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Al Jazeera English (AJE) is an international 24-hour English-language news and current affairs TV channel headquartered in Doha, Qatar.

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The jihadist selfie is changing the image of holy war - Al Jazeera English
Brunei: When Sharia serves the sultan and US media - Al Jazeera English
Reflections of a former white supremacist - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English is excellent. Stories are well-sourced and carefully researched. Not like, for instance, Fox News.
Inside Story - Are the US and Russia engaged in a new Cold War? - Al Jazeera English
Who are the Rohingya Muslims? Any how did they become among the world's most persecuted people? - Al Jazeera English.
"This is a long road to *** if we are going to rebuild the fourth-largest city in the United States ..." - Al Jazeera English.
Al Jazeera English: UN suspends food aid to refugees in Myanmar.
Working on Labor Day Weekend. Thanks Chairman Kim. Not. On Fox at 1pm & Al Jazeera English at 2pm. As they say, check your local listings.
Why is it that CNN/BBC/Al Jazeera hv no mention of N Korea but Indian channels in English are harping on the N Tests repeatedly
UN calls for investigation into air strikes. 2017/08/25. Al Jazeera English.
Free Press in Argentina: A Sign of the Times - Witness - Al Jazeera English
Mixed reactions in Kenya over top court election ruling - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English : Who are the Why are the more than one Rohingya in https:…
Al Jazeera English: Arson attacks push thousands more Rohingya from Myanmar.
Libya assembly votes for Sharia law - Al Jazeera English
Calls grow to delay Iraqi Kurdistan vote for independence - Al Jazeera English
Monsoon floods in South Asia affect 24 million people: Red Cross - Al Jazeera English
US to withhold $290m in aid to Egypt over human rights abuses - Al Jazeera English
Trump's America: Bring on the hate - Al Jazeera English | NEWS
Al Jazeera English: The Stream - Lebanon rape law scrapped and Zambia's Hichilema free.
Inside Story - Can Trump succeed in ending the war in Afghanistan? - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: US to withhold $290m in Egyptian aid over human rights.
UN accuses both sides in Yemen war of international law violations - Al Jazeera English
Live in Angola? Know someone there? AJ NewsGrid wants to hear from you. - Al Jazeera English.
Angola to vote for new president as dos Santos ends 38-year reign - Al Jazeera English
Chile court lifts total ban on abortion - Al Jazeera English
Solar eclipse: The moments the sun went out - Al Jazeera English
Winter sports make unlikely debut at 2017 South East Asian Games - Al Jazeera English
Why I will vote for Bernie Sanders - Al Jazeera English
Not another round of bombs please. Al Jazeera English: Trump to address nation on new Afghan strategy.
I will be on Al Jazeera English shortly contributing on
Watch an exclusive interview of Dr Tahirul Qadri with on Al Jazeera English on Friday July 21 at 7:30
Al Jazeera English: War with North Korea would be tragic: US military chief. Our Children Deserve Better !!!
I liked a video Al Jazeera English - Live
Al Jazeera English announcing its expansion in Australia onto News Corp's Foxtel in 2012:
HG interviewed by Al Jazeera English re the brutal bombing of 2 churches in…
Al Jazeera English news is the private TV media network that I trust most. CBC in Canada and BBC World as well.
I would like to invite you for a high-profile TV interview on the Al Jazeera English network.Please can I email the details?
Our President & Founder, Dr.Neumann, on Al Jazeera English this morning, discussing event in Latin America in... https:…
Al Jazeera English: Iraqi Kurds divided on President Trump. Kurds already was divided right or evil as PKK YPG
Did you know that many of CNN & Al Jazeera English's experts on Aleppo support terrorist groups?. Full story:
I miss Al Jazeera America, but love being able to stream Al Jazeera English once again. When I had home internet, I'd stream it all day long
well Al Jazeera America is, but not Al Jazeera English? That was my understanding.
Inside China's ghost towns: 'Developers run out of money' - Al Jazeera English
All eyes on Havana as Cuba bids farewell to Castro - Al Jazeera English:
Same press now whines about foreign influence: U.S. Press Wants its Al Jazeera English
Top story: Dinner with Rodrigo Duterte - Al Jazeera English see more
BBС R1 on iPlayer BT Sport and Sky Sports Pay per view news Al Jazeera English chief
Al Jazeera English: These pudding-loving hamsters will melt your heart. Al Jazeera Arabic: Is it halal to devour the liver of a Shia child?
Al Jazeera Arabic: are gas chambers too humane for exterminating Alawites?. Al Jazeera English: check out these six dogs…
The rise of the comic book in the Middle East - Al Jazeera English
how do you feel about Al Jazeera English?
Watch Now: Should the UK government ban second home ownership? - Al Jazeera English
Helping Malawi's animals back into the wild - Al Jazeera English
I liked a video from Al Jazeera English HD Live Stream.
Watch Now: Inside Story - Can US air strikes push ISIL out of Libya? - Al Jazeera English with So Rahman
[Al jazeera English] Syria war: Rebels vow to intensify offensive in Aleppo [Qatar]
Deaths as villages wash away in Sudan floods - Al Jazeera English
I saw a video like a month ago on Al Jazeera English about Russia having a AIDS/HIV epidemic and I couldn't even watch it😕
Can someone tell me why Al Jazeera English has so many videos that are locked in the United States of America on YouTube
Follow the best of Al Jazeera Turk in English
Watch Now: Exclusive: Update from the frontline in Syria's Aleppo - Al Jazeera English
Looking at a new Audi in Next stop the moon @ Al Jazeera English
Commented on: Crane collapse kills at least 107 in Mecca Grand Mosque - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: South Sudan minister resigns, calls for Kiir to go.
The mirage of the meek Muslim women - Al Jazeera English:
What is the reason behind Malaysia's new security law? - Al Jazeera English
Hey Tom, I'm producing on Al Jazeera English today- would you mind following me so we can DM?
[Al jazeera English] Syrian child actor killed as he tries to escape Aleppo [Qatar]
Al Jazeera to launch English language streaming service in U.S
I was interviewed yesterday by the news network AL JAZEERA ENGLISH for a live discussion show on the fatal risks...
Can Hillary Clinton placate the divided left? - Al Jazeera English
Pardon your French: Chinese tourists and a clash of cultures in Paris - Al Jazeera English
[Al jazeera English] What is the reason for Malaysia's new security law? [Qatar]
Al Jazeera English: US: What did Muslims at the think of
Great news. Al-Jazeera English to relaunch live digital streaming service in USA.
When will you have Al Jazeera English again. U had it prior to AJ America. PLEASE ANSWER from a customer! Thank you!
[Al jazeera English] Pope Francis: Not right to identify Islam with violence [Qatar]
Al Jazeera English: Who are we to label ISIL members non-Muslims? Yeah okay
My Story on The Stream: Record a video comment for The Stream on Al Jazeera English
The liberation of Mosul is a deja vu all over again - Al Jazeera English
Re: Al Jazeera English:. Thousands to call for US troops' exit from
Instagram photo by Al Jazeera English • Jul 1, 2016 at 4:14pm UTC
Hi Ahmed, could you follow me so we can DM? Joanna, Al Jazeera English.
Without a doubt. I've been watching Al Jazeera English for years because of CBCs weak global news coverage.
Pakistan: The secret world of women - Al Jazeera English
- rebels regain control of three towns in the area of Latakia: Al Jazeera English
The hypocrisy of Australian democracy - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: Survival and resurrection after Congo's civil war.
Time for Eastern Europe to shine at the United Nations - Al Jazeera English:
Al Jazeera English at night is a good sleep aide, and I really don't mean that derogatorily. It helps w insomnia
Why does FIFA still recognise Israeli settlement teams? - Al Jazeera English /
Today, Dr. Strobe was interviewed by Al Jazeera English on the topic of IV Nutrient Therapy.
Al Jazeera English: Exclusive: 'Strong evidence' of genocide in Myanmar.
Al Jazeera English: No place for Islam? Buddhist nationalism in Myanmar.
Good on yo and well said in that interview with Al Jazeera English on May 26. Wish u were here in UK
Al Jazeera English: US drops weapons to rebels battling ISIL in Syria.
Hi Linda, keen to speak toy you at Al Jazeera English today- could you email me on joanna.humphreysthanks
every farmer knows that without cheap labor the crops would rot- Al Jazeera English
and officially closed the Balkan route on refugees via Al Jazeera English...
Bishops covered up sex abuse of Pennsylvania children - Al Jazeera English
Finding Kukan and a piece of Chinese-American history l Al Jazeera English
Top story: Super Saturday: A nightmare for the Republicans? - Al Jazeera English see more
charles martel commented on Palestinian anti-corruption chief claws back $70m - Al Jazeera English
Hupa: A language that refuses to die - Al Jazeera English
Watch Now: holds out amid US pressure over - Al Jazeera English
Cuba's struggle to cope with the tourism boom - Al Jazeera English:
New York's homeless left out in the cold - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English running programme on Fracking at moment.
Nigeria cracks down on push for 'Biafra' breakaway state in southeast
A rifle's journey from Belgium to Gaza - BBC News
[Al jazeera English] Six children drown as refugee boat sinks off Turkey [Qatar]
[Al jazeera English] Muslim men's jailing in Myanmar 'tainted with torture' [Qatar]
Turkish PM seeks to calm row with Iraq over troops - Al Jazeera English
Aruba to become energy independent by 2020
Donald Trump wants 'total' halt to Muslims coming to US - BBC News
Kiribati: The island at the edge of the world - Al Jazeera English
gold standard: Tourism - Al Jazeera English Sattin is an expert on North Afri...
Give Us Back Our Data - " new technologies provide a smokescreen for a huge power shift." . Al Jazeera English
Meet the woman leading China's new organic farming army - Al Jazeera English
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Week's most popular documentaries on Al Jazeera
Braving the cold to save the Arctic - Al Jazeera English
Week's most popular documentaries on Al Jazeera [ad ]
My report on importance of preserving chimps in Sierra Leone - Al Jazeera English
Thailand's village of Samut Chin: Turning the tide - Al Jazeera English
Donald Trump calls for halt on Muslims entering the US - Al Jazeera English
Beijing in 'partial shutdown' as smog blankets city - Al Jazeera English
Poor urban planning blamed for floods in southern India
Al Jazeera English: What's behind the success of France's far-right party? …
[Al jazeera English] Syrian opposition groups to hold unity talks in Riyadh [Qatar]
Sara's story: Loved and then killed in ISIL's capital - Al Jazeera English
Competition to choose 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo ends
Al Jazeera English: Victims of rape during the South Sudanese civil war tell us their stories of broken dreams: …
Quitting your job to travel the world
Making refugees feel like human beings - Al Jazeera English
What is it because I would probably do al-Jazeera English is they asked. Not a huge fan of the BBC though.
'At least we are treated as humans': Syrians in Sudan - Al Jazeera English
Top ISIL leader in Libya killed by US strike: Pentagon - Al Jazeera English
The difficulty of being Muslim in France - Al Jazeera English
Meet the Nigerian woman taking on Boko Haram - Al Jazeera English
Ebola-free Sierra Leone cleared to host football - Al Jazeera English
My latest film (Isil And The Taliban) on Al Jazeera English tonight at 8pm (UK time)
Amnesty: Australian officials paid people smugglers - Al Jazeera English
Ongoing pain for Irish victim sawed open in childbirth - Al Jazeera English
Egypt TV host uses video game to show Russian air raids - Al Jazeera English
Corbyn resets the 'special relationship' - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: The belief system of the Islamophobes
Iraq liaises with Syria, Russia and Iran to bomb ISIL - Al Jazeera English
Israeli troops start deploying in cities after attacks - Al Jazeera English
Pakistanis ask to testify in Bangladesh war-crimes case - Al Jazeera English
Looking backwards at Muslims in Spain - Al Jazeera English
Clinton and Sanders spar openly in first debate - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English would do a fantastic job.
Breaking News: Burying the dead in South Sudan - Al Jazeera English see more
Al Jazeera English: Taliban claim pull out of Kunduz city.
The Democratic debate: Will it make a difference? - Al Jazeera English
Two-state solution is not a 'valid solution right now' - Al Jazeera English
Thailand bans film over depictions of Buddhist monks - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in Bethlehem.
Taliban claim to pull out from Kunduz city - Al Jazeera English
Two more Iranian commanders killed in Syria - Al Jazeera English
Bombers strike after questioning by Nigerian locals - Al Jazeera English
Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in Bethlehem - Al Jazeera English
Top story: Is a third Palestinian Intifada imminent? - Al Jazeera English see more
do you know Al Jazeera English blocked in Denmark? i was able to work around but was new information to me.
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Top story: Al Jazeera English on Periscope see more
'All options are open': Will Gaza join the uprising? - Al Jazeera English
Cool concept I just saw on Al Jazeera English
Israel's 'ethnic cleansing' of Jaffa city - Al Jazeera English -...
Palestine : *** isra commented on Three Israelis killed as wave of violence escalates - Al Jazeera English
Israeli lawyer: Palestinians 'have the right to fight' - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: Three Israelis killed as wave of violence escalates. Time for Israel to replicate last summer.
Top story: UN to probe the UK's deadly disability cuts - Al Jazeera English see more
MH17 suffered 'explosive' loss of pressure - Al Jazeera English
MH17 report to answer some but not all questions - Al Jazeera English
[Al jazeera English] Afghanistan: America's longest war looks to get longer [Qatar]
BBC, Al-Jazeera English criticized for biased coverage of Jerusalem terror attack
Q&A: Why are bloggers being killed in Bangladesh? - Al Jazeera English
Arab slaughters Jews, is then killed by police = "wave of unrest with deaths on both sides" -> Mike Hanna, al Jazeera English
Arab coalition accused of war crimes in Yemen l Al Jazeera English
Unrest spreads in occupied West Bank - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: Arab coalition accused of war crimes in Yemen.
Palestinians tackle the trauma of imprisonment - Al Jazeera English
Indonesians demand truth is told on massacre - Al Jazeera English via
Scenes that didn't make it into 'Off the Rails' - Al Jazeera English
Five days of record-breaking temperatures in Australia - Al Jazeera English
Hundreds of new species found in Eastern Himalayas - Al Jazeera English
Coalition troops killed after attack in Yemen's Aden - Al Jazeera English
Saudi-led coalition accused of war crimes in Yemen - Al Jazeera English
Ex-UN General Assembly chief charged in bribery case - Al Jazeera English
Illegal overfishing and the return of Somalia's pirates - Al Jazeera English
Rings of Fire - Al Jazeera English just watch this tackling Canada's injustices to First Nations People
ISIL claims suicide bombings in Yemen's Aden
Exposing the great 'poverty reduction' lie - Al Jazeera English
BBC News and Al Jazeera English - find the difference. RIP journalistic integrity
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Watch Now: Swedish PM: 'Tear gas, attacks - that is not my Europe' - Al Jazeera English
.w/ Former Al Jazeera English Bureau Chief Mohamed Fahmy after being pardoned by the Egyptian President
Al Jazeera English interviews DMC student about lobster research
Sad & stupid: Al-Jazeera journalists sentenced to three years in prison by Egyptian court.
Russia's military hardware in Syria - BBC News
Palestine's Abbas wants to avoid violence with Israel - Al Jazeera English
Tune in to Al Jazeera English now to see our local correspondent in CAR discuss the current crisis there on
Watch our correspondent in Central African Republic discuss recent crisis there - tonight @ 8:30, Al Jazeera English http:…
Israel's right defies rabbinate over Al Aqsa - Al Jazeera English
The story of India, thread by thread - Al Jazeera English
The two Al Jazeera English employees were among 100 people pardoned by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on the eve of the …
$ES_F strikes Syria after stray rockets land in Golan - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: Putin: Overthrowing Assad will lead to failed state.
Chagos: The heart of an American empire? - Al Jazeera English
France launches first air strikes against ISIL in Syria - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: Russia vows military support for Syria. Something to keep an eye on.
Al Jazeera English: El Nino set to be strongest ever.
South African students protest over use of Afrikaans - Al Jazeera English
"They've been convicted without a shred of evidence" Giles Trendle, Acting Managing Director of Al Jazeera English
Vettel blasts Pirelli after 200mph blowout in Belgium - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: Berlin says 100 Germans killed fighting alongside ISIL. the religion of integration and peace?
Al Jazeera English: Streams of refugees flow into Macedonia from Greece. Then onwards to northern Europe and UK
Al Jazeera English: Germany vows to fight racism after attacks on refugees.
Al Jazeera English: ISIL suspected of using mustard gas in Syria's Aleppo.
Al Jazeera English: Is WWE really a global phenomenon?
Top story: ISIL destroys ancient temple in Syria's Palmyra - Al Jazeera English see more
clip of my interview with on Al Jazeera English - on the psychology of ultra-marathoning -
Meet some of the brave Israelis who publicly support | via Al Jazeera English.
The story of Bush and Blair's great lie - Al Jazeera English: via
Historic Deal: and finally give people a nation - Al Jazeera English
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Bangladesh and India finally give people a nation - Al Jazeera English
hydroelectric plans stunted in quake aftermath - Al Jazeera English
Rising xenophobia in Sicily at the 'boat people' - Al Jazeera English
Awesome headline from Al Jazeera English (fascinating story, too)
Bangladesh: Politics, religion and the limits of speech - Al Jazeera English
Commented on: Blog: Why is the US sending its warships to Yemen? - Al Jazeera English
and world powers strike initial deal - Al Jazeera English
After ISIL: What Tikritis found when they came home - Al Jazeera English
Top story: Reports: Medication found at German pilot's home - Al Jazeera English see more
More important than the Oscars: retrial of Al Jazeera English journalists resuming in Egypt
Burundi frees journalist tied to suspect in nuns murder - Al Jazeera English
Breaking News: Worshipers killed in Peshawar mosque attack - Al Jazeera English see more
Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed released on bail:
“I will go immediately to the kids. They will be so happy," says wife of journalist Baher Mohamed:
UPDATE: Al Jazeera English journalists Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were granted bail today, after spending...
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World: Egypt court orders release of Al-Jazeera English journalists – via
Intolerable: Al Jazeera English Bans Words "Terrorist," "Extremist" and "Jihad" - what name can be used...MURDERERS?. https:…
with Raymond Top News Item - Long-held Al Jazeera journalists freed, … see more
Egypt court frees two Al-Jazeera English journalists on bail Bing News Top
Al-Jazeera English journalists released on bail from Egyptian prison
Two Al Jazeera journalists released by Egypt court, but case not dismissed (ekurd)
BREAKING: Egypt court orders release on bail of Al-Jazeera English journalists
court orders release of journalists Fahmy and Mohamed on bail
did paid media mention this . Al Jazeera English
did paid media mention about s achievement?? . Al Jazeera English:
Cheers erupt in Cairo courtroom as judge issues bail for 2 Al Jazeera English journalists:
Egypt court orders release of al-Jazeera journalists Fahmy and Mohamed on…
Ban Ki-moon: Stop ISIL 'in the name of humanity' - Al Jazeera English
I also commented on the Nigerian elections tonight on Al Jazeera English:
Pakistani community's fight for rights - Al Jazeera English
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Flash floods hit Greece and Albania - Al Jazeera English
UN chief backs plan for AU forces to tackle Boko Haram - Al Jazeera English
Security tightened in Thailand after mall blasts - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: death toll mounts after talks collapse.
Al Jazeera English reporter released from Egyptian prison -
New post (Al Jazeera English reporter released from Egyptian prison) has been published on Nigeria Breaking News...
Al Jazeera English reporter released from Egyptian prison
icon Suu Kyi's front gate up for auction - Al Jazeera English
New: VIDEO - The third and final part of the Al Jazeera English trilogy about ►
McIlroy wraps up his second Dubai title - Al Jazeera English
Thousands return to streets to protest in Hong Kong - Al Jazeera English
Jordan vows to save the life of ISIL-held pilot - Al Jazeera English
A Marrakech Tale – starting at 2230GMT on Al Jazeera English. Watch live |
Dozens abducted by Boko Haram in Cameroon - Africa - Al Jazeera English
Executive producer of Al Jazeera English blows his cover, shows distress over widespread support for Charlie…
Executive producer of Al Jazeera English shows distress over support for Charlie Hebdo victims: v…
US to remove troops from 15 European bases - Europe - Al Jazeera English
My latest article for Al Jazeera English, on why the Gulf Cooperation Council's hands are tied over Yemen
I will be on Al Jazeera English tonight around 9 - 9.15pm discussing the retrial in Egypt of three jailed Al Jazeera journalists
Egypt urged to free jailed Al Jazeera staff: A year after three Al Jazeera English journalists w...
Mr. Baird, how are Saudi Arabia’s beheadings different from Islamic State’s? SHENAZ KERMALLI Shenaz Kermalli is a Canadian freelance journalist with an interest in faith and politics. She has previously worked for Al Jazeera English, BBC News and CBC Television. It’s something the Canadian Foreign Minister still fails to grasp. On Wednesday, the same day that John Baird was greeted warmly by his Saudi Arabian counterpart to discuss coordinated efforts to combat Islamic State militants (also known as ISIS or ISIL), a Saudi court judge decided to pass a death sentence against a leading opposition figure on charges of sedition and “breaking allegiance to the king.” “We consider the Kingdom and Kuwait important allies in combating violent extremism and terrorism,” Mr. Baird said before leaving for his trip to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait on Tuesday. Does Canada really see an ally in a country that has carried out twice as many beheadings over one month than the militia it now claims it wants to destr ...
Iraqi army prepares for 'liberation of Mosul' - Middle East - Al Jazeera English
Somers had contributed to Al Jazeera English online from 2011 to 2013 Luke Somers described as brave human being and open-minded journalist
Two Sierra Leone Ebola doctors die in one day - Africa - Al Jazeera English
Gunmen kill dozens in attack on Kenya mine - Al Jazeera English
ISIL-affiliate posts 'video of Sinai attack' - Middle East - Al Jazeera English
moves to extend law to W Bank settlers - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English: Scores killed in attacks across Iraq.
Al Jazeera English: Yemen swears in new government amid boycott.
Al Jazeera English: Palestinians remind world of their own wall.
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Al Jazeera English: Iraqi army 'reaches centre' of oil city Beiji.
Al Jazeera English: Obama signals new phase in fight against ISIL.
Catalan voters back independence - Al Jazeera English. Nationalities want independence. Why not
World leaders gather in China for APEC summit - Al Jazeera English
Biduns in Kuwait offered Comoros citizenship - Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English launches global brand campaign from Africa - Al Jazeera English’s new...
Palestinians remind world of their own wall - Al Jazeera English
Good insight on how Al Jazeera English builds interactives
Meet the New Right, same as the Old Right "Enough with the poppy-pushing - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
Video: News Bulletin – 14:35 GMT update The main headlines on Al Jazeera English, featuring the latest news...
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