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An air force, also known in some countries as an air army, is in the broadest sense, the national military organization that primarily conducts aerial warfare. God Bless is an Indonesian rock band founded in 1973 by Ahmad Albar, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Fuad Hassan, Donny Fattah, and Ludwig Lemans. 5.0/5

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God Bless my Uncle Bill, my Daddy Eddie Hamilton. My Uncle Bill served in the Air Force & my Daddy in the Navy in…
God Bless your family. Happy 22 Birthday . My brother was Air Force in Da Nang 69
God Bless the wives/husbands, bf/gf, mom/dads, bro/sisters of people in the Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Navy, etc.
Salute to our Air Force and Navy. God Speed! We prey for ur successful mission, and your safe way Home! God Bless
Today we lost a beloved friend Tim Udland was second dad to my kids retired vet.from Air Force .Dear Lord take Tim Home with you and keep him safe He will be Dearly missed by a lot of Family and Friends. God Bless his Family and keep them all safe.
I am an Air Force veteran who served in the first Gulf War. While I did volunteer to go over there, had it not been for the support from my wonderful wife and kids, plus the support of so many, it would have been a lot harder than it already was. During our flight back after the war ended, we had a unscheduled stop at Westover AN Massachusetts. We arrived at a hangar full of citizens from the town, they were playing "God Bless the USA". At the end of the parade there were 3 Vietnam Vets in there wheelchairs Continue reading here: ~ The Veterans Site
I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. . God Bless the United States Air Force!!!
Thinking of my brother John today who served 2 tours in Vietnam. He suffered for many years with disabilities before he died in 2003. God Bless him . To my husband Dale that served for 21 years in the Air Force serving in Iraq 2 times. To my dad John Evans who served for 35 years in the Army. He now resides at the Soldiers and Sailors home in Erie, PA. Thank you To everyone else past and present God Bless you and your families!
Thank You & God Bless all of those who have served in any branch of the US military. Thank You & God Bless those who are now serving including my nephews Brad Evans, Chad Evans, Robert Schuelke ( all US ARMY)& my niece Colleen Sexton (US Air Force) & my niece Cynthia Bustamante who served in the US Army. Thank You & God Bless the spouses & families that stay home & hold down the fort while their loved ones keep us free including Laurel Evans, Malinda Evans & Bridget Schuelke Thank You to all the ones who have gone on including my Dad's William R Evans (ww1 US Air Force & US Army) Robert B Evans ( Korean War US Navy) & my brother Kenneth Larry Evans Sr. (Viet Nam war US Army) And those who made the ultimate sacrifice for God, Our country & All of us. You are all our heroes and will be honored & remembered.
We Libertarians, Independents, Free Thinkers, and Critical Thinkers, have a focus on personal liberty. This simple focus scares the pants off the elites because as we start to peacefully usurp the elites power base then they will react by trying to demonize us. Be strong and prepare to peacefully to restore personal liberty throughout America. God Bless, Alaska and all free men & women for liberty ~Jim Mcdermott, M.S. AK Libertarian for US Congress 2014 University Instructor Small Business Counselor MSgt. Retired U.S. Air Force
Well, after a very emotional filled day yesterday, I was able to finally get some sleep last night. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and the congratulations. It means more than words can every say. It was a great day to be with my family, my mom, my 3 kids and 1 "adopted" child and my best friend. To be placed on the Hall Of Fame with such an elite group is very humbling and I think it is just sinking in. So once again, thank you all very much. Today, we remember our veterans, who fought and continue to fight for our freedom. God Bless all of our veterans, and especially my two brothers, Fred & John who served in the Air Force and the Army during one of our country's most controversial times, the Viet Nam era. I love you both and I am proud to say you are my brothers! Thank you!
Thank a Vet: Here's my Thanks. To my Army Colonel Father, who as a young Lt. was in charge of a CCC camp in Wisconsin to being awarded two Purple Hearts for service on Iwo Jima and still my special hero; Thanks to my husband, Chuck, to whom the phrase "Once a Marine, always a Marine" is a way of life and who flys the Marine Corp flag every day; Thanks to my Son Mark, for serving in the Air Force, spending most of that time stationed in England; Thanks to my son in law Vic, the Submariner for so many years, who protects us still in Law Enforcement; and now it is thanks to my Grandson, 2nd. Lt Victor Ray, soon to be transferred to Miramar CA. I am thankful and blessed to have my freedom assurred by four generations of Military. God Bless all our Veterans.
Happy 66th Birthday to our U.S. Air Force. if you go to the *** that does GooGle's page they are celebrating the 194th B-day of Leon Foucault, *** yeah, who!!!??? God Bless those who serve to give the schmuck the right to do his page.
God Bless all those who served. To the Vets in my family THANK YOU Big Frannie Meiisgoinghard Sloan , for your service in Afghanistan and everyplace else you were sent Paul Harris, Cynthia Reed and Al Reed and Monique Reed Thank you Uncle Gene, and Cheryl Reed dad Uncle Billy who did 30 plus years in the Air Force, cousin Johnnie B. and Uncle Wadell who was wounded in the Korean War and Vanessa Johnson dad Uncle Verbal who also served. Quick-Bennett Jacqueline , Alisa Quick Davis , Our grandmother Mary's Brother Daniel Thomas who served in WWI. Please Post the many names of the members of our family. We Honor them Today and Everyday!
The cost of FREEDOM can be seen at the VA Hospital and the National Memorial Cemetery. To all the brave men and women (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines) who have served and continue to serve our Country. Thank You, and God Bless you on this day and always.
Just a reminder 40 years ago "TODAY"over 500 Viet Nam American prisoners of war were released from the infamous "Hanoi Hilton". The story was relayed to me that the former POW's, said very little until they were all loaded on the Air Force plane, and were in the air. Once in the air they hollered, laughed and cried. Thank you is not enough for these POW's. God Bless y'all.
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God Bless our Troops as they defend Freedom. Thank you to our Men and Women serving our country throughout the world. Happy New Year 2013 and "See Ya' Soon!". Peace, Love and Freedom. Leslie, who served our country in the Air Force, Nita, whose courageous grandson served our country in Afghanistan, Jenn, Ro and me, shirley, whose husband served in the Texas National Guard. Thank you!
Our Freedoms were purchased by the blood, sweat, labor and endurance of our men and women in uniform. May those who are apart from their families this Christmas season because they are serving our country abroad find comfort in knowing their nation is praying for them and looking out for their families back home while they are in harms way. God Bless the United States Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and their families back home.
Everyone I would like to share what my cousin experienced today. God Bless our Country and the men and women who defend it! From the words of Ricky Solarez, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of the Air Force pilots that flew the mission based on the Korean War motion picture " Battle Hymn " starring Rock Hudson. While I was at the VA Hospital at American Lake in WA State. He was unable to talk about it until 12 years ago. Back in 1955 I think was the year, he was Airborne over Korean Airspace and enroute to a target but was not told what they would be attacking until they got there. When the target was reached he realized why he was not told. The North Korean Army was using the local villagers mostly children and infants as human shields so they could get in position to cut off the US ground troops from retreating. He immediately requested to increase altitude 500 hundred feet. I did not need to ask why and he offered no explanation. I assumed it would limit his visibility of the carnage the six ...
God Bless our Veterans who fought in the wars for the freedoms I enjoy today. God bless every man and woman who fought in the Marine Corp, Coast Guard, Army, Navy and in the Air Force, like my dad, Paul Rodriguez. God Bless America.
Day 11: It goes without saying today that I am thankful for all our Veterns, past, current and present. My Captain daddy, Larry Graham taught me first that freedom doesn't come free. My son Chris Fite is in the Army's Military Intelligence. I am proud that my father in law, Charles Curl served in the Army. My BIL, Jeff Curl served in the Air Force as a PJ. Many of my Uncles, Aunts and cousins have or are currently serving. I love you all and God Bless!
Happy Veteran's Day to all my brothers & sisters in US Military! I served over 20 years in the US Air Force and I am proud to have served along side so many Brave souls! God Bless the USA!!!
I am very proud of the young men in my family. Our family is represented in the Marine Corp, the Air Force, the Navy and the United States Border Patrol. God Bless and protect all of them. The Border Patrol lost another officer in the line of duty in Arizona yesterday. Our prayers and condolences to his family and fellow officers.
Amen to these Navy Seals; and God Bless and Protect ALL of our troops: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy!
[Patti says}: Been hearing Head East on the radio, first heard of them in Colorado, when I was in the Air Force and first met John..Loved this song! Nite FB family and friends, leave you with this note, God Bless and keep HIM on both shoulders now, YA'LL HEAR!
So happy for my life long friend Adrian Foushee and Lawrence Edwards who welcome home their son today from serving our country...Thank you Khalen Saaga Foushee (US Navy)...also so happy for Carol Stevenson who welcomed home her "baby boy" as well...the smile I saw yesterday on you was priceless...Thank you Bradlee Barlow (US Air Force).. both enjoy your leave... and as always thank you Ryan Hall (US Air Force) just for being you. God Bless you all!!
Tell me we do not have the brightest and the best fighting everyday for the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy and too often take for lightly and abuse!! God Bless our Armed Forces!! I just have to pass this on,Another bad move on obama's national policy. Match it to what Congress makes and their benefits & pensions Another brilliant government appointment. Read on. Military Pay If you get this more than once, feel honored that you know more than one person who supports our military and appreciates what they do. If you don't forward it, you don't deserve their sacrifice. CINDY WILLIAMS was appointed by Obama as an Assistant Director for NATIONAL SECURITY in the Congressional Budget Office. Military Pay This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America .. Ms. Cindy William wrote a piece for the Washington Times denouncing the pay raise(s) coming service members' way this year citing that she st ...
To every person who has served this Nation, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless! Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard!
THANK YOU to all our servicemen and women who serve our country! God Bless! States Marine Corps, States Air Force, States Army, States Navy, States Coast Guard, Guard
Hey Everyone! When you are chowing down on corn n the cob and BBQ's with family and friends this July 4th, Please don't forget to Pray for our Brave Men & Women of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard! They are out there, now and always, to keep the wolf from our door! Some may not be coming back. During holidays, heck, ANY DAYS, when in the Armed Forces we all miss our family and friends when we are in another state or even another country. REMEMBER THEM. They give up so much so we can enjoy the days and sleep safe at night. God Bless them and bring them ALL HOME! AMEN.
Today I honor my family members who bravely fought to protect our country; *George Bergem - Great Grandfather's Brother - WWI - Killed in Action *Harold Lee Wells- Father - served on a Naval ship in WWII *Robert Wells - Uncle - Captain in Navy during WWII *Dr. Charles Wells - Uncle - Medical Dr. running MASH units in both Korea and Vietnam Wars *George P. Bergem - Uncle - Served in Army in WWII *Gregory Wells - Air Force during Vietnam Era *Eric Reid - Brother-in-law - Served tour of duty in Vietnam War *Scott Wells - Nephew - National Guard and currently stationed in Egypt *David Wells - Nephew - Marines - has served two tours of duty in the Afghanistan/ Iraqi War God Bless all of you with my gratitude and love.
I will be doing two services Sunday and Monday. It is my honor to be a Member of the Color Guard and Honor Guard. I was selected by the Veterans committee to be Commander of the Guard. Not braging, just want to say what an Honor. This od Vet still has love for Country and the service given by our many veterans and active duty Military. For the Army--HOOAH For the Navy--HOOYAH For the Marines-OORAH Air Force and Coast Guard-You need a pride call---I will say HOOAH for you. God Bless you all.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! Let us always remember those who have served, or who are presently serving in our Armed Forces . ( Jim was in the Air Force and a Veteran of the Vietnam War). God Bless them all!!! Not an easy thing to experience. Happy Memorial Day!
What an incredible week this has been!! I learned that our next grandchild is a BOY! Congrats Joe and Kayla!! My Sidney Jean is graduating from Kindergarten, (wish I could of went but had to work at old job) I got a new job at Kentucky Fried Chicken, really excited to start work on Monday(9-3)!! Two of Roberts nieces are graduating as well,Taylor Ann from the Air Force and Jessica from Electrician school!! So proud of you all!! And on a sad note, my sister Belinda lost her mother-in-law today! God Bless you sister and your family!! Things are finally getting better with the health! Wasn't feeling to good and found out Blood Pressure meds were actually dehydrating me!! So now on different med and feeling like new!!! God Bless all my family and friends.Have a great weekend everyone!!!
Memorial Day coming soon. I was listening to Kate Smith singing God Bless America. I am so proud and honor every one Marine Navy Army Air Force Seal Green Beret National Guard and Coast Guard. May God watch over u above all how can I Thank u in person all I could say my prayers r with u all. God Bless u all.
Went to Ronald Reagan museum today and it was realy interesting what they had there. Air Force One. Beautiful mountains all aeound and so serene. If any one gets,a chance to go,go. Good night, I'm exhausted. God Bless.
Hello to all my wonderful friends and Hello to my wonderful family. I wanted to say God Bless all the Soldiers in the United States Military and God bless their families too for the rest of their lives. I almost joined the Air Force and the Navy and the Marines but I didn't pass the test for those three branches. I would of done the Marine band for 20 years though cause my sergeant took me to a Minneapolis Motel for the test but I got a 27 rather than a 31.
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