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Al Cowlings

Allen G. Cowlings (born June 16, 1947 in San Francisco, California) is a retired American football player, known for his role in the saga of O.J.

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Is there a more loyal friend than Al Cowlings?
during the OJ ESPN doc I was wondering the whole time how Al Cowlings has essentially disappeared post the trial
I'm going to say it .. Doe's anyone know where Al Cowlings is?? Is he driving this man in a white bronco away from the police
“I have a strong feeling that he has a friend who is hiding him...” An AL Cowlings of sorts yup
That'll be hard to top. Ride along w/ Al Cowlings.
Sick Psycho out there in E Ohio driving a 3 liter Ford Fusion slower than Al Cowlings was pushing the Bronco. Can't find let alone catch
Also pictured, the Bills drafting stud linebacker and getaway driver Al Cowlings
you got al cowlings and OJ behind you
Al Cowlings is staying at my hotel in Santa Cruz... ;)
Guide to navigating LA freeways by Al Cowlings.
This generation could learn a thing or two about pursuits from Al Cowlings and Orenthal James Simpson!
I just spotted on the 405 in the back of a whIte Ford Bronco driven by Al Cowlings
I guess Jim thinks he looks like Al Cowlings.
who is the better friend Al Cowlings or Greg Anderson (BALCO)
OJ practicing his low speed getaway. Al Cowlings missed the practice because his Ford Bronco needed service.
the ride afterward w Al Cowlings was really awkward...
Possible defamation issues arrise in the new TV series about O.J. Simpson via
TV series about an OJ Simpson court case threatened by a lawsuit.
At this rate Al Cowlings will get the job
Al Cowlings. Most notably the dude who drove O.J.’s bronco during the chase. Even Justin Blackmon (No. 5 pick) couldn’t pull that off.
ah so this must be right before OJ went on the infamous white bronco run w/ Al Cowlings
This guy makes Al Cowlings look like Jimmie Johnson
why not put "Who's the best friend of all time: Greg Anderson or Al Cowlings?" on a poll?
Tonight's lineup of Oscar winners is so white Al Cowlings is trying to use it to bust O.J. out of prison
is like if Al Cowlings made it to Temecula & then went off the road into the desert.
oh I see, al cowlings should do the commercials to show their capabilities
Plot twist: I think her father is Al Cowlings
AL COWLINGS Cowlings was one of O.J. Simpson's closest friends and he is notorious for driving Simps
My favourite part is how they clearly couldn't get Al Cowlings to agree to the rights, so they can't call him by name.
Huma is Hillary's Al Cowlings, trying to talk her down!
needs prequel sitcom that's just RobK, Al Cowlings and livin' it up in L.A., style.
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Harvey u sound like Raquel w/ ur Al Cowlings story, u know somebody, you don't know the details, you can't form an o…
Let me be your Al Cowlings when you finally snap bro.
Jury Selection & Al Cowlings former girlfriend, Jennifer Peace with bombshell info on Rolonda
Wish I had friends as loyal as Al Cowlings & OJ's Dream Team. I don't even have family members as loyal as those guys 😐
Al Cowlings was at South Bundy after the murders but before the police arrived, right?
What do you guys think Al Cowlings and O.J. Simpson talk about during prison visits?
They were there. . Two cops explain the details of what exactly happened during the infamous 1994 OJ Simpson chase. https:/…
So I assume they didn't get Al Cowlings to agree to this thing, hence why they have to keep calling him AC?
Yeah, that was really dumb. But it was his pal, Al Cowlings ( Malcolm Jamal-Warner) who asked a dumb ques in this scene
Twenty years ago today, ex-NFL linebacker Al "A.C." Cowlings drove his friend and onetime running ba
To be fair, it's actually Malcom Jamal Warner as Al Cowlings, but he doesn't feature until tonight!
I'm like Al Cowlings in the bronco when someone with a RWNJ stickers cuts me off.
Unless there's something about a white Bronco and Al Cowlings in all of that, I've lost interest.
This OJ show on FX is utterly ridiculous why am I watching it what am I doing w/ my life hold up Malcolm Jamal Warner is playing Al Cowlings
There's a series about the O.J. trial coming? With Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Al Cowlings?
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2 things we can deduce: 1). USC fans can't spell. 2). OJ and Al Cowlings will be at today's…
Bill Cosby does know that Al Cowlings is available to drive him around if he needs a ride right?
Does anybody else find it odd that Al Cowlings picked up Cosby from the court house?
Bill Cosby in Al Cowlings white Bronco would have destroyed the internet. "CmonMan
Is Al Cowlings driving? This is AC I have jello pudding in the car
Laughing alone in a hotel lobby thinking about that Al Cowlings guy and how he said "you know who I am dammit." No we did not …
H of F: Bethea. Curley Culp. Locker rm studs. No one jacked w/ 'em. Bubba played 1X with Curley. Toby, Al Cowlings backed him the *** off!!
I hope Bill Cosby doesn't deprive us of a very, very slow chase in a Ford Bronco. I think Al Cowlings is available!
I picture Al Cowlings picking Bill Cosby up at his home right about NOW!
hold on. How does this *** OJ still have a "best friend" not named Al Cowlings? That said put this dude on Maury via satellite.
I learn a wonderful new thing about the OJ Simpson show every day. Today I learned Malcolm-Jamal Warner is playing Al Cowlings. Can't wait.
I think that was Al Cowlings... I think Marcus Allen was busy with Al Davis' daughter that day.
gotta tell his boy Al Cowlings to stop!
[waiting patiently for phone to ring]. - Al Cowlings
This is Al Cowlings and I have OJ with me in the blimp.
If only Al Cowlings were flying it, with OJ crouched in the gondola.
The man we believe to be Al Cowlings
Ha! What I saw after l typed it! If only Al Cowlings would have helped me out during our drive.
Firstly, please forgive me for waxing nostalgic today. Tomorrow, the 15th November, is a significant day to me. Let me take you back, through the mists of time... 1994. Kurt Cobain kills himself. He was 27. Ninety-five million viewers watch O. J. Simpson and Al Cowlings drive along Los Angeles freeways in history's most exciting low-speed chase. Steven Spielberg wins his first directing Oscar for Schindler's List. Woodstock '94 commemorates the original weekend-long concert. Green Day and Nine Inch Nails join Bob Dylan and the Allman Brothers. For the first time in history, chain bookstores outsell independent stores, signaling what many fear to be the death of smaller booksellers at the hands of superstores. Tom Hanks wins his second consecutive Best Actor Oscar. He won in 1993 for his role in Philadelphia and in 1994 for Forrest Gump. ER and Friends debut on NBC, establishing NBC's dominance of the Thursday-night lineup. Movies Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption, Quiz Show, Nobody's Fo ...
Kim like "is that my uncle OJ's friend Al Cowlings?" Kanye be like "i am greatest HR hitter of all time" Barry-thatll be $50 a white Ford Bronco with Al Cowlings behind the wheel.
Let's all be clear, is my. Maybe my Al Cowlings if the need arises.
My favorite part. Slow speed chicken on tractors. Where is Al Cowlings when you need him?
The OJ show begins Monday at 7am on SiriusXM Talk. I hear Al Cowlings is a Stern fan.
Lebron just pulled into his driveway driven by AL Cowlings
Source: LeBron has left his house in a white Bronco driven by Al Cowlings
Breaking: has fled his home in a white Bronco driven by Al Cowlings...developing...
why does this have an O.J. Simpson feel to it. This just in Al Cowlings is watching LeBron's kids
Al Cowlings and his high speed pursuit
Twenty years ago Tuesday Simpson and Al Cowlings took the car on an historic police chase
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OJ's book "If I did it" after having 2 be hunted out of Al Cowlings' house4 murdering Nicole & Ron Brown. Hillary's Benghazibook "We Did it"
The best part of the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase is when Al Cowlings tells police "I'm AC. You know who I am, God *** it!" Nope. No we don't.
in Washington heights.Convinced OJ was innocent at age 9.Then had the realization he did it when al Cowlings was involved
It's the 20th Anniversary of the O.J. Simpson and Al Cowlings 'chase' through the streets of LA; we talk look back, and then look forward at the future of the Ford Bronco.
Date: Fri, 1994-06-17 This date in 1994 marks the anniversary of O. J. Simpsons' most famous run. His audience was most of America, who followed on television Simpson and Al Cowlings as they made a low-speed chase down a Los Angeles freeway in Simpson’s white Ford Bronco. Police were after him for investigation into the death of his wife Nicole and her boyfriend. His run from the LAPD altered the way Americans view professional athletes, providing what could have been the final blow to the mythological sports hero America cultivated for so many years.
THIS DAY IN HISTORY - JUNE 17, 2014 *BLACK HISTORY" !* JUNE 17, 1994 -- O.J. Simpson leads L.A. police on a high-speed chase. Viewers across the nation are glued to their television screens, watching as a fleet of black-and-white police cars pursues a white Ford Bronco along Interstate-405 in Los Angeles, California. Inside the Bronco is "O.J." Simpson, whom police suspected of involvement in the recent murders of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. College and Pro Football teammate Al Cowlings was driving the Ford Bronco. It was always a myth that the Bronco was owned by OJ Simpson, but it was owned by the Driver Al Cowlins.
TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE O. J. SIMPSON TRIAL. Commentary: Tonight on NBC/Dateline, 9/8 CT, you will hear facts that the jury never got to hear. See if it will change your minds. It was declared the "Trial of the Century," and from the day O.J. Simpson was arrested in 1994 on charges of killing his ex-wife and her friend, until he was acquitted almost 15 months later, it captivated the nation. Here are 10 key events to remember. THE KILLINGS Passers-by, led by the mournful howls of Nicole Brown Simpson's dog, find her body and that of Ron Goldman in front of her condominium in the wealthy Brentwood section of Los Angeles on the night of June 12, 1994. The coroner determines they were attacked by surprise and stabbed multiple times. THE BRONCO CHASE Instead of surrendering as promised five days later, O.J. Simpson flees in a white Ford Bronco driven by his former football teammate Al Cowlings. As authorities pursue the car over 60 miles of Southern California freeways, officers plead by phone . ...
Bad anniversaries sure isn't placed in the past for long. Already, news outlets, talk shows and publications are noting, with some delight, the tragic June 12, 1994 stabbing/slashing murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Lyle (Ron) Goldman at the steps of her Brentwood home. Football great, actor and TV sports commentator O.J. Simpson was suspected of the crime and sought as a fugitive. During the Ford Freeway Bronco chase on the freeway, he had more Fuzz on his *** that a pack of French poodles as Los Angeles police and California Highway Patrol units chased him and his buddy Al Cowlings back to his residence. Simpson was arrested and from then until his acquittal October 3, 1995, the public and news media went hyper hysterical in coverage and emotion. The acquittal earlier in 1994 of penile mutilator Lorena Bobbitt was cheered by women galore. With cameras rolling and flashing and holding a bouquet of roses, she and her supporters smiled in victory, despite her bloodied, detailed crime . ...
FLASHBACK: When I wrote this, 20 years ago, about THE BRONCO CHASE, I didn't realize the horrors that were to come, as Americans got used to hearing and saying the most horrible word in the English language: Kardashian. 2 / 2 - Sunday, June 19, 1994 Publication: The Record (New Jersey) Edition: All Editions Section: NEWS Page: A01 Byline: By BILL ERVOLINO, Staff Writer Source: NJMG BIRD'S-EYE VIEW OF HERO'S FALL Anyone looking for proof of the sometimes eerie power of television found it Friday night as millions of Americans sat glued to their sets, staring for hours at a white Ford Bronco. We watched for an hour as it tooled down what seemed like endless stretches of California freeway, pursued by a cortege of police cars. And we watched for another hour as it sat in the driveway of football hero and murder suspect O.J. Simpson, while Simpson's pal Al Cowlings, who had been driving the vehicle, desperately tried to negotiate an end to the bizarre standoff. Although precious little happened in those two h ...
There were parallels drawn between Aaron Hernandez and O.J. Simpson when Hernandez was spied by the media driving a white SUV as details emerged in the death of associate Odin Lloyd. The famed Simpson chase, in which the former running back and friend Al Cowlings tried to evade police in a white Bronco, happened 19 years ago Monday. Simpson was expected to turn himself in on the afternoon of June 17, 1994, but when he didn't, Los Angeles police tracked him down via phone records and followed him in a bizarre low-speed pursuit as Cowlings drove the Bronco, and Simpson laid in the backseat with a gun to his head. The white SUV aside, though, there aren't too many similarities between the Hernandez and Simpson cases -- at least, not yet. So far, with the news that Hernandez could be arrested on obstruction of justice chargers, the case this most closely resembles is the one that got former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis 12 months of probation in 2000. On June 5 of that year, Lewis pled guilty to one c ...
The only thing that could make Aaron Hernandez guiltier is a drive in a white Bronco with Al Cowlings.
I remember this well. Here is a little Seahawks Trivia. Do you remember the driver of the Bronco? If you said Al Cowlings, former Seahawks Defensive Lineman you are correct. Cowlings was a friend and former teammate of the "Juice." He played in exactly 1 regular season game for the Seahawks in 1976.
Just got passed by a combination of 5 Danville and Pittsylvania police cars... I did a double take to be sure they weren't following Al Cowlings and OJ in the white Ford Bronco.
"Dear CNN, this reporting is starting to get ridiculous." - signed, Al Cowlings' white Ford Bronco.
Ford's tiny mid 80s Bronco II on 6th Ave, Brooklyn. Midgets dressed like OJ and Al Cowlings sold…   10% Off
seen speeding away in a white Ford Bronco with Al Cowlings...
Just In: Olympian Oscar Pistorius was just spotted heading south in the back of a white Ford Bronco being driven by Al Cowlings.
The last time the Knicks went 5-0, they made it to the NBA finals, which were interrupted by Al Cowlings and OJ Simpson driving around in a white Ford Bronco.
Space shuttle's so slow, driver must be Al Cowlings.
My 38 year old Corvette wouldn`t start today,pushing the car with another guy and a white ford truck stops and ask us if we need help . I said we do and this guy comes out and helps us push,the wild thing is it was Al Cowlings (the Bronco driver in the OJ fiasco). I had to stop a minute and ask myself if this was really happening ! Only in Malibu does this sort of thing happen !
O.J. Simpson and Al Cowlings to the California Highway Patrol. Follow me.
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