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Air Conditioner

An air conditioner (often referred to as AC) is a home appliance, system, or mechanism designed to dehumidify and extract heat from an area.

Ah, the refreshing cool kiss of an Air Conditioner, How I crave its sweet caress
Question for the Hip Hop Hive Mind:. Did Max B write the chorus for Charles Hamilton's song "Air Conditioner"?.
I hate everyone that has an Air conditioner 😓
I have 3 fans on and the air conditioner on in my room and it's still hot
hello! I'm interested in installing a Frigidaire 15,100 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner but I don't know if it will fit.
It's amazing how the air conditioner upstairs decides to breakdown during the hottest nights 😓
I just want the air conditioner on so I can sleep..
When you get in the car after parking it in the sun and you're waiting for the air conditioner to cool it down
I hate sleeping with the air conditioner on unless it's like 100 degrees outside. I get cold really fast. 😂
Not sure repair or replace? If you have an air conditioner that uses R-22 refrigerant, there isn’t much of a choice http…
I FEEL BAD FOR YOU. Air conditioner broke earlier and I was miserable just sitting in a chair. I can't imagine working like that.
Air conditioner invented in Bangladesh that does not require electricity and can be manufactured at home.
Nothing like a room with an air conditioner, computer, and 3 guitars
This smart CSIRO invention powers a commercial air conditioner with energy from the sun
Ten til midnight and it's still over 80℉. Time to lie in front of my air conditioner and pray for death.
Idk *** my mom thought not putting a air conditioner upstairs tf featured in NBC s Science of Love
Our air conditioner decided to stop working. Lol at my life 😪
I'd like to give a shout out to my air conditioner. I wouldn't be where I am today without you.
Put my doggy by the air conditioner to cool down, poor fur ball
Dreading going back home bc I live in a apartment that doesn't have air conditioner
Why did our air conditioner have to break on one of the hottest day!
My children will never have to worry about me being stingy about turning on the air conditioner.
It's like 110 degrees over but I don't feel a thing. This air conditioner is great
I can't get my bedroom below 80 degrees with the air conditioner full blast and all the doors shut.
Air conditioner broke today. Not mad, just makes me appreciate cold air much more
Fridge, washing machine, microwave and air conditioner – Zimmber has all your appliances covered.
And my air conditioner isn't working.
When driving/in the car, air conditioner or open windows?
My air conditioner really would break
I used to be a fan, but now I'm an air conditioner.
*I knew that air conditioner privileged would catch up to me some day.*
Little Giant Ladders
But I have to pay to get my air conditioner in my car fixed first 😢
The Air Conditioner was an amazing invention 😥
Seriously considering buying an air conditioner for my bed room
Y'all turn your air conditioner off while you're at work all day?
Today, my sister and I installed an air conditioner, with power tools, by ourselves
A love song titled:. 'I want to be inside of my air conditioner'
I can't use my air conditioner and hear OITNB on my laptop at the same time. The struggle is so real.
Think it's time to put my air conditioner in the window, my central air ain't cuttin it
I'm in a desert and the air conditioner broke :) but at least I have Internet :);)
Bare in mind that I have to work directly under an air conditioner that I cannot switch off!
Is it possible to cuddle a air conditioner because I'm about to try anything
I just bought a new air conditioner with plans of staying home this summer , so please don't invite me to any ratchetivities events. . Thanks
Dear air conditioner, thanks for dying when it's 100 degrees out. 😒
I liked a video from Air Conditioner service port installation on sealed systems
Can't we put off our Air Conditioner,guys? . AC releases Freons which is most harmful. ♻
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Maybe in future I'll become an air conditioner ...
And I think I'm a fan not air conditioner but fan
I used to be a fan, but now im an air conditioner
I'd like you to meet my friend Mr. Air Conditioner. He was very welcome in our motel room after a 22 minute boot...
Get your air conditioner (AC) serviced and cleaned regularly. Microbes can breed inside dirty ACs and make the air in your house unhealthy.
Smart landscaping keeps energy costs down: shading your roof increases air conditioner efficiency by more than 10%!
Brazil is a big tropical country. Many hot days in a year... God bless the air conditioner inventors... Kkk
Landscaping Around an Air Conditioner - it's amazing what homeowners can do!
Just saw this on Amazon: Powerbuilt 648980 Air *** .. by Powerbuilt for $11.96 ..
DIY Outdoor Air Conditioner cover, space out the holes ... -
Beat the Heat !!. BUY Air conditioner from SNAPDEAL & Save extra 2% Dealwithus money
I need a new air conditioner but I won't look at because they moved to Mexico.
I was once a fan now I am air conditioner. 😂☺
My car needs a new air conditioner. I sat in the car for one minute and it felt like a sauna.
11.The receptionist,Catherine,tried to make an outdoor air conditioner,but ended up creating a humanoid robot by chance.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Am I weird for liking sounds that continuously repeat? Like water running, the air conditioner on, fridge, far away jack hammers? No? My bad
Np/ ft - Hymn For The Weekend. I used be a big fan of Cold Play but now im a BIG air conditioner!
5 Benefits of a Ductless A/C System . 1. Easy to install . 2. Easy to operate . Learn more:
Get theinverter & power the Air-conditioner! You don't need to endure the heat.Buy on Jumia
Non-Hindu had entered Shree Mandir to repair air- conditioner
My air conditioner wouldn't stop running, so I googled how to stop it and it told me and it worked.
Put your violin in the sun or in a room with air conditioner to make the wood dry, surely it…
I have decided to call my apartment’s broken air conditioner dripping into two buckets a “water feature”.
Taking an exam in a hall that has no air conditioner wearing a black shirt was definitely not a good idea..
Gas already too high. If we friends please know I will be driving without air conditioner on this summer. I'm warning u in advance
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star 3HW18VC1 Split Air Conditioner is selling cheaper at INR 32598 today
Used to be a fan now I'm an air conditioner
Should I just go and buy air conditioner now?
A man just shouted 'HOW DOES ANYONE AFFORD THE TRAINS' into my air conditioner tube, get smushed and spray owl juice all over my pjs 😐
HAIER HWR06XC7 / ESA3057 AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE Manual Download: Tired of paying high repair cost to your mec...
"My air conditioner broke, so i have to go outside to look for fresh air..." He stated as he used his jacket as a fan. >
Haier's new air conditioner is the first Apple-certified ... -
I used to be a fan... Now i am an air conditioner .
Go to to make your air conditioner operate better, use less electricity and last longer.
What is Low Delta T flowing through an Air Conditioner. Explains what to do ...
Let’s beat Summer with SuperAntZ AC Care,Get Complete service of your Air Conditioner and Gas check
Mississippi in December: Hope your air conditioner still works!
If only Dad would fix the air conditioner in the poolhouse. How could he be so cruelhouse?
My two year old has a room full of toys and he's in my room playing with an air conditioner filter.
There are several rebates available for those who upgrade to a qualifying new Carrier heater or air conditioner. Lean more here:...
The air conditioner is on in class.. unbelievable
One of the “coolest” highlights from this season was the homemade air conditioner from the Natural Born Grillers...
Change the of piloting with the IcyBreeze cooler and air conditioner.
To leave the air conditioner on tapi mules or turn it off tapi kamar panas af. )
Yes, lawyers tried to bill for watching 20-hours of TV, waiting in line and running the air conditioner on Sat, Sun!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
My air conditioner is broken and it is a splendid 81 degrees in my room. Yay dead week
20 bucks to whoever comes and takes my air conditioner out. . (I don't actually have any money)
How to be a Hero? . Push-up 100 times, run 100 times, Sit-up 100 times. When summer, do not use air conditioner or fan. . Do it until u bald
Taking care of your air conditioners can save on costly repairs down the road.
No matter how the weather is i will always open The air conditioner 💪❄️
Is the the lungs of the planet, or the air conditioner?
I purchased two warmers for my air conditioner units and they installed easy and work great
Your air conditioner.. read up about it on
what’s a household that’s caught in the grey area between installing an AC and living in a sauna to do?
My girl not allowed to chill. She wanna chill she better stand by the air conditioner.
So my air conditioner makes me and my roommate sick but THE HEAT IS SCORCHING HOT AND I MIGHT CRY
I turned the air conditioner on in class. I don't wanna hear no complaining 🙅🏼
Keep cool with the 12000 Btu Portable Airconditioner for just R269pm!
Having one really good friend is like having one really good air conditioner . Instead of a bunch of fans
Marine air conditioner pump by Cal Pump- MS1200 -1200GPH
Is it weird that I want to sacrifice my noisy air conditioner?
I just really want to know why the air conditioner iS ON RIGHT NOW
Marine air conditioner pump by Cal Pump - MS320 -320GPH
Remember that scene 5 minutes into The Brave Little Toaster where the Air Conditioner straight up kills himself.
.. In todays world people cannot give up-. 1 Mobile ; social media. 2 Air Conditioner . 3 Criticising or defending Modi all d time
Did you know that Mr. Willis H. Carrier was the inventor of the Air Conditioner way back in 1902:...
It’s HOT- cool down with these 10 Hacks to Survive Without an Air Conditioner via
Days like today remind me why I had an air conditioner on Long Island. Holy *** is it humid.
This is without his air conditioner
No here's a roll model of contentment after having the air conditioner installed for his nightly siesta. 🌚💤😸🐾
No their air conditioner caught on fire I think
But for a black labrador being incredibly cute, look here:
Install weather strips to prevent air from escaping when the air conditioner is running
Photo: Let’s play a game. How many dead mice can you spot in this air conditioner?...
Need help installing your window unit? Here's a 10 steps to guide you through it!
This is kind of how I feel when I get in the car and turn on the AC after walking in Memphis.
Is that heat getting to ya? Fix it by buying a standing Air Conditioner! We will help you with the details on how...
The Air Conditioner is on and Jackie is busy painting with Old Ochre and Olive Chalk Paint® stop and and get a...
Everybody think I'm weird cause I don't like the air conditioner lol
Certainly not! And my air conditioner still can't keep up! 😅
That is one famous air conditioner, look how many fans it has! Compressor overheating?
Our office air conditioner is broken so we have to open our windows. This is my window.
How to build an air conditioner in less than 15 minutes
Too hot to work, i have 29 C in the office with air conditioner what is not working properly
In these new cars, your phone gets its own air conditioner -
The air conditioner is broken at work rn and I'm legit melting
The air conditioner broke but I'm cool enough to ensure you my ride is an Eskimo, huh?
Iced coffee + office air conditioner... Can we turn the heat on in here!? I am freezing!
after my morning shower I need to spend some time next to the air conditioner before heading out into the summer heat
Want to win CA Edgestar Portable Air Conditioner 7/2015? I just entered to win and you can too.
I did this one summer in high school: worked well!
My air conditioner just broke i'm about to cry
Watch this puppy experience air conditioning for the first time
This is the air conditioner I've heard rumors about!
Oh you know just grabbing my air conditioner at 4 am after it falls out my 2nd story window
There're nights I'd turn on the air conditioner in the room, but I'd step out & sleep on the couch, waiting. Pretending you're just on OT.
To all my ex's, I hope your Air Conditioner break this summer.. 😊😊
My air conditioner is broke on the hottest days 😠
Mass COOL SMART Air Conditioner rebates have been extended! by
In the Mahomie Fandom AC stands for Alex Constancio not Air Conditioner.
Hump Day Special! $100 OFF Ideal Air 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner. Summer is coming... be ready to beat the heat!...
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