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Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner (born 19 June 1983) is an Irish actor. He is best known for playing Dante Gabriel Rossetti on Desperate Romantics, Ruairí McGowan on The Clinic, and John Mitchell on the supernatural drama series Being Human.

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Trust a Dub to put a northsider in her place. Aidan Turner so generous with his time. Interview soon.
What was Aidan Turner having a laugh about at the Watch this space...
Pics of a confident last night at the Cover party. Aidan looks so self assured, not like...
I beg to differ. Sure you haven't confused ugliest with most attractive? Aidan Turner only one case in point.
Aidan Turner is certainly my dream man!
If Aidan Turner goes & dates Ferne Mcann from TOWIE then I'll lose all respect for him because.No!! just No!!
Please please please get Aidan Turner on your show! Thank you!
as promised I committed a hefty chunk of time to following Aidan turner around like a lost child
Stood next to Aidan Turner at the Covers party! 😍
Aidan Turner looks SO happy all the freaking time, he's so cute it's killing me
NEITHER. I just really liked this novel lmao. But it does have Aidan Turner, Charles Dance, and Burn Gorman. 😊
Aidan Turner tells he has PLANS to top THAT scene in 2016
Fashion - Aidan Turner is Dapper in Navy Dunhill at 2016 British N
Poldark star Aidan Turner hoping for success at National Television Awards
Happy birthday, Nazia!! I hope your day is as sweet as the sight of Aidan Turner wearing a towel. 😘
Damien Molony is a very realistic person to play my lover. He's not crazy handsome like Aidan Turner but he's SO attractive.
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Any chance of Aidan Turner appearing at Wales Comic Con
The National TV Awards: Sheridan Smith, Aidan Turner and Suranne Jones among the nominees
The amount of tense staring between Aidan Turner and Burn Gorman makes my lady parts quiver.
I could probably provide you with a time stamp just from memory! Aidan Turner is lovely but Toby Stephens wins
//Aidan Turner and Andrew Scott are gifts from Irish heaven
Watched the cast of Rebellion on RTE last night. I think Sarah Greene is so right for Aidan Turner...
me: okay I'm ready to watch the Agatha Christie Aidan Turner thing. Aidan Turner: appears. me: who said I was ready? did I say I was ready? fu
marathon. Love the dialogue, the art-deconess of it all & Aidan Turner's Billy-Zane-in-Titanic hair
With Charles Dance, Sam Neil, Toby Stephens, Aidan Turner, Burn Gorman, how could it not?
Looks like our little Aidan Turner graphic has made it to Irish Central lol
Good Lord and - Aidan Turner in a towel on 'And Then There Were None'! No one warned me! One episode left...
Toby Stephens wearing just a towel > Aidan Turner wearing just a towel, if you ask me
It also properly appreciates the draw of getting both Aidan Turner & Toby Stephens into various states of undress.
Josh Burdett stars alongside Saoirse Ronan, Douglas Booth, Aidan Turner and Chris O’Dowd in the new studio feature Loving Vincent.
So much for Aidan Turner's abs - it was all about Toby Stephens' dad-bod for me. Grrr.
Next BBC Drama venture: Aidan Turner gets his shirt off as sexy octogenarian weaver Silas Marner in steamy new adaptation
Murder,paranoia,total older man crush on Charles Dance and younger crush on Aidan Turner. Yup all bases covered!
Aidan Turner, another of The Good Lord's gifts from Ireland to the world.
How typical was party scene in Your mate cops off with Aidan Turner & you're stuck with drunken co…
Good Lord. Have seen Aidan Turner clean and pressed and I suddenly understand what the fuss was about.
Aidan Turner and Sarah Greene split after 5 years | | First for Irish celebrity news: via
I missed Aidan Turner in a towel?! I. . Missed. Aidan. Turner. In. A. Towel! Thank the Lord above for catch up.
Aidan Turner is too beautiful for words and I am in love with him and have been since Being Human
Aidan Turner is even hotter all clean shaven 😍
at least one UK paper mentioned the towel😉😂
All these ladies discovering Aidan Turner on Congratulations, but take a number and wait your turn.
And Then There Were None viewers are convinced Aidan Turner should be the next James Bond
Aidan Turner is being hailed as the 'next Bond'
viewers want Aidan Turner to be the next James Bond
You know you're ace when you prefer Aidan Turner with his clothes on.
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Aidan Turner, shirt off. Gone. Gone, gone, gone. Gone.
I think thousands of women's ovaries have just burst over Aidan Turner's body
Dear BBC: thank you for putting Aidan Turner in a towel.
I'm feeling like a failure for missing Aidan Turner in a towel, but Rupert Friend was lying defenceless in a hospital bed. THE DILEMMA.
We've had Aidan Turner in a towel this evening. I raise you one in a dress with better lady lumps than me!
Aidan Turner and Agatha Christie all in one. I may be tempted to take back everything I've ever said about the licence fee… Maybe…
Why is Aidan Turner naket on every show he's in?.not that I'm complaining.
Cumberbatch is the thinking woman's crumpet. Aidan Turner is just crumpet. A lovely, buttery, crumpet. With jam.
Do you think if the script called for it and it was tastefully done, Aidan Turner might consider keeping his clothes on?
how hot is aidan turner fullstop. THAT is the big question!
Aidan Turner should never v be allowed to wear clothing ever again.
Aidan Turner is certainly pitching to be the next James Bond
What is it about the West Country that drives Aidan Turner's clothes from his body?
Aidan Turner hailed as new Bond after And Then There Were None. via
Why do you all keep telling Aidan Turner to put his shirt back on? Stop that. He might actually hear you.
my hubby on our honeymoon, I think he looks a lot like Aidan Turner/Poldark :)
I predict with certainty you will absolutely love it my dear Mr Aidan Turner much love Ted Poldark
Of course there was going to be a shirtless Aidan Turner scene. *rolls eyes*
Never mind the gun, I'd check Aidan Turner's room for a scythe.
Poor Aidan Turner. It's not easy having an allergy to clothes, you know?
Aidan turner is attractive but in this Agatha Christie series I'm like 😍😍
as gripping as Aidan turner's towel
Must be a new TV show with Aidan Turner
BBC ramps up the horror in Christie’s And Then There Were None. via
rearrange the letters and you get "Aidan Turner will hopefully be there at the end"
. I say I win in this week's totty contest - Aidan Turner vs Dominic Cooper...the results are in:
Brilliant episode. Shame there is only one more. Hopefully we will see more of Aidan Turner
I didnt think Aidan Turner could get more attractive but lord how wrong was I. It's like Poldark x5000
I will happily play murder mystery with Aidan Turner anyday!
Can someone please tell me that there will be a plot twist and Aidan Turner will survive?
My mother reckons Aidan Turner and the woman will survive because they have a 'thing' going on
I really don't get the appeal of Aidan Turner. *okay will close door quietly as I leave...but don't*
Aidan Turner is definitely going to be my husband. He doesn't know this yet, but he will.
Aidan Turner will be the next James Bond. He reeks of Sean Connery and looks suspiciously like young Timothy Dalton.
Okay. I see why people like Aidan Turner now. I will pay the membership fee and join the club.
Sake. Would someone put some clothes on Aidan Turner. He will catch his bloody death.
I will never complain at the delightful nudity of Aidan Turner!
The objectification of Aidan Turner will never not be a precious and amazing thing in today's society 🙌🏻
I know pretty much everyone else is watching Gypsy right now, but, Aidan Turner in a towel, oh my lord 😯
I can see Aidan Turner as a future James Bond
Aidan Turner, David Tennant and Maggie Smith among 2015&top fantasy
'OK, how are we going to crowbar in a shot of Aidan Turner without his shirt on?'. 'Ooh, I know! War shot? Sexy-Shirtless-Boer-War?'
Aidan Turner splits from Sarah Greene. (after five years) :-(
Craig Parker, Dean O'Gorman, Aidan Turner, Luke Evans, Landon Liboiron. If none of these work, let us know.
Bradley Cooper, Anne-Marie Duff, Carey Mulligan, Alexander Dreymon,Aidan Turner & Eleanor Tomlinson will that do for starters?
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"I guess I can understand Aidan Turner..."! LOL I guess is the Irish charm? Poor Richard ...
It's going down! Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner in one movie? Yes please!
Probably. Honestly, though, I want the next one to be a tad smoother. Like Damien Lewis, or Aidan Turner.
Thanks for the follow I also love Dr. Who & Sherlock & Poldark with minor obsessions for Aidan Turner & Tom Hiddleston. Welcome!
Poldark's Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson reunite for se... |
Photoset: krazyaboutkilts: Back with Demelza! Aidan Turner reunites with on-screen wife Eleanor Tomlinson...
'season 2: Another new shot of Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson! -
Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson back together for period drama as shooting starts in Cornwall, wi
BBC begins filming of Poldark for extended 10-part second series: Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson back toge...
BEWARE OF SPOILERS PIX INSIDE! Aidan Turner reunites with Eleanor Tomlinson on the set of Poldark
My mother made the mistake of asking who's hotter: Richard Armitage or Aidan Turner. After 2 hours I decided Aidan but it was hard :(
One of the firemen at the theatre last night looked like Aidan Turner. REPEAT: An Italian fireman Aidan Turner
According to EW, Aidan Turner, Cillian Murphy & Ben Whishaw (??) are in the mix!
I thought Aidan Turner and Robert Sheehan was good aswell :)
Aidan Turner, yes!! I also think Alexander Skarsgard would've been a better choice than Channing, or even Ian Somerhalder.
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Aidan Turner, Sam Neill and Miranda Richardson to star in Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ for -
My sister and I have texted each other probably 300 gifs of Aidan Turner over the last 3 days.
10 easy steps to make your man look like Poldark hunk Aidan Turner
Great new interview with in Time magazine, he likes Peaky Blinders! So pleased one of my fave shows 😀http:/…
Dean O'Gorman just posted a new picture of Aidan Turner (that he probably took during the shooting of the Hobbit)
VIDEO: Watch what Prince Charles and Aidan Turner have in common:
basically it's the power of Aidan turner...
I'm just gonna say Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage.
In terms of gorgeous brits on my tl Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark) is beating Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) by a mile. Step up sleepyheads!
oh, we have to talk. It's a period piece with Aidan Turner as the mc. Based on a book series by Winston Graham.
Aidan Turner to star in BBC drama based on Agatha Christie novel | Torquay Herald Express via
Set de fotos: Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson // stills from Poldark season one.
I'd like a BBC miniseries starring Richard Madden, Aidan Turner, and Santiago Cabrera so I could just die of British swoons 😍
I've just had a brilliant lightbulb moment. Next James Bond HAS to be Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner stars as Ross Poldark, a British soldier who returns home after the American Revolution to find...
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think Beeb should insist Poldark viewers should watch some Nick Darke plays after Aidan Turner's brooding
Aidan Turner gushes about girlfriend Sarah Greene, but who is she? - Sorry peeps… Aidan Turner is taken!...
Lorraine Kelly: 'I never flirt with guests - but I'd make an exception for Aidan Turner'
Lorraine Kelly: I don't flirt with my guests - but I'd make an exception for Poldark's Aidan Turner! - SEE MORE:
Foto: I was going to get a tattoo of Jim Morrison on my arm at one stage. Thank God I didn’t. Aidan Turner...
Foto: bardilfula: yeahiloveloki: bard and kili -  Luke Evans and Aidan Turner this looks like an awkward...
Emma Watson, Hayley Williams, Kristen Stuart and Aidan Turner are some really aesthetically lovely people
This one is nearly Aidan Turner... xx
Feeling emotional after tonight's finale? We have a message from Aidan Turner to cheer you up...
Poldark hunk Aidan Turner set to follow lover Sarah Greene to New York
jessica.duncan published POLDARK: What time is Poldark with Aidan Turner on BBC 1 tonight? The popular Poldark returns to BBC One tonight a…
Photo: yellowcakester: I can’t even look at pictures of him and Aidan Turner together without wanting to...
We nominate Aidan Turner for Alpha Male Madness , already a UK hit, coming to PBS in June.
You are my favourite, and Aidan Turner, and Russell Tovey, and The Musketeers. We are so lucky.
Poldark suffers another blunder as a BURGLAR ALARM is spotted in publicity 54
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Foto: heathfeath26: Digital art - Aidan Gillen as Petyr Baelish and Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark.
Tonight will be an Aidan Turner fest!
I typed "Aidan Turner" on youtube. Guess I'm gonna stay here all evening
Hmmm... Chavenage House is only 15 minutes from Westley Farm you know!!!
Aidan Turner sweetie, and I ORDER you to watch The Hobbit ASAP!! XD
looks like Aidan Turner from Hobbit movies?
Aidan Turner promo stills from 3rd episode of Don't worry not posting spoilers. Not giving away storyline. h…
In celebration of acknowledging our fan page "Aidan Turner Forever" in an interview with The...
Have you watched Aidan Turner in Poldark yet?
RESULT: Poldark is back for a second series:
» Poldark Poldark gets second series as BBC confirms Aidan Turner to return as Corni…
So did I. Very tame compared to Aidan Turner's version
WANTED: Male, 30 to 45 years, tall like Richard Armitage, with six-pack of Aidan Turner to mow lawn. Method of payment to be discussed.
Will there be a showdown btwn Ross (Aidan Turner) & Rev Halse (Robin Ellis) in this week's Poldark? Photo OneShow
Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson will return as Ross and Demelza in the eight-part second series of
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
sorry kitty, you're no Aidan Turner.
and fans - you're in for a treat! The BBC have confirmed a second series
RESULT: will be back a second series Read more:
Poldark returns for second series with Aidan Turner
Hi there! Sorry to be a bother, but would you mind making a crown icon/header set of Aidan Turner? :)
I'm going to volunteer to apply the baby oil to Aidan Turner on series 2 of Poldark with mine.
BBC Newsbeat - Aidan Turner: I had to take my top off for
Hola amiga gracias you too. i'm so glad to hear that amiga did you dream of Ai…
"Aidan Turner's hairy chest on turn on or turn off?" asks the Guardian newspaper.
Struggling to get my head around portrayal of Ed Miliband as an Aidan Turner Poldark-style smouldering …
Aidan Turner’s rugged portrayal of Poldark has won him a legion of fans, a second series – and a lot o
Sarah Dunn Photography...the worlds luckiest photographer? Ahh, I think so. Yeah. with Aidan Turner airs...
Photoset: My edits of photos of Aidan Turner by Sarah Dunn that have appeared in different media...
Poldark's Eleanor Tomlinson on her real life beau being 'threatened' by Aidan Turner's looks
Catching up on and there is a pie on there that is outshining Aidan Turner.
And now there's this picture and now I have a new favorite person
It makes me homesick for Aidan Turner 😘
"I don't think I'm dashing" – my interview with star Aidan Turner: | Big Issue: http:/…
Mum forced me to watch poldark with her and now I'm in love with aidan turner
Thanks to for finding this vid
I'm afraid to say sth nice bout Aidan Turner cause he'll probably do sth stupid soon and I'll eat my words
Photoset: Aidan Turner in The Clinic he really looks good in yellow
Given the hoo-ha from normally sensible women over Aidan Turner, who plays Ross Poldark (pictured), one wouldn’t think th…
good night I love aidan turner and tom hiddleston so much ✨🌙
Find out hilarious response to fan who asked: ‘How do I refrain from licking my TV?’
Reasons to be happy: 1) I'm watching Poldark 2) It's filmed in HD 3) Aidan Turner has just taken his shirt off. Hello...
going to watch the second one next time. BUT, WE STILL GOT TO DROOL OVER AIDAN TURNER
Ah! :) Some reckon it was because of Aidan Turner’s Poldark Q&A, some think he’s worrying about Oliviers. I just rolled my eyes ;)
My copy of the Aidan Turner Deluxe Edition of arrived today! Best thing to come home to. 😍
WHAT? has admitted the secret behind those abs and we are shocked
Aidan turner did an ad for eggs when he was 19
Aidan Turner who played Kili is in it!!!
I just stumbled across (actively searched for) this, some of the Qs were hilarious!.
AMAZE! Poldark's Aidan Turner has bagged his first fashion campaign (and he's posing NAKED!) http:/…
Photoset: You people need to tell me about Aidan Turner’s new show right this second.
Digital art - Sophie Turner and Aidan Gillen in "Game of thrones".
Aidan Turner photo shoot for Article Magazine. OK, show of hands...who wants to see us do a PoldarkDish? {{Raises hands}}
I do remember this ad cause it's so cheesy. Who knew he'd become Master
I don't wanna go to work I wanna sit in my room and think about how Aidan Turner is as fluffy as a rabbits tail
My Aidan Turner obsession is getting completely out of hand
Article magazine video exclusive featuring actor Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner is an awfully cheery chappy, isn't he? Always laughing and smiling unless he HAS to b serious
'Would you come round and scythe my lawn?' BBC Q&A descends into farce after Aidan Turner is bombarded…
Ooh! Lucky star Eleanor Tomlinson discusses her SERIOUS chemistry with
Even a strapping Aidan Turner can't (quite) out-gorgeous the Cornish Coast!
Hamilton Collection
gets really dirty as fans gush over Aidan Turner's sexy alter ego Poldark.. Related Articles:
Only six minutes of Aidan Turner & Eleanor Tomlinson on Steve Wright yesterday, but here it is if you missed it...
Aidan Turner had a cracking start to life on screen… promoting eggs on via
always remember martin freeman saying "I just like to make aidan turner laugh" never forget
Love that the BBC felt the need to clarify that "Aidan Turner will not be doing the Q&A in character".
Got to work with Aidan Turner a couple weeks ago for the cover of The Sunday Times Style Magazine, let's just say...
*learns to scythe fields in hope of looking like Aidan Turner*
Poldark's Aidan Turner 'proposed to Sarah Greene just after Christmas' - Daily Mail: Dail...
And so to bed - new book to read Ross Poldark. My dreams will be naughty but nice tonight thanks to Aidan Turner.
How about Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark) as the next James Bond?! (Daniel Craig getting on a bit now, after all!)
Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark, ooh lord have mercy 🙌😍
Every time I see Aidan Turner in something I'm reminded he would play a brilliant Daniel in Attachment
Poldark review: Aidan Turner's lusty Ross is causing tremors across the Cornish coastline
My dream movie: remake of “The Road to El Dorado” with Dean O’ Gorman as Miguel and Aidan Turner as Tulio.
I'm going through my 2012/2013 fb profile pictures and it's pretty much one pic of me and then 4856 of Aidan Turner, Dan & Phil and Sherlock
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See a shirtless Aidan Turner topping up his tan on Poldark set - Showbiz News - Digital Spy
Can't wait to see on Sun? Pass the time with another sexy Irishman http…
There is so much Aidan Turner/Poldark publicity/news/adverts/photos at the moment. This is great! :D
Aidan Turner has tan topped up by an assistant during Poldark filming  via
→ Aidan Turner says Poldark will have more stripping than original as he appears ..…
Interview with Aidan Turner: Interview with Aidan Turner, star of BBC One's Poldark. Episode one is on Sunday ...
me everytime when I see Aidan Turner
Exclusive video interview with ahead of episode 1 of this Sunday at 9pm
More excited than I should be that my fave actor Aidan Turner is the new Ross Poldark - wonderful casting.
So today has been...disappointing. I'm just going to look at Aidan Turner gifs for a while.
Poldark turns the other cheek in new BBC adaptation: Reason why hero’s facial scar has switched sides in remake of… ht…
Actual work of art Aidan Turner oh my god
A shirtless Aidan Turner on the set of Poldark is the best way to end Friday
Hope the rumour is true that you and Aidan Turner will be reunited on itv This Morning , So Excited !
Aidan Turner perfect casting for new Poldark now WHERE IS MY RUFUS SEWELL LOVEJOY?!?!
Well, I guess the only solution is watching Being Human. Hello Aidan Turner *smirk*
Looks like actor Aidan Turner is settling into 18th century life in the new series!
Plot twist Aidan Turner is actually an angel
"It's a dream for an actor." My Q&A transcript with Poldark star Aidan Turner & co
Seems like Poldark writer Debbie Horsfield can't get enough of Aidan Turner...
Photoset: tinakris: Aidan Turner is basically a chameleon.
is on next sunday and I thought I'd have to wait until june 🙈 get me some Aidan Turner.
Yes please. It starts on March 8th so not too long to wait. I loved Aidan Turner in Being Human :)
The new BBC drama Poldark showcases Cornwall's stunning landscape. Coming to your screens in March it's bound to...
They're trying to beat Colin Firth's wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice? Good luck.
I want Aidan Turner for my birthday !
Want to see some more pics? See the fantastic photo gallery the have posted today:
Plans make five more series of the Aidan Turner reboot Poldark.
Hobbit star Aidan Turner frolics to set hearts aflutter in new version of Pride and Prejudice
New images of Aidan Turner in BBC1 drama Poldark. Sunday, 8th Match, 9 pm. . Time to resurrect Aidan McR. .
domain names
Oh that Mr. Aidan Turner, as usual, as always.
The NEW Poldark is coming to BBC One this Sunday! Aidan Turner is Ross Poldark - one of literature's great heroes...
actor stars in an eight part One adaptation
writer Debbie Horsfield wants to make six series of the reboot reveals.
Aidan Turner is - one of literature's great heroes - in our forthcoming adaptation of Winston Graham’s saga.
Poldark for US: If anyone in the US is an Aidan Turner fan or an avid Winston Graham reader, then here is a li...
It's confirmed: Aidan Turner is a puppy
If I ever met aidan turner in real life
Aidan Turner & Dean O'Gorman.. the way they stare at each other 😍😍😍
Ooh! BBC remake of Poldark with Aidan Turner as Mr P coming soon.
Aidan Turner is love . Aidan Turner is life
Aidan Turner. Good actor who can deliver a line and has done similar work in The Hobbit. Not a bad looking chap either.
Watch Aidan Turner as in the First Trailer for the BBC Drama...
"Aidan Turner's abs are gonna send me to an early grave"
Yeah I've done it twice and.ahem. Aidan turner better watch himself he'll have competition
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is imminent & has alot to live up to... but then-with Aidan Turner (Being Human) as Ross ... well!! :
“Aidan Turner is Ross Poldark in Winston Graham's coming soon to Look…
Aidan Turner has better eyebrows than me
Aidan Turner is Ross Poldark in our adaptation of Winston Graham's acclaimed saga. coming soon to
Hey Aidan Turner fans, this is my favorite and I'm sure for many of you as well!
goodnight everyone I love aidan turner
So I didn't realize that Aidan Turner was in City of Bones 🙌😍
Aidan Turner stars in our epic eight-part adaptation of Winston Graham’s acclaimed saga, Coming soon.
Heida Reed and Aidan Turner as Elizabeth and Ross via Aidan Turner Brasil
Theo James, Aidan Turner and Eric Bana are going to be in the same film. 😍😵
Yesterday, I posted my first and only casting choice for the heroine of the HBO miniseries version(I've got BIG aspirations!) of my new novel "A Tangle of Fates". The beautiful, talented Ms. Troian Bellisario. I simply love her look. She's the right age, right skin tone, hair color, everything. She IS Deanna Hernaan. For my next casting pick, I present to you my first choice for the role of Deanna's true love, Zander Montoiya: Irish actor Aidan Turner. Here are a few of pix of Aidan, looking especially hot. Most nerds will know him from his role as Killi in The Hobbit, but I first saw him playing John Mitchell, the vampire roommate in the British version of the TV show "Being Human". I fell hard for him then, and when I conceived (yes, that's the appropriate word!) Zander, his face was the first one I thought of. Well, FB peeps?
still not british and still not having Aidan Turner or Hugh Laurie's kids. this is depressing
Jimmy Nesbitt, Aidan Turner, Dean O'Gorman and Graham McTavish meeting the future king of England!. htt…
I daresay there may be more eye candy in the last Hobbit movie than there was in LOTR. Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Aidan Turner, Graham McTavish..
The Tudors has JRM, Aidan Turner, Sean Pertwee AND Henry Cavill. I've watched 20 seconds and I'm already in love with this show
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Irish actor Aidan Turner brings Hobbit quest to hometown for Dublin premiere - Irish Independent -
Photoset: thesmokingwolf: Aidan Turner on James Nesbitt in the "Thorins’ Company" behind the scenes.
Spent past week's evenings re watching Roswell & perving over Jason Behr. Now I turn my attention to Being Human & Aidan Turner
My new commission for : a custom Aidan Turner as Dante Gabriel Rossetti (with hat and booze, of course). htt…
Martin Freeman. Benedict Cumberbatch. Lee Pace. Dean O'Gorman. Aidan Turner. Richard Armitage. I'm not going to survive.
I think I might eat some food and creep on tumblr and aidan turner until 5:30 when my dad gets up so I can sleep
I love Thranduil and Kili and a tiny bit of Thorin... Lee Pace and Aidan Turner are squishy.
Aidan Turner, you're a head turner,. You can light my Bunsen burner! Was that it? Cool poem?
Aidan Turner holding a baby in Being Human ugh
Unless you're promising me Aidan Turner and Lee Pace on that island, no deal.
oops jk not goodnight yet bc I just want to put this out there- aidan turner has the cutest smile ever
My birthday is on October 9 please send me aidan turner
Thanks to for the heads-up on this video of Sir Ian McKellen explaining "how to act".
Chk out celebrity auction of 1st Edition h…
Chk out celebrity auction of 1st Edition
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Imagine seeing Aidan Turner in the moonlight.
Aidan Turner cuts a valiant figure on the set of today. The 18th Century saga will air on in 2015.
"Aidan turner on his way to say hello I nearly died This is from a few months ago, but...Wow :D
I mean Aidan Turner from Being Human And how old is he now?
how can you not know who Aidan Turner is?! *tears up*
(Aidan Turner) Next to Mitchell & George, the Being Human character I miss most is Ivan. Paul Rhys' world weary... h…
Aidan Turner is my dream hairy dude
(who looks exactly like Aidan Turner)
(Aidan Turner) The Cornish clifftop property that gazes down on 'Poldark Cove' via
Just showed my mum a pic of Aidan Turner filming Poldark and she's definitely going to watch it now 'nice young man' she said 😂
I don't like to see Aidan Turner screaming in pain, it makes me want to cry.
Always fun to be shopping in the same sainsburys as Aidan Turner :D
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