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Aisha Tyler

Aisha N. Tyler (born September 18, 1970) is an American actress, stand-up comedian, and author, known for her regular role as Andrea Marino in the first season of Ghost Whisperer and voicing Lana Kane in Archer, as well as her recurring roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Talk Soup, and on Friends as Charlie Wheeler.

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Ross dated Aisha Tyler for a couple episodes if I recall.
But with Paget Brewster back and Aisha Tyler on board... it's getting the old mojo back.
.gets around! Situated to host the 11th Annual Awards.
Was that after Aisha Tyler's comment? Because I changed the channel.
New post (has been published on Les Meilleurs ... - - .
"Nothing really worth having is easy to get. The hard-fought battles, the goals won with sacrifice, are the ones that matter." . ~Aisha Tyler
We love you so much for watching what we love to watch and Lana is one sexy milf and is voiced by Aisha Tyler
Watching Whose Line? Aisha Tyler just burned the White House with a white supremacy joke.
Whose Line is it With Wayne Brady and aisha tyler
the next replacement for Aisha Tyler is on the show next when you have Wanda Sykes. Just have her sign the contact!!! Tomi
you have the next replacement for Aisha Tyler on next week when Wanda Sykes is on
Looks like our babies had a Halloween-ish ride which they could totally turn into a ep last night. 😂. 📷:…
I think it's Aisha Tyler without the "L"
Outsmarted the Illuminati...Thank you Aisha Tyler, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert for making this possible!
RIGHT he should do more comedy he has the chops put him beside like aisha tyler or something in Whose Line
if you don't have speakers, Rosario Dawson & Aisha Tyler would be great!!
This is my music really that bad. Yearly aisha tyler.
The women of have some news on their search for a new host!
I (Crazy Dee) get by with a little help from my friends. Watch the Jesse Williams w/ Aisha Tyler…
Yes! A Walton Goggins/Aisha Tyler romcom. I would very much watch this.
That Kocktails with Khloé episode with Aisha Tyler and Snoop was the best one, no printer fax only
This is like if Aisha Tyler was in MvC Infinite
Why they put that wig on Aisha Tyler?
Aisha Tyler interviewed at the 2017 Creative Arts Emmys Red Carpet via
"Success is not the absence of failure; it's the persistence through failure." . . — Aisha Tyler
You vaguely remind me of Aisha Tyler I don't know why?
Y'all...I am really distracted by this awful wig they've plopped on Aisha Tyler's head in Criminal Minds.
70 star in a week and how much I hate Aisha Tyler.
The Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles. Liev Schreiber Leah Remini and Aisha Tyler were just some...
The "race" ironies of TV: In this episode of The Talk, the woman, Aisha Tyler, doing most of the talking about...
What’s the plan to replace Aisha Tyler on
Aisha Tyler has prepared 126 jokes about her height ahead of Ubisoft's E3 show.
The last 2 seasons had some individual moments that were OK, and Aisha Tyler classes up anything she i…
WATCH: aishatyler bids an emotional farewell to TheTalkCBS
WATCH: bids an emotional farewell to
Aisha Tyler bids a tearful farewell to "The Talk"
Sneek Peek: bids an emotional farewell to her co-hosts on
The one where Aisha Tyler isn't the only black cast member.
*** y'all this upset about that yo Aisha Tyler is black she was on the show okay 👏
A group hug Aisha Tyler social class he woman many thanks for all the laughs and the tears salute
Transferred,converted, and rehashed at Aisha Tyler's earliest convenience
So, who's replacing Aisha Tyler on because I am available.
Aisha Tyler gives an emotional farewell speech on her last day at 😢
I liked a video EXCLUSIVE: Aisha Tyler Weighs in on Possibility Her 'The Talk' Replacement Could Be a
Tyler you are a beautiful person, you allow the viewers into your life. The talk is…
Y'all remember Aisha Tyler on that game show? 😭
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Goodbye It was my privilege to share that stage with you so many times!
Aisha Tyler isn't a 'black comic.' She's a comic who is black. -
She's just so sickening.. WHY is she on so many shows? She's not funny, always has to talk flailing her arms and hands banging the table.
If you want a good memoir rec, Aisha Tyler’s self inflicted wounds is WONDERFUL.
I want to bang Drew Carey so bad. I MEAN AISHA TYLER AGH
I used to think that then I watched Aisha Tyler lol
Sad to see is leaving at the end of this season. We will miss you!
In response to Madonna wishing herself a happy Fathers Day and claiming she's mom and dad, Aisha Tyler, who was...
I don't mean to brag, but I am the replacement for Aisha Tyler. I'm 55yo, I've had up & downs.I've always have a GREAT funnybone
I mean, Aisha Tyler was the only black person to appear on the show ever. Don't look it up, I'm 100% right.
She's obviously very sad to be leaving, but come on, who could blame her?!
Oh, Aisha Tyler? No, it's YAY. Do you not speak Siberian?
Hm, out of those I only know Aisha Tyler (mainly from Whose Line). I'm better versed in British comedy.
I love this show cos Aisha Tyler and Jessica Walter are awesome❤️
Aisha Tyler's new career opportunities resulted in her leaving 'The Talk':
OMG. Always loved Aisha Tyler. this is so touching. So glad she is getting chance to direct.
Aisha Tyler broke down in tears as she announced she was leaving 'The Talk,' and said ...
It's too difficult to hold back tears for San Francisco's Aisha Tyler! Here's to bigger and better things!
aisha tyler wasn't there so nobody said meme NotLikeThis
Ugh why does Aisha Tyler have to keep doing E3 conferences. She's so annoying and tries too hard to be vulgar, I mean…
I had the Lydia dream. It's not what you think. For starters, she was played by Aisha Tyler. For seconders, everything was in Mandarin.
The daytime TV show is losing one of its co-hosts. So long
Aisha Tyler announces exit from 'The Talk': 'Hardest decision of my life'
When are we getting an AISHA TYLER stand alone game? Ubisoft need to get in on that ASAP
CBSNews: Aisha Tyler tears up announcing her departure from "the Talk" …
Aisha Tyler. If they really want to shake things up, bring back Holly Robinson Peete as her replacement, to Julie C…
Busy Aisha Tyler says goodbye to The Talk after 6 years
Aisha Tyler Tearfully Announces She's Leaving 'The Talk' At the End of the Season via
Aisha Tyler is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Watch Aisha Tyler's announcement that she's leaving 😢
Aisha Tyler is leaving The Talk after o-hosting for six years. “I just realized I had to let something go,” she...
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Tyler zepcoo…
After six years, Aisha Tyler will say goodbye to “The Talk.” On Thursday, the co-host fought back tears while...
Daytime TV star in tears: 'I'm gonna be leaving' via
Aisha Tyler gets emotional while making a big announcement on "The Talk". Watch:
Busy Aisha Tyler says goodbye to 'The Talk' after 6 years
Aisha Tyler has always been a class act. She will be missed but her talent will land perfectly elsewhere!
. Aisha Tyler announced she'll be leaving The Talk during the show's broadcast on Thursday after ……
Just read headline that Aisha Tyler is leaving Finally, a solid reason for me to not watch in place of my prior lame excuses
ICYMI: Thank you for 6 wonderful years We'll miss you and wish you much joy and success! .
eonlineTV: Aisha Tyler is leaving TheTalkCBS after six seasons:
Aisha Tyler is leaving after six seasons:
Aisha Tyler's tears were really from having to write a 2 million dollar check to that white dude who just divorced her bedwench ***
Aisha Tyler chokes back tears announcing her exit from CBS' The Talk
Watch the tearful moment revealed she'll be exiting at the end of this season:
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Aisha Tyler is leaving The Talk after six years as host --->
Aisha Tyler on leaving "It’s been the hardest decision of my life":
The best scene in all of television is in the season 1 finale of Ghost Whisperer when Aisha Tyler's character realizes she's dead
At Mightnight has the best guests tonight. Aisha Tyler, Kevin Smith and Rob Riggle
EAST COAST! It's time for tonight's episode with Aisha Tyler, Kevin Smith, & Rob Riggle! Treat yourself!
It's the panel of your DREAMS! Rob Riggle, Aisha Tyler, & Kevin Smith coming at ya, 1130PM on Comedy Central! 🎆🎆🎆
with Chris Greene, Nate Parker, Sarah Parker and Aisha Tyler at the NAACP Image Awards!
Aisha Tyler and Charlize Theron at the March on Maine. Yup ...sisters.
Archer!! Aisha Tyler you can do together on Tues/Wed! :) i let my hair dryer is so sad about that. Stephen Moyer
Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles -
I've invented a new game called "Allison Janney, Katey Sagal, or Aisha Tyler?"
Sam, guess who LaFemme is honoring this year Oct 23? Aisha Tyler, Gina Torres, Kerris Dorsey, Wendie Malick, and Connie Stevens!
so the fans lose Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson, and you give us Aisha Tyler and Damon Gupton, way to fuc…
ooo! aisha tyler made a thriller movie called AXIS!
So much of a stand-up's life is doing live radio and having to be funny and quick on the spo
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Watching my recordings. I record the talk. And this is mean, but I don't like Aisha Tyler Lol or maybe that's too strong. She's annoying lol
“If I want to see more great roles for women, I’m going to have to make them…”— (oh wait, that's me).
is on & to name a few. Catch up with one... (via
never disrespect Queen Julie but she could definitely take the unfunny Aisha Tyler's place.
I was this weird little bookish giant.
Watching with Shaquille O'Neal & Aisha Tyler and VERY disappointed that Aisha didn't sing "That's how I beat Shaq" by Aaron Carter
Im at the point in my re-watch of friends where Ross meets Charlie (Aisha Tyler)... and ALL I HEAR IS LANA FROM...
Drones would probably from "Aisha Tyler pretending to like South Park"
Jesse Cox isn't allowed to ask an awkward question but Aisha Tyler makes a bogus remark about her audience not showering and no backlash?
Celeb house for sale: Aisha Tyler of 'The Talk' is selling this midcentury modern
According to Aisha Tyler, this black student should be helping those 3 white men work through their racism.
Aisha Tyler is a special snowflake. I'd be surprised if she had interactions with black teens at all.
I hate the the PWI vs. HBCU debate, but what Aisha Tyler said was senseless and should not told to Black teens:
🙄🙄🙄 Aisha Tyler forgot she was black has the nerve to say this?
Aisha Tyler says black students needed on some college campuses to change ‘racist’ attitudes: "The Talk" host...
Aisha Tyler says Black students who attend PWIs instead of HBCUs are "brave." Ma'am... no.
I really am. 🍈🍈 . Aisha Tyler is Worried about James Bond's Balls via
Just now realizing that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Aisha Tyler were both in ghost whisperer and now Criminal Minds wow
my 3 picks for She-Hulk are Aisha Tyler, Gina Torres, Angie Harmon
Aisha Tyler, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochrie are my family now.
Aisha Tyler: Not QUITE The Classics: Where the art of improvisation meets the art of literature. “Colin Mochrie
Here is the Tea on Eddie Murphy, Lamar Odom, Aisha Tyler from The Talk, Dwight Howard, Royce Reed! Get more of my...
The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler's husband files for divorce after 22 years of marriage. .
You make me feel as comfy as Aisha Tyler at a gaming convention, which is apparently to comfy and it gets extremely awkward...
"If Aisha Tyler can play a white woman on Friends, then I guess it's ok." 😂 Kimmy Schmidt is so good this season.
Nelson Mandela and Dennis Potter are counseling a trash can. Aisha Tyler is eating Old World tripe with Thousand Island dressing.
| Morgan is amazing. I just wanna see a Tara Lewis account, Aisha Tyler is great in this show.
once I saw that it was Leslie Jones and not someone like Jessica Williams or Aisha Tyler, I knew what they were doing.
Bamford, Nick Adams, Fairbanks, Notaro, Blotnick, Aisha Tyler, Nanjiani, Kilgariff, Linda Holmes. all of them, on 5 min rotation
.. Tell Aisha Tyler a nonmom STFU..She's noidea pain or parentship so STFU..Dont comment if u have no child, ull never no the hurt!
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Nothing too bad so far, which was cool but its no cat riding a fire breathing unicorn approved by aisha tyler do everything in gaming
You guys remember that time Aisha Tyler tried to crowdsource memes at E3?
I miss aisha tyler I've never met her but I miss her
Maybe the nails are a little stubby and gnawed on, but I definitely do not ...
God I love Aisha Tyler hot AF oh and she's funny lol
Happy Birthday Aisha, we wish you more happiness than you can imagine.
My whole life ive thought Aisha Tyler and Sharon Leal were the same person. Boston Public has proven me a racist. Idk where to go from here.
Aisha Tyler would be PERFECT on a She-Hulk show
Saw that ghost whisperer was on tv and got excited to see my girl aisha tyler but it's an ep from the last aka the worst season
. Aisha Tyler: Do you have any memes to share with e3???
it's still one of my favorites. I miss the dynamics of Prentiss, but I really love Aisha Tyler.
he survived the episode! I really like Aisha Tyler, I think she's been amazing.
And I love Aisha Tyler to death but she was SO shoehorned in there
The first with Aisha Tyler was the first and only ep my family watched. That ep was a big deal in our house.
I think it's safe to say that Aisha Tyler's 3.7 episode tenure on "Friends" makes up for the injustice... right?
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I've started actually watching the newer Whose Line eps. and it's funny and all but the guests are really shoehorned and Aisha Tyler is poo.
I thought Aisha Tyler brought back Who’s Line? It’s not perfect, but better than nothing!!
NEW - Swerve: Reckless Observations of a Postmodern Girl by Tyler, Aisha
I've watched all seasons of friends REPEATEDLY & the only black people I remember seeing are Gabrielle Union, phill Lewis, & Aisha Tyler..
Aisha Tyler attended Dartmouth, so submit your best application with Ivy Ready.
Wounds turn into scars and scars make you tough.
(I guess you meant black people right lol?) And what about Charlie in the final series? Aisha Tyler I think
yep. And Aisha Tyler who played Ross GF for while I think. Other than that hardly any PoC
Friends was devoid of black people though. Only remember Aisha Tyler & Rachel's co-chef in the 1st or 2nd episode, off the top of my head.
The friends thing always cracks me up bc then fans will be like "nuh UH! R--" as if bringing up aisha tyler saves it
I'm black, and black don't crack. It does droop.
I added a video to a playlist Aisha Tyler at Tempe Improv - "Couples / F**k Valentine's Day"
A new favorite: Aisha Tyler (Special Guest) - The GameOverGreggy Show Ep. 28 by on
📷 did-you-kno: In 2010, famous stoner Cheech Marin beat Anderson Cooper (Yale graduate) and Aisha Tyler...
I am not sure how Aisha Tyler wasn't on my list for "Impromptu *** Encounter" before, but she is now!
I forgot Gabrielle Union was on Friends. Didn't she have the exact same storyline as Aisha Tyler?
Comedy is ugly. It's honest, it's raw.
it is back. the only difference is cast is that Aisha Tyler hosts instead of Drew Carey.
Probably Lana, namely 'cause I love Aisha Tyler. I do adore Pam too though. Picking favs is difficult. Hate Barry tho.
Well, Jessica Rabbit's taken but you can always ask out Lana from Archer. Or am I the only one who has a crush on Aisha Tyler?
There are two nonfiction books that I'm interested in reading: "Self-Inflicted Wounds" by Aisha Tyler and "Happy Pretty" by Kate Hudson.
I love Toronto. I love it. I love Toronto. I love Canada. I can't wait to g...
Well I'd be ok with Aisha Tyler...or the British fiancé.. *** who am I kidding, I'd even take a Janice right now.
You know, it's about getting out there and having a good time. Not about wo...
I'm going to be nice and unfollow them instead of blocking them, but Aisha Tyler, really?
Rudimentary sysadmin knowledge to the summon him by aisha tyler im so happy rn
yo bro slide to the dms, RIP grandpa, bigbro, aisha, tyler, zay , free keels, O, Lo
if you ignore anything and everything with Aisha Tyler.
New exclusive interview is up! talks with and why she's taking a step back. https:…
6 years ago today, Tyler the Creator released ***
.tells importance of Click here for exclusive interview: htt…
A baby giraffe was born at the Greenville Zoo this morning! Aisha Tyler has more at 6:30 a.m.
Happy Black History Month!! . Did you know that Kerry Washington, Aisha Tyler, Russell Hornsby and many other...
The Talk and Aisha Tyler read Robert Munsch' book "Stephanie's Ponytail"! Awesome book! Perfect for the hair fiasco!!! Love it!
More recent ones that I like are Wanda Sykes, Mindy Kaling, Jenna Fischer, Aisha Tyler.
🤔 soleil reminds me of Aisha Tyler. But that's just me.
Aisha Tyler in Criminal Minds ... sweet... love her...
"I like to be where I’m uncomfortable. It makes me feel alive.” -Aisha Tyler (actress & co-host
Aisha Tyler and Gabrielle Union look so much alike
It's the weird mashup where Aisha Tyler goes to England and races a Humvee vs. a tank.
On page 40 of 256 of Swerve, by Aisha Tyler
I literally almost wanted to cry what Aisha Stephen and Tyler told me...
have I ever mentioned how much I don't see it for Aisha Tyler?
they actually did bring it back on the CW. Aisha Tyler was the host..not as good
nice! I haven’t watched in so long. I think I got burned out on all of it. I hear Aisha Tyler is doing pretty good on it.
Poignant discussions from Hollywood career women on their path to creating family!
I can't contain my 90s, ok that the only 3 black ppl on FRIENDS were Jenifer Lewis, Aisha Tyler & Gabrielle Union-happiness
Girl On Guy with Aisha Tyler Listeners:. As you heard on episode the 250-episode Girl on Guy archive is now... https:…
Watch the longest 30 seconds of life. See more:
Archer Live with Amber Nash and a Aisha Tyler photobomb.
Kristen Schaal, Aisha Tyler, and Maria Bamford walk into a bar...
you need to have Aisha Tyler on talking dead. She is a self proclaimed super fan.
Sorry but Aisha Tyler is livecasting this movie I'm making him watch
All very, very young of course. Any suggestions for wives? Was thinking Aisha Tyler for Benicio, Rosario Dawson/Selma Hayek for LeBlanc?
I knew that I'd seen Aisha Tyler before!
And Aisha Tyler was randomly there as Mother Nature, which made me happy. Having Aisha Tyler in your movie is always a good decision.
Or tried to play the Ubisoft stream and all I saw was a unicorn and Aisha Tyler before it crashed my browser.
The one and only shares holiday traditions and favorite cocktails in our Q&A:
thanks for sharing Aisha Tyler, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
. update! w00t! Watch the video to see the bottle & stick around to the end for a bit of fun news.
I remember tuning in to the Soup for the first time and thinking, "Who the *** is this guy!? And where *** is Aisha Tyler!?Joel grew on me
Aisha Tyler is coming to mornings and Live 5 News is coming to Bounce. Starting in January, 7-8am everyday.
he dated Rebecca romijn. Aisha Tyler left Joey for him. I'm thinking he *** less than the other 2. But I'm a no take ha
Have you all noticed just how much Aisha Tyler has followed everything that Jennifer Love Hewitt every show she has been in she takes over
Aisha Tyler and Elize Dushku are huge fans and it showed. I love judges like that. Judges like Rachael Harris however... Blergh.
Why are they forcing. Aisha Tyler to wear that horrible wig? Why?
Someone pls tell me mystery woman in snaps isn't Aisha Tyler (voice of woman in Kanye's Slow Jamz) LMAO omg they sound the same
If you missed earlier, the amazing is featured on today's PM: Sessions podcast! ht…
We got one y'all. We put him in the box with Donald Glover & Aisha Tyler.
Shonda Rhimes, Mindy Kaling, Rachel Dratch, Connie Britton and Aisha Tyler all went to Dartmouth. *** is in the water at…
What won't hosts do to win our audience amazing prizes?!
Aisha Tyler: Even if 50 Cent Is *** Vivica Fox Was Wrong to Try to Out an Ex-Lover That Way
orange icing is the worst thing to happen to America since Drew Carey was replaced by Aisha Tyler on Whose Line
Awaiting the announcement that Wil Wheaton will play Gypsy, Aisha Tyler will play the Nanites, and Olivia Munn will be Rocket No .9
Vivica Fox insinuates that 50 cent is *** Aisha Tyler calls out her swap meet hair dye
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Aisha Tyler just isn't funny to me and ruins every other season of Who's Line
Just kill off or write out Aisha Tyler. It certainly couldn't hurt.
Aisha Tyler is great on but continues to try to ruin . And where the *** is Reid!?
Archer in real life with Aisha Tyler as Lana would be incREDIBLE
I hate aisha tyler already so if they change anything else lol bye Criminal Minds
My dream career goal is Aisha Tyler, to be perfectly honest
thanks Aisha Tyler you are smart on HIV.
instead of just being Look we got Aisha Tyler in our video game, you can spy on her, and you can save her from a criminal, the end
you know, I think it's pretty cool that Ubisoft got Aisha Tyler in one of their video games, but could she get an actual role next time?
Pretty young boys are fine but I want a man -Aisha Tyler. Talking about David Beckham being voted sexiest man alive.
Aisha Tyler was the GOAT Talk Soup host if we're keeping it real as we're wont to do
The Talk - Aisha Tyler on Charlie Sheen: 'There is no shame...just be responsible'
Oh, how I miss the old days of Brewster. Aisha Tyler may be a fine actress, but she isn't right for Prentiss!!
Love me some Aisha Tyler! Can't nobody tell me nuffin about her. When they killed off her character & Jim..Ghost Whisper was never the same
I could go on. And I will. Chloe Bennet, Gabourey Sidibe, Regina King, Aisha Tyler . . . she's on FOUR shows right now!
Let us also never forget Aisha Tyler's incredible job with the show.
I just don't like Aisha Tyler on but I didn't like Jennifer Love Hewitt on there either.
They couldn't give Aisha Tyler a better *** hair hat for this show?
(Pssst you should come over to Criminal Minds land where the badass AJ Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and Aisha Tyler live.)
.on the larger HIV conversation, "There's no shame in having this disease... just be responsible"
I *really* liked when it was Talk Soup with Aisha Tyler. Nothing against Joel McHale. I just really clicked with Tyler's version
Listened to Girl on guy 204: joe mantegna from Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler
Beginning as Communicate Soup in 1991, the show featured hosts Greg Kinnear, John Henson, Hal Sparks & Aisha Tyler…
I was talking about being non-white. So I fan cast Aisha Tyler. This was a response.
it was a good run! Well done. Aisha Tyler is still my crush
omg it's so old! remember the Aisha Tyler era in like 2000? I literally watched it every night
Plenty of great hosts on this show, but my favorite was Aisha Tyler. Cracked me the *** up every episode.
Not sure about Jon Stewart, but Aisha Tyler was on there and Greg Kinnear did it for a while too.
Wasn't Jon Stewart and Aisha Tyler on this show before too?
Aisha Tyler did a few seasons of ghost whisperer which I think secured her a place in Milquetoast Christian Heaven
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Season 10 of Criminal Minds starred Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Season 11 stars Aisha Tyler. As you can imagine, I'm in awe of the acting 😍😍😍
Me too! Kinnear to Sparks (ugh) to Aisha Tyler to Joel. And every other show nowadays is about THE NEWS. I don't want reality!
he is hysterical as was Aisha Tyler when she hosted it!
Andrea will not stand idly by while people forget about Aisha Tyler. No she will not.
are you purposefully skipping Aisha Tyler?
It was originally called Talk Soup and was hosted by Hal Sparks, Aisha Tyler, and John Henson for years
I think this trumps getting told "Thank you" by Aisha Tyler for asking her to sit on my face.
E! sez it will end Joel McHale-hosted satire series The Soup after 22 years on Dec. 18. Greg Kinnear and Aisha Tyler also once hosted.
I'm not a fan of Aisha Tyler on Criminal Minds.
Aisha Tyler is the smartest woman on TV! The most wise comments about Charlie Sheen's disclosure.
More for Aisha Tyler and Milla Jovovich in '.45 (2006)'
You w/ Aisha Tyler (similar podcasts styles = good ship and I think you're both very cool)
Atm i am digging Aisha Tyler more than JLH. More intrested about her character.
how come JLH got to be on the cast title card but Aisha Tyler doesn't?!?! I was excited to see her!
Aisha Tyler slams Vivica Fox for 50 Cent *** comments: ‘That was so cruel and
Aisha Tyler and Sheryl underwood sorry didn't know their names but looked it up
Loved David Mcintyre as Leonard Ennis in tonight's episode ... best scenes in the show were his interviews with Aisha Tyler
Go watch as much I hate Aisha Tyler.
So... Camryn Manheim, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aisha Tyler... Which Ghost Whisperer cast member should be on Criminal Minds next?
. Two questions. 1. Why isn't Aisha Tyler in the opening credits when every other team member was?. 2. When will J.J. be back?!
Aisha Tyler needs to go! Team chemistry is off & it's a huge slap in the face to Dr. Reid. Won't watch if…
Sorry, but Aisha Tyler's hair on is terrible. I get her reason going drastically different, but this style is so unflattering
I've been hearing that the new season with Aisha Tyler is really good. Love her!
Man, I sure can't wait to see Aisha Tyler again at next year's Ubisoft E3 press conference.
Please got rid of Aisha Tyler, she does not fit right in the show.
Criminal Minds was already on its way down, but then they brought on Aisha Tyler. Almost off the DVR. A few more weeks like this and I'm out
Work be so smooth with jus me Tyler and Diego 😌💯
I can't be the only one who is confused by Aisha Tyler's horrible hair on
So there's a vid of Sam Rockwell doing HS theatre w/ Aisha Tyler & Margaret Cho wearing an earring &listening to WSS
They have Aisha Tyler looking so old on
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aw lame. not seen any of the new seasons with Aisha Tyler as host? They're pretty great (unless you hate Brady lol)
I swear Aisha Tyler just don't know ;)
Audre Lorde says it all. And so do Tim, Tyler, Duane and Aisha in our podcast on self-care:
Aisha Tyler is an awesome addition to the BAU!
SATURDAY NIGHT is the cutoff for the New York Times Bestsellers List & we have a chance to be T…
Aisha Tyler as storm if they want someone younger
People who think Aisha Tyler is improving CM make me SMFH. Her character brings nothing to the team. Bring Back JJ & kill Tara, stat.
Aisha Tyler is terrible. She should never be allowed to speak ever again...
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