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Air Force

An air force, also known in some countries as an air army, is in the broadest sense, the national military organization that primarily conducts aerial warfare.

Air Force One Nigerian Air Force Heather Wilson Coast Guard Marine Corps Staff Sgt Chief Master Sergeant Air Force 1 Colorado Springs Gazette Holy Cross Troy Calhoun Marine Corp Chief Master Sgt Mountain West Fox News San Diego State

responsibility on behalf of the Air Force engaged the main French Armies
Thoughts on Programming, Number 9: For locating errors, however, we have seen the Air Force engaged the main French Armies were almost surro
st hour in French history to conclude a union of common citizenship in this Island and in the American Navy and Air Force
Very pleased to see Heather Wilson nominated for Secretary of the Air Force. It's long overdue and she will serve with distinc…
Spying on North Korea: US Air Force keeps eye on Kim Jong Un
had an exclusive sit down with Donald J. Trump's Air Force nominee Secretary Dr. Heather Wilson.…
Beautiful pic of Air Force's Wings of Blue parachute team who jumped with American & French flags in Colorado
U.S. Air Force attacking railroads south of Wonsan on the eastern coast of North Korea
Air Force kicks off Atlantic Trident exercise with the F-35 and British and French partners
This had to be a Mexican guy . He was wearing a cowboys jersey, blue jean shorts, and white Air Force Ones with no c…
Yup, Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force told me they have to do it to keep the Sasquatch population under control.
Falcons put up 8 runs in eighth to lead 23-7. Air Force with season high for runs and hits with 24.
It's a "broom" day here in Logan as sweeps Fresno in a DH & sweeps Weber St & Air Force in DH. Both teams rock!
Dr. Ackerman served as a captain in the US Air Force as an orthopaedic surgeon at Scott Air Force Base.…
Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Veteran's Affairs - we cover it all. Follow for daily insight.
Air Force honors 50 years of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force:
The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, is a fantastic field trip. . Raise your hand if you've...
It was used by Air Force according to UN & Israeli intelligence. Assad the only 1 who has War planes…
Terrific remarks by Gen Stephen Wilson Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force to VMI Air Force Cadets today at Pentag…
Saudi Arabia’s Air Force pilots to receive pay raises of up to 60% as Yemen war rages on.
Today we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force!. Have you ever met a CMSAF?
Air Force punishes Christian Col. Michael Madrid even though probe cleared him for saying Homosexuality is evil
His "voting record" is 100% cool with my wife. Lt Col in the Air Force, NCAA volleyball player, Acad…
Col. O'Neill: They're the future of the Air Force, the program, the entire planet. God help us.
Where was the 7th CPC payment to our Jawans of Indian Defence I.e. Indian Army,Air Force,Navy . Mr finance Minister pl declared
Air Force meeting with airlines on pilot shortage in May: Federal News Radio -
John Wagner had four points & Cole Blazer made a save to preserve the lead with 27 sec. left in win vs. Air Force.…
New man at the top of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Office. US Navy in, US Air Force out.
I don't. I live in ofallon on scott Air Force base. Come on down!
No surprise. Lost the Air Force base a while back, hurt the area.
8th Air Force lost more guys than the entire Marine Corps.
Warner Robins with it, on this Air Force base
Nothing like getting lost and then escorted off an Air Force base while your dog barks at the people with very big gun…
Benefits of vacationing near an Air Force base...Free Air Show! RROOFF
Hey, this property used to be an Air Force base!
Wonderful flight with Lt. Col. Lisa Neener of the US Air Force in the pilot seat!! Thank you for serving our country for th…
a kid on Air Force is a physics major and NUCLEAR WEAPONS & STRATEGY minor. basically a minor in apocalyptic theory. has sick mits tho.
I need your military to align with the Canadian government to help me with a military corrupt expose' of the military, Air Force.
Air Force player, majoring in physics and minoring in nuclear weapons. I liked gym.
Staff Sgt. Morrow's boots and dog tags serve as a memorial at the ceremony on SW Asia base (U.S. Air Force photo by…
These were delivered today, sent from Second Lieutenant Hannah Krawczyk who is serving in the Air Force in Texas. N…
dope!!! All we're missing is an Air Force. Cus we have a Navy, Marine Corps, and Special Forces.
Thank you to all of our warriors! Support the US Navy,Army,Air Force, Marine Corps.
61 for the Marine Corps, 198 for the Air Force, and 162 for the Navy.
WW3 RED ALERT: For the third time this week, Israel’s Air Force rocks Syria with missile attacks
This girl repaid the Air Force member who saved her in Hurricane Katrina, 12 years later
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Air Force captain among 104 people arrested in Florida prostitution sting
Deputies: Man AWOL from Air Force since Vietnam War found in Ocala - News4Jax (WJXT)
my family has a very deep military history. As a Canadian I worked for the Air Force...
This US Air Force member saved a toddler in Hurricane Katrina - 12 years later she took him to her high school dance https…
This puppy is SO SO HAPPY to have his dad back home from the Air Force.
Suicide in the headquarters of the Air Force: Major shot himself in the head
Probably something I've should've done from the get go but I'll be going Marine Corp instead of Air Force
I volunteer for you to be able to cross the Air Force off that list.
Yesterday aboard Air Force One President Trump spoke again of using abandoned military bases in each state as housing…
Air Force tests using drones for aircraft post flight inspection .
"The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel” . U said this about Obama 12/2016.Thought on Trump?
Video shows Air Force using white phosphorus in southwestern
7) The girls who force themselves into tight *** jeans that cut the air flow in their lower body just to make their *** b…
Trump lies when the truth would be fine. Like when he said his plane was bigger than Air Force One.
Katrina Girl brings Air Force vet who rescued her to ROTC ball ->
The Russian Air Force conducts exercises in Karelia. via
Air Force One is a ridiculous expense...
Interview: Joining the Air Force was her dream — Best friend to air force lady killed by…
App: ; watch the egyptian pummel hq in the
French Air Force trained eagle taking out a drone
The Memorial at Air Force Base, home of the Marine EOD School Detachment. God Bless
.gives its iconic AF1 a shiny new outfit. .
I enjoyed watching that! Mission accomplished: . visits Air Force One &…
Interview: An air force lady killed by lover: I told her to stop dating her killer — Sister
An air force lady killed by lover: I want my daughter’s killer to pay with ... -
The Rafale team from France Air Force has also touched down here in Langkawi yesterday night 🛬.
Today is death anniversary of Great Hero who holds the record of having downed five Indian Air Force aircraft in le…
'Katrina girl' to take Air Force vet who rescued her to JROTC ball ->
Great interview by Fox News' aboard Air Force One with
🇺🇸is when "YOUR" President renegotiates a deal with Boeing and SAVES You a BILLION Dollars
Air Force vet to escort 'Katrina girl' to JROTC ball.
LIVE: A Delta IV rocket is getting ready to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to deliver a military
Graphic video of aftermath of US made apache used by Saudi Air Force to kill 40+ refugees including children fleeing Yemen. h…
TONIGHT on Interviews on Air Force One - Tune in at 8pm ET! https…
Left home age of 19 to join Indian Air Force and served the nation. Now fighting with Corrupts of CBEC and will help Pr…
Arsenal next game the british air force will have to help out with all the banners they will fly
is on its way to orbit & will be turned over for operations in Oct. Read the story at
SpaceX nabs GPS launch contract as US Air Force is set to open 12 more missions for ULA vs. SpaceX bidding this year ht…
A formation of B-24s of the U.S. 15th Air Force thunders over the railway yards of Salzburg, on December 27,…
END OF TWO | Robert Morris ties the game on a Ben Robillard goal before Air Force pulls in front, 2-1 Falcons after…
The National Security Archive at George Washington University has asked the Air Force for historical records on the Okinawa missile
Back at Blue Cross Arena for the championship game between Robert Morris and Air Force. Follow at
I swear Austin joined the Air Force and moved us to South Dakota just to play Xbox with everyone in Missouri all the time.
Actually 5: Holy Cross in 2004 and 2006, Air Force in 2009 and 2012, RIT in 2010.
Air Force bombed Western with dozens of 500 lb (227 kg) bombs during the last weeks. In urban areas fu…
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Daytona Beach man among Air Force crew members killed in crash(Orlando news)
Air Force's Jordan Himley a jokester everywhere but on the ice - Colorado Springs Gazette
In 1946 a motor driven ophthalmotrope model was used by the US Air Force to teach ocular anatomy & physiology…
With players like Dailen Sutton, Air Force grows taller at cornerback - Colorado Springs Gazette
my brothers and I served in the Navy, Army and Air Force,but our hero was&always will be Command sg…
Cross an elusive a determined biologist and a historic Air Force base and what do you get?…
Congrats to on securing a $96.5 million contract to launch a GPS satellite from Cape Canaveral for the U.S. Air Force in 2019!
A Royal Swedish Air Force Saab Draken crashed into the Baltic, pilot killed.
Meet during the Dover Air Force Base Transition Summit on 3/16 1:00 am ET. Sign up here:
I'm lucky in one sense and missed life in other ways. I'm a military brat, grew up on Air Force bases in the US and Canada.
I honestly can't wait till high school is over, so I can get out of wimbo and head to the Air Force!
trunp's butt so big he gets charged for an extra bag on Air Force One. trunp's butt so big it lives at 1601, 1602, and 1599 Pennsylvania Ave
Tetsuto Yamada's leg kick is no joke. Completely controlled as he sees and times the ball in air, maximizing force from h…
Very thankful to receive an offer from the Air Force Academy!🙏🏽
More than GLORIFIED to say I have received my first D1 offer from the United States Air Force Academy!
Is there any current or former Air Force pilot that believes buying Super Hornets for 5-7 billion to fill a...
Fox News host to fly aboard Air Force One tomorrow and interview Trump
BREAKING: Downed aircraft at Clovis Municipal. A Cannon Air Force Base-assigned U-28A with three persons on board crashe…
I liked a video from UNAUTHORIZED Flight into AREA 51! Fighter Jets & Air Force One
I want some special Air Force 1's in black with the Gum sole
I lowkey wish I was in the air force so my son could grow up all over the world like I did but PT is a no go 😭😂
These Air Force Ones just beat us smh
A bill in Congress would ELIMINATE the Tell Congress to protect our air, water, and climate.
Wish I woulda applied for the Air Force academy or West Point
Puerto Rican's gon pull out their Air Force Ones with the Puerto Rican flag on the side
how about checking the video. The place was bombed - I guess by the rebel air force?
An Air Force veteran was shot by police for holding his wallet.
- Sent whistle blowers to prison . - Spied on AP and FoxNews. - Banned outlets from WH and Air Force One. - Got total pass from…
Sitting in car at Air Force base. Anthem comes on. People outside stare at flag. I'm in car panicking. Do I park? Get…
Air Force has awarded SpaceX another GPS III satellite launch, for $96.5M, flying from Cape by April '19. DOD says…
49 minuti fa ·. CAPE CANAVERAL -- Air Force meteorologists are expecting good weather to launch the Delta 4...
he's getting ready to go to IDMT school which is kinda like the Air Force version of Navy Corpsman right now!
Mike Hall, ITH Airport Manager talked with our Aviation Explorers about his Air Force experience today!
Tragedy as Air Force personnel kills another personnel over love
Air Force man kills girl friend for sleeping with civilian boy friend - NIGERIAN TRIBUNE (press release) (blog)…
A personnel of the Nigerian Air Force has shot and killed his girlfriend, who is also an Air Force personnel, in...
Michael Hayden is a man who has never been afraid to speak his mind. The retired four-star Air Force general...
Uncle Steve and his crew. . . 27 missions. . . Air Force cross. . . Oh, B-29s over Korea, too
Drones flying over US Air Force and Navy nuclear facilities
Air Force intercepts second plane in less than a week
Montgomery- Come join us in celebrating the Air Force's 70th Anniversary during the Maxwell Air Force Base...
Down goes Air Force in the Border War rematch that wasn't.
Another sensational headline, but the short article is worth reading. However, no plane should cost over $3...
Final: Colorado State 81, Air Force 55. Here's a quick recap before the press conference.
Colorado State's Emmanuel Omogbo on the radio broadcast after the Rams' 81-55 win vs. Air Force.
News Release: Royal Canadian Air Force Search and Rescue Technician dies in training accident:
Final: Colorado State 81, Air Force, 55. Rams advance to MW semifinals for third year in a row. Gian Clavell finishes with 30 points.
WTH is going on with today's Air Force? Political correctness over words like 'boy' and 'girl' is beyond STUPID!
Air Force says words like 'boy' and 'girl' could be offensive
U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor maneuvers into position to receive fuel from a KC-10 Extender during an air refueling over Syria, Ma…
Military members give up THEIR own freedom to fight for everyone else's. I am a proud Air Force
FINAL: 81, Air Force 55. Rams (22-10) advance to the Mountain West semifinals for the fifth time in six years.
TODD STARNES Air Force says words 'boy' and 'girl' could be offensive
watched your videos of do's and dont's of Air Force bmt, post bmt...
Success is not here also -- towards the peoples of all Naval and Air Force engaged the main French Armies who had moved from one country has
Colorado State advances to the Mountain West semifinals by beating Air Force 81-55. Will meet winner of Boise State-SDSU.
Colorado State rolls past Air Force 81-55. Boise State up next vs. San Diego State in final game of the day.
Air Force sergeant gives K9 partner one last hug:
App: ; elementary talk to sergeant stationed…
34 seconds to play, CSU leading 81-55 after two Air Force free throws.
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Youve done this before: Ronald Green is Sergeant Major of the Marine Corp, not Senior Master Sergeant (that's an Air Force rank)
Meet Stayce Harris, the first black woman to become an Air Force lieutenant general. .
It's freaky how similar this game is to the last time CSU played Air Force. Like almost an identical performance...
I want the grey pair of those od high military Air Force One Jawns... but they're gonna look like moon boots in my size.
Chinese officials laugh and state was forced to come out of *** of Air Force One
Heritage Pass - Mustang,Raptor,Sabre,Phantom Canvas Print - Photographed at an air show at Nellis Air Force Base -
How is the Air Force going to bomb an enemy if they are so PC that they fear these words can offend. The enemy will…
Pruitt is literally going to force California to make its air quality worse. No hyperbole: kids will sicken, folks will di…
Exclusive to create your own "Collegiate" Dunk/Air Force 1 style with FREE shipping:…
set to take on live on winner will advance to play the winner of Air Force/Colorado State
Feeling bad for Air Force. Good effort. Colorado can't miss.
I'm one of only ~950 PhDs in the Air Force, meaning most folks think I have lightning shooting out of my forehead.
Hey remember when you're basketball team got blown out by Air Force?
Bet they thought the person about to be in charge of the worlds greatest Air Force shouldn't be driving a Chevy Spark ;-)
UBC men tee off at 730am with Air Force & Omaha... Team T5 and Andrew Harrison T9 individually... Go TBirds!!
I was a Gunnery Sergeant in the Air Force. I salute your grandfather
Updated quarterfinal pairings: Niagara at Canisius. SHU/Bentley at Air Force. Mercyhurst at Army. Holy Cross at RMU.
So we have for the Quarterfinals:. Canisius vs Niagara. Air Force vs BEN/SHU. Army vs Mercyhurst. Holy Cross vs RMU.
March 3 Elvis arrival at McGuire Air Force base near Fort Dix, New Jersey at 7:42 am in the middle of a…
Celebrate Women’s History Month with visit to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
Coordination with Philippine Air Force together with US Marine Corp and US Air Force at Clark Field, Pampanga,...
President Trump, keep moving forward sir, we have your back. 20 year Air Force veteran and 10 year schoo…
Slew of new faces open spring practice with Air Force football - Colorado Springs Gazette
"Singapore is eying Ohakea air base in Manawatu, New Zealand, as a potential base for one of its own Air Force...
Air Force will host a PFOS/PFOA Open House in Jackson Township
Air Force adds pair of assistants - Troy Calhoun's coaching staff is once again whole.
Air Vice Marshal Imran Khalid poses with the teams of PAF and Air Force.
I added a video to a playlist WORST NIGHTMARE for US Air Force !!! Sukhoi Su-30 Military Aircraft
Coast Guard: No boat request from SpaceX, Air Force in latest...
Coast Guard: No boat request from Air Force in latest...
Going for good , the best for my kids , Definitely all Thanks to Air Force of Zimbabwe they showed me the way ,
Air Force grad & Spurs Greg Popovich put Trump on blast..."you can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth"...Pop…
We salute you Staff Sgt. Patrick! Air Force veteran Johnny Patrick received the Purple Heart and served in Vietnam.
You have a new Chief Master Sgt. Of the Air Force!
Ouch: Industry offers come up short in Air Force's Huey replacement program,
.Saturday college speakers include Joe Moorehead from PSU and Troy Calhoun from Air Force.
A.J. Walker, a 6-foot-3 guard for St. Mary's Hall, is committed to play basketball at Air Force next season
Nice to see the Air Force has learned something for the Civilian law enforcement operations! This school is one...
my husband served in the Air Force during the Iraqi & Afghan wars but did not deploy- instead was assigned to build missiles
and Afghan GDP will support an expanded (or even the current) Air Force for how long?
Today officially marks my one year in the worlds greatest Air Force 🇺🇸
IMAGE: US Air Force, Navy and Marines participate in military exercise in the Philippine Sea
Benjamin O. Davis Jr, first black general officer in the US Air Force & commander of the Tuskegee Airmen.…
John McCain was in the US Navy and not the Air Force. There is no rank of Major in the Navy. Nonetheless, I agree with the msg
Everyone is just getting tattoos left and right and I'm just here trying not to get dropped by the Air Force.
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Charter setup had to call the Air Force to go meet the poor LSG Sky Chefs guy at the Nellis AFB gate 😂
Images from the campus memorial for Tacoma student Robert James Downey Jr. An Air Force veteran, Downey Jr. pas…
F-35A Lightning II launches from Nellis AFB in its first participation in Red Flag - U.S. Air Force photo by R. Nia…
Air Force's has endured a rocky 2 years w/ Falcons but says he's "not the type of person to just quit."…
Two companies continue Air Force research in communications and intelligence…
Must have been two types of Air Force Ones because everyone in the Midwest had em when that song dropped back in th…
Air Force pilot Jason Leuschen - raised in Bruno and a grad - is on a short list for two Canadian astronauts…
Two more veterans allege personally spraying Agent Orange on both Air Force and Navy bases
Barth's Distinction: There are two classes of people: those who were still farther from the air until our Air Force at work; they saw only t
Meeting with an Air Force recruiter in two weeks.
My son is I am an Air Force spouse of 18 years. Stationed at Nellis AFB for 9 years. Support for our Veterans/Military
A-10C Thunderbolt II taxis out for Green Flag at Nellis AFB - U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Ryan Callaghan
grew up next to it, and recommend a pilgrimage to Air Force museum at Wright Pat, truly inspiring
Helping with an eagle project at the Air Force museum in the Vietnam exhibit at…
30 years ago today, my dad made the ultimate decision to serve our country and all that it stands for by joining the U.S. Air Force 🇺🇸
Today Anthony put on his Air Force 1's just to go to the Air Force museum 😂💀
2 D1 football signees in Newton. Remsberg to Air Force. Mills to K-State. Big day for many Railers
.General Mosley discussing aviation history & Air Force future under the new administration.…
One dead, one hurt in U.S. Air Force training accident
1 person killed, 1 hurt in training 'mishap' at Air Force base in New Mexico
.takes on Air Force tonight in the SMC. Join us and the sisters of Tau Beta Sigma as we cheer on th…
Remembering One this date 1/29/54 the Air Force held ground breaking ceremony for new Stra…
This guy says tonight to my mother a desert storm Air Force vet. That she is milking the VA system. 😒😒
Learn more about Air Force vet Lisa Smith's journey as a member of Cohort 4 of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program.…
The connections I've made in the Air Force is why I love it so much. We are seriously one huge family.
Catching up with Spring 2015: love the pieces by women who served in Iraq. Katherine Schifani, Air Force:her essay "Pistol Whip"
Trump is already oppressing women. He had the nerve to nominate one to Secretary of the Air Force. Sexist...
Heather Wilson, Trump's new pick for Air Force secretary, was caught illegally lobbying for Lockheed Martin recently
Heather Wilson, Trump’s pick for Air Force secretary is an anti-LGBTQ hypocrite:
Trying to talk to who is guarding the front gate with a pistol but I can't because the Air Force doesn't believe in wifi...
If it wasn't for my lungs collapsing 3 times, my *** would of been either in the navy or Air Force right now. 😕
When both your little sisters joining the Army National Guard 😣. Should've did Air Force but it's all good 😂❤
Air Force upsets San Diego State with depth and hustle Great win for and crew!
Martial law - send in the Marines, Army, Air Force and the Freaking national guard, but - SO says Putin - to h…
Special thanks to Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun for visiting PN today. SR K-P Jack Faron has already committed to Air Force.
Thank you for your Air Force service Ma'am, as well as the follow. Happy Belated Veterans Day. Impressive Nursing credentials
Happy 75th Anniversary to First Command trains the that make our the world's best.…
he was on Air Force One and the entire plane saw it through his pants
Pete Kim, CISO, US Air Force kicks off the afternoon at the with his keynote on driving innovation to secur…
This winter, set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise. It will force warm air near the ceiling to be pushed down.
Lockdown lifted at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona via
The Latest: Pentagon holds 1st news briefing under new chief: WASHINGTON (AP) - The Latest on President Donald…
A tornado warning is in effect right now for Lompoc and Vandenberg Air Force Base. Take shelter now. The warning is in effect unt…
Annelise Holland, a senior at North High appointed to the U.S. Air Force Academy a member of the Class o…
Arizona Air Force base on lockdown amid unconfirmed reports of gunshot sounds .
UPDATE: Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Arizona is no longer on lockdown. Everyone is safe.
Air Force satellite launches successfully after delay -
Trump picks academy grad and former Rep. Heather Wilson to be Air Force secretary
I notice the pilot's on Air Force are still people with lots of experience of working with the president lol. .
An Air Force base in Arizona has been placed on lockdown after “unconfirmed reports” of gunshots https:…
base in Arizona was on lockdown Monday after unconfirmed reports of gunshot sounds Officials posted on
Officials at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base announced an “all clear” at 11:36 a.m. local time at the base in Tucson
Don't think of security as an add on, bake it in says Pete Kim, CISO of US Air Force , co-chaired by
Peter Kim, CISO, US Air Force says they are driving Innovation and Cyber Optimization has t…
Look where could reach in less than 2 years. An ambitious air-force program. Now I know why the West wants it destro…
UPDATE: Lockdown lifted at Arizona Air Force base after reports of shots fired
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on lockdown; unconfirmed reports of 'gunshot sounds' -
Am I the only one who sees the irony in a military installation being locked down by gunfire? Arizona Air Force Base in the news today...
he bummed a cigarette off me on Air Force One last week
NEW: Pres. Donald Trump intends to nominate Heather Wilson as Secretary of the Air Force, White House says
in the Air Force, they were called Air Police, then it changed to Security Police, then to Security Forces. Army is MPs.
Air Force cadet really, really wants Taylor Swift to be his date
If you had to join a branch of the armed forces in the U.S, would you join the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard, and why?
Great Idea. Join Indian Army,. Air Force and Navy and the Paramilitary Forces. After all it is our own country
Gregg Popovich is a US Air Force Academy grad, spent 5 years serving in the Air Force & is now head coach of the US Me…
Air Force general: The mere sight of at airshows will help deter
Here is an Air Force veteran talking about the last 48 hours in America.
We are supposed to unite. My own father is an Air Force veteran and was working the inauguration yesterday. Don't d…
Thanks Nick for posting. I am a 69 yr old Air Force veteran and I appreciate it
Well, he is an Air Force veteran...
Soldiers in Heaven table top display by gr8byz, Fallen heroes, military, Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, POW, veteran
Sgt Jason Cullum (retired Air Force) selected as the honorary veteran by Disney at Magic Kingdom. Very cool ceremon…
the matter is we are speaking armed forces of America. Never served Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, NG
thanks for standing up for women and against trump I am a US Air Force veteran and I don't like him either🤗🐾
With Trump as commander in chief, I am happy I did not join the Navy or Air Force to go to medical school.
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I as a retired Air Force an a Vietnam Veteran of 21.4 years. Am very proud to call you our President I salute you
. Congratulations President Trump. . As the an Air Force veteran, wife of an Air Force veteran, and mother of an Army veteran,Thank you
Emerging go-to guy Jovan Mooring will be key against Air Force: With Dwayne Morgan officially sidelined for the…
Air Force veteran & author shares his research on Roswell,NM Crash
Barack and Michelle Obama board an Air Force jet and depart Washington D.C.
Not letting an Air Force veteran to the inauguration.that's a joke in itself
Air Force veteran David Harris reflects on the words that President Donald Trump said during his Inauguration...
Air Force cadet from Fluvanna marches in inaugural parade - The Daily Progress
Respect every Veteran. Even Airmen/Air Force. Had these 2 been in Dress Blues this video would've ended differently!
I've coached an Air Force cadet and a West Point cadet, which is really cool. Now it appears I've also coached a current male model.
Anti-Trump protesters block men in Air Force uniforms from entering the checkpoint.
We'd also like to thank for his support in connecting Air Force veteran Jason Miller to Team Rubicon. https:/…
I'm a veteran too Cindy. 21 years Air Force. Why drag me into this nonsense? We're women for Pete's sake! I don't drink milk
im an Air Force veteran but I'm sure these people would say i "hate America" for not blindly worshipping the state
protesters blocking men in Air Force uniforms from getting through the checkpoint
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Every former president gets to use the Air Force plane to depart DC. Bush flew one to his Texas ranch after leaving in 2009
Congrats to see Jeb Bush, who will MAKE AMERICA signed on WJIM in holding off Air Force on my vote!
Air Force timeout as Nevada starts game on 10-2 run (five points by Marcus Marshall; five points by D.J. Fenner). AFA is 1-of-5 from field.
And why Texas? Is that only place for Air Force? — Texas is where all boot camps are. and i'm not doin...
Switched to part-time Air Force, and started a custom home building business w/ Travis Jennings
How does one do college, study for the Air Force inspection, maintain good physical health, sleep and have positive relationships. Like bruh
I was hoping for good news when the Air Force started trending; sad news! to the fallen and prayers to the families.
Scores die as Air Force jet bombs IDPs camp in error
will there be any resell for special forces Air Force One? Black or tan colour?
On Tuesday, a Nigerian state official said that the Nigerian Air Force killed over 100 people after... ht…
So we should be worried about the Nigerian Air Force too.
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