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Al Ain

Al Ain (literally The Eye), also known as the Garden City due to its greenery, is the second largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

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There can be no Islam in the person who does not perform salah - Umar ibn Al-Khattab radiAllahuanhu
Fake car parts worth Dh15 MILLION seized in in largest seizure -
The royalties game ain't what it used to be, MM. You've got to get a day job now.
What about a full day of free outdoor ? Join AL AIN YOGAFEST on 20th Jan! .
Al Beetza, cause it ain't got no cheese, just creamy tahina-lemon swizzles. 🍕. . . Our oven…
ADDED seizes over 500,000 fake auto spare parts worth Dh15m in Al Ain
Al Ain and Al Ahli – ever each other's equals – play to draw in Arabian Gulf League rivalry match - The National
You want to know who will win? Al Ain vs Al Ahli Dubai in UAE Arabian Gulf League
‘Frustrated’ Al Ahli look to right wrongs from recent President’s Cup defeat to Al Ain in big tie on Saturday.
Al Ain midfielder Lee Myung-ju will leave the club & return to Korea in June as a free agent. He'll join Sangju Sangmu for the 2018 season.
Big match nerves prove telling: reflects on Al Ain's defeat in the final to Jeonbuk:…
Zlatko Dalic on Al Ain's chances in final, & lack of prep time for club's most important game in 11 years:…
Al Ain's mop-topped magician?. That's Amoory, and he's playing Asia's club final on Saturday.
I was delighted today to witness the award of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture at the beautiful Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain.…
Simon Webbe of Blue to perform in Al Ain -
Visit one of our stores:. Deira City Center and Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain...
Nile Air first flight arrival at Al Ain International Airport !!.
50 Cent's representative made a comment on his arrest: 'We ain't mad about this'
Al good but he ain't getting better, he a wanna be stretch 4/5. Kent good but nowhere near 20 mill. Just chill out
You can't do nothing against money. That's our modern world, unfortunately. Caio said he will not leave, but Al Ain incresead
Ain't switchin up, just focusing on me
Caio leaves Kashima Antlers and sings for Al Ain. Another big star leaves J1 this summer.
Reports that Caio IS joining Al-Ain. IF true, I wonder what swayed it after both club and player told me it was not happening! If true.
caio official gone to Al Ain. He changed his mind
El Golazo: Kashima midfielder Caio is joining Al Ain. The Brazilian has already left for UAE to complete the move.
Just LOVE the fact that I can listen to my favorite show here in Al Ain-UAE
. So if HW or AL Hordford ain't coming, yall rather has T Black & Sacre? . Y'all killing me!
We know one place Al Horford ain't playing, lol.
just go ham & sign a bunch of folk it ain't like u can under pay these days, u gotta overpay to compete now! So pay Dwight and al!
Hey y'al messed up my oders after waiting in line forever that ain't right
Even the Lakers ain't going after Al Horford🙄 (that should tell you silly HEAT fans something)
Right.. As Rev Al Sharpton says, "oh, we've had the DOWN but we ain't had the trickle"
If Kent and Al want to ask for a ridiculous amount of money I'm fine with the Hawks letting them walk. This roster ain't elite yet
parsons a go too? Lol wade not leavi Miami. Foh w/ al Jefferson lol horford cool fasho but he ain't comin
I ain't gotta go to the movies to see The Purge.. I live in mf'n Birmingham, AL. where it's The Purge year round.😂😂
If al horford leave im not mad, *** ain't winning a ship with or without him so it don't matter! Just replace him at least with Howard!
when Al Golden get a stronghold on that SoFlo talent and ain't gotta find a way to beat Nick Saban and Les Miles in the same season >>>
yo I ain't even worried about her bc she going to a "Christian" school next year and they will kick her *** tf out the school Jesus knows al
A Photograph of an experiment with Egg Pizza was taken in Al Ain. Egg Pizza could be a great breakfast for your...
Just incase y'all ain't know Al Horford just followed Kevin Durant 🤔🤔🤔
Majority of these 👸🏾 ain't loyal they been ran through..
LMAO-One day Dmac will find out. Big Al must know, but he ain't talking lol
Faisal Al-Saud ain't got the juice like that. But Now thats a man I can get behind.
Don't trip on what ain't yours💯 . Don't trip on what was yours💯 . Don't trip on what can't be yours💯 Don't trip on what…
"Nobody ain't tryna come at that crackhead/shermhead Joe Buddens"
Seoul back from the brink, Jaish, Al Ain advance to AFC Champions League quarters | |
Top weekend of Touch Rugby in Al Ain ht…
Omar Abdulrahman steps up to breathe life into Al Ain's 'He's simply the best.'
Wins for Al Ain and Al Ahli keep the Arabian Gulf League title race ... - The National
FULL-TIME, Al Ain was too strong for Bani Yas. final score 4-2 Ban
OFFENSE!! Al Ain yellow card in the 75th minute for Douglas. ban
2nd half between Al Ain and Bani Yas has just been started! current score 3-0 Ban
OFFENSE!! Al Ain yellow card in the 18th minute for S. Musabbeh. ban
Al Ain's Douglas hopes hat-trick will buy him time with the club's fans. previews
Al Ain and Jazira turn attentions back to AGL after disappointment in Asia - The National
AGL round-up: Al Ahli move four points clear of Al Ain with 2-0 win over Dibba Al Fujairah - Sport360°
Al Ain's Douglas takes home the match ball after stunning hat-trick against Al Jazira - The National
its time for Al Ain fans to give their 100% support to the team n management in this trying times to get back to wininng…
METU NCC is in UAE this week to visit high schools in Dubai, Al Ain & Abu Dhabi and attend Qadri International Fair:
An inspector working for a governmental entity in Al Ain who, with the assistance of his brother, was receiving...
hey! Just wanted to appreciate Mr Vimal at your Al Ain mall outlet. Excellent manager, definitely coming back!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
First weekend of Love Food Festival has Al Ain sizzling with street fare and fun - The National
Our Mosque Carpet Project in Sheikh Hamdan Mosque in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. One of the most selling...
The boys are back in town! Here at and ready to feed you this weekend Al Ain!
Emiratiat needed to walk from Al Ain to AD! So who's up for it! Akh! Wish i can join... via
Emirati women needed for 140km heritage walk from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi
Mohamed bin Zayed visits a friend of the late Sheikh Zayed, Ahmed Al Mahmoud Al Bloushi in Al Ain.
Deemed not good enough at Al Ain, Emmanuel has signed for on loan...
Al Ain's Oasis Hospital: an oasis of tolerance - The National
Al Ain board member believes that Ryan Babel will move to Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce may also call Emenike back who is on loan at Al Ain.
Al Ain board member questions commitment of Emmanuel Emenike and Ryan Babel - Sport360°
Al Ain - oasis or garden city of the Emirates,displays the authentic heritage,Emerati spirit & culture! @ AED 198!
Apply now to work for Gulf Recuritment as Draughtsman Job in Al Ain in
Ali Khamis Salim Ayed Al Kutbi was born in Al Ain. He was martyred in Yemen.
QasrAlMuwaiji, birthplace of President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan opens in 2 days in Al Ain
Nigeria striker Emenike booed by Al Ain fans for not replicating Asamoah Gyan scoring prowess
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more like Karl Towns, Okafor is Al Jefferson he ain't stopping nobody
smh the percentage on these ain't right. I want a recount word to Al Gore
A girl dat doesn't bleach or isn't planning onbleaching is al I ask 4dat ain't too much 4 Niqqa to ask for
Say it ain't so! Kelly Rowland says a Destiny's Child reunion is NOT in the works:
Watch me perform at al badaa hotel al ain UAE this friday :) see you guys 🛰
. Yeah well women survive not cos of men, but despite them. y are men such cowards?. they ain't brave at al
Al Ain Music Festival kicks off with local and international performers: So everyone is welcome.” McEldowney i...
The Simpsons, Sons Of Anarchy, Alien, Titanic & more - coming to the Dubai-Al Ain road soon
Nah I ain't your dad but when I see you map al kele'w
Online Tickets for VS match on the are now available.. Buy yours now via: .
Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't appreciate you. 🌹 @ Hili Al Ain
When you're dealing with me, it's all or nothing. Ain't no in-between.
"Say it ain't so,Joe"(Biden' time) proxy camp. We will announce the dates for the "Steve Bartman, et al."Apology tour (our campaign) soon..
yeah but Al, Meatloaf reminded us that 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
It ain't never took this *** long to fry chicken and cook spaghetti!! Al I wana do is smoke my lil blunt n tap out!
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My son climbing the green mubazzara in Al Ain when he was only 2 years old. Just small steps for now…
Heck yeah. AL scored 4 TD's in one game at Polk High. Romo ain't done that.
I ain't rubbing your booty I'm gripping it 😏
"Say it ain't so,Joe"(Biden) proxy camp. To UO Ducks/NFL:"The hunt for Pink October" is over, please donate you pink gear (helmets, et al)..
When a cop decides to pull your *** over but he ain't stopping.. He just speeding up..
I ain't vote so I'm not taking no sides
Imo women built for things like getting cheated on.. IMO. Don't bash me for my opinion. Men ain't built for that. We em…
It ain't just for u it's for the legacy behind u
Hate when a *** wanna glo up once y'all stop talking like *** you ain't look this good when we was talking 😂
*** listen to Future and they ain't even got one smh
Girls must stop acting brand new on *** that ain't even try'na holla. Girl you ain't al'at.
Same *** that stab you in the back come to you and say, you should choose homies over *** ..Nah I ain't with no ***
I really need to start attending my maths lesson or I ain't gonna pass this exam
ISF source: 'Substantial' American reinforcements arrive in Ain Al-Asad base in Anbar
We had to send someone off at the airport.. Then went grocery shopping at a korean mart lol (no korean marts in al ain😂)
I wish the Metro run all the way to Al Ain though.. So I can commute so easily to Dubai ;-; And I don't need my dad to drive me lol
Shaikh Mohammed with the children of martyr Hamoud Ali Saleh Al Ameri in Al Ain. - Wam
Caught up on a little bit of sleep. Now we are about to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque before we go dune bashing in the Al Ain desert!
Welcome back . My all friends . I am in Al Ain Now — feeling sleepy at Arkan-Al Ain Cement Factory
You can get some dried fish in Al-Ain market, but not in Dubai restaurants. It is a metaphor of something.
hey, get $camlici to fix the iTunes feed on the podcast. I ain't tryna take 4 whole extra steps and go to
Lol okay who WASN'T at al ain mall today? 😓
Al Ain Mall is the same every Thursday except that people wear different outfits lol
Doctors et al please tell us how long Rafinha might be out with his type of injury. They ain't telling us nothing.
most of my truest friends i met while living in al ain, Allah blessed this place
Setup for new project . Coming soon 😍😍😍😍 @ Hili Al Ain
Al we do right is make love, . And we both know now that ain't enough...
If that's a cry for help, I'm gonna decline. I ain't gonna offer a remedy to that problem.
I ain't jokin around I'm seriously staying up al night for
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
She's not your girl till she wants to stay on the phone even tho y'al ain't talking about nothing
Ruthie: We was jus' playin'. Al: It's a crazy way to play. Ruthie: It ain't no crazier'n a lot of things.
Your not it ain't about your face it's about you cajones.
Delayed fights ain't got nothin on us
rally for in went great We play This Ain't Hollywood tonite & Roxy Theatre in Friday…
ain't know my *** was that good. To set there & make up false accusations abt me blowing dwn on "Al & Josh", on how they was living.
"you're all I need, this ain't love, it's clear to see but darling, stay with me." *le cantaba al wifi*
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I need - live in - LADYDRIVER have UAE licen to work with small emirates family - 1800dh..
We ain't stopping ppl.we r nt tht weak, we hav a tendency to break al records
"Instead of Blackin'.I Just Laugh it Off. Guess She Ain't Love me Like I Thought After All." — listening to Albee Al
The Dubai Sunset @ Duabia Al Ain Road on the way to work this evening at 6pm with my iPhone 6 plus…
You see how I maneuvered thru the game, I ain't stupid 🙅🙅
First place winner will get that trophy, PS4, 20th anniversary edition Al Ain FC Jersey & season tickets!
Everytime new loud man I meet, I ask "is it some gas Tho?" And al of them say yeah. But all of it ain't no gas Tho.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The finalists for the coveted top and 1st PES2016 Trophy bearing one of the cover's Al Ain FC stars Omar Abdulrahman
thanks dawg you always taking pictures when I ain't noticing 😂
No Garbage Collectors in Held Ras Al-Ain(People Also complain about rats in their toilets.
you got it. Sure a 2003 Camry ain't that much
Visit the one-stop-shop offering a wide variety of all major tyre brands and more- Tyre Plus at Al Ain
Constantly planning my Eid gateway at the back of my head. Dalma Island. Sir Bani Yas Island. Fujeirah. RAK. Al Ain. Can't decide.
Emmanuel Emenike returns back to action for Al Ain
[Emenike returns back to action for Al Ain - Nigeria Super Eagle striker Emmanuel Emenike is back ...
Emenike stars for Al Ain in cup game: Emmanuel Emenike is back to full fitness after he played for Al Ain in a...
Emmanuel Emenike will be back in action for UEA club, Al Ain against Al Jazirah on Friday. Emenike...
I wld never understand how a talent like Emmanuel Emenike can end up in Al Ain at least to the MLS.
.also spoke with Al Ain coach Zlatko Dalic, eager for more from foreigners, after AG Super Cup win
Emenike bags brace in Al Ain debut as Ryan Babel shines
I'm looking for Dance Class in Al Ain - United Arab Emirates, and these people can help:
Meek was spitting facts, that's why y'all ain't like it. Y'all focus on punch lines to much.
don't need to he said it al right there u must ain't listen cuz u love OvO to much 😘😻🎀💕
All meek lines are inside jokes that the public ain't gon catch. It's a u have to know to really laugh
Facts. Ain't no finessing this way but if a female get down on me like that and I bump heads with her? She gotta know it's OVER
the AL East Ain't ready for the Jays.
Ain’t ya’ll 7 GB on the Yanks in the AL East….
At the end of the day, i wanna see everybody who rock wit me eat and be successful.hating ain gone get u nowhere
Don't keep me waiting no more, I ain't got time for that.
If they ain't looking, I don't want em.
Al's blog, Every NFL Team hates the Patriots because they ain't us.
*** be on social media saying "Free my *** while they *** in the joint playing spades for deodorant cus ain't nob…
Funny how all this attention ain't go towards drake nor Wayne when Pusha T dropped Exodus. Demolished both of em
If I ain't respond to your first call or text DO NOT call or text me again... You'll still get ignored 😊😊😊😊
Hopefully one day I meet somebody that'll convince me that all these *** ain't the same 😌
ain't just the best burger in Texas anymore. They done gone nationwide!
I want it al but all of it ain't gold
But yea, Scarface ain't hardly Al Pacino's best movie.
I've been to ain al-sukhna ? (omf I forgot how to spell it) a few times but that's the only place I've been outside of cairo +
that's my *** but he ain't acting right lol and I talk about that " girl your acorn head *** al the time lmao 😂😂
Cutting a lot of people off that ain't doing no good in my life.
that crap ain't going to fly Kraft will have to become our generation's Al Davis in that case
So much trading going on in the MLB. Yet the Red Sox ain't making any moves. That's ok I enjoy last place in the AL too.
Guess we ain't going to have to worry about that
If he ain't teaching you anything worth while ladies, dead him.
Whooòoo. ..the AL East just got tough and we ain't talking pin stripe. AA gets er done.
lol thanks I ain't even know this existed
isn't an exclusion. ITS THE INCLUSION OF OUR SELVES!!! This ain't a black only party by choice. You called us black!
Ain al-Hilweh calm but tense during funerals
It ain't summer without ice cream! Show us pics of this classic treat for your chance to win.
ICYMI... Five things we learned from Hull City v Al-Ain in Austria...
lmao nah ain't doing it at all. Even told my dad bc his friends son wanted to get married & I was like no papers no marriage
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Eisa eyes more silverware with Al Ain
I feel like ain't nobody left, I feel like ain't nobody left real.
W000t! has extended his contract with WCBS-FM! They ain't goin' anywhere!
These *** ain't got nun on u they jus sum to do wen its nothing to do!!
Glad to be back home from Austria. Good 4-0 win today against Al Ain. Sheff United up next before the start!
FULL-TIME, Hull City was to strong for Al Ain. final score 0-4 hul
Friends of the Police Kicks off in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain
Mikel's move to United Arab Emirates suitors Al Ain and Al Wahda was blocked by Mourinho some days ago [Source BBC]
Al Ain award Asamoah Gyan for dedicated service as he departs to China
Ryan Babel alongside trophy. Former winger will be key to helping Al Ain retain it.
Al Ain striker Asamoah Gyan’s move to Chinese side Shanghai SIPC is biggest in UAE history
Hey, Al Ain... . Theory of Mind is now available at Virgin Megastore in Jimi Mall. Head down there…
like Ali Salmin, Ahmed Rashid, etc wouldnt get a chance at Al Jazira or Al Ain
Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Librarian and Caretakers (Al Ain): Urgent requirement for an…
Only if Al Ain made Asamoah Gyan fly to Dubai with Fly Emirates like he go spot fine Arabian air hostess and all of this…
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John Obi Mikel to Al Ain almost certain now..
Asamoah Gyan : I heard that John Mikel Obi has agreed terms with Al Ain and he would play for my club.
Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan excited about prospect of playing alongside John Mikel Obi at Al Ain
John Obi Mikel has reportedly agreed a deal to join Al Ain.
Chelsea's midfielder John Obi Mikel looks set for a move to the Arabian Gulf League after he agreed personal terms with Al Ain.
Awqaf opened two permanent centres set up to train Imams, Khateebs, and preachers in Ras Al Khaimah and Al Ain.
Gyan’s Al Ain knocked out of President's Cup - The Black Stars...
Arabian Aerospace - UAE to build new research centre in Al Ain
UAE and Al Ain star Omar Abdulrahman helps launch new Nike Hypervenom II ... - Sport360°
Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan captained UAE side Al Ain on Wednesday night as they held their compatriots Al Ahli to …
Explore the Beauty of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & with 4 Hours Starting from 75 AED. Free...
you would be better here mate Al Ain golf club, ac on,cabbage removed from the cup, Heineken chilled...
Italian shooters win two golds among a total of six medals at ISSF World Cup Series in Al Ain.
Friends of the Police Program Kicks Off in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain
Self-service e-payment machine in Al Ain: The Ministry of Interior, represented by Al Ain Residency and Foreig...
“One Day Offers” at Geant Hypermarket Hili Mall, Al Ain from 25th March 2015 to 31st March 2015. Browse offers at
🔘Al Ain team left Al Ain to the Uzbek capital Tashkent headed by Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed.
Former Juventus Player Vucinic vs the talented UAE and Al Ain star Omar Abdulrahman
Asamoah Gyan and Omar Abdulrahman both gave Al Ain a boost on Sunday ahead of their AFC Champions ...
Al Ain's Asamoah Gyan finds scoring touch ahead of trip to Tehran.
Set foot on the mountains of Jebel Hafeet. Enjoy a one night stay at the Mercure Grand Hotel in Al Ain including...
Asamoah Gyan is back in business in the UAE as his brace sends Al Ain top of the league:
Asamoah Gyan propels Al Ain to first place in AGL table
Doing The Do. Asamoah Gyan scored 2 goals to shoot Al Ain to the top of the Arabian Gulf League in a 3-0 win over...
Video: Watch the two goals scored by Asamoah Gyan in Al Ain win over Fujairah
Tweaa who cares. ".hits brace as Al Ain beat Al Fujairah.
Gyan breaks mini goal-drought by hitting brace to shoot Al Ain to the top of UAE top flight: Asamoah Gyan scor...
.hits brace as Al Ain beat Al Fujairah.
Back in business: Gyan brace completes Al Ain rout: Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan is back in among the goals for ...
Happy to see again my old friends from Al Ain. Abdallah Ali, Abdallah Qoubaissi, my captain Ahmed Madat and me
30 women to embark on 140km desert trek from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi
Walking in the desert Al Ain to Abu Dhabi with thirty courageous ladies from 1-7 March. We may not have to deal...
Huge chance for Al Jazira to get a slight edge in the title race after Al Ain's slip up against Fujairah last night
Ahmed Skaik shot a 79 in the Faldo Series today at Al Ain. How did you play today?
Zlatko Dalic: Star-studded Al Ain have no excuse to lose to Al Shabab
Gaining more field experience helps to bring me back to speed. Thanks to the folks in Al Ain for the welcome!
Stevan Jovetic, Edin Dzeko and Manchester City put on show in Al Ain - in pictures | The National
Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan with Vincent Kompany last night in Al Ain .
Manuel Pellegrini says Frank Lampard’s fitness is not in question. reports from Al Ain.
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Manchester City relishing UAE return: EPL champions to take on Hamburg in Al Ain as part of five-day break in January
Miroslav Stoch having another superb game for Al Ain, 1 assist so far.
Al Ain beat Sharjah to move to top - Asamoah Gyan, Miroslav Stoch, Lee Myung-joo and Jires...
Water and life in Arabia to come under Al Ain conference . spotlight: Abu Dhabi, 14th December, 2014 ...
What a blessing to have our girls and debs parents take us to LAX today as we head to Sri Lanka. God has opened a tremendous door for us to serve the people of Sri Lanka as well as enjoy their friendship and fellowship. Ahead of us is a 17 hour flight to Dubai where we will spend the next few days with some precious friends in the Al Ain area of the UAE. Then we will arrive in Sri Lanka on Sat. Please pray for all the Lord has in store ahead. Pray for Deb as this is a new adventure for her and for both of us to be a blessing to those we meet. Pray also pray for the remaining resources for the trip as we are stepping out in faith for this journey. God bless we are boarding! yea!
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Ok, thanks. Real Madrid and AC Milan are unlikely, I think Al Ain should be the opponent then. Or a rich Russian club.
Ibrahima Toure fires brace as Al Nasr consign Al Ain to third defeat on the trot
Dubai: Rain and hail hit Ras Al Khaimah on Saturday morning, while Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Liwa area…
We've arrived! The Wonderstruck Team are setting up workshops in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and building the set for BANG! - the science of movie FX in Sharjah. can confirm that Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan is facing a battle against time to be fit for Ghana’s 2015 African Nations Cup qualifying double header against Uganda and Togo next month. Gyan sustained an injury recently whilst playing for his club Al Ain and he was originally ruled out…
Al Ain's set to welcome some big hitters this weekend
Gyan out of Al Ain&clash against Al Ahli - Asamoah Gyan will play no active role in Al...
Awesome goal Scoring records at Al Ain in the Arabian Gulf League and top scorer of Ghana, One and only Gyan
Asamoah Gyan makes training return for Al Ain
Asamoah Gyan takes responsibility for fresh injury in Al Ain win
Signed up and ready to go to Al Ain this Thursday:. Al Ain Jiu Jitsu Open Championship . Gi. 1. Chris…
Al Ain top scorer Asamoah Gyan is on the bench having played for Ghana not long ago in the African cup of nations
HH Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai, "visited" Alia at in Al Ain, via robot from Dubai. Very special moment!
Red Bull Sultan of the Desert, just finished at the Wadi Adventure, Al Ain via
Duty time 2pm to 10pm Tomorrow morning duty October 6 will be in Al Ain to take my ATM in Standard Chartered Bank on October 7 in the morning then going back in Al Hayer for afternoon duty.
25th Nov in Al Ain 26th Nov in Dubai with Emiratis is set
Extreme Weather in United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, 16 September, 2014 at 18:51 (06:51 PM) UTC. *Strong winds swept through Dubai and its suburbs on Tuesday afternoon, kicking up dust and sand and reducing horizontal visibility. People living in the central area of Sharjah emirate, particularly in Madam, also reported thunderstorms and heavy rain that flooded low-lying areas. Heavy rain also hit the Dubai-Hatta Road, slowing down vehicular traffic. Rain, however, brought relief as the temperature dropped to 23 degree Celsius in the rain-hit areas. Strong winds also kicked up dust and sand in northern Al Ain. Reduced visibility created difficulties for Dubai motorists on highways. There was, however, no major disruption to traffic as the Civil Defence Department and Traffic Police were on alert. According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the weather will be fair to partly cloudy on Wednesday. Some towering clouds will appear over the eastern mountains by afternoon. Winds will be ...
Zayed was appointed the governor of the Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi in 1946[4] and was based in the Muwaiji fort in Al Ain.
UAE is behind Al Ain as they hunt for AFC Champions League semi-final spot
JOB HIRING A DOCUMENT CONTROLLER is urgently needed in Al Ain for a leading company in the Middle East. Candidate must be willing to be assigned in Al Ain or a resident there and familiar with ACONEX system. Please send your CV to lalzor joseph.claveria
Dear friends! We need your help – one of our friends has got the serious health problem. His name is Vadim Krivorotov. Vadim arrived in the UAE in 1998 to develop family business with the aviation sector, he worked all the time in Sharjah, SAIF-Zone. In 2012m year, Vadim and Svetlana’ son Sasha was born and after only a year, in mid December 2013, he was diagnosed with a tumor, as shown by further research and everyday expensive analyzes it was cancerous, plus there were metastases in the lungs and liver. All the doctors were saying that he needed surgery to remove the tumor, the tumor began to grow rapidly. The UAE has asked AED 60 000 and up for that surgery! January 15, he underwent surgery to remove the tumor, after investigation it was confirmed that the tumor is malignant! After coming back to UAE, getting to see a doctor was not so simple, because only two oncology hospitals are here - "Dubai Hospital" and "Tawan Hospital" (Al Ain), but in order to get there, Vadim had to go through the bureauc ...
wish I lived in AL. VA ain't cuttin' it for me 😁
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JOB Vacancies : AL AIN HOSPITAL is in need of expatriates that can...
Happy birthday pakistan in al ain jable hafeet
Sweltering hot, at Jabal Hafeet in Al Ain. Beautiful view from the higgest point
Now I ain't tryina go Al Sharpton on y'all. But last night what I saw was powerful.
A deeply sympathetic evaluation of a culture -the times- Her greatest love is Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates, the setting of this book.
I'm al about them Sooners but it ain't no fun if Texas ain't Rollin' too.
How you want war and you ain't eating ❓😂🙅
Fresh up out the slums and I ain't never going back
Yeah like first you call louis a trash can and then you expect us to vote for y'al . Like no bruh it ain't happening
In the Al Ain National Museum. Amazing to me that people have and continue to survive in such a hot and arid place.
Al ain't letting him slide with all that praise from Joe and them. He was like "yeah but what about the killing?"
Al Ain coach says big turnout is essential in Champions League quarter-final -
Imagine! Wenger ain't got the minerals to pull this off though 😔
Marquinho joins Al Ittihad on loan from Roma ahead of clash with Al Ain. Read it here:htt…
Mohamed Khadr at the Hilton Al Ain is amazing! That man deserves a bonus. Extremely friendly and helpful to us today.
the rich heritage of the Emiratis Ain Museum Plenty of archeological finds.
yeah she ain't know Alli mf'n miller 😂
“I can never marry someone who ain't Spanish , ese lenguaje como que me prende un chin 👌”😂😂
"The excitement of getting a new baby brother, but then Allah loves him more. Al-fatihah...
There ain't no such thing as can't. You can do it — Okay
School start from 7 until 3 pm. School start from Monday up to Saturday. We ain't robot, we're just a bunch of teenagers.
**New Teaching Job** English Teacher: My client in Al Ain is in the need of 3 English t...
'Ain't nowhere else better than 'Bama' says 2015 Tide commit Anfernee Jennings via
" Some one is loving you. Caring for you. Watching over you. Protecting you ". " Who? ". “He is Allah. The One.” . (Al-Quran …
On my way to al ain baby rich guys only pls I am sexy british boy and always horny for Arab men :)
Al Ain X Ittihad tickets are available today Friday at the tickets points of sale on Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium (Gate 1) from 17:00 to 22:00.
Bruh I'm seriously done, after that, I ain't never threw up after some wish like that...
Asamoah Gyan travels with Al Ain for final pre-season tour of Austria
Al-Ittihad coach Khalid Al Koroni has hailed Al Ain striker Asamoah Gyan as one of the best strikers in the AFC...
DTN Dubai: Al Ain head to Austria for last preparation camp: Star striker Asamoah Gyan to stay with Garden Cit...
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