styled...
But Al Qaeda was no longer armed knowingly by US after 9/11. In fact Al Nusra was put on terrorist list
Hamilton Collection
Even al-Qaeda denounced the Who's behind those killers who are doing everything to distract attention from Assad's cri…
But the important thing is, we're not going to let those Christian groups elect Christian officers on our campuses!
-- My goodness. These people. But ironically, isn't that what Government said about Al Qaeda in 1999-2000 …
Al Qaeda’s 9/11 anniversary attacks ready to go, Report from Debka.
Are you feeling silly for hating and fearing Christians yet?
ISIS’s appeal to Islamist recruits grows as al Qaeda seen as stale, tired and ineffectual. | Homeland Security News
Al Qaeda opens new branch on Indian Subcontinent
Obama: We will defeat the Islamic State like we did al-Qaeda
Arabia’s deradicalisation program was a flop. Al-Qaeda leaders who went through the program returned to war
Pious pimps & Merchants of hate,in the south, Putin, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Benladin are saints and revered compared to this man.
The Nation is facing threat from ISIS & Al Qaeda.. Delhi will not go with inexperienced & anarchist people.
Indian Muslims denounce Al Qaeda, ask it to keep away via
Another 26/11? LeT, ISI may strike India to compete with 'expanding' al-Qaeda.
I'm an SJW and I'm thinking about joining Al Qaeda
LeT, ISI may strike India to compete with ‘expanding’ al-Qaeda
There is the truth, and there is the PR & happy talk: Al Qaeda Wasn’t ‘on the Run’ | The Weekly Standard
Al Qaeda Wasn’t ‘on the Run’. Why haven’t we seen the documents retrieved in the bin Laden raid | The Weekly Standard:
Syria's Assad accused of boosting al-Qaeda with secret oil deals | via January 2014 by
Tea party is essentially a redneck Al Qaeda
fantastic lies as US prepares war on - will "help" "rebels" who are in fact Al Qaeda Al Nusra!? Unbelievable insanity.
"ISIS wants me dead: Why you may be next"
Al- in# Yemen published a recording of confessions to working for
Somalia sends warning Al-Qaeda-linked rebels are planning retaliatory attacks after their leader was killed.
US experts blame Pakistan for terror in India: Two days after Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri announced the ...
Obama: We will defeat ISIS like we did al-Qaeda Both were created by US soO0oO0o0o there's that...
All airports in India alerted in the wake of Al-Qaeda video.
"Via ISIS grabs headlines but Al Qaeda remains top threat to US, experts say FOX is more of a threat than AQ
Al-Qaeda's Zawahri eyes India but stays silent on
Muslim leaders condemn Al-Qaeda's plan to set up in India: Nashik, Sept6: A delegation of Sunni Markzi ...
HIGHEST 'TRADECRAFT' Experts: ISIS in news, but Al Qaeda still top threat -
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President Bush in 2007: "Pulling out of Iraq early would lead to mass killings, regional destabilization, and a safe have…
7.8 million tons of bombs were dropped during the war in Vietnam compared to 2.7 million tons during the whole of World War 2! More than a million innocent people have died in Iraq since the US/UK invasion! Al Qaeda was funded and trained by the CIA, they have now rebranded as ISIS. The biggest threat to us is not some terrorists thousands of miles away in a desert, the biggest threat to us is our political leaders, the royal family, the elite, the establishment. Let us admit who the real terrorists are, they have terrorised us and ruled over us for thousands of years.
Al Qaeda, Detroit, Obamacare, GDP, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Benghazi. But people voted on imaginary binders and Big Bird
Debate The number one threat to global security according to the mainstream western media is IS (Islamic State). And yet let us consider this. Following the 9/11 attacks, George Bush made his infamous speech in which he stated 3 countries which America believed to be state sponsors of terrorism. Syria was one of them. A decade later, the Syrian regime faced angry protesters who wanted reform as well as economic improvement. Suddenly the situation changed to a civil war because according to western media, the regime callously crushed all protests and dissent. Pledges and assistance flooded into aid the rebels to topple the government. This has thus far not been successful. However, what has emerged from this conflict is the terrorist group IS which is said to be so cruel even Al Qaeda disowned them. Now what I want to know is the following: during the times of "peace" in the country - and others that have been afflicted with wars since the uprisings - what was the nature of threat to the regimes of these c ...
IB asked to verify Al Qaeda video: The Home Ministry Thursday asked the Intelligence Bureau IB...
Full transcript of D/NCTC Matt Olsen's remarks on ISIL and Al Qaeda in Iraq, now available:
"Muslims Should Do More To Condemn ISIS/ISIL/IS" - Said talking head on Mainstream media. First - It was the Western government, America, Britain, France etc including Israel and Saudi Arabia which bankrolled, supplied and encouraging psychotic rebels to come into Syria to fight Assad, (which the media conveniently forget to mention)...and now lost control of. Second - This whole mess was created when Bush Blair Cheney (BBC) decided they needed to have a Neo-Conservative approach of proactively reshaping the Middle East in favor of Israel and the Oil resources stay pegged to the US Dollar...and for *** Cheney's company Halliburton to make some billions along the way. Third - Muslims DO condemn ISIS. (Including, of all the groups, Al Qaeda, for crying out loud.) As we speak (Hamas's friends) Hezbollah is fighting ISIS in Syria, Iran is fighting ISIS in Iraq. But that is hardly ever mentioned on Mainstream media. -- For some reason people seem blind to the mess their own policies created. Then just res ...
Al Qaeda have fallen out with IS. This is as upsetting as finding out Peter Sutcliffe doesn't like Ian Brady because he has halatosis
. Jimmy Carter...the godfather of Al Qaeda had done enough damage.
Atheist use Al Qaeda, ISIL, Shabaab etc. to bash Muslims. Any of you atheists ever heard of Pol Pot, Stalin, Kim dynasty etc. ?
The rise of Al Qaeda mirrors the rise of Hindu fundamentalism by Sangh Parivar.
Cong Manish Tiwari asking for action against ISIS and Pak Thank you Al Qaeda for posting the video. You are helping to unite Indians.
This is not Al Qaeda or ISIS, but our very own country-Pakistan's PMLN Prime Minister's personal Gullos!! Shame!! http…
Islamic State Group (ISIS), in my opinion is worse than Al Qaeda.. The release of another video of the beheading of 2nd US journalist kidnapped in Syria last year shows how crude, ruthless and daring these fellows are!! And Boko Haram is proving to be more deadly in Nigeria than anyone ever thought.. The gang has killed over 4,000 people this year so far!! The world is currently being defined by war and terrorism and this doesn't provide so much hope to the residents of planet earth.. Too bad!
After 9/11, we basically treated Al Qaeda like Osama Bin Laden was Bane and Al Qaeda operatives were all as deadly as Jason Bourne.
1. I do NOT believe bin LADEN died that night in Abbatobad. I beleive SOMEONE died, I could even have given Barack credit that he thought it was bin LADEN were it not for his history of lying in the past, I certainly don't accept that SEAL Team 6 was aware of the deception. Bin LADEN is alive, and I'm going back to my old "kooky conspiracy theory" that he's in Arizona. 2. Barack DOES know the threat. He created it, almost out of thin air. BUSH Jr. having broken al Qaeda, Barack was forced to rebuild it using the various entities he could muster; Break the militry, manipulate the Egyptians, Libyan, Syrians, to rebellion, arm and fund the al Qaeda-sponsored rebels, and import as many illegal aliens as possible to ensure al Qaeda had as many fighters as possible. Barack, you built this.
The Gift of Suffering Habakkuk 1:5 NLT "The LORD replied, "Look around at the nations; look and be amazed! For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn't believe even if someone told you about it." Have you ever prayed to the Lord only to have Him answer in a way that was completely unexpected? This was what happened to the prophet Habakkuk. He was praying for God to bring revival to Judah, and God's response was to bring in the Babylonians to take over Judah. This would be like us praying for revival in the United States and to have God respond by sending Al Qaeda to take over America. Why would God allow this kind of thing to happen? Did He not care for His people? Wasn't there another way? I'm sure this is what Habakkuk was thinking after God spoke, and this is most likely our response as well. Many times when we experience suffering we ask God to remove it or we run from it like nothing good could come out of it. The reality is that God allows suffering in our lives to draw us closer ...
You will relate to the people you never thought you could
"Poll: Should Ireland withdraw troops from the Golan Heights due to increased terror activity?"
“Merica. Don't you love it when an Al Qaeda/ISIS Goat-lover experiences premature release?
you are demented. Isis, al qaeda, hamas etc. Are lethal.
Under Bush, Al Qaeda was dying in Iraq. Under Obama, Al Qaeda has been reduced to swimming in Libyan swimming pools. . Feebs.
has been working over 45 years on Al Qaeda's next terrorist attack 15 years post 912
Subject: The POTUS Has no plan to stop anyone Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border AUGUST 29, 2014 Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued. Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat. Specifically, Judicial Watch sources reveal that the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is confirmed to now be operating in Juarez, a famously crime-infested narcotics hotbed situated across from El Paso, Texas. Violent crimes are so rampant in Juarez that the U.S. State De ...
With blatantly flawed logic PA TV runs an ad juxtaposing IDF strike on terror building and Al Qaeda terrorism in New York.
almost all 9/11 hijackers were Saudis...Bin laden had ties to there, so did all top level Al Qaeda 9/11 plotters
Affiliate of Al Qaeda Says Capture of U.N. Peacekeepers in Syria is because UN failed to help Syrians.
He expelled Al Qaeda in the mid 00s. I wouldn't call him an exporter of terrorism.
Al Qaeda has a strategy. Øbama does not. Ain't that just swell? via
Delightfully complex plot, woven with frenetic pace
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I can't understand why everybody looks to the U.S. to wipe out ISIS, the terrorist group that's carving out huge swaths of land on both sides of the Syrian and Iraq borders and trying to create its own country that would make the Taliban seem like kindergarteners. Saudi Arabia, for one, who unleashed much of this insanity with their 'Wahhabi' movement, variously described as 'ultra-conservative', 'fundamentalist', 'orthodox', 'austere', etc., exported throughout Islam, and one of the reasons 'ISIS' and 'Al Qaeda' exist in the first place. And now they want us to kill the movement, which I hope somebody does, but why does it have to be just us? We should charge the Saudis for every bullet expended, as well as "Hellfire" missiles and all the money it takes to fly each drone. We unleashed much of the *** in the Middle East, but the Saudis made it their goal to spread their brand of Sunni Islam throughout the world. *** !! Never forget that 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi!
@ Sarafahmy2000 out Daash third son after al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood
Al Qaeda’s New Front: Jihadi Rap a new, dangerous merger of gangsta hip-hop and Islamism Great piece by
What do Boko Haram, Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda etc... have in common?
Out: Al Qaeda is on the run. In Al Qaeda is on the balcony. ht
Al-Qaeda 'planning final jihad for India' - Muslims believe Ghazwa-e-Hind is the end-of-times apoclyptical battle.
One of the most insightful things I've read on
The West has directly financed Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and similar groups for 40+ years. That's why it's not going aft…
We're living in a time where al Qaeda has become a "moderate" threat.
Was in Cardiff today by the castle. Some of those Bobbies on guard there were a bit fat to be honest. One of them had to be at least 30 stone. I couldn't really see him running after a couple of Al Qaeda with RPG launchers, riding a Honda step through down St Mary's Street. They'd be clean away, with plenty of time to pick up some cheesy chips on the way from Chip Alley.
The Spider Catchers has been named Thriller of the month on "The authenticity is persuasive and we appreciate the stakes are high – on the ground, the internecine fighting as each group scrounges for money and perpetrates violence all happens in back alleys and brothels – until a new group, Pure, comes along, a group dogmatically right and who will do anything to attain power – courting Al Qaeda. Lee’s agency boss knows her well, despite her kvetching – and defends himself when she returns having been beaten, kidnapped and having watched her unlikely lover get killed … all in a day’s work – the last line of the thriller shows us that she is not shaken from her duty and somehow she is getting ready for another foray into the underworld. really fine entertainment and launch of a new series." Rating: Authentic and action-packed Leslie Gardner
1| "Kidnapping Europeans for ransom has become a global business for Al Qaeda, bankrolling its operations across the globe. ...
NAUSEATING One of George W. Bush's most toxic legacies is the introduction of al Qaeda into Iraq
*** no. u need to trace back how the Isis came up. like al qaeda found by intellginecies n waged by Wahhabist to
Al qaeda bottled it. Falcao has landed in Manchester.
Al Qaeda militants in Yemen executed three local men in the easterly Hadramout province on Monday whom they suspected of assisting U.S. drone strikes, security sources told Reuters. In a statement posted online, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula acknowledged the threat it faced from air attacks by unmanned U.S. drones, which require on-the-ground intelligence to guide them in. AQAP said it had captured a group of spies, adding: "The greatest help they give to the crusaders against the holy warriors is the placing of trackers for American spy planes." Source: wochit news
There seems to be a prestige competition between Al Qaeda and ISIS on which can attack America first...
Who says the US, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Russia, China, and al-Qaeda can't agree on anything?
$7.5 million per day cost to American taxpayers for just a very small part of the world and more than half a billion dollars for apx. 2 months and yet our government can't understand why we are nearly $20 trillion in debt. Last week Dickless Cheney stated publically that the U.S. should be spending all of its money on the military- what a *** Without proper infrastructure our capitalist system can not work and the means to support our military vanishes so even though our infrastructure is in need of major repair and improvement, *** Dickless Cheney wants to destroy our capitalist system by allowing our essential infrastructure to collapse. Pentagon: Iraq Ops Cost $7.5 Million a Day By Brendan McGarry Friday, August 29th, 2014 5:51 pm The U.S. Defense Department is spending about $7.5 million a day on military operations to combat Islamic extremists in northern Iraq, an official said. “The cost of ongoing activities in Iraq … has varied since the beginning in mid-June but, on average, it’ ...
August 31, 2014 Obama’s no strategy IS his strategy Take that as a play on words if you wish but the point to be made is that President Obama’s “faux pas” at the Thursday press conference was no mistake. It’s all the rage to be outraged at the president’s evident dismissal of the advancing threat of ISIS, however there is purpose behind his stating “we don't have a strategy yet” for dealing with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The fact that Obama insists on telegraphing his intention of delaying any decision only emboldens those who are looking to take the United States to task. Knowing that the president has refused to take any action regarding the border adds to the steady flow of people from Mexico, and, now we hear, from the north as well. And, this army of illegals includes violent offenders, terrorists and gang members who are biding their time while Obama threatens executive action that will give amnesty to at least 5 million individuals. Add to this the fact that ISIS now has ...
And yet you believe there is a city called Dearbornistan and that Al-Qaeda has a training camp in Santa Clara!
Al-Qaeda, have no regard for human life, that's why I left - ex British
To Defeat Terror, We Need the World’s Help New York Times Opinion Saturday, August 30, 2014 By JOHN KERRY John Kerry: The Threat of ISIS Demands a Global Coalition IN a polarized region and a complicated world, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria presents a unifying threat to a broad array of countries, including the United States. What’s needed to confront its nihilistic vision and genocidal agenda is a global coalition using political, humanitarian, economic, law enforcement and intelligence tools to support military force. In addition to its beheadings, crucifixions and other acts of sheer evil, which have killed thousands of innocents in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, including Sunni Muslims whose faith it purports to represent, ISIS (which the United States government calls ISIL, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) poses a threat well beyond the region. ISIS has its origins in what was once known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, which has over a decade of experience in extremist violence. The group has am ...
Eng/Sp (google) The OTHER MEXICO Jorge Ramos Avalos "I am one when I am." Octavio Paz (House of the Sun) "The Other Mexico". So he called President Enrique Peña Nieto during his visit to California. There about 12 million people-a third of the population californiana- are of Mexican origin. But Peña Nieto fell short. "The Other Mexico" living in the United States is also in the area of Pilsen in Chicago, in the tomato fields of Homestead and North Carolina, in the state's community in New York and across the Texas border. In the United States there are more than 33 million Mexicans and people of Mexican origin (Pew Research Center). But contrary to the image of closeness that would give Peña Nieto, 'another Mexico "is very remote and rarely gets help from his government. There consulates giving a very poor and inefficient service Mexicans in the United States and, despite the promises, the last two presidents of Mexico have not dared to defend his compatriots in the north on a central theme in their li ...
Al-Qaeda planning final attack on India >
FSA Cleric Claims al-Qaeda was Created by Assad in Syria and Later Joins ISIL (ISIS): via
"The US has never seen anything like ISIS before." That is essentially what Secretary Chuck Hagel told America in his news conference last week. Well folks, it ain't true. I have mentioned before that ISIS was formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq. Its leader was Abu Mossab al Zarqawi. He was killed in 2006 by a drone strike. This was not a failure on the part of the US Intelligence Community as the Obama administration is trying to say. We have been watching these people for a decade so there are no surprises here. The reality is that the Obama administration ignored this threat because it did not want to admit that Al Qaeda was stronger than ever and growing since they had pounded their chests and crowed over the killing of Bin Laden. Remember the false narrative that was being pushed "GM is alive and Bin Laden is dead. AQ is on the run." That was all deception and propaganda. This terrorist group is not new but it does have 3 rather interesting characteristics: 1. ISIS is very wealthy due to black market ...
By Carolann Nelson "Christians should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise, and this preparation they should make by diligently studying the word of God and striving to conform their lives to its precepts."Ephesians 5:11 ...'And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.' Babylon is Rising! The Man of Sin is 'Reforming the Papacy' to unite and establish PAPAL PRIMACY over the Whole 'Christian World' "I think the Pope has one main concern: unity .. I think the Pope wants to Pope Powerachieve unity also through the reform of the papacy .. This would help create a new style of papal primacy and episcopal government .. I am thinking of the Christians in Iraq and Syria: never before have there been as many martyrs as today and they are Christians of all denominations.This utter blasphemy is standard teaching within the Roman Catholic Church, and all who unite with her will be rejecting Christ Jesus and His truth, that ONLY HE ...
Al Qaeda is providing "the recipe" of how-to articles on making car bombs and lists several suggested terror targets in the United States
The bad news is that ISIS and Al Qaeda are on the Syrian Golan. The good news is that every terrorist in Syria is killing each other.   10% Off
On what to do with ISIS? Total obliteration. That should do the trick "I noticed with dismay — though almost no surprise — that Barack Obama does not yet have a “strategy” of how to deal with the notorious terror organization ISIS, alternatively known as ISIL or IS. He is, no doubt, studying the matter, and receiving the best of advice from the likes of Valerie Jarrett and John Brennan, but, since folks are being beheaded and raped and so forth, and IS is well on its way to establishing a caliphate, converting young Americans and Europeans and preparing global jihad while cooking up weapons of mass destruction and infiltrating our Southern border, etc., in the interest of speeding things along, I would like to offer my help with an ISIS strategy. Yes, I do have a strategy, even though I suspect the president may reject it because, alas, I am an Islamophobe. More precisely, I am an Islamodespicio because I despise Islam far more than I fear it. (It’s the only religion on Earth I feel that way ...
PENARTH residents have spoken of their outrage at the thought of Cosmeston Country Park being used as a meeting place for the controversial Al Qaeda splinter group ‘Isis’ after photos emerged of them hosting a barbecue at the local beauty spot.
There are hundreds of thousands of Christians and others being slaughtered; including beheaded and crucified by The Islamic militant group ISIS -formally known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, and recently branded as the so called Islamic State. These are Ruthless fanatical killers on a mission to wipe out anyone and everyone from any other religion and to impose sharia law. The mass executions beheadings and even crucifixions they're committing Just like badges of pride -videotaped and uploaded for the world to see-this is the new face of evil. SO Why does it seem no one cares about this?! ...It is said that ISIS is CIA Created, funded & backed. I cannot confirm those details but what I confirm is that no matter how you cut it, ISIS is a product of U.S. government's twisted and decrepit foreign policy. Regardless of 'who' or 'what' created it; they are heinous-and it's time for them to go. Are we going to sit around and shrug until they step on our soil? Then what will we do? Think about how you would feel if your . ...
“This Hamlet of a president, forever debating ‘to be or not to be’ procrastinating endlessly is really doing incredible damage.” –Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Peters told Sean Hannity that when Obama took office, radical Islam was “on the ropes, it was badly wounded,” but six years later, ISIS militants and supporters have grown more powerful and has “more backers than Al Qaeda ever did.” For more:
The ISIS Islamic Terrorists are Supported by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia “Right now the corporate media is shoveling ISIS at us as hard as they can, in an obvious propaganda campaign reminiscent of the similar campaign about “Al Qaeda” and “Osama Bin Laden” that preceded 9-11. Given how desperate the US Government is to revive the war agenda, we should be concerned that a new false-flag attack, bigger and bloodier than the World Trade Towers, is being considered."~ Michael F.Rivero Journalist.*
Boko Haram Freed Abducted Chibok Girls, But Kidnapped Again – Australian Negotiator A Perth-based international adviser, Dr. Stephen Davis, has revealed that the over 200 abducted Chibok girls were freed by the Boko Haram sect, but were re-kidnapped by a different group. Davies was one of the key federal government negotiators trying to secure the release of the Chibok girls from the clutches of Boko Haram, sources said. He has worked in Nigeria in the past with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Head of the Church of England, Justin Welby, to negotiate the release of kidnapped oil industry workers in the Niger Delta. When news broke in April about the kidnapping of the Cibok girls from their school in Borno state Davis, who had recently moved to Perth from London, decided he could not sit on his hands. He said he had established extensive contacts with tribes and terrorist groups in Africa, including three small cells of Al Qaeda, while working as a troubleshooter for oil and gas company Shell in the Nig ...
I'd rather negotiate with Al Qaeda than talk on the phone with the Blue Cross Blue Shield support department.
Al Qaeda manual tells British jihadists to blow up Marks & Spencer stores, but only on a Friday
lol Al Qaeda has a magazine, good housekeeping for Terrorists published by the CIA
. Who should be surprised since Carter was the godfather for Al Qaeda.
New English language Al Qaeda magazine calls for jihadists to target stores such as UK's
I expected an Al Qaeda fails video set to Yakety Sax.
ISIS was founded by the Israeli Mossad, just as Al Qaeda was founded by the United States, in an effort to destroy the Arab world and the image of Muslims. Their goal was simple; to make the West and Americans hate Muslims even more due to the murdering of Christians by this terrorist organization. The main goal, though, was to make people forget about the issue of Palestine. If the media is only focused on the threat of ISIS, it would be easy to forget what is going on in Palestine. This is what we see happening right now – the people have forgotten about Gaza so quickly. Israeli propaganda and lies have once again succeeded in fooling the world.
James Foley beheading suspect the son of alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist awaiting trail in U.S.: A British extremis...
Fun fact: "al-Qaeda in Iraq" was usually termed AQIZ by the US military during last war. "al-Qaeda in Iraq-Zarqawi." Even after martyrdom.
Is it not a fact that NDTV is paid heavily by Congress Party, which gets funded by ISI, Huzi, LeT and Al-Qaeda?
ISIS militants executing even Al Qaeda Distancing from these Cruel Extremists for their mass killings and is believed to control about $2bn and 10 men.
ISIS dangerously combines "the fighting capabilities of al Qaeda with the administrative capabilities of Hezbollah."
Brilliant: On the evolution of ISIS from Al Qaeda and ISIS prospects Via Duncan
Have you seen the videos of two residential towers destroyed by terrorism - ie Israel, not Al-Qaeda or IRA - last night?
According to the minister the EFF are a threat to national security, as off today they are on equal footing with Al-qaeda.
It's hard to understand your logic. Alleged suppression of Palestinians by Israel led to Al Qaeda & ISIS? Both target non-Jews.
The have nominated ISIS and Al-Qaeda for the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge. Or waterboarding, as it was once known.
Liberal woman tells Fox that we can be friends with al-Qaeda via
The al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIL) attack Turkmen populated areas in Syria.
always felt ISIS was Al-Qaeda reloaded. They've factored in economics. generate your own funds no need for donors
WHY so Many Young European Muslims are "Joining The JIHAD" - "“Muslims do not want to be humiliated in a kuffar...
.This is terrorism, and by your friend Israel not Al-Qaeda or IRA. has a lot to answer for.
Who is 'Lady Al Qaeda' and why is she so important to …
American released after being held by Al Qaeda affiliate in - An...
Al Qaeda Communications in days leading up to an attack
Qaeda looks like 1st of all Who created? & Who Destroy? Al Qaeda with that so much damage in M.E. now
Some are claiming is perpetrating 9/11s by destroying high rises in Do you remember Al Qaeda giving warnings t…
I never ever speculate but maybe al-Qaeda knows avenge would overkill them if it assaulted Israel.
"There’s a sense that ISIS has become what al Qaeda always wanted to be": My take on the threat
OBAMA WIPING HIS BUTT ON A KORAN: Obama ___ a Sunni Muslim sympathizer of the Islamofascist murderers of men, women and children, from the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt to Al Qaeda of Libya and Syria and on to coddling the Islamic State, as he threatens to withhold their entry visas to the U.S. As of Friday, Obama's staff asked that bloggers not depict him in any way that might draw more attention to him, further anger the islamofascists and make him a target for their vengeance. *** ___ as much destruction as he's heaping on America I thought he was working with them. He's done everything but give them a key to the Presidential Suite. And, I don't know about Ya'll, but I'm praying someone takes him out. An Islamic terrorist, one of his disgruntled base, someone from Westboro Church, Rush Limbaugh, a Tennessee moonshinet or the Pope ___ But by God, America needs relief from this Fool Obama's assault on Her Heritage, everything that makes Her Great and everything that sustains Her and Keeps Her Safe and Fre ...
Satan has been unleashed in the world. Or, if you are an atheist or secular and uncomfortable with theological imagery: Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has escaped the laboratory and is rampaging across the landscape. The most recent atrocities committed by the Islamic State — notably, the beheading of an American journalist by an ISIS mujahid on video, as a warning to President Obama (see Fox News, CNN, and the Mail Online) — demonstrate that something unprecedented is at work in the Middle East. Not since the defeat of the Ottoman army in 1683 has barbarity of this magnitude gone unchecked in the region. Actually, you’d have to go back farther than 1683, or even 1453, to find comparable events. During its entire suzerainty over Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire did not engage in the systematic demolition of Shiite mosques. But that is exactly what ISIS is doing, even as it massacres and enslaves Christians and Yezidis. This is a moment of enormous historical import. The proclamation of a Caliphate by t ...
radicals need to be stopped. ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda, etc. We don't need a holy war.
Without fear of the British authorities, Muslims recently took over the Blackwell Tunnel in London, openly displaying jihadist sentiments and waving Al Qaeda and Islamic State Flags. The Islamist protesters blocked the route through the tunnel temporarily trapping other motorists. An interesting com…
Rep. Peter King (R-NY), chairman of the Sub-Committee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence said that “ISIS is more powerful now, and more deadly than Al Qaeda was on September 11.”
Since we are into reading. lets read this: “we cannot counteract extremism unless there is honest debate, governments appear unwilling to embark on this journey” Release of British Task Force report on extremism and criticism of report This month a government assigned task force has released a report Tackling Extremism in the UK in response to the killing of drummer Lee Rigby, a British Army soldier of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers outside the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, South London. Two men Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale are currently on trial accused of his murder. Adebowale who admitted to attempting to decapitate Rigby claimed to be a “soldier of Allah” inspired by Al Qaeda involved in an “ongoing war” between Islam and those militaries that invade Muslim lands report states; “The UK deplores and will fight terrorism of every kind, whether based on Islamist, extreme right-wing or any other extremist ideology. We will not tolerate extremist activity of any sort, whic ...
and arming Syrian "rebels" didn't? It's not like we haven't been there before, who armed the Afghan "rebels" that became Al Qaeda
Why won't interview John Pilger about the role of US and UK intelligence agencies in the rise of Al Qaeda and …
Obama lied ~ people died!. "Al Qaeda is beaten, terrorism is defeated & is JV team". LIBS…
ISIS/Hezbollah/Al Qaeda is to Islam what the Ku Klux Klan was to Christianity. No matter what flavor, religion brings forth extremism.
I speak to those who are aware of how our government actually created Al Qaeda. They took a bunch of poor untrained radicals and trained them, along with often arming and funding them. For those that know, this is reality. ISIS is the same thing. The USA has allied with ISIS only recently according to Obama and now Obama alleges to be bombing them in Iraq. That is called playing both ends. Only if one is stupid, (which most Americans are) does that work. Rand Paul admits knowing of this topic as reality and comments on it. If you can stretch your mind that far with knowledge, we know Al Qaeda is used to cause unrest in areas OUR government wishes to destabilize. That is their purpose to include using their existence as a boogy man to scream "terrorists" to give reason for our actions. Said unrest is used by our government as a means to act upon. This type of psyops was used to destabilize Libya when their leader was going to discontinue use of the U.S. dollar in world trade. Al Qaeda was used to destabili ...
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) publishes new magazine in English to exploit int'l anti-Israel sentiment...
MT Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula magazine reprints a long excerpt of an article from titled "Bowing to AIPAC"
Quite Interesting. All the so called Jihadist groups like Taliban in Afghanistan, TTP in Pakistan, ISIS in Iraq, Al Nusra Front in Syria, Al Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al Qaeda in many countries, are fighting inside Muslim countries, against Muslims and killing Muslims. None of them has vowed or tried to save Palestinians, none of these groups intend fighting Israel or Jews, none of these groups have declared Jihad against Israel, they just want Jihad against Muslims not against Jews. For whom are they fighting, What kind of Jihad is this. Plz think..
Beheading is known as a signature of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi better known as AQI(Al Qaeda in Iraq) first called Jama'at at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad
American held captive by Al Qaeda: Jean Casarez shares the story of Warren Weinstein, the 73-year-old who’s be...
THE APATHETIC REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE TO ISIS IS MYSTERIOUS AND ALARMING    The rise of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) now grandiosely renamed simply the Islamic State and declared a "caliphate" raises a series of the most perplexing questions to have emerged in the Middle East in recent decades. At least as extreme as the most radical incarnations of Al Qaeda, this Salafist-jihadist group now controls a swath of territory approximately the size of Belgium across northeastern Syria and western Iraq. In the process, they have gained control of several key oil installations and major cities, including Mosul. Worse, their expansion appears virtually unchecked, and every setback they suffer seems offset by a new advance.   But who, exactly, are they? It's not a question of identifying the individual local and foreign fighters who have been drawn into their midst. The real question that is so pressing, yet few are asking, and even fewer trying to answer, is: who is backing this group ...
Barack Obama --- is the chief sponsor of "ISIS" and has entered into an alliance with two of the world's leading terrorist organizations — "Al Qaeda" and the "Mujahideen e-Khalq (MEK)". He also supplied weapons from the United States to opposition forces in Syria called "Al-Qaeda". He is also a Is a Secret "Muslim Brotherhood Member"! ( Barak Obama ) is "America's enemy" and is the "Chief Muslim Antichrist terrorist" who is destroying "United States of America" and seeks to destroy all christians and Jews all over the world!
Is this letter a conspiracy to project Al Qaeda is bettr than ISIS?.
This was passed onto me from a cowroker, a former Marine. + A Texas Goodbye --a class event I just wanted to share with you all that out of a horrible tragedy we were blessed by so many people. Chris was Derek's teammate through 10 years of training and battle. They both suffer/suffered from PTSD to some extent and took great care of each other because of it. 2006 in Ramadi was horrible for young men that never had any more aggressive physical contact with another human than on a Texas football field. They lost many friends. Chris became the armed services number sniper of all time. Not something he was happy about, other than the fact that in so doing, he saved a lot of American lives. Three years ago, his wife Taya asked him to leave the SEAL teams as he had a huge bounty on his head by Al Qaeda. He did and wrote the book "The American Sniper." 100% of the proceeds from the book went to two of the SEAL families who had lost their sons in Iraq . That was the guy Chris was. He formed a company in Dallas t ...
Months ago, when the chemical weapons were being used on SYRIAN CHRISTIANS in Syria and people were blaming Assad.I had said that those CHEMICAL WEAPONS were being used on those people BY THE SYRIAN REBELS. Today Rush brought out the fact that ISIS aka Al Qaeda aka Syrian Rebels had found the WMD (which are chemical weapons and biological) and they were the ones who did set them off. SEEMS more and more like the FACT that Obama is following what Erdogan wants. Assad out and that will coincide with another situation in which folks will see more and more of the truth about the UKRAINE situation as well.
How about Boko Haram? How about Islamic Jihad? How about Al Qaeda? They are following the ways of Muhamamd
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers has asserted that Benghazi was an "Al Qaeda-led event!
the Director of National Intelligence he served as the third in command of Al Qaeda, from the 2003 capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to his
.hired an Al Qaeda terrorist's supporters to work with Jewish kids at its summer camp.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So who do you think won this fight? Akpors and the Oyinbo Boy An Oyinbo kid came with his dad to warri as tourists, the oyinbo boy decided to show off 2 akpors and his friends, so the following argument went between them... Oyibo Boi; I got McDonald, Akpors: i get Mr Biggs, I got Mtv , we get Stv, I got Mike TYson, we get Bash Ali, I got Elvis Presley we get Fela Anikulapo kuti, I got T. pain, we get T.maya. I get T.I, we get M.I. I got 2-pac, we got 2-face. I got Beyonce, we get Genevieve. I got Lil wayne, We got Terry G. I got Jay Z, We get DON JAZZY! I got wiz khalifa, we get wiz kid. I got Hollywood, we get nollywood I got Silicon valley, we get Computer village. I got Las Vegas, we get Lasgidi. I got Miami Beach, we get Lekki Beach. I got Al Paccino, we get Peter Edochie. I got Pirate of d Caribbean, we get Pirate of Aba. I got beauty and the beast we get Bianca and Ojukwu, I got Mr Bean, we get Mr Ibu, I got American Lotto, we get Baba Ijebu. We fear Al Qaeda, we fear B*ko Haram.
The general public had never heard of Al Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden until 9/11. Thereafter, both names are honorably mentioned by every Western Government and blamed for every terrorist activity and has enabled a string of laws and regulations that keep all citizens under radar and surveillance – the excuse given is everything is being done in our best interest and of course national security. However, this has not stopped scores of other terror groups to emerge and their names quickly entered to the hall of shame terror lists of countries. The latest is another new comer ISIS and it is certainly not the ancient Egyptian goddess. If ISIS is an offshoot of Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda was a creation of the US according to Hillary Clinton, then there has to be far more to the objectives of the ISIS than we are made known. While loosely understanding the CIA connections to the Islamic radical groups it baffles us as to why there are a steady flow of Muslims ever ready to be part of these indoctrinated groups that e ...
ISIS in Iraq: A disaster made in the USA 9 August 2014 The launching of a US air war against the Islamist State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Iraq will only compound a catastrophe that has “Made in the USA” stamped all over it. The overrunning of much of the country by the Al Qaeda offshoot is the result not of a “failed policy,” but of criminal decisions that go back nearly twenty-five years. The Gulf War of 1991 was followed by more than a decade of brutal sanctions and air strikes that killed an estimated one million Iraqis. Next was the conspiracy, hatched behind the backs of the American people, to use outright lies as the pretext for a war of conquest launched in 2003. It is not possible to discuss the current situation without naming names: Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell—the plotters who knowingly lied to the American people and the world to justify a war for oil and US imperialist domination. As everyone now knows, their claims of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were a t ...
A great read a little long but honest Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviet Union by destroying its economy. The moment Reagan said:”Mr. Gorbachev tear down this Wall” a plan for Al Qaeda was born. They know they can’t attack us from abroad. They have figured out a way to destroy us from within. This strategy worked against the Soviet Union, and now against us. We have always assumed our leaders wanted to strengthen this Country. The reality is that’s no longer the case. Obamacare does nothing to strengthen this country. It only puts us further in debt. Then it’s announced student loans will be forgiven. That’s over a trillion dollars that we can’t afford. Throw in the immigration crisis, and we are headed towards a financial collapse. Leaders use to make decisions that brought strength to our economy. They weren’t always good decisions, but were made with good intentions. As this country and the world get weaker. Those who wish us harm grow stronger. Whether you believe this is intentiona ...
President Barack Obama admitted on Friday that American officials were "tortured some people" after the attacks of September 11, 2001, but urged not to judge too harshly. "Even before taking office knew that right after Sept. 11 did the wrong things," Obama told reporters. "We did many things right, but some people torture. We did things contrary to our values," he said. It is expected that the American administration made public a declassified report of the Senate in the coming days, detailing alleged abuses by intelligence agents against suspected members of extremist groups like Al Qaeda after the attacks. Obama, who appeared to be preparing the ground for the dissemination of the report, adding that intelligence personnel were under extreme pressure in 2001 and after. This was not the first time Obama said American agents committed acts of torture under the administration of his predecessor George W. Bush as part of the "war against terrorism". On taking office in 2009, President banned "enhanced inte ...
Hanan, seorang Yahudi dari Israel menghantar email kepada Tun Dr Mahathir seperti yang berikut: Dr. Mahathir, Very well established a logical basis leaning on an ex Reagan administration that is having microphones and cameras in the Bush administration, Mr. Paul Craig Roberts. You are always collecting the facts not from the first source just from the second hand washed cloth. Of course an anti Jew will look on anti Jew information. You may refer to Al Qaeda humanitarian organization for more information, they have plenty of it. You are saying: "1. I would like to have the Malaysian Armed Forces attack the United States and Israel.” Oh, great hero. You had the chance to do it while you were the PM in service. Why didn’t you tried out the strength of the Malaysian army and its skills? You had a good chance to become the Muslim hero committing Jihad on the apes and monkeys. To become the Salah ed Din of the modern times. How could you miss that opportunity to demolish both, America and Israel and leavin ...
Adam Yahiye Gadahn - Member of Al Qaeda - His Grandfather Was on The Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League
Musharraf's strategy of reloading the military to fight Al Qaeda comes through clearly in how he reshuffled the top brass on October 2. The general officers (besides himself) who played a role in the Kargil conflict and were hawkish on Kashmir are now out of service. So are those who subscribed to the 'strategic depth' theory and had pro-Taliban leanings With a single-minded zeal, General Musharraf has re-invented the mission of the Pakistan Army. For half a century, it was to acquire Kashmir. Given the disparity in forces, the mission was carried out by 'freedom fighters'. After 9/11, however, the tactic was no longer feasible. So Musharraf repositioned the army to fight the terrorists. In return, Washington gave him a carte blanche on democracy. Now, as Hasan-Askari Rizvi noted recently, Musharraf is focused on getting the economy moving again, even if that means diffusing tensions with India. Like Zia, he knows economic prosperity is the best defence against domestic threat to military rule. Zia, of co ...
Al Qaeda was created by the CIA in the 80's to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan
No. Jihad is exactly what it sounds like - what Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda are doing right now.
By suggesting that Hamas are like the IRA... 7/7 bombings justified then? Would you have been happy talking to Al Qaeda?
Hamas’ Tunnels, US Mosques – Terrorist Networks Diagrams look like tunnels, Metaphorical Tunnels – the Mosques are FOBs, Forward Operating Bases, Military Bases – linked together globally like tunnels*** – preparing for the date to launch against the Nations they have underground occupied, networked and fooled the leaders of the West thinking they are different than Mohammed. Moderate Muslims say, “We don’t follow What Did Mohammed do. No. We have modified the Koran so we don’t Follow What the Prophet Mohammed did. No.” This means they are Apostates and should be killed, Koran … or they are lying, the Arabic Word is Takeeya and they are Networked together under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood to do What Did Mohammed Do – and to strike fear with engines of war into the hearts of the Infidels and kill us, Surah 8:60 of the Koran – the Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Abu Sayaf, Amirs of the Caucuses, Mujahedeen, Uygurs (Chinese Muslims), KLA ...
You can't beat the Viet Cong or Al Qaeda or Hamas while pushing people to into further desperation & extremism
Kashmir becoming hub of ISIS, Al Qaeda supporters. Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, after the Eid prayers,...
Oppose Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Shabibah, ISIS but making excuses for Hamas? And I'm not supposed to call you a Jew hater?
Ex Israel PM Ehud Barak says Al Qaeda is a major threat to all of us.Cannot recall if AQ has ever attacked Israel.Doubt if ISIS ever will?
What do you know? Al-Qaeda can't get good help, either: Al Qaeda unhappy with 'meagre' ransom for Canadians
This video shot inside a tunnel in London shows al Qaeda and Islamic State flags displayed by Jihadi militants in long motorcade. I would call this a "red fl...
Gambled that if I could develop name recognition with terrorists, i'd have access to Al-Qaeda products.
Since 2008 Al Qaeda have made £125m from ransom payments made by European governments
"ISIS, not Al Qaeda, world's top jihadi outfit" read in
France in...paying ransom to Al Qaeda.
Remember Obama said he had Al Qaeda on the run. Al Qaeda Now Controls More Territory Than Ever
Red Flag: Al Qaeda and Islamic State flags in London's tunnels...: via
"al qaeda's CENTRAL COMMAND IN PAKISTAN was overseeing negotiations" - from article (linked below) on AQ finances.
London, blackwall tunnel - "Palestine supporters" block traffic and wave black flags of Al-Qaeda
Thrilling read, expertly done. Highly recommend
Bombshell NYT debut of Europeans have given Al Qaeda >$125m in kidnapping ransoms since 2008:
And Islam isn't supposed to be spread through violence either, but that doesn't stop extremists like Al Qaeda!
Saudi Arabia,Turkey ,..., or Al-qaeda,Taliban,ISIS,.., never take any step to counter Israel to ofend their Master -USA!
American way of paying Jiziya to Saudis is to allow ISIS to take over the Gulf & in the bargain create a bigger Frankenstein than al Qaeda
European countries reportedly paying millions in ransoms to Al Qaeda (sometimes disguised as aid.)
Great reporting by on nations paying ransoms for kidnappings by Al-Qaeda in
Security forces fighting militancy have a new worry at hand after the flags and banners of dreaded Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and Al Qaeda made their debut in the terror plagued Kashmir.
Hamas in Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Nusra...if you are not a Muslim, they want to kill you or make you a slave. Remember this.
European govts have paid millions in ransoms to Al Qaeda & affiliates since 2008. A breakdown: http…
EU: Europeans now the primary source of al-Qaeda's funding.
What if Hamas changed its name to al qaeda or taliban.. would it be seen for its worth then??
This false flag started by a lie, continued with lies via the mass media took Libya apart against the will of the Libyan people and left the country in the hands of the radical Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda psychopaths.
Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer on MSNBC's Morning Joe: "Hamas is no different than Al-Qaeda". via The Israel Project
While some countries, including the United States, refuse to pay ransoms, European ones do — inadvertently helping to bankroll Al Qaeda’s global operations.
Ransoms paid by European nations are now Al-Qaeda's -and its proxies- major funding
Prediction this group of al Qaeda fighters will take control of Iraq unless Obama does something about it.
Does everybody see all the yellow that is land that Al Qaeda has seized control of look at Israel on the left.
Clear and Informative. is excellent in his delivery and clarity.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
France paid Al Qaeda at least $58 million in kidnapping ransoms since 2011.
By paying ransoms to kidnappers, Europe has become an inadvertent underwriter of Al Qaeda
"Al Qaeda finds base in India & recruiting ppl from a prominent University in Delhi" - IB Official in March 2014 !!
Al Qaeda's second-in-command has been killed in Pakistan. This guy dies more often than the world’s oldest person.
Well, well.. this is what all of our fighting and sacrifice ended up to. I cannot understand why we are ignoring this, even though I wish our Soldiers do not have to be involved. We want them home, but then all of our hard work destroyed by ISIS ?! This is a group that if we do not nip it in the bud, will become larger than Al Qaeda and will suck us into another war.
My slideshow for on items hostages of Al Qaeda carry home when they are freed. Working on this
But why is Al Qaeda, ISIS and other anti Zionist movements not attacking Israel, salute Hamas.
My friend Jeff's thoughts on the reaction to the war in Gaza. Worth a read. So here’s my rant. Read on if you want. The world hates the Jews. I get that. There has been anti-Semitism for 2000 years. I never understood why, but that’s beside the point. It exists. We deal with it. Meanwhile, the Islamists have done the following: Lockerbie. Munich. Entebbe. Achille Lauro. 9/11. Boko Haram. Al Qaeda. ISIS. Slaughtering Christians in Mosul. London subway bombing, the Madrid train bombing, the attempted bombing in Times Square, and the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. Slaughtering each other in: Syria, Iraq, Egypt. Problems in Chenya, Phillippines, on and on. Read today about hostage taking in Europe, Al Qaeda getting $100MM in ransom. I don’t even need to mention the wars against Israel to destroy them in ’48, ’67, ’73…….I could go on, I think you get the picture. Hamas imports rockets from Iran, builds terror tunnels into Israel. Fires rockets for months, years. Finally, Israel says enough ...
While European governments deny paying ransoms, an investigation by The New York Times found that Al Qaeda and its direct affiliates have earned at least $125 million in revenue from kidnappings since 2008, of which $66 million was paid just […]
Just reading that Al Qaeda cut ties with ISIS because THEY were too brutal!!?
With flags displaying the preaching of Islam. Mmasked men, supporters of ISIS and Al Qaeda, cover their faces while others guarded the lanes and bylanes, intensifying tensions in the region.
Islamist protesters wave PLO, Al Qaeda flags as they leave motorists trapped in a major traffic route under the River Thames.
Civilization is not a time period. It is not the domain of a specific race. It is not a gift from god, or something enjoyed at random by exceptionally privileged people. It is a carefully constructed system of systems, involving human cooperation, law, resources, technology and infrastructure. And it can be lost if any part of that system breaks down, through accident or by design. In places like Syria and Mosul, ISIS has simply *declared* civilization to be over. By removing the protections of civil law and letting the dogs of Islam run wild. In Gaza, the de-civilization is more concentrated, deliberate, strategic. Hospitals, schools, and homes have all been targeted by the IDF. But arguably the greatest hardship isn't even from direct military assault. But rather from the collapse of the threads of contact and sustenance. Somewhere between 1 and 2 thousand people have died with something on the order of 10,000 wounded. But for the other 1.79 million Gazans, water, electrical and food distribution system ...
Al Qaeda, KKK even the NSDAP and the nazi jews on Ls-rcr have more freedom of speech than me.
Srinagar celebrated Id with hundreds of motorcycle driving youth raising slogans in favor of Hamas and ISIS. Al-Baghdadi, the ISIS chief, appears to be the latest youth icon in the Kashmir valley. Internet chat rooms are abuzz with the latest ‘exploits’ of a terrorist shunned even by the Al Qaeda because of his brutality. Combined with Syed Salahuddin’s call to the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban to wage jihad in Kashmir, NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Pakistani army offensive in North Waziristan, portents are ominous for India. Notwithstanding the I&B ministry’s documentaries which invariably portray a smiling Kashmiri paddling away in his small boat, India is considered as an occupying force by the Kashmiri mass. The youth in the valley remain hostile to the nation and consider themselves as a separate race. Brilliantly designed and executed programmes like Operation Sadbhavna have failed to impress upon the people of the valley regarding the benefits of plurality and diversity of India. ...
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10 things you need to know today 1. Humanitarian crisis worsens in Gaza Israel continued its intensified bombing and shelling of Gaza on Wednesday, killing an estimated 40 people overnight and pushing the Gaza death toll to 1,270. The humanitarian crisis deepened after Israel knocked out Gaza's only power plant, leaving the Palestinian enclave without power or sewer services. Israel says the campaign will continue until it stops rocket fire and destroys the tunnels Hamas militants are using to attack Israelis. [The Washington Post] 2. Obama unveils new sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis President Obama announced tough new sanctions against Russia on Tuesday over artillery strikes fired from Russia into Ukraine, and the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 earlier this month in a part of Ukraine controlled by Russian-backed separatists. The measures targeted banks, the energy sector, a large defense firm, and other key contributors to Russia's economy. The European Union imposed even toughe ...
A MUST READ...THINK YOU KNOW THE FACTS...THINK AGAIN AFTER READING Lets not forget that our government does not stand up for our own. "What Difference Does It Make?" Written by a cousin of Ambassador Stevens, a US Navy Chaplain, Senior Pastor Ret'd THIS IS A TRUE STORY...and a dirty one! Be sure to read at least to the Bold highlighted area - and then pass it on. You need to read this true account of what happened to our Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 who died. If this doesn't make you mad.Cynthia Lee Myers wanted to share the truth of what happened over in Libya, you will not find this in the media yet, but it aired on FNC.please read. "Here is my story. A week out the Embassy in Tripoli began receiving multiple tips about an Al Qaeda cell in the area planning an attack on 9/11 in response to the killing of Bin Laden. For the next several days, the state dept and WH were asked for a security force and were denied at least six times. Ambassador Stevens and his team were given the all clear that th ...
SHARIA ENFORCEMENT 2014 - NDAA, Al Qaeda and the American Police State with Chris Hedges AL QAEDA IN LIBYA TRIES TO STAY SECRET - U.S. MEDIA PLAY ALONG. The group of former rebels criticized Zeidan over reports that the government had been informed in advance of a U.S. raid to capture an al-Qaeda suspect there. Read more at Offers $10 Million Reward For Kill or Capture Of 'Enemies Of Islam' - CLICK: Admits He Would Break His Promise... Before ObamaCare Passed HERE: Justice Department Argues Before Supremes: International Treaties Trump Constitution always does something special. Obama barricading War Memorial to keep Americans out.. Obama DOJ Claims International Treaties Trump The U.S. Constitution Justice Department attorneys are advancing an argument at the Supreme Court that could allow the government to invoke international treaties as a legal basis for policies such as gun control that conflict with the U.S. Constitution, according to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. More: POLICE MEET VETERANS Obama greeted ...
Al Qaeda trainer, not Adnan Rashid, was captured yea to LOL hogaya:P
Pakistan security officials say they arrested top Al Qaeda militant near Afghan border --not Adnan Rashid . I report http…
The diaries of Al Qaeda most wanted, Abu Zubayedah, the Palestinian who left his education in India for Jihad
You laughed when Daft Lord Robertson said Al Qaeda were coming to get you in Scotia Nua. It'll no be that when they're running amok in Oban.
Question how is it Rothschild founder of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK has the gold and money to buy National Banks and Countries like Greece ??? Questions: So why is it the America "FEDERAL RESERVE BANK" owned by Rothschild did not give Germany back it's GOLD !!! How is it that we have money to fund Al Qaeda for Rothschilds Oil .? Money to take over the governments in how many Middle East and African nations for Rothschilds Oil ? Money for guns for Drug Cartels but not to pay for soldiers in the VA hospitals. Money for illegal immigrants coming over the boarder for cheap labor for sweat shops for Rothschilds major corporations.? Money for Homeland Security staff, guns and bullets but not to secure the boarders of America,? Money for Drones in America but not for the security of The America People or it's boarders.? Money for new Armored Homeland Security trucks but not for the security of America or it's boarders? . HOW IS IT WE CAN AFFORD ALL THESE THINGS BUT THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK IS OUT OF MONEY? HOW IS ...
Supporting ISIS after leaving a pacified Iraq without a status of forces agreement. Al Qaeda now has WMD materials
A Must Read ... Friday, Apr 13, 2012 06:10 PM IST The real criminals in the Tarek Mehanna case An American Muslim punished for his political views delivers an extraordinary statement in court By Glenn Greenwald In one of the most egregious violations of the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech seen in quite some time, Tarek Mehanna, an American Muslim, was convicted this week in a federal court in Boston and then sentenced yesterday to 17 years in prison. He was found guilty of supporting Al Qaeda (by virtue of translating Terrorists’ documents into English and expressing “sympathetic views” to the group) as well as conspiring to “murder” U.S. soldiers in Iraq (i.e., to wage war against an invading army perpetrating an aggressive attack on a Muslim nation). I’m still traveling and don’t have much time today to write about the case itself — Adam Serwer several months ago wrote an excellent summaryof why the prosecution of Mehanna is such an odious threat to free speech and more back ...
ALGIERS (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's North African wing has rejected the mediaeval-style caliphate declared by a militant Islamist group in Iraq and Syria, and confirmed its allegiance to al Qaeda leader Ayman
by your logic I think Ambani's are more dangerous for this world than Al Qaeda and ISIS . भाई कभी कुछ और भी बातें चोद लिया करो
Military jihad armies and orgs across the globe continue to coalesce around Islamic State (IS nee ISIS nee ISIL). The West continues to deny, obfuscate and apologize to this savage movement, and they, in turn, expand, conquer and subsume whole swaths of the Middle East and Africa. While Muslims from the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, […] The post Widening Caliphate: Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Taliban Declare Support for Islamic State appeared first on Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs.
Tensions rise in Baghdad as Al Qaeda-inspired militant group vows to march on ... - Fox News
nice question for your government, if they have a close friendship with those criminals of Al Nusra or Al Qaeda
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Al Qaeda has a message for their fellow Islamic terrorists at ISIS – Please, don’t be too extreme. When Al Qaeda is telling their allies to chill out...
Court overturns conviction of al-Qaeda publicist: A US appeals court has partially overturned the Guantanamo c...
New map showing jihadi allegiance to either Islamic State or al-Qaeda around the world at
It takes a unique author to pull this off …
The so called Al Qaeda and the Islamic State and the other "jihadi" groups... Have they gone into hiding?.. Why have they not yet "bombed" "flew a plane into" "attacked" Israel?... Oh yea wait..why would they want to upset the US/UK who are supplying the weapons to them
You are proud of making al Qaeda your enemy? I pity you.
GENEVA, July 14 - UN Watch today called on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to reprimand a top official in Gaza who is telling reporters to interview a Norwegian doctor and radical Maoist politician who in September 2001 openly supported the “moral right” of Al Qaeda to perpetrate the 9/11 terrorist…
New world order is being started in the world initiative is in Muslim countries proxy war through ISIS(DAESH) al Qaeda, Taliban and Israel attacks this time strategy of new world order is Fight b/w Muslims by Muslims , for Islam by Islam . . . why these groups d'not attack on Israel and western countries?
The truth behind Al qaeda. Pls take a moment to watch this . And kindly share.
Federal appeals court overturns two convictions of former al Qaeda media director
U.S. court partly overturns conviction of al Qaeda publicist
Defendant Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to al Qaeda, al Qaeda in Iraq/Al-Nusrah Front,...
Hamas has affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood which was a British intelligence creation like Al Qaeda was a CIA creation.
Sunni Insurgents Fighting & Killing Each Other Themselves! Bodies found north of Baghdad as Sunni insurgents turn on each other: BAGHDAD: Residents of a town north of Baghdad found 12 corpses with execution-style bullet wounds on Monday following fighting between rival Sunni insurgents that could eventually unravel a coalition which has seized much of northern and western Iraq. The incident points to an intensification of infighting between the Islamic State and other Sunni groups, such as supporters of former dictator Saddam Hussein, which rallied behind the al Qaeda offshoot last month because of shared hatred for the Shia-led Iraqi government.
Congratulations to the new Foreign Secretary, the M.P. for Runnymede, although I have my doubts about how he will handle the likes of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, Al Shabab, Boko Harem, Putin, Hamas and Netanyahu, or even dear old Frau Merkel.. He was savaged by Su Burrows in February. Su Burrows for Prime Minister!
I am not biased. I would never in a million years defend Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram the way you do Israel
Did a US court just overturn a conviction 4 providing military support and say they don't have authority?
Finally US Welcomes new Somali ambassador. The United States on Monday welcomed a new ambassador from Somalia the first in over two decades. The State Department said the government of the troubled east African nation had sent Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke. “We are pleased to announce the arrival of Ambassador Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, the first Somali ambassador to the United States in over twenty years,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. His arrival marks “the latest progress in advancing US-Somali relations,” she added. Civil war erupted in Somalia more than 20 years ago. Washington recognized the country’s new government, led by internationally- backed President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, in January 2013. Earlier this month, US defense officials admitted the US military has secretly maintained forces in the country since 2007, despite earlier public statements claiming it had no presence there until last October. Washington has deployed up to 120 troops and hopes to bolster its s ...
From recent events in Gaza few things have cleared in my Palestinians are beautiful people and need our help and support against brutish murderous attacks; Jewish People and Israeli Government are two different entities; Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boco Haram, etc are not indigenous and are forced upon the people; Human Beings around the world are largely extremely just and big-hearted!
US never listens to India, it is there CIA which prepared report on Jud links with Al-Qaeda & Let which forced this dec
Breaking News: Hamas and Al Qaeda Force have been arrived in Gaza to help Muslims of Palestine..!!
anyway Al-Qaeda to Al-Shabaab are the bomb. But together they are end of the world.
US court sides against military commission stripping them of authority to convict on material support …
The United States is disbanding its anti-terror unit in the Philippines, after helping to fight al Qaeda-linked militants for more than a decade
This impressive chap is now representing Britain around the world - watch out world - Al Qaeda must be petrified
"Bush was crazy, Obama's lazy, al-Qaeda's not in this country Set free my Prince Ali!" ngayon ko lang napanood to XD
This is not new information because from long time by hidden way they trying to destroy my nation India but they...
IHRC CHIEF HOLD SERIES OF MEETIGS WITH THE AMBASSADORS OF ARAB COUNTRIES HERE AT NICOSIA CYPRUS AND ASKED TO PUT PRESSER ON HAMAS TO END ITS HOSTILITIES AGAINST ISRAEL WHICH ALWAYS LEAD TO THE KILLINGS OF INNOCENT PALESTINIANS IN REACTION OF HAMAS ATTAKES ON ISREAL ………..MFA OFFICE AT CYPRUS IHRC Chief Ambassador Dr. Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan hold the series of diplomatic meetings here at Cyprus and welcomed the Egyptian initiative, urging the sides to stop firing which caused more than 75 percent of the dead have been non-combatants and innocent civilians which have nothing to do with the Hamas terrorist activities. Israeli Government had the "right" and "responsibility" to defend its citizens against rocket attacks by Hamas from its Gaza stronghold and kidnapping of the Israelis solders. Hamas always give chance to Israel to sabotages the peace efforts and negotiations on the issue of independent Palestine states, in other words Hamas is playing the same role as the Al Qaeda in other countries ...
Al-Qaeda are some other nasty mean f**ks. bao they aint about to take shiiid, throw bombs at one another ka newyear.
If Israel had more Muslims by now, Al Qaeda would have gathered to attack it.
Following the last week's discussion with Parvez Bilgrami,Middle East Analyst, I had received mails requesting views on ISIS, role of Saudi in Egypt and the developments in the Middle East, etc - which is literally exploding with Palestine bombings, caliphate in Syria and so on. The pace of the developments in The Muslim world reminds me of a prominent speaker, who had said, "There was a time Islam was easy and it was ok to be laid back, but now Allah has set things in motion, with Muslims world acting, succeeding, failing and sacrificing, and this is a time of test for us, to justify our claims of following Islam." We are seeing a third wave of Palestinian bombings, massive wars on Islam at various fronts internationally,  all in less than 10 years ringing true the statement of that speaker. And as for us it is time to also know not only Religion,but also the politics associated with it. To discuss all of "Palestine - Egypt - Syria - Iraq -Saudi Arabia - ISIS - Caliphate - Legality, Distortions and Impl ...
AL Qaeda has reorganized in Kunar and will pose a threat to peace in Afghanistan on US exit.
Al-Qaeda is alive and GM is killing Americans
forget the fast. Saudi Arabia would never get involved. The situations of Boko Haram and al qaeda are examples distanced by them
There is a difference between judging and taking sides. I condemn both militarist factions in Israel/Palestine (although noting that in a strange echo of the way the US helped form Al Qaeda, the Israeli state supported Hamas in its early days, as a rival of the PLO). If Hamas were the recipient of huge subsidies from the dollar economy, as Israel is, I would feel that we should boycott it, since we as consumers of oil are dollar tributaries. I support those Israelis who resist military service, and if there are any, the Palestinians who resist serving Hamas.
Because really, you can call APC A branch of Al Qaeda in Nigeria today and people will believe
Meet the terrorists who SCARE al Qaeda! ➡ Must See Video
Israel Created Hamas Israel, Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, the USA And Anarchist Philosophy by Jeff Prager "Israel thought it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the PLO" (Palestinian Liberation Organization)". ~ quoted from Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Hamas was created to counter Yassar Arafat's PLO. That was Mossad and Israel's "Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks" operation. It was a sophisticated and very delicate operation from the start. Create conditions on the ground for Hamas to become strong and prosperous and diminish the ability of Fatah to operate in the Occupied Terror-tories. Hamas rejected the Oslo Accords (the Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government) which were signed between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO) of Yassar Arafat in 1993. Hamas was fully supported by Israel because Israel also wanted no peace. Hamas leader Sheik Ahmad Yassin was imprisoned for life. Benjamin Netanyahu re ...
The French USA England terrorist friends from Al Qaeda and Hamas Saudi Arabia Qatar Emirates I should say partners
Scandal! Conditions made by Israel-Hamas to cease fire!!! Israeli Channel 10: Israel is ready to cease fire if Elsisi agreed to apply the deal made by terrorist spy Mohamad Morsi, in November 21st, 2012, with Hillary Clinton, to move Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai, with all terrorist Muslim Brothers of Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda and Free Army, so that Israel can occupy Gaza, as Obama secretly and illegally paid for Khairat El Shater 8 Billion Dollars to buy a part of Sinai, although he had no political position and did not own this land, but this was an award for Hamas for all terrorism they had made in Egypt, and Arab countries, as a proxy war for Israel, since January, 25th, 2011, then next day, Israel shall claim that Sinai became a center for terrorism, to strike and reoccupy Sinai, with the help of US-NATO, to start New Middle East and NOW agendas! Hamas: We are ready to cease fire if Egyptians freed all terrorist Muslim Brothers, Hamas, and Jihadists from Egyptian prisons, allow us to capture Egyptian R ...
Most don't know diff between Taliban or al-qaeda either, its not all racism but much misinformation from msm.
Faraj al-Shibli was found dead in Marj, on Sunday, He was captured by a local militia. The terror suspect had links to al Qaeda
Him, Cameron & Obama wld now be backing ISIS & al Qaeda if hadn't forced them back …
Did Serbs have an hand in September 11 and Madrid? No, but did Izetbegovic and the BND, MI6, MIT, al-Qa…
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