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Al Davis

Allen Al Davis (July 4, 1929 – October 8, 2011) was an American football executive.

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Eventually the will make Al Capone look like someone who stole your lunch money.
Whoa he looks like Al Davis if he didn’t look like a rotting corpse
Big Al tried to defend Cousins and Davis. So what do you think?
What *** decides to put AL Jefferson on Anthony davis
Al guarding Anthony Davis going as you'd expect
“Caliph” craps himself and flees in a taxi. No glorious martyrdom for him, then. What a surprise.
Once-jailed Kentucky anti *** marriage clerk Kim Davis to seek re-election
We were in a salary cap nightmare w/Al. Now we have great players at big bucks and the rudder is…
I don't know that it's possible to overemphasise the mendacity of Davis et al.
is an Al Davis and Hue Jackson cultist. He is a but hurt loser that Mark is moving the team to Las Ve…
Still blaming Al Haymon? Well his guys top guys are fighting at least 2x this year out…
Can seomebody tell me when Davis, Redwood, Fox et al became followers of Tony Benn?
In the great Al Davis voice: Just win baby.
Policy wonks will be pleased to know that the 6th edn of Althaus et al. 'The Aust Policy Handbook' is published thi…
Davis 6/17 "We've got 50, nearly 60 sector analyses already done". Davis 11/17 "It is not the case that 58 sectoral impac…
Where's Al Davis when you need him? Al would bring in Kaepernick ... and would start him to *** off the other owners
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Always felt like Davis et al were making stuff up as they went. Might be more true than anyone actual…
Sabonis being out means we're likely to see Al Jefferson some on Boogie and/or Anthony Davis tonight. No bueno.
No. Davis, Patel, Johnson et al are all taking the pith because they know May can’t/won’t sack them.
New limited Al Davis shoes are online now👌15% off during our sale✔️Get yours here🔌 h…
'I've a lot of belief that we can do it' - NI's Davis bullish for Swiss play-off
Not only that but isn’t interested in doing so under Fox, Davis, Jonson et al
Doesn’t it seem like Jerry is turning into an Al Davis type? Old, crotchety and becoming increasingly irrelevant?
There are ebook and audiobook versions. Or, if you prefer, I can mail you a hardcover. In honor of Al Davis, we're…
I have a fond fantasy that, when Article 50 is revoked, Farage, Banks, Davis, Johnson, et al. are brought to trial.
Absolutely Michael, the limited intelligence of brexit…
If you're a fan, you owe it to yourself to read about the team's patriarch. "Al Davis: Behind the Raiders Shield…
Deadset Davis, Johnson, et al are just a pack of bounders, cads & unethical conmen. Stand for nothing & ethics of gutter rats.
Details galore about "Tuck Game" and Jon Gruden -- that was his final game with the Raiders -- are in "Al Davis: Behind t…
But how do you fix that? Completely different team from the Al Davis days... or even the Dennis Allen era?
Be careful hating on JaMarcus Russell, that's an Al Davis draft pick.
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The qb must go down. And he must go down hard. - Al Davis
Baseball Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson lights the Al Davis torch before home opener
Reggie McKenzie should pull an Al Davis and trade the Raiders 1st RD pick
Thank goodness, because at least they know…
A clear description of the poop show that is brexit and yet more evidence that Davis et al have no idea. Utter bloo…
I'm sure that last sentence served you well working for Al Davis!
It means the whole thing is falling apart - it won't be long now before May, Davi…
I don't think he can, doesn't have the natural football instincts. This was too much of an Al Davis pick.
I haven't bought any yet am on the hunt the now babe al let u know if a find anything x
He asked Cam that more than once. The first time was in the locker room after a game, though. It was vintage Al Davis.
Honored to have write about "Al Davis: Behind the Raiders Shield" in MMQB:
Thanks for featuring THE VELVETEEN DAUGHTER by Laurel Davis Huber as one of this month's book picks!
Thanks, Cam. Your interest level sounds on a par with Al Davis' about your Mom. "Cam, how's your mother?"
100 percent chance, Doug. Al Davis always said, "The Raiders are global." So is this book's appeal and reach. Thank you.
The definitive book on Raiders owner Al Davis will be in my hands early next week. It can be in yours Sept. 1 or so. http… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Every time I look at my screen saver, I can't help but think that only Al Davis' senile *** would wash down chocola…
Tudor: With NCAA shadow looming over UNC, Butch Davis returns to sidelines in sunny Florida
From top prospect to one of MLB's hottest hitters. . 20-year-old Rafael Devers is taking over the AL pennant race http…
"If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying" Al Davis. caught or not? It's cheating..
For the slower Blue Check Marks out there, this is a claim made in Vanity Fair.
Penn State to host 186, Phil Davis Ed Ruth Ryan Bader on card htt…
If Al Davis were still alive, Colin Kaepernick would've been back in the NFL months ago!
That's the way it is aired, rehearsals and '70 Intl Hotel run in vegas. Sang Love me Tender, c. G…
And just a two percent swing would have reversed the result - shame on you Boris, Gove, Patel, Davis et al
Exposure is key in all fields for our young people. My wife Kathryn Conyers went to play tennis at AL Davis park...
Suicidal for your career to be player's rep.. i did that and was on the executive com…
Your brain can read scrambled words if the first and last letter are at the right place ht…
Indeed. And setting up Davis/May et al to be exonerated when we crash out. Failing that, their civi…
Don't you get it? EU membership is the best deal. Nothing davis et al wil…
Nah... Takeoff really murdered this though
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We'll be getting a new Guwop album next month
That's the beauty of this book, Bruce Kebric and Jon Kingdon place you in the room with Al Davis at key times.
Bruce Kebric and Jon Kingdon know exactly what Al Davis was thinking, what he wanted and what transpired.
The definitive book on Raiders owner Al Davis is here, courtesy of Bruce Kebric, Jon Kingdon and me.
"Just win, baby!". in 1929, former HC, GM and owner Al Davis was born.
On what would have been his 88th birthday, we honor and pay tribute to Al Davis.
Bill Belichick and Al Davis proved that could take theirs and beat his, or take his and beat theirs. The Buffalo...
Al Davis took Fabian Washington one pick before Aaron Rodgers in 2005. 2007 JaMarcus Russell over Calvin Jo…
I will go to my grave hating Al Davis for drafting JaMarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson. Would love him in Silver n…
Tim Brown on being a rookie and getting coached up by Al Davis.
One of the greatest pieces of music ever written. Long live Sam Spence, John Facenda, Steve Sabol, and the great Al Davis.
Where's the Al Davis book? I've been waiting since you were on the Artie Lange show! Please make it happen!
End of an era. Fun fact: Tom Oates quote in 1987 Year in Quotes re Al Davis cursing came from a McGinn article…
Somewhere up in football heaven, Al Davis is smiling ear to ear with the picking Obi.
"Now we're getting to the freak zone.". Al Davis would've LOVED
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The Raiders investigative team includes Al Davis, Ken Stabler and Tony Mandarich
Bruce Allen cut his teeth under Al Davis. Could totally see Al Davis falling in love with Fournette (and Peppers).
Al Davis will give you longevity, but for instant gratification...I'm going with Jerry Buss.
remember the Al Davis and John Madden Raiders the old films...Art Shell, Cliff Branch, Jack Tatum etc. The Vegas Raiders not the same.
Al Davis went into sudden death in 2011.
What do Al Davis and Dr. Jerry Buss have in common?
.Nobody liked Al Davis, and who knows, the reason might be who he championed.
Al Davis was one to always pick speed. Speed can't be taught. I.e Stanford routt
True. Ozzie pulled a Al Davis and drafted him cause he had a fast 40 time.
Haven't heard this mentioned anywhere, but how much of Bruce's management style reflects what he learned from Al Davis?
when Al Davis was there ? Not surprised he had Lane Kiffen as a coach and wanted a super bowl like every year
Another steal by Al Davis is going to seal the game as Davis gets fouled and will shoot two FTs. BU leads 74-61 w 39 seconds left
John Ross ran a 4.22 if Al Davis was alive he would trade up to the top 5 to take him
Al Davis comes up with steal and calls timeout as Lewis is making a bit of a comeback. 55, Flyers 51 with 7:01 remaining.
Al Davis w the consummate Al Davis play: deflects a pass and lays out full to five for ball and save it. BU 55, Lewis 51 w 7:01 left
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Al Davis used to sit with me here every year (he ordered the hot dogs). He would have loved that run by John Ross. Miss tha…
Al Davis when he heard John Ross ran a 4.22
We need you to light the Al Davis torch one time Amy!
John Ross is good fit for Philly, but teams ahead willing to reach.. remember how drafting speed went for Al Davis' Raiders
[Boston Herald] - Borges: For real Lombardi Trophy tension, look at Pete Rozelle and Al Davis at Super Bowl XV
let's remember that Ralph Wilson gave money to Al Davis to survive! We might be defunct but Ralph believed in us
Though Ralph and Al Davis had several disagreements over relocation, Davis once told me how much he respected Wilson's stance.
A smart businessman merging with Tommy boy. Hope Davis reads the fine print. Al Davis is in heaven flipping out right now.
...Andrew,. "The Rocket" is not Justin Bailey. Everyone knows the real "Rocket" is Al Davis!!!
just win baby. Al Davis, Marcus Allens boss, said that
There's a huge difference in an impersonation of Howard Cossell or Al Davis than someone trying to sound like Howard or Al.
Only problem is Al Davis died 3 years before Derrick Carr was drafted by the Raiders
Great, insightful question by Peter King.asking Derrick Carr what Al Davis would b thinking tonite
Oct 14th 2011, u wrote an article about Al Davis. it included Al Davis paid for Derrick Thomas's funeral. What is your source?
Get this. Al Davis picked up a tab for Derrick Thomas's funeral because his family couldn't afford it.
Thats why I luv listening to Greg Papa on learn something new about Al Davis. Had no idea he paid for Derrick Thomas funeral
Tommie Smith, the Gold Medalist who raised his fist at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, will light Al Davis' Torch.
Tommie Smith honored to light Al Davis torch in Mexico City
More Gruden on Carr: "Al Davis would be very, very proud of Derek Carr."
Gruden: Al Davis would be very proud of Derek Carr
Gruden: 'Al Davis would be very proud of Derek Carr'
Derek Carr plays the game in a way that Al Davis pioneered and loved.
Arguably the greatest owner in sports history. Only other answers I'm accepting are Dr. Buss, Al Davis, Steinbrenne…
Every time I hear Ty Montgomery's name I think about the running back that Al Davis preferred over Marcus Allen
.legend and analyst Tom Flores talks Al Davis and the Hall-of-Fame via
"Silver and black ghost, *** that's Al Davis. Give me Left Eye back, take fetty wap and the…
where is ur bf mike lombardi? I guess the didn't take them for granted and dominated throughout. He hates Al Davis
Al Davis back flipping in his grave right now
when Al Davis passed away, I thought Carol Davis became the owner. Is it officially (cont)
theres a reason ur the most hated man in SF. Are u tryna be like Jerry Jones or Al Davis at a point in their careers? Hated
This old AFL match-up is really making me miss Al Davis' warerobe.
Al Davis would've never signed a deal to move the Raiders to Las Vagas
Today's invitees to our condo for the game: John Butler, Al Davis, Spinner Spencer, Rick Martin, Van Miller and Jimmy Griffin.
"What's important to me is the legacy we leave, the greatness of the Raiders.". A look back at the life of Al Davis:
I was listening to podcast w/ Greg Papa n heard u was a Al Davis favorite (sarcastically
Podcast from last week: How close was Greg Papa to becoming Al Davis' right-hand man?
Re: Greg Papa on upholding Al Davis' legacy, the Raid..
How 'bout this Chargers braintrust circa 1961-62: included future Pro Football Hall of Famers such as Sid Gillman, Al Davis and Chuck Noll.
Ken Norton Jr would have made a great Al Davis yes man cause he surely sounds like one every time he talks.
Al Davis were alive Ray Rice would be a Raider and the Raiders will be a lock to win the West
Marcus Allen vs. Al Davis -- explained, and never explained --by Marcus Allen was the subject of NFL...
I actually wish that Jerry Jones or Al Davis owned the Warriors instead of some tech ***
Jerry Jones is a joke, he's a mix of Al Davis and Vince McMahon... out of touch and senile. And probably a wicked HGH addiction.
Jim Buss, Jerry West, and Al Davis are all related
ego man. It's the downfall. Once Phil left he thought he was Al Davis, Jerry Jones
Gd sorry guys but Al Davis & Raiders invented the TE, Dave Casper, Todd Christiansen in the 70s
Al Mohler and Al Davis. The best Al in seminary and the best Al to step in the NFL.
Greg Papa the voice of the raiders knew Al Davis wanted Las Vegas but is that Just Al Davis opinion then
Aside from late former Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, I don't know of an owner who did well as a GM.
But let's defend Al Davis and push that Mark should have turned it around in 4 years.
Ready for PFWIP. Looking forward to your reaction to Kraft going all Al Davis.
I am admittedly stunned to see Bob Kraft burn all his bridges with the league and his fellow owners. Going from Mr. NFL to Al Davis.
Jefferson Davis (AL) OL Preston Mixon picks up an offer from Georgia State.
Davis Cup on show to inspire young players.
Hi Al, advice? Same QS roto league I mentioned before. Give up K. Davis for Kyle Hendricks? I have 8 good OF. Thanks! Dave
Hands down, this new x project is one of the best this year
Future wins battle against Ciara in custody war
Al Davis taking a quiet pregame moment to plot how to next take vengeance on his enemies.
That's an insult to Al Davis. He actually won Super Bowls.
is like They keep flushing the competition with win after win. RIP Al Davis win baby win..
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The ended last night's game with a bang:
What a night for Khris Davis and the .
you also sound like a graduate of the Al Davis School of Drafting
Jeremy McConnell breaks silence on Steph Davis baby claims to tell her to ‘stop partying’
With 12 points (5G, 7A) for Russia, the ranks second in scoring at Worlds!. BLOG: http…
4th and 1 raiders RB up the gut meet al Davis lol never forget
Hey Booms, big Raider and fan. The MNF stories about Al Davis were classic stuff this am. You da man.
why does your owner suck so badly? The hubris is on an Al Davis level... Accept Snyder hasn't won anything...
Excited about w Handsome Al & Looker ft: Emma Davis. Fri 6:30pm Beer and wine from
I would encourage the book "Facilitating Seven Ways of Learning" by Davis et al in thinking abt this
Marcus Davis is leading receiver but it's not a title he's earned by default:
Bobby Davis Biography. Bobby was born in Columbus, Ohio and originally was trained by Al Haft in his local Ohio...
Wire: Marcus Davis tabbed as 'quarterback' of Auburn's receiver group
OAK [SB Nation: Athletics Nation] - The 5 best things about Khris Davis' walk-off grand slam
.stars as Harriet Tubman in a new film, but the road to production wasn't easy
Random fact: The Oakland won 9 total games in their first 3 seasons before winning 10 games in 1963 under new coach Al Davis.
The team vs Josh Matthews, Al Davis, Brian Delatorre and on a psych tip. Video→
Todd Marinovich was a late first round pick because Al Davis liked his dad being an ex-Raider. All time unfulfilled potential?
Fred Williamson is now quoting Al Davis at a Donald Trump rally . . .
Speed kills: Packers take Al Davis' mantra to heart in draft
question for you Stephen A? Would you consider Jim Buss to be the Al Davis or Jerry Jones of The NBA??!
Is that Al Davis' son with the Dumb and Dumber haircut?
Russell said the Raiders didn't even want to pick him but you know Al Davis & his mentality. But still RIP AL!
. True enough. Just a little Larry Brown humor there. I know the Raiders will be good now that Al Davis is gone.
Ed Snider: savvy businessman, great philanthropist. But as owner of a sports franchise he was a lot more Al Davis than Art Rooney.
too bad Al Davis isn't still around. Anything was possible in the draft
1938 Press Photo Mr. and Mrs. Al Davis at the annual Monmouth County meeting
Too bad there isn't a Sebastian Janikowski-caliber player available for Al Davis to draft in the first round this year.
Mackenzie Alexander seems like a classic Al Davis pick the more I look at it...🤔
I've lived through 2-14, JaMarcus Russell, DHB, Aaron Brooks, the death of Al Davis, and much more. It's time, Oakland. For Town Bidness.
Al Davis should be our guide to every April Fools' joke. Also, in comfortable casual wear
Chip Kelly is a worse scout than Al Davis.
I had privilege of listening to Al Davis & Bill Walsh discuss player moves. Bill said "move them earlier than you think you should." (1/2)
new D is starting to look like Al Davis assembled it
Reggie? It's Al Davis calling from the afterlife . . . he's got a player for you . . .
has a Marcus Allen/Al Davis stench to it if they went to that
Peyton retires. . Derek Carr tears ACL. Peyton unretires and goes to Oakland. . Wins 6 games. . Al Davis comes back to life. Cuts Peyton.
my youth heroes were Marcus Allen & Al Davis (outside boxing) though adult perspective now, does anyone really know the story?
Ken Stabler's meeting with Al Davis ended a legendary feud, paving way for Hall of Fame.
Larry Brown still looks like he's in shape. /Al Davis offers him a contract
Al Davis just spit in his casket when he heard Marcus Allen's name lol
My lord, if they ever make a movie about former Raiders owner Al Davis, Larry David has that look on LOCK DOWN.
dont forget Al Davis had to tell Eddie to hire Walsh in the 1st place
Eddie D is a better OWNER than Al Davis and treated players better while and AFTER they were on his team.
Marcus Allen still wont answer questions about Al Davis directly.
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Neon: Al Davis dreamed of moving Raiders to Vegas: Al Davis, the iconic maverick owner of the Oakland Raiders,... https…
The NFL will change the shield to a picture of Al Davis' face before they let a team move to Las Vegas.
Terry Robiskie is a bad man. Doesn't take any crap. Al Davis recognized him long ago. OC
Al Davis did a better version of scorched earth though, TBH
seems if don't get his way, he's going to be Al Davis reincarnated sue
this group is no Al Davis, Lamar Hunt, Bud Adams, Ralph Wilson.
Jerry Jones is trying to screw the out of deal. Typical Cowboys, did it to Al Davis back when NFL and AFL were merging.
from Al Davis. He's the most coach ready now, not another first year coordinator.
The great Al Davis was a friend of Jerry Jones and Jerry knows Mark won't make it in L.A. but Stan, the man, can!
Jerry Jones and Al Davis were best friends. Jerry knows how important Oakland is to the Raiders.
nice payback to the Raiders for everything Al Davis did to help Jerry when he was a new owner
Hey Jerry did you forget Al Davis was on your side. I'd like to see you block the Raiders in San Antonio now.
would be odd if Jerry proposes a plan that hurts Raiders-he credits Al Davis as a mentor when he entered league
Al Davis did so much for Jerry Jones this is the way you pay him back.
Jerry Jones is a modern less qualified Al Davis "wannabe". He needs to focus on his own team before the others.
Jerry is becoming the senile Al Davis without football knowledge
:Al Davis said "it's not how you play the game, it's if you win that counts" or Leo Durocher said "nice guys finish last" fact
Richard "Romo" Romanski with the glasses on and to his left The great Al Davis.
the last 2 years we have. Before that Al Davis made Ray Farmer look like a mastermind with bum *** picks.
I’d like to thank Al Davis for drafting Sebastian Janikowski...
2016 is the year of the rise. The vision is clear - get in the game or be left behind. . Al Davis said it best, "Just Win Bab…
would have 2 super bowl if Al Davis didn't let go Jon Gruden
Sports isn't just about titles. Joe Gibbs, Bill Walsh, John Madden, Al Davis - and many others. (cont)
Wish he won a ring with the Raiders... Only thing thing missing from his resume. Al Davis should've never trade Jon.
Here's a GX trip to Taiwan with Jake Johnson, Stevie Perez, Dela, Al Davis and crew...
The bad guy in Shaolin Soccer looks like Al Davis.
Greg Papa likes Alex smith cause Al Davis did that's all.
Do what Al Davis did with Marcus Allen and Steinbrenner did with Sparky Lyle. Sit 'em.
BREAKING NEWS: Al Davis faked his death, became a landlord to get away from his weird son with Lloyd Christmas hair
Great new edit from Andy Licardi with Al Davis, Zac Coyne, Justin Strubing, Daniel Shimizu. Via >>>
He is leading Mrs. Ford's national search for her new GM. He just talked to Al Davis and Hank Stram but they turned him down.
Hey ... This is Jerry Jones, Bud Adams, Al Davis and Steinbrenner- level stupid... Combined
not until Irsay is gone. He can't draft worth beans. Becoming as bad as Al Davis / Jerry Jones / Bud Adams
Sometimes it in't pretty but as the great Al Davis said, "Just win, baby."
Snoop Dogg quoting the late Al Davis in the DJ Khaled hit: "Just win baby, win!"
Just remember that 9-7 win everyone was complaining about earlier. Al Davis said it best, "Just win, baby!"
As the great Al Davis would say... Just win baby.
Jerry is Al Davis in the flesh. He wants so much credit 4 Jimmy's SBs. Is bent he's not getting it.
RB Al Davis had faith in me when he drafted me, I want to show that I can get the job done and make him p…
Webb though??? Mike Tice deserves to light the Al Davis flame next home game!
the answer to that question is a simple two words gentlemen: Jerry Jones; enough said, the new Al Davis
lol... I saw him playing a couple weeks ago and just laughed. Al Davis knew... Belicheck been following his lead. Jordan Richards
I think that was Al Cowlings... I think Marcus Allen was busy with Al Davis' daughter that day.
I told mfs Colin kaepernick was all hyper & Al Davis actually wanted his weak *** Glad he didn't get em
I used to think Phil Jackson knew what he was doing, but starting Sasha Vujacic is 2006 Al Davis-level crazy
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Derek Carr destined to have one average season and fizzle out. The curse of Al Davis is alive and well.
and we all know Al Davis was the best. Worked at a country club in early 90s..Jim Irsay/member, was a drunk *** not impressive
Once a Raider, always a Raider. The life and times of Al Davis:
"Al Davis said it best, just win baby. Win.". -Blake Naylor
can't believe Al Davis picked him over Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson
For all of its faults, and it does have many, I actually adore the NASL for the same reason I do Junior Johnson and Al Davis.
Jerry Jones is Al Davis all over again😃
Hated that decision. If anyone can screw up a franchise with momentum, it's Al Davis' *** chili bowl haircut-having son.
Time to send ole Jerry to the same farm Al Davis went to
Jerry Jones has officially entered the Al Davis realm of "zero credibility." At least Stephen is ready to step in.
Lester Hayes with members of the Stabler family, who are lighting the Al Davis torch before today's game
Steward: Aldon Smith and Al Davis and the week in sports: Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice and Roger Craig blazed the way…
Hard not to think with Raiders signing Aldon Smith that Jed York's new slogan is Win With Class, and Al Davis's slogan was/is Just Win Baby
Raiders sign Alden Smith. Are we sure Al Davis is really dead?
Al Davis still runs the Raiders from the grave, I'm convinced
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My top 5 people to be like: . 1. Indiana Jones. 2. William Turner . 3. Al Davis. 4. John Cusack. 5. Michael Jordan
* John Madden always blamed Al Davis. * Bill Belichick never corked a bat. * Spitballs are legal in the NFL
Terrell is this any different from deray)are making a killing no pun intended.. Deray could be next Al or Jesse
Auburn legacy Stephen Davis Jr. decommits from the Tigers
Dan snyder looking to be the next Jerry Jones/al Davis. Let the people you hired do what you hired them to do
They should Release RGIII. He can sign with someone else. They do not want him. I think they are pulling an AL Davis type of move
and had a commissioner who was not a lawyer but a PR guy. Rozelle was a PR guy but he listened to counsel except w/ Al Davis
Soccer-Leading N.Ireland to Euros would be career high - Davis
Now we are getting a little more information on her and what she has done is even worse then originally reported.
The double standard of the left is appalling.
Northern Ireland skipper Davis on brink of career high
So flD to see is back for as Al Davis once told WE NEED YOU!
it's the Al Davis (Oakland Raiders) policy Doctorine. 'Just win baby!' You see it now, even in HS football, cheap shot-ing refs!
was closed because government thinks I need to be savhed | Davis
Hey Davis,This is Tshirt and Hoodies are named by you! Click here!:
You aint really have to have hands because Al Davis wasnt sending you on a stop route lolol
Dear et al: Rosa Parks stood up to the oppressors, often white "Christians" much like you & Davis.
Can Alabama judges go to jail for not issuing *** marriage licenses like Kentucky clerk Kim Davis?
RM has benefited more from Al Davis in excuses than his apologists are willing to admit. The 15 picks from 2012-2013 produced 2 starters
Al Davis:"Can you run a 4.3?". Aaron Rodgers: No but I can win us a Superbowl and im from California". Al Davis:"Okay draft Fa…
Read this: SCOTUS had not right to do what they did. They are wrong.
Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, heroine to bigots everywhere, has her case here.
taking Al Davis' dicta does not a reporter make. Nor carrying Bulger water. Eff Willie.
If this happens Chuck Noll and Al Davis listening to prayers of every fan in NFL. Harrison is a death dealer but don't think
The Wilpons, FSG and the lame *** sons of Dr. Jerry Buss and Al Davis (pre-zombie). What have I gotten myself into?
How can be released from jail without agreeing to violate her conscience
Hello my name is Shaunta Davis my husband and I have a ministry called Willdoers Ministry in Birmingham Al.
I feel that Al Maurer has a right to express his opinion & that Kim Davis has a right to her beliefs.
U must be new here. They still haven't gotten over Al Davis kicking their *** in court
I feel bad for Oakland. They were at one time the class of the NFL. With a "Commitment to Excellence" as Al Davis used to say.
Peter Greste: Egypt's press lost its freedom when my al-Jazeera colleagues and I lost ours
Al Davis greatest owner in football history
KIM DAVIS: Why can't lib media and wimp GOP say the MLK words,CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE?
after laying the wood to Rozelle wish Al Davis would have set his sights on Kuhn.
Porky out here looking like Al Davis
Kentucky clerk Kim Davis could stay locked up for a while
I wonder if any of the Republican candidates for President who support Kim Davis will also support this woman
Only half way through the day and already skated with Jake Johnson, Al Davis, and Shaun Powers. Not bad
I asked Amy what she thought of Al Davis' big pressers & his long back-and-forths with reporters afterwards...
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