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Agent Orange

Agent Orange is the combination of the code names for Herbicide Orange (HO) and Agent LNX, one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S.

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Good news Estados Unidos there are X-Files reruns on during the Agent Orange address
Agent Orange sounded like Ralph Kramden hamanah, hamanah
Interesting fact: Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, was the first US president to use Agent Orange in Vietnam.
A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes just called Donald Trump "President Agent Orange," and slammed his "Muslim ban,"…
Busta Rhymes calls Donald Trump 'President Agent Orange' and kicks down a 'wall' at the
Two more veterans allege personally spraying Agent Orange on both Air Force and Navy bases
2 more veterans say they also sprayed Agent Orange here on Guam and are suffering the side effects.…
I'll have zero sympathy for anyone responsible for putting Agent Orange in the WH. Those complicit SHOULD suffer the most.
Hoo boy. Many people -- including Agent Orange -- may not realize just how ignorant and irresponsible this is 1/
wants answers on Agent Orange allegations
EPA in Guam says it is investigating Agent Orange allegations with the 'utmost urgency' .
investigation into Agent Orange of 'utmost urgency'
I refuse to speak Voldermeh's name all together. I simply refer to him as "Agent Orange."
Climate change is fake. Obama is a shape-shifting reptilian. What's a Holocaust . Agent Orange? More like Special Agent Oso. Tupac still alive
Vietnam War veteran develops rare cancer after exposure to Agent Orange
veteran develops rare after exposure to Agent Orange
Oh joy, the creators of Heroin bought the creators of Agent Orange & Glyphosate. :/
The US is helping to clean up Agent Orange residue, 50 years since the Vietnam War (via
I'm in Illegal Pete's and Agent Orange is playing over the speakers
they were heavily involved in the Manhattan Project and they were one of the two producers of Agent Orange. Literally helped kill millions.
'We didn't know it was bad for us': Vets exposed to Agent Orange tell stories, seek answers.
Sodom's new album is coming out soon. Yas. Let's celebrate with an old classic! Magic Dragon (a:Agent Orange)
LOL Not gonna be alot of them after my lady opens a can of whoopass on Agent Orange.
What media calls Collateral Damage isnt happenin away from home;the attack is on US land,against you:
This makes me so sad.2014 was so great for shows in Asbury. Like Agent Orange and The Orwells played within one weekend, jeez
geez he's already writing the end of the story great ending YOU ARE A LOSER Agent Orange
This election will be Lily King vs the russian doper. Madame Clinton vs Agent Orange.
If you ever wanted a cute little figure of a rapist, I guess they make Clockwork Orange Funko POPs???
Agent Orange, you can't put in that werk.
sadly gives the drug and users a bad rap by its link to an unstable, unfit Agent Orange. https:/…
As you can see, the area has been defoliated through the use of Agent Orange. This soldier, if he survived combat...
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Using logic is orange because he invented Agent Orange.
Look up agent orange and depleted uranium and tell me the governments arent evil enuf to spray aluminum to alter weather..they've done worse
Agent Orange, Blue Ruin, whatever you prefeer, you'll look so amazing, gorgeous and beautiful. Clementine.💙🍊
GMOs...from the producers of Agent Orange...everything will be fine!
oil and gas companies would love Agent Orange
US War Crime never cease to maim & kill!. Vietnam calls for justice for Agent Orange victims.
Vietnam says millions of its people have died or suffered from direct or second-generation disabilities as a result of…
Healthy Vietnam Veteran who regularly handled Agent Orange says some claims are 'bogus…
Agent Orange continues to affect people even 40 years after the Vietnam War’s end.
Agent Orange used on US troops as on Lab Rats to test deadly chemicals Way to go!
Waging Peace in Vietnam: Church of the Beatitudes helps to heal the U.S. legacy of Agent Orange.
Reginald Russell Sr. rose from the audience and accused the VA of ignoring evidence that Agent Orange harmed children of vets
Doing some light Friday night reading on Agent Orange how the U.S. used it in the Vietnam War...
More F-35 troubles and Agent Orange round out this Wednesday's edition of Top Links: Agent Orange or Jill Stien. Or join the potheads who support Johnson.
His estranged father was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Now he wonders if that caused his own health problems. https:/…
Agent Orange research center has backing among many in Congress
Vietnam Vet won’t be without LunaRich X. Continues to improve from Agent Orange poisoning.
CC: Sad Individuals hating on Muhammad Ali. Life after Agent Orange: 'I lose my friends every day,' Vietnam vet
Life after Agent Orange: 'Eventually, realistically, Vietnam will kill me,' war vet says.
Rape & torture of civilians,propping up military dictator, massacres like My Lai, Agent Orange, yeah 'Nam was GREAT! http…
Producers of Agent Orange primarily Dow Chemicals & ― “the stuff tastes bad, but it's harmless to humans.”
“Agent Orange and Okinawa: the story so far" My friend - glo…
Agent Orange and Okinawa: the story so far
Is going to publicize Dow Chemicals imperialist struggle against that punk appropriator of chemical warfare Agent Orange
There isnt any memorial for all the kids in Vietnam still born deformed due to saturation of Agent Orange
The charismatic politician... is Lyndon B Johnson, responsible for Agent Orange which sprayed the crops of Laos with a dead…
How do we calculate the cost of war? And more q's from & reporters investigating Agent Orange https:…
+ Help us investigate Agent Orange. Share this w/ a Vietnam Veteran:
With the drying and polution of the Aral Sea to grow cotton using Agent Orange to knock the leaves off...what did one expect?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
20 years to have a proper look at impacts of Agent Orange on Vietnam Veterans
Bird, Jacqueline: In the matter of Agent Orange: Vietnam Veterans versus the Australian War Memorial
Long article, long struggle for to look again at impacts of Agent Orange on Vietnam vets
Watch this: Agent Orange & disability. The story of Chau, Beyond the Lines
Sick Navy vets hunt for decades-old records to prove they should get Agent Orange benefits.
One more Agent Orange shot for the road! @ Yucca Tap Room
Agent Orange for this amazing Thursday night! @ Yucca Tap Room
Hey Bart, Thank You 4 your Service to our Country. My Dad is a Viet Nam Vet also, Fighting cancer We thing from the Agent Orange
Monsanto, the company that brought you Agent Orange (and many other chemical weapons,) must be stopped tampering...
please check out for presumptive eligibility for Agent Orange exposure.
every morning when I wake up I smell agent orange
old zika be the disease similar to what agent orange was to Vietnam?
Let's take a look back on a previous Kearnage release... Agent Orange ! Played this one out at Dreamstate :)
Where were you when Agent Orange was being ingested by our soldiers?!
My rig is downright filthy after dabbing an 8th of Agent Orange shatter
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This man dodged the draft while my 2 brothers were there fighting. One brother fights his cancer from Agent Orange.
First, scientists said DDT is safe for humans; then Agent Orange gas is safe; Cigarette smoking is safe; now they say …
Particularly if it does prove to be "man-made" - similar situation re many birth defects caused by war-time Agent Orange
Another Agent Orange crisis, someone knowingly harming the lives of others.
In less than 24 hours, I'll be with The Wave Slaves opening for surf punk legends, Agent Orange!!! 󾬕❤️󾬖
Agreed. Been to Vietnam a few times and what agent orange did there is chilling. Some land is still unusable.
10 things every Veteran should know about Agent Orange
Veterans with exposure to Agent Orange may be at higher risk for skin cancer
You served but you did not get sick there.
spoke with Chuck Byers, service officer for the of America in Arizona, about some of the...
Dow Chemical and Monsanto Are At It Again as EPA and USDA Approve "Agent Orange" Crops via
Be sensitive. Based on the color of his face on Sat he may have been attacked with WMD, most likely agent orange
Great news for telling us on Arms Of An Angel will take on The Orange Agent in the Jewels
I expect you to receive an unprecedented payload of agent orange on your place of residence
The people who sprayed agent orange in Vietnam, are spraying your produce.
Affairs again denies Agent Orange to Navy vets.
Vietnam who say they drank and showered in water tainted with are turned down for VA benefits.
Monsanto has poisoned the world. Vietnam with Agent Orange, Roundup and much more. STOP MONSANTO! Boycott.
Monsanto is responsible for saccharin, aspartame, PCBs, dioxin in Agent Orange, Roundup . & more.
The spawn of agent orange are trying this with you too?
They're probably hiding in our intertubes ready to spring out at a moment's notice. We must spray the fibers with Agent Orange.
As always dying vets like myself due to agent orange & wounded vets get the shaft while Muslims get the gold mine
Raw: Woman describes how she says an Orange County insurance agent stole her money
Don't know is was a success or a nerve gas but what about Agent Orange in Vietnam ?
What about Agent Orange? Chemical, destroys vegetation. Could be used to destroy crops & pastures/livestock.
orange is the new agent orange. Saw chavs with no coats in January '16 at Do they look in a mirror?
had no money for Agent Orange. History repeated itself with Gulf War Syndrome and ptsd and tbi after 9/11
Yes, it should be treated by the VA like any other war time injury, Gulf War Syndrome, Agent Orange, etc.
We pretended there was no problem with Agent Orange after Vietnam and later...
Veterans Affairs again denies Agent Orange benefits to Navy vets via
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In today's denies Agent Orange benefits for vets; seeks help in fight
Any Veteran who served anywhere in Vietnam during the war is presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange.
Check out my interview with a Vietnam Veteran and the effects of Agent Orange! -
Australian War Memorial to revise official record of Agent Orange legacy via
Big Biz not big gov't that's killing us. eg. Dow: Dioxins, Agent Orange; Union Carbide: Bhopal; . Dupont: Teflon
Agent Orange: A legacy we'd like to forget | Mennonite Central Committee U.S. via
Disability Tip: Camp Lejeune is now being recognized by the VA as having Agent Orange exposure.
If you're speaking of Agent Orange, girl that's public. No secret.Unless you got other goodies in the bag
so are Code Orange and Code Orange Kids different bands? how do Agent Orange and Code Lyoko fit into all this??
Orange County's punk rock pioneers Agent Orange are coming to Aus in just 3 Weeks! Don't miss the chance to catch...
US govt efforts to clean up Agent Orange in the Vietnam War will continue in next few years.
Why Vietnam Veteran exposed to Agent Orange is not receiving help: HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- The Department of Ve...
Terry Parris Jr. of ProPublica shares what they learned in crowdsourcing stories about Agent Orange.
Thank you to my Terry who served 3 tours in Vietnam and later lost his life to Agent Orange. I miss your love...
I'm enjoying 'Agent Orange - Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad' on the Punk Rock channel at
Vietnam Veteran wins Agent Orange kidney case
What is Agent Orange or Gulf War Syndrome supposed to look like?
Not to mention Agent Orange, or the experiments it does on it's own ppl inc. NY subway-Rouge State-William Blum.
Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans Memorial honoring our veterans and their children lost to Agent Orange.
The head of Trump's Secret Service detail is Agent Orange.
That agent orange took berry and bill baily
Photo: indigoshaman88: Happy Stoner Sunday! Have a more than beautiful 8th of agent orange, one of my most...
40 years after Vietnam, these Navy vets are still fighting for Agent Orange compensation
Some fan named themselves Agent Orange after a metal band. I knew of that term from a war museum I went to last year.
I have friends being treated in VA for agent orange, Vietnam
Agent Orange, Mister Agent Burnt Orange. The unloved crayon and hidden hero of America!
yes. Agent Orange. Knew it. That song might be in a Tony Hawk game too
I don't care for Agent Orange...too poppy...
It's by Agent Orange. I actually saw that movie a while back. Not terrible.
Pink Tutu Berry and Agent Orange Jones. I'll give you a hint, they're both Alex Karpen's
I met a man today who is a victim of Agent Orange. Said he fought & survived 2 duties but came home & got poisoned. Very sureal conversation
Yeah my hubby ran over 50 gal agent orange with his track-covered in it-other guy on it died of cancer
facts like Agent Orange was designed as a CW? If that's your facts, can't wait for the BS.
. A lot of my vet friends are fighting diabetes due 2 Agent Orange. Off insulin. w/superfood formulation. Medicine is changing
I have 5 VN vets in my family. My father died of Agent Orange dancer. They trusted GOP more.
New sugar wax crumble BHO in from Looking Glass Extracts! :) We picked up Shiva, Blackberry, & Agent Orange Live Nug Run from them!
"Finally! Monsanto is a post-war chemical company that made Agent Orange for Vietnam, not knowing what to do with...
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Is That all you can come up with? In denial again Andy. Agent orange is a chemical weapon
Andy. You are in denial that agent orange is a chemical weapon when clearly it is
Culinary equivalent to Agent Orange for sickness, wo
.2,4-D One of the toxic ingredients in Agent Orange is used in GM corn variety by Dow Chemicals.
Agent Orange was the defoliant in the Viet Nam war. Then George Bush introduced the Orange Alert. Now all the...
Vietnam Warriors were some of the bravest. They fought in jungles that were bombarded with Agent Orange. They died then or later.
Disability Benefits Extended to Air Force, Reserve Personnel Who Were Exposed to Agent Orange. Read more here -
How to Cover Up the Pesticide Industry's GMO Scheme and New 2,4 D 'Agent Orange' Crops via
Are you a Veteran that was exposed to Agent Orange?
Tragic! So sorry for you. My dad was KIA over Laos, my stepdad died of exposure to Agent Orange. Gdad was USAF, too.
"It's In Your Head" by Agent Orange from This Is The Voice what? Testin2c if they r opwnimg yet ♫
Had FDA something to do with Agent Orange back in the days? Is that why?
Are you a Vietnam Veteran? Help us investigate the impact of Agent Orange
she's like agent orange, hang around her to long and she will destroy your very DNA!
Hope that wasn't a load of Agent Orange.
He's growing up and I don't want to miss a thing
My brother-in-law, Melvin Hensley (USMC) died 5 years ago at the age of 59 from the ravages of Agent Orange on...
MR. McDonald Can you share your Imput on The MID ATLANTIC SUPER FUND soil contamination of 250 chemicals including Agent Orange
did you know we sold FM gas to the Americans for use in Vietnam? They called agent fat orange?
I already hit them with the agent orange
More reasons to like Germany: when you find an original 1989 viynl of Agent Orange and it's mint condition and €24.
Me little westie dropping Agent Orange out his *** every 60 seconds has got me gagging..ffs.. :(
Recommend you look at this victim of Agent Orange - a weapon approved by the much loved in America President Kennedy.
Not in the slightest, I'll love Agent Orange till I am old and decrepit and beyond. Meant hardcore the genre.
If you, a veteran you know, or relative has suffered effects of Agent Orange, you need to watch story tonight …
Are you coming? 8/29 FFU FT Bam Margera & Agent Orange Performing as part of ICE Tickets here:
This needs fixing now - where is the ?? Straw: Agent Orange's blue water victims
If you don't know jack, here is your chance:) Just posted review .
My guns are bigger than a baby's arm with agent orange like i was raised in Nam. The bullets stay in your head like its your favorite song
Sure Agent Orange must be Tory plant to make the Left appear even more barmy?!
VA benefits office seeks all vets exposed to Agent Orange
Hey , happy labor dayAgent orange here , reporting from LA !
Agent Orange, DDT, GMOs... Monsanto's gifts that keep on giving.
thanks for follow and service. My Nam vet brother died last year some 40 + years after exposure to Agent Orange.
Agent Orange affecting children and grandchildren of Vietnam Vets
All children of Vietnam vets should order these shirts, whether your showing signs of Agent Orange of not. There...
Stop 12 (Aug-Sep 08) going to the cu chi tunnels, the obligatory stop at the Agent Orange craft works
Vietnam War's medical history to be rewritten to correct record on Agent Orange: The Australian War Memorial's…
FYI ::: Agent Orange was sprayed in north ontario 3 Decades, even after FED knew its harms: Half ppl i grew up w DEAD
A conversation had with double amputee Agent Orange victim on the devastation being caused by depleted uranium weapons
American Vietnam War veterans will be able to get compensation for exposure to Agent Orange. What about North Vietnam civvies & vets?
Agent Orange decision turns attention to blue water vets
Veterans who died of complications from exposure to Agent Orange get a memorial in Rockford.
Good Agent Orange article. VA waiting for vets to die = no $$$. I lived 68-70 in Sai-Gon & came w Agent Orange on my legs.
...And I bet the British have given even less veteran Agent Orange victims compensation from the Malayan Emergency
You can say that when Monsanto were made to pay $95 million 2 West Virginians 4 using Agent Orange 😈
Wyden, Merkley block VA nominee over Agent Orange exposure: Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., and S...
Isn't it ironic that Beau Biden gets an immediate military funeral with full honors while my Vietnam Vet husband who died from Agent Orange
On Memirial Day LOVME honors the life service and sacrifice of Richard Arthur Baker lost to Agent Orange in 2013.
3M: unlike Dow Chemical & Monsanto, we did not make napalm or Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Not our line of business.
Agent Orange was manufactured for the U.S. Department of Defense primarily by Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical.
What exactly did people expect from the creeps that gave the world Agent Orange during Vietnam? Health?
The US is becoming an important ally for Vietnam, but Agent Orange remains source of friction. htt…
Japan Times contributor Jon Mitchell is recognized for his investigative work on Agent Orange in the Foreign C...
MCC cow bank helps victims of Agent Orange in | Mennonite Central Committee Canada via
# of VA claims will climb 50% between '09 and '17 as veterans age and Agent Orange comes to light --secretary Robert McDon…
WATCH the Chilling Legacy of U.S. Chemical Warfare in Vietnam. Because of the spraying of Agent Orange, an...
Great post by A look at Agent Orange's third generation -
We're using Agent Orange cleanup as a pretext for fomenting regime change in Vietnam. Cheeky!
I guess she's never heard of shell shock or PTSD that soldiers suffer from or even some that had Agent Orange
Christina Nobel on saying Agent Orange still affects Vietnamese people over 50 yrs after war. More:
Say NO to Dow Chemical's use of Agent Orange & Dioxin on US GMO Corn 👎👎👎
that's supposed to be Agent Orange... *** I really need to sleep now
Agent Orange maker welcomed back to Vietnam to grow GMOs /gw
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How has no one made a combo tanning oil/exfoliating cream called "Agent Orange"
Agent Orange- The suffering in the generations of Vietnamese.
You mean zombie feral parrots and agent orange blossoms
pier Jack in pompano fought for his them and died of leukemia from agent orange a year later
Pat Hynes presents investigation on effects of Agent Orange on 3 generations of people and the environment at 4 p.m.
I just woke up and in my dream I was listening to Adam Ellis' Agent Orange.
House approves funding to help Vietnam dealing with issues related to via
When Netanyahu warns Congress that Iran is prepared to deploy Agent Orange, be prepared to see Speaker Boehner run for the …
Maybe there should be a human in and they have like, an apache helicopter loaded with agent orange rockets.
Reservists may get help for Agent Orange exposure effects
They insisted Agent Orange was safe: "no harmful effects of any kind on human or animal life.”
Here's another article on Agent Orange that briefly mentions Westover.
i can link him only 2 people connect the dots to 9/11 anthrax letters Iraq gulf oil rig fire and more
I help a kid with Agent Orange. Saigon 2015
It's the Wild Wild West (East) out there, both sides need some agent orange for their brain deficiencies
Vietnam during the agent orange strikes
In 1945, Roosevelt called 'Agent Orange' a "heinous chemical" & REFUSED to use it on Japan. ~ in 1961 knowing this JFK sent it to Vietnam.
50 years later, the Vietnamese are still coping with unexploded bombs and Agent Orange—An investigation w/
Oh, I forgot to mention this stuff is produced by the same company that gave us PCB's & Agent Orange & lots more .MONSANTO...
Nemtsov has never been a good politician. He is loser!
Today, finally, Agent Orange hugged me. . Today was a good day. . . cc
Agent Orange report comes after years of VA denials
My dad & uncle both died from what they said were Agent Orange causes.
He rather not bring it up, considering 3/4s of his friends died from Agent Orange
From the same people that gave us DDT & Agent Orange, yeah we should trust them !.
What a great plan to introduce GMO's to a country, nothing like fine tuning Agent Orange in your GMO today.
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usually don’t express my feelings, so when I do.. just know it’s real...
I feel like im alone even when i have people around
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This agent orange tastes like beef jerky...
“Weed so strong I swear to god you would think it's cologne dat agent orange 🔥
And Agent Orange via 50 years since Vietnam War began. This is what's left behind: h…
A Chance to Support Art in Mobile and Agent Orange Victims in Vietnam
And chemical industry defenders at time said Agent Orange was safe!? Lethal Legacy of the Vietnam War
On 50th anniversary of war, Agent Orange still kills & maims. Story by
Decades after the war, Vietnam deals with a deadly legacy: Agent Orange and unexploded ordnance.
I tuned in on the right time! My father was commanding officer in Nam till '73 passed away from Agent Orange
in a child of Agent Orange. Father was commanding officer in Vietnam until 73
One of the most crtical points about von Weizsäcker was him probably knowing about his then company helping Dow Chemical create Agent Orange
Think the government wouldn't hurt you think Agent Orange think Tuskegee airmen ask those men think Gulf War Syndrome
Daddy's name will be added to the National Vietnam Memorial Wall in . He died from Agent Orange.
Seeds of Fire, January 18 January 18, 1943: Beginning of the first phase of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. As Nazi forces prepare to ship more Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to extermination camps, Jewish resistance forces, organized in the Jewish Military Union and the Jewish Combat Organization, launch an insurgency. Numbering between 400 and 1000 fighters, they build fighting posts, engage German forces in combat, and execute collaborators. The second phase of the uprising begins on April 19, when German forces enter the Ghetto, and continues until early May, when the resistance is finally crushed. January 18, 1962: The U.S. military begins widespread spraying of herbicides in Vietnam in an effort to eliminate trees that provide cover for Vietnamese guerrillas. The U.S. ultimately drops more than 20 million gallons of defoliants, in violation of international treaties against using chemical weapons. Many of the herbicides, particularly Agent Orange, manufactured by Dow Chemical, Monsanto and others, cause bi ...
The Swift Boat putters slowly up the Mekong River on a moonless night. Alert Brown Water sailors peer out over the railing at the overgrown jungle hugging the riverbank. Agent Orange was sprayed on roughly 10% of South Vietnam’s area, from the Demilitarized Zone in the north, where it was used to deny cover to the enemy transporting supplies on the *** Chi Minh Trail, to the Mekong Delta in the south, where its use pushed North Vietnam Army (photo below) and Viet Cong forces back from the riverbank, greatly reducing their ability to ambush our patrol vessels. “As more and more Agent Orange was dropped, our patrol boat casualties began to drop significantly.” – Admiral Elmo Zumwalt Jr., “My Father, My Son,” 1986. The War The defoliation program in Vietnam started out small and nearly ended before it began, as the Department of Defense, the State Department, the White House and the Government of South Vietnam debated its efficacy. However, by the end of the herbicide program in 1971, nearly 20,0 ...
What the Batman comics don't tell you is that Wayne Enterprises made Agent Orange.
Tell and President to Stop Chemical’s "Agent Orange" Crops via
Bangor Daily News - Agent Orange may have affected Air Force workers after Vietnam
"Check out the 2015 Town Hall Meetings: Lucky me, Agent Orange drop site?
First show of 2015 and we get to open for punk rock legends Agent Orange. :)
and now Dow Chemical wants to use Agent Orange as a pesticide here in the US.
Agent-Orange-4Manufactured both by Dow Chemical and Monsanto (which makes everyone’s short list of the most evil corporations in the world), nearly everyone has heard of the defoliant Agent Orange. Used during the Vietnam War, both to kill the trees which provided cover for enemy soldiers, and to destroy crops in rural areas. Unfortunately, besides killing plants, the herbicide contained a chemical dioxin called TCDD, a known carcinogen which causes a vast increase in cancers for those exposed to it, particularly lymphomas. In addition, tens of thousands of Vietnamese children were either stillborn or riddled with birth defects, not limited to cleft palates, extra fingers and toes, and mental retardation. Vietnam remains terribly contaminated to this day.
Have you interviewed any mistresses of John Boehner AKA Agent Orange?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Today we remember Richard Griffin lost to Agent Orange in 2010.
Dow & Monsanto, makers of Agent Orange, Roundup & GE food, are the worlds' two most despicable corporate citizens
Agent Orange town hall in Portland will be nation's first in a veterans hospital -
..39,419 soldiers exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.". seriously wow United States way to treat your Armed Forces smh (2/2)
Agent Orange was in panama canal zone. My name is Sam Jones 856-979-486. I have prostate cancer and diabetes. They sprayed it all the time
Cornelius Ellis Griffin served in the WWII and the Korean War. He was my grandfather and I am proud of his service. His son James O. Churchill was drafted and served as a Sargent in Vietnam. He was awarded a Purple Heart. Years later he was diagnosed with Agent Orange and died from Cancer. Freedom is not free. He was my uncle and I am proud of his sacrifice. Thank you men and women of all five branches of the Armed Forces.
Milton Fleming had his papers to go to Vietnam, but his First Sgt tore up his papers because Milton was needed at Fort Hood to be a Weapons Demonstrator. He was and is a county boy. Later he worked in the mail room. His brother Russell Fleming flew a helicopter in Vietnam..shot down 13 times and survived. He has been in poor health recently due to Agent Orange and cancer treatment so many years ago.
We have discovered that one of the chemicals listed on the VA Training Letter 10-04 on page 4 is the chemical 2,3,7,8 which is an agent orange by product. If anyone suffering from any diseases listed on the agent orange list below please let us know so we may direct you to individuals that can assist with your claims. Please spread the word. Thank you to Mr. Kerry Baker for bringing awareness to this issue. We will be taking this to our legislators to work on the next piece of legislative action.
VETERANS HAVE DEALT WITH AGENT ORANGE POISONING ... THIS IS WHAT MONSANTO IS NOW USING IN THEIR CROPS TO GROW FOOD FOR THE MASSES... IT IS SO SHAMEFUL... Happy Veteran's Day and praying for respect dignity and support for all the Veterans who have been dishonoured by our Governments
“The marginalized voices of affected by Agent Orange, watch
Memories of Jack Peckett, Major, USArmy (Ret.) Vietnam Veteran, died of complications from exposure to Agent Orange
Vietnam Veterans contend with deadly maladies caused by exposure to Agent Orange. Decades later, the U.S. government has, at times, been unresponsive to their needs.
Oh wow :( My dad wasn't exposed to agent orange but was paralysed, was able to walk but is now struggling to move
Happy Veterans Day to all those who has served. Special recognition to my uncle Alan Hewitt who served in Vietnam and was awarded the purple heart and silver star who died of cancer do to exposure to agent orange. And to Lt. David Wright who trained BJJ at my school (Titan Martial Arts) and was killed in action in Afghanistan 5 yrs ago this September. May they and all military service men and women who lost their lives in battle RIP.
Not to mention the ones who returned with Agent Orange in their bodies and suffered for years and those that returned without limbs.
To my veteran friends and family, I love you. I will not say Happy Veterans day because war is not happy and neither is the cost of it during or after. I'm sorry that you were used and left. Recently we lost the most beautiful soul I've ever known, Tyler Namaste, Rest in Power. War gave him the moral trauma he needed to switch sides completely and be a soldier for the Earth and for love, and it also took him. I have friends who are dying from cancer caused by the effects Agent Orange used in the Vietnam War. I honor you all and respect you. Thank you for switching sides.
I want to personally thank each and everyone of you , for serving !! You have made many sacrifices. I pray for those of you who suffer from Agent Orange effects.. I also pray the Gov't handling of this side effect of the Vietnam War becomes BETTER and you all get the help you so richly deserve...You are all my Heroes !!!
Thinking about my dad today! My dad was a Veteran! He was in the army from 1948 to 1950! And apparently he knew how to keep a secret! He was stationed in Hawaii and then sent to quadalcanal to fight for the Islands (forgot the name of these Islands now cause they keep changing the name) but it was a little war after world war 2 and righ before korean war ,that know one is supposed to know about! I found pictures and like on the back it says a friends name "body shipped back to Hawaii "! I found a plaque that was given to my dad by US Army about serving our country during a time of conflict! As for those Islands there were a few countries fighting for them incuding Australia who was already spraying agent orange all over! But I guess the agent orange didn't work cause nobody won cause majority of soldiers ended up too sick with malaria! I did alot of research and all my fathers symtoms which was trying to see if they could of been radiation but he was never stationed anywhere that they were experimenting w ...
Tough assignment: war is heartbreak for all. 40 years later, legacy of continues to destroy lives.
In honor of Veteran's Day, I stopped by and let Landon speak with a Veteran after school. He severed in Germany on a bomber squadron. He explained to Landon the meaning of "All Gave Some and Some Gave All". He then went inside and brought out one of his hats and gave it to him. He said, "Although this is not the same hat, my best friend gave me a hat also, just before he past away as a result of Agent Orange. Landon shook his hand and thanked him for his service and the hat. That's what Veterans Day means to me. Landon also asked me after school, "Daddy is Mr. Tony Boland in the Air Force or Navy Seals?" In honor of Veterans Day, I let the opportunity pass and told him the Air Force. I also, told him Mr. Tony and his family sacrifice a lot in order for him to help serve our country.
I would like to give a blessed, and grateful thank you to my father and uncles who have served this country for many years. Who have been sprayed with agent orange and lost mental and physical capabilities. Your sacrifice is not forgotten or ignored and I hope other people remember this when there being hateful and unreasonable not just once out of the year. Salute
Sharing Bo's ( Pierce B Tidwell Jr) remarks about one of our class mates at GHS:Larry graduated from GHS with our Class of '67. He was a class favorite and had a ready smile every day. Although he survived Viet Nam, he died in 1994 after battling the effects of Agent Orange that our own military sprayed on him and his buddies during the war. A fine young man, gone too soon...
May God bless our VETERANS today and every day. One of my uncles (whom I never got to meet of course) died on a ship in the Pacific during WWII and years after having been exposed to agent orange in Vietnam, a favorite cousin died. I am humbled by how much our veterans sacrifice for us.
Early in 1968 my dad was stationed in fort Carson Colorado unloading body bags coming home after the tet offensive in Vietnam. A few months later he was in country. He was poisoned everyday in Vietnam with agent orange. He told me sometimes it would fall like rain. In his second tour he hit a land mine in his 548 half track. The guys with him died. He sustained injuries to his ear drums and the war was over for him. We miss you dad, thank you for your service. My families American hero:)
As a retired and former employee of The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, I would see men and women that have or are presently serving our Armed Forces. Some were: maimed, blind, diagnosed with agent orange, PTSD, and so many other illnesses/sicknesses as a result of war. I praise and thank God for all of you and your lives. Thank you for protecting us from behind enemy lines. Thank you for sacrificing your families, careers, resources and lives for our great nation, The United States of America. May God forever grant all of you and your families His Grace, Mercy and Peace, both NOW and FOREVER.GOOD DAY FBF.
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