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The Banū Mūsā brothers ("Sons of Moses"), namely Abū Jaʿfar, Muḥammad ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir (before 803 – February 873), Abū al‐Qāsim, Aḥmad ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir (d.

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Part 2: Purification of An-Najasat Impurities (An-Najasat) are removed with water, and no other liquids used to remove the stain of impurities, such as vinegar, rose water and the like, because the basic principle in purification is water, therefore nothing can take its place, unless its is permitted by the Lawgiver (Allah), such as tanning for the purification of animal skins, and rubbing to clean the bottom of shoes and other things. 1. Purifying one's garment from the urine of a breastfeeding child: This is based upon the Hadith of Abu As-Samh who said; "I used to serve the Prophet (Sal Allaho 'Alayhii wa sallam) and when he wanted to perform Ghusl, he would say to me: 'Turn your back towards e,' so I would turn my back and hide him (Once) Hasan or Husain was brought to him, and urinated on his chest. I came to wash it. He said: "It is only the urine of a female (infant) which should be washed; the urine of a male (infant) should be sprinkled over." 2. Concerning ground that has been affected by impu . ...
Life doesn't always go to plan becoz sometimes things don't work out as i want or plan. My hopes n expectations crashed and felt disappointed more than i care to count. Even now, i'm still working thru few of disappointments. I just hope all these things can bring out the best in me. In Sha Allah. :)
Do you think you're better than allah swt or the final nabi, sallalahu alayhi wa sallam? No, correct? Then stop making islam arbitrarily difficult! There are hadith and ayats that speak about sex directly so who exactly are you to say it is taboo? Some examples Hadith about multiple sexual rounds , "If one of you approaches his wife, and then wishes to repeat, let him do wudhu, for it will make the recurrence more energetic" [Abu Dawud]. Hadith about marrying young women (and one reason why) "I advise you to marry young women, for they have sweeter lips...and are more passionate in their embrace" [Reported by Ibn Majah, al-Tabarani, and others, and it is hasan]. Ayat about having sex Your wives are as a tilth unto you so approach your tilth when or how you will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear Allah, and that you are to meet Him}(2:223) There are many other hadith and ayats that talk about sex. Get over yourselves. You're actually going against the sunnah by falsely claiming sex i ...
u must think about like that i can do it . It needs thats kind of
Discovering the Secret Strength and Joy in Solitude “Stop the world! I want to get off!” Can you relate? This can be a very overwhelming feeling. You see, our humanity has this flaw that you will not find in other creation. We want to do all things, all at once! Multi-tasking, they call it. Supposedly a super human trait; but is it really? If so, then why do we need multivitamins and supplements to help us stay awake and alert? Why do we not get our proper 6-8 hours of sleep required to keep our bodies healthy? Why are so many of us suffering from stress and depression? We do not function optimally because we do not serve our purpose. What is our ultimate purpose in life? Serving Allah (glorified and exalted be He) and His deen (religion). “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” [Qur'an: Chapter 51, Verse 56] Learning About Life from Salmon Animals know their path and stick to it. Bears hunt and feed in summer, then hibernate in winter. The salmon, WOW! What an amazing cr ...
"Statements cannot be correct except with actions; Statements and actions cannot be correct except with an intention; and statements, actions and an intention cannot be correct except according to the Sunnah." - Al Hasan al-Basri
Only a true believer fears hypocrisy whereas the hypocrite himself feels safe from it. - Hasan al-Basri
"It's not about who hurt you and broke you down. It's about who was always there and made you smile again". Good morning my friends. So, how are u all?
Al-Hasan Al-Basree (rahimahullaah) said: ”Know that you will not love Allaah until you love to obey Him.” [Jaami-ul Uloom Wal-Hikam: page:85]
In school, I often snuck away to the library to read back issues of Wisden. Hence, it's a great feeling to have contributed to the inaugural issue of Wisden India Almanack. This is my piece on the rise of Shakib Al Hasan, one of Wisden's Cricketer's of the Year.
Let's look at the facts and models of GULO [the forth and final enzyme of the metabolic pathway that converts glucose to vitamin C] deactivation and of common ancestry and see how well they fit the data... //i)Strepsirrhines and most other plants and animals have the GULO gene, and are immune to deadly vitamin C deficiency (scurvy). ii)Haplorrhines (Inai, Ohta, & Nishikimi, 2003), the remaining primates, along with pigs (Hasan et. al., 1999), guinea pigs (Nishikimi, Kawai, & Yagi, 1992), and certain fish and birds are prone to vitamin C deficiency. Additionally, they posses an altered, inactive form of the GULO gene, as well as the genes for all the remaining enzymes in the metabolic pathway, such as UDP-glucose dehydrogenase (4p15.1) and glucuronic acid epimerase (15q23).// So far, we see that primates, pigs, guinea pigs, and certain fish and birds have inactive GULOs, but have the rest of the metabolic pathway for vitamin C synthesis, which automatically shows there is some type of evolutionary change. ...
The untold story of a Guard of Al Aqsa Mosque ''Corporal Hasan''; deployed during the WW1. He continued his duties even after the fall of Ottoman empire (Khilafa) from 1917 to 1972, for almost 55years.
Barbados chooses their 1st overseas player Sakib Al Hasan ( ) from Bangladesh for
Know that you will never truly Love Allah until you Love obeying Him. - Hasan al-Basri
When a thorn *** a person, they should say, 'My Lord has not harmed me, this is due to a sin I have committed.' - Hasan al-Basri
"Sell this life for the next and you win both of them. Sell the next life for this and you lose both of them." -- Hasan al-Basri
Al-Hasan Al-Basree said: "The effect of learning in early age is like engraving on a stone." [Bahjat Al-Majaalis, 1/109]
"Do not sit idle, for indeed death is seeking you!" Hasan al Basri
You chase the dunya and its pleasures when the dunya was the punishment for Adam AS [Hasan Al-Basri]
"We chase after the dunya while it was a place of punishment for Adam." - Imam Hasan Al Basri”
Know that you will never truly love Allah until you love obeying Him. [Hasan Al-Basri]
is missing Al Hasan more than anything. Speaks volumes about the impending rise of
Breaking News: Shakib Al Hasan makes the new record for any Bangladeshi player to score Continue Reading
Sakib Al Hassan: Shakib Al Hasan is a Bangladeshi international cricketer. He is an excellent all-rounder, bat...
KKR if u want to win today (KKR vs K XI P) then select Brad Haddin as wicket keeper, take Shakib Al Hasan , take Brett Lee and take J. Patt
$ "Shakib [Al Hasan] will play as a batsman in the first Test," Akram said in a press briefing."Whether he will...
Breaking News: Shakib Al Hasan will be playing Zim Tour but the problem... Continue Reading
On Cricinfo, Chin: "Al Hasan: Just dnt forget that this is only the 2nd day of the match and yet it is...
Successful surgery on Al Hasan's right calf done; stitches will come off in two weeks & he will start running in 3 weeks.
Al Hasan gifted the car to his wife which he won yesterday for becoming the man of the tournament of
Last night Dhaka Gladiators won the BPL for the 2nd time after beating Chitagong Kings. Shakib Al Hasan was man of the tournament again
Who do you want to see win the Bangladesh Premier League Player of the Series Ford Fiesta? Shakib Al Hasan? Azhar Mahmood Or OUR VERY OWN Mushfiqur Rahim? I VOTE FOR Mushfiqur Rahim! WHAT ABOUT YOU?
Syria 1st-Hand: How to Start an Insurgent Battalion (Abdul-Ahad): Formation of the Al Hasan bin Ali Battalion i...
Dhaka Gladiators has got another healthy win of 8 wickets vs Barishal Burners. Shakib Al Hasan got the man of the...
Bangladesh all-rounder Al Hasan doubtful to play in a 2 test series vs Sri Lanka next month, due to injury.
if you superior people arrange more mach for BAN than it will be Shakib Al Hasan. Globalization means Ind,pak,AU,SA, Eng,SL???
BIOGRAPHY Name: Al Hasan bin Ali (a.s.) Mother: Ummul Walad - Susan. Kunniyat (Patronymic): Abu Muhammad. Laqab (Title): Al Askari. Birth: He was born at Samarrah in the year 232 A.H. Martyrdom: He was poisoned in 260 A.H. at Samarrah and is buried there. Imam Hassan askari(as) BIOGRAPHY His name is al-Hasan, Abu Muhammad. Being a resident of "Asgar a suburb of Samarra", he is titled al-askari. His father was Imam "Ali An-Naqi (A.S.) and his mother was Salil Khatun, an ideal woman in piety, worship, chastity and generosity. He was born in Medina on the tenth of Rabi" al-Akhir, 232 A.H. (December 4, 846 AD). Upbringing and Instruction He lived under the care of his respected father upto the age of 11. When his father had to leave for Samarra" he was to accompany him and thus share the hardships of the journey with the family. At Samarra", he passed his time with his father either in imprisonment or in partial freedom. He had, however, the chance to benefit from his father"s teaching and instruction. Imamat ...
Al Hasan says hasn't received initially agreed 25% of the signing amount from his franchise Dhaka Gladiators ..
I was very, very excited because I was seeing Jamie after a long time. He is easily the best coach we've ever had in Bangladesh," Tamim said, before flying home today after a six-game stint with the Firebirds. "Me, Shakib [Al Hasan] and Mushfiqur [Rahim] the captain, we rate Jamie very, very highly and a lot of the boys do as well. He is the only one who changed our culture and changed the thinking of the batsmen," said Tamim. "He got aggressiveness into us and his hard work - his 3 years of hard work - is just paying off now. We won the [one-day] series against the West Indies recently and all the hard work he put in is just paying off now. It's unfortunate he's not with us any more, because I personally think he's an incredible coach."
Al Hasan ,Mushfiqur Rahim weeping after match , Tear of a Real Winner who Lost the Title only by 2 Runs But Won Love of Millions of Hearts.. Shakib Al Hasan ,Mushfiqur Rahim Bangladeshi Cricket Team Player weeping Bangladeshi Cricketers Crying After Losing Close Asia Cup Final. Don’t Cry You are World Heroes, You have won Millions of hearts and made your Nation Proud !
Flash Back: Shakib Al Hasan posed with new car after winning man of the tournament award in the 1st edition of...
allrounder Al Hasan has married Umme Ahmed Shishir, a US-based software engineer, in Dhaka on
Congrats Shakib bhai for getting married ! One of my favourite cricketer..all the very best for the life ahead ...Al Hasan
all rounder Al Hasan to marry girl via
Sweet Memory: Shakib Al Hasan was the man of the series in Dgicial Test Series against West Indies in 2009. We...
Do you see promise in Bangladesh cricket and will you miss the players and the opportunity to help them improve? Richard McInnes (the National Academy director) and I proposed a streamlining of their player production system, but it was rejected. Cricket Operations refused to work with Richard in running the feeder teams to the national side. They have an exceptional young man in their captain, Mushfiqur Rahim, and genuine international potential in Shakib [Al Hasan], Tamim [Iqbal] and others. There is a core of genuinely passionate administrators, but they seemed to be swamped by politics.
Awesome Pic: Shakib Al Hasan with his grandmother at Magura.
Cricket News: Shakib Al Hasan become the no. 1 batsman in... . . see more
Old Memory: Shakib Al Hasan gets welcomed by the people of Magura...!
Gambhir dropped Lee, in favour of Al Hasan, on a track conducive for fast bowling. Can somebody explain the logic?
Al Hasan & Al Husyan the masters & leaders of the youth in Jannah May Allah be pleased with them.
Just In: Shakib Al Hasan is once again back as no.1 in test allrounder's ranking with 404 points. A very good...
Who's your favourite sportsman ? — I don't know. Shakib Al Hasan and Virat Kohki probably.
The International players to participate in the SLPL: (all values in US $) Uthura Rudras: Shakib Al Hasan...
feeling great sorrow for Al Hasan, as he is going to miss
Cricket Photo: Shakib Al Hasan smashes one to the leg side
Bangladeshi Players' Price - Sri Lanka Premier League: Shakib Al Hasan : $25,000 Tamim Iqbal : $18,000 Musfiqur Rahim : $20,000 Nasir Hossain : $16,000 Elias Sunny : $12,000 Yes, all the players are getting very less payment compared to IPL and BPL, but money isn't everything in cricket. At least, more Bangladeshi players are getting chance to play the tournament and they can learn something! Learning is the main objective, and if our players can gain experience even with low payments, we will be very happy.
Shakib's window escape On Bangladesh’s third annual Social Business Day, which coincided with the birthday of Nobel laureate Mohammad Yunus, Shakib Al Hasan was invited to an event as one of four young achievers, along with mountaineers who had climbed Mount Everest. There was also the visiting astronaut Ron Goran, who gave a presentation of his work in space. The moment Shakib's car pulled up, hundreds of students from nearby schools in Savar began to gather. The autograph hunters eventually got too close to the podium - some even got on it - so Shakib was put in a room behind the stage. The crowd then began to bang on the door, and Shakib was left with little choice but to climb out through the ground-floor window and into a waiting car to take him back to Dhaka. -
Al Hasan retained his No.1 spot for and the latest rankings announced by # ICC.
Kings of Khulna (often abbreviated as KK) is the franchise representing Khulna in the Bangladesh NCL (National Cricket League) Twenty20, a Twenty20 cricket tournament. The team is led by Shakib Al Hasan. Shakib Al Hasan is also their team's icon player. The official colors are black and yellow. The team also has three players who are iconic. In Kings of Khulna it is bowler Abdur Razzak who has been on the Bangladesh national team as one of their top spinners. Also the opening batsman Imrul Kayes who has the most runs in the tournament.
Shakib Al Hasan rested for Zimbabwe tour - Times of India: Yahoo! Eurosport UKShakib Al Hasan rested for Zimbabw...
'I will always put a hundred over a five-for'- Al Hasan - Have a look at this Interview..
Al Hasan done the magic. Come on dont missfield
Sri Lankan Premier League which will make its debut this August, want some players of Bangladesh. Their special choices in on Tamim Iqbal,Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur & Mashrafe. - Maximum 10 players of Bangladesh can play in SLPL.
Is it just me or does bare a slight resemblance to Al Hasan?
why don't play Shakib Al Hasan. SRK??
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