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Al Gore

Albert Arnold Al Gore, Jr. (born March 31, 1948) served as the 45th Vice President of the United States (1993–2001), under President Bill Clinton.

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Obama, Malala, Al Gore & IPCC: greatest example of waste of Nobel peace prize.
so when will the Alt-Left tear down statute of Robert C Byrd of WV who was a Grand Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan + Al Gore's dad?
Bill Maher on Trump's EPA: "They'll happily poison their children if it makes Al Gore sad" https…
Lord Lawson was right to condemn Al Gore's film, says TIM NEWARK
Shocking, Al Gore's lousy movie won instead of this amazing woman. Her strength, willpower and courage far exceeded his. 🍿🎪🎭 ht…
Donald Trump has failed to knock climate deal off course, says
Al Gore makes another movie from his LearJet? Or we get more polar bears?
How many cotdamn times do we have to say this?!?! Did Al Gore's loss teach nothing?!?!
about Clima, Wind and Factories as Vladimir. It is so a Mess that AL GORE ist not posible. Have you studid so many Years only
Aug 1st Six more weeks till 70degress but if Al Gore is right, we are screwed
See the movie. Read the book. Lower your carbon footprint. And most of all - VOTE!
Trump has failed to knock Paris climate deal off course, says Al Gore
I hate seeing on TV. He reminds me of the hope I once had.
"We can solve this" says Al Gore on regarding climate change. Yes! You lot can keep living in squalid poverty wit…
Love the idea of Al Gore claiming Trump doesn't speak for America. One won and became President, the other lost. 🤔 http…
Excellent - Sky interviewing that acme of forecasters, Al Gore. Utterly uncritical so far.
It's a funny old world where a sincere and far-sighted person like Al Gore doesn't get elected, but a tangerine *** lik…
Al inconvenient borefest across all news channels this weekend.
Al Gore: Trump can't be blamed for North Korea situation.
"Oil coal and gas corporations want the right to use the sky as their sewer indefinitely" - Al Gore
BBC gives Al Gore massive airtime to promote his new climate film. Sycophantic interviews, with no pretence of balance.…
Has anyone seen president Bill Clinton and al gore there, they get a chance to wear their 1992 tshirts and pins aga…
Al Gore:" to fix the crisis we need to fix the democracy crisis". He was talking US but also true of UK.
I live in NE USA, I voted for Al Gore, Barack Obama and Hillary(in protest of dump.) . Fu…
Loved last night show Al Gore was amazing so much respect for him.
I don't disagree that the climate is changing, it always has, I just disagree with Al Gore as to the reasons
...something about climate chang. And if Al Gore is talking about his new film (not as a politicia…
Commercial crabber calls out Al Gore on FAKE SCIENCE, explains sea level hasnt changed at all since 1970
Advocates for climate action should stop defending the rich.
Opinion: Al Gore’s pronouncements on population may be more embarrassing than his climate predictions
See "inconvenient truth sequel" by al gore. We are heading towards disaster unless…
Watch Bono, Paul McCartney and Camila Cabello star in trailer for Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" sequel
Didn't see it but have to say I could listen to Al Gore for hours.
Al Gore: The return of climate science’s preacher man
Honored by wonderful writeup on my new book An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power!
I agree & considering it was 2007 & her work was 70 years ago, belittl…
(Al Gore says about the administration). mojtabad1991
Really? 99% of all scientists agree with Al Gore? Please cite…
Turns out she was meant to be watching not . To be fair I often confuse Al Gore and Charlize Theron too.
Al Gore Skewered By BBC Host For Doomsday Climate Change Claims . Al Gore was skewered by a BBC radio host for his …
I went. I saw. I learned. Al Gore's new movie opened in my city today. 👍👍👍🌎
"Don't confuse the United States of America with Donald Trump." - Al Gore.
Al Gore made himself a multi millionaire on the Climate Change Sky is giving this Guy a Platform
nobody listening to you dissing Trump so your using a scumbag like Al Gore, you are ***
Al Gore doesn't want you to read this. .
Al Gore calling Trumps presidency an "experiment"! Dying 😂
WOW... Al Gore has rare moment of sanity. Says President Trump cannot be blamed for North Korea. Source:
This is why is full of hope for the future – and why you should be too.
Via Futurism : "Al Gore on why climate science is more important than ever |
"fanatics are in a “state of shock” that Al Gore’s new doomsday documentary is bombing"
If Global Warming false narrative Al Gore with huge carbon footprint doesnt like then
Former US vice-president Al Gore does not consider himself a climate winner
that Al Gore mentioned his boots were 35 YEARS old and you never asked him about their history!
Cannot believe that prize fool Al Gore got the Nobel Prize ahead of this genuinely heroic brave woman. Shame on the…
Aand the Nobel Committee awarded its 2007 prize to Al Gore.
The Nobel Committee thought that *** Al Gore was better than this amazing woman??.
How pathetic that Al Gore would beat this brave women who saved thousands of children! The Nobel Committee is nothi…
I've been saying this from day one: Al Gore says 'ethical reasons' could end Trump presidency early
Don Quixote tilts at solar panels because Sancho Panza is afraid of Al Gore.
So if you hate your mailman, do you refuse your mail? What does Al Gore's house have to do with any…
They are renaming it. It's now referred to as the "GREAT AL GORE HOAX". Glad we droppe…
Wes Pruden: climate documentary turns out to be overblown .
Al Gore to Bill Maher: ‘It’s time to get rid of the electoral college’ and .
Just read about Al Gore who served in Vietnam. He said if he didn't someone else with less options would have to. Sound l…
Al Gore was not interested in He was only concerned in making money for himself by taking advantag…
Al Gore says if we don't stop using fossil fuels, we may lose Florida. I will admit, he knows a lot about losing Florida
FunFact: Al Gore's home devours 34X more energy than the average home. He's either lying or a major hypocrite.
No one (in history?) has squandered their position to do good for climate like Al Gore. It's frustrating.
Al Gore: Trump's regressive climate policies are "producing the greatest upsurge in climate activism" he's ever seen
So, we're about to have two weeks of cold weather in the middle of AUGUST. Al Gore must have a new movie out!
Just 1 reason - AL GORE! The movie's a BOMB; even LIBS won't waste their money on it!.
Congratulations Al Gore. His movie is based on a lie. No one cares anymore. Good riddance
"Poor Al Gore, he's like groundhog day."
Democrats blocked the schoolhouse doors to blacks in the 1950's. Democrats, including Al Gore's fath…
Al Gore is the greatest person he knows. Wonder when he will realize he is a has been...that never was.
"The first time I heard the word 'algorithm' I thought it was Al Gore's hip-hop class."
domain names
Al Gore is just another guy in this 🌎 that wants to make money 💰. He succeeded and live…
But did you say hi to Al Gore at the next table?
is stupid. Smearing Al Gore won't prove the entire science community wrong or make climate chan…
At 10 years old, Michael has survived 8 open heart surgeries. . Last night he ran for a touchdown with Frank Gore as his lead bl…
360°Green World: Al Gore - "We have to act together. Our ability .
Sharknado is more believable than Al Gore's movie.
But Al Gore says it's everyone's job to save the planet.
'Just another conspiracy hosted by AL GORE.'. I can't wait for another mindless, hideous response by DJT. .
Trying to figure out how you can build your next home without drilling a well? was w/ Al Gore watching his n…
If Global Warming was real, Al Gore wouldn't be using as much energy as 26 houses combined to power his mansion.
Google has all the best Al Gore rhythms
Maybe Al Gore film would have done better if it had been shown in non airconditioned theaters-viewers could reject "In…
"America's Whiniest 'Victim'" AL GORE! Al Gore is the Jimmy Swaggart to the Enviro wacko's that worship trees.
Gary Hart, Al Gore, Jerry Brown, Barbara Jordan; all could have been great leaders but that they were…
Al Gore: "Our democracy has been hacked, by big money long before Putin"
Al Gore: ‘Because of Pope Francis, I Really Could Become a Catholic’ // At the right price, you'd become a pug. https:…
Bill Maher to Al Gore's face: 'Who would know better about losing Florida?'
The Climate Crisis: A CNN town hall event with Al Gore, moderated by Anderson Cooper, airs now.
Al Gore is making billions on you the people pushing the panic button yet we all know God is in control not man
. Al Gore wants us to forget. Al was worse than Bill Clinton. Two Rapest in office. M
That hypocrite Al Gore always reminded me of Jimmy Swaggart.
Do you watch that like everybody else & wonder "what the heck is going on?". Al Gore: You talking about Game of Thrones…
Al Gore is to Global Warming like Jimmy Swaggart is to Religion.
Al Gore is the Creflo Dollar of climate.
John B Wells reads the headlines. cracked up over Al Gore's home. 'devouring 34 times more energy. than the avg household. Big Al looks like-
Al Gore politicized science which is exactly what science SHOULD NOT BE. And, yes, he ruined debate &…
Al Gore does that sound.
Al Gore's largest mansion of 4 homes consumes 34 times more electricity than the average US house.
VP Al Gore has a home that uses more fuel & power in 1 week than the avg. citizen uses for 1 yr. plus private plane. Hypocrite
Oh this is so funny. Al Gore you've been outed as an energy GUZZLER!
Al Gore paid them good money for that.
Report: Al Gore's home uses 21x more energy than average US household
My last name is schlapp Sanjay of course they travelled by boat. Al gore had not even invented the net nor climate change yet…
Gore spends more than $20,000 a year to pay for coal-powered electricity in his Nashville mansion.
Al Gore is running the biggest ponzi scheme ever known to man.
Al Gore's new home in Tennessee uses 21 times what a typical American home uses in electricity. In 1 year Gore...
Al Gore's 20-room Nashville mansion consumes 21 times more electricity than the normal American home per year.
Al Gore: A disrupted water cycle can lead to "rain bombs" -- big downpours
Scathing editorial in The Australian newspaper rips Al Gore’s new movie and his hype.
I see Al Gore's nonsense has started again...
Al Gore is a bore, . he's so full of it, 'cause he's a hypocrite! 🙄
Al Gore is not your average guy. He's Al Gore
My friend's 8 yr. old: "If carbon dioxide is bad, why don't we plant more trees?" His mom: "Because Al Gore couldn't ma…
Grab tix for Ballarat Friday night screening of Al Gore's new film and donate to at the same time.…
Nice try slick. Both the House and Senate were in Democrat hands. Al Gore was Senate President…
Al Gore: "Mother Nature has joined the debate" on climate and she's more persuasive than activists.
Al Gore: "We all have a moral obligation" to help coal miners find jobs that are as good or better.
Al Gore: WH is "tongue tied" on climate because Trump is surrounded by "rogue's gallery" of deniers
Mayor of disappearing island faces Al Gore and shuts down Global Warming claim via
Al Gore to audience member: I don't want you to look back and wonder why we didn't address climate.
Crab fisherman who appeared on "Deadliest Catch" to Al Gore: I'm seeing oceans changing firsthand.
Al Gore: Seemingly small temperature increases can bring about big changes
I went to the beach today and it's at the same level it was 20 years ago. Plus there weren't fish swimming in the street. Al Gore's wrong!!!
My daughter met Paul Tsongas, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and George HW Bush all from her stroller or a backpack on my back.
Al Gore on 'Inconvenient Sequel,' Trump and the environment | Reading Eagle - LIFE
Wow... reading the comments on your post 😮 People are crazy, Al Gore is re…
Truth Hurts! - WATCH: Al Gore refuses to give direct answer when confronted over bogus 2006 claims on climate change https…
Saw "Inconvenient Truth: sequel" this afternoon. Al Gore continues to inspire. Shows reality many fear to believe.
So it's ok to lie about it. Push out fake stats. Pony up hundreds of billions in tax grants so t…
Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel is coming to theaters and it will remind you we have to fight…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'm reading The Sixth Extinction. Important read for us now. Here's Al Gore's review.
does it mean that we have cooling and not warming so we need more CO² than le…
oh Jesus...I mean I wish there was a Jesus so he could remind Al Gore that he is in fact not Jesus.
Al Gore is back with a new climate crisis documentary via
Remember Al Gore said the ice in Greenland woukd go any day & the sea level would rise 8 m immediately? Some 10 yrs ago?
There is a whole world of science you are rejecting because the Al Gore puppet that's distracted yo…
"Ten years ago Monday, Al Gore said we had only a decade left to save the planet from Global Warming" yep, I used t…
When Al Gore created the internet it was supposed to something pure and innocent. Not somewhere you'd go to hear about S…
Al Gore's new movie opened tonight in just 2 theaters in LA. I counted 8 people in the auditorium.
NowThis x Al Gore. The first look at our exclusive interview with the former veep and lifelong environmentalist
It really does appear the WSJ ran an op-ed bashing Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" sequel based on the trailer.
Watch Al Gore Answer the Most Googled Climate Change Questions: In this video from Wired , former Vice President Al… http…
Really want to watch the Al Gore movie tbh
Peek at NowThis exclusive interview with former veep & environmentalist Al Gore on http…
"I don't know who Al Gore is, and at this point I'm afraid to ask." - Andy Dwyer
TONIGHT: Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Al Gore's climate change-themed pick-up lines?
Al Gore is a joke. All he has done is line his pockets. I can't believe he won a nov…
Al Gore's movies are pure fictional propaganda that does not even conform to the official reports let alone to th…
Review: ‘An Inconvenient Sequel,’ with Al Gore keeping the pressure on
Al Gore’s new Inconvenient Truth sequel is a strange artifact of a post-truth year
Al Gore is back in the climate spotlight with the release of "An Inconvenient Sequel." On the podcast this week,...
Al Gore, Michael Lewis and Rick Perry walk into a bar...and provide fodder for another episode of
Sorry, Al Gore and Leo DeCaprio and Barack Obama and all the climate clowns: sea levels are falling - Ice Age Now.
Al Gore & Climate One at Commonwealth Club. He reiterated the need to stay focused in spite of naysayers & look at obvious
That's a wrap for Al Gore at the Commonwealth Club. Not quite as newsworthy as this 2002 speech!
Al Gore at the Commonwealth Club in SF right now discussing sequel to Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore appearance at Commonwealth Club being livestreamed here, now:
Al Gore & the Commonwealth Club have a history:.
We're getting the ball rolling here at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, where Al Gore is speaking about climate change
Al Gore want to be the wealthiest man on the planet, because of the environment.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Al Gore explains why he keeps comparing Global Warming activism to freeing the slaves
Al Gore didn't get the memo. Or it was sent to one of his other homes.
Al gore is one of the best snake oils salesmen ever
Vanity Fair recommends WE SHALL NOT ALL SLEEP by as "What to Read Right Now" -- https…
Unless your name is Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio, or Barack Obama. Then rake in as much as you like.
Chat to on and issues for and https…
'Mother Nature's joined the debate': Al Gore returns with An Inconvenient Sequel
points to biz + local + state govt leaders as drivers to despite Trump setbacks--we agree!
Former U.S. vice-president calls Justin Trudeau a "breath of fresh air," but sees room to improve on climate htt…
Al Gore Can’t Save the Global Warming Cult; The fake science has been exposed | Frontpage Mag
Despite climate change setbacks, Al Gore 'comes down on the side of hope.' Here’s why.
ICYMI: Al Gore refuses to give answer when confronted over bogus 2006 climate-change claims
Al Gore's diet is whole hardly responsible for 35% of Global Warming
People are so sick of huckster Al Gore. Last week he polluted the air in Australia.
It's a nice day for the train. I'm on my way to San Francisco to hear Al Gore speak at the Commonwealth Club.
Not everyone on the left is celebrating Al Gore’s reemergence as climate hero.
How created the greatest piece of internet video since Al Gore doing the macarena.
Al Gore used “science terrorism” to get rich off Global Warming scam
Hey Al Gore needs more money... New comedy released by paramount on Aug 4. .
Al Gore didn't get treated like this. John Kerry didn't get treated like this. I know I'm a broken record, but the sexism…
Nye wants Seniors to kill themselves so Al Gore will have more food, and drink, for himself. Nye is a Democrat who…
Winning the conversation on climate change: Al Gore on why he's back with An Inconvenient Sequel. .
"One of the big differences between today and a decade ago is that we do have the solutions now." -via
Al Gore is back. Not all climate activists are thrilled. My dive into what Gore's return means for the movement.
Bernie Sanders and Al Gore on solving the climate crisis - The Guardian via thanks
First it was "don't have kids", now it's "don't be rich". Someone forgot to tell DiCaprio and Al Gore.
no path too 270 spray air freshener 2 the chairs of your panel that eat Al Gore's diet…
Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Sequel " will premiere tomorrow at the Commonwealth Club. . What will we learn?...
Funner fact: Al Gore lost the presidency once when Democrats were in the ascendancy because he could…
Fun fact: Al Gore is younger than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Aussie Daily Telegraph: ‘Fear is the business model that has made Al Gore rich’ | Climate Depot
"I thought there was a chance he would come to his senses, but I was wrong," Al Gore says of President Trump's views on climat…
Al Gore's campaign was given dirt on the Bush campaign in 2000. They called the FBI. Only corrupt criminals would've g…
Some should tell Al Gore the Paris Accords R not about the climate they R about a wealth transfer & that's Y all other countries R in
Al Gore: 'I Was Wrong' About Donald Trump Y did u meet with him in the 1st place? Leopards don't ch…
I was wondering the same thing. I think that Al Gore became more popular in time. But was the timeline longer?
Al Gore predicted the polar ice caps would melt while he built beachfront mansions
Al Gore: ‘I was wrong’ on Trump, I have given up hope that Trump will come to his senses on climate change
Of course the other nations agree. Americas is paying the bill. The 3-trillion dollar bill in which the likes of Al…
Are you still eating meat, Al?. 'I was wrong' about Trump on climate change via
delivers most damning indictment yet of presidency +VIDEO
No doubt we have a mentally ill Are we doomed or will someone or something stop him?
2000 Election: Al Gore's campaign was mailed G.W. Bush's debate prep documents & video. They turned them over to the FB…
Really? Eight non-descript years in the Senate, followed by four disastrous years at SoS? G…
Al Gore was an honorable man. Bowed to questionable SCOTUS ruling and gave up the Presidency for the good of…
Actually, no. Al Gore and George W Bush might have some thoughts on that. Just bc you're scum doesn't mean everyone is.
Al Gore: 'I was wrong' about Trump via
Michael Mann, one of the greatest hoaxers in American history, but too dumb to get rich on it like Al Gore.
.wasn't "wrong" about Gore.He figured out his BS to swindle world and be a Carbon Tax trillionaire.
Al Gore:. "We’ve never had a president...deliberately...tear down America’s standing in the world".
Not true. Al Gore called the FBI when he was offered dirt on Bush. Treason is not acceptable. Stop rationali…
Al Gore: I was wrong to think Trump would come to his senses
when i teach my kids about the dangers posed by pedophiles, I show them a picture of Al Gore
.will air 'An Inconvenient Special,' a televised town hall conversation about climate change, hosted by
Al Gore says he saw "fish swimming in the streets" of Miami Beach. THAT IS A LIE. I live here on Miami Beach. Did he also see…
Al Gore would have been such a good president
Cartoon scientist awarded for promoting fake global weather predictions. Laughable he wins anything an…
"The climate crisis is by far the most serious challenge we face"
Al Gore: 'I was wrong' about Donald Trump via
Al Gore was the original Doomsday Prepper. *** he was prepping before prepping was cool.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Standing ovation for Al Gore at Ecocity Summit Many Council Mayors here.GC's Tom Tate his ignorance = unconscionabl…
Agreed. Al Gore does not end with "I'm the National Rifle Association of America..." bu…
I hate listening to George W Bush bang on about Al Gore all the time. Likewise with Obama on Romney. Oh wait, they don't!
Like Tommie Lee Jones dishing on Al Gore's days in college.
When I see the Inconvenient Sequel Trailer I get upset that Al Gore was never our President 😭😭😭
Nearly a decade after "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore is back. This time he has his sights set on President Trump https:/…
Hear former US Vice President and environmentalist Al Gore speak at the IMPACT Conference in Augus…
Hearing from the vice president Al Gore on and
The next president would show a professor Al Gore
The first time I could for a president, I voted for Al Gore
When are we going to blame Al Gore for inventing the internet and giving President Trump the platform?
Watching former vice president Al Gore speak about climate change in front of Lions Club International.
What if Al Gore became President in the Election of 2000? - YouTube
“I smoked pot in college, and in the Army…” – Al Gore / 45th U.S. Vice President
Al Gore and Jo Biden! True you are president and they're not. But they are veterans and you're not.…
Little Giant Ladders
You remember what happened to Al Gore due to his association with a president? Think Trump has your back? Be your own man!
Bob, enough of this.its been 6 months and Al Gore still isn't President.
The electoral college is trash Al Gore deserved to be president in 2000
The next president used to tell Al Gore in trying
“ I think the fact that within the bitcoin universe replaces the functions of [the government] .” - Al Gore, 45th Vice President
Al Gore & his pals wallets' now that President Trump is in office!
So glad u got no votes and dropped out. I cringe at thought of u as president. Go have a drink with Al Gore on the coast
I can't help but wonder what the world would be like today if Al Gore became president.
Al Gore been playing that game since he was vice president be thankful that crook never got to the whitehouse. He just took…
On Earth 1, Al Gore was president and you didn't help start the Iraq War.
Al Gore sold all his assets at 1.7 Million in 1999 and lost it all running for president. He now has amassed 200 Million Do…
Al Gore has Inconvenient Truth 2 coming out, so...
Al Gore is going to have a field day with these pics.
Best preview last night... Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power...coming to theaters this summer! Al Gore for President!
Kathy Griffin is high on dope right now. Gary Johnson is high too. Hillary Clinton is angry..and drunk. Al Gore thinks he's right. He's not.
Al Gore: battle against climate change is like fight against slavery | Climate Depot -
going full blast with their Al Gore version of climate change. Amazing. Against data and facts. They really have a strategy
Rumor has it there's going to be a five-hundred dollar bill soon and Al Gore is going to be on it.
In recognition of Al Gore's and Climate Reality's crucial work in the protection ...
You should inteview David Ickies about how Queen Elizabeth, Al Gore, and Boxcar Willie, are reptillian aliens
I wonder if that's the same God who told Al Gore's Father to filibuster on the senate floor the '64 Civil Rights Bill?…
Hillar Rosner catches up with Al Gore and his Climate Reality project in Denver. Al Gore Heats Up via
Bill Whittle takes a look at the claims of Bill Nye, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and other “scientists.”
Oliver North: havens must be eliminated via the Need a face to face with Ollie North and Al Gore again ...
Al Gore. Harvard. Screwool of Divinity. (easy-peasy). Living proof the Nobel Peace Prize now equals winning…
🎯Al Gore is excited-years his prediction of mass hurricanes has been wrong.Even a clock tells the right time 2xa day
Watch the statement by former vice president Al Gore on Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.
I would love to see Al Gore and John Bates discuss/debate Global Warming data. With impartial fact checkers present.
Funny how liberal loonies ignore the Inconvenient Lies of Al Gore & Climate Exaggerators. Scott Pruitt.
Just one of AL Gore's homes which uses 20X the energy of an average Americans home but lectures us on the environment.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
This is Al Gore's House he lectures America on about the Climate Hoax from. Where's the Solar Panels Join https:/…
Remember when we thought Al Gore was a sore loser?
ask Al Gore if he's gonna run in 2020. Fix the mistake made in 2000.
Al Gore calls the Trump administration 'tongue-tied and confused' about climate change
He makes money like Al Hooker Gore on cl
We will move forward with or without trump -Al Gore on clean energy 😍😍😍🌏
LOL !! Al Gore on Trump's climate change mistake. "The Stone Age didn't end because of an absence of stones."
By the way, this $100 trillion the Paris Accord would cost by 2100. Who the *** GETS that?. Al Gore?
Al Gore is trending so here's a PSA on and "We are ALL going to DIE" btw it's al…
Flashback 2009: Al Gore fear-mongers entire polar ice cap will be gone in 5-7 years. 8 years later polar ice cap is still her…
If John Kerry and Al Gore are screaming this loudly that withdrew, then it must be the best thing he's done so fa…
Al Gore was on CNN. Cue ten thousand accounts with no followers claiming to be scientists. 😂 Seriously, you aren't fooli…
Al Gore is truly the biggest *** Just stated CNN "we are going to meet Paris agreement standards of reduction due throug INNOVATION"!
Al Gore In 2005: "Within the decade, there will be no more snows of Kilimanjaro." . Kilimanjaro In 2015:
Same media claiming Hillary has no right to speak is rushing to get comment from Al Gore because they realized global wa…
Good thing Al Gore got into the Climate Change Business because him Inventing the INTERNET did not pay off for him
Former VP Al Gore on coal industry: "Promising to recreate the 19th century is not a visionary strategy for a successful…
Al Gore says it's "reckless" to leave Paris Accord: "We are going to continue moving forward. It would be better if we co…
Al Gore is a joke of a man who has made millions off of his Global Warming scheme. Thank God this little man was never elected President!
Did ABC ask Al Gore how much money he has made on Fake Global Warming scam?
This pix with Griffin on it only HELPS to show she opposes what Trump does, she supports Al GORE and WHY…
Al Gore: Trump's Paris decision 'reckless,' but we'll go on without him
Great! Let's start with your energy sucking properties Al Gore!
Nobody on this green Earth is a bigger scam artist than Al Gore.
Al Gore the US will meet it emission goals regardless. But the US won't fund other countries efforts. The Obama legacy continues
One of Al Gore's houses uses more than 20 times the energy of the average American home, but he's gonna lecture you about…
Al Gore admits Paris Accord won't solve the issue of 'climate change.'. Yet liberals say Trump pulling out will destroy th…
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