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Agent Coulson

Phil Coulson is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which crosses over several Marvel Studios superhero films.

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With almost gone as pres. will agent Coulson be safe?
So far The West Wing has had Nala, Ruth Jamieson, and Agent Coulson as guest stars.
"No Agent Morse didn't break anything and neither of you are in trouble this week." [Coulson gave a slight glare then ~>
People say this figure is Agent Phil Coulson, because it looks just like him. The finds that stat…
"A skull on fire creates a pretty compelling argument for hail Satan" . God *** I love Agent Coulson.
is that a young Agent Coulson on Will and Grace?!
Just started watching series. I adore it! Have a huge crush on Agent Coulson too. He makes this series so good ❤️
Little known fact: In the original cut of The Avengers, Joss Whedon had Agent Coulson killed by an amorous rhino. Weird.
All built and very impressed with the Agent Coulson Minifigure. have done a great job yet again.
One of my favourite pics: Agent Coulson lives. (My novel).
("You know I've always got a sweet tooth, sir," Clint had stated easily in conversation with Agent Coulson upon being -
Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D... Let's get you a lanyard!
Finally a set with Agent Coulson and Lola.
Current theory: Koko's not dead. pulled an Agent Coulson on us.
calling it right now. will be united by the death of Claire, Dawson's Night Nurse, like Agent Coulson in the Avengers.
++slowly inserting the needle in Chandler's skin again, and again to cover the wound. Joey's talking to Agent Coulson ++
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Remember in the first Thor movie where Thor referred to Agent Coulson as "Son of Coul"? As a reference to the way Norseman are named.
Doesn't anyone remember Tony Stark's line when Agent Coulson called him saying he needed to talk?
"on L.M.D.s, Coulson and May Romance Troubles, and Season 5 Pickup Odds"
{he rubs the back of his neck} Yeah.. Agent Coulson has one.. but that was more my father's job than mine..
YOU'RE FINE YOU'RE FINE WALK IT OFF i hope you're the next shield agent coulson adopts
That translator man looks like Agent of Shield's Phil Coulson
Agent Coulson and I are watching last nights episode, I think he likes it!
Rewatching West Wing & every time I see Agent Casper my brain goes "SHIELD assigned Agent Coulson to the FBI?"
Agent Coulson, aka Clark Gregg, made it official on my Shield badge.
Finally, a Lego Agent Coulson to add to my SHIELD team!!
Hand: Coulson is Hydra. Simmons: No, there is no way. Message on wall: Ward is Hydra. Simmons: Of course!. Great consisten…
"Yeah, you're dunk on power. Or drunk on your own Kool-Aid. Or drunk on PowerAde, I dunno.". - Agent Coulson
How can you build an awesome team? . Becoming The Agent Coulson Of Team Building by
said, dramatically, as a joke. Leon's time with SHIELD was clocking almost 15 years, since Coulson found him as an scared -
Agent Coulson is the star in this light show. . .
Agent Coulson is probably the biggest Mary Sue I can think of. OC, everyone's best friend, implausibly important...
Flag life. This is Agent Coulson. He's got my back,I'd advise U to use him as a human shield he's been stabbed by a…
"Good. Agent Coulson shall take care of the damage. He always takes care the damages caused by me."
So far, no Wanda. Did she join later in the show or something? I want more Wanda, not agent coulson. Wanda!
pillow case, did you bite your lip?" Agent Coulson approached her slowly, "Its more than okay, Kelsey. No harm we will +
"Sorry, I apologiuze," he chuckles again nervously, "I half expected it to be hollow and echo as I knocked." Agent Coulson+
Coulson without thinking. The Agent's eyes widened, and he quickly shook Bucky's hand, "Wow, this, this is amazing," he +
He raised to his feet as he heard the knock on the door, and walked towards the small dining area as Agent Coulson entered+
-A gentle knock was heard on the door. Agent Coulson cleared his throat. "It's me. I have some bandages, pain pills, apple -
back up at Coulson, "Apple pie and bandages, coming right up. I'll meet you at your room," and with that the Agent turned+
Bucky stopped walking as he heard the concern in Agent Coulson's voice. "Some bandages would be nice, she's not healing +
Kelsey just passed out asleep in his arms as he yelled. She was exhausted and finally off her poor legs. Agent Coulson-
towards their room. Agent Coulson tried to stop Bucky in the hall to ask him a question, but he kept walking.
how crazy is it that Baby is now married to Agent Coulson
─ a trustworthy Agent that'd be close to Coulson, and ... . "I sighted her. Thanks Natasha.." . Muttered Steve into his ─
now Agent Coulson from the avengers is playing an FBI agent!
That's my Marvel movie idea, except it's Agent Coulson and Trevor Slattery.
Tell me why Agent Phil Coulson is in a lifetime movie looking for a lost dog?
The framing of the scene involving 10k's death reminded me of scene about the death of Agent Coulson.
he hoped that, in time, Coulson can return to his position. No one deserved that more than him. "Who knows...maybe he even-
"Clint, this is Leon." I took the mans name. "He works with Coulson's team, he's a good guy."
--the road. "We managed to arrive near Yellowstone," he said. Seconds later, he hears Agent Coulson on the comms. "We're--
Pretty sure me and agent coulson are the same person because boy do we share the same obsession with Captain America
{« possible. She had already failed once when Skye, Bucky's co-leader, went with Agent Coulson to investigate him, and she »
Why does this gif look like baby Agent Coulson, though?
him, Phil was better than Fury, and specially more ethical, with less secrets flowing around. But, it was Coulson's own -
nodded at her, with a hint of sadness. He also thought that no one could be a better director for SHIELD than Coulson. To -
Picking a favorite Agent Coulson moment is like picking a favorite cartoon!
Oh my lord. Agent Phil Coulson was a serial rapist/murderer on The Shield.
who thinks Agent Coulson off is hot.
yes. And in a camp remake Jenny would be Agent May and I'd be Coulson.
Oh, that'd be Bill Clinton on the phone as Agent Coulson, btw.
Is it just me or does Paul Begala look like Agent Coulson?
--became the new Director and Coulson was back to being an Agent".
I choose to believe that Clark Gregg's FBI agent in The West Wing is actually an undercover Coulson.
How will Captain America react when he gets to know Agent Coulson isn't dead?🤔😱 I need to know!🤓😂
from some issues that maybe similar to what agent coulson has to confront.given the fact that the last time we saw he was dead."-Clark Gregg
Anyways can't wait to see Fitz and Simmons again. And agent May and Coulson :D
1: chose Agent Coulson a sour fantasy team member for newsletter. What would you say is his biggest passion?
I could hear Agent Coulson's squee of delight
Marvel Agent Coulson… ($7) is on sale on Mercari, check it out!
"Yeah...a bubble would be nice. You can do this?" Coulson asked while Daisy was starting to use her powers. It was like -
Coulson shrugged: "We didn't come prepared to transport an specimen. I...uh...can you isolate and hold?" -
"Any one of the infected. We need to know how they've done this." Coulson said, with a serious look. When the armed men -
a bad thing at the time, but he couldn't avoid it. "Wanda, could you lift a body, to the plane?" Coulson asked.
Coulson looked at Wanda, not so sure about her plea, but he answered with a nod: "Okay. But don't leave the plane. -
Anyone else think DB Cooper might just be Agent Coulson from SHIELD?
Agent Coulson is still Cap's biggest fan...
don't forget Phil Coulson. Or Daniel Sousa. Or Mr Jarvis (circa Agent Carter not Iron Man). Gents all, and all on my 😍 list
Moving from Find a friend in the area you're to.
(Wanda, Coulson and the backup team are on the plane. Leon, Daisy, Yoyo and Piers are on the ground.)
Is there a list of the items in Agent Coulson's office?
you'd appreciate this, I just remade the Hamilton/Alexander Hamilton song for Agent Coulson of SHIELD/Marvel. I'm dying
trusted him. "Everything happens from a reason". Coulson was a smart *** that's true, Leon thought to himself. -
they meant to say Ghost Writer. He's going to write a novel with Agent Coulson
If they were smart, they would!By the way,is Jasper Sitwell yours?Cause if he is, I think they tweaked him into Agent Coulson!
Any agent above Level 7 is down here at Coulson would disapprove of you not being here.
Daisy couldn't help but laugh at his words, nodding slightly. "Yeah... yeah you are. But that's totally okay. Coulson is a -
could you please locate Agent Coulson?" Friday gave me your location and I opened the door slowly but didn't turn on (2/3)
I wonder how atheist Agent Coulson will deal with Ghost Rider's ties to the biblical ***
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📷 Nerdy Fact Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson was not intended to reappear in the Marvel Cinematic...
Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) really wants to work with Iron Fist, but pretty much confirms its impossible cus of Netflix v ABC.
Groot is pretty moe, so is Hawkeye's family, Agent Coulson fanboying Cap, Black Widow teasing Bruce Banner.
I do not like seeing Agent Coulson killed even though I know about T.A.H.I.T.I. It's a magical place!
Agent Coulson please stop fanboying over Captain America
LRT: Agent Coulson expresses what's in my heart, tbh.
Agent Coulson and Cap are my favorite Marvel relationship
agent coulson seems like a great choice for a stabilizing presence for Carol Danvers w/newly found powers
Best part of this might be typo outing Agent Coulson as a wizard! Dai stiho, Agent Cousin
Agent Coulson, I am going to have to ask you to step away from the statue...
I've been one of the proponents of an Agent Coulson spin-off since the first Iron Man and love Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but I still want more.
Lol I just be Agent Coulson...lemme call in the Trolligers. 😂😂😂
A voice appeared behind them, as a man in a suit stepped in: "It's nice that you're with us, Maximoff. I'm Phil Coulson -
Crisis averted! Hour four of Cosplay Agent Coulson walking with a sense of purpose!
You guys, I'm worried about Cosplay Agent Coulson. Forty minutes since last sighting.
Update your maps at Navteq
I thought that was agent coulson for a minute. Lol.
Cosplay Agent Coulson cannot be swayed from his mission unless he finds litter. Cosplay Agent Coulson can't abide litter.
Cosplay Agent Coulson has an agenda at Comic Con and he won't stop power walking until he's found it.
Hour three of cosplay Agent Coulson walking with a sense of purpose.
. Agent Coulson clearly happy to see Cap!
Agent Coulson clearly happy to see Cap!
Wow, so Agent Coulson has been appointed Secretary of State for Business? Oh hold on, Greg Clark, not Clark Gregg...
Skye... :( What is up between Agent Coulson and Agent May???
"Calm down General you'll pull something." - Agent Coulson
Going to Germany for my first time this weekend!! See you soon Hannover! 🍻🇩🇪
& FOLLOW to win this glossy page feat. Grant Ward's debut SIGNED by htt…
It's tough hanging out with these guys.
Lol we all agreed on this the first time we saw Agent Coulson. This is old news.
Agent Phil Coulson with S.H.I.E.L.D. We'd like to ask you a few questions, take a look around.
How Infinity War ends:. Thanos: Now, I shall rule all!. Coulson: I just made a call. The Cavalry is on the way. *Agent May appears, wins*
oml do you know who non of us thought about when it came out Captain America was with HYDRA?. Poor Agent Phil Coulson.
I've been in a bit of a creative slump lately so here's an old piece of Agent Coulson from ht…
She's a real knockout and over 113k people agree we need more h…
has changed the lives of many people. Tell us your story.
29th of May= 29th drawing of the one and only Agent May! 😊 .
Amazing ring from this wonderful man! Thank you Ari and. What's Your Passion Jewelry! Love it!!
Thank you, for the very cool skull cuff! Love it! ☠👏👍
.We're working on something and wanted to know, how do you say "I know my value" in German?
I updated it. (I have an addiction to those fake badges!)
you may have to check with Agent Coulson with his collection
The Captain is my hero but he never worked under me like you and Barton did so you're my favourite agent that way. ++
Thank you agent Hill. *Frowns* He did what? They took me forever to collect and they were still in mint condition. *Curses*
Oh. Agent Coulson must be heart broken!
Saw Clark Gregg aka SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson in Santa Monica at Shop House yesterday. Actors have been showing up to the places I eat. 🔥🔥🔥
You have my deepest condolences Agent Coulson 😓
For Phil Coulson, learning that Captain America is a Hydra agent must be more painful than an Asgardian spear through the heart.
I didn't know agent Coulson moonlighted as a greeting cards guy...
My gift to you!agent Coulson is alive, 2 grade a scientists working with him call ABC just say'n
Got my bins all nicely personalised
I don't want to see a world without Agent Daisy Johnson.
Okay...channeling Britney and PanAm with Toxic...getting a side of Agent Coulson not normally seen...
What a day we've had, agents! Lets do something good with all this news from today. Goodnight for now! ht…
There is plenty of content in Any word on submissions? http…
my babe protecting his babe I'm emo
.SO MUCH love at Orlando Thank U 2 all my 4 partying w/ me! I cherish you all to p…
Don't be a dummy rob! It's the same idea as Agent Coulson; Danse's first name is "Paladin". Source: Tony Stark
.President Bartlet must have felt pretty safe with Agent Coulson on his staff
AGENT COULSON AND AGENT CARTER ON LIP SYNC BATTLE. hey big guy are you down for a little party-crashing??
Well, if it ain't Agent Coulson herself. I guess the ragtag bunch of misfits grew up, eh?
Lol. If only everyone knew that Agent Phil Coulson is alive. 😂
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I’m very uncomfortable with Agent Coulson’s blue collar Mr. Rogers ensemble in this episode. I can’t believe anything he says in that getup.
I must have Chris Redfield vs Agent Coulson on the big screen.
Bit miffed that Agent Coulson wasn't listed. Started out onscreen, but still...he should be
"He will loose his tongue. But, thank you. Agent Coulson."
-- here?. "Agent Coulson," he chimes with a smile, looking from him to his trainee again. "There's a car down there that can --
need to Cameo in 3. When they find out Agent Coulson is still alive. Then there is potential for Show . cross-overs
. “Agent Phil Coulson. Clearance level six. Pleasure to meet you, Agent.”
yeah sure. Someone has a thing for Mr. America or Mr. Man? :3. His first name is Captain, like Coulson's name is Agent.
FBI Agent Casper was assigned to a new division & given a code name by Bartlet - Agt Phil Coulson of SHIELD
Yes!! Next week is the episode I have been waiting for!! vs. Hayley Atwell. Director Coulson takes on Agent Carter
Anybody else think that Agent Coulson was probably super hot when he was younger? Anyone? Just me?
Yas! . To go with my agent coulson, agent may, and directer coulson and Lola!
it's the same Marvel universe but it's about Agent Coulson's team of agents
I have an Agent Coulson but he's at my Mom's house and I haven't been there in a year.sigh.
I actually have 3 Coulson Pops … 2 Agent ones and Director Coulson with Lola.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
One agent took down the entire SHIELD team (minus Daisy and Lincolin). This is not OK, Coulson.
My Coulson and Agent May need company. Looks great!
I think Coulson will stay exactly the *** he seems to be.
Coulson and let him know what happened?"
Would be awesome if we saw a certain Agent Coulson turn up!
Agent Coulson sounds exactly like Patrick Dempsey and it's very weird.
Paul Rudd is me. Agent Coulson is me.
So why isn't Agent Coulson in That's a tad bit infuriating.
- an answer to "Three weeks ago, sir. Agent Coulson contacted me I believe a week ago on the topic..."
in another pic/gif you saw him as team cap😂 So guess he is a fanboy like Agent Coulson is😂
More donations with this great signed and worn tie from Agent Coulson
"I know aren't a hugger, but thank you and I'm sorry.I tell Coulson you got away."
/Quick someone find me a Coulson account I have a really good SL and I need him!/
how many decades will pass before the avengers find out that Agent Coulson is still alive?
Pretty much my FAVORITE "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." scene: "Agent Ward and Coulson try and use the holotable."
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Agent Phil Coulson from Marvels: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is coming to my rescue :D
Tired but just read a fic where Agent Coulson & Ianto Jones Know each other. It was fantastic!! I think I'll end my night w/ that & head2bed
Joel Grey's 'Master of Ceremonies: A Memoir'. Did not know Agent Coulson (AKA is his son-in-law.
Me gustó un video de Clark Greg - Agent Coulson of SHIELD talks about Action Figures Funko POP Vinyl
Hello, Agent Tempest. You have a friend here. *Phil extends his hand.* Hello there I'm Phil Coulson and +
Agent Coulson wants Marvel to make a Black Widow movie. Do you?
Britta and agent Coulson are the cutest
. Natasha had been urgently pulled out of a debriefing session by Agent Coulson, telling her that she needed --
Agent May, buying cart for her baby and Coulson.
"If you attempt to leave, I will taze you and watch Supernanny while you drool into the carpet." - Agent Phil Coulson, Iron Man 2
"Dont be I had father figures Jarvis Vision Cap, sometimes Agent coulson."
is the agent Coulson of assassins creed games it honers past games and sets up 4 Edward and Shay
COOLEST FACT: ferris bueller's sister is married irl to AGENT COULSON
[+ Director Coulson? Are you his agent? Is he alive?" There are tons of questions that kept on coming out from his +
+ "Agent Morse? Good luck out there.". Coulson stated as she sensed that she was being dismissed. "Director Coulson?" +. 《
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Confirmation that Fury would do anything to bring back Agent Coulson
Will agent Coulson ever make a return to the avengers movies?
Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson) believes that the INHUMANS movie will be independent of the Agents of...
-one of the more well known agent's son, Will Coulson. He already knew where his office was. He had memorised a blueprint of the school, -
Agent Coulson himself - - feels there will be little interaction between the TV and film
Agent Coulson is the Felicity Smoak of Marvel television
This is literally what happened to Agent Phil Coulson
This, Agent Coulson, is why you are Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
unfortunately no Agent Melinda or Coulson found
Agent Carter has reported in! Coulson and May are stuck in traffic.
“Yeah, I'm working with Mockingbird and Agent Coulson. We're trying to stop this organization calling themselves the-
. "Agent May finally looks at Agent Fitz and truly sees him for the first time. 'Coulson will never know'"
Agent Coulson is right, per usual. Where is my Black Widow movie? (h/t
i miss him too. Loved trip. Coulson lost a great agent. 😎👍
*ignores your yelling, and roll my shoulders.* Well if you don't believe me ask Agent May, or Coulson or Rogue herself.
Well you know I'll be there! Agent Coulson one day, not sure about the other.
Started on Making a Murderer and it occurred to me that Agent of SHIELD, Phil Coulson, was born in Manitowoc. It's all falling into place...
Agent Coulson fan-boying at Capt. America is practically me for Capt. America
girly-critique: If Jason is Captain America and Leo is Iron Man, then Magnus is Agent Coulson.
So glad to hear that we'll be seeing Agent Coulson and Agent Carter! Super excited for this adventure!
Agent Coulson just said "booyah" and it made me far happier than it should have.
My headcanon is that West Wing character is just Agent Coulson undercover as the White House SHIELD liaison.
Agent Coulson and Peggy Carter to appear on LIP SYNC BATTLE!. Who else watches this show? I personally loved it
does Agent Coulson know my mother?. does he have any concern at all for her whatsoever?. how about Clark Gregg?. is he a hater?
I would love to see an Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) drawing! And any of the Agents of SHIELD characters and Once Upon A Time
Enjoying an episode of West Wing with & Who knew Agent Coulson worked for President Bartlett?
Watching Clear and Present Danger and thought I saw Agent Coulson ( ). Turns out I did see him.
I hope we see cameos from Agent Coulson, Daisy Johnson and Matthew Murdock in It'd be freaking awesome!!
My wish list contains Agent Coulson and Netflix Daredevil! Fine, Dipper and Mable Pines!
Agent Mike Casper = Agent Coulson. And now I just want to see Captain America talking to Jed Bartlet and it’s good I don’t write fanfic.
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will there be a one armed Agent Coulson in light of the finale?
So, I'm learning from agent coulson, he is patience and smiley, and doesn't talk with a loud angry voice when he is angry. 😊👍
Going through a really bad case of Agent Coulson
"Agent May has her own means of relaxation Director Coulson."
He used to be a SHIELD agent but switched sides to HYDRA. I have no idea where he stands now but he might have Coulson.
--Agent Coulson is standing with a woman, presumably a team member, the two of them appearing to be undercover as a couple--
Why does the Just Cause guy have Agent Coulson's car?
Might be just the task for you, Agent Coulson. I've heard she's got a soft spot for you through the grapevine.
*Lincoln had just completed a mission Coulson had assigned a month ago. He was beaten and bruised and exhausted.+
Some people are better in small doses - Agent Coulson
"I'm gonna make somebody pay, no matter who it is!" - Agent Coulson
Agent Coulson is also in New Adventures of Old Christine. Whoa. This is weird.
really were? This show is basically about agent coulson and all the other people that play apart in
Favorite movie quotes of all time:. Agent Coulson: "If you do anything, I will tase you and watch SuperNanny as you drool into the carpet."
- I'm the Director, this is basically my agency, and you don't have to expect anything, Agent Coulson. Now excuse me, I -
just put him in that machine that brought Agent Coulson back to life
I do love Agent Coulson he's v funny
Literally just had an enormous flood of relief because S.H.I.E.L.D has a way to bring Pietro (quicksilver) back to life like Agent Coulson
That's because you've ever been the wide-eyed optimist, Agent Coulson.
No I said you’re not an attractive HYDRA agent, Ask Coulson! He’ll tell you!
I didn't know I needed to consult CSI experts to do. Maybe he did the agent Coulson stuff from Marvel.
"I'm really starting to wish I hadn't eaten that hot pocket" -agent coulson while sitting on his plane that's catching on fire and falling
"Welcome to level 7.Sorry that corner was really dark and I couldn't help myself.I think there is a bulb out.---Agent Coulson
The fun part of that pic was that the poster GAVE NO LOVE for there & just you. The dude's Agent F'ing Coulson!
*swoon* Maybe Castle needs to follow Agent Coulson for a little while.
Unpopular opinion: agent coulson is my favorite avenger
The best character ever - Agent Coulson. The only reason I watch
fandom,do what the Avengers fandom did w/Agent Coulson.We DO NOT accept the death of
I only have 1 pop funko and that's the agent Coulson one. I need more lol
I need one! Heck I need pop funko plus many others. Only have one. The Agent Coulson one lol
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Agent Coulson. We have an exit strategy.
His voice shook slightly, but he caught it. "Perhaps, Agent Coulson or Professor Xavier can help you."
Reading Deadpool I now want to play Settlers of Attilan with Agent Coulson!
{He releases a small laugh of amusement at one of the questions.} Agent Coulson, I am always restless. Did they not tell —
God I love . Having my show written by the guys who invented Agent Coulson is an amazing honor.
But Coulson is an older agent. He named his car 'Lola'.
Do The Avengers ever find out that Agent Coulson is still alive?
My champagne is being guarded by Agent Coulson. In safe hands
Agent Coulson, you might not want to go near that trailer unless you have a gun and good insurance.
Remember when we thought Agent Coulson is dead and then AoS happened? Great time
do you have any Agent Coulson stress relieving tips? Surely the director of SHIELD must get a little stressed.
line I took a breath and met Bullock's wary eyes. "Agent Coulson. this is Detective Jim Gordon from GCPD, I am sure you+
I saw Coulson , May and I think it says something about Agent Carter and Quake.
he's my favorite superhero Loki is my favorite villain Coulson is my favorite shield agent
"Right, Agent Coulson. He's mentioned a lot in the initial reports for the Avengers Initiative." Pepper recalled, nodding.
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Too bad; I remember quite liking it. Written by Clark Gregg, whom we'd later get to know as Agent Coulson, may I add.
Taking care of business at Agent Coulson's desk. Full interview with Clark Gregg and Ming-Na will be posted on the …
Agent Coulson on AoS could be a LMD, not the real Phil. And the real Phil could have still been dead on AVENGERS. Problem solved
Boom! The first appearance of Agent Coulson himself. owned even then. Beware Phil, has it out fer ya.
Jarvis: Sir, Agent Coulson of SHIELD is on the line. Tony Stark: I'm not in. I'm actually out.
Yup, starring Sam Rockwell and directed by Agent Coulson
My brother named Sam made a new joke here it is . Agent Coulson: do you even work out . Tony Stark: um yes I run man . Brilliant
If in Sam Waterston starts talking with Agent Coulson in a bar across the street, I'm going to throw things.
Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D was never in the comics. 5 Iconic Pop Culture Moments That Weren't in the Original -
- Hello Agent Mike -If I knew Agent Coulson was having the bathroom retiled I would have him do writer's lounge they need it.
My favorite scene in Iron Man 1 was when Agent Coulson (played by Clark Gregg) had a ten minute voiceover monologue about being heterosexual
So…does anyone want to talk about how Clark Gregg (aka Agent Coulson) guest starred on The West Wing?...
so my only regret from that day is I didnt get a picture with Clark Gregg aka Agent Coulson of…
Instead of posting 3 really boring positives I am going to provide 3 useless factoids: 1. Kylie Minogue was the first person to record Cheryl's Crazy Stupid Love 2. David Sneddon of Fame Academy fame wrote Lana Del Ray's National Anthem (I Knooow 😱) 3. Agent Coulson is married to Baby from Dirty Dancing (this is possibly my fave fact ever) Enjoy 😁😁😁
Rico Rodriguez: With the nicest guy ever, Thanks for the picture. I’m a huge fan of Agent Coulson.…
Photo: Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg?) in The West Wing season 2, as an FBI Agent.
RE: that picture of Obama laughing while Rick Perry scowls. Why is Agent Coulson on Rick Perry's side of the table?
Lego Marvel Superheroes has Stan Lee as a minifig. Voiced by the man himself! Cooler than Clark Gregg voicing Agent Coulson!!!
Today at work I saw a little kid make Agent Coulson cry. (Clark Gregg was doing a talk about his new movie when a kid asked him "Did you have any idea that Agent Coulson would become one of the most legendary Marvel characters of all time?" and Clark just lost it. Took him a minute to collect himself and answer. He also stayed for an extra hour to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone who wanted one. Total class act. Stand up dude.)
No more secrets! Today Reddit readers got an Ask Me Anything with actor (and writer and director) Clark Gregg, aka Agent Coulson of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who's promoting his new movie "Trust Me." more [ 14 more words. ]
Catch-up time... Choke (6/1/14), USA, 2008, D: Clark Gregg First-time director Clark Gregg (Marvel’s Agent Coulson) adapts the novel by Chuck Palahniuk and in the process *** all the life and humor from the story. A black comedy about a sex addict (Sam Rockwell, whose stellar performance can’t save the movie), who fakes choking in restaurants as a means of income, the story loses all momentum in flashback scenes to his youth (it doesn’t help that Gregg decides to cue the flashback scenes with Sam getting a faraway look in his eyes). And there is entirely too much reliance on the dreaded (for me, at least) voiceover narration throughout the film. Sarah’s Key (5/18/14), France, 2010, D: Gilles Paquet-Brenner This film focuses on Germany-occupied France in WW2 and the roundup of the Jewish community by the French government. The WW2 scenes were better crafted and acted than the companion storyline in present day (with Kristen Scott Thomas as a journalist researching the story). Mélusine Mayance, w . ...
*takes the cup, smiling back* Thank you, Agent Coulson. I appreciate your patience.
*thinks about it, then nods* Thank you, Agent Coulson. I appreciate this.
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