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Air Jordans

Air Jordan(s), also known simply as Jordans, are a brand of shoes and athletic apparel designed and produced by Nike for the now-retired basketball player Michael Jordan, who has served as the figurehead for the brand since its inception.

Michael Jordan Nike Air Jordans Air Jordan Donald Sterling Kobe Bryant Adam Jones Aaron Hernandez Red Octobers White House Down Serena Williams Micheal Jordan Keegan Bradley Ray Allen

had solid gold Air Jordans made for him by artist Matthew Senna
I liked a video from How Marcus Jordan Wore a Pair of Air Jordans and Cost UCF Its $3M
Michael Jordan only signed 23 pairs of these Air Jordans.
Serena Williams changed shoes for the trophy ceremony. Air Jordans with '23' on the side.
Serena Williams given custom Air Jordans from Michael Jordan after winning Australian Open
Air Jordans are coming to the golf course in 2017:
Check out all these unreleased Air Jordans
MJ once told a young Rip Hamilton he didn't deserve to wear Air Jordans on the court.
Everything you need to know about what Air Jordans are dropping soon:
Big-hearted teen surprises coach with the Air Jordans he always wanted ⏩ by
Drake blessed a young fan with an autographed pair of Air Jordans:
.unborn son already has custom python Air Jordans:
The real reason Adam Jones bought up some expensive Air Jordans
Adam Jones spent more than $2,500 on a pair of Air Jordans. For a reason.
baltimoresun​.com >> Orioles outfielder Adam Jones spent a lot on Air Jordans, but for a good reason
One legend to another Michael Jordan gave these g/w Air Jordans to Whitney Houston in 1990
watchu got on? Air Jordans? Yooo, you gotta be on that nike sttilll
happy birthday Jo :))) hope you had an amazing day and I can't wait to celebrate with you❤️💕
MJ's son is releasing a collection of "Trophy Room" Air Jordans in honor of his new store. https:…
You know but do you know these facts about the legendary brand? Story by Micah S.
In the context of cut off dungarees and a $400 pair of Air Jordans NOTHING ELSE
I liked a video from Help A Cause For a Chance to win FREE Air Jordans -
well *** .rock em w/ jordans or air max or sketchers or vans or asics or adidas or Payless shoes or barefoot 🙄😜
Anybody need Nike SB's, Jordans or Air Max's for there bae, side bae or baby daddy ?
Guy has to choose between Air Jordan's or his girlfriend - YouTube U choose Do u pick JORDANS over YOUR GIRLFRIENDS
Kawhi Leonard's new shoes are pretty nice!
This guy seriously owns 150 pairs of Air Jordans — and he runs the Calgary Sneaker Swap
.wore his "Views" Air Jordans and more on last night:
.donated more than 200 pairs of Air Jordans to kids in need:
The Intellectual in Air Jordans - Marc Lamont Hill, 37, an author and Distinguished Professor of African Americ...
A remake of The Six Million Dollar Man, but this time for $6M all he can afford are steroids, Air Jordans, a FitBit and…
Exclusive: reveals what happened when he wore Air Jordans instead of adidas at UCF: ht…
How Marcus Jordan wore a pair of Air Jordans and cost UCF its $3M adidas deal:
.was rocking original Air Jordans that he bought in 1985 on SportsCenter Sunday night. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
.mall shut after incident over Air Jordans
It's gotta be the shoes: Two shot in a fight over new Air Jordans at Minnesota Foot Locker https:/…
"urban youths" shoot each other over a pair of Air Jordans. but , or something.
my 1st pair of Air Jordans lms if you had these
There are more Kobe Air Jordans out there
ADIDAS ORIGINALS ZX FLUX white/white/white sz 9 AF6403 nike air max jordan $75.98 via Amazon
I saw the embodiment of UTK today... Hoverboard, white Air Jordans, and outrageous southern accent.
Complete Look at the 'Gold' Air Jordan Collection On Display in Hong Kong via https:…
4 Reasons why I would NEVER buy a pair of Air Jordans via
Fellas, your Air Jordans need to have a 10x investment multiple.
Dwight Powell wears his Air Jordan 12 "The Master" for our new video
Using Angular2 is like buying a pair of Nike Air Jordans during a growth spurt.
These have been a hot resell item. 2016 Air Jordan 12 "The Master" Unboxing.
There's more pairs of Air Jordans out there
Hermes ties are like Air Jordans for white people.
'No Armed Robbery': Steal stuff, lose your arm...
Customers angry-store out of new Air Jordans at Mall near Chicago,wonder if they'd show up early 4 school or job
New shop restores classic Air Jordans for fans, collectors
Michael Jordan gave Kobe a "full set of Air Jordans" as a retirement gift. Is that like every Jordan ever???
Jordan Brand pays tribute to Kobe Bryant with full set of Air Jordans (I-XXX). See photos: https:/…
Michael Jordan gives full set of Air Jordans to Kobe Bryant: Michael Jordan is sending Kobe Bryant into retirement with a lot of foot...
Michael Jordan gives Kobe Bryant a full set of Air Jordans as his retirement gift
The Jordan Brand has gifted Kobe Bryant a complete set of each of the 30 Air Jordans in black & white
News journalism has been dead since Mike Barnicle days at the Globe. Sports journalism died when ESPN married Nike+Air Jordans
The black set of Air Jordans (in Bryant’s size: US14) will be auctioned off via eBay For Charity to a lucky fan
Michael Jordan is only a basketball King, but a sneaker one too! The first Air Jordans were released in 1985.
I liked a video Sneakerheads Compete for Rare Air Jordans
Under Armors dominates the top 10 while Air Jordans dominates the bottom 8 .
Basically, I ran pretty much a full mile in my Air McFreakin Jordans, then they got caught in a mud puddle and I ran out of them.
Spent the rest of my money on some Air Jordans and now I'm eating an air sandwich
You're like Jordans on Saturday, I gotta have you and I cannot wait. // Mouse ears + Air Jordan.…
Looks like pump kicks are back! You swore you jumped higher when you pumped them!
.recalls copping his first pair of Air Jordans in new series:
A pair of Ray Allen's Air Jordans that you've never seen before:
"Hermes ties are like Air Jordans for white people"
Thieves axed a hole in the roof of this sneaker store to steal its Air Jordans:
"Mintz's collection isn't incredibly deep – she says she's got 26 pairs and has been buying Jordans since 2009 –...
We are offering the cheapest jordans(Nike Griffey Shoes,Retro Air Jordan Shoes)with high quality!Hap
Trial begins in alleged shooting over Air Jordans
Dr Boyce Watkins: A message to those standing in line to buy the new Air Jordans
Dunno what the big deal is with Rickie Fowler wearing Hi-top Golf shoes. Keegan Bradley been rocking Air Jordans' for years
"Cuz he roll low like cholos with diccies in Air Jordans"
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Air Jordans...They're like iPhones for your feet
I liked a video from Why Air Jordans Aren't Selling Out Anymore
Neymar is reportedly the first star to be getting his own Air Jordans
What do you get when you mix a tearful President, some Air Jordans and Dothraki pick up lines? Find out tonight 11/10c
.flexes with the Don C x Air Jordan 2, plus two other unreleased Jordans
People wait in line for days to get the new Nike Air Jordans.
DJ Khaled says Eminem's given him Air Jordans but not a verse:
"I ain't get my verse yet, but I got my Jordans." —
The Daily Show tried to rename Air Jordans with DJ Khaled:
The 10 pairs of x Carhartt x Air Jordans were auctioned off for $227,552 in total.
.was courtside again in exclusive Air Jordans:
Since 1985 Air Jordans have been a crucial part of the sneaker culture! Read more 👉🏽 (
Robbers stole $2K and Air Jordans from man near Central Park, NYPD says
Stephon Marbury claims his $15 sneakers are made in the same factories as $200 Air Jordans and Nikes:
Inside the NYC restaurant where all the servers wear Air Jordans:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I added a video to a playlist Air Jordans, Stephen Marbury, Michael Jordan and Hacker Strategy.
I really hope Jordan Speith is paying a percentage of his winnings to the hobo who he stole his shoes from.Worst shoes after the Air Jordans
ICYMI: James Harden was seen wearing Air Jordans, but Adidas says that's a no-no:
Michael Jordan earned more from trainers in 2014 than during entire basketball career: Sales of Air Jordans ea...
Michael Jordan made more from Air Jordans than being Air Jordan:
Exactly 30 years ago today, the NBA fined Michael Jordan $5000 for wearing coloured Air Jordans. The sneakers won!
.just reminded everyone that he's the king of Air Jordans:
An old Jamaican man sat next to me on the train n offered to take me to Jamaica n buy me Air Jordans. Great way to start the day
People are getting free Air Jordans just for eating at restaurant.
If I was Kanye I would not be at work but also I'd be a bit miffed at Adidas giving away my wannabe Air Jordans to all Adidas athletes
Some of them are Air Jordans so yeah
Saudi aggression practiced by land, sea and air http:/…
Saudi aggression practiced by land, sea and air
You've never seen these Air Jordans before, and they're on MJ's feet:
Drake's OVO Air Jordans' box is nicer than the shoe
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Upload your street trick videos. Tag us + and stand a chance of winning 1 of 3 pairs of Air Jordans
its a poor neighborhood with a disproportionate number of sneaker shops selling top shelve Air Jordans.
MJ answers with new sneaker after being asked "WHAT ARE THOSE?"
If you can find me these.. exact ones.. i'll buy these ones over the Air Jordans...
Of course Drake brought out some never before seen Air Jordans tonight
And the Kid is wearing Air Jordans sneakers
Ray Allen Is sending people on a scavenger hunt Giving Away pairs of Air Jordans -
The Element Series originally sprang from Nike dissecting Air Jordans to see what exactly makes them cool.
Nike is still selling Air Jordans. Wonder how many of today's kids remember who Jordan was.
Looking for vintage Air Jordans on eBay? . Here's 20 deadstock pairs available right now:
Air Force yeah, ok and maybe a few other jordans , not the ones lookin too colorfull. i dun dig too colorfull
Dude, they're the Air Jordans of the toy world: manufactured marketplace scarcity. Or the OG Tickle Me Elmo of the vg world
A Lot? “Do you know how many Air Jordans six black kids wear”
Classic MJ posters inspire two Air Jordans from the Spring 2016 line
So many mfs actors but you couldn't last a second in my Air Jordans
The secret to always having the freshest fruit is putting every piece of fruit in a pair of Air Jordans
If you spend $300 on a pair of Skechers but the New York Times calls them Air Jordans, you still paid $300 for shoes.
I liked a video from Quantum Conundrum | 05 - "Air Jordans"
man yesterday I read an article,looked was about Air Jordans.the writer casually calls Micheal Jordan "god" like what on earth
Still one of the craziest Air Jordans ever
President will get his own Air Jordans at Nike today. Model is the Jordan MTM (Mark, Tinker, Michael) (via …
build yourself a nice nest egg on Air Jordans
How well do you really know Air Jordans? Take this quiz and find out:
Did you ever stop at the Molly Pitcher rest area on the NJ Turnpike -- while wearing Air Jordans?
I wake up to boxes of Air Jordans like I really do play for North Carolina.
Air Jordans are making an appearance in the Aaron Hernandez trial.
Air Jordan 7s are known for removing any NIKE branding on the Air Jordans
Slave Morality is why the *** kills for a TV or Air Jordans but endures & Jim Crow peaceably for generations`
Air Jordans might play a key role in the Aaron Hernandez cases.
Air Jordans were named after shoes worn by ancient Israeli sailors on the Jordan river. The open toe provided their feet "ai…
Do I want Reebok Pumps or Air Jordans if I'm looking for shoes I couldn't have as a kid?
ready to get this tax money,so I can buy some new things for my apartment and hook up the bachelor spot up and use this lawsuit money to get a car cause my Air Jordans are getting worn out lol real talk its no-one helpin me but me I aint got no girlfriend that's whippin im dolo,don't live wit my moms no-more I been independent for a year and 2 months guess I got to get use to it,but I miss moms sunday dinner now I got to learn how to cook,my favorite food is seafood
Tapos they pulled out the air max flyknit i wanted pfft. Wala din akong size sa Jordans for mens huhu wth.
Air Jordan Baby Shower Invitation. I might have to do this in the futu
Jordan 2s definitely one of the most underrated Air Jordans of all time
Coach Roy and his staff laced up Air Jordans for a good cause
Nike Air - This was the beginning, Pippen basically getting his own shoe (out of Jordans shadow).
Reasons Why Is Awesome: Where else can you get Air Jordans for 200 EGP?
High school student gave Air Jordans to bullied classmate:
Whatever, South Korea, with your "electricity" and "human rights.". I have like six pairs of Air Jordans. Who's jealous n…
Chaos over new Air Jordans. CALL in the National Guard!
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These custom Air Jordans for Tyler Ulis and Alex Poythress are amazing!
potentially need new sneakers but ball NEVERRR stops, at least they aren't Air Jordans ( )
Michael Jordan teased his collection of Air Jordans today. Check it out:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Teva Men's The Links Mid Sneaker Clearance Sales , Buy Now and Save More! 2014 CHECK OFFER → The Links Mid Sneaker Lebron Soldier one - Built For Functionality The partnership between Lebron James and Nike has resulted to a signature sneaker assortment that could rival that of Michael Jordan's Air Jordans. Regarded for their modernistic structure and utmost consolation and safety, the Lebron signature series tends to make use of cutting edge attributes that solidify its assert as one of the ideal basketball shoe collections ever to be developed. Teva Men's The Links Mid Sneaker Comfortable Spenco Insoles Insoles occur in all kinds of layouts. From people that "bloat" when you put them on to the harder a lot more stable versions. The insole sector has been on the rise and if for no other explanation than to counter for the rise on the amount of podiatrists then the consumer benefits. Insoles have long been considered the protect of the aged and people that could not pay for good shoes so to speak. The a ...
You *** couldn't walk a mile in my Air Jordans
Rihanna twerks for her fans in some J's >>>>
Pics of The most popular Custom Jordans sneakers
What is the point of continuing to release more designs for Air Jordans?
I want to help somebody out!!! I got over 15 pairs of Air Max, Jordans, and a few randoms,,,Size 10
Photos of The most popular Custom Jordans sneakers
Photos of The most popular Custom Jordans shoes
Ronaldo scored that amazing header with no Air Jordans
"Pictures of The most popular Custom Jordans kicks
Pictures of The most popular Custom Jordans kicks
In honor of his 36th birthday, we look back at amazing year of exclusive Air Jordans: ht…
This bargain affordable online store was recommended by Dozens of my friend . You can get Air Jordans women $52.24 Oakley sunglasses $12.70 CK underwear $6.46
Day 34: i resorted to eating my Air Jordans.still hungry
"Custom PS4 Nike Air Jordans show why your next sneakers need HDMI ports
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Last time Royals were on the playoffs, I'm pretty sure I was wearing 501s and a pair of Air Jordans.
hey man. Shoe palace finally had their update ->
Instead of awards, they should give out food stamps and Air Jordans at the
Funny how ppl get older and start selling ALL their jordans they stood in line overnight for
GET THE BLACK OSTRICH RETRO Air JordanS ((I've been lusting on them for a while now))
speaking of Air Jordans. . *** the Varsity Red 6's are still clean AF.
Watch pranksters step on black people's Air Jordans in hood & chaos ensues (VID)
Wow wow wow Air Jordans early in the morning hmm
hey man let me know the release date for the 'Pantone' Air Jordans. keep me informed
“.parents bought him his first pair of Air Jordans as a reward for skipping a grade.”smooth
Air Jordans were banned from the NBA, however Michael Jordan always wore them as Nike was willing to pay the fine for each…
IS, ISLAM, US, AND WEAK POLITICAL LEADERS: SETTING THE STAGE FOR A REAL-LIFE DRAMA, IN WHICH HIDING IS NOT AN OPTION Imagine that aliens came here, and landed on Plymouth Rock, not the illegal aliens crossing our borders, at will, but aliens from outer space, from Mars, as a hypothetical, and that their first words were, “Take me to your leader.” How many of you would ask them, “Are you kidding?!” I would hazard a guess, and say 99% of the people in the country, who weren’t hiding under their beds, and weren’t living under a rock, would respond by asking the above question. The other 1%, I think, would just come right on out with the clear, and honest, affirmation, “We don’t got no leaders up in here,” language which I assume would be used by the 1% of jug heads in the country who are wearing their pants on the ground, underneath which, if one looked carefully enough, down toward their feet, one would spy upon some Air Jordans. I am guessing, further, that the problem, in this country, . ...
The new Air Jordans drop tomorrow. It's still a big deal, 29 years on:
DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS MAN? The two photos below were taken from the surveillance video that captured Saturday night’s armed robbery at a 7-Eleven on Providence Boulevard in Deltona. The suspect, who was armed with a gun, was described by witnesses as a light-skinned man, possibly bi-racial. He was approximately 5’7-5’8” and was wearing black, baggy jeans with a distinctive design on both back pockets, a black, long-sleeve sweater, black shoes (possibly Air Jordans) and a black beanie cap. The suspect’s face was partially covered with a red bandana that contained a teardrop design. Witnesses also reported that the suspect had noticeable blemishes -- possibly freckles or a skin condition -- under both eyes. Anyone with information about the identity of the suspect is asked to call Sheriff’s Investigator James Moore at (386) 860-7030 or Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida, toll-free, at (888) 277-TIPS. You can also text your tip by texting “TIP231 plus your message” to CRIMES. Anyone who prov ...
A recap of all the Air Jordans spotted in "Anaconda" video:
Since my taxes fund welfare, so when famous new sneakers drop; by transitive property do I own the newest pair of Air Jordans?
.has a pair of Air Jordans that you won't be able to get for a long time:
"hi, 911? i...well Don's wearing Air Jordans & he needs help, he's surrounded by blacks. god they're looking my way!"
and are coming together for these Air Jordan14's...
Proving basketball isn't a simple sport, was just asking for trouble.
There is a child on this bus, young enough to still be in a pram, with a fresh fade wearing red skinny jeans and Air Jordans.
Keegan Bradley wearing Air Jordans on the practice range
If you like horror movies, I like you
Nike Air Jordans online store online and see something: Ackle loops indicates they were chaussure ad...
The latest pair of Air Jordans for Blake Griffin
Before it is boiled down and sprayed on New Jersey residents, SWAG is naturally a sticky substance found on the soles of ai…
give it 10 years and everyone will be wearing those and Air Force Ones again. And laughing about Jordans
because i got jordans and since the air forces were like 100 bucks, I need the money
Suits - is Pops wearing hunting Air Jordans? Check that logo.
“Happy birthday to Celebrate with some Kicks On Cards action:
aqua jordan 8. Find great deals on eBay for NIKE Air Jordan AQUA 8 and Air Jordans.
.shares a look at some his favorite Air Jordans & more in →
Shoe Palace is restocking Nikes and Air Jordans on September 10.
Post-Bulls Air Jordans pop up in NYC colorway at Niketown Las Vegas.
I aint saying keep it i aint saying abort it but did you see the price on them baby Air Jordans?Pampers and similac ,strollers and backpacks
SPACE JAM: a new toast topping for astronauts made from rabbit & Air Jordans. .
The reason is still so agile onstage is because he's been wearing freakin Air Jordans on stage for the past 10 years.
Air Jordans are typicall around that range of price so its not that bad. But normal nike ones... idt I wld pay 135usd for that
I honestly have not spend more than 100sgd a sneaker. Except for the Air Jordans that I just bought.
ICYMI: Gunmen rob customers waiting in line for Air Jordans
Just some beaters for today. Air Jordan 3 "black cat". The 3rd pair of Jordans I ever bought
These are some of the hottest Air Jordan's of all time!! 👟😍🔥🙌 See Full Gallery Here -->
Michael Jordan was fined $5000 for each game he wore his signature Air Jordans. Nike paid all the fines.
Launched in 1984, Air Jordans changed the sneaker—and ad—game:
Dope Biggie Tupac shirt only 19.99 @ to rock with bred Air Jordans or Red Octobers.
Since EXO is sporting Air Jordans. where i could buy Air Jordans for girls?!
I'm gonna wake up tomorrow with a TL full of cheap, weak Air Jordans 😓
.looks back at the college players with the best Air Jordan rotations:
Shoes! 😍 Shoes! 😍 Lots of new shoes coming to me baby! 😂 Keds. Vans. 😁 Next Air Jordans and Janoski 😍 Shoes 😍 Addicted to shoes! 😁😂
Photo: air-jordans: In case you missed it, here’s a detailed graphic of new “D.O.A.” rug. Tag...
Photo: air-jordans: Aj6 via Check the rest of the gallery for thousands of sneaker...
Photo: air-jordans: Keep your Grapes looking fresh with by 3M. If you’ve ever stepped in...
It be the puertorican *** with the spongebob air force Jordans 😂
Photo: air-jordans: If you miss out on any new releases, you’re in luck… From here on out, skip the lines...
Air Jordans make me 3cm taller lol.
When I was a little kid, I thought Air Jordans could make you jump 20 feet in the air. 😂
Want to win a pair of these your choice of size? Vote for your fave Jordans NOW & R-T 👉
RAREST Air JordanS. Vote for your faves here 👉 then R-T for a chance to win these 😍😍
life is but a vei- don't get that hummus on my Air Jordans I swear
"[Awesome] Win a FREE pair of Jordans retro 6 carmine with and
I'm not too sad, no white guy killed another white guy for his Air Jordans today.
wrd cheap Air Jordans free shipping losj - to be, Third inserts " a bunch in which it used Brenden Morro...
I just bought a Ferrari you just bought some Air Jordans
Air Jordans II, the only J's I've ever owned. Never even knw a did brand. Beat dem guh school in 2nd form
Don't pack them Air Jordans boy you not gone need em
Air Jordan 10 Retro Powder Blue! I got my first pair of Jordans today thanks to jito808 😊 Thank you!…
Number 9 Jordans pause the air forces
**Flashback Friday** No picture, but instead, a short story. When I was in 4th grade, the Air Jordan V's came out, and I REALLY wanted a pair .of course, my mom said, ( Micky in her Lebanese accent) "NOH! If yeww want doze, you can bi (buy) dem yourrrself!" It was then I realized the true meaning of hard work. I desired to have something, and in order to get it, I had to work and hustle for it. I put it in my mind that I would get those Air Jordans...I also realized how powerful the mind was... So, I went door to door, and sold stationary-wrapping paper, greeting cards, pens, fancy paper-I earned $2 commission for every item sold...I still remember that I sold 67 items after a couple months of hard work...and I bought my very first pair of Air Jordan's.I was 10-11 years old. My point if the story is, if you want to succeed bad enough, you will doesn't matter how old you are, brains all work the same...and one day when I have kids, I hope to teach them that same message that Big Dom and Mic .. ...
Our Congressman is giving Air Jordans to S.V. Marshal and Velma Jackson High Schools for winning the state basketball championships . McClain High School Girls and Boys made State History in 2009 by being the first school ever to win Powerlifting Championships in the same year . That's one that's going to go down in Mississippi History . And on the Girls Team , we had the Worlds strongest woman !
I bought of a pair Air Jordans yesterday. The employee said that Reebok is bringing back all the old shoes like Dikembe Mutumbos, Shawn Kemps and Patrick Ewings. What shoe would you like too see? I think most us would be meant for the Shawn Bradleys or the Ghoerghe Muresans if they made those. Or the John Starks.
'Adam Silver Is an American Hero' 32 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF EXCLUSIVE Adam Silver has already achieved LEGEND STATUS in America ... so says Mayor Kevin Johnson who tells TMZ Sports the guy handled the Donald Sterling situation like a true "American hero." Johnson -- the mayor of Sacramento -- was super influential in Silver's decision to ban the disgraced Clippers owner from the NBA for life ... and moments ago in D.C., he praised the commish for being "so strong and so decisive." KJ also explained why Michael Jordan's opinions on the matter were so important -- and why basketball fans should feel proud about buying their next pair of Air Jordans. Check out the clip. FG_AUTHORS: فن هوم..بيت الفن العربي | اخبار المشاهير CELEBRITY Gossip ...
Air Jordans, Nikes, Vans, Gourmet, Cole Haan. You name it. I do need some Adidas Originals... 🇩🇪
One of the most iconic Air Jordans of all time arrives in Concord this Saturday at 10am EDT:
Mike wore them to the Champs parade
I was gonna go ahead and buy myself a pair of Air Jordans, but then I went ahead and convinced myself that I wasn't 12 anymore. Garh.
its nothin...sha bring one Air Jordans for me wen ur comin baq"Enroute American Embassy. Finally I'm leaving Nigeria for go
Just copped them new Air Jordans 3s 
I remember when no one even wanted jordans. Everyone wanted air force 1's and bathing apes (bapes)...
Do yall agree these are the top 15 hottest Jordan shoes on this link >>>>
I just bought a Ferrari and you just bought Air Jordans
Are these the all time best Air Jordans?
Michael Jordan on Donald Sterling's comments: "Hey, bigots buy Air Jordans, too."
*** had real True Religion jeans and Prada shoes with no job no money for food or gas, and I had the fresh timbs and Air Jordans
As a sneakerhead you should know it will never be a sale on Air Jordans on the Internet unless it's Air Jordan 1's on eastbay.right or wrong.
With all the talk about Donald Sterling, wonder why we have not heard from Michael Jordan ? Could it be that "Racists buy Air Jordans also" ?
All I know is I had those Air Jordans...
Phew.. OKC Thunder just win in OT over the Grizzlies.. Series tied 2 ALL. Vince Carter with the buzzer beater over the Spurs, Mavs lead 2 to 1 in their series. Miami.. meh.. Oh and LeBron, please don't look over Michael Jordan's way, unless he's asking you to shine his Air Jordans. Come on Bobcats, take 1 at least please! Wizards please finish the Bulls and same with the Clippers . Commiserations on the loss Alex Leapai, always supporting the usos. All I can think of though is a lot opportunity. Klitschko's 147 landed shots vs 10 tells the story, Too easy and not tested. Alex you'll be your own worst critic so hope you can come back. Donald Sterling, uppercut yourself with the "Dont bring Magic Johnson to my (Clippers) games" . Loser!
Gillian Jacobs' love for Air Jordans is quite amusing. Stay tuned for our latest Bluefly Closet Confessions with the funny & talented actress from Community!
A child dies over a pair of Air Jordans should Micheal Jordan feel responsible? Owners of the plantations also had a head *** "Slavery is an institution"
Here are all the Air Jordans that Nikestore will be restocking whenever it goes down
Michael Jordan should give everybody in Wilmington North Carolina free Air Jordans every year since that's where he got his start from in sports.. Peabody Elementary...Trask Junior High..Laney High School...Parkers Food Sponser...Port City..Cape Fear..UNCW... Hoggard High School... New Hanover High School... Azalea Festival Float Ride in 1981 right after last second shot in the corner to win 1981 NCAA Basketball Championship over Georgetown featuring Patrick Ewing..910!!!
Just saw a homeless man wearing Air Jordans'
Just found a sweet pair of Air Jordans in the woods. . But they still had feet in them.
Great place to register youth voters: Stores selling new release of Air Jordans sneakers by Nike.
WEDNESDAY 3/26 DAILY BREAK Answers (75 oodles) HIPSTERS: In the first stage, watch a video clip of a hipster on a "fixie" from the show "Portlandia." The next stage is trivia: 1. The first "hipsters" of the '30s and '40s sought to emulate the lifestyles of whom? ANSWER: Jazz musicians. 2. Some linguists contend that the words "hip" and "hipster" are derived from the West African word "hipi," which means what? ANSWER: "To open one's eyes." 3. Finish the quote about hipsters from Time magazine: "Everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that..." ANSWER: "they just don't care." 4. According to New York Magazine, the evolution of the modern hipster took place between... ANSWER: 1999 and 2009. 5. What were the "hipsters" of the 1950s known as? ANSWER: Beatniks. In the last stage, decide which item doesn't belong with the other two: 1. Coke. 2. Nickelback. 3. 2012 Air Jordans. 4. "Throwdown" T-shirt. 5. Chinstrap. Answer before Midnight ET.
I liked a video Kicks On Court Weekly Recap Ray Allen Talks Flight and Function of Air Jordans
Victor Cruz only claims a few style items to be his essentials. Over a chat with GQ editor Michael Hainey, Cruz shows off his favorite Air Jordans and baseba...
You can't buy Air Jordans with Chuck Taylor money.
They was having other black people knock off excellent African leaders for the price of 3 pairs of Air Jordans.
Avonte Oquendo Body Parts Found Missing Autistic NY Boy Harbor Police search. Avonte Oquendo body parts found A human arm and legs that were discovered along the shore of College Point, Queens, are being investigated as a possible development in the search for Avonte Oquendo, a missing boy with autism who disappeared in October, a police source tells PIX11 News. At 7:16 p.m. Thursday, near Powell Cove Boulevard and Endeavor Place, an arm was discovered by a child, who took a picture of the body part and showed it to his mother back home, who then called police. Police then launched a search of the area, turning up two legs. The feet had a pair of size 5 1/2 Air Jordans, a police source told PIX11 News. Those are the kind of shoes Oquendo was wearing when he disappeared from a school in Long Island City on October 4. The park where the body parts washed up is 11 miles from Oquendo's school. Police said the body parts are being taken to the Queens County Morgue and the medical examiner will determine the ca ...
Reviews:The Worst Movies Of 2013 'White House Down' Stars: Channing Tatum, Jammie Fox, Maggie Gyllenhaal Why it's terrible: The man behind "ID4" and "Godzilla" isn't known for his realism, but whatever tone Emmerich was hoping for with "White House Down" was a huge miscalculation. A ludicrously hard to believe screenplay includes a scene where the President of the United States wants to save his Air Jordans while the home of the leader of the free world (his job) is at siege. Do you really need to know anything more? (Poor Gyllenhaal, is this all she can get these days?)
With my own money, must have been Jordan 3 White Cements RTWhat were the first Air Jordans you bought with your own money?
Air Jordans are popular among the basketball community, but the brand has decided to honor Michael Jordan's baseball career with a sneaker. The superstar played for the Birmingham Barons, the Chicago White Sox's Double-A team, in 1994...
Pimp Sues Nike A pimp in Portland, Oregon convicted of assaulting a man was sentenced to 100 years in prison and says Nike is partly to blame. Sirgiogiro Clardy is suing Nike because the shoe maker never provided an adequate warning about the potential for injuries caused by using them as deadly weapons. He was wearing Air Jordans when he kicked and stomped on the face of a man he claims owed him money. Clardy claims that Nike should be liable for the extent of his victim's injuries and his resulting 100-year prison sentence. He's seeking $100-million and also wants Nike to be required to affix labels to its shoes warning of the potential dangers of using them to stomp on people's faces
Convicted pimp sues Nike for not including ‘warning label’ on Air Jordans - A 26-year-old convicted felon...
 border= is the online sneaker magazine for sneaker news, updates and release dates for brands such as Air Jordans, Nike, Reebok and more.
Talk about stereotypes. Im watching White House Down & Jamie Fox is playing the lead role as a black president.Tell me why in the *** is this nicka wearing a brooks brothers suit while running from terrorists in a pair of Air Jordans. OMG,come on Jamie you can tell me when wardrobe put that outfit on you,you were like I feel like a real president? Really? In order to be better we got to do better!
All done with gifts! Got my nephew his first Air Jordans, never seen him so happy, I felt good! He was so happy he was embarrassed, so cute!
This is to funny, I had to but try this, so true... Da Hood A Christmas poem Wus da night afo' Crizzmus, and all thru da hood, everybody be sleepin' and da sleepin' be good. We hunged up our stockins, an hoped like all heck, dat dear Ol' Obama's gunna brang us our checks. All of da family, was ly'in on the flow, my sister wif her gurlfriend, and my brother wif some h0e. Ashtrays was all full , empty beer cans and all when I heared such a fuss, I thunk."Sh'eet, it must be da law". I pulled the sheet off da windoe and what I'ze could see, I was spectin' the sherrif wif a warrent fo' me. But what did I see made me say, "Laaawd look at dat". dere was a huge watermelon, pulled by 8 big-a$$ rats. Now over all of da years, Santy Claws he be white, but it looks like us brotha's got a black un' tonight. Faster than a poe'lice car, my homeboy he came, and whupped up on dem rats, as he called dem by name. On Biden, On Jessie, On Polosi and Hillary Who, On Fannie, On Freddi, On Ayers, and Slick Willy too. Obama lande ...
I'm starting to like Air Maxes more than Jordans
Recently, the latest pair of sneakers from the brand ‘Air Jordans’ was released for sale. These sneakers are very popular. Growing up in NYC, I recall that every youth had to have one in order to be ‘cool’ and so on.…
Brawls mark release of Air Jordans in the US What is it with niggahs and their obsession with sneakers?.
I'm gon try to cop air maxs or jordans
Re-edited Die Hard when John McClane finds a pair of Air Jordans and doesn't have to walk through the glass.
You know how many Air Jordans 6 black kids wear?
I would neva buy my niece nd nephew a pair of pumas or nun of dat fu shxt dey gotta get Jordans 1s air maxs or timbs from me up to date shxt
Stockton mall brawl over new Air Jordans caught on video
Can someone tell me what kind of Jordans these are? 😳😳😳
Legendary pic of Michael Jordan wearing these brand new Air Jordan's!
Nowadays would it be wearing Air Jordans? :-P
Bragging about free downloads is like bragging about Air Jordans EVERYBODY else has. Some care but I don't.
UPDATE: Brawls break out over new Air Jordans...
It's a sad day when people can FIGHT over some Air JordanS but can't even use that energy to fight for a job, an education, or their own success.
I rather rock air maxes, graffies, addias and free runs than Jordans. Dont have to wait in line for them shoes. Its never that serious.
I have some Air Jordans for sale anyone what to buy them? Never been ware size 10 1/2 mens $140
Before I get into this, lets all hop in the time machine and travel back 24 years… The year is 1989 and 15-year-old Michael Eugene Thomas paid $115.50 for a pair of Air Jordans. His grandmother tells him not to wear his shoes to school because someone might like them. Michael simply responds, “Grann...
Thank you to the 6 year old vietnamese boy that got paid 11 cents to make my new Air Jordans. . Best 300 bucks I ever spen…
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