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Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgn, born Vishal Veeru Devgan on 2 April 1969, is an Indian film actor, director, and producer.

Akshay Kumar Amitabh Bachchan Salman Khan Aamir Khan

If Tiger Zinda had Ajay Devgan, it would be "Vimal se krenge sabka swagat"
Pakistani girls are like Kajol: They'd love some. Shahrukh Khan their whole life, and in the end. marry some Ajay Devgan ..
I added a video to a playlist Woh Larki Bahat Yaad music tone Qayamat By Ajay Devgan ~ by hiramon
Ajay Devgan’s On-screen Daughter Ties the Knot with in a Private Ceremony; Check out Insid…
I liked a video Kangna Ranaut brings Ajay Devgan to the International Naval Ball (Rascals)
Ajay Devgan is on mission to buy 100 single screen theatres. .
Whats the relationship between yours and Sheth... And also with Ajay devgan
No. Its sum old.. I think ajay devgan song..
Paradise papers and Panama papers both were leaked which are way more than 30 crores…
First CBI raid on NDTV now IT raid on AAP. BJP will nevEr investigate Paradise Papers, Panama pap…
New post (Golmaal 3 Hindi Movie Online - Mithun Chakraborty, Ajay Devgan, Kareena ...) has been published on W ...…
New post (Baadshaho Movie Trailer 2017 Ajay Devgan | Emraan Hashmi | Vidyut Jamwal.) has been published on -…
Pm has time for priyanka chopra & ajay devgan but none for a former fm & eam of his own part…
Ajay devgan do not need kesri clothes for return ticket
Hi Ajay devgan my families want to meet u
Our rockstar dancing with Ajay Devgan in the Grand Finale of Pain In Spain. .
October 2nd tomorrow. We all know what Ajay Devgan was up to.
"I am sorry to ajay devgan it's my great mistake to go against such a superstar like ajay devgan"
SHOCKING I Salary of GOLMAAL again Actors and Actresses l Ajay Devgan l Arshad Warsi l Parineeti: via
Ajay devgan after eating hostel food ...
Looks like will do 100Cr business in week1 n if it happens then will become bigger star than Ajay Devg…
TSeries n Ajay Devgan r again using VimalCalculator 2give fake collection of Shivaay was disaster by giving fa…
When Indian Army are broke and can't buy army bomb remember Ajay Devgan was broke too but he made Street like an ar…
No he isn't. I can include Ajay Devgan but not him
but this time around Ajay Devgan will be the lead,he will more screen space than anyone else.
I added a video to a playlist Yuva in 30 Minutes |Ajay Devgan | Abhishek Bachchan | Kareena Kapoor |
Helo friends me rk Ritesh thakur MAKWANA INDORE se add me ajay devgan group
Kajol: we need to paint our house. It looks dull. *Ajay devgan starts spitting vimal on walls*
NowWatching- an old hindi artfilm. . Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai. god she was so pretty 😘. -directed by legend
30 minutes gone and Ajay Devgan sir is still climbing mountains only so I really don't know if he has made to sho…
Ajay Devgan chasing all tht antis with army bombs.. lol 😂😂😂 i need to sleep but I-Army kept me awake
Y'all Ajay Devgan is a Bts Army and I came to knw abt this now what?
(All the best movie funny dialogues,Ajay devgan,Sanjay dutt & sunjay mishra All the best) -
What will be the name of movie Ajay Devgan produces about his taxi ride with a football player?. Uber pool aur Kante
Ajay devgan will work 30 cr India biz
Vishal devgan our relation is personal OK no budy being humein fraud organization interfe…
Saw your reaction on Bhagat Singh of Ajay Devgan. You should watch this movie from Manoj Kumar (B&W). Amazing. Sit with an Indian to know.
I liked a video Best Ajay Devgan Mimicry by Dharmesh
I liked a video How to do Ajay Devgan mimicry
Plot twist : Ajay Devgan is secretly an A.R.M.Y😂
I watched Shivaay in half empty cinema in diwali holiday - mega lund stardom of ajay devgan
Uber - isse apni hei gadi samjho. Ajay devgan - stops at the signal, opens the door and spits Vimal pan masala on the road.
Company 2002 hindi movie review.good acting by Ajay Devgan,Vivek Oborai and Complete Actor Mohanlal.10/10👌👌👌
Old Shot :- Rare and Unseen Pic of Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan.
Boss What a Joke. Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi Totally Different Style. we are ordinance Bro
via I liked the way Ajay Devgan convinced her in an indirect way.
Who called him Ajay devgan and not, 'Vimal kesri'.
Please give some role to akshay & ajay devgan as well in guest appearance.
Wake me up when Ranbir wl beat srk in clas…
My best friend. I like it. How much friend id ajay devgan hroes
Meanwhile, Ajay Devgan will be brand ambassador of "RedBus" !. 😂😂😂
Nawaz Sharif disqualified. This is massive . . In other news Amitabh ji and Ajay Devgan to get more advertiseme…
I added a video to a playlist Kangana Ranaut embarrassing Scenes with ajay devgan & sanjay dutt
Tabu being single and the Ajay Devgan connection: Tabu says Ajay and her cousin threatened to beat up……
You so saweet actor ajay devgan i love you
Tabu being single and the Ajay Devgan connection | Entertainment
Ajay Devgan is responsible for my single status: Tabu
IS is the mastermind behind spoiled relationships? Confessed Read Now - .
This is Enough for Bhaitards. Ajay devgan has more Hits than Salman 😂😂. And Only Akki…
Tabu being single and the Ajay Devgan connection
Its filmy. Song of Ajay Devgan Movie Platform if I'm correct or idk
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Really very sad to know such deception done by Ajay Devgan to Tabu a talented actress. In fact Ajay may not be happ…
Did You Know! Tabu is single because of Ajay Devgan
Should I start liking Ajay Devgan now? This one is very interesting.
I salute Ajay Devgan for his Frank and apt remarks
My king of lion Bollywood Ajay devgan baadshaho
Very nice ajay devgan ji no.1 baadshaho movie
I disagree! Ajay Devgan is a talented actor, and have worked in some amazing movies. The analog…
I will not say anything about Ajay Devgan's film coz my friend Milan is director n Emraan is also in the film.…
Young Sunil Dutt bears uncanny resemblance to Ajay Devgan
Suniel Shetty and Ajay Devgan at the launch of Tata Sky Acting Adda. Ab Acting seekho ghar baithe.
[[Ajay Devgan | Bollywood Dialogues By Movie Stars | Filmy Quotes] is good,have a look at it!
Salman's 2nd coming is thanks to the remakes from down south. And a lot of ajay devgan and akshay films.
In Ths city bus he's put early 90s romantic songs of ajay devgan n akshaye kumar.. :-)
Cab drivers are stuck in 90s, playing dilwale songs ajay devgan 🎵
Same here. Akki comes first then Ajay Devgan and the rest of…
breakfast to dinner with Ajay Devgan full episode 2017
Yuva. The same in which Ajay Devgan was in lead role? That was awesome movie.
Who said we go gaga..we bash balakrishna for his stunts..aj…
Naidu ji says taxes will only be exempt on Ajay Devgan, Anupam kher, Hema malini movies,
Once made Amir to remake his film made the action hero ajay devgan to remake his movie . 7YE…
was Ajay Devgan of Diljale. Plz don't mock him 😉😉
Well, one more case is there., Ajay Devgan.Courtesy 'DILJALE' Movie
Just like Ajay Devgan in Dil Jale! 😊 . On a serious note, this is ridiculous.
If anyone ask me that. who is finest.fearer villen in bollywood.i say only one man Ajay devgan
might have watched Ajay Devgan's Diljale. That's why he become terrorist.
😂😂 you used an Indian man!! You can read my soul dwl That is Ajay Devgan though...he is married to my Qu…
That is Ajay devgan for you without make-up! 😀😁😂. WE WANT TEPK TEASER
Mr.ajay Devgan plz stop promoting pan bahars//masalas your iMage is incredible and many would and are following you !!!promote health thanks
Ajay devgan deserve his name in the list dude
- The rise and the rise and the rise of Ajay Devgan. The guy is frighteningly sane!
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Good emotions for Ajay Devgan.Thanks my sister.
I only want to do better work. That's the focus of my life. - Ajay Devgan
Satyagraha is a beautiful M. Cute Kareena as Yasmin Ahmed, a journalist did a wonderful lovely acti…
The fan following dat abram vl get today nd tomorrow vl b much more dan the overseas fan following of ajay devgan.
Ajay Devgan either has really bad hair transplant or just a weird hair to face ratio
These ajay devgan fangroup members outraged at their diety being mentioned in .
Army free hand avenge Beheading, Mutilation 2 soldier border.
Last time I checked, Ajay Devgan and his wife were two different individuals.
Ajay devgan's expressions before and after shivaay collections.
Now ajay devgan has arranged for z plus security 2 save kajol from cow rakshaks...
I added a video to a playlist Ajay Devgan All Movies List Part 1
. You should be same n it's really unfortunate that you are wife of Ajay Devgan. Doesn't matter wat u eat insude Ur room but not
I wonder if bhakt will call Ajay Devgan and his wife Anti National or is it only for minorities.?. Modi ke chamcho k…
Ajay Devgan in Vimal Pan Masala ad is like seeing Heath Ledger as Joker. Some things are made for each other. Destiny fulfilled.
OK, so a Hindu Nationalist Ajay Devgan's wife Kajol eats Beef. Not only she eats but circulate it with pride. Can any fuc…
Bollywood star Kajol riles up bhakts with her beef party video
ha ha ha, Hope in Bollywood by Col. Ajay Devgan
Arrange these on the basis of their singing talent . Farhan akhter . Alia bhatt . Sonakshi sinha . Salman Khan . Ajay devgan
Arrange on the basis of their dancing talent . Sanjay dutt . Salman Khan . Abhishek bacchan . Ajay devgan . Sunny deol
Btw I also like ajay devgan but if you defame akki then I will .
Libtards mocking Kajol's beef video by bringing in her husband Ajay Devgan's apparent political leanings.
Nationalist Ajay Devgan's wife Kajol deletes her viral 'beef' video after getting trolled for it on social media.
Now Ajay Devgan wanted me to review it for 2Cr only.
Bollywood stars who don't attend award shows
I liked a video from Hrithik Roshan ,Salman Khan,Ajay Devgan awesome mimicry by
Ajay Devgn snapped as he enters a gym in Juhu
my fav. Hero Ajay devgan..Nd like to see u with aj in golmaal again..Dhamaaka hoga deewali par.. Waiting
He was the inspiration for the lead character played Suriya in Aaytha Ezhuthu & Ajay Devgan in movie Yuva movie. .
but your enemy Ajay devgan amool macho ads ar coming in between breaks 😝😂
I want Ajay devgan and Deepika padukonw togethr
The same way how Ajay devgan balances himself on two bikes :D
I didnt watch border in theatre. Last such jingoistic movie was zameen i think. With ajay devgan & abhishek bachan
Celebrate Diwali with us on tonight 9pm, with Kajol n ajay Devgan together for d First time! ☄💃 https:…
When you are a big Ajay Devgan fan..
Aur woh bhi Married men ko. Here is her sob story after Ajay Devgan rejected her advances .
It will be career ending for Ajay devgan - he can't afford a flop with golmaal i think better sense will prevail
Know 11 Interesting Facts about after he has become 48 yesterday. .
Happy Birthday Ajay Devgan from all kajal aggarwal fans😊😍🎂
Ajay Devgan upcomimg movies details, release dates and story: Golmaal 4 will be a block buster comedy for...
Ajay Devgan celebrated his 48th Birthday on the 2nd of April 2017
Happy birthday and very very return of the day...Ajay devgan
celebrated his birthday with fans. Here's a glimpse of it...
Survey Result-Today Ajay Devgan n Varun Dhawan are almost equal but Shahid Kapoor n John have become F grade stars. https:…
Here's how celebrated hubby 48th birthday.
Survey result-Today Emraan Hashmi n Vidyut Jamwal are equal, while Ajay Devgan is just 4% bigger star than them.
Witness to visits of Mahesh Bhatt, Gulshan Grover&Ajay Devgan etc who were astonished & all praise fr friendliness&hospitality.
& son make for some really adorable pictures. View all HQ PICS:…
J Lo's 'the boy next door' is so a Bollywood movie if I ever seen one! The ending was so ajay devgan 🙄
React to the movie/trailer "Company". One of the gem from Ajay Devgan. It's directed by Ram Gopal Verma, Sarkar movies director.
Successful Golmaal family. Parineeti, Ajay Devgan and Taabu are my favorite actors.
Ajay Devgan unveils the first group picture of Golmaal Again on Rohit Shetty’s birthday
or may be politican,was getting vibe kind of Yuva movie sumthing Ajay devgan played
Ajay devgan watched makkhi last night.he was very impressed.He agreed 2giv the voice over 4 the father in the opening cred…
don't know why Rohit shetty nd Ajay devgan always likes to clash(shivay, dilwaale, son of sardar)
Ajay devgan sir u r the king of bollywood
Ajay Devgan has Brought 1000 shares of British Virgin Island was leaked in Panama papers..Check out .
Father and daughter good movie and good job Ajay Devgan
Really enjoyed shivaay on tv , efforts of ajay devgan must be applauded
Ajay Devgan took himself way too seriously as a director...he shd stick to roles like Gangajal or Omkara...
Hello raveena g you are so beautiful nice acter i am your big fan and of ajay devgan
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done watching drishyam.what's a PERFECT crime! lately been watching ajay devgan's films too much.lmao.shahrukh, im…
Ajay Devgan try to be extra smart by directing movie & clashing with others but at end makes joke of himself! Typical family made star 😂😂
Ajay Devgan with his family memeber| Kajol with his daughter & son| Ajay... via
Bonus:. One day, M Tamizhkudimagan. Got beaten up by Ajay Devgan. With Kajol in his eyes,. He did not realise. That eggplant is also baingan.
Prakash Raj and Ajay Devgan are again working together in Rohit Shetty's ...
Shooting of Ajay Devgan's film stopped, know why
The movie was good,dialogues,music too. But can't reach d mark of its prequel,where protagonist was ajay devgan.
. Who said that Ajay devgan don't have fans abroad??. For ur informations i'm not indian. But for me he is the best
The Legend of Bhagat Singh ke liye best actor ka national award mila tha ajay devgan ko remember that...
Y my whole TL is filled with ajay devgan pics n 'Shivay TV premiere tommorow'?? 😬😬 . Stop making my TL worthless
I won't go round n round. I request you to plz forward the request to Ajay Devgan Sir as it is important for me. I'm b grateful
Can anyone help us connect with Shamshad or his family from Nawalgarh, Jaipur.
I added a video to a playlist Shivaay 2 the official trailer-2017 | ajay devgan, erik kaar |
I can bet that guy is Ajay Devgan's Fan and carry same hairstyle.
Ajay Devgan by hearted song film Dilwale
Sources: Actor Ajay Devgan is saying Cong First Lady Sonia Gandhi has spread "Commander-In-Chief is dead": Cong in RS.
The truth is that uh people never oppose Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan who played real life dons ! Biased Bhakts !
Where were uh when Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan played real life dons on screen?
I was never a ajay devgan fan. But i was big kajol fan. But now dont like her anymore
As far as I know, if you take your time, write a good script and mak...
also Ajay Devgan was my teenage crush 😅😅😂😂
please do the trailer reaction of ajay devgan film "COMPANY"
Don't get afraid . Ajay Devgan is in the car . ( There are no evil spirits ). 😂😂😂. 10 DAYS TO RAEES
*** where is ajay devgan for shivaay.where Is Akshay Kumar for airlift and rustom .
Bhai Hrithik n SRK are much bigger stars than Ranbir n Ajay devgan. Infact SRK is much bigger than (Ranbir + Hrithik +Ajay)
SRK is now in league of Ajay Devgan n not able to come out of chocolate boy image, another flop will be last nail in coffin
I liked a video from Sangram | Full Movie | Ajay Devgan, Karishma Kapoor, Amrish
Ajay Devgan please log out from this account 😊
are you like obsessed with Ajay Devgan?? 😱😱
Ajay Devgn's mother Veena Devgan along with her grand daughter Nysa Devgan. .. 👇
Breast Cancer Awareness
Actors like Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan,Ajay Devgan don't need any Paid Awards like Filmfare to show their talent. BOYCOTT PAI…
Sunil Grover or Dr Mashur Gulati was Nai in 1998 Fim Pyar Toh Hona He Tha n he cut half mooch of Ajay Devgan in a scene
After farhan akhtar now only AJAY DEVGAN is in 100 crore club both as an actor and director
Ajay Devgan, whose masala movies open at 10-12 crore, came up with a sequel to Singham & clocked 32 crores.
Man..this guy shld be in theatre n movies.. anupamkher paresh rawal also ajay devgan nowl cld be handy
IT'S AJAY DEVGAN'S DAY on Indian Television❤ . 5 movies in a day. WATCHOUT
57/Ajay Devgan's acting abilities are way overrated. His constant grumpy hard stares are viewed by some as some kind of i…
best of luck for robot 2 can't wait for this movie. Thanks to avoid clash with golmal 4 bcoz I m fan of Ajay devgan .
I appreciate that is not inflating collections of too much like patriotic n honest man Ajay Devgan. Aate Mai…
Ajay Devgan's only one film has done 100Cr business. All others are fake 100Cr Club films like 85Cr…
Ajay Devgan's next real 100Cr club film will be only so congratulations to him n entire team.
I have blocked almost all Ajay Devgan fans n I will block almost all SRK fans till release of So fans keep disturb…
Well dear fans of Ajay Devgan,. There are more fans of DDLJ than your Idol himself !
50Days Of Shivaay is trending . Chahe kuchh bhi bolo...Ajay Devgan is Ajay Devgan...he is star!!He has own unique style!…
Q: What do Anupam Kher, Baba Ramdev, Ajay Devgan, and Amitabh Bachchan all have in common? . A: They all understand econ…
Can someone tell me where is this film celebrating 50 days? Lol! I am sure, Ajay Devgan is paying rent of some theatres to…
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Mashoor gulati hilarious Comedy with Ajay Devgan & kajol
Ajay Devgan, the guy who taught us bike pooling!
My suggestion to all Ajay Devgan Fans, Don't Watch Shivaay Tomorrow ,Save money and enjoy with Vimal Pan Masala :p
1 Ajay Devgan movie you should watch is Gangaajal. Highly recommended by your fan. ;-) Available on Youtube.
she is right. Waise bhi anti ajay devgan trend hoga abhi 9 pm se
I've just found out that Ajay Devgan had actually played the lead role of 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' not Salman...
I watched shivaay movie today. Seriously A heart winning performance by ajay devgan. Amazing and awesome movie. I just love this movie.
Nope! Not a fan of ajay devgan too. Just feel amused how disgusting the fan fight gets when it involves SRK!
Akshay & Ajay Devgan both are very successful actors. It would be very difficult to compare them as they r leaders of their genre.
Abroad, they have covered pretty much all subjects, explored every po...
Many Congratulations to Mr. Ajay Devgan on completing 25 years in the film industry . Warm Regards . Al…
I liked a video from ACTION JACKSON | Ajay Devgan | Trailer Reaction Discussion
hey SRK is not Ajay devgan to get worry because of your reviews.
Akshay Kumar has Canadian nationality. Amitabh Bachchan & Ajay Devgan involved in Panama. Imagine Bhakt reaction if any Kha…
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From Fool Aur Kaante to Shivaay, has done it all. Action Comedy drama...the man is still unstoppable. 25 years of Ajay Devgan.
Ajay Devgan has won padmashree award !!
25 YEARS OF AJAY DEVGAN. One of d best actors in India with an Unmatched Intensity in eyes. 2 times National Award winn…
I never talk about my personal life. After these rumours, I definitely do...
Unlike Pierce Brosnan, Ajay Devgan can't say he was misled to do Vimal Pan Masala ad, he actually looks like someone c…
Ajay Devgan as an ambassador of Vimal Pan Masala has sold more death to the youth of India than terrorists can ever kil…
Ranna Ayub mocks Ajay Devgan, Amitabh Bachchan,, Lata her eyes these are bad patriotic people who exploit othe…
Where are Ajay devgan truck driver Fans? . Come on Vote for Your Truck Star!.
I knew Salman will have his bff Ajay devgan with him on opening episode of bigg boss n not ADHM team 😂
Pogba will be embarrassed if he watch Akmal even Ajay Devgan will do beter 😂
can easily imagine Ajay Devgan as Harsha
I do believe ppl dont go and watch ajay devgan but ppl go and see salman in each show.
Salman fans do you think Ajay devgan's Shivaay will break Sultan records?.
Best of luck devgan Bhai & Reliance keep it up supported by Ajay Ki
I love the internet because I can tell random people how I feel about Ajay Devgan
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hey you join group of Salaman Khan and Ajay Devgan against srk wow
The which movie of Ajay Devgan you like most
That is why 2nd grade actors like Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar have seen their stock rise after the BJP came to power.
Where do you think Ajay Devgan is getting the finance from to make such high budget films like Shivaay and Baadshaho?
Hi Jaby, saw Shivay press conference n concluded dat ur connection wid Ajay Devgan is not a co-incidence.
I totally forgot Ajay Devgan is married to Kajol lol.
Ajay Devgan is one of the most versatile actor of Indian film industry
i'v just watched your video regardin shivaay premier . I wants to know that what you think of Ajay Devgan as an actor now
mam Indian girls have sharukh khan & SAIF Ali Khan and we also have our very own the most handsome guy on the planet Ajay devgan.
Earlier, I used to charge territories instead of my fees as an actor, but I realised it was b
There is NOT any Pakistan Actor In Ajay Devgan Starrer Shivaay. This was A fake Rumours Spread By Some. people to...
Does anyone know why Ajay Devgan is trending today ad Proud Indian?!What did he do?!!Not sarcasm,just curious to know!😕
Is it only me who feels that Ajay Devgan always chew PAN MASALA?. "ProudIndian AjayDevgn"
In Up coming Shivaay film Ajay devgan kissing her co- Actress. Shame on Ajay Devgan for breaking his Promise for making his God film.
you was the awesome fan club account of Ajay Devgan providing latest news of him
📷 Ajay Devgan and Kajol in Chicago as part of the promotion of the film
BAN this to. Fawad khan in DHONI THE UNTOLD STORY = No Problem . Ali Kazmi in Ajay Devgan's Shivaay = No Problem .
Shivaay actress Sayesha Saigal says its proud to work with Ajay Devgan ProudIndian AjayDevgn
just the way Ajay Devgan plays Shivaay. Anthony plays Jaby's role. He speaks for his character. 😉
Not a Khan , not a Kumar All of these Qualities together One and Only Ajay Devgan is here..!!…
press conference for met Ajay Devgan and Kajol in Dallas,TX.
-Sir with due respect do u think Ajay devgan is a kid this would be the last thing he cud approve to promote his film
So the original news is , Krk sent a bday msg to ajay Devgan . Ajay didn't replied . So this short heighted wants to take badla .
Which movie will you watch after Ajay Devgan's expose
I liked a video The Legend of Bhagat Singh - Official Trailer - Ajay Devgan
Without Rohit Shettys films AJAY Devgan is BIG ZERO. Only Rohit Shetty films are hit. Shivay is flop
I added a video to a playlist KRK Full Interview on Ajay Devgan's Leaked Phone Call Controversy
looks like Ajay Devgan is insecured.
Stars like ajay Devgan are scared of u. KRK rocks 👍
so true, Ajay Devgan just validated him
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One side Ajay Devgan is calling me self claimed critic n other side he thinks that I am really powerful no.1 critic who ca…
I have no dog in the fight but Ajay Devgan is very abrasive
Ajay Devgan is always a super hero...i am waiting Shivvay...and congressional for advance that movie is Superb🇮🇳...
Kamal R Khan exposed?. Ajay Devgan exposed?. Karan Johar exposed?. Why we are giving our attention to this crap. People koi baat nai
Bigger ? behind KRK Ajay Devgan Karan Johar controversy is how many critics nd journalists actually take money to be favour…
Today I divide my day between being actor, producer and distributor, and the monotony is bro
and be like half of promotion is already done by Ajay Devgan. Hum aaram karenge😛😛 htt…
Shame on you Ajay Devgan...U r dragging a honest person like karan I likd ur trailer but will watch Adhm
Stars who have immense jealousy for SRK-. -Aamir Khan. -Akshay Kumar. -Ajay Devgan.
We know Sir Ajay Devgan and Sir Karan Johar are Good Friends and Good Filmmakers Living Legend.
Ajay Devgan praises about Salman Khan see here
Ajay Devgan needs to chill and stop behaving like a baby . If your movie is bad , people will criticize it for Free .
Pic left~ BIKAAU KRK before ajay devgn exposed him. Pic right ~ BIKAAU KRK after ajay devgan exposed him
Time for Mandawli Badshah to settle war between KJo and Ajay Devgan for & release 😜😜😜 https:…
In a turn of events, did just expose for bribing him to diss
All purpose parts banner
Sadly, Kajol ma'am, that you support around this man as Ajay Devgan. Karan gave you many hits and excellent career.
Now Ajay Devgan likes title so much Coz he wants to promote like only! https:…
Ajay Devgan needs to stop doing his movies so we can allow RS to become irrelevant
Indeed. Actually trailer was longer than many short movies. Feeling the same on Ajay Devgan's next directorial Shivaay. 😏
I liked a video from Ajay Devgan Talking About our Movie Shivaay
is such a awesome trailer for first producer, director Ajay Devgan... Inspiring when you see producing good quality stuff
Ajay devgan comes with full package fighting triller at diwali I'm just waiting for shivaay
Ajay Devgan's shivay will be the most powerful action movies in comparison to all bollywood movies !
Sanjy dutt in Vastav , Ajay Devgan in OUTIM , Ranveer Singh in Ram leela , Shahrukh in Ashoka. These will always be my favs.
Bollywood Movie Ajay Devgan by Produced and directed movie 'shivaay ' Trailer Released video --
this shivaay movie is amaizing and i proud of me because i am best fan of Shree Ajay Devgan.
4) A movie based on Mother-Daughter relationship with Rekha Jii. 5) A movie based on Husband-Wife with Aja…
I was seeing a SHIVAY trailer it was splendid work by Ajay Devgan.
Doest he really look like Ajay Devgan? Or its just me😂😂
AJAY devgan's new movie look BAD *** . That was literally the best trailer I've ever seen for a bollywood movie EVER!
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Omg omg Ajay Devgan. Your is the ultimate in action I can swear by anything.U never fail to pl…
don't worry.. If people can get hate from Ajay devgan fans (yes they still exist) this hate is nothing 😁
What a trailer..loved the background score and ajay devgan's shayari and some breathtaking stunts
Non-khans, Ajay devgan was first to open 100 cr club followed by Akshay Kumar to his next.. .
Dear AJAY DEVGAN Bhai I Was Flowing U around 1991 did u that now I'm Trying To catch the movie journey
was trying on itunes. played on vlc. will say what ajay devgan was told after his singing in HDDCS. but jokes apart, not bad
I have personally spoken to Akshay and have already wished him the best. - Say Ajay Devgan. /.02. RUSTOM ADVANCE…
I don't doubt Ajay Devgan's acting n direction but he doesn't know anything about story n this is why I can't trust
How did Ajay Devgan win his national awards? He's so ineffective in front of actors like Kamal Haasan and Mohanlal!
Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty to join hands again for Golmaal 4!
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