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Al Gore

Albert Arnold Al Gore, Jr. (born March 31, 1948) served as the 45th Vice President of the United States (1993–2001), under President Bill Clinton.

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if anything, he's a worse buffoon than the Obamanation or even Al Gore. I spell looser JOE BIDEN!!
In 2009, Al Gore said the polar ice caps could be completely ice free at Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.
With the amount of snow that hit my house last night, I am convinced Al Gore is trying to confuse us with his liberal biblicisms.
during election, but we all thought he would lose. John Kerry, Al Gore, Hilary all serious deserving people. W. y Trump not up to it
Is he more popular than Al Gore and Walter Mondale too? Equally as relevant.
Al Gore & 'climate change' & rising sea levels. Why did he buy this?…
Al Gore, Cynthia McKinney and John Kerry are all prime examples of winners. You won't find a single sore loser in that jolly little group!
an international consortium of climate change scientists and Al Gore !
Oh BTW Vietnam is the war in which John McCain, John Kerry, Bob Kerrey, Al Gore and many other pat…
Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were college roommates... and there isn't a buddy comedy film about it?
you.keep bringing up Al Gore like he's our spokesman but he's not.
He's the UK's Al Gore except even more of a 🛎🔚
Hearing a pastor casually talk about how wrong al gore was on global warming because Florida isn't underwater yet smh
Al Gore wants Pelosi and her slumlord hubby's private jet suspended for having a carbon f…
Did Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Barry Obama, Hillary Clinton??? Yes they all did. Silence from ABC.
1) I still have this crazy returning idea of Al Gore not being elected an all the stupid and bad hings that came after that... A lesson?
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Not to worry. Al Gore says all icebergs will have disappeared by the next election.
climate change is an Al Gore conspiracy
we always knew anything to do with Al Gore wasn't good?
I wonder how many billions we will save, Al Gore and the Clinton's gonna lose a lot of money.
Al Gore: 2016 was the hottest year in recorded history
Al Gore's movie is flawed. That doesn't negate the actual science.
Republican national TV ad questioning Al Gore's ethics following scandal - we can't continue with an unethical White House
Didn't all the scientists, & Al Gore, tell us the ice caps would be gone by 2016? The ozone hole was going to kill us all before that
Al Gore does a favourable interview with the Washington Post on Democrat policies, wins their endorsement
EEA means emergency brake is an option (but this is as likely as an al gore comeback)
Dear racist liberal economists: . Overconsumption =/= Overpopulation. . Looking at you, Al Gore.
Bush: "Al Gore is a nice guy but not Presidential material"
Dam Al Gore,another foot on the way.
Zaza doesn't understand how the voting system works. Talk to Al Gore Zaza, he lost graciously
Republicans say that "Al Gore should get out and have some fun sometimes". Bush endorses Budweiser
Democrats fly to Ohio with Al Gore, hosting U2 concert. He appears on stage to rapturous applause for aid speech
"The will to act is a renewable resource". Al Gore at the last Sundance festival (ten years after "An Inconvenient Truth" presentation).
Al Gore: "I had a lengthy & very productive session with the president-elect. It was a sincere search for areas of common grou…
Not the first time either. Al Gore got 500,000 more than Dubya in 2000. There was a petition recently but only got 7500 sigs.
Al Gore moves to Tennessee, where he hosts huge BBQ, inviting lots of people with cameras
Al Gore snapped at a country and western dance with his family in Florida
Democrats endorsed by Lance Armstrong, taking Al Gore for a bike ride
An early case of for Al Gore's 'Reality Drop'
//:O Now I'm curious, Jaune-mun. Not sure why you hate Al Gore so much...
//I thought it was Al Gore who invented the Internet. :P
"Our world faces a true planetary emergency. I know the phrase sounds shrill, and I know it's a challenge to the moral imagination" Al Gore
i jst had a dream yoongi didnt believe in climate change (?) so he accidentally set my school on fire (??) n Al Gore was…
Nothing is sustainable about the 'green energy' projects that have failed spectacularly in every way, while making Al Gore a billionaire.
And then the Greenland Ice Shelf and then won't they feel odd about saying "al gore is fat", as they drown?
Fisk really got on Al Gore's internet to trash Oakwood for being small but they're smaller than us
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Dear Al Gore, please come to Canada, we could really use some global warming!
Much like how Al Gore invented the internet, Elvis created the sandwich. Wow!
Why am I driving at 1:30 am, in February, with my windows down!? Al Gore's *** global warming
some bad policies, some poor secty choices, but this? This is insanity. Calling Al!!
Former US Vice President Al Gore once said 'After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of the same coin.
.Global Cooling? Where's Al Gore when you need him? He can fix this with just a few tax increases.
The CDC canceled a climate change event. Al Gore will host it instead via
Doesn't anyone listen to Al Gore? There is no ice. . "Queensland man set to take on 1,600km of Alaskan snow and ice"
Yes, 2 of the first people into Trump Tower after he won were Al Gore & Di Caprio. That speaks volumes about his willingne…
Now I wonder what direction our country would have gone if Al Gore rightfully won the presidency all those years ago?
He's been a climate change and advocate, and even received training from former U.S Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Al Gore!
CDC’s canceled climate change conference is back on — thanks to Al Gore
CDC won't be attending, but Al Gore and others are making sure its canceled climate-change summit takes place.
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Critics weigh in on Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Sequel' (Mother Nature Network)
'Superhero tragedy an end-times enviro doc' - Gore 'sequel is a superhero movie about a sad Al Gore'
Al Gore rouses Sundance with climate film on eve of Trump induction
Where do we stand on climate change in 2017? new documentary couldn't be coming at a better time: https…
Al Gore was right about Manbearpig. It's almost 60 degrees in January!
didn't Bush do the same thing and the masses laughed at Al Gore who was right?
Elites only care about your carbon emissions. Theirs must be essential, or something. Hypocrite Al Gore likes the…
A good point that reminds me of this reuse of "prevail" over time, by Hunter Thompson, Al Gore, and Steve Jobs.…
Ya but Al Gore made a butt load of money off of it.
Sundance: 'An Inconvenient Sequel' marks a welcome return to the spotlight for Al Gore https:/…
WH website has been scrubbed of all references to “climate change.” Fine with me. No heresy in this action. Look it up on Al Gore's website.
Let's try to rope this in: your position is that Nazis are just fine tod…
Al Gore is a fraud and refuses to debate global warming.
Now it's ancient history? Al Gore's dad,the mentors of Bill & Hillary? Sure, no bearing on today
This type of thing was not what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the Internet.
Al Gore, Andrew Jackson in 1824, Samuel Tilden, and Grover Cleveland in 1888 all won the popular vote but lost...
Al Gore’s 'An Inconvenient Sequel' is the scariest movie of the year:
We need Al Gore to explain science. He did it once in October. Need him 100x in 2018. People confuse theory with hypothesis. Wrong.
lol wdym? Same thing happened al gore vs bush. Al gore was voted by the people and bush was put in office by electoral vote
My favorite was Al Gore, creator of the Internet, telling us in the 90's we would be in a…
Al Gore on Donald Trump: 'No one person can stop' climate change movement
Agoraphobic? Why would you be scared of Al Gore?
I don't consider myself old, but I've never witnessed anything like this after an election, not even when Al Gore got rob…
Being funny is the best way to make that happen. The funnier candidate always wins. GWB beat AL gore because of that.
Al Gore: But how come when things were bad there was only one set of footprints in the sand?. Jesus: Those were your carbon footprints.
I'm an Al Gore fanatic but I love Bush too
I usually go by "If Al Gore says it's real, then it probably isn't"
Sir you need to get your facts straight! DID THEY PAY THE CARBON OFFSET TAX TO AL GORE! That's what burns me up!!!
An Inconvenient Sequel is a superhero movie about a sad Al Gore
Minister of State for Energy, said: "Al Gore talking about sitting in one place, so the prime minister (Sheikh Hasina) has come
environmentalist Al Gore to the Prime Minister wanted to know about Rampal. The visiting prime minister of the proposed project area.
.is a climate change James Bond in urgent, exhilarating 'Inconvenient Sequel' via
Electronic Device Insurance
Do you think Al Gore would have still invented the internet if he knew it would be used for cat videos?
Best of Davos: How can we avoid a climate change catastrophe? Al Gore and Davos leaders respond htt…
Al Gore on the one fact he would tell someone who doesn't think climate change exists at https:…
If we don't get taxed for our carbon footprint, how is Al Gore going to support his mansions? What a bunch of frauds!
So does that make Al Gore president too?
So No Longer Supports the He doesn't like the people's choice? via
But trading carbon credits on NYSE will save the planet! Havent you seen what its done for Al Gore?
Senator Al Gore was chief Senator that fought the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Republican behind me, dismissing Al Gore: "If you can't win your home state, you shouldn't be president". Me:
Sundance Braces for Snow & Chilly Weather at opening of Al Gore's new film
Al Gore making millions off of this climate scam needs to be deleted.
but wait I thought she was a Native American? Wasn't she at the first Thanksgiving while Al Gore was inventing the internet?
George W. Bush gave props to Al Gore in his Inaugural speech. Trump said nothing to Hillary Clinton, who beat him by 3…
I'll believe 28% of federal employees will quit their job over Trump when Al Gore quits private jets and Bernie supporters quit iPhones.
Al Gore once again exposed as disingenuous fraud via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I know this week is reserved (and rightly so) for but on a deeply personal level I miss
Inconvenient Sequel to open in acutely political year
Even before taking office, Trump has changed the presidency who cares about the popular vote? Al Gore won it and? 💩
Al Gore to join Film Festival's 'Power of Story' panel a collaboration between Sundance Institute and Redford Cente…
It was invented by Al Gore, creator of the internet.
This is not a pipe dream: about 25% of all countries have already committed to become free of fossil fuels by 2050.
It isn't the prayer that bothers them; it's that he didn't pray to Al Gore while invoking climate change.
Al Gore is headed to the Sundance Film Festival … and so is CFACT! via
definitely not! Have you seen the skit from SNL a with Al Gore and what life would have been like if he was pres?
Al Gore says he's OK with Putin - because Russian leader backed climate accord (and 200... - Daily Mail
From Al Gore to water politics, climate change heats up Sundance - Read:
Al Gore & Bush situation here.Bush led the world to meaningless war...& that troll friend of yours will do the same.smh
PM defends construction of Rampal Power Plant in interaction with AL Gore at WEF
-"global warming" was a term coined by Al Gore, who was in no way a scientist, in the 90s. Learn your facts before going off the handle!
You are mistaken. Al Gore said there'd be no mo sno
How much money have you made from so far? As much as Al Gore?
Did they all travel to by private jet like Al Gore?
I identify with Norwegian climate realists and Gieaver is also Norwegian. You identify with Al Gore and hoax.
Al Gore created An Inconvenient Truth, but Green Party helped give tax breaks for SUVs, if large enough. Something is wrong
he's Mitt Romney or Al Gore when they need to find their Bernie Sanders. Or anyone who cares really.
Tomorrow, the sequel to "An Inconvenient Truth" premieres at Sundance. Hear what has to say about the film: htt…
Direct to you from the Al Gore school od Climatetology aka "whatsup"
Al Gore's sequel to an Inconvenient truth almost passed me by!
Al Gore doesn't look like Al Gore anymore.
yes - also they have had 16 years to change it if it's so terrible - as in 2000 Al Gore won the popular vote V Bush.
Al Gore's Inconvenient Sequel to open Sundance in acutely political year
And chicken free than cheaper much Fun and fact: mutters al. Gore.
Al Gore screwed up again? man eating global warning turns into ICE AGE? Arctic conditions spread deep into Anatolia
These Libs never go away. Propped up by Lib MSM-> Al Gore...
Today marks the launch of Al Gore's sequel to 'Inconvenient Truth' - Truth Power! 10 years after the first film...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Al Gore is my sugar daddy, so what do you think?
the 'Green' party said Al Gore & Dubya were the same for the environment. How did that play out??
Remember Al Gore saying, the grandchildren will not know what snow is. Snake-oil-salesman to the core.
When I see Al Gore living in a small solar home and driving a Prius I'll start believing.
Water & Power: A California Heist looks at in at Sundance festival
Are you willing to give up the comforts in your life? Leonardo DeCaprio & Al Gore surely aren't.
Gene Hackman and Saul "Slash" Hudson star in new police procedural "Hack & Slash," fighting crime lords Mark Slaughter and Al Gore
Blame Ralph Nader who was too put pre for Al Gore. Gore would have acted on the PDB
Al Gore lost Florida because Clinton ticked off Cubans by nabbing Elian Gonzalez. Obama maintains the precedent.
That guy ain't goin' nowhere. He'll be Al Sharpton,Al Gore&Jimmy Carter(Israel hater)rolled into one now.
JK climate change is real and important, and Al Gore, Imma let you finish, but IRENA SENDLER WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST WO…
Also just learned that Apprentice contestant Omarosa worked under Al Gore during Bill Clinton's administration. She got fire…
Maybe that Al Gore guy was onto something...
If believing in global warming means it won't rain on Christmas Eve then call me Al Gore
Al Gore is suing Al Jazeera cuz they strippd it frm its original contents 2 get a market n2 America.
“Al Gore is a prophet all right, a false prophet of a secular carbon cult, and now even moderate Democrats aren’t buying it,”
Why don't we just castrate Al Gore on national television instead?
How did those meetings go for Al Gore and Mitt Romney?
If Al Gore had invented the internet sooner, Russian hackers would have stopped Reagan's election.
you know what I don't remember in 2000? One million think pieces about how Al Gore was to blame for not winning. . Do you?
With Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt at EPA, time to man the barricades
There have been more cybersecurity breaches under Obama than any president since Al Gore invented the Internet.
Hint to Al Gore: next time you release a movie about the incinerating earth, don't do it during a Polar Vortex.
Today in 2000, Vice President Al Gore reluctantly concedes defeat to Texas Governor George W. Bush in his bid for...
Just another "Convenient Lie" from Al Gore. Patriots - help us build this army. Enlist at
Imagine what they're going to give for her embarrassing loss, they had to give al gore global warming.
It's a scam 4 Al Gore to get rich killing business EPA CORRUPT
Al Gore in '09: the entire north polar ice cap ice-free in 5 years (here's how that's going for him) - Mark Meckler
everything is hack these days...hack life is a quick time saver..Next they'll write an algorithm to verify Al Gore is wrong
Al Gore's new climate change film: 'Now more than ever we must rededicate ourselves to solving the climate crisis' https:/…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Maybe the New AL GORE Movie will be about Too Much *** ICE! . He'll demand we stop driving to work and heating ou…
hey Dr. Magoo, why don't you sell thar new home and give the $ to Al Gore, lead by example, *** !
Regarding Kanye: yes, but Al Gore did it.
you are easily fooled. Al Gore made 100s of millions of dopes like you.
I hate to quote Al Gore but I'm gonna quote Al Gore, "defeatism is a kind of denial." Neither of us is wrong.
How about that crystal ball showing Trump parading Kanye and Al Gore through Trump Tower.
From the day Al Gore was born until today, the # of glaciers lost worldwide: 0.
Pass the solar-cooked popcorn: Al Gore set to release sequel to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’
Patrick Moore, PhD, & The Sensible Environmentalist has views and graphs contrary to Al Gore. Worth a "view" to change history
Al Gore mutters and bores his way out of a presidency in a race against a guy who spoke English like he learned it from Ro…
I'm sure when Sarah Palin was 1st big name 2 endorse Trump she figured Kayne West, Al Gore & Leonardo DiCaprio would get m…
Kanye West gets to meet with the president-elect. Al Gore got his daughter.
Trump's M.O. is to raise hopes to distract, then do the opposite. Like meet with Al Gore, then appoint a climate change de…
Al gore..where are you? How about stepping up and criticizing trump's appointment? He totally pimped you out and you've said nothing.
I've been a huge fan of Tillerson since 06 when he told Al Gore to 'shove it' with the global warming nonsense
Al Gore losing in 2000 wasn't great either
TMRW We ask if Ivanka Trump & Al Gore can't persuade Trump on climate change will China be the world lead…
How about 1 last shot? you've had a break, rested up, now PLEASE - for us. https:…
You have to be an *** to be worried about climate change. Artic ice is growing, temps plunging early. Al Gore had NYC flood…
Al Gore will open Sundance with a follow-up to 'An Inconvenient Truth'
INBOX: Paramount will release the follow up to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, to premiere at Sundance.
Al Gore says his meeting w/Trump was very productive & Trump says the entire meeting was a Chinese hoax.
This makes me angrier than anything at this point. Why aren't you still fighting?
Al Gore & Leo DiCaprio, having met with Emperor Trump, should denounce this immediately
RollingStone says the sequel to Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" will play at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19th.
Al Gore announces Sundance debut for follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth
New blog post: The New Climate with Al Gore at Sundance
Clinton's popular vote margin is now 2.83 million, more than 5.2 times the margin Al Gore had in 2000.
Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead (2,835,808) is now five times larger than Al Gore's was in 2000 (543,895):
Hillary Clinton could still have a legal right to be US president
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Question of the Day: Should President-Elect Trump trust people like President Obama, Al Gore, Rahm Emanuel and Mitt Romney
Al Gore visited Trump Tower to pay his respects, which made his only climate prediction come true: *** freezes over
Ivanka asked Al Gore who the worst person to lead the EPA would be.Trump's EPA pick proves he's listening
Well obviously Donald Trump didn't listen to anything Al Gore had to say when he chose climate denier and fossil fuel lack…
Ivanka Trump to meet with Al Gore on climate issues | Washington Examiner
Climate advocate Al Gore meets with President-elect Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump at Trump Tower in NYC.
Trump's meeting with Al Gore went something like this: "Excuse me Mr President Elect. Would it be possible for you to make…
Source close to Al Gore tells me vice president is the one who asked to set up the meeting with Trump, not Ivanka
Al Gore meets Donald Trump and Ivanka for climate talks: US ex-Vice-President and climate…
Hoping for an Al Gore vs Joe Biden primary in 2020. The fresh blood Democrats need.
Al Gore??? Who is next@ Trump Tower, Huma or Josh Ernst?. If Ivanka heads climate change how to bring back coal miners? 1st Romney, now this
: the climate schemes have been peddled by Goldman Sachs and Al Gore. David Blood. Stop the scam carbon fraud. We need Coal
Al Gore didn't need to distance himself from Bill Clinton when he r...
Al Gore calls meeting with Donald Trump 'productive'
Ivanka was to meet w/Al Gore. Did they finally realize it was not her place, nor her responsibility, to meet w/Al G…
I am confused . Is running you business or is she the
politico"RT MatthewNussbaum: Gore huddled with President-elect Trump and Ivanka today:
Al Gore remarks after Trump Tower visit ->
Ivanka Trump will meet with former Vice President Al Gore to discuss human-caused climate change
Shouldn't the environmental protection agency appointee be meeting with Al Gore instead of Ivanka Trump? What is her position?
Al Gore heads to Trump Tower to discuss climate change.
Millenials born after 1998 have experienced no warming, so why is Ivanka meeting with Gore? via
Al Gore tells reporters at Trump Tower he met with President-elect Trump today.
Umm🤔 All for an Open Door policy w/the other side of the aisle, but Al Gore? Really? What can "ManBearPig" offer ya? https:/…
People like Mitt Romney and Al Gore are being used by Trump to make him appear more reasonable. Stay focused.
Al Gore goes to Trump Tower for meetings with Ivanka, Donald. All of them low-towing to the Prince of Hate
Former Vice President Al Gore meets with Trump, says it was a "sincere search for common ground.”
PLEAAASE get this through his head! Gore and Trump met to talk climate change
Al Gore's comments about meeting with Donald Trump about climate change today, via pooler
Why Al Gore is optimistic that we can stop climate change:
Al Gore is the worst thing that ever happened to the efforts of climate change. sorry..I think he's insufferable. Monotone...empty suit
It sounds like the start of a joke, but it isn't.
Al Gore: climate change threat leaves 'no time to despair' over Trump victory
Donald Trump meets with Al Gore, who says they sought 'common ground' on climate change
the real story is institutions, government and international relations are being destroyed. Ohhh look a shiny Al Gore!
Al Gore just had an ‘extremely interesting conversation’ about climate change with Donald Trump http…
Exclusive look at Al Gore's presentation to Donald Trump.
Al Gore calls meeting with Trump 'productive' -
Ivanka meeting w/Al Gore to discuss climate issues? But her dad told us climate issues were a Chinese hoax. Oh, I get it. T…
President-elect Donald Trump met today with Al Gore, one of the most vocal advocates of fighting climate change
Donald Trump meets with Al Gore on climate change
Ivanka Trump to meet with former vice president and climate-change activist Al Gore on Monday:
Al Gore, Ivanka Trump to meet today via
Ivanka Trump and Al Gore will meet today to discuss climate issues
Ivanka is meeting with Al Gore. Apparently, she cares about climate change.
Ivanka Trump meeting with Al Gore today to discuss climate issues « Hot Air Headlines Why?
Hopeful news: Ivanka Trump and Al Gore to meet, discuss change via
What could go wrong? --> Al Gore, Ivanka Trump to meet today
WATCH: Al Gore arrives at Trump Tower in NYC to discuss climate issues with Ivanka Trump, presidential transition team…
President-elect Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka is going to have a meeting with Al Gore on climate change issues
?!. Eyeing climate role, Ivanka Trump to meet with Al Gore
Don't be distracted by Ivanka Trump meeting with Al Gore. She's not the climate savior you're hoping for:
Ivanka Trump meeting with Al Gore today? Hian. Modern day African nepotism govt in the making... interesting!
Ivanka Trump and Al Gore to meet, discuss climate change - USA TODAY
Ivanka Trump is meeting with Al Gore to talk climate change
Guess is women's work like changing diapers chez Trump. Why else have Ivanka get the job? Al Gore
Al Gore is meeting with Ivanka Trump to talk about climate issues? Satire is dead when reality is this strange.
Oh yes, Al Gore, the man who sold out to the Al Qaida TV network - not an opinion worth printing nor considering!!
Al Gore should follow in the footsteps of R budd Dwyer!
Let's just abolish Al Gore and be done with it ...
true, but as Al Gore showed us not long ago, that doesn't mean anything for the future of the country.
50% of the world will be on line by the end of this year. 80% though in developed countries! Thanks Al Gore (lol) !?!?!
Al Gore to train leaders in China to be global warming activists. Hang tough fellow skeptics. Our battle rolls on. htt…
From the guy who predicted the polar ice caps would melt and be gone by now. Like anybody should li…
Does Al Gore still think the world is flat like his head!?!
Looks like likes to release his own co2 into the environment at massage parlors. 😂😳🖐
From the altar of man-made global Al Gore preaches against those who oppose his primitive superstitions:
our voting system already stimulates voters from all over the country. Al Gore is just another
The high for today is 70 degrees and tomorrow is the first day of December. *** Al Gore should've won. 😭😭
TRIVIA QUESTION: Al Gore’s running mate was the first Jew to run on a major ticket. Name him.
I support the elimination of Al Gore from all media coverage for the rest of his life but you don't see me crying
After nearly a decade after his inconvenient truth, Al Gore began to pose 3 questions on why he is optimistic of...
An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore on the Parable of the Boiled Frog...
Sore loser, Al Gore, is still a sore loser. Lost the Electoral College vote, so he wants to abolish it. Source: https:…
Right now is probably wishing Al Gore didn't invent the internet.
People who were at school: Al People who were bad at school:George W. We have the repeat of this: vs.
When one wants to have California and New York decide elections for the entire nation, they let Al Gore speak for them. https:…
We must protect our water, our planet, and our rights. on and Dakota Access Pipeline:
'I Do Think it Should be Eliminated': Al Gore Wants to See the Electoral College Gone
Lol. Don't worry little buddy your house will be fine. Take a look:
Just think how many trees could be saved if the NY times and Wash. Post stopped printing. Al Gore please help save those trees.
Al Gore is a MORON that has used global warming to become a multi millionaire! That should concern all Americans!
I don't mean "Al Gore" - I mean Blood, Guts, gross vicious murderous Gore - the heart of islam
Al Gore thinks the Electoral College system should be eliminated.
The one of two accurate predictors of result. Every time is accurate.
HRC did the same thing that Al Gore did in 2000. Their campaign didn't have the courage to tell the press to go to *** l…
. Because no-one is making any cash from the scam. Grants for scientists and Al Gore.. .
The counties Al Gore won accounted for 54% of the nation’s economic output. For Clinton, it was 64%:
. Al Gore raised in DC, went to St. Albans, when Sen. Gore, sr., drove home to TN, black maid ate in car.
Climate change made Al Gore rich. The US should not pay for global carbon credit scheme. European Union can pay if it wants to.
Ferngully and Al Gore aren't going to save the world, people like Elon Musk and green products that directly benefit the consumer will.
that photo of Hillary walking her dog in the woods yesterday was nice, but I really want a photo of her & Al Gore commiserating over drinks
Is Hillary Clinton taking to the woods following her defeat like when Al Gore went feral after his?
Al Gore also went to the woods after POTUS loss. He came out with an Oscar. She will be fine. WE will be fine.
In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote. Today HRC won the vote. Enough. Make the will of the people heard. Read: https:…
Gary Johnson is about to make Hillary Clinton the Al Gore of 2016. FML.
Today in 2000: George W. Bush elected over Al Gore. Disputed ballots in Florida left results unknown for a month: http…
I'll be voting for Al Gore and Mike Bloomberg. They can decide who is serves as the Vp.
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