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Al Hasan

The Banū Mūsā brothers (Sons of Moses ), namely Abū Jaʿfar, Muḥammad ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir (before 803 – February 873), Abū al‐Qāsim, Aḥmad ibn Mūsā ibn Shākir (d.

Shakib Al Hasan Mushfiqur Rahim Dhaka Gladiators Tamim Iqbal West Indies

Abdullah bin Al-Haarith said, “I didn’t see anyone who smiled more than the Messenger of Allah (s).”
LIVE UPDATES: . Al-Imdaad Foundation Global Relief Teams on the ground in Macedonia,.
he was the director of the company till 2008 n even he is founder member of Al dua
The best attribute a believer can have is forgiveness. . - Al-Hasan Al-Basri
"When a young man is devout, we don’t recognize him by his speech. We recognize him by his actions.". - Hasan al-Basri
The best quality a believer could ever have is forgiveness (Hasan Al Basri)
"The best wealth is contentment and the worst poverty is humility." - Imam Hasan Al Mujtaba
Mam have u seen his interview with Mehdi Hasan on Al Jazeera
Hasan al Basri (rahimahullah) said: "For every route there is a shortcut and the shortcut to Jannah is Jihad in the path…
"If you want Allah to speak to you read the Quran and if you want to speak to Allah stand up for Salah". ~ Hasan Al Basri rahimahullah
A man who claims Allah's Love but does not dislike sins, is false in his claim of love. -Hadhrat Hasan Basri (R.A)
Anyone who does not pardon will not be pardoned or protected.". Grade: Hasan (Al-Albani) . ● Al-Adab Al-Mufrad - Book 19, Hadith 10 ●
"Wickedness was put inside a house, and the key (of its door) was rendered to be lies." -Imam Hasan Al-askari (A). Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol.72
Al-Hasan Al-Basri said:. Do not become proud merely because you worship often, for consider what happened to Iblees (Satan)
Md Hasan Imam Khan gets AL ticket for Tangail-4 by-poll -
“Death has exposed this Dunya, it did not leave any happiness in it for the sane!” - Hasan al-Basri [Az Zuhd, Pg.316]
Al-Hasan Al-Basree said:. "Verily, a man commits a sin and never forgets it and he won’t cease to be afraid of it until he ent…
1/3 Al-Hasan said: There are some people who were deceived and busied by false hopes to be forgiven until they departed this life
171: mission and thirteen at the time of dawat al ashira, and on the occasion of mubahilah, Imam Hasan was six and
Don't become proud just because you worship often, consider what happened to Iblees after he spent a long time worshipping. [H…
Hasan Abdel-Fattah nets penalty in the 47th minute before Hamza Al-Dardour seals win in the 84th
Al-Hasan Al-Basri said:"The most clever amongst you is the one who remembers the day of Resurrection & the Judgement”[az-Zuh…
"Whoever does not find happiness in the dhikr of ALLAH, prayer,& reciting the Quran,will not find it anywhere else. ~(Al-H…
On the authority of Al-Hasan bin Ali, the grandson of the messenger of Allah, who said : I memorized from the...
al hasan committed a sin and cried for 40yrs in regret...guess the sin? He took a piece of mud from his neighbor without asking permission
A man said to al-Hasan "Let me debate with you." He said:. "I know my deen, If you have lost yours then go look for it.…
"Death has exposed the reality of this life and did not leave . chance for the wise person to delight in it." - Al-Hasan Al-Basri
"Sell this life for the next and you win both of them. Sell the next life for this and you loose both of them." - Al-Hasan Al-Basri
Hasan Al-Basri said: "Abandoning the fool is a good deed [that takes one closer] to Allaah." [Akhbaar al-Hamqaa wal-Mughaffileen, 38]
"The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind." [Daraqutni, Hasan]
⚠️O son of Adam, sell this World for the hereafter and you win both, sell the hereafter for this world and you lose bo…
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Once someone suggested to Imam Muhammad ibn Al Hasan (one of the two primary students of Imam Abu Hanifah), "Why...
Al Hasan could be good. Younus Khan? Or Pak keeper Safraz Ahmed - averages 50 in tests.
Picture says it all!! . World Best Shakib Al Hasan has taken many wickets in his career. But after Mustafizur...
As Hasan al-Basri said, “Mankind is consigned to heaven or *** only by the virtue of their intentions.”
For example, contrast what Hasan al-Basri said to a Hadith by the Prophet ﷺ & an ayah in the Quran...
Even Hasan al-Basri's saying, “Beware of this treacherous, faithless, deceitful abode,” meant not to BECOME as such in t…
Jaabir رضي الله عنه said:. " Fasting is a protection; with it a slave is protected from the *** Fire. " . [Sahih Al-Jaami,…
3/3 and she does not go against his wishes with regard to herself nor her wealth." (An-Nasaa'i; Al-Albaani ruled it as Hasan (sound))
Cricket bat signature by Shakib for sale:
Abu Hasan Al-Qahtānī, a brother who carried out a martyrdom op, told brothers to share his recitation after his op:.
Whenever the heart of a servant of God makes it a habit to remember death, dunya becomes small in his eyes. ~ Imam Hasan al-Basri
Bangladesh were bowled out in 49.4 overs after 50s from Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan. For India,…
Abdulteif Mohammad Al-Ahmad "al-Hasan", a man from Aleppo, shot to death on 5/25/2015... How many more?
al-Hasan al-Basri (ra):"For me to learn 1 chapter of ilm & then teach it to a Muslim is more beloved than spending entire Ear…
And they all were train by Sir Ian Sobers "Shakib Al Hasan" Dev Khan!
Hasan Mohammad Al-Atiya, a man from Deir Ezzor, shot to death on 4/10/2014... How many more?
Shakib Al Hasan will be back as the Bangladesh-Pakistan series is over.
Shakib Al Hasan joins the campaign again.Batting order looks even better with shakib making to their squad.
Hasan Al-Ahmad, a man from Damascus Suburbs, shot to death on 4/9/2014... How many more?
"Treat your illnesses by giving sadaqah (charity).” ( Hasan Al-Basri)
If you see a man competing with you in regard to this world, then compete with him concerning the Hereafter. ~ Imam Hasan …
Al-Hasan Al-Basree:. ❝Know that you will not love Allah until you love to obey Him.❞. [Jaami-ul Uloom Wal-Hikam, p.85]
Sir imam hasan ko sab ismaili 2nd imam mante hai & Shah Karim Al Hussaini ... Correction to what you said in your program
1/2 Al-Hasan said: "We would live with a people who would spend their wealth (in charity) and imprison their tongues.
even you who claimed that you are shiia you stabbed Al Hasan PBUH in his thigh with a dagger and he cursed you too
“hurry up and don't postpone today's work till tomorrow..”. [Hasan al-Basri].
Don't leave istighfaar:. A man once came to al-Hasan al-Basri and complained to him: “The sky does not shower us...
Al-Hasan Al-Basri رحمه الله said:. "O human! You are only days. Every time a day goes, a piece of you goes!". [Az-Zuhd, No.225]
"Son of Adam, the knife is being sharpened and the oven is being heated up, yet the ram is still eating the fodder."- Has…
Hasan is an Arabic name you ignorant 😏
al-Hasan al-Basri:. "Verily, Allāh will ask us about the Halāl things we enjoyed, so what about the Harām.". • [az-Zuhd al-Kabīr,
"The path does not belong to the one who has taken the lead ,it belongs to the one who has been honest." Hasan Al-banna
"We need a generation to hold Islam,not held by Islam." Hasan Al-Banna
Neighbor of Shakib-Al-Hasan. But yet not a single autograph or photograph !!
Shakib Al Hasan smashes 60 off 38 against RCB in 2014. Best Innings in IPL for Shakib!
Shakib Al Hasan has to work on his bowling,he has been very poor with bowl in last series against Pakistan.. he himself disappoint though
Shakib Al Hasan with his intense look! ;) |
Did you know? men have not conceded a goal in any of their last three away games in
Shakib Al Hasan with his intense look! ;)
Shakib Al Hasan rejoined squad yesterday. Will be available for all remaining matches. …
"Be pleased with what Allāh has given you, and you will be the richest of people". [Sahih Al-Jami]. Say Alhamdulillāh fo…
Should narine be replaced by Shakib Al Hasan to strength their batting order ?
It is sin upon sin until it blinds the soul and it dies~(Hasan Al-Basri)
“Remedy your heart. For Allaah’s desire for man is the soundness of his heart.”. —Al-Hasan Al-Basree
Akel Naser Al-Hasan, a man from Idlib, shot to death on 4/2/2014... How many more?
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Hasan Al-Shaikh Mosa, a man from Aleppo, detained & then executed on 4/19/2014... How many more?
and Jaffar AS Sadiq's great great grand uncle is Al Hasan. HE clarifies what Taqiyah is.
and all Al Hasan says is "the Tuqyah is acceptable till the Day of Resurrection" NOT what Taqiyah is
Know that you cannot love Allah until you love obeying Him. [Al-Hasan al-Basri]
lol Ibn KAthir is the source . not AL Hasan or Abu Darda. Jaffar As Sadiq. It's a narration. lol..
Wrong! Darda was a companion to Mo, Al Hasan was an imam.
Ad Darda and Al Hasan are narrations, not theologians. Moron.
2nd Test Day 3: Shakib Al Hasan states the facts that the Tigers face tomorrow:
Muhammad al-Durrah killed right by his father during the 2nd intifada, yet the israelis claim this was fake..
Humbleness is a blessing that cannot be envied. Imam Hasan al-'Askeri (as)
His full name is Imam Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan (as) and he is not the christian Antichrist. 😊
Al Hasan Al Basree was asked: . 'Why is it that we cannot uphold prayers at night?'. He replied, 'You are shackled in your o…
Osama Ismael Al-Hasan, a man from Daraa, shot to death on 9/22/2012... How many more?
It was said that he should rather speak well of him in his absence just as he spoke badly of him in his absence, as Hasan al…
I liked a video from Hasan bin Abdullah Al Awadh Reciting Surah Yaseen
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"A weakness in your Iman is that you are more attached to what is in your hand than what is in Allah’s hand." [Hasan al-Basri]
"Preach to others by your deeds, not by your words." - Hasan al-Basri
Al-Hasan رضي الله عنه said "If you can avoid looking at the hair of any female except your wife or a baby girl, then do so" . (al-Bukhārī)
"Preach to others by your deeds, not your words" Imam Hasan Al-Basri
"Guard against having a bad opinion of people." - Al-Hasan Al-Basri. May Allah protect us from being judgemental of oth…
I added a video to a playlist Ayatul Kursi (Verse of the Kursi) -Hasan bin Abdullah al Awad
I added a video to a playlist Hasan bin Abdullah Al Awad- Surah Al Qiyaamah (Qur'an Recitation)
al-Hasan Al-Basree: The dunyaa is like a snake - it is soft to touch, but its poison is deadly and fatal. [Al-Hilyah of Aboo Nu'aym 2/135]”
Yes Iraq, that Ali Hasan al-majid, Saddam' cousin, known as Chemical Ali, it was part of Al-Anfal, an Iraqi plan to
Imam Al-Hasan Al-Basree:. “The effect of learning in early age is like engraving on a stone.”. (Bahjat Al-Majaalis, 1/109)
I (Zeus) have got Al Hasan and Ali locked in at the moment. Am toying with Dilshan though instead of Ali.
"I never learned how to score runs, which the likes of Shakib [Al Hasan] and Nasir [Hossain] did from the nets.
Bangladesh announced 30-man squad for Cricket World Cup 2015. Shakib Al Hasan, Tamin Iqbal & Momin-ul-Haq are among the players.
Bangladesh’s 1st Selfie Music Video “Let’s Selfie” by Raef Al Hasan - Rafa is out now! Calling all Selfie lovers to share the song and be present on 22nd November in front of Bashundhara City Shopping Mall at 3:00 PM to join the World’s Largest Selfie Attempt in Bangladesh powered by Lumia 730. Also get a chance to WIN a , Veloce Cycles, Fastrack sunglasses and many more gifts by participating in the world record attempt. Click here to join the event: Let's Selfie! Let's Selfie Singer and Music Composition: Raef Al Hasan (Rafa) Lyrics: Mehedi Tushar & Salman Mohammad Muqtadir
Takfeeri women are always lacking hayaa' and adab. Our salafi sisters are diamonds wallahī but THEY are 'hot coals' as Al Hasan ibn Ali said
Miss you Al Hasan. Where are you brother at this crucial time!
3rd ODI century for Anamul Haque. Shakib Al Hasan has the most number of ODI centuries for Bangladesh - 5
"Oh Allah suffice us however you will." Al Hasan made this dua against an innovator verbally attacking him and his studen…
The term Sharif (nobleman) or Sayyid is used to describe a descendant of the Prophet Mohamed (SAWS) through his daughter Fatima (RAA). They are descendants of Al Hasan and Al Husein- the two sons of
***Al Hasan ibn Arafah narrated, "I visited Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal after he was whipped and tortured. I said to him, "O Abu Abdillaaah, you have reached the station of the Prophets!" He said, "Keep quiet. Verily, I saw nothing more than people selling their Deen. And I saw scholars that were with me sell their Faith. So I said to myself, 'Who am I, what am I. What am I going to say to Allah tomorrow when I stand in front of Him and He asks me, "Did you sell your Deen like the others did?" So I looked at the whip and the sword and chose them. And I said, "If I die I shall return to Allah and say: 'I was told to say that one of Your Sifaat (Characteristics, i.e. Kalamullah, the Qur'an, Uncreated letter of Allah) was something created but I did not.' After that, it will be upto Him - either to punish me or be Merciful on me." Al-Hasan ibn Arafah then asked, "Did you feel pain when they whipped you?" He said "Yes, I felt the pain up to 20 lashes then I lost all feeling (They whipped him over eighty times). Aft ...
Al Hasan رحمه الله "The death of the scholars leaves a gap in Islaam & nothing will seal it as long as day and night run" ad-Daarime Saheeh
With Botha’s return, replacement player Al Hasan is no longer part of the 13-man squad but will still travel to Perth with the team.
Short Biography of Hasan al Basri (Rahimahullah) He was one of the most renowned tabi`een (the generation after the death of the Prophet) and prominent figures of his time. He was a jurist and a scholar. He was a pious and devout person. He was famous for his eloquence, inspiring speeches, wisdom, asceticism, and deep knowledge.He is the revered tabi`ee and the scholar of the people of Basrah, AbuSa`eed Al Hasan Ibn Abi Al Hasan Ibn Yasaar Al Basri Birth and early years Al Hasan Al Basri was born in Al Madeenah in 21 A.H., 642 A.C. during the caliphate of the leader of the Believers, `Umar Ibn Al Khattaab. Both his parents were slaves. His father became a prisoner of war when the Muslims conquered Misaan, an area between Basrah and Waasit in Iraq. His father embraced Islam and lived in Al Madeenah where he married a bondwoman called Khayyirah who was the maid slave of Umm Salamh the wife of the Prophet.  The Mother of the Believers, Umm Salamah freed Khayyirah after she gave birth to her son Al Hasan. Al ...
3 celebrities become ambassadors: Al Hasan, and
Mr. and Mrs. Al Hasan completed their honeymoon at USA. Get all the honeymoon pictures of them--->
Great News: Shakib Al Hasan claimed number one spot in the latest ODI all rounder rankings. Details here-->...
... 2) tomorrow you may never reach 3) today is for you so do what you should do today - Al-hasan Al-basri
Shytan has power over the believers due to their sins A hadith states, “Allah is with the judge as long as he does not commit any injustice. If he commits any injustice, Allah is free from him and keeps Shytan with him.” [1] Abu al-Faraj ibn al-Jauzi [2] has related a unique story from al-Hassan al-Basri (rahimahullah). The story, depending on how authentic it is, shows the ability of a human in overpowering Shytan if he is sincere to Allah in his religion and it shows how Shytan can take advantage of the human when he strays. Al-Hasan al-Basri narrated that there was a tree that was worshipped instead of Allah. One man decided to chop down that tree. He was going to chop down the tree out of anger for the sake of Allah. On the way to the tree he met Iblees who was in the form of a man. Iblees asked him, “What do you plan on doing?” The man answered, “I am going to chop down that tree that is worshipped instead of Allah.” Shytan said, “If you do not worship it, why should it harm you if othe ...
As-salamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh (May Allah’s Peace, Mercy, and Blessings be upon you!) It is of the Sunnah for a Muslim to say after each obligatory Salah, whether one is the Imam (the one who leads the congregational Salah), Ma’mum (a person being led by an Imam in Prayer) or Mufarid (a person who performs prayer alone) to say, three times “Astagfir Allah” [ask Allah forgiveness) and then say, “Allahumma Anta Al-Salam Wa Minka Al-Salam, Tabarakta Wa Ta’alayta Ya-dhal-Jalali Wal-Ikram” [Allah, You are Al-Salam [the One Who is free from all defects and deficiencies] and from You is all peace, blessed are You, Possessor of majesty and honor!) If one is Imam, one should turn facing the people. The Imam, those praying behind him, or a person offering Salah individually should say, “La Ilaha Illa Allah, Wahdahu La Sharika Lah, Lahul-Mulku Wa-Lahul-Hamdu, Wa-Huwa ‘Ala Kulli Shai’in Qadir, La Hawla Wa-La Quwwata Illa Billah, La Ilaha Illa Allah Wa-La Na’budu Illa Iyyahu, Lahu ...
My problem is that i recently began wearing hijab. in my city there are very few women who wear this and my town is very small. i am newly convert to islam and african american, my husband is pakistani and we have been married 4 yrs. he does not seem to like the fact that i am wearing hijab. he does not want to go out in public with me wearing this. i dont know what to do..this is very hard for me to wear it but this is something that i know i must do , for we all have to make our own path to paradise. should i consider divorce, because my religion is very seriouse to me. my husband does prayer only at masjid on fridays, and i am constantly into my islam. this problem causes me to cry often..if you are able. Praise be to Allaah. First of all, we would like to congratulate you for having been guided by Allaah to embrace Islam, the true and final religion. I ask Allaah to help us and you remain steadfast in adhering to it until we die. I give you the glad tidings of the words that the Prophet (peace and ble ...   10% Off
al-Hasan al-Basri was asked:"Who is going to cry more than others on the Day of Resurrection?" He answered: "A man on whom Allah has bestowed His Grace andwho uses that for Allah's disobedience."" —al-Hasan a
A young man who has memorised the Qur’aan (Haafiz al-Qur’aan) and is of good character has proposed to my sister, and there is tentative acceptance. But my sister has not seen him except fleetingly and I want her to see him in the manner prescribed in sharee‘ah before the engagement goes ahead, to ensure that they are compatible and feel comfortable about one another, but my father refuses to allow this seeing as prescribed in sharee‘ah and he wants the engagement to go ahead immediately. Is it permissible for my sister to see this young man as prescribed in sharee‘ah in my presence, but outside the home and without my father knowing about it? If it is permissible, what are the conditions?. Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: It is prescribed for the suitor to see his potential fiancé and to be allowed to do that; it is also prescribed for her to be allowed to see him, so that if there is agreement to go ahead with the marriage it is done on the basis of clarity and insight. Abu Dawood (2082) narrate ...
“Great reward comes with great trials. When Allah loves a people, He tests them, and whoever accepts it attains His pleasure, whereas whoever shows discontent with it incurs His wrath.” Narrated and classed as hasan by at-Tirmidhi (2396); classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in as-Silsilah as-Saheehah, no. 146
Verily, Allâh has angels who seek out the circles of remembrance [of Allâh], so be careful who you sit with; make sure it is not with an adherent of bid’ah, for Allâh does not look at them. And the sign of nifâq (hypocrisy in faith) is that a man mingles with an adherent of bid’ah.
Lying is one of the greatest sins A tradition from the Holy Prophet (S) declares, “Beware I inform you regarding the greatest of the mortal sins: Associating anything with Allah, disobeying parents and lying!” (Wasa’il ul-Shia) A similar tradition has been quoted from Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) also, “All the evils have been locked in a room and its key is lying.” (Mustadrak ul-Wasa’il)
Whoever loves this dunya and is pleased by it, then he should know that love of the akhira is leaving their heart because the two cannot co-exist in one heart - Hasan al-Basri [not a hadith] Allahu Akbar!
Assalamualaikum! I have just gone through siyasat daily News site, where I have come across this comment and I request all my brothers to let me know about truth of this comment.. which is. Hyder NAZM Tabatabai I have combined the two write ups. This is a story that must be probed. DAN BROWN is writing a book on the BLUFF OF KARBALA. A war that never took place between 72 versus 26 lakhs or 72 v/s. 30,000-. Hz. Husain Ibn Ali, Governor of Kufa, was killed by Joshan Ibn Hormuzan, a Zoroastrian, and a Shia-t-e-Ali in the Governor’s Palace. TABARI wrote the fictional novel “Qatl-e-Husayn” in 300 AD (240 yrs after Hz. Husayn’s murder). Tabari based his fictional work on quotes from Al Mikhnaf, a confirmed liar and a vaudeville artiste., a daastangohe., who expired 60 years before Tabari’s birth. Let us presume Tabari wrote the fictional work “Qatl-e-Husain” at age 30., it means that Abu Mikhnaf had died 90 years back. Muslims were united as a rock 200 years after the passing away of Prophet Muha ...
"My Ahl al-Bayt and I are cleansed and pure of sin." Besides, the Prophet (S.A.W.) has also said: "Myself and 'Ali, Fatimah, and Hasan and Husayn, and nine of the descendants of Husayn are pure and infallible." - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
“Whoever controls his anger at the time when he has the means to act upon it, Allah will call him before all of mankind on the Day of Resurrection, and will let him choose of the Hoor al-‘Ayn whoever he wants.”(Reported by Aboo Daawood, 4777, and others. It is classified as hasan in Sahih al-Jaami‘, 6518).
MIND THE BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE !! ... " Do not dislike the misfortunes that befall you. For what you dislike may be the cause for your salvation ... and what you like may be the cause for your ruin. " Al Hasan al Basri [ R.A ]. Allah s.w.t said : it may be that you dislike a thing, and Allah brings through it a great deal of good.
your nafs (soul/desires) is your first battlefield. If you are victorious over it, then you will find the other battlefields easier. - Imam Hasan al Banna -A.Z.
Police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has confirmed the news that a girl had been raped and murdered by a Saudi prince. The scandal was another loop in a chain of moral and ethical scandals on Saudi corrupt princes and their crime against Saudi citizens.
Sheikh, Dr. Muhammad bin Sa’eed Raslaan, may Allaah preserve him, stated; “Have you ever heard during this time we live in speech that softens the hearts, lightens the path, clarifies the correct methodology and speaks concerning the diseases of the heart and direct the people to traverse the straight path? Rather their speech hardens the hearts, dries up the tears in the eyes and causes conflict between (audio not clear). You don’t hear anyone -save he whom Allaah has mercy upon- connecting the (hearts) of the people of the earth to the people of the heavens, awakening the aspirations of the people to call on their Lord, the mighty and majestic; simple aspects regarding Touheed ar-Ruboobiyyah (singling Allaah out in His Lordship). (Understanding) that Allaah does whatever He wills, that He is the Lord of the earth and heavens, controls the affairs, clarifies His signs, knowing that all good is from Him and He is the one who guides to the straight path. Who is it that will return the people back to ...
Hezbollah Rocks. They showed to those fsa rats how real warriors fights. Keep up good work brave warriors of Hezbollah
THE MEANING OF JIHAD The beginnings of Jihad are traced back to the words and actions of Muhammad and the Quran.[15] This encourages the use of Jihad against non-Muslims.[16] The Quran, however, never uses the term Jihad for fighting and combat in the name of Allah; qital is used to mean “fighting.” Jihad in the Quran was originally intended for the nearby neighbors of the Muslims, but as time passed and more enemies arose, the Quranic statements supporting Jihad were updated for the new adversaries.[16] The first documentation of the law of Jihad was written by 'Abd al-Rahman al-Awza'i and Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaybani. The document grew out of debates that had surfaced ever since Muhammad's death.
Posted on 01/08/2012 by xsTemp Knowledge Narrated Hasan: Knowledge is of two types. Firstly, knowledge perceived by the heart, and that is useful knowledge; secondly, the knowledge at on the tip of one’s tongue, and that is an argument from Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, against the children of Adam. Transmitted by Darimi. Al-Tirmidhi – Hadith 270 Narrated Abdullah bin Amr: I heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) saying, “Allah will not deprive you of knowledge after he has given it to you, but it will be taken away through the death of the religious learned men with their knowledge. Then there will remain ignorant people who, when consulted, will give verdicts according to their opinions whereby they will mislead others and go astray.” Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 92 Hadith 410 Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas’ud: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said to me: Acquire the knowledge and impart it to the people. Acquire the knowledge of Fara’id (laws of inheritance) and teach it to the people, lea ...
“O People! Work for the Hereafter (work towards heaven) . For indeed I have seen in my life, anyone who works for the Hereafter also gets the dunya. The dunya runs after him. But I have not found anyone who works for the dunya ever get any piece of the Hereafter.” -- al-Hasan al-Basri
Quote: Hasan Al-Basri said to a man who attended a funeral, “if this dead man came back to life, do you think he would perform good deeds” he said “yes” Hasan Al-Basri said, “he won’t come back, but you can still perform good deeds.” Scholar: Hasan Al-Basri (RA) PeaceOut...
"You are nothing but a number of days, and whenever a day passes away, a part of you passes away" - Hasan Al-Basri
# Who is ur most favourit cricket player?? * name only one player
By Badlisyah Abdul Ghani Today, as Malaysians welcome their newly elected and returned Members of Parliament as well as state assemblymen, I would like to ...
Those who advice their friend secretly are respecting them, And those who advice openly are humiliating them. ~ Hasan Al-Askari
The Righteous will die, and the wicked will die ...The warriors who fight jihaad will die,and those who sit at home will die ...Those who busy themselves with correct belief will die,and those who treat the people as their slaves will die ...The brave who reject injustice will die,and the cowards who seek to cling onto this life at any price will die ...The people of great concern and lofty goals will die,and the wretched people who live only for cheap enjoyment will die ...Every soul shall taste of death ...- from the book 'DEATH' by Shaykh 'Ali Hasan al-Halabi
This Monday : Mr. Loughat, Majdi and Wajdi, Maurice, Jamileh are all on the beach!! Must watch episode! Mafi Metlo 8:45 pm only on MTV.
Part 2: Purification of An-Najasat Impurities (An-Najasat) are removed with water, and no other liquids used to remove the stain of impurities, such as vinegar, rose water and the like, because the basic principle in purification is water, therefore nothing can take its place, unless its is permitted by the Lawgiver (Allah), such as tanning for the purification of animal skins, and rubbing to clean the bottom of shoes and other things. 1. Purifying one's garment from the urine of a breastfeeding child: This is based upon the Hadith of Abu As-Samh who said; "I used to serve the Prophet (Sal Allaho 'Alayhii wa sallam) and when he wanted to perform Ghusl, he would say to me: 'Turn your back towards e,' so I would turn my back and hide him (Once) Hasan or Husain was brought to him, and urinated on his chest. I came to wash it. He said: "It is only the urine of a female (infant) which should be washed; the urine of a male (infant) should be sprinkled over." 2. Concerning ground that has been affected by impu . ...
Life doesn't always go to plan becoz sometimes things don't work out as i want or plan. My hopes n expectations crashed and felt disappointed more than i care to count. Even now, i'm still working thru few of disappointments. I just hope all these things can bring out the best in me. In Sha Allah. :)
Do you think you're better than allah swt or the final nabi, sallalahu alayhi wa sallam? No, correct? Then stop making islam arbitrarily difficult! There are hadith and ayats that speak about sex directly so who exactly are you to say it is taboo? Some examples Hadith about multiple sexual rounds , "If one of you approaches his wife, and then wishes to repeat, let him do wudhu, for it will make the recurrence more energetic" [Abu Dawud]. Hadith about marrying young women (and one reason why) "I advise you to marry young women, for they have sweeter lips...and are more passionate in their embrace" [Reported by Ibn Majah, al-Tabarani, and others, and it is hasan]. Ayat about having sex Your wives are as a tilth unto you so approach your tilth when or how you will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear Allah, and that you are to meet Him}(2:223) There are many other hadith and ayats that talk about sex. Get over yourselves. You're actually going against the sunnah by falsely claiming sex i ...
u must think about like that i can do it . It needs thats kind of
Discovering the Secret Strength and Joy in Solitude “Stop the world! I want to get off!” Can you relate? This can be a very overwhelming feeling. You see, our humanity has this flaw that you will not find in other creation. We want to do all things, all at once! Multi-tasking, they call it. Supposedly a super human trait; but is it really? If so, then why do we need multivitamins and supplements to help us stay awake and alert? Why do we not get our proper 6-8 hours of sleep required to keep our bodies healthy? Why are so many of us suffering from stress and depression? We do not function optimally because we do not serve our purpose. What is our ultimate purpose in life? Serving Allah (glorified and exalted be He) and His deen (religion). “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” [Qur'an: Chapter 51, Verse 56] Learning About Life from Salmon Animals know their path and stick to it. Bears hunt and feed in summer, then hibernate in winter. The salmon, WOW! What an amazing cr ...
"Statements cannot be correct except with actions; Statements and actions cannot be correct except with an intention; and statements, actions and an intention cannot be correct except according to the Sunnah." - Al Hasan al-Basri
Only a true believer fears hypocrisy whereas the hypocrite himself feels safe from it. - Hasan al-Basri
"It's not about who hurt you and broke you down. It's about who was always there and made you smile again". Good morning my friends. So, how are u all?
In school, I often snuck away to the library to read back issues of Wisden. Hence, it's a great feeling to have contributed to the inaugural issue of Wisden India Almanack. This is my piece on the rise of Shakib Al Hasan, one of Wisden's Cricketer's of the Year.
Let's look at the facts and models of GULO [the forth and final enzyme of the metabolic pathway that converts glucose to vitamin C] deactivation and of common ancestry and see how well they fit the data... //i)Strepsirrhines and most other plants and animals have the GULO gene, and are immune to deadly vitamin C deficiency (scurvy). ii)Haplorrhines (Inai, Ohta, & Nishikimi, 2003), the remaining primates, along with pigs (Hasan et. al., 1999), guinea pigs (Nishikimi, Kawai, & Yagi, 1992), and certain fish and birds are prone to vitamin C deficiency. Additionally, they posses an altered, inactive form of the GULO gene, as well as the genes for all the remaining enzymes in the metabolic pathway, such as UDP-glucose dehydrogenase (4p15.1) and glucuronic acid epimerase (15q23).// So far, we see that primates, pigs, guinea pigs, and certain fish and birds have inactive GULOs, but have the rest of the metabolic pathway for vitamin C synthesis, which automatically shows there is some type of evolutionary change. ...
The untold story of a Guard of Al Aqsa Mosque ''Corporal Hasan''; deployed during the WW1. He continued his duties even after the fall of Ottoman empire (Khilafa) from 1917 to 1972, for almost 55years.
Barbados chooses their 1st overseas player Sakib Al Hasan ( ) from Bangladesh for
Know that you will never truly Love Allah until you Love obeying Him. - Hasan al-Basri
When a thorn *** a person, they should say, 'My Lord has not harmed me, this is due to a sin I have committed.' - Hasan al-Basri
"Do not sit idle, for indeed death is seeking you!" Hasan al Basri
You chase the dunya and its pleasures when the dunya was the punishment for Adam AS [Hasan Al-Basri]
"We chase after the dunya while it was a place of punishment for Adam." - Imam Hasan Al Basri”
is missing Al Hasan more than anything. Speaks volumes about the impending rise of
Breaking News: Shakib Al Hasan makes the new record for any Bangladeshi player to score Continue Reading
Sakib Al Hassan: Shakib Al Hasan is a Bangladeshi international cricketer. He is an excellent all-rounder, bat...
KKR if u want to win today (KKR vs K XI P) then select Brad Haddin as wicket keeper, take Shakib Al Hasan , take Brett Lee and take J. Patt
$ "Shakib [Al Hasan] will play as a batsman in the first Test," Akram said in a press briefing."Whether he will...
Breaking News: Shakib Al Hasan will be playing Zim Tour but the problem... Continue Reading
On Cricinfo, Chin: "Al Hasan: Just dnt forget that this is only the 2nd day of the match and yet it is...
Successful surgery on Al Hasan's right calf done; stitches will come off in two weeks & he will start running in 3 weeks.
Al Hasan gifted the car to his wife which he won yesterday for becoming the man of the tournament of
Last night Dhaka Gladiators won the BPL for the 2nd time after beating Chitagong Kings. Shakib Al Hasan was man of the tournament again
Who do you want to see win the Bangladesh Premier League Player of the Series Ford Fiesta? Shakib Al Hasan? Azhar Mahmood Or OUR VERY OWN Mushfiqur Rahim? I VOTE FOR Mushfiqur Rahim! WHAT ABOUT YOU?
Syria 1st-Hand: How to Start an Insurgent Battalion (Abdul-Ahad): Formation of the Al Hasan bin Ali Battalion i...
Dhaka Gladiators has got another healthy win of 8 wickets vs Barishal Burners. Shakib Al Hasan got the man of the...
Bangladesh all-rounder Al Hasan doubtful to play in a 2 test series vs Sri Lanka next month, due to injury.
if you superior people arrange more mach for BAN than it will be Shakib Al Hasan. Globalization means Ind,pak,AU,SA, Eng,SL???
BIOGRAPHY Name: Al Hasan bin Ali (a.s.) Mother: Ummul Walad - Susan. Kunniyat (Patronymic): Abu Muhammad. Laqab (Title): Al Askari. Birth: He was born at Samarrah in the year 232 A.H. Martyrdom: He was poisoned in 260 A.H. at Samarrah and is buried there. Imam Hassan askari(as) BIOGRAPHY His name is al-Hasan, Abu Muhammad. Being a resident of "Asgar a suburb of Samarra", he is titled al-askari. His father was Imam "Ali An-Naqi (A.S.) and his mother was Salil Khatun, an ideal woman in piety, worship, chastity and generosity. He was born in Medina on the tenth of Rabi" al-Akhir, 232 A.H. (December 4, 846 AD). Upbringing and Instruction He lived under the care of his respected father upto the age of 11. When his father had to leave for Samarra" he was to accompany him and thus share the hardships of the journey with the family. At Samarra", he passed his time with his father either in imprisonment or in partial freedom. He had, however, the chance to benefit from his father"s teaching and instruction. Imamat ...
Al Hasan says hasn't received initially agreed 25% of the signing amount from his franchise Dhaka Gladiators ..
I was very, very excited because I was seeing Jamie after a long time. He is easily the best coach we've ever had in Bangladesh," Tamim said, before flying home today after a six-game stint with the Firebirds. "Me, Shakib [Al Hasan] and Mushfiqur [Rahim] the captain, we rate Jamie very, very highly and a lot of the boys do as well. He is the only one who changed our culture and changed the thinking of the batsmen," said Tamim. "He got aggressiveness into us and his hard work - his 3 years of hard work - is just paying off now. We won the [one-day] series against the West Indies recently and all the hard work he put in is just paying off now. It's unfortunate he's not with us any more, because I personally think he's an incredible coach."
Al Hasan ,Mushfiqur Rahim weeping after match , Tear of a Real Winner who Lost the Title only by 2 Runs But Won Love of Millions of Hearts.. Shakib Al Hasan ,Mushfiqur Rahim Bangladeshi Cricket Team Player weeping Bangladeshi Cricketers Crying After Losing Close Asia Cup Final. Don’t Cry You are World Heroes, You have won Millions of hearts and made your Nation Proud !
Flash Back: Shakib Al Hasan posed with new car after winning man of the tournament award in the 1st edition of...
allrounder Al Hasan has married Umme Ahmed Shishir, a US-based software engineer, in Dhaka on
Congrats Shakib bhai for getting married ! One of my favourite cricketer..all the very best for the life ahead ...Al Hasan
all rounder Al Hasan to marry girl via
Sweet Memory: Shakib Al Hasan was the man of the series in Dgicial Test Series against West Indies in 2009. We...
Do you see promise in Bangladesh cricket and will you miss the players and the opportunity to help them improve? Richard McInnes (the National Academy director) and I proposed a streamlining of their player production system, but it was rejected. Cricket Operations refused to work with Richard in running the feeder teams to the national side. They have an exceptional young man in their captain, Mushfiqur Rahim, and genuine international potential in Shakib [Al Hasan], Tamim [Iqbal] and others. There is a core of genuinely passionate administrators, but they seemed to be swamped by politics.
Awesome Pic: Shakib Al Hasan with his grandmother at Magura.
Cricket News: Shakib Al Hasan become the no. 1 batsman in... . . see more
Old Memory: Shakib Al Hasan gets welcomed by the people of Magura...!
Gambhir dropped Lee, in favour of Al Hasan, on a track conducive for fast bowling. Can somebody explain the logic?
Al Hasan & Al Husyan the masters & leaders of the youth in Jannah May Allah be pleased with them.
Just In: Shakib Al Hasan is once again back as no.1 in test allrounder's ranking with 404 points. A very good...
Who's your favourite sportsman ? — I don't know. Shakib Al Hasan and Virat Kohki probably.
The International players to participate in the SLPL: (all values in US $) Uthura Rudras: Shakib Al Hasan...
feeling great sorrow for Al Hasan, as he is going to miss
Cricket Photo: Shakib Al Hasan smashes one to the leg side
Bangladeshi Players' Price - Sri Lanka Premier League: Shakib Al Hasan : $25,000 Tamim Iqbal : $18,000 Musfiqur Rahim : $20,000 Nasir Hossain : $16,000 Elias Sunny : $12,000 Yes, all the players are getting very less payment compared to IPL and BPL, but money isn't everything in cricket. At least, more Bangladeshi players are getting chance to play the tournament and they can learn something! Learning is the main objective, and if our players can gain experience even with low payments, we will be very happy.
Shakib's window escape On Bangladesh’s third annual Social Business Day, which coincided with the birthday of Nobel laureate Mohammad Yunus, Shakib Al Hasan was invited to an event as one of four young achievers, along with mountaineers who had climbed Mount Everest. There was also the visiting astronaut Ron Goran, who gave a presentation of his work in space. The moment Shakib's car pulled up, hundreds of students from nearby schools in Savar began to gather. The autograph hunters eventually got too close to the podium - some even got on it - so Shakib was put in a room behind the stage. The crowd then began to bang on the door, and Shakib was left with little choice but to climb out through the ground-floor window and into a waiting car to take him back to Dhaka. -
Al Hasan retained his No.1 spot for and the latest rankings announced by # ICC.
Kings of Khulna (often abbreviated as KK) is the franchise representing Khulna in the Bangladesh NCL (National Cricket League) Twenty20, a Twenty20 cricket tournament. The team is led by Shakib Al Hasan. Shakib Al Hasan is also their team's icon player. The official colors are black and yellow. The team also has three players who are iconic. In Kings of Khulna it is bowler Abdur Razzak who has been on the Bangladesh national team as one of their top spinners. Also the opening batsman Imrul Kayes who has the most runs in the tournament.
Shakib Al Hasan rested for Zimbabwe tour - Times of India: Yahoo! Eurosport UKShakib Al Hasan rested for Zimbabw...
'I will always put a hundred over a five-for'- Al Hasan - Have a look at this Interview..
Al Hasan done the magic. Come on dont missfield
Sri Lankan Premier League which will make its debut this August, want some players of Bangladesh. Their special choices in on Tamim Iqbal,Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur & Mashrafe. - Maximum 10 players of Bangladesh can play in SLPL.
Is it just me or does bare a slight resemblance to Al Hasan?
why don't play Shakib Al Hasan. SRK??
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