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Pretty sure this is Aimee Copeland and her friends after an evening of alcoholic beverages...
Flesh-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland would do it all again
Surviving flesh-eating bacterial infection, Aimee Copeland is 'reborn' --
Did you know Aimee Copeland came by for a paddle this month? Read about this inspiring story here! Thanks to...
Meet beautiful Aimee Copeland as our Angel Gala celebrates the gift of giving. FODAC. Friends of Disabled Children…
An intense story about Aimee Copeland, a PLP fighter:
Wow, what a true demonstration of courage! Aimee Copeland's story: She'd do it all again - https:…
Aimee Copeland of Snelville nearly died in 2012 after contracting a flesh eating virus after a zipline accident.
Flesh-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland shares new body -
Aimee Copeland said its taken her a long time to be comfortable in her new body
so when I say 'i had a flesh eating bacteria' ... I mean, I had this exact thing. she's very brave.
Flesh-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland opens up about her dreams and the future
Flesh eating bacteria surviver shares new body
"It's not about what you have — what you do with what you have is what really counts." - Aimee Copeland,
Flesh-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland on finding love again
Aimee Copeland, “We are ALL made of imperfections and there is so much beauty in our flaws.
Not even a flesh eating bacteria can stop from loving her body and winning at life.
Aimee Copeland, flesh-eating bacteria survivor, talks about her proudest accomplishments
Good news. Aimee Copeland's custom van, wheelchair found in good shape.
Flesh-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland opens up after losing four limbs
This is an amazing story about someone who had a much worse case of this than me.
This Survivor of a Flesh-Eating Bacteria Posted an Amazing Beach Photo to Social Media
Amazing to see Aimee Copeland in this weeks issue of People magazine. Aimee was diagnosed with…
Flesh-eating bacteria survivor shares new body
Aimee Copeland, flesh-eating bacteria survivor, talks the support of her friends and family
USATODAY: Flesh-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland has completely embraced who she is …
A recent update on our ambassador Aimee Copeland!
Here is Aimee Copeland giving a commencent address. She has such a positive message to give everyone. Worth...
"it's what we do with what we have that counts." Aimee Copeland
"you can have fear or you can have faith!" Aimee Copeland
"If you don't find a way you didn't want it bad enough!" Aimee Copeland
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Congratulations to Aimee Copeland who just received her Master's in Social Work. You are amazing and we are...
): you know where I am if you need me xx
VIDEO: Catching up with Aimee Copeland, Snellville woman inspires in…
Here's a heroic recovery: Aimee Copeland. Bet on her future "bridging the gap between nature and accessibility." Ama…
If you are every feeling like life is to hard... look to Aimee Copeland to inspire you to push forward!
Flesh-eating bacteria victim can now open a bag of Skittles thanks to her $200k bionic hands
Our Aimee Copeland special is airing on Channel 10 at 5:30am, 10:00am, 6:00pm, and 10:30pm this week. It’s a...
If you want to see courage, google Aimee Copeland!! What a wonderful young LADY!! What an inspiration! She was on "Katie" today.
I would like to share with you my oppurtunity I had last night. East Athens Baptist had the annual ladies christmas tea. Andy and Aimee Copeland were guest speakers. They did not speak of their tradgety but about the power of prayer. They now work for the glory of God and how he does answer prayers. The physician at Augusta burn center told Andy that by rights Aimee should be dead, he had never seen someone with her abnormalities in blood work survive. Andy thanked him for saving her but was told, no I did not save her it was all your prayers in which all family and friends including the physician joined in a prayer circle. It was the most amazing talks I have ever heard. So if you have the oppurtunity to hear them speak, you should definitely go. You can also visit them on line
The speaker tonight at East Athens Baptist Church was Andy Copeland and his daughter Aimee Copeland. Her story began on May 1, 2012. What began as a beautiful time in nature with friends turned tragic when Aimee encountered an equipment malfunction while playing on a homemade zip line. Her fall set the stage for the development of necrotizing fasciitis which led to amputations and the failure of her five major organs. Her story isn't about a tragedy but yet the power of God and the amazing work he is doing through her and her family. Please visit her website and help to support her so she may continue to help in the journey God is leading her on.
CMSA-Atlanta and CEU Concepts had an Awesome Meeting December 5, 2013 at Villa Christina Perimeter Summit with motivational speaker Aimee Copeland - Topic: Setting Goals, Visions, and changing futures for our patients and ourselves. Aimee it was a pleasure to meet you and your service dog Bell!!
Editor’s note: Andy Copeland is the dad of Aimee Copeland, the Georgia native who battled a flesh-eating bacterial infection in May 2012. Necrotizing fasciitis eventually led to the amputation of major organs, including her leg, feet, and hands.   It has now been seven months and 20 days since I rec...
Aimee Copeland, a University of West Georgia student, received new, bionic hands this week, after losing both hands, two feet and a leg last year when a frea...
It has been a little more than a year since a zip-lining accident changed the life of Aimee Copeland forever. The 25-year-old was infected with a rare flesh-eating bacteria when she fell in a Georgia river and ended up a quadruple amputee. Doctors had to take both hands, a leg, and a foot to save he...
Huffington Post – In May, Aimee Copeland, a 24-year-old graduate student at the University of West Georgia, went zip-lining with friends on a sunny day. But when the homemade line snapped near the Little Tallapoosa River, Copeland sustained a deep cut.
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Aimee Copeland, treated in for necrotizing fasciitis, speaks on "meaning in misery" at
Aimee Copeland speaks about fav. nurses Jackie & Julie
*sees a baby*. me: awh how cute but Copeland is cuter.
Flesh eating bacteria victim, Aimee Copeland shows off her new bionic hands and says her 'life is full of blessings
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