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Air France

Air France (formally Société Air France SA), stylised as AIRFRANCE, is the French flag carrier headquartered in Tremblay-en-France, (north of Paris), and is one of the world's largest airlines.

Royal Dutch Airlines New York

then again, it took them about 6 months to find the Air France flight in the Atlantic, and…
Sub par snacks Air France lounge LAX. Maybe because shared with Korean Air but really guys, shameful.
"What value is there in being if you can’t also be playful?" We ❤ this délicieux from our homeland:
This on the Air France 447 crash and the problem of automation in airliners is fascinating. .
Congratulations you now have your own
I would say everyone who operates the C17 (besides the Arabs) and China + Russia are ahe…
I knew you accelerate out of a stall. Saw a programme about the Air France crash. TV taught me how to fly a plane.
Can you please send us your second Air France delayed baggage report via DM? Thanks 2/2
We can only find 1 Air France delayed baggage report, as your flight AF4750 was operated by Air Corsica, Brittany 1/2
A bit nervy bud when you must remember to drive on the right in France. Thank god you don't have to in the air.😨
Yes. I informed my flight attendant Marie and she took the staple and filed a report but Air France has not followed up with me.
Tiger, Tiger. Burning Bright !! A Mirage 2000 in special Tiger Paint Scheme at an Air Show
She's so eye-catching, is amazing: Anais Mali by Alex Cayley for Air France Madame Magazine April/May 2017.
On the way to France we saw: a fox, a heron, some llamas. On the way back we have seen a hot air balloon. Top spotting.
Travel Alert: Air France: strike threat by attendants from Sept 1, and pilots Sept 8-12
Fresh air like this gives you serious energy for the week ahead @ Vallorcine, Rhone-Alpes, France
ICYMI: New book co-authored by an alum, focuses on the crash of Air France 447
The sky is eternally blue and the air is fragrant with summer: visits Willa Cather's France
am i able to take my MacBook air in my hand luggage suitcase on a flight to and from France?
Read how we generated over 15,000 organic likes, shares and comments for Air France! Find it here:…
When you imagine you are married to justin Bieber&the time fallls short of flat air after weeks of years of falling in love for France 🇫🇷
One of the most inefficient checkins at Heathrow Terminal 4- KLM/Air France desk.short staffed or on strike?
By my perspective this aircraft is a Boeing 737-800, none of Air France's 737's don't have winglets equipped. Also, new livery
Hamburg, Germany to Vancouver, Canada for only €390 roundtrip with Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France.
2/It doesn't matter if someone came on the Mayflower or PanAm, or Air France or whatever ..if one is n…
Air France union urges members to refuse work on U.S. flights after Trump order | Reuters
Eole will deliver you the purity of the french alpes air, enjoy a new experience wherever you are, take france with you…
Flying Air France? Grab your first Uber ride for FREE using promo code omidd1. Sign up:
Air France brings 3D movies on board with virtual reality headsets
I guess not for the dates we needed or for the price we were willing to pay. Ended up on Air France.
you just spread on your program: Macron, France's president, actually has kids. Please correct on air.
Faced that junk in the Air France lounge, JFK. Manager who spoke w/thick Marseilles accent promised to replace w/documentaries…
Air France Concorde, one of the fastest commercial airplanes ever. Could fly from London to New York in four hours. ht…
You guys have the most uncomfortable airline seats I have ever sat in!! 25E Paris to Geneva. Air France
Now you can practice your French under Guadeloupe's sunny weather! Starting November 21, Air France will have fl…
Dust devil in France sends beach toys, umbrellas and more flying into the air.
Rock a pair of fiery red boots to make any outfit pop - as seen in Air France Madame Magazine.
Blessed cuz I'm eating tortellini soup and 3 snickers ice cream bars at the Air France lounge?
I'd learnt it from movies, music so when I boarded Air France in Montreal, I started speaking with a French accent.
Car driven deliberately into pizzeria in France, killing child, 8, and injuring several others, French TV reports
helped brands like Tag Heuer, Orange, HP, Air France, Citroen and Michelin. That's really cool! Welcome aboard!
paying attention to kids: Flying CDG > Buenos Aires in 2 weeks & wondering if we can get full experience
Air France Flights May Soon Have VR Entertainment: Amid the shrinking seats and incessant…
Hello Marie, there is not Air France lounge in Newcastle, eligible customers are invited to the Aspire Lounge. Thank you
Air France are my favourite type of airline
NEWS! Season Premiere Sept 27 in the USA on the It will also air in the UK on & France on https:/…
Breast Cancer Awareness
That needs a repaint the way its going. Very Air France levels of care.
Air France A340 on short finals at Princess Juliana Airport 😍
Air France created a new airline that is aimed specifically at millennials. What do you think about this way to fly…
Hello Xuiop, the Air France desk opens at 3:00am in Barcelona due to the current situation in there. Thanks
What airline is this? I had a SNES on a flight with Air France back in 1998.
Air France trials headsets - allowing passengers to enjoy 3D and 2D films or series
is getting on board! Our 1st flight equipped with in-flight immersive headsets took off a few days ago 👓
Hundreds of hot air balloons lift off, setting world record in France | MNN - Mother Nature Network...
Spin to win! You could grab some great Air France goodies;
Sorry to hear that Samuel, please let us know by DM if you have an Air France Property Irregularity Report for delayed luggage.
North Korea's Hwasong-14 misses Air France flight path by less than 10 minutes
Happened on Air France flight. They opened the bar. Over time, more problems. Worse sent us…
In the 10 min before ICBM hit the water in Sea of Japan, the Air France flight had only traveled about 90 miles nor…
Flight data indicates aircraft potentially in danger was Air France flight 293, traveling from Tokyo to Paris with…
No worries, look forward to a longer flight with Air France soon :)
Amazing footage of piercing through the clouds taken from an Air France flight on June 28, 2017
. Luggage missing for 19 days of 28 day trip. I hate Air France. No compensation for the trouble they cause eit…
respect to Chase Carey on our Friday 6.55 am Air France flight from Paris to Hungary. Watching the penn…
Squawk 7700: Air France flight from Lyon to Bordeaux has declared an emergency .
Air France cancels flights to Caracas on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday as Venezuela prepares to hold Constituent Assembly electi…
Brazil began a search mission off its northeastern coast for the Air France flight. The plane could have been hit by l…
Air France cancels Caracas service from 30JUL17 to 01AUG17
Suspected bomb found on Air France flight 463 to Paris via
Whoops: Air France passenger gets on wrong flight and ends up in a different country
Air France puts passenger on wrong flight, in wrong name - Oh Dear!
Dublin, Ireland to Houston, Texas for only €295 roundtrip with Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France
Air France, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic are teaming up to form Turkish Airlines
Virgin Atlantic: where does it go from here? - Anyone who has endured economy class on Air France's 'Caribbean ...
Jimmy Conway said that during the Air France heist.
Air France flight heading to Birmingham declares emergency | Daily Mail Online ➜…
SUMMER: San Francisco to Berlin, Germany for only $460 roundtrip with Delta and Air France.
XMAS: Berlin, Germany to Miami, USA for only €357 roundtrip with Air France
All the finest that French culture has to offer in the Air France lounge... @ Air France - Sky…
Air France admits it is studying an 11-abreast layout for the A380; says "many" are doing the same
NATO sotzyalism in PL, will be simple result of the our negotio by LE PEN and air France;
Flew with Air France last time only the flights were in the morning and we got there at like 7am but they were great!
Who did you fly with last time? I ended up emirates because of time of landing and taking off otherwise…
The largest cell in the air in france have vivid nightmares.
Speaking of France. Car-free Sundays, but air quality is still struggling
your partner Air France caused us to miss our flight from Paris to Atl losing our comfort seats and priority boarding
France's new president could be a powerless leader if he can't secure the support of the left and the right…
Looking for summer flight deals to Europe? Here's why I reco
Hopefully people have seen the madness here in the U.K. and also Trump is all hot air. France have done themselves proud
France gives center-left liberal secular politics around the world some air to breath.
Congratulations the people of France to air out there desire macaron can make Euro great according his campaign de…
Crazy people. Stay out of France. They threw our air base out of there long ago.Dudnt repay war debt.Bye bye Fifi .
Cook bacon and fill the air with the scent, and have a woman read the bib…
On the 17th of June 1974, In Boston Massachusetts, USA. Air France eager to promote Concorde made a dramatic...
Update: Air France lost my luggage. It might have been delivered late last night to my hotel concierge but who knows
05-08 An Airbus A321 aircraft of Air France takes off from...
Well that last # really knocks the air out of that so called l…
Macron's victory is a breath of fresh air in a world increasingly vitiated by mad high decibel zero substance zealots!!
France is going to REVOLT ITS IN THE AIR.Break out the guillotine for the Terrorists in the French…
.put the Cayenne model to their ultimate test by having the car tow a 284 tonne aircraft for a record >
Air France pilot announces election results over the Atlantic. Plane erupts in cheers and applause. Proud to be 🇫🇷
Between France's election and President Obama receiving the Award today has felt like a breath of fresh air.
🎧Air Hostess, I like the way you dress & I messed my pants, when we flew over France🎧 Were Busted singing about
[YouTube / France / Islamokillia: allah's carnival of death rolls on] Paris in the Spring (Jihad in the air)
FUN FACT: This is the first time in history that the President of France🇫🇷 will speak better English than the President of…
About to go on air to join to talk France elections on Sunday on 125. Tune i…   10% Off
Muslim employees at Air France have repeatedly attempted to sabotage aircraft, according to Le Canard Enchaîné. "Concerning Air France:
BA had corrected it. However, Air France did not. So, it's one of the reasons for the crash.
I stumbled on this Air France poster of the night sky with constellations, ca. 1939. I love it so much. From here:…
Congratulations to the people of France who today, by an overwhelming vote, rejected racism and xenophobia.
Air France couldn't pay me to board a flight to Paris time to short that stock. Tourism is defeated in France
Burying your head in the sand, leaves your A$$ in the air. There's still time for France to realize the…
FRANCE has just committed suicide of the French way of life & Held their HANDS IN HIGH IN THE AIR 4 the obliteration o…
Its like a grand display of emotions. Like that of Air France. Le Pen got zero? Isn't this a "sign" resign? Or asign.
‘Air cocaine’ escape mastermind would soon return to France | Nice People Networking
Watch a Porsche Cayenne tow the biggest aircraft in the world - an Air France Airbus 380 - Scottish……
Hi from Colombia😀 Air France lost my luggage again, and its a holiday so I cant buy clothes or anything..but ok.
It's always sunny in Paris. Instead of love in the air, all we see is smoke. France,grow a pair!
$791* & up -- Seattle to Paris on Air France, Roundtrip
Come on Marine Le Penn join us outside the German prison. The air smells a lot nicer out here.FREEDOM for France and Europe.
$820* & up -- New York to Paris on Air France, Roundtrip
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
$776* & up -- Chicago to Paris on Air France, Roundtrip
$663* & up -- Boston to Paris on Air France, Roundtrip
PRESS RELEASES Commission warns Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom of continued air pollution
$697* & up -- Los Angeles to Paris on Air France, R/T
$738* & up -- Washington, D.C. to Paris on Air France, R/T
Air France has annouced Flights to Slovakia-Poprad twice per week (Monday-Thursday). Tickets starts at 110€
Orlando, Florida in 1982, Air France Concorde and British Airways Concorde landed simultaneously
Parl. Hill flyover by Snowbirds and Patrouille de France air demonstration team at 10:45 am postponed until at leas…
assignment. Was told to call Air France
This is a map of road closures during the Tour De France in Leeds. It led to a 20% drop in air pollutio…
Multi-functional active exclusively supplied by Cornelius in UK, acts as a “second skin” layer…
Rain has forced the cancellation of a joint flyby by Snowbirds/Patrouille de France air demonstration team. Plan is to reschedule.
evening scent drifting through the air Evgeny Lushpin
Reuters interpol and bust. Air France and national airline tail emblem. Cargo military and Aeroflot. Sovie…
West terminal has opened, which is where Air France flights are located
My review of Air France’s lounge at SFO. “I thought French people liked food. And wine.”
verge: French hoverboard inventor banned from flying in France M…
One of the concerns I would have is what happens if your at 10,000 feet and run out of fuel after the 10 minutes...
Discover how Air-France KLM rolled out a new system in just 32 weeks, at
When you are expelled on your own country because of a , read how it happens!
Air France still one of my favorite players from that era lol
Question: Premium Economy on A330. Has anyone tried PE on the A330 yet? I'll be taking it to Lyon France on my way…
Air France out of Istanbul to Paris has declared a general emergency and diverting - cause unknown
Alert - Air France from Istanbul to has declared an emergency and diverting
Paris Air France, many items were given out as souvenirs from the airline. Postcards and stamps as well.
Cool invention: "French hoverboard inventor banned from flying in France" via
You couldn't escape Wilders in the British media over the last year. All hot air. Beware of similar narratives in G…
French hoverboard creator says he may leave France after authorities banned the Flyboard Air
operates exceptional to Nice on board its 787 - RusTourismNews :
I liked a video from Air France La Premiere First Class Paris to Tokyo Flight
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
France bans tech inventor from operating loves innovators; fly on over!.
great interview mr farage..breath of air conversation vive la France
I liked a video Take off onboard Airbus A319 Air France
Air France increases frequencies to from two to three times at week for 2017-2018 season .
wright model A rounds a pylon at the air races in rheims france in 1909
Travel agency says the problems are on the Air France side. They say our reservation was removed, I don't know what else to do
Lanchester Armoured Car of Royal Naval Air Service Armoured Car in France was used to support air bases & retri…
French hoverboard inventor banned from flying in France
ha! I'm more a star alliance and KLM/Air France allow me 10. 23 is huge. 😂😂😂
Big bird alert! 🚨 Weather in Miami has allowed this rare Air France to grace our runway this evening.
Final word on Air France flight 447 crash converte
BA, Lufthansa, Air France, cancel hundreds of flights to Nnamdi Azikiwe Intl, airport will shut for 6wks on March 8
"Harrison Ford's beaver has close encounter with Air France"
Air France, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa reopen US flights to passengers hit by Trump's immigration ban
This was my final IVAO world tour 2012's flight from france 🇫🇷 to Dubai 🇦🇪 💋. IVAO. Air France
was it Air France that lost Steve's bass last year? Just had a similar thing with out stuff and wondered if they got it sorted..
Pakistan International Airlines plane wing clips Air France wing while taxiing to gate at Pearson. No one was inju…
Lost bags going to Paris from Detroit. I submitted a claim with Air France but no response. Please help locate my bags Elite member
ORD - Customs and Baggage - Hi, I'm flying with Delta to Chicago, then Air France from Minneapolis to Paris, then...
Challenging their Air France counterparts to see who can least well compete against Gulf and Turkish carriers.
Air France always on strike. Now Lufthansa. Better stick to the Gulf and Far East airlines.
Air France to launch new airline to battle Gulf rivals
I had an unforgettable experience on Air France and Hawaiian
Air France begins direct service to Costa Rica...
or they're just falling into line with what every other airline is doing, like Emirates, Air France, United..
Air France deplores the call for strike action by two cabin crew unions at the height of the summer holiday period
rumour has it Branson looking for some time, to sell his 51% stake to Air France or KLM...
Ynetnews News - Air France pilot recounts: 'We were not going to leave the Jewish passengers. via
Air France takes French cinema around the world! Don't miss the French film festival in Japan from 24 to 27 June.
Nah, c'mon Annie get the Boeing 747 Air France so you can fly to Paris ez pz xd
“Air France: Making Staff Wear Headscarves is an Attack on the Freedom of Women Everywhere”
An air balloon ride in France is the ultimate romantic for couples!
The New York neighborhood of Williamsburg embraces Air France and Paris! |
I never have time to finish movies when I fly. Thanks Air France for this great idea! ✈️❤️.
latest member out of the paint Hangar, fictional Air France EURO 2016
Air France engages in Muslim war on women, orders stewardesses to wear headscarves. They rebel.
Hi Tom, it's not fun when Air Traffic Control route you via the coast of France! We hope you enjoyed the scenic route! ^Ash
Creativity Pick: lets passengers finish movies after their flights
Air France Boeing 777-200 F-GSPZ at 33,000 ft en route from Paris to Osaka
Check out how my family and I flew to France for $566 per person.
Analysis: it's all about costs at -KLM, but angry unions may blunt its cutting ... Read more: $AF
Air France Cinema To Go: Air France has prepared little gift for their cinema loving travellers, by introduci...
Air France-KLM to operate only 5 freighters by end of 2016
And there I hid, for 6 and a half hours till I could check in, and go to the Air France lounge, where I helped myself to alcohol.
SONIC BOOM: Mum had to Google why RAF jets escorted her Air France flight in to land: A mum travelling aboard...
domain names
So Air France/KLM's won 'Best Customer Service' and 'Best Redemption Ability' at the 2016 A joke or sole entrants?!
. hi guys! Have been trying non stop 2contact Air France Spain to change my plane ticket because my mom passed away and no answer
News | : France is expressing the “strongest condemnation” of the air strikes on camps for displaced…
CDG - 2D Air Serbia - 2F Air France - I believe you will have to go through security. Whether you have to go...
ALERT Air France from Paris did a go around at Canton (China) due to severe storm and diverted to Hong Kong -
SONIC BOOM: A mum aboard the Air France flight intercepted by two RAF Typhoon jets which caused massive sonic...
Ask the *** if they want to go 2 Israel or Iran? In fact *** Air France stewards refused to fly to Iran. Not ISR
International Airlines Operators in Nigeria Earn N302bn from Ticket Sales: Also, Air France s...
People are petitioning for Air France to let *** stewards avoid flights to Iran:
*** Air France cabin crew ask for right to refuse to fly on new route to
On this day in 1968 gangsters Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke commit the Air France robbery stealing $420,000
I'm proud of the Air France stewardesses for their brave move in this matter.
Air France stewardesses will be allowed to opt out of flying to Iran to avoid wearing headscarf
Female employees of Air France will be allowed to opt out of working on the resumed flights to Iran so that they...
Air France female flight attendants told to wear head scarves on new Paris-Iran flight. Not having it
Air France allows crew to avoid Tehran route after headscarf row.
What could or should have been done when the pitot tubes froze in the Air France flight 447 in June 2… by Jim Mantle
Air France female cabin crew to Tehran told to wear headscarfs | The Times of Israel
from yqg_spotter Air France's F-GLZK approaching DTW over my house, won't be going to DTW tomorrow. . …
they will try and keep same airline, Air France CDG and Manchester, is normally in by 11am.
There's an Air France plane in the next terminal ... can I just hop onto that or? 🙃
had to get rid of 100k MR recently and found they are nowhere near CUR. Transfered them to Air France in the end.
Is Air France allowed to legally change my flight to your flight . Delay my travel by 16 hours and no apology. Nd refuse to book me.
Deeper Impatkt with Deep House Music on the air from France! Listen in now at
France receives last SAMP/T air defence system: The French Air Force has taken delivery of its final Eurosam S... https…
Yemen war: Saudi Arabia's savage air strikes end, but the crisis remains
Marine air conditioner pump by Cal Pump- MS900 -900GPH
Baby found in bag on Air France plane.
Ariana was called to NRJ France today! lucky fans will ask questions by phone, the interview will air Monday.
I think so? the only ones left to air in france are the origins eps. and everyone got akumatized anyway by now :'D
Is the restructure working? Our chart of the week takes a look
You can find the information regarding any opening positions on the Air France Corporate website. TY
Ariana called into NRJ France earlier today & 3 fans asked her questions over the phone. Monday is when the interview w…
Air France celebrates the 70th anniversary of its first stewardesses on board
Ariana called in to NRJ France, 3 lucky fans got to ask her questions over the phone. The interview will air Monday.
Yay, found that Nils Frahm tune I accidentally discovered on an Air France flight -their "On Air" mix is excellent!
7 of 14 on 16 March 1958. Air Inter operates its first flight (>Air France). France
I'm on Air France flight unfortunately...see you there!!
It took two years to find the Air France 447 Flight. With a substantially smaller area of search than for
2 Air France flights from U.S. to Paris diverted because of bomb threats
Woman hides 4 year old chld in bag on an Air France flight
4 years old child found in a woman's bag on Air France flight,
pairsonnalitesF : FRN : How a Baby Got Smuggled Into Luggage on a Plane: A woman on Air France flight 1891 from Is…
A woman aboard an Air France flight from Istanbul to Paris was caught with a child in her carry-on bag on Monday, according to
so you have to go to the airport at 6 pm and find the terminal of the flight :) ( I think he used KLM or Air France :)
This makes me sad. Watched the original version on an Air France flight and have needed to see it again.
Alert as passengers find a BABY moving around in a woman's hand luggage mid-way through an Air France flight ...
I liked a video Air France et Le Petit Prince - Making-of
ICYMI: Baby found hidden inside luggage on Air France flight from Istanbul to Paris
Air France taps Daniel Boulud for in-flight menu
Air France signs with Michelin chef: Chef Daniel Boulud will create new dishes for the airline's La Premiere a...
Air France flyers from U.S. cities to Paris will be treated to meals by chef Daniel Boulud
United, Delta, Lufthansa and Air France are offering to re-assign certain flight crew concerned about going to Zika-affected countries,
Air France blasted for refusing to carry wheelchair - New Zealand Herald
Air France flight spotted 2 miles away traveling 205mph at 250 feet!
Air France flight spotted 80 miles away traveling 385mph at 19,550 feet!
Fly miles together! Fly with love! Air France wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day.
Air France and Kuwait Airways Scrap Flights to Indonesia' - Indonesia Investments (press…
Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris makes emergency landing in Kenya after bomb threat. https:…
Happy new year to all of you at Air France Nigeria. This year will be better than previous years. Long live Air France.
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Interior Principal Secretary Amb Monica Juma lands in Mombasa, expected to announce arrests in Air France case
Bomb scare on Air France flight a 'false alarm' …
Ex-cop and ex-member of counter-terrorism unit Raid is freed after quiz over 'fake bomb in Air France plane toilet'
Air France passenger detained after fake bomb found:
Air France passenger detained after fake bomb found.
Air France plane makes emergency landing after bomb hoax
Air France flight diverted to Kenya after bomb scare
Air France passenger detained after fake bomb forced… on
4 people detained in Kenya after Air France bomb scare: Authorities are questioning four people after a…
Four arrested after bomb scare causes Air France flight to divert to Kenya
UPDATE: Bomb found in Air France flight after emergency landing in Kenya - airport authority
Air France passenger detained after fake bomb in washroom forces Kenya landing -
Former police officer in custody after bogus bomb found in bathroom on Air France flight.
Retired French policeman detained after fake bomb found on Air France flight - Los Angeles Times: Los Angeles ...
Ex-police officer held after Air France bomb scare
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Fake bomb forces diversion of Air France flight - USA TODAY
The head of Air France said the suspicious device that forced an emergency landing was made of cardboard, paper and a ***
The Glenn Quagmire ☣ - Globe Top story: Air France flight makes emergency landi… see more
Kenya is a very safe country such that western countries can run to for "Air France"
Robert Berg - Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris diverts over bomb scare Foster Design Build
Air France flight diverted to Montreal after threat
47 people die every day from air pollution in France. Terrorism has killed fewer than 200 people in France in the 21st …
Awon were air france sending email that they want to remove $80 from my fare...I read it as 80%...the way I raced to the site ehn..smh
France and USA will go on bombing anyway. US air forces will contribute nothing of any material significance. A meaningless debate
KRDS is a Website Of The Year finalist thanks to our global Air France campaign "Traveling the world" ! You may watc…
In letter to shd be up to MPs – not NEC – to make dec whether UK joins France + US in air strikes in Syria
[France 24 en] Air pollution: Northern China choked under some of the worst smog this year on Monday, with Bei...
Shattered hopes by new air bombardments
Two US-to-Paris flights diverted due to threats - USA TODAY :
Makes sense. Alternatively, try Air France shuttles to central Paris for €20
Meet Black Singles 300x250
2 Air France flights diverted after bomb threats
Air France F-GUGC A318 arriving DUB to take the crew home (sorry about the fence) ✈️
If air strikes are the answer, why isn't the media reporting the 'successes' Russia, France and the US are already having?
An Air France flight destined for San Franciso has been spotted making several loops over the English Channel before he…
That's an absurd amount as Air France doesn't have first class, on flights to Cameroon, correct me if I'm wrong.
Is Cameron supporting France with air strikes in Syria so as to later secure their backing for UK concessions in EU negotiations?
Some pilots and groud staff members of Air France threaten to strike 2-3 Dec. Strike may have impact on AF operations. Check flight status.
LIVE Air France A318 just did a go around at Copenhagen due to strong wind:
Cameroon's Transport Minister, in charge of govt owned airline, takes Air France & creates scandal when no 1st class
Oil prices steady today in the face of rising geopolitical risks. Marina Petroleka shares her thoughts with
France's air strikes on Iraq killed 28 school kids. The photos are horrendous. Selective empathy though. The world is a sick…
German air force to support France in fight against ‘murderous gang’ in Syria
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