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An air force, also known in some countries as an air army, is in the broadest sense, the national military organization that primarily conducts aerial warfare. Special forces, or Special Operations forces are terms used to describe elite military tactical teams trained to perform high-risk dangerous missions that conventional units cannot perform. 5.0/5

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dope!!! All we're missing is an Air Force. Cus we have a Navy, Marine Corps, and Special Forces.
Nice 1, now tell it to DOD, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Marines and all of our kung fu grip special forces.
Congratulations to my brother Kyle for graduating from Air Force special forces and becoming an…
Remove the ROEs, send in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Special Forces, and ISIS will be extinct by March 1.
The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem – kick their *** When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest – kick their *** Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their *** If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms (BDUs) or Jungle Fatigues, telling others that you used to be ‘Special Forces.’ Collecting GI Joe memorabilia might have been okay when you were seven years old, but now it will only make you look stupid and get your *** kicked. Next time you come across an Air Force member, do not ask them, ‘Do you fly a j .. ...
marines, Air Force, special forces and the ppl of the united yet devited states are waiting to kick some ***
Id love to join the Air Force and go into Special Forces and/or be a PJ
SOLDIERS ATTACK B’HARAM CAMP, SEIZE 700 VEHICLES The Special Forces involved in the ongoing campaign against the Boko Haram insurgents have recorded what security sources have described as one the greatest breakthroughs in the campaign against terrorists in the North-East. Investigations on Tuesday revealed that the Special Forces, comprising ground troops and the Air Force fighters, had demobilized one of the strongest fortresses of the Boko Haram sect.It was learnt that the soldiers, who carried out the operation, were shocked by the volume of arms and ammunition and hundreds of operational vehicles that they captured at the camp.A source put the number of vehicles captured from the insurgents at 700 while several members of the sect were arrested.The spokesman of the 7th Division, Col. Mohammed Dole, referred our correspondent to the Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen Chris Olukolade, for comments on the issue. The captured terrorists, who are giving useful information as to the locations of . ...
Yep I have been actively supporting our Soldiers since the Persian Gulf War and again in the Iraq/Afghanistan War, and was an Army Wife. Dad was in the Air Force, Uncle, Cousins Marine and Special Forces. All of my Uncles served, one became a Missionary teacher of a school in Africa. Irregardless of what spiritual ventures that I have taken in the past my Allegiance has always been to my homeland. Don't let anyone else out there start false rumors out of paranoia, hatred, or retaliation.
Thinking about (and missing) my Grandpa today. He was a Navy man, stationed at Pearl Harbor during WWII, and was actually there the day that it was bombed. My dad and stepdad were both Army mechanics, and my step-dad even served in Operation Desert Storm, was recruited to the Special Forces, and was also tapped to be recruited for the Delta Force. My mom served in the Women's Army Corp, one uncle was a Marine, and another was in the Air Force. I come from a military family and was raised an Army brat. I got to see a lot of places and a lot of people from so many different walks of life. It wasn't without its bad, but it had plenty of good! Happy Memorial Day!!!
We've brought on an assistant to help compile all the requests to help Andrew, and with rally coordination. Welcome, Kaytie Salas, the daughter of a highly decorated Air Force officer who worked with Special Forces. She'll be answering most of the messages we get. Thanks for helping bring Andrew home, Kaytie!
Before you go to dive in a deep water you have to train yourself or practice scuba diving... Underwater combat school in Keys marks 50 years Apr. 13, 2014 - 01:28PM | Comments A A The Associated Press FILED UNDER News Key West, FLA. — An underwater combat training school in Key West is marking its 50th anniversary. The Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School boasts a $10 million complex with a modern training pool and 50-foot dive tower, as well as boats especially designed for Special Operations forces. The school is taught by Green Berets and sometimes hosts students from the Air Force, the Navy and the Marines, as well as military academy cadets and troops from other countries. Residents know students are in town by spotting the circling C-130 airplane dropping finned-divers by parachute into the Fleming Key Basin. Less visible are the night operations, the torturous pool training, the hours of classroom work and other tasks that make the school one of the toughest gut-checks in the milita . ...
Good Morning! Here are 10 things you need to know this morning: Monday 31,March 2014 1. Not less than, 2,000 insurgents were killed in a combined operation by Special Forces and men of the Air Force on Friday and Saturday in the popular Sambisa Forest of Borno State. However, head count of soldiers that returned to base showed that 20 of them were missing, as the Alfa Jet in charge of the bombing withdrew at a point, because it claimed it was running out of bomb. Operational information could not get to some of the military; hence they had to fight their way out of the forest. 2. About 20 members of Boko Haram suspects at the SSS Headquarters in Abuja were killed while 21 others were re-arrested in a foiled jailbreak. Report says trouble started when one of the handlers of the Boko Haram prisoners took food to them and was overpowered. the suspects reportedly collected his gun. However, the SSS engaged them in a heavy gun battle, repelling the situation. 3. Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa state has reac ...
Terrorism: Nigerian Army, Air Force Train Special Forces The Nigerian Army and Air Force have trained a fresh set of Special Forces on Counter- Terrorism and counter insurgency operations for onward deployment to the troubled parts of North-East Nigeria. Addressing the graduating students at their combined passing out ceremony on Thursday, the commandant of the Nigerian Army School of Infantry (NASI), Jaji, Kaduna, Major-General Tukur Buratai said that the new trends of terrorism in the North-East as well as the challenges presented by ethnic, religious inspired violence and political unrest, necessitated the continuous training of military personnel on counter-terrorism and counter insurgency operations. As the nation grasps with the challenges of insecurity posed by the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-Eastern part and militancy in the Niger Delta region, he urged them to put into effective use, the knowledge they have acquired upon their deployment. The school’s Chief Instructor, Colonel Adebola Ad ...
Sir we have an Army a Navy and an Air-force even Special Forces but why no Marine Core?
The Navy is expected to announce today that it will purchase 99 V-22 Ospreys for $6.5 billion. The order will include 92 MV-22 Ospreys for the Marine Corps and seven CV-22 versions for the Air Force, with advanced radars and extra fuel tanks for Special Forces operations: do you think of the purchase?
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okay so I am selling a lot of my stuff, for camo, I have Marine standard issue, marine multi cam, Air Force tiger stripe, Special Forces black tiger stripe, vietnam woodland tiger stripe, DCU, Desert Storm, dress greens, navy blue digitals, standard issue Air Force, standard issue army, ACUs, BDUs, military need pads, protection lining, ballistic chest pads, flak pads, black berets, an assortment of machetes, knives, swords and Knuckles, different assault and combat boots, wet weather gear, military canteens, camel bacs, a lot of spare bladders for the camel bacs, and everything is in complete uniform. including undershirt, as well as ruc sacs, medical bandages, tourniquets, ammo carriers, M 16 clips, 2 .177 rifles, canteen cups and survival supplies, field towels. and much more if you have money. all of this is for sale if you're interested!!
I just finished watching the first episode of the most amazing show called " Inside Combat Rescue" on National Geographic. It is about the amazing men some of us have been lucky enough to call friends and train with. They are the Air Force's Pararescue known as PJ's. Absolutely amazing the work that they due under truly the most terrifying conditions. If you get a chance to watch it you need to. It is not for the weak of stomach. In this episode they cover the rescue of a Special Forces medic who's leg is blown off above the knee as a result of an IED in Kandahar. As they are loading him into the pave hawk, his fellow marines kiss him goodbye, incase he doesn't survive. I decided this past fall to personally thank every soldier, past and present, with a hand shake and looking them in the eye and thanking them for their service. You'de be surprised as the response I get everytime, It's like no one has thanked them before! Here stateside, I think America has gotten soft ignoring what these amazing men and w ...
Independent Workers Party of Chicago Building a political party of the workers, by the workers and FOR the workers! Menu Read the UNCENSORED Version of Rogue LAPD Cop Christopher Jordan Dorner’s Manifesto The US Government, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US capitalist class, is always training killers to go out and defend the investments made by US capitalists around the world. That’s because only 400 filthy rich members of the US capitalist class own 50% of the wealth in the United States, and being only .01% of the world’s population makes them nervous for some reason. So they have the Air Force, Navy, Army, Special Forces, CIA, National Security Agency, as well as state and local police and the judicial system and their own hired politicians running point for them. It’s not easy to rip off 7 billion people on a daily basis and not get your *** overthrown! But they pull it off because we let them.As we say, the US capitalist class employs armies of highly trained killers, most of whom, unf ...
Don’t Cheat the VA: Ordered to pay $457,986 in restitution and sentenced to 30 months in federal prison this month was Charles C. Kaczmarczyk, 59, of Knoxville, Tenn., for fraudulently obtaining disability payments from the VA and Social Security Administration. Kaczmarczyk obtained disability payments based on a false claim of combat-related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and supported his PTSD claim with counterfeit Air Force records that reflected the award of two Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars, plus repeatedly lied to government investigators. Awaiting sentencing is David A. Bevilacqua, 65, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., who pleaded guilty this month to theft of government property. Bevilacqua applied for VA medical benefits by falsely claiming to have been honorably discharged when he was actually dishonorably discharged for going AWOL. He also falsely claimed to have received numerous medals, to include the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts, and claimed to have been in Force Recon and Special Forces i ...
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Update 11: He was the first American soldier killed in Vietnam; the first name of 58,282 listed on the granite wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. And with the reading of his name, Capt. Harry Griffith Cramer Jr. became the first to be honored 7 NOV in what will be a 65-hour marathon session by 2,000 people reading all the names on the wall from then until Veterans Day. “It’s not just reading names, because each of those names … is a human being,” said former Sen. Chuck Hagel, who is also a Vietnam War veteran. “There’s a story, there’s a family. That’s not just part of a memorial.” For Cramer’s grandson and son, who were the first two to read names, that meant researching the lives of the men whose names they would be speaking. There was an Air Force sergeant who was killed by a fellow American; a Special Forces captain killed in Laos; a young radio intercept operator who was tracking the Viet Cong through radio signals. And Capt. Harry Griffith Cramer, wh ...
A U.S. Army soldier and Pronto, his Special Forces military working dog, jump off the ramp of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter during water training over the Gulf of Mexico as part of Emerald Warrior, March 1, 2011. The soldier is assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group. Emerald Warrior is a U.S. Special Operations Command-sponsored, multiservice exercise to leverage lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force. photo by Tech. Sgt. Manuel J. Martinez)
WORD4TODAY-Living Behind Enemy Lines-The Mordecai Theory The SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) is a U.S. military training program that was developed at the end of the Korean War to provide service members with training in the Code of Conduct, survival skills, evading capture, Resisting the enemy and dealing with being taken prisoner. It was created by the Air Force but was later expanded to the Army and the Navy after the Vietnam War. The school is intended to train aircrews, Special Forces, and other service members who operate in dangerous areas and are thus more likely to be captured. E&E (Escape and Evasion) is an advanced set of skills taught to select personnel prone to enemy capture, particularly aviation crews and Special Forces members. It involves tactics for escaping from and eluding enemies until one reaches friendly units. Survival skills are vital in escape and evasion, as one is expected to use their training to live off what is available while avoiding enemies. First, we mus ...
They lied about Afghanistan, they lied about Iraq, they lied about Libya, and they are lying about Iran. \\Former Staff Sergeant that spent 6 years in the Air Force who volunteered to go to Iraq and a former employee of JSOC for 2 years(Command in charge of all Special Forces, who supposedly took out Bin Laden) If a person such as myself can see beyond all of this, then so can you. Both Obama, Romney, and the Mainstream Media are lying to you about these conflicts and American foreign policy. Can you accept that?
I have a bunch of new bottle cap charms that I will be making these next few weeks. I will start out making necklaces first and then charm bracelets and then key-chains. I CAN SHIP! Here are the themes I will have: 1. Nightmare Before Christmas 2. Harry Potter 3. Hunger Games 4. Disney Princesses 5. Twilight 6. Nurses (nurse, Nurses rock, RN, etc) 7. Zebra print (in white, pink, yellow, orange, red, green, light green, blue, light blue, teal/turquoise, mix of pink and purple, mix of red and purple, and mix of red, white and blue) 8. Alice in Wonderland(the movie) 9. Batman 10. Pirates of the Caribbean 11. Military (Special Forces, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, Semper Fi, "My Daddy wears a Green Beret," "I ♥ My Soldier") 12. No Bullying (Bullying with line through it, "Be nice. It could save a life!") 13. Horses 14. Dragons 15. Fairies 16. Disney Villians 17. Kittens Play Fighting
The Veterans and Auxiliaries from VFW Post 6018, Fayetteville, North Carolina...(Home of th 82D Airborne, Special Forces, Pope Air Field and other outstanding Organizations) would like to wish the Air Force a Happy Birthday. Thank you for your service and Fly High.
I just want to take a moment and say thank you to all the soldiers, be they active, retired, Marines, Navy, National Guard, Army, Air Force, reserves or Special Forces; thank you for all that you've done, and all that you do to keep our nation safe and free.
There is a new Special Forces / Special Operations fitness test making its way around the Team areas and creating a fun and competitive event for many of our Army, Navy, Air Force, USMC Special Operators. It is called the Upper body Round Robin (UBRR).
It's about *** time! I can't wait for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. For years I've been saying they need to make a FPS that follows and allows you you to play as the world's most ELITE Special Forces Group, the CIA's famed and infamous SAD/SOG. The CIA's Special Activities Division's paramilitary operations group Special Operations Group is the US' and the world's MOST elite and secretive Special Forces Group. These guys are hand selected from the Navy's Developmental Warfare Group(DEVGRU - Seal Team 6), Army Rangers, Army SFOD-D(Delta Force), The Green Barrett's, the Air Force's 24th Special Tactics Squadron and all the other elite units under the US Joint Special Operations Command. This game looks like it's gonna be viciously bad to the ***
For those that don't know , our son Scotty is in the Air Force and is currentlly serving in the Honor Guard. After attending a 4th of July service in Murphysboro TN, (he's stationed in Macon, GA) he and his buddy were practicing underwater manuevers in the hotel see how long he can stay underwater (he has been training for Special Forces) and passed out underwater. Thankfully his buddy pulled him out and started CPR. He is in the hospital in critical condition. The drs. said because of his excellent physical condition he is still with us!! He passed the 24 hour mark at 2am this morning. PLEASE pray for him and I will keep everyone posted.
As far as "Stolen Valor" goes - I'm not gonna defend Ken Aden, but he DID put his *** on the line in a combat zone, which is something that both neither myself or The Scowling One have done. I think Aden bought into the fetish that society seems to place on "Special Forces." I never served in the military, but my faher served for over 20 years in the US Air Force, so I respect the men and women in the service. I don't respect any branch more than any other. As a society, SF tend to get the lion's share of attention, and is it posible that Aden bought into that fetish?
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Thanks to all who served and to all (Rangers, Regular Army, Marines, Air Force, Reserve Forces, Special Forces) who attended the workshop in the North Georgia Mountains this past weekend. Perhaps we can start a new life of the returned.
The FBI, Federal Marshalls, Secret Service, and Special Forces all claim some separate identity still, like the Army, Navy, and Air Force..
A big thank you to the Butler men who have served our country! James Sr. Career Army who served in Special Forces in Viet Nam and at one time had a price on his head. James Jr. Retired Navy, Henry Butler, Army also served in Viet Nam. Our nephew TJ Johnson currently serving in the Air Force. Thanks to all who have in the past and are currently protecting our Freedom!
A few more days to a month and I'll be home, then I'll go talk to Sgt. Ross (Marine Corp Recruiter), and take the asvab again which i dont mind, if everything goes well as it should, i should be in, i mean physically i'm more bigger than the average man going to mcrd parris island south carolina, and i scored a 36 on the pre asvab when i was 17 and I think it was 29-31 for army, 31-33 for navy/Marine Corps, 36 for coast guard, and 40 for air force. Well MOS wise I'm thinking about Sniper, Marine Recon (Special Forces), Infintry or Rifleman(Grunt), Military Police, or Auto Mechanics, but i'm leaning towards Sniper/Marine Recon or military police, but mainly Sniper/Marine Recon and my back up plan is military police. I dont think i'll survive Marine Corp boot camp and call myself a u.s. marine, wrong, because I KNOW I'll survive Marine Corp boot camp, and I WILL earn the right to be called a Marine
1968: Medal of Honor Recipient, Joe M. Jackson Rank and organization: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force, 311th Air Commando Squadron, Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam. Place and date: Kham Duc, Republic of Vietnam, 12 May 1968. Entered service at: Newman, Ga. Born: 14 March 1923, Newman, Ga. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Lt. Col. Jackson distinguished himself as pilot of a C-123 aircraft. Lt. Col. Jackson volunteered to attempt the rescue of a 3-man USAF Combat Control Team from the Special Forces camp at Kham Duc. Hostile forces had overrun the forward outpost and established gun positions on the airstrip. They were raking the camp with small arms, mortars, light and heavy automatic weapons, and recoilless rifle fire. The camp was engulfed in flames and ammunition dumps were continuously exploding and littering the runway with debris. In addition, 8 aircraft had been destroyed by the intense enemy fire and 1 aircraft ...
SOS State of Emergency Call the Special Forces, National Guard, Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Phone is lost.
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