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Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner (born 19 June 1983) is an Irish actor. He is best known for playing Dante Gabriel Rossetti on Desperate Romantics, Ruairí McGowan on The Clinic, and John Mitchell on the supernatural drama series Being Human.

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Hope the rumour is true that you and Aidan Turner will be reunited on itv This Morning , So Excited !
Aidan Turner perfect casting for new Poldark now WHERE IS MY RUFUS SEWELL LOVEJOY?!?!
Well, I guess the only solution is watching Being Human. Hello Aidan Turner *smirk*
Looks like actor Aidan Turner is settling into 18th century life in the new series!
Plot twist Aidan Turner is actually an angel
"It's a dream for an actor." My Q&A transcript with Poldark star Aidan Turner & co
Seems like Poldark writer Debbie Horsfield can't get enough of Aidan Turner...
Photoset: tinakris: Aidan Turner is basically a chameleon.
is on next sunday and I thought I'd have to wait until june 🙈 get me some Aidan Turner.
Yes please. It starts on March 8th so not too long to wait. I loved Aidan Turner in Being Human :)
The new BBC drama Poldark showcases Cornwall's stunning landscape. Coming to your screens in March it's bound to...
They're trying to beat Colin Firth's wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice? Good luck.
I want Aidan Turner for my birthday !
Want to see some more pics? See the fantastic photo gallery the have posted today:
Plans make five more series of the Aidan Turner reboot Poldark.
Hobbit star Aidan Turner frolics to set hearts aflutter in new version of Pride and Prejudice
New images of Aidan Turner in BBC1 drama Poldark. Sunday, 8th Match, 9 pm. . Time to resurrect Aidan McR. .
Oh that Mr. Aidan Turner, as usual, as always.
The NEW Poldark is coming to BBC One this Sunday! Aidan Turner is Ross Poldark - one of literature's great heroes...
actor stars in an eight part One adaptation
writer Debbie Horsfield wants to make six series of the reboot reveals.
Aidan Turner is - one of literature's great heroes - in our forthcoming adaptation of Winston Graham’s saga.
Poldark for US: If anyone in the US is an Aidan Turner fan or an avid Winston Graham reader, then here is a li...
It's confirmed: Aidan Turner is a puppy
If I ever met aidan turner in real life
Aidan Turner & Dean O'Gorman.. the way they stare at each other 😍😍😍
Ooh! BBC remake of Poldark with Aidan Turner as Mr P coming soon.
Aidan Turner is love . Aidan Turner is life
Aidan Turner. Good actor who can deliver a line and has done similar work in The Hobbit. Not a bad looking chap either.
Watch Aidan Turner as in the First Trailer for the BBC Drama...
"Aidan Turner's abs are gonna send me to an early grave"
Yeah I've done it twice and.ahem. Aidan turner better watch himself he'll have competition
is imminent & has alot to live up to... but then-with Aidan Turner (Being Human) as Ross ... well!! :
“Aidan Turner is Ross Poldark in Winston Graham's coming soon to Look…
Aidan Turner has better eyebrows than me
Aidan Turner is Ross Poldark in our adaptation of Winston Graham's acclaimed saga. coming soon to
Hey Aidan Turner fans, this is my favorite and I'm sure for many of you as well!
goodnight everyone I love aidan turner
So I didn't realize that Aidan Turner was in City of Bones 🙌😍
Aidan Turner stars in our epic eight-part adaptation of Winston Graham’s acclaimed saga, Coming soon.
Heida Reed and Aidan Turner as Elizabeth and Ross via Aidan Turner Brasil
Theo James, Aidan Turner and Eric Bana are going to be in the same film. 😍😵
Yesterday, I posted my first and only casting choice for the heroine of the HBO miniseries version(I've got BIG aspirations!) of my new novel "A Tangle of Fates". The beautiful, talented Ms. Troian Bellisario. I simply love her look. She's the right age, right skin tone, hair color, everything. She IS Deanna Hernaan. For my next casting pick, I present to you my first choice for the role of Deanna's true love, Zander Montoiya: Irish actor Aidan Turner. Here are a few of pix of Aidan, looking especially hot. Most nerds will know him from his role as Killi in The Hobbit, but I first saw him playing John Mitchell, the vampire roommate in the British version of the TV show "Being Human". I fell hard for him then, and when I conceived (yes, that's the appropriate word!) Zander, his face was the first one I thought of. Well, FB peeps?
still not british and still not having Aidan Turner or Hugh Laurie's kids. this is depressing
Jimmy Nesbitt, Aidan Turner, Dean O'Gorman and Graham McTavish meeting the future king of England!. htt…
I daresay there may be more eye candy in the last Hobbit movie than there was in LOTR. Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Aidan Turner, Graham McTavish..
The Tudors has JRM, Aidan Turner, Sean Pertwee AND Henry Cavill. I've watched 20 seconds and I'm already in love with this show
Irish actor Aidan Turner brings Hobbit quest to hometown for Dublin premiere - Irish Independent -
Photoset: thesmokingwolf: Aidan Turner on James Nesbitt in the "Thorins’ Company" behind the scenes.
Spent past week's evenings re watching Roswell & perving over Jason Behr. Now I turn my attention to Being Human & Aidan Turner
My new commission for : a custom Aidan Turner as Dante Gabriel Rossetti (with hat and booze, of course). htt…
Martin Freeman. Benedict Cumberbatch. Lee Pace. Dean O'Gorman. Aidan Turner. Richard Armitage. I'm not going to survive.
I think I might eat some food and creep on tumblr and aidan turner until 5:30 when my dad gets up so I can sleep
I love Thranduil and Kili and a tiny bit of Thorin... Lee Pace and Aidan Turner are squishy.
Aidan Turner, you're a head turner,. You can light my Bunsen burner! Was that it? Cool poem?
Aidan Turner holding a baby in Being Human ugh
Unless you're promising me Aidan Turner and Lee Pace on that island, no deal.
oops jk not goodnight yet bc I just want to put this out there- aidan turner has the cutest smile ever
My birthday is on October 9 please send me aidan turner
Thanks to for the heads-up on this video of Sir Ian McKellen explaining "how to act".
Chk out celebrity auction of 1st Edition h…
Update your maps at Navteq
Chk out celebrity auction of 1st Edition
Imagine seeing Aidan Turner in the moonlight.
Aidan Turner cuts a valiant figure on the set of today. The 18th Century saga will air on in 2015.
"Aidan turner on his way to say hello I nearly died This is from a few months ago, but...Wow :D
I mean Aidan Turner from Being Human And how old is he now?
how can you not know who Aidan Turner is?! *tears up*
(Aidan Turner) Next to Mitchell & George, the Being Human character I miss most is Ivan. Paul Rhys' world weary... h…
Aidan Turner is my dream hairy dude
(who looks exactly like Aidan Turner)
(Aidan Turner) The Cornish clifftop property that gazes down on 'Poldark Cove' via
Just showed my mum a pic of Aidan Turner filming Poldark and she's definitely going to watch it now 'nice young man' she said 😂
I don't like to see Aidan Turner screaming in pain, it makes me want to cry.
Always fun to be shopping in the same sainsburys as Aidan Turner :D
Had a dream I survived a plane crash, then I could do magic and had an arranged marriage to Aidan Turner.
Bit the bullet. Watching season three of Being Human. Mmhmm, waiter, bring me an Aidan Turner, takeaway please. No need to wrap him.
Also I cant understand why major aidan turner fan sites(like aidan turner forever or..) care about her a lot : ( aren't they aidan's fan?
only few of Aidan turner's fans wrote some review, but they looked like twit friends of Sarah greene.
Where are your QnA's with Ian McKellen and Aidan Turner from March 2014?
aidan turner looks good in A LOT but not in yellow
It's Aidan Turner, AKA Kili in The Hobbit and John Mitchell in Being Human. Also ow, ow my head.
Can someone in Ireland adopt me so I can stalk Robbie Sheehan and Aidan Turner or
I want Aidan turner with a flower beard
I was very very lucky! But I'm still not Mrs Aidan Turner, so you can't really have it all.
Alright Aidan Turner Fans there are 2 more questions left
6 questions left in the Aidan Turner Q&A
I asked for an aidan turner picture last night and this is perfect
Aidan, how do you deal when/if somebody misspell your name as Aiden Turner,as there's an actor called like that.
Also, somebody in the Hobbit production crew loves Aidan Turner bc he's front and center in every single group shots.
Dear Aidan Turner : Are you prone to napping?! More so with loads of red wine?!
ATTN ALL PEEPS, if you have a question for AT ask NOW! Aidan has had to put a limit on...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Thank You Aidan Turner Fans for Participating in this Q&A
NOW, Aidan Turner told us he will see us and all our questions next friday and that he will give 3 spoken words on the next hobbit.
Can Aidan Turner just be in my bed now. I think I've waited long enough.
Over the moon excited right now! chose my question to be answered by Aidan Turner!
We guarantee all your questions will be answerd by Aidan Turner
every time I see Aidan Turner, I take it upon myself to shout "BAE"
Hey Fans of Aidan Turner! There's a new Q & A coming up!! Send your questions to Athletic Comics. ( )...
Aidan Turner biting his lip whilst writing autographs! ... makes me helpless RT
Aidan Turner is so hairy and it makes me tingle.
Aidan Turner and Dean O'Gorman give us a peek at the Air New Zealand "Smaug" plane - 2013
Finally got around to watching Hobbit: DoS. Whoooa buddy, Aidan Turner.
‘Poldark’ first pic: 'Being Human' star Aidan Turner in BBC One’s new adaptation -
These will likely be my two next artworks... . Currently working on the outline of kili (Aidan Turner)
"When someone says Aidan turner is unattractive
“When someone says Aidan turner is unattractive
When someone says Aidan turner is unattractive
3 I have the same bday as Aidan Turner (bae 💕) which is June 19
I love Luke too, I hope they make City of Ashes movie so Aidan Turner can appear a lot. :)))
Photoset: drmatthew530: Finally got my hands on the 【HD】··· Aidan Turner
I'm literally in love with Aidan Turner it's painful
I didn't know aidan turner was in the hobbit omg he's so fricken cute and hairy :(
my latest drawing. hope you like it & happy Sat!
THERES A REALLY REALLY CUTE BOY AT PANERA OOOHhmygoood he looks like aidan turner give me strength
They're like a mixture between Adele+Cheryl Cole+Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner has really pretty eyes ok
oh god I forgot about that aidan turner doodle I drew
I dreamt about Aidan Turner few nights ago,but I didn't even speak with him,I just stared at him;P
I prefer the Irish cheetah-cheddar, like Aidan Turner or Michael Fassbender
Hey guys! This is a bit "off the "Aidan Turner map" here, but we are just calling on a little favor, if anyone...
christ ,aidan turner more like aidan TURNS ME ON
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dude . dude. dude it's Aidan Turner though
Splashy remake of beloved classic costume drama with Aidan Turner will premiere on Masterpiece next year:
(I've been there already with Aidan Turner, and it *** .)
I met Aidan Turner twice in my dream last night but both times my mother ruined it for me so I couldn't talk to him... Heart. Broken.
Now mortal instruments, heck yeah time for Aidan Turner!!😏
You actually drew me an aidan turner? *flails*. yes please
But one day I will wax lyrical for Aidan Turner... Or Evan Peters... Or both
I cannot find any words to describe my love for Aidan Turner. I honestly don't think those words exist
Aidan turner's hip movements are my sexuality
Oh no, Aidan Turner is pulling at my heartstrings again.
Oh awesome! :D I love English/British people but I love Irish people too! Lena Headey, Aidan Turner, Evanna Lynch, Devon --
demanding Richard Armitage, Dean O'Gorman & Aidan Turner to be cloned! we all deserve some1 like them :-D
BBC releases new picture of Aidan Turner as 'Poldark'
All these photos of Aidan Turner makes me realize that I will finish reading the book in one sitting now! :D http…
Another photo of Aidan Turner 'not' in lol ;)
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Side Dish: Big Plans Organized for Aidan Turner's 31st Birthday by ATForever and Mammoth Screen
Kili aka Aidan Turner is hot...and in the words of porky pig "Thats all folks!!!" G'NIGHT!
First look at Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark in the BBC's upcoming adaptation of Poldark
Round 1: Aidan Turner vs. Dave Franco I just vote for Dave Franco
Aidan Turner's voice is the best.I love him.
First look at actor Aidan Turner in the upcoming BBC TV drama series 'Poldark' :
Here, have a pic of Aidan Turner looking dashing in Poldark. Our gift to you...
Also: Our Aidan Turner hunting was not successful but we DID see several takes of some actresses crossing the street. So.
NEW upcoming BBC saga starring Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark **(Many of these photos were taken on the set by fan reporters - We are trying very hard to give credit - So if you see a photo you have taken, please let us know & we will most certainly add your credit! :D
Let's hear it for Tess at Aidan-Turner-Forever!! She set up a terrific celebration party for Aidan's birthday!! :D
For you RT: Here's the 1st look at Aidan Turner as Ross in
Mitchell from Being Human played by aidan turner
The BBC has released the first image of Aidan Turner in costume as Ross Poldark in their upcoming Poldark reboot.
BBC releases new picture of Aidan Turner as
Aidan Turner Tribute: via This man is absolutely stunning
If you look up " joy" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Aidan Turner.
Okay ladies...time to get your "swoon" on! First look at Aidan Turner as the charismatic and rebellious Ross in...
i met and got Aidan Turner's autograph today. I will hopefully be able to meet you one day too bc you're my favourite actress
i finally got Aidan Turner's autograph! he said he loved my name 😍 he was beautiful
Aidan Turner is quite a hottie, isn't he?
The Bath Chronicle - Aidan mingled with customers in the Post Office (?! ) htt…
Aidan Turner's Ross is reunited with Heida Reed's Elizabeth on Poldark via
Ngl pictures of Aidan Turner as are giving me extreme palpitations
My book, kindly signed by the fantastic Aidan Turner
The first official photo from BBC Television of Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark . . .
Here's the first look at Aidan Turner as Ross in our upcoming adaptation of
Brand new POLDARK photo with Aidan Turner is here!
Pleasure meeting Aidan poldark turner and other cast members today.they were a great bunch and a pleasure to talk to
Check out the new picture of Being Human‘s Aidan Turner all suited and booted as Ross Poldark in the new 8-part Debbie Horsfield’s adaptation of Winston Graham’s acclaimed 18th-century Cornish saga. Eleanor Tomlinson stars alongside Turner as… [ 59 more words. ]
View all the latest pictures in the gallery, Pictures: Aidan Turner films BBC classic Poldark in Corsham, on Bath Chronicle.
All purpose parts banner
Hobbit star Aidan Turner strode through Corsham yesterday as the High Strett was transformed into the scene of the classic novel series Poldark. Normal life continued during breaks in filming as the...
This is when I start to regret that I spent most of my lectures drawing giraffes and looking at pictures of Aidan Turner
View all the latest pictures in the gallery, Poldark filming in Corsham with Aidan Turner, on Western Daily Press.
Dean O'Gorman && Aidan Turner .. why you two Gotta be so good looking. ♡
Hi everyone this is a page for Aidan Turner fan fictions. Please show your appreciation for the work by liking and giving feedback.
Hoping to bump into Aidan Turner tomorrow :)
Currently stamping my feet and miserable, if I miss seeing aidan turner in corsham, they best not finish filming tomorrow!!!
Actor Aidan Turner, who plays Ross Poldark in the BBC’s new adaptation of the Cornish period drama Poldark, looked brooding as he strode the streets of Corsham today.
Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, and Aidan Turner are my heroes for keeping me entertained all afternoon. I bow down to the Hobbit movies.
I want my own Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner.
ASDFGHJKL... - …my sister (she is at the HobbitCon) She talked with Dean, and he told her that Aidan Turner...
Aidan turner, sir michael mcelhatton. *** irish! Youre so delish with your voice. Bhay.
// Hi Im Jennifer and I just love Aidan Turner a lot.
Nightmare! I only watched this one for Aidan Turner's sake.
you've read that book.Its lick and last night i dreamt doing it with aidan turner lmao. I'm planning to read "play" tonight XD
Yo I need Aidan turner in full Kili costume in my bed like right now
“'The Hobbit' actor Aidan Turner to star in BBC One's adaptation 'Poldark'
Aidan Turner will play Ross Poldark in a re-make of the Seventies hit TV show but he has a big task because Robin Ellis and original cast created a show that is an object of veneration
Vote for Aidan Hamrick to be our guest at Turner Field's Superior Plumbing Club! via
I KNOW!! I'm dying!! I think PJ will still kill him, judging by the interviews I've seen with Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner is hot no matter what size he is.
I dream I have sex with Aidan Turner last night, when I woke up,I laugh like crazy thinking that I just slept with Uncle Luke
Aidan Turner makes life worth living
I can't bear any of that stuff. Just don't get on with fantasy. But I made the ultimate sacrifice for Aidan Turner ...
I only watched it for Aidan Turner. Richard Armitage was too buried beneath all that hair.
I only watched it for Aidan Turner. The things I do for that man ...
really? Took me hours, but then again maybe it was all the rewatching of all Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage.
I have weird older man celebrity crushes For example: Christopher Meloni Aidan Turner Chris Hemsworth Jeremy Renner And the list goes on and on...
When you feel sad remember that Aidan Turner was also in his mothers womb !
Really struggling right now to think about anything other than Aidan Turner as Mitchell. Ah.
Aidan Turner, who did give you the right.. :D
My friends are all still very confused about Frank vs Aidan Turner. It's pretty funny and I keep getting to show people awesome music!
Photo: Mum has decided that Aidan Turner (or Mitchell as she knows him), should be the hero in my WIP, what...
You saw it. I'm embarrassed. I like Aidan Turner...Just a little bit.
Filming is now underway on Aidan Turner stars as Ross and Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza.
The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug - Review About an hour into the raucously entertaining middle slab of the Hobbit trilogy, having already tangled with hissing arachnids, a fearsome bear-man and sundry other perils, our posse of undersized heroes clamber into wooden casks and are lobbed into what’s not so much an action sequence as an unrelenting pile-up of lunatic, barrel-based gags. As they rocket down-river, pursued by elves and orcs (who are simultaneously waging war in the branches above), oak cylinders fly at the camera, plunge down fizzing waterfalls and bounce off rocks to scatter servants of evil like skittles. While An Unexpected Journey had plenty of bucolic charm, it did, for a Middle-earth film, feel oddly inconsequential. The Desolation Of Smaug remedies that. Moody, urgent and, for want of a better word, Ringsier, it’s a much more satisfying film. If anything, it dispenses with early events with something approaching impatience: Beorn (Mikael Persbrandt), the aforementioned bear-man, is l ...
I only have 1 name to say to pooh-pooh that stupid scurrilous observation - AIDAN TURNER😜
Um one of the sandwich shop employees is a dead ringer for Aidan Turner and and I are freaking ouuut help
oh to have had aidan turner at hobbitcon when that pretty adam/dean kiss happened SIGH
// I dont like much hair on guys, but it suits Aidan Turner so much.
yeeesss, i watched it and i couldn't remember his name and later that night i just turned round to my mum like AIDAN TURNER
Can we just appreciate Aidan Turner with long hair for a moment please.
Might do an Aidan Turner photo spree later.
I want Aidan Turner to smother me with a pillow
idk I'm just attracted to Aidan Turner and Dean O'Gorman's voice
Lies! What about Irish men like Colin O'Donoghue and Aidan Turner, eh?
Hope you're having a good weekend. This Aidan Turner thing has caused quite a flurry!
Photoset: Endless list of flawless people: 4/? Aidan Turner Fantastic set of photos of our sexy Aidan!...
Fotoserie: Endless list of flawless people: 4/? Aidan Turner
Okay is that person on BTS Aidan Turner because he sure looks like him
Sigh...poor Aidan Turner. Being adorable looks so exhausting.
actually I called dibs on Aidan Turner and you called dibs on Kili.
damo comes in in series 4, the original cast has Aidan turner and russell tovey though :P
TONIGHT ON THE MOVIE CHANNELS THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS! New York City teenager Clary Fray (Lily Collins) begins seeing a strange symbol, worrying her mother Jocelyn Fray (Lena Headey) and her mother's friend Luke Garroway (Aidan Turner). Later, at a nightclub with her friend, Simon Lewis (Robert Sheehan), Clary is the only person who sees Jace Wayland (Jamie Campbell Bower) killing a man. Meanwhile, Jocelyn is abducted by two men, Emil Pangborn (Kevin Durand) and Samuel Blackwell (Robert Maillet), but she is able to call Clary and warn her about someone named Valentine. Jocelyn drinks a potion putting her in a comatose state. Returning home, Clary finds her mother missing and is attacked by a demon. Jace, appears and kills it. Jocelyn like Jace was also a Shadowhunter (also called Nephilim), a warrior that slays demons and rules over the downworlders, and Clary has inherited her powers, including the ability to use runes.Madame Dorothea (C. C. H. Pounder), the Fray's neighbor and a witch, deduces that Pangb ...
Aidan Turner looks better with long hair
I also love that Lee Pace, Aidan Turner and Luke Evans altogether in The Hobbit don't even come close.
Going to have an afternoon appreciating pics of Aidan Turner, Andy Carroll and Georgios Samaras.
Aidan Turner wins Best Male Newcomer at Empire Awards. Well done all of you who voted. we did it!!!
Huge congratulations to our dearest lad Aidan Turner winning "Best Male Newcomer" at the awards!
Congratulations to Aidan Turner on getting the award for Best Male Newcomer for very well deserved too!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Congrats to Aidan Turner for the for Best Male Newcomer! Much deserved as Kili stole so many hearts!
Shoutout to Aidan Turner for winning 'Best Male Newcomer.' At the Jameson Empire Awards.
You lot are brilliant! Aidan Turner wins Best Male Newcomer at the Empire Awards! Yay!!
Delighted for Aidan Turner who just picked up Best Male Newcomer
Aidan Turner wins Best Male Newcomer for his portrayal of Kili in The Desolation of Smaug!
Aidan Turner won Best Male Newcomer at Jameson Empire Awards last night, I'm so proud of him!!!…
So proud of my pal Aidan Turner winning best newcomer this evening And winning … …
Aidan Turner and Margot Robbie pick up the Best Male / Female newcomer awards at the
The wee speech Aidan Turner made at last night's for Best Male Newcomer
Aidan Turner, game of thrones cast members, Steve Coogan, Douglas Booth, Jaime Campbell Bower and so many more!!!
Who do you fancy?? — Luke Friend, Dan Smith, Alex Turner, Matt Healy and Aidan Turner. GODS.
Resharing three photos of Aidan Turner in the stage play CYRANO which just unearthed. Photography credit goes to Patrick Redmond. Aidan starred in this 2007 Irish production as Christian, along with Raymond Keane as Cyrano and Kelly Campbell as Roxanne, the woman they both loved. This adaptation was modernized for the times, Christian and Cyrano are rival celebrity chefs, with Aidan’s character having just taken the title of super chef from Raymond’s Cyrano. Kelly’s Roxanne is a food critic. Raymond Keane received glowing reviews, and Aidan got good reviews which might have been better if his part had been better written. The play itself received mix reviews with the critics liking the acting, the idea of updating the characters and changing the Cyrano’s loves letters to emails, but the writing failed to explain the play’s actions, support the actors or impress the reviewers. The Independent summed up their review “missing a few vital ingredients but don’t turn up your nose”. Aidan did ...
Another guest announced for , yay! :) Fingers crossed for Joseph Morgan, Aidan Turner and John Barrowman
DoS should win something for having the hottest actors ok. Lee Pace. Richard Armitage. Aidan Turner. Martin Freeman. Orlan…
Robin Ellis, the original Ross Poldark, gives Aidan Turner his blessing
Photo: thepoldarkrooms: Robin Ellis as Ross Poldark circa 1975. Aidan Turner, we can’t wait to see you take...
Aidan Turner named as Ross Poldark in Cornwall drama re-make
This was Aidan Turner in BBC "Desperate Romantics" - will he measure up as the new Ross Poldark?
Former Ross Poldark actor, Robin Ellis, gives blessing to Aidan Turner who is taking on the role
Warmest congratulations to Aidan Turner on being cast as Ross Poldark. Take it away Aiden!
Aidan Turner (the Hobbit, The Mortal Instruments) will be Ross in upcoming BBC series
Great casting for new Ross Poldark w/Aidan Turner! Excited for new Poldark series on BBC! Very proud granddaughter.
Aidan Turner (will star as Ross Poldark in our new adaptation of Winston Graham’s 'Poldark'.
Photo: cumberbatchweb: bbcone: Aidan Turner (Being Human) will star as Ross Poldark in BBC One's new...
I don't care who you vote for in any other categories, but just vote for my boyfriend Aidan Turner for best newcomer.
Photoset: megancyber: When they were young and ador(k)able. Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner during a Being...
oh I like it- and he has such a look of Aidan Turner about him too
It physically pains me how attractive Aidan Turner is
is Aidan turner, is Dean o'Gorman, and I'm Richard Armitage
I'm reading an aidan turner/ Richard Armitage famfiction and it's just
Aidan Turner. That is all my day has amounted to. Staring at Aidan Turner's glorious sexiness on Being Human.
i got limit bc of Aidan Turner last night
When you slide to unlock my phone the background glows aidan turner is glowing
Erik Karlsson you look like Aidan Turner but cuter.
Someone wrote Aidan Turner in Tumblr as "he's Irish, another word for 'simmering sex beast'." I can not agree more to that statement.
one day i was just AIDAN TURNER!1!1! and then i was like what's exo and then mary
Photoset: killeczek: Aidan Turner in Desperate Romantics Edit-Spam (8/8) for my love
God thought of me when he made Aidan Turner. God you are the best, because you are always on point like paris hilton's pencil...
im going to go have a shower and think about Aidan turner
So apparently I missed Aidan Turner Night here last night ;) Guys, you are hornier than unicorns xD
there is so much aidan turner on my timeline it's like we all broke out of the aidan turner mental institute or sth i lOVE IT HELLO
I used to really hate curly hair but then aidan turner
To add to all this aidan turner frustration I bought us sprites
I finally saw The Hobbit Episode II: Attack of the Orcs. Like its predecessor it's too long but pretty amazing once it gets going. I'm always happy to hear Sylvester McCoy's voice again. I enjoyed Stephen Fry as Character I Assumed Wasn't in the Book but Apparently Was, and really liked Evangeline Lilly as New Character Criticized for No Possible Heterosexual Reason Whatsoever. (She and Aidan Turner have got to be the most ridiculously beautiful couple in screen history.) And Smaug, to no one's surprise, is badass. I don't know how they're gonna make another 2+ hours out of the remainder of the story (which as I recall is basically two battle scenes), but by now Peter Jackson definitely has my trust that he can pull it off somehow.
i have fuzzy eyes every time i see Aidan Turner he is like someone i use to know
Just read a beautiful plot about Aidan Turner's facial hair. I'm crying because it was beautiful, but at the same time I'm laughing because a story about facial hair just made me cry
To answer my previous ask the admin post My ringtone is rhe stupid samsung song My name means noble kind And my celebrity crush is Aidan Turner
Yess i wouldn't be the person i amm today if i hadn't met my bestfriends Aidan Turner && Sierra Gonzales love yall(:
Having watched three episodes today, back to back, of 'Being Human,' with Aidan Turner (as Mitchell,) I have found that it is actually possible to desensitize oneself, somewhat, to the Turner effect; and I must admit, to my shame, that I find him so much dishier doing an english accent in the Hobbit films! I'm sorry Aidan - I never meant to deny your wild Irish beauty!
Aidan Turner, happy that Kili’s getting an additional line in The Hobbit. The dwarves didn’t have much dialogue in AUJ, so even one line was cause for a mini shout out. Also Ian McKellen is a hoot.
For my birthday id love to go the pub with Aidan Turner :)
Film Reveiw by BrayBob The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones This film was released on August 2013 and is an action film. It is based on the book by the same name. My god I've never been so bored watching a film, I really wanted to stop after the first hour but I kept on going. The film is literary first this happens then we do this then this then this and so on. It's such a shame because this film has such an amazing cast: Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Aidan Turner (Becoming Human/ Hobbit), Robert Sheehan (Misfits), Jared Harris (Resident Evil: Apocalypse/ Sherlock Holmes: A Games of Shadows), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors/ Dracula). This film needed more information, it needed to be explained just a little more don't get me wrong there was info but more was needed and the film is very predictable. If this film came out 5-7 years ago it would've been amazing. The budget for the film was $60 Million and the box office stands at $90,565,421... Not great if you ask me. A sequel The City of Ashes is in p ...
My last word before I die will probably be I love u so much Aidan Turner Forever
Sonnets = an easy way to get a girls pants off. Or.. well Corset if you prefer to name a garment from the time period. Especially when read by Aidan Turner wearing Period Clothing. *melt*
Totally didn't recognize Aidan Turner in The Mortal Instruments. I only realised he was in it when his name came up at the end.
I don't know how actresses in movies can wear a brides gown or get married in movies. It would be too strange for me! Maybe if it was Robert Sheehan, Chris Pine*, Aidan Turner or Josh Duhamel then I'd be okay with it, I'd even shed a tear of happiness lol but aside of them, nope can't do it!
Is it awful of me to only comprehend that I'm watching Aidan Turner laughing and want to take a bite? :3
In this exclusive interview, Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman talk with Middle-earth News about their roles as Kili and Fili in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and how physically challenging some of the scenes were to film.
So this Aidan Turner FB page I'm on started posting Vampire!Aidan pictures since its close to Valentine's Day. Thus was one of them. Thus to me doesn't say, "Here are some roses, let's have a candlelit dinner for two!" This says, "COME AT ME, BRO".
My tumblr has pretty much turned into the Aidan Turner Appreciation Society xD
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Aidan Turner, coffee and bickering with Eddie in the morning.
I couldn't sleep last night so I spend 2 hours going through IMDB and I have come to the conclusion that I could probably be a full time movie and tv watcher. New on my to watch for list (a list which already has over 500 films on it that I missed from past Toronto Film Festivals) The Zero Theorem, The Musketeers, Robo cop, A winter's tale, Pompeii, 300 (in 3D Imax!), 3 days to kill, Divergent, Noah, everything by Marvel that I have missed so far, The Hobbit movies (mainly because I am in love with Aidan Turner (not to be confused with Aiden Turner), I Frankenstein, 12 years a slave, the lego movie (yes I am a grown up), Jai *** (I love Indian and other foreign films) and.. well, let's just say the list goes on.
I have high standards in men thanks to Lee Pace, Orlando Bloom, Aidan Turner, Richard Armitage, and Tom Hiddleston. Thanks a lot.
Sometimes I think about dean o'gorman and aidan turner and I want to jump into a ravine
I just realized that and Aidan Turner are like the new (and prettier) Ben stiller and Owen Wilson team. Alllriiight. ;)
whatever happens I have aidan turner
how do you feel about your bromance with Aidan Turner
are you and Aidan Turner gonna do a movie together?
Remember when I spent $400 on Aidan Turner and Dean O'Gorman? Yeah, me too.
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