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Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner (born 19 June 1983) is an Irish actor. He is best known for playing Dante Gabriel Rossetti on Desperate Romantics, Ruairí McGowan on The Clinic, and John Mitchell on the supernatural drama series Being Human.

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(Radio Times):Turner: People are a little scared to approach me in public and I'm happy with..
I'm sure you are all DEVASTATED! . Poldark star Aidan Turner splits from girlfriend Nettie Wakefield
(Radio Times):series 3: and Demelza have more troubles ahead according to Aidan Turner and..
Poldark to be AXED? Writer drops MAJOR hint about show's future
Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson return to BBC One this summer...
I'd like to touch him down in Dublin. .
Aidan Turner gets a break from pre-Poldark premiere activities to attend Men's Fashion Week in London - looking...
I would and meet Luke aka Aidan Turner
SPOILER ALERT! With perfect timing to relieve the tumult of the Election campaign, Aidan Turner has once again d...
Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson and Aidan Turner ‘growing closer’ after both splitting from their other halves
A Nurse at the hospital today looked exactly like Aidan Turner. So naturally we nicknamed him Nurse Poldark 😉
Edited out just Aidan Turner arriving at London Fashion Week
We love Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson # Poldark the best show
Aidan Turner told us about the third series of if ya interested -. Romelza and action…
(Bristol Post):Here's where was filmed in (and Cornwall) : Aidan Turner returns to Poldark..
I've been spoiled by so many amazing Aidan pictures this werk. I hope everyone had a fantastic friday!!! Turner https:…
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. Taken from last night's AW17 September Collection launch, Aidan Turner in attendance wearing dunhill.
Oh, I LOVED it!! I want it to be a movie starring Aidan Turner.
OMG! THIS is the new actor - but is he hotter than Aidan Turner? 😮
Ooo la la! There's a new star - and he might even be HOTTER than Aidan Turner 😮
Is this new Poldark star even HOTTER than Aidan Turner!?. 😮
Getty when I search for Aidan Turner stop bloody showing me Aiden Turner, can't you spell?
Desperate Romantics sparked an interest in Pre-Raphaelite painters. Bonus= it has Aidan Turner on the cover. (Not Adrian!)
Poldark star talks Aidan Turner, modelling and motherhood .
Aidan Turner & Eleanor Tomlinson attended a UK screening today... S3 comes to MASTERPIECE on 10/1!
Yep!! That's it!! Keep expecting Aidan Turner to appear 😉 xx
Poldark star Aidan Turner touches down in Dublin
Today's podcasts - And join us tomorrow 9-11 when Dave will be chatting to Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner. THE Poldark man. But he doesn't have the lantern jaw of Douglas Booth.
Who will be the next James Bond? Latest odds on Tom Hardy, Aidan Turner and Michael Fassbender as bets roll in -…
Two of my favorite actors Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner in "The Hobbit". I really hope they will work together…
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I find Kili more attractive than Thorin, but Richard Armitage more attractive than Aidan Turner.
Going through to Round 2 for best actor are:. • Jenna Coleman . • Eleanor Tomlinson. • Penelope Wilton. • Aidan Turner.
Ooh, the one with Aidan Turner and Charles Dance?
yes very odd to move your lover in with your husband in the house...but then again if your lover was Aidan Turner who wouldn't 😉
just came across the dream show we need to watch called desperate romantics (pre-raphelites + Aidan Turner)
God I really want to see Aidan Turner as Bond
I liked a video Aidan Turner Halloween Treat by via
your daily FACE brought to you by day 15 of 31 Days of Ross :)
Another Sunday without 😔in desperate need of a Poldark fix, give me a bit of Aidan Turner 🔥🔥
You need to upscale your dreams. There's a whole world of shirtless Aidan Turner dreams out there you could be having.
Just finished binge watching Poldark season 1. Now I just can't figure out if a have a crush on Ross Poldark or Aidan Turner... 🤔😍
I'd like to give a special shoutout to dean o'gorman's slicked back hair and aidan turner's beautiful beard
3 out of 3 women in my house now agree that Aidan Turner is hot. I'm proud of us.
True. That was so sad. Are you familiar with Aidan Turner?
I think Aidan Turner must have taken lessons from him for
Gonna delete and since no ones interested
Well excited for the NTA's if I'm sat next to Aidan Turner I will melt
yeah Aidan might be a bridge too far lol
Must be the Irish in him :) I have a feeling that Aidan Turner will age well as well
So Jojo Fiennes played Michael Jackson?. Cornish people still furious that Aidan Turner played Poldark. Turner hairy but not at all Cornish
Can't wait to see who they cast as Lord Snowdon in Series 2 of The Crown. Aidan Turner? Tom Hiddlestone?The chap who was Albert in Victoria?
Who else is THIS happy about being back on VisionTV?!. (Catch new episodes Wednesdays at 9pm ET/6pm PT!)…
When you walk onto a Peter Jackson set, you can see straightaway tha...
can I share these on an Aidan Turner page I admin please?
Those who like Poldark many of 'em like Aidan Turner aka Ross, but I love the series cus Demelza/Eleanor. Im like... TT
There's no Poldark Christmas special so we present you Aidan Turner in Cornwall instead | Cornwall Live
Aidan Turner as Philip Lombard, nice cast setting!
it was quite scary tho I cannot forget how gorgeous Aidan Turner is🔥💃🏻
We can win this for Just to show him how much we respect him and how much we appreciate his work✨.
Prefer Aidan Turner in the longer hair he has in the series.
A good trick I learnt early on is not to immediately look at playback b...
Baby Turner - Summary: The baby is on the way! Pairing: Aidan/You Word Count: 3,422 Rating: G Inspiration:...
Alright, Aidan Turner is my main squeeze but Dr Ellis? He can get it
siccome in tv danno 'and then there were none' vi blesso pure qui con Aidan Turner
Rewatching Being Human from the start because Aidan Turner 😍
8. Aidan Turner. Don't any of you say a *** word.
Remember when I met Aidan Turner and almost died? Well here is the interview. I feature in it for about 2 seconds.
.Aidan Turner & are neck-and-neck in our clash of the captains. Vote, vote!
Woah there, George Blagden is winning the clash of the captains in Can Aidan Turner catch up?
🎥 Aidan Turner’s interview during the Poldark 2 promo tour in the U.S.
Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson and Heida Reed tell us what to expect in Season 3 of on
I'm seeing so much love for Aidan Turner recently and it makes me so bloody happy cos he's such an amazing, beautif…
Also .. vote for Aidan for TV Star of 2016
For those of you who didn't win in our competition, fear not! Get your S2 DVD here in time for Christmas!…
Tick the "other" box and write in Aidan Turner for Best Actor!
Are you having Aidan Turner on soon? Xx
Some lovely goodies from my Birthday Set Visit to POLDARK 3 filming! Thanks Aidan Turner, Eleanor and…
Who is your pick for Top Actor of 2016?
You need to get Aidan Turner & James Norton on. They should be in CA in Jan promoting their works!!
I was really into films when I was younger, but I feel like a bit of...
please include your Irish neighbor, Aidan Turner. Too hot to trot.
I saw with Aidan Turner .. Interesting plot and leaves you saying.. ¿¡What the *** happened here !?
competition! For your chance to win the complete series 2 DVD, tell us your favourite S2 character’s name! . https:/…
Aidan Turner as Poldark was a revelation in S2; it was a difficult role that he made look EASY! His exclusio…
I want to but i also wana see aidan turner 😩❤️
Poldark star Aidan Turner presented with 'gift from Wells' on set at Bishop's Palace:
Once you see you get trapped like a fly in the web. The web is Aidan Turner of course!
Time for And ICYMI we nominated Alex O’Loughlin for top actor in the Awards this year!
Someone please cast Aidan Turner and Richard Coyle as brothers in a period drama.
.met Roger Moore and they talked movies, marriages and how Aidan Turner would look good as Bond
The hugely talented Aidan Turner in ShortList Magazine wearing one of our classic crew necks!. h…
Also, a column on my new Sunday night TV crush. Hint: it's not Aidan Turner or Rufus Sewell
Poldark's Aidan Turner is crowned Best TV Actor as Chris Pine and Calvin Harris join hi... - Daily Mail
Here's all the red carpet action from the - and it contains a very dashing Aidan Turner
Hmm I think Idris Elba or Aidan Turner or Tom Hardy or a David Gandy lookalike. I'm not fussy lol 😂
'I'm more than a six-pack with a scythe,' Aidan Turner tells Out Monday. https:/…
until you discover that Aidan Turner is a championship ballroom dancer. THAT I'd like to see. 😍
Aidan Turner looks handsome in casual outfit as stars arrive on red carpet for Poldark screening
Poldark's treasure chest for Cornwall: TV drama (and hope of glimpsing Aidan Turner) sparks ...
And not just because of Aidan Turner, right?
Where do the dark- and curly-haired fall on the scale of Irish beauty standards? (yes, inspired by Aidan Turner in
So happy that is back!! Oh how I have missed this show. Or more importantly, missed seeing the beautiful Aidan Turner 😆❤
Aidan Turner and stars all-smiles as they attend series 2 screening
Poldark premiere: Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson shine at red carpet bash
Arriving at a cinema in St Austell, Cornwall alongside co-star Aidan Turner, the 24-year-old actress put on a...
REVIEW: Shock tragedy, and the return of Aidan Turner's torso... didn't disappoint: htt…
Aidan Turner took his shirt off in the first episode. I was basically hooked from there.
Imagine... Aidan Turner + Eleanor Tomlinson + Jenna Coleman + Tom Hughes = one magnificent photoshoot. Could you arrange it,
But only if you have Aidan Turner's physique!
The opening sequence of Poldark had barely begun to roll when viewers started clamouring for star Aidan Turner to...
The return of Poldark. Nothing like a bit of Aidan Turner to brighten your Sunday evening!
(taps mic) Poldark is so romantic that I have decided to move on from Tom Hiddleston for good. I'm an Aidan Turner woman…
Poldark: Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson at Cornwall's red carpet premiere
Poldark's Eleanor Tomlinson flaunts her lithe legs in a racy lace mini dress. . Arriving at a cinema in St A…
Aidan Turner turns up the heat in season 2 trailer: 🔥
Actor Aidan Turner makes time for fans at premiere screening of
(Evening Times):It's v Aidan Turner in battle of the period heartthrobs : People are struggling..
Why don't I upload bed scenes?. 1. I refuse to objectify Aidan Turner or Eleanor Tomlinson. . 2. I don't feel my channel needs that.
As Poldark returns, tells how he's paying the price for that scything scene .
Sharing the promo video which combines clips of &...
We have heard that some of you might want to know more about Aidan Turner:
"overwhelmed" by Cornish support at world premiere in St Austell
Aidan Turner "overwhelmed" by support at St Austell world premiere tonight ht…
Poldark recap: series two, episode one – here we go, scything fans!
Just bought Desperate Romantics from Rafe Spall & Aidan Turner together! What have I done to deserve this?
Idris Elba, Aidan Turner and Tom Hiddleston all on studio bosses’ final hitlist to be the next James Bond
Irish actor Aidan Turner dismisses 'rumours' he will replace Daniel Craig as next James Bond
No I can't see Aiden Quinn. I do see Aidan Turner though. *smh*
NO can't see Aiden Quinn...can see Aidan Turner though!
Aidan Turner is in the film adaptation of The Secret Scripture ...
Poldark's Aidan Turner reveals who was the brains behind THAT scything scene
Aidan Turner: Poldark mania is preposterous... I got a little bit overwhelmed
In September Vogue, what did Poldark’s Aidan Turner think of that famous scythe scene?
1st trailer for Series 2 reveals Aidan Turner in a bit of a bind: via
Poldark series 2: Aidan Turner shares romantic kiss with on-screen wife Eleanor Tomlinson
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Poldark series 2: Dashing Aidan Turner can't contain his smile as he films in Cornwall
I've never wanted to donate to PBS faster than Poldark having Aidan Turner looking like that
Aidan Turner and his curly hair are honestly like 89% of the reason I'm watching this.
Aidan Turner in ''And Then There Were None'' is so sexy :D
It is always great working with Aidan Turner, one of the nicest guys up there! We shot this…
1st trailer for S2 reveals Aidan Turner definitely in a bit of a bind...
Still can't handle the sexiness of Aidan Turner
The first trailer for Poldark Series 2 is here at last
Aidan Turner returns in steamy teaser trailer for season two
Aidan Turner returns in steamy teaser trailer for Poldark season two
DO IT!!! I just watched it yesterday and it's soo good... Also Aidan Turner
I want Aidan Turner to be bond. He's much better than Hiddles.
it's good! Proper exciting read. Have you seen the film with Aidan Turner in?
Aidan Turner as Philip Lombard, second best character in "And then there were none".
I think he was actually after the Night Manager alongside Aidan Turner, James Norton, Tom Hardy,…
Breast Cancer Awareness
gets intense in the first trailer for season 2. Watch it here!
If Aidan Turner is the next James Bond, I will definitely watch it
'Poldark' Season 2 Trailer Drops, Revealing Aidan Turner In Chains: The first trailer for the highly-awaited ...
just as long as there's lots of waistcoat action, and a cameo from 1950s-costumed Aidan Turner.
i just can't get over how hot Aidan Turner is
1st trailer for S2 reveals Aidan Turner definitely not smiling...
Is Poldark any good or do people just watch it to see Aidan Turner shirtless?
Catch a glimpse of passion in new Poldark series: Aidan Turner's hero is returning for a brand new series on ...
I would like Aidan Turner to do Strictly :)
Are you ready for more Aidan Turner and beautiful Cornish scenery?.
Aidan Turner on a horse. Yes. Aidan Turner straight up just everywhere and anywhere
In the September issue of Vogue, meets the stars of
that is literally my favorite kind of Aidan turner, only second to Aidan turner dating Lenora Crichlow
Aidan Turner means business in first Season 2 trailer: "I’ll keep on fighting – whatever the cost"
Watch Aidan Turner's troubled hero in the first teaser for Poldark season 2
WATCH: First trailer for series 2 hints there's trouble ahead
"When you're playing the character, you don't think, 'I look really hot'" - Aidan Turner …
Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson, photographed by Jason Bell, in Vogue's September issue.
It was excellent. Aidan Turner took his clothes off. Toby Stephens slow danced with Burn Gorman, who drooled on his shoulder.
New Bond announcement is imminent: Aidan Turner overtakes Tom Hiddleston as favourite
I liked a video Russell Tovey from Being Human sings to Aidan Turner
Podcast with the original cast of Being Human including Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Critchlow
// People there needs to be (more) fakes of: Aidan Turner. Serinda Swan. Ryan Guzman. Dean O Gorman. Ben Barnes. Julie Atherton. Starkid...
Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, & Lenora Crichlow could reunite for a one-off special of Being Human | What's on TV
Aidan Turner (-300) is the new favorite to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond. Tom Hiddleston drops from -250 to +275.
Being Human revival: Poldark hunk Aidan Turner says he'd be up for reboot -
your daily FACE brought to you by Aidan Turner's FACE :)
No, it's been removed now, though you can still find it here
yh I don't think Alex Turner is gna die from drugs we still got Pete Doherty
Alex Turner on drugs vs Pete Doherty on drugs
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Aidan Turner is the most beautiful human being on the planet 😿
Hm aidan turner isnt a bad shout for new bond actually id watch that.
It's Aidan Turner. Products with these pictures on are for sale x
I wanna meet aidan turner. Someone make this happen.
Our amazing friend got us Aidan Turner's autograph yesterday!! We're speechless because we had absolutely no idea!! http…
OMG you have to watch! It's the best and Aidan Turner is too hot for words!
*fans self* I love Poldark. I love Aidan Turner.
There's a lot of semi nude/butt shots of Aidan Turner in Being Human. jsykfyibtw
.TV MVP this week was Aidan Turner. She explains why:
This is the link to my photo with Aidan Turner they reposted w/out permission/credit. Rude.
he has gone to the dark side...(she did date Aidan Turner so she must have something...)
📷 twelvepercentt: Aidan Turner at MCM London Comic Con Part one/two/three
Get me on whatever Alex turner is on
Aidan Turner. Complete with his head & everything. Lovely guy.
Thx to the Aidan Turner fb page for finding this promo which includes a scene from the series' 2nd... https:/…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
love Mr. Heughan but I see Aidan Turner in this part more.don't hate me.
Original Being Human cast to return? Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow up for ...
Let Daniel do one more!Then select Aidan Turner as his protegee!!Aidan is young n fresh for the role of
well he was in an action flick w/Daniel Craig so has form. Still prefer 2 see Aidan Turner get a shot. Word is an unknown(ish)
Aidan Turner really doesn't do it for me. I'm a Richard Armitage kinda gal.
Will Poldark's Aidan Turner be the next James Bond?: Poldark heartthrob Aidan Turner is now second favourite ...
Here are my two choices for James Bond, now that Daniel Craig has quit the film series: Aidan Turner and Christian Cooke
Aiden Gillen for you, Aidan Turner for me, fair allaround
Might be meeting Aidan Turner and Russel Tovey next weekend omg 😊😊😊
Aidan Turner getting close to landing MAJOR film role
Aidan Turner was on Being Human with Russel Tovey??! How was I not aware of this?!
Calling all Poldark fans: Don't miss our interview with Aidan Turner's on-screen love rival, Kyle Soller
Poldark's Aidan Turner shares a secret about his abs at BAFTAs
Well now me and Russell Tovey are BFFs, this seems like a good time to ask for Aidan Turner's number ;)
No matter how old i get no matter how many time passes by i will always love Aidan Turner
Nothing new in this extract. It's to be hoped it's not all recycled
in a piece about Ross's accent we get a scything gif & pic. Really? Can't we just move on from that? via
Can't wait for Poldark S2. Aidan Turner needs to do more work! Love him!
I can think of many other things too talk about with regard Aidan Turner than his accent or lack of!
Aidan Turner reveals he didn't even have to audition to play He was born for it!
As we're based in Los Angeles, we're in no position to judge Cornish accents. We might lose our grasp on language...
Poldark hero has revealed why he doesn't use the Cornish accent on the show:
the Cornish accents in poldark are written phonetically in the script o___O
Poldark's Aidan Turner explains why he doesn't have a Cornish accent on the hit show
.is taking bookings for its Acting for Camera course
Turner. Aidan in a stocking cap is the cutest thing next to a Golden Retriever puppy LOL
Follow in the Footsteps of Charlie Murphy at
All I need to wake up in the morning is coffee and Aidan Turner's smile. =P His smile just lights up the room!
Aidan Turner with a guitar...Be still My heart!! Good lord he's a beautiful human being!
Big fan of both, but prefer Outlander love story! R. Moore & team is doing great job! Aidan Turner tho💙💜
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Aidan Turner strikes a pose at the Radio Times Covers Party via
My bleary morning eyes read that as Aidan Turner, and for a moment I was very confused
morning ladies...yes yes aidan Turner is x
reveals he NEVER auditioned for role
Aidan Turner's laugh can actually take my mind off the election! Miraculous!
Too tired to pay attention to AND THEN THERE WERE NONE so I'm taping a picture of Aidan Turner to the screen and staring at that.
Poldark was the first role Aidan Turner didn't have to audition for -
Realized I find Aidan Turner more attractive as evil killer Philip Lombard than as decent Ross Poldark or Pre-Raph Bro D. G. Rossetti. Uhoh
But Aidan Turner as a dwarf in the Hobbit is the hottest thing I've ever seen
Hugh always gets my vote. Unless you have Aidan Turner or Dean O'Gorman available...LOL...
Aidan Turner's shirtless scene (pictured) was voted TV moment of the year at the National Television Awards but the show'…
Thank you for following me my dear fellow Mr Aidan Turner and Poldark fan too we are going to be great friends love Ted XX
Why do Santiago Cabrera and Aidan Turner legit have the same face?! 😱😂
No audition - or jacket - required for Poldark star Aidan Turner
Hot professor from yesterday looks a bit like Aidan Turner, if y'all were wanting an idea of his level of hotness.
Why Poldark was the role Aidan Turner was born to play via
YES. Yes to any form of Aidan Turner/towel idea.
the guy producing this has hair that makes me think of aidan turner in bein ghuman and now i'm Cryi g
Poldark producer worried about Aidan Turner’s looks
Today, Mayor Fiorentini spent time w/ Aidan Turner, winner of "Mayor for a Day" his parents won at Hill View Mont. htt…
Aidan Turner opens up on how he bagged that Poldark role.
"Attending a play centre for adults was about all I could cope with at that time. "few yrs old, but worth the read
.Let's face it, Aidan Turner could cook scones just by looking at them. *smoulder smoulder*
is interviewed in this week's Radio Times, out tomorrow
Aidan Turner explains why was role he was born to play – he didn't even audition!
‘Everyone else was busy’ Aidan Turner reveals why he didn't have to audition for Poldark https:/…
Turner Prize - Poldark star given role without audition, For more, see
So.. Aidan Turner NEVER auditioned for Poldark - so how did he get it? .
Someone asked if Aidan Turner is part of the goodie pack: sorry, no, I'm afraid he's too busy baking scones in my kitchen today
Poldark bosses worried Aidan Turner wasn’t ‘attractive’ enough for the role
Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage even look good as dwarves. Those boys were blessed. — watching The Hobbit
Hobbit hotness, Middle Earth man candy. Aidan Turner as Kili, Dean O'Gorman as Fili, Richard Armitag
Aidan Turner who? Newly single Sarah Greene has some exciting Hollywood news: Footloose and fancy free after h...
from Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, Damian Lewis, Idris Elba, Aidan Turner & Henry Cavill.. my choice would b Tom or Idris as the next 007
Being Human's Aidan Turner & Lenora Crichlow seem to be back together via
hunk Aidan Turner sparks rumours he's dating his ex with cosy candlelit snap Aidan Turner to face off against Mary Berry Poldark and The Great British Bake-Off are both up for…
How could Aidan Turner and Mary Berry be going head to head?
Sorry what?! Aidan Turner to face off against Mary Berry.
Aidan Turner to face off against Mary Berry.
Please let there be a brooding stare down between Aidan Turner & Toby Stephens in
Coronation Street's new boss Kate Oates wants an Aidan Turner-like hunk to join the soap
Wait, what? Could Poldark's Aidan Turner be about to join Coronation Street? via
Coronation Street boss has her eye on Aidan Turner for starring role - Irish Independent
Coronation Street boss sets sights on Aidan Turner
most TV is these days. See anything with Aidan Turner in it.
Who started the rumour that Aidan Turner may be in Coronation Street.?Apparently they are looking for a hunk.Seriously back off.
The A.T. in my bio stands for Aidan Turner. By the way.
I've just finished watching Poldark and I don't understand how Aidan Turner can be so beautiful 😍 and Eleanor Tomlinson??? I can't cope
Heida Reed and Aidan Turner star in hit BBC series Poldark
no offense but I'm on here for the Aidan Turner Poldark fan club..
I can see it, but not for me personally. I'm more of a Ed Westwick or Aidan Turner kinda gal 😇
Coronation Street boss reveals plans to introduce hunk on show - and likes idea of Poldark's Aidan Turner
Which hunk would you like to see on the cobbles? I voted Aidan Turner in the poll! Have your say:
📷 dragon4488: Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark pencil and white gel pen
...They're not seriously going to give Bond to Aidan Turner or Tom Hiddleston, surely?? they're both barely out of their feckin prams
I wholeheartedly support Aidan Turner being the next James Bond if he's picked for the role.
As much as it pains me to pick a new Bond-I'd go for Tom Hardy or Aidan Turner. Would love Hugh Laurie as a Bond baddie though
Do Tom Hardy, Aidan Turner or Michael Fassbender have a shot at being the next Bond?
So my pinterest recommends Aidan Turner and Diogo Morgado pins, even in their email blast. Good job, pinterest!
At the Hobbit production:. Peter Jackson: “Everyone of you is getting a mask so you’ll look like dwarfs. Except Kili.”. Aidan Turner: “what”
About a dream: Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner as Miguel and Tulio from The road to El Dorado.
Unsettled by how hot Aidan Turner is Moody AND broody
Two years today we were so excited to see the first pic from the set.
The new version of And Then There Were None had a stellar cast, but I probably wouldn't have watched if Aidan Turner hadn't been in it. +
Me: *Sees Dean O'Gorman or Aidan Turner in my gifs*. Me: *HAS TO POST MY DARLINGS*
Need something to get my mind off of and Aidan Turner is it.
/ I'd really LOVE to see a Poldark cast. An Aidan Turner, Heida Reed, Kyle Soller, and Ruby Bentall fake are wanted.
the producers better give James Bond to Aidan turner because he deserves it he has worked hard for it and he will look great in a tuxedo x
Posting this pic of Aidan Turner when he was 16 and a dancer ;) (Sorry Aidan lol)
Ireland could be represented at this year's Cannes Film Festival by Aidan Turner's "The Secret Scripture"!...
In case some of you don't know where this adorable pic of Aidan came from. Many thanks to
Why you need to appreciate Poldark's Aidan Turner via
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