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Al Qaeda

al-Qaeda (', translation: The Base and alternatively spelled al-Qaida and sometimes al-Qa'ida) is a global militant Islamist organization founded by Osama Bin Laden sometime between August 1988 and late 1989. It operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad.

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if i don't shave i end up looking like the nephew of the leader of Al Qaeda
No one has qualified the Khawarij/renegades of ISIS or Al Qaeda. Only fools and ignorants follow them
Al Qaeda-linked militant Al Faqi has been handed over to the International Criminal Court for…
Sunnis and Shia both populate jihadis in Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc. just bc Santorum doesn't know that doesn't make it false
Awkward. The guy the TV camerawoman tripped up last week at the Hungarian border?. Al Qaeda supporter.
Not sure how I feel about Publishers Clearing House offing Al Qaeda and ISIS magazines (Inspire and Dabiq respectively but with NO respect)
In our world, Al Qaeda leader al-Zawahri is calling on Muslims to carry out attacks in America. In Pigman's world... http…
Al Qaeda leader called on young Muslim men in Western countries to carry out attacks Inside WESTERN COUNTRIES. CLICK.
"I do not know if Al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11. I do know that the attack did not take place from Afghanistan"
Karzai tells "Al Qaeda in a myth...i can't visualize them...nothing tangible"
This is one show that you shouldn't miss, excellent work on Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, WoT
It's a good thing we weren't so neurotic after Pearl Harbor, and that Al Qaeda is no Japanese Empire.
Al Qaeda has 'declared war' on fellow terrorists ISIS Two Turds with Two twisted Egos
What with David Petraeus rebranding Al Qaeda affiliate Al Nusra Front as moderate forces in Syria it's safe to say that the War on Terror...
Why was it legal to fight Al Queda in Afghanistan ? Taliban are not Al Qaeda...
Tackle the Qatari, US support to Al Nusra Front ( Al Qaeda in Syria) . You are kidding no one.
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[3] So Russia ways, "We'll help" meaning Russia will help the Syrian government go after Al Qaeda and ISIS.
Palace Dancer has all the job security of Al Qaeda or Spinal Tap drummer.
I see.. what about Taliban.. didn't they just make alliance w/ ISIS .. or Al Qaeda... nothing really new then huh ?
Your piece claiming S. Arabia is a genuine enemy of Al Qaeda; did KSA pay you for it?
David Kelly was murdered over his lack of support for WMD in Iraq and Robin Cook was murdered for saying there is no Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda vs ISIS is like republicans vs Tea Party.
ADEN, Aug 23 (Reuters) - Al Qaeda militants took control of a western district of Yemen's main port city of Aden on Saturday night,
The Treasury Department said the two Qatar-based financiers were involved in fund-raising and other activities for Al Qaeda and its Syrian
.writes (from Mukalla) on the role played by Al Qaeda militants in fighting in south Yemen.
DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, in an online audio message, pledged allegiance to the new head of the Afghan Taliban
Latest from Nafeez Ahmed on origins of ISIS:
Forces loyal to Yemeni president prepare to liberate Hadramout from Al-Qaeda
Blackmail: My sources tells me that Indian Al Qaeda(CM) told his close associate that he will "blackmail you".
Umer Latif was an in charge of the Al-Qaeda in South Punjab killed by Int agencies & http:/…
militant group in Syria calls terrorists ‘brothers’
domain names
see dear the same way u selectibely pic n choose from d Qur'an dats how BH and al-Qaeda deceive ppl. U need to re…
Al-Qaeda - Annual Turnover $150 Million. Al-Qaeda is one of the most lethal terror organizations, and brought...
EXCLUSIVE: Ex Pentagon, State Department officials: arose from US support to Al-Qaeda in Iraq
ISIS is a planned distraction the new Al Qaeda?
US-trained Syria rebels do a deal with al-Qaeda-linked group |
That guy who’s supposed to be dead 3 times over says his jihadist group has joined Al Qaeda
Even Al-Qaeda has denounced the actions of ISIS as anti-Islamic.
we funded ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the mujahideen and on and on and on
Three things about Osama Bin Laden and America from 1,500 al-Qaeda tapes
Rules of war in Islam. If ISIS/Taliban/Al Qaeda ever read the Quran, they would know too.
September 2014 Melbourne man charged with sending funds to Islamic State and Al Qaeda affiliate.
2015 Yemen Crisis Situation Report: August 15: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) continues to exploit t...
Capitalizing on the expanding war in Yemen and the collapse of its government, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is carving out more
Loidolt (2011). Managing the Global and Local: Dual Agendas of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 34(2)
US worried on losing their allies in Syria - namely the Al Qaeda and ISIS. They carry out the 'war on terror'
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al-Murabitoun releases a statement presenting itself as "Al Qaeda in West Africa" and Mokhtar Belmokhtar as its emir. ht…
Today in History: Marks the Birth of al Qaeda. Al Qaeda, Arabic for "the base," is an international terrorist...
HSBC bank was fined $1.9b (5 weeks' profits) as punishment for laundering money for the Sinaloa drug cartel, Al Qaeda, an…
ISIS or Al Qaeda? American Officials Split Over Top Terror Threat How many off them can dance on the head of a pin?
Malik Ishaq was working with ISIS but police claimed they killed Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists. Khan
Abu Hamza al-Zoubi, Shura Council Leader of Al Qaeda in killed in a suicide bomb |
Saudi Money and all of the world's thugs, gangsters and Al Qaeda mercenaries can't defeat the Syrian people
Al Qaeda in the Maghreb factions join Islamic State
KSA is also world's State sponsor of terrorism (DON'T F-ING ARGUE W/ME!) bc of Al Qaeda, 9/11 & ISIS. They should be ostracized.
Eno, Iggy, Cheney, Lloyd-Wright, Picasso, Al Qaeda ... that was some party! (Great Eno piece,
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb backs jihadists fighting Islamic State in Derna, Libya | The Long War Journal
Former Egyptian special forces officer appears to announce formation of new Al Qaeda-linked group:
FBI Director James Comey tells ISIS is a bigger threat than Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claims ambush that killed Algerian troops - by
??? Al Qaeda is effectively finished. stole their thunder (and marketing clout)
Muslim extremist who distributed Al Qaeda mag jailed for 3 years  via it seems some Pakistani have issues
Looks like hundreds of those working the Terrorism Task Force focused on few thousand ISIS & Al Qaeda need to focus on NeoCons
Are you kidding me? Sunni, Shiite, ISIS, Al Qaeda, all Muslim, all at war with each other! They call it TERRORISM too!
Qatar has ties to Al Qaeda, runs Al Jazeera & responsible for Arab Spring. Their goal was to build network of Islamist states
Al Qaeda decline hard to reverse after Bin Laden killing: U.S.
Al Qaeda in the Maghreb announces support for Shura Council Mujahideen against
No you are not. The rise of IS makes Al Qaeda and the Taliban look like the Scouts and the Boys Brigade.
The Bangladeshi police arrested 12 men suspected of ties to Al Qaeda in three separate raids beginning on Wednesday.
Israel - who issued a cartoon saying ISIS is Iran and who operates an Al Qaeda field hospital - says Hamas "linked" to IS Sinai attacks...
Al Qaeda leader condems ISIS to *** Sunday, ABC News reported that Adam Gadahn, an Al Qaeda spokesperson who was…
A Detroit pastor says the U.S. needs to "start dealing with...the KKK, neo-Nazis, as they do with ISIS and Al Qaeda"
.1998 Chagai tests were withdrawn as the US needed Pakistani support to pursue Al Qaeda and Taliban
* Negotiates with terrorists *. * Agrees to release 5 Al Qaeda members *. * Continues filling prisons with non-violent drug offenders *
Like something out of a dark Two Ronnies sketch, US drone misreads global events and takes out Al Qaeda operative fighting Isis in Libya
If it's true that Wahashi was killed this weekend in a drone strike, it will be biggest loss to Al Qaeda since Osama bin L…
France says it killed two important Al Qaeda figures in northwest Africa
I ain't scared of Russia, ISIS, North Korea, Al Qaeda or anybody else. I'm scared our own people will ruin this nation.
Israel supports war in Syria 4 Israel not 4 the Syrian people.No one in their right mind would think Al Qaeda is good for Syria.
.Day before it was Taliban. Y'day, Al Qaeda. Today, ISIS. Day before, Karim Lala. Y'day Haji Mastan and Bada Rajan. Today, Dawood
Al Qaeda is a wing of the Masonic order is ma fav 😂
Sean Stone sees the No Fly Zone as a redline in designed to protect Al Qaeda type rebels then transferred to in current form.
Interesting thoughts by Sean Stone on how USA and allies already helped Al Qaeda in Libya with a No Fly Zone.
Then You Have This Treason: UN Secretary-General weighs lumping Israel in with ISIS and Al Qaeda.
Tarim at risk. Al Qaeda meets youth in Hadhramaut : "We urge you to join us in cleansing the Wadi of Houthis, Zaydis & Sufis."…
Also that the mcguffin is a wayward nuke that might end up with al Qaeda. Not exactly the stuff of comedy.
"The rebranding of Nusra Front" -- pushes back against the mainstreaming of al-Qaida in Syria
Can't wait for the Ted/Entourage crossover movie "Maybe Al Qaeda Was Right About Us After All"
"By supporting Sisi's...regime, Obama is playing into the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda" - spot on from
Evil West 've left no stone unturned in disturbing Assad regime:(. Al-Qaeda 'orders Al-Nusra Front not to attack West'
'My enemy's enemy is not my friend' - me for on why we should steer clear of Nusra Front (aka al-Qaeda):. http:/…
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.argues in AJE piece that "moderate Al-Qaeda" is still Al-Qaeda even if you try rebranding them.
Muslims share the understanding that groups like Isis and Al Qaeda are representative of a false version of Islam
Whtz more shocking?. Al Qaeda Suicide bomber frm or . Media Denial 2 take up d story.
How officials in Saleh's government helped al Qaeda bomb US embassy in Sanaa
While the world focuses on ISIS, Al-Qaeda is also using the chaos of war to expand. Important story by
Obama secretly backing Muslim terrorists-# Al Qaeda-B'Hood- isis are the same & obama is backing them- bet he is using a taxes to fund them
Al Qaeda renews its oath of allegiance to Taliban emir Mullah Omar in its new online publication, Al Nafir.
Great by FBI is responsible for more terror plots inside US than Al Qaeda & ISIS combined http:/…
Looks like an al qaeda training camp.
US coalition kinda providing Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) with air support in their battle against ISIS in north Aleppo. http:…
US supported a "salafi principality" and al Qaeda controlled Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Here we go again:.
Straight from the unofficial mouthpiece of the CIA: It's U.S. (allies) versus Iran and we are supporting al Qaeda!
The major chlorine producing factory in Syria (and its stock of chlorine) were under Nusra (Al-Qaeda) control since 2012.
the Cubans are still communist pinko fascist terrorists supporting Al Qaeda.
add ISIS & Al Qaeda to that list. America neo liberal facade fading.
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Aziz's argument was that Arab nationalist movements were the only effective way to combat al Qaeda-style forces
The 'Caliphate Cubs' of IS - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
How Islamic State teaches hate: insights from an ex-Al Qaeda jihadist
since US focus is on killing Houthis who don't threaten US, while Al Qaeda clearly does. Sick policy.
In the sowing of indiscriminate death & destruction in Saudi Arabia is bloodier than Al Qaeda AND drones.
AND stop benefiting Al Qaeda in so doing. Obviously this puts American lives in greater danger
Quietly, al-Qaeda offshoots expand in Yemen and Syria
The Secret Expansion in Yemen of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
BAGHDAD BOBs correct.-but bush killed More Americans than al Qaeda & Iraq's than SADAM!!! shouldn't he get Death penalty?
"Deeply shocking!" Jazeera's film on "Al Qaeda Informant" "The allegations are enormously serious"
Insights into the relationship between al Qaeda and Pakistani militants
This is terrorism. And just like 9/11 & Al Qaeda jihadis which infest Syria & Yemen, Saudi Arabia is behind it. .
Obama still secretly backing MB as “moderate” alternative to & . ☑️
Saddam was in bed with al Qaeda. Assad is in bed with ISIS. Be on the lookout for false narratives to sell regime change. T…
I wrote a parody AlJazeera opinion piece about how the West should embrace al-Qaeda in Syria (under a pseudonym)
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I need you all to understand that the US and NATO were also behind the creation of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
60 air strikes by Arabia in Sanaa, Aden & other parts of today : not a single Al Qaeda militant targeted or kill…
Have you thought about joining Al Qaeda group, the Al-Tequila Front? They're quite forgiving. You need to look f…
Confederate flag = American traitorism. It's the equivalent of supporting Al Qaeda.
groups like Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS, etc. claim as nauseum that they're religiously motivated
UK sending more troops to train Syrian opposition - even though the 'moderates' are cooperating with Al Qaeda groups h…
Islamist State, Boko Haram & Al Shabaab did what Al Qaeda never did: Control a geographical location, revenue. Thus run parallel govts
Probably a bigger threat, just like gun crime killed hundreds of thousands was in America but Al-Qaeda was priority
Apparently, even the CBC doesn't believe the CBC
lol, that's funny. FTR of course it's "Assad" in the shadows, usually al Qaeda, otherwise FSA - ex: Houla, Bayda, Ghouta...
By ruling out attacks on the West, Nusra is saying: "Don't worry, America - Nusra only attacks Syrians. We're a palatable form of al-Qaeda."
Qatar, via its puppet Al-Jazeera, has reinvigorated its systematic attempts to normalise Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria).
America's ongoing support of al-Qaeda in Syria shows what a farce the "war on terror" has always been.
"Secret US gov doc shows that Western governments allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremists" v
there were rumours that Al-Nusra front was to defect from Al-Qaeda, Al-Golani confirmed in his interview his allegiance…
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turkey help everyday and give weapon to alnosra and al qaeda , I hope russia will do…
Put America on the list of terrorists supporting nations. They supported Al Qaeda in Syria.
vs Al-Qaeda in northern - it doesn't get any better than this folks:.
US states department advices Al-Qaeda members not to give bayah to Baghdadi because he was disobedient to Zawahiri
UN Child Abuse list may "place Israel for the first time, alongside groups like ISIS, the Taliban & al-Qaeda"
Reuters does PR for ISIS in while Qatar's Al Jazeera puts Al Qaeda's emir on primetime TV.
"Da world's facing terror / Bin Laden been happenin in Manhattan/ Crack was anthrax back then,back when / Police was Al-Qaeda to Black men"
Season 3 of Homeland features Al Qaeda infiltrating MLB winning the World Series and blowing up the White House when the…
To meet with the leader of al-Qaeda in Syria Sh Abu Mohammed Joulani - hafidhullah.
Chief of Al-Qaeda's Syria affiliate pledges no attacks on the West
kills and Al-Qaeda fighters. kills civilians and maintains caches of nukes. Who is the terrorist here?
Israel could join the likes of & Al Qaeda in a list of groups and states that harm children being currently propos…
Had a job interview with Al-Qaeda today. . They asked, “where do you see yourself exploding in five years?"
org structures are and always were almost identical to the blueprint devised by al Qaeda founders in the 90s: …
Wrong. Al Qaeda was started in 1988 & trained under the Reagan administration.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Fabricating an Enemy. “The Threat of Al Qaeda” as a Justification to Wage War via
We all knew that Turkey was funnelling weapons to al Qaeda and ISIS but shocking that the IHH charity allowed itself to be used this way.
Like it or not Hezbollah are in Syria at behest of Gov- therefore not invaders. Why call JAN (aka Al Qaeda) rebels?
Why isn't the mainstream media reporting on Israel's alliance with al-Qaeda? Cos it would blow Sam Harris's tiny mind?
Al Qaeda's strategy in Syria is working
Al-Qaeda theorist calls for infiltrating political systems |
My latest piece on the alliance between al-Qaida and Israel (yes, Israel) in Syria:
Top Al Qaeda figure in Syria claims his so-called "Khorasan Group" is a Western fabrication: htt…
Why is the media ignoring Israel's alliance with al-Qaeda? via
Who needs Al Qaeda when you've got the Pentagon?
stephenpomes: Hey DavidVitter! Hey BobbyJindal! Remember Oklahoma City? Not al Qaeda, not the Taliban, and not ISIS. …
UN wants Israel on blacklist of countries that regularly harm children alongside Boko Haram and Al Qaeda:
fact: Saddam Hussein’s secular Ba’athist regime prevented Al Qaeda from operating out of Iraq.
Bin Laden praised Robert Fisk in 2004 video. Al Qaeda's Adam Gadahn also praised Fisk in 2006 (image).
[89/98] and made worse by groups like Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. For example, prominent Houthi journalist.
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[11/98] like “Daesh,” while Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) call the Houthis heretics. . For a while the.
US green-lighted new coordinated effort of Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Qatar to arm Al Qaeda in Syria and its allies.
How did al-Qaeda's job interviews go? 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?' 'Dead inshallah.'
It's complete disinfo, not just bs. This supposedly occurred back in 2010: almost a
Hillary: "Info in email not classified at that time." Because Hillary and Obama lied about Al Qaeda attack in
Since you're so fond of Al Qaeda/ISIS, why dont you move to their areas? Americans dont take kindly to you terrorist sympathizers.
FMLN presidential candidate Mauricio Funes is not appearing in public with his pro-Al Qaeda running mate.
Al Nusra is an affiliate of Al Qaeda Iraq (AQI) speaks through spokesman for Islamic State
I added a video to a playlist Undercover Jihadi: Inside the Toronto 18 - Al Qaeda Inspired, Homegrown
Therefore, if we have only a military process in Iraq and against Al Qaeda and pro-Iranian Shiite militants.
Tell me that Assad's regime is worse than Erdogan's, Salman's or Sisi's. But who screams endlessly to replace these others with Al Qaeda?
If ISIS had nuclear weapons, you think they wouldn't launch them? Or say al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden?
No. The Coalition won OIF decisively. Al-Qaeda in Iraq was defeated.
Story on West supporting Al Qaeda & ISIS starting to get traction in mainstream...
was kicked out of NPU because he bragged about training al-Nusra! (.
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Funny you're not counting all the casualties caused by KSA and their Al Qaeda and ISIS proxies, right terrorist sympathizer?
Docs show US govt knew opposition in Syria was driven by al Qaeda and other extremist Muslim groups.
Judicial Watch: Western governments allied with Al-Qaeda and ISIS to topple Syrian dictator Assad.
New book recounts how vice president *** Cheney suspected al Qaeda was bluffing in the run-up to the 9/11 attacks. http…
Religion does not make you a great person. Look at Isis, Al Qaeda and WBC...
We've given up too many rights already. Al-Qaeda is not in our pants, our shoes don't go boom but our rights go flush.
Al Qaeda = popular resistance in Yemen and Daech = revolutionaries in Syria, it is the logic of Al Saud
Detained alQaeda operative frm IJT was mastermind of “Denmark embassy attack” - 'X' Reports:
WHAT? You Mean Hillary KNEW Al Qaeda Carried out the Benghazi Attack and LIED to Us About It?
What is trying to say is that there were no Al Qaeda in Iraq. While he's technically corrected, the group 'Al Qaeda...
New documents: by at latest Aug 2012 US knew rebellion driven by extremists, not "moderates" as US UK claimed. https…
Top story: ​West's death squad strategy: How and why ISIS & Al-Qaeda became ‘sh… see more
Reminder: US documents leaked by Wikileaks show Saudi Arabia is "the most significant source of funding to" al-Qaeda. h…
To join Al Qaeda in Osama Bin Laden’s day, recruits had to fill out an application.
Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Boko Haram have in their hands tons of mass destruction weapons. Those...that "never existed".
because they have made the Muslim terrorist organizations, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Isis and Boko Haram.
Yes Dillard, as Ambassador Stevens apparently arranged the arms to Obama's Al Qaeda brothers in Libya, & other deals
Khadr chose to enter the family business of Al Qaeda.
Palestinians have the highest percentage support for Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda - PEW statis… via
Al Qaeda hostage Warren Weinstein was second US citizen and civilian to be killed with
so are we just focusing on 9/11 or all the other terrorist attacks/Groups? ISIS, Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, Aum Shinrikyo, ECT
Did you offer a free meal to the Speers or Layne Morris? Or do you only do burgers for Al Qaeda and comfort to the enem…
Al Qaeda took $250,000 to free US hostage Warren Weinstein but kept him anyway. via
Feel good America? Your tax dollars going to Al Qaeda in
you don't like Stephen Fry? Why didn't you just say you were a member of Al Qaeda?
The Journalist and the Terrorist (a story for aficionados of Janet Malcolm and Al Qaeda)
At says US created the monsters of Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein; now citing or Daesh
it occurred post the ousting of Sadaam Hussein and the growth of Al Qaeda
We lost Pat Tillman 11 years ago. He gave up his NFL contract to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. RIP htt…
Israel is a CFR production just like Al Qaeda, Hamas, & ISIS
So the west and the gulf states r heavily arming Al Qaeda in Syria more than ever. Disgraceful what they have done 2 that country.
new outrageous theory about 9/11 surfaces:. It was Osama Bin Ladin and the Al Qaeda
: Al Qaeda poses new risk to Saudi security amid Yemen turmoil
I'm pretty sure there are still some low-information voters asking "why are those Al Qaeda and Ben Ghazi guys always in the news"?
Reminder: Jeffrey Goldberg is the liar who invented the non-existent link between Saddam and Al Qaeda.
Goldberg is the liar who invented the link between Saddam/Al Qaeda.
I trust (new) Defense Sec. Carter and Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey. We started fighting Al Qaeda then Talliban now ISIS? This has to end.
Ibrahim Al-Rubaish consider to be the mufti"religious leader"of Al Qaeda in was killed in drone attack http:…
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula stormed Al Mukalla while Yemen’s attention has been on the escalating fighting with Houthi rebels.
Without the Anglo-Saudi alliance, there would be no Al Qaeda, no Islamic State, virtually no terrorism. -Lyndon LaRouche
AMAZING. GOP wiped out pensions, collapsed dollar 40%,tortured,murdered more Americans than Al Qaeda & They're THE SMART ONES? LOL
But didn't the Iraq war bring Al Qaeda in Iraq after his death? Isn't ISIS partly Saddam's Baath party? .
Al-Qaeda has declared Jihad against Shia Muslims in Yemen. But I though that Jihad against Shia Muslim is already going in Syria & Iraq.
The West might wish to deny it, but this is the true face of Pakistan, a so-called ally whose secret service supports al-Qaeda.
Kenya ‘destroys’ al-Shabaab camps in retaliation for university massacre Al-Qaeda-aligned group has killed more th…
shut up go keep watch with Al Qaeda 😂😂
Barack Obama for supplying arms to al-Qaeda. . 4
Notice how Al-Qaeda never attacks their ally, Israel.
"leading up to 9/11" parhlya Karo pehle, Bewakooof insan. Pak was allied with Al-Qaeda before 9/11 also.
Parry: The Israel-Saudi alliance sustains al Qaeda, and to a lesser extent, ISIS.
Dutch Rijke, who was abducted & held captive by Al Qaeda for 3 years in Mali has been freed by French army.
. Saudi's funded Al Qaeda only in 80s? Evidence say they continue to support such groups
Dutchman held hostage by Al Qaeda offshoot in Mali since 2011 is freed after raid by French...
"Al-Qaeda are the only winners" - burns as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula watches with glee, via
I added a video to a playlist Is the US Govt secretly funding Al-Qaeda?? -- MUST SEE!!
Dutch hostage freed after four years in the hands of al-Qaeda
They funded Al-Qaeda in the 80s, when Pakistan and US was allied with them.
A Dutch citizen held captive for more than three years by the North African branch of Al Qaeda has been freed
Al-Qaeda Terror group now claiming Al-Shabaab has broke every rule of the Qoran’s guide to Jihad and Al- Qaeda may opt exp…
This site was created by Aaron Y. Zelin, fellow at Brookings Institute in US. Now U know who fina…
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Al Qaeda magazine in Arabian Peninsula. Slick. Penchant for Western style glossy publications. Scary stuff, people. https…
French forces rescue a Dutch hostage held captive by al-Qaeda-linked militants in Mali for over three years
I added a video to a playlist Ex Al-Qaeda Member Claims ISIS Created & Funded by CIA
Lee this is why you have organisations such as Al Qaeda.people like PSM
First the Beatles. Then R.E.M. - Al Qaeda to formally disband this year.
AlQaeda is the early winner in Houthi- Saudi conflict
I added a video to a playlist Hillary Clinton We Created Al Qaeda
narrative on suddenly changes with ISIS but while Al Qaeda+Islamists were in control it was "liberated" but bombe…
reports that Al Qaeda released kidnapped civilians from Efrin.
Romania to expel seven for recruiting for Al-Qaeda, IS - Yahoo News
Romania Bans Seven Foreigners from Returning over Links to IS, al-Qaeda - Novinite…
I'll cheer for Duke when they play Al Qaeda
KSA was also attacked by Al Qaeda its not new,but KSA is leading 9 others to bomb the *** out of Yemen I hope they get punished
Map of al Qaeda-linked attacks in and has been updated:
Al-Qaeda franchise in Yemen exploits chaos to rebuild, officials say
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French commandos free Dutch hostage from al-Qaeda in Mali
The longer the war in continues, the more will benefit, explains Bruce Riedel of
Al Qaeda doesn't need to have its own magazine to spread propaganda when it can count on Wolf Blitzer & CNN
Plus Al Qaeda of Yemen have controlled a large area for a while Saudi hasnt done anything until now seems ironic
An Al Qaeda group is vowing new attacks, warning "cities will run red with blood." LIVE:
"Support to Al Qaeda operatives in different countries by the US is known and documented."
Houthis have adopted George W Bush rhetoric on Al Qaeda: anyone against them is Al Qaeda says
If you want to join Al Qaeda you have to have some skills, but ISIL has low standards -- David Kilcullen talking on
Yemen: Saudis don't want Shia neighbor. US doesn't want Al Qaeda in Yemen AQ hates Shias Conclusion: Oil trumps War on Terror
Brzezinski: Father of Al Qaeda to provoke war with Russia in 1979! Today Ukraine!
Islamic fighters led by Al Qaeda seize major Syrian city - Fox News
Al Qaeda-led fighters in Syria take control of Idlib city: BEIRUT—Islamic fight...
John McCain supports Al Qaeda in Syria & Nazis in Ukraine.
The Iran-backed rebels are also fighting Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula.They just might be better at…
we don't fund Al Qaeda...Iran and Hamas do..Did you know Iran Hamas and ISIS fired 24,000 rockets into Israel today?
they are not rebels they are terrorists linked to Hamas and Al Qaeda...Leila Khaled used to preach violent Jihad
Libya gave up their WMDs so Hillary/Obama bombed them into the arms of Al Qaeda w/o Congressional approval
The torch of Jihad that Shaykh Usama Bin Laden lit in this Era and given to Al Qaeda has been now passed down to the Isla…
Al Qaeda group threatens to kill American hostage Luke ...
so excited for lord grantham to get his new dog, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
IIRC the non-existence of Al Qaeda is pretty convincingly argued in Adam Curtis' Power of Nightmares
Neocons are as oblivious to ISIS as they were to Al Qaeda circa 03. Shia Muslims are the new Saddam I guess
Syria continues to be a mess and is creating divergent "enemy of my enemy is my friend" dynamics for Israel and US
Reup: Al Qaeda as a good neighbor, and a lesser evil? My column on how Israel is dealing with new Syrian reality.
And if the Saudi government prevented Saudi donors from funding ISIS and Al-Qaeda they wouldn't need to be so generous …
It's no coincidence that they used propaganda about Al-Qaeda at the exact same time that the War On Terror was created.
Al Qaeda as a lesser evil? Syria war pulls Israel and the U.S. apart. My column from the Golan Heights.
Is this the part where we support Nusra when they denounce Al Qaeda?
For the record: If you think Bush himself planned 911, I pity you. If you think Al qaeda planned 911, I'm sorry for your mental disorder.
CFR: Accepting Al Qaeda - . please... stop fixing the MiddleEast!
This is YAMAM operation on hamas terror cell..Next time it will be the FBI in your Irvine open there Al Qaeda ?
It's official: al-Qaeda's top man in Iraq, Harith al-Dharee, has died in Turkey from a heart attack. Perhaps l…
Some political n religious parties hav serious terrorist threats from Taleban n Al-Qaeda, they shud be allowed to erect…
Now we are working with Iran what monster will come from it a few years down the road like ISIS or Al Qaeda.
If it's not Al Qaeda, it's ISIS. If not them, it's Hezbollah. If not them, it's Boko Haram. If not them, it's Hamas. Revolution is heavy.
LIFG and Ansar still have Al Qaeda ideology even if they disavow active partnership. Belhaj more or less IS's man in Libya.…
U.S. and Israel don't agree over who represents the biggest danger in Syria: Al Qaeda or Iran and Hezbollah?
Jabhat al-Nusra slammed for not severing ties with al-Qaeda via
."There really was no group like al Qaeda in Iraq or until we invaded.”
My mum said my lil' beard made me look like someone from Al Qaeda...
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