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Aga Khan

Aga Khan (also transliterated as Aqa Khan and Agha Khan) is said by author Farhad Daftary to be the hereditary title of the Imam of the Nizari Ismaili community (although in a legal proceeding, the Aga Khan III noted that Aga Khan is not a title, but instead a sort of alias or pet name that was given to the Aga Khan I when he was a young man).

Aga Khan Hospital Aga Khan Museum Aga Khan Award Aga Khan University Aga Khan Foundation Aga Khan Academy Aga Khan Palace Moi Avenue Albert Einstein Aga Khan Trust Aga Khan Development Network

Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu set for Sh1.4b expansion
Aga Khan Hospital courts trouble as its resident doctors openly question the slave-like working conditions at the facility…
Justin should not have accepted. Freebies from the Aga Khan, who in the past have received tens of millions from Harper, conflict of interes
Come through this Saturday and support this great cause. Mum Yasmin needs Ks30m to go for treatment at Aga Khan ***
The standards at Aga Khan, Nairobi hospital will rival Knh very soon. That's what health CS wants to justify privatization
Visit the website of every good hospital you've heard of. . Aga Khan, SKMCH, Shifa etc. are good options, in Pakistan that is.
At the Aga Khan Palace in Pune paying homage to two great patriots, Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai
Checked in to Aga Khan Hospital. 20 comments: Are you okay dear?. One comment: Are you dying ? 😂😂😂
As a secular Deist conservative, I don't join the acclaim accorded the Aga Khan and the Dali Lama owing to the fact they are theocrats.
somehow, I think visiting Aga Khan's Bahamian Island is much less evil than joining the Bohemian Club.
Speech by Stephen Harper. On the Occasion of the Aga Khan's Address to the Parliament of Canada
Not sure why this is newsworthy- former PM Harper quite pleased with his relationship to Aga Khan:
along Moi Avenue opp, Ambassador, and at Aga Khan parking I think on Saturdays
On the Aga Khan's 80th birthday, we salute his tremendous efforts to help the most vulnerable:
Incredible article, mesmerizing photos. My respect for Prince Karim Aga Khan's community and teachings is...
Visiting the very inspiring Aga Khan Academy in Achieving amazing results and developi…
Smart girls love Science. Poa! Meeting with the community outreach of Aga Khan Academy
You will be surprised the best projects from sub continent for Aga Khan Awards are always from Bangladesh.
Arqana August: Willie Mullins will train Chelkar from the Aga Khan Studs' draft, after Harold Kirk signed at €160,0…
It was a pleasure to welcome Prince Amyn Aga Khan at exhibition at the Sharjah Art Museum (First photo s…
Mawlana Hazar Imam hosts Aga Khan Award for Architecture dinner and concert at Ismaili…
The highlight of the evening was a rare musical encounter featuring Aga Khan Music Initiative's leading artists...
Together with the team at Aga Khan Foundation in Gujarat preparing for our visit to the fields tomorrow.…
Have you visited the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto yet? Enjoy Islamic arts, artifacts and cultural programs…
Visit the Aga Khan musuem in Toronto & enjoy many cultural shows.…
Please read this blog. This is some report of work am doing with support of Aga Khan University
latest jobs in The Aga Khan University karachi 2016.
jobs in The Aga Khan University karachi pakistan 2016.
AgaKhanHospital # dear Aga Khan the hospital service is ok but this one you have scored zero on my card.
AgaKhanHospital # if I was just within kiambu I would be sad. But now having come all the way from Utawala to Aga Khan Kiambu for results
If possible please please keep watch on AGA KHAN's all offices and all religious place like JAMATKHANA etc, and try find wrong.
spent the whole night in aga khan. Close friends got involved in a car accident. slept for 2 hours. had to work in the morning. 😞
Your Office is requested to please keep watch on AGA KHAN's every office's activities for your information only
Still today we have no freedom to follow our HINDU religion in our Hindustan in a Muslim Leader Aga Khan's Office.
I was delighted today to witness the award of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture at the beautiful Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain.…
The Award honours the ideal of marrying modern design and the needs of Islamic communities. We thank His Royal Highness, the…
I quite like it the bit about the Aga Khan and bathing suits
You cannot take one set of issues from one country and apply it to anothe...
i'll visit Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa i think they do offer too
Prince Aga Khan: one of those who made Sardinia what it is today. Respect! Nothing to do with these new riches
I think present aga khan donated in 1959.
Harzand: son of Sea The Stars will stand at Gilltown Stud in Ireland - Racing Post Bloodstock
If only the walls could speak,. They will cry, . They will shout, . Of joy and sadness. @ Aga Khan…
It was an amazing performance in Aga Khan Museum With lovely Nai Kids Choir
And no I do not want your money. I am not the church or the aga khan.
If you try to put social and cultural development ahead of economic d...
Manager, HR - Aga Khan University - Karachi. MBA or equivalent, with 5 - 7 years’ experience at management level...
The Women of Nizamuddin Basti: Aga Khan Trust for Culture brings a new light into their lives - Fi… via
Aga Khan-III donated 3 million USD to Government of Pakistan for the purchase of Gwadar in 1958.
His Highness the Aga Khan intends to extend major hospital centers in all the countries of… https:…
Delighted to be working with artists SUPERFLEX who have won the Aga Khan prize for architecture
Two Bangladeshis win the Aga Khan Award for architecture - Bangladesh News 24 hours
Pat Smullen explains to the Aga Khan that this was a good prep for the Triumph Hurdle
As children we used to attend movie nights at "Storee" Palace at the Foreign Ministry in Afg. Thank you Aga Khan and India…
A mammoth undertaking to restore and develop Delhi’s Nizamuddin will end this time next year
Double clear from Cian O'Connor WE HAVE A JUMP-OFF between Ireland and Italy to see who lifts the Aga Khan trophy
Prince Rahim Aga Khan in attendance at the 2016 Jubilee Games Dubai – Opening Ceremonies about to start
The Aga Khan Museum. One of the most beautiful buildings (and grounds) in Toronto.
Indian woman rescued from captors in Afghanistan returns home: The 40-year-old woman, who works for Aga Khan ...
Yes we Aga Khan: Ireland's horses and riders are ready for Rio: HATS and gladrags at the ready, the Dublin *** .. https:/…
regrann from - In the 90th edition of the battle for the Aga Khan Trohy, MUSE…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
no, technical head at Aga Khan Foundation
Silver bullets wasted. Why wasn't aga khan, her employer, doing this?
Aga khan student pitching on a topic chosen in preparation of
not a fan of Gulen but comparing Gulenists to Jamaat e Islami is like comparing Aga Khan to Jamaat e Islami.
Hard day at the office! Team Ireland finished a close second in the Aga Khan Cup after completing the two rounds... http…
Both Aga Khan Foundation & real employer Vatican have no dearth of funds. Why suck blood out of poor Hindu taxpayers?
We were graced by his Highness Prince Rahim Aga Khan at the opening ceremonies of the today.
Send the bill to the aga khan, whose outfit she works for. They sent her to Afghanistan
Thank u Lord. U have done it again. Thank u papa — feeling thankful at Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu
Nation owned by The Aga Khan who has interests in a consortium in Spain with investments in Barca report that Messi to Arsenal is done.
Out in beautiful High Park for day 2 of the with Today: RV Burgess, Aga Khan, Brickworks
Indian envoy to Afghanistan accompanied her. Judith, who works for Aga Khan Foundation, was abducted on 9 June
Robert Splaine ready to john on reflecting on the aga khan
Dhruvi from Aga Khan pitching their garbage solution for
Hair in jelly. Wow Aga Khan Hospital serving food with extra proteins!
Prince Rahim Aga Khan is guest of honor at Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Jubilee Games
a somewhat fair comparison although I don't believe the Aga Khan ever co-hosted an award winning podcast.
Harzand completes the Investec Epsom Derby - Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby double for Smullen, Weld, & the Aga Khan!
Former president Moi has died at Aga Khan Hospital at the age of 89. Moi was born in September 2, 1924.
There are idlers peddling news that Moi has died at the Aga Khan Hospital after having a cardiac arrest.
CLARIFICATION: PROTESTER IN Kisumu did not die of gunshot wounds, Doctor Sam Oula of Aga Khan Hospital says.
CORD SUPPORTER shot in the head by police in Kisumu dies at Aga Khan Hospital,tension high,police rough up locals as
I need to go to the Aga Khan Museum sometime when it gets warmer
IMO the Toronto museum with the best architecture is the Aga Khan, gorgeous inside and out.
Any of you folks bloodgroup AB+? If U R/know anyone who is,please tell them to visit Aga Khan Hospital on limuru Rd
Young photographers at Aga Khan Museum via
Leonard Njuguna is still Urgently in need of blood group O negative at Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi..please help..
Aga Khan "accused of stifling media freedoms in Kenya"
Was wondering where Gado disappeared to. Now I know. I pity media. Aga Khan accused of gagging Kenya's top newspaper
Aga Khan accused of gagging Kenya's top newspaper
Aga Khan accused of squeezing Kenya press freedom after newspaper sacks cartoonist and journalists
For its first solo show, the Aga Khan presents Doors Without Keys, by Abbas Kiarostami:
My note 5 fell today by mistake... I panicked a good one... it's fine tumetoka check up Aga Khan Hospital 😊😊
Aga Khan Hospital has a lot of useless medical staff
I wonder why people go to Nairobi, Aga Khan etc to pay 250k for Caesarean section when Neema Hospital only charges 30K...And it is very good
High graders of Sindh educational boards fail to clear Karachi University tests; Cambridge, Aga Khan score good
Aga Khan in Dar though...its a miracle how people come out alive from that hospital really
*** Mulla asks ppl not to go to "Kafir" Aga Khan Hospital.Says not enough hate inside ppl who go there
Aga Khan is the most inefficient hospital. 😤😤
OMG... Which one Aga Khan Hospital.. University road or karimabad wale per?
Learning about culture and perspective at the Aga Khan.
When u come toToronto, visit the world class Aga Khan musuem
Telangana International Kite Festival 2016 to be hosted by Aga Khan Academy,…
Be an Artist for Change: Enter the Together Art Contest: The Aga Khan Foundation Canada wants Canadians to cre...
Job Apportunity at Aga khan Laboratory collection unit jacobabad post Medical Receptionist CVs call only for female staff, sammaj news
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It was like yesterday when my aga khan teachers refused to accept that he fathered me and my older brother, insisting that his our elder bro
what are shadow delegates. He said aga khan his uni was giving him the money ugh. Liar liar his chadi on fire😂
Aga Khan Award for "Architecture announces Master Jury for 2014-2016 Award Cycle | Ismailimail
Founded by the Aga Khan in 1960, the Group has its origins in Kenya’s Taifa and Nation newspapers
Idle hashtags. Hamna kazi us kufanya? The Aga Khan has no idea you exist.
Survey of Kenyan youth by the East African Institute at Aga Khan University found startling “integrity deficit.
Its a Kenyan media group listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange.[1] NMG was founded by Aga Khan IV in 1959
I wish must approach police for such fake propaganda and rumors.
I wish the Aga Khan would change a few names, Then I might be able to remember which horse is which!
The days of sucking up to 's butts are over. The Aga Khan has acted.
we saw ''lord'' Aga khan attend jamhuri celebrations & sat on the vip stand with uhunye.The writing is on the wall.
You will and still take selfies at Aga Khan Hosp. C'mon, they are one and the same thing.
Aga Khan addresses Parliament of Canada and signs protocol with Prime Mi... via
Emre Arolat is one of the Master Jury Members for the 2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture.
We will unfollow and also demand audience with his highness the Aga Khan.
Grovel thats what aga khan should come&do feet as boss dd for $100m
when the Aga Khan called on the President over the digital migration issue, that favor had to be repaid 1day...
AGA Khan also own this Bloodlines of Nadir ox. Cairo’s Fortress on the Mountain . by David W. Tschanz . Cairo...
Mumbai Police downgrade security of Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, move after annual assessment of threat perception
Medical Internship – Kisumu – Aga Khan Hospital: Applications are invited from me...
Back to work? I read these words today at the Aga Khan Palace in
also the raja of mahmudabad and aga khan who financed the Pakistan movement.
what of role played by Aga khan 4 in 1976 seerat conf(just 2 yrs later) or the amman message in 2005?
just hand over to Aga Khan and see the change he would make it in year would you did I do not think so.
His Highness the Aga Khan meant well when he established We. stand with editors. Let them do their w…
See ignorant jokers. Meru Aga Khan meant what?
Easy win for the Aga Khan bred & sold Ashkannd (who won a Handicap over 1m3f in Australia for
HH Aga Khan has his footprints all over the business landscape so massaging the king's ego is a small price to pay
Lab and consultation fee > 40k at Aga Khan bana. Tests got strange names... After all that unaambiwa hauna shida.
RIP Christy O'Connor Jnr. Pictured with Aga Khan team members at the recent National Youth Federation Sports awards
11 July 2007 to 13 December 2008 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Aga Khan's reign of Imamat (Golden Jubilee).
H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Construction of the Aga Khan...
Looking out over to the Aga Khan Museum @ Ismaili…
Head to the Aga Khan Museum this winter for Doors Without Keys.
Welcoming Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf & His Highness the Aga Khan for the 52nd Jamhuri Day celebrations http…
The roads in Parklands are in a pathetic state. 3rd Ave right outside Aga Khan Hospital ni shamba!
Aga Khan University to launch hospital in Uganda
Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the birthday of his Highness the Aga Khan via
His Highness the Aga Khan visiting Kenya and Uganda|To participate in Jamhuri Day…
Would love to do an urbanists'/architects' tour of Science Centre & Aga Khan. Shall I organize?
it pays more; she's funded through the 49th successor to Ismali Muslims, the Aga Khan.
We'll be at Aga Khan walk tomorrow. . Time 9:00am - 6:00pm. Charges: Ksh 300 per hour.
His Highness the Aga Khan: “….the primary, daily concern of peoples everywhere is their…
Double win for Dermot Weld & Aga Khan today with Zannda in the Trigo Stakes
Upcoming Trigo Stakes at Leopardstown sees the Aga Khan with favorite Zannda by Azamour and Ashraf, who is out of a half-sister to the sire.
Michael Murphy presenting Butaro Hospital in Rwanda at Aga Khan symposium on
Strong win 1st time out for 2yo Tirmizi in a maiden at today. He is a son of & Aga Khan mare Timabiyra.
James Mitchell of Orkidstudio on home in Kenya for Aga Khan symposium
James Mitchell of on home in Kenya for Aga Khan symposium
View from the speaker's table at Aga Khan symposium in Reggio Emilia on
Some weld trained Aga Khan horses running this weekend! got a great combo record this year. You like any?
3; at avenue, aga Khan and referral hospital which is ever full or down!
. Aga Khan tomb of Aswan landmarks - Egypt-
AGA KHAN said : Our purpose is to learn, to understand and to explain, to find the new paths that would also be the age-old ways;(1/4)
Anyone? I'm right here at the Aga Khan walk waiting for anybody.
Day 2 of Aga Khan Award symposium about to begin, presentations on healthcare and
Aga Khan Trust for Culture to promote Deccan Park in Hyderabad, India
His Highness the Aga Khan on poverty and the right to hope via
Watch Video: His Highness the Aga Khan delivers the keynote address at a conference marking…
Greg Hodkinson welcomes HRH Duke of Gloucester & HH the Aga Khan to
Kendra Spears Princess Salwa Aga Khan is EVERYTHING in the new issue of W magazine .
HH Aga Khan - the importance of heritage for improving human & the responsibility to preserve shared
I remember some of his statements against Ismailis during JI's campaign against Aga Khan Education Board
Really big thank you to HH The Aga Khan for & our 50th v. Honoured
I liked a video Aga Khan speaks at ICOMOS 50th anniversary conference
Team Oyan Backstage - 1 day to go to the show. Tickets on sale via Aga Khan Museum website. We look…
Theo's first riding lesson good job theo aga khan team 2016 Dublin
So I just found out they're building a 7 km flyover from Aga Khan Hospital on Obama Rd to Coco Beach over the ocean.
Wow, looking forward to the Islamic Garden to be built by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.
HH the Aga Khan III shows his delight as he leads his Derby winner in. TAJ AKBAR had come in second.
Become a member of the Aga Khan Museum. Enjoy antiques, art and cultural programs
Speech by His Highness the Aga Khan at the 50th anniversary of ICOMOS, London
The & also have great exhibitions on now:.
Fascinating speech on inquiry-based learning from Peter Ndun'gu from Aga Khan
Aga Khan, NGO open three newly-built Early Childhood Development Centres in West Nile:
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
super great time at the Aga Khan Museum yesterday
the illuminated manuscripts are where the Aga Khan's collection really shines @ Aga Khan Museum
true, its a historical fact, and Aga Khan Palace has its own and interesting history , that was center of Freedom Movement.
Can't stand people who go to the Aga Khan Museum just for the white wall and have no idea what the museum is about
Best of luck too the Irish Showjumping team today in the aga khan competition in Dublin horse show Bertram,Greg,Cian and D…
Yeees Ireland win the aga khan in Dublin what a double clear by Greg Broderick well deserved win by Greg Darragh Cian…
His Highness the Aga Khan: “my interest in architecture was driven … by the question of what…
Do you know this lady? Apparently she's been in an accident and a Samaritan has taken her to Aga Khan Msa.
Site guide to the Aga Khan Development Network website
Google marks India’s Independence day with virtual tour: Aga Khan Palace
I'm broadening my cultural horizons at the Aga Khan Museum today.
Cant be same lady. Same photo. Different accidents; March on Thika rd and leo in Mbs. Both Aga khan.
The Aga Khan Academy - Hyderabad - Hyderabad - India: I also like Aga Khan Academy. But looks like they have c...
His Highness the Aga Khan meets Prime Minister Modi earlier today. .
Bloody *** I just had to rub my eyes- AS IF there is a Maserati parked at Aga Khan Hospital!
not surprised that some medical insurers suspended Aga Khan Hospital from their lists earlier this year
Aga Khan Hospital is running a serious con game. Their satellite clinics have different pricing for the same services
And we had filed a case of murder against Aga Khan Hospital
Serious condition @ Aga Khan Hospital (AKUH) n they need preferably O+ blood. If u know anyone who can donate this blood type
Aga Khan Park to welcome the Pan Am flame
Breakfast chez Tim Hortons, a visit to the Aga Khan Museum, dinner at awesome Chinese restaurant.
Prince Charles of Wales with Aga Khan on a visit to Altit in the Karokoram Mountains, Skardu November 2006.
had the same problem but mene chordiya sober since nearly 2 months :P. Aga Khan me when I played my stamina was unreal.
was first in Aga Khan Gym Khana academy but left recently. Abhi Aces academy. It's never my home, you probably won't know
You can come to Aga Khan walk or Sarit center. ^KO
I just want a 'The' before my name. Like The Aga Khan (even though that is a title).
Working the grill at the AGA Khan Council of Edmonton annual pancake breakfast.
Congrats to & rest Aga Khan Council for for a great breakfast @
Take a look at the Aga Khan Museum in our photo of the day
Karaktar impresses in Longchamp gallop: THE Aga Khan's Karaktar continued his build up to this month's Juddmonte…
thanks to the Aga Khan Council 4 Pancake bfast. Plse encourage people to &
I can see the indian ocean from my room at the Aga Khan Academy
What else is new? Flown the Aga Khan’s airline, is Mufasa in the school Y6 production of Lion King. Won’t stop singing.
No Kenyan president, CS, PS, is ever admitted to Kenyatta hospital while sick. Why? It is run poorly. They prefer Nrbi or Aga …
..if the owners are ismaili there is no linkage with sexpress and Aga khan..
Selfie time to end off our term on Aga Khan Council for ~ incredible leaders and friends in our community
Lakhanis are an Agha Khani family, govt of Pakistan should write a letter to Prince Karim Aga Khan …
Does Prince Karim Aga Khan condone homosexuality? . Whats ok in Paris is not ok for Pakistan.
what about iba and Lums sir and the Aga Khan University.
Q. Under whose leadership was the all India Muslim League set up?. Ans (c)Aga Khan
Q. Under whose leadership was d all India Muslim League set up?. (a)Mohammed Ali Jinnah. (b)Sayyid Ahmed Khan. (c)Aga Khan. (d)All of the above
To correct the media reports, learn about the history/theology of Ismaili Muslims and the Aga Khan here: ht…
"Muslim League was founded by Aga Khan & Syed Ameer Ali both Jinnah born an Khoja. Now they are being h…
Aga Khan shocked and saddened by attack on the Ismaili muslim community in Pakistan.
Separate country was thought of by Nawab Salimullah &Aga Khan who proposed language of New Muslim Country be Arabic.
Moi Avenue "Who knows a place other than Aga Khan walk where people skate?"
India's Pres. awards the Padma Vibhushan to the Aga Khan for his contributions to social devlpmnt in India. http:/…
LIVE WEBCAST: His Highness the Aga Khan to Preside over the Aga Khan University Convocation in Nairobi -
His Highness the Aga Khan addresses the 2nd Aga Khan University Convocation in Kampala, Uganda
His Highness the Aga Khan arrives in Uganda to preside over the university’s 2015 convocation in Kampala.
Jinnah was not only a Shia. But an Ismaili Shia. Muslim League was founded by Aga Khan, leader of Ismailis! Now whr r Ismailis in Pak?
It's all too familiar ... but perhaps a interesting subject to follow up .In 1995, Mkapa was elected as President based on a popular anti-corruption campaign and the strong support of former president Julius Nyerere. (Tanzania) Mkapa's second five-year term of office as President ended in December 2005. During this term in office, Mkapa privatized state-owned corporations and instituted free market policies. His supporters argued that attracting foreign investment would promote economic growth. His policies won the support of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and resulted in the cancellation of some of Tanzania's foreign debts. He has been criticized for some ineffectiveness of his anti-corruption efforts as well as for his lavish spending. He spent £15 million ( +- R 200 million) on a private presidential jet, as well as almost £30 million ( R 600 million) on military aviation equipment which experts deemed beyond the limited needs of the country's armed forces. It was over the latter purc ...
On this day January-1933, Aga Khan, Muslim religious leader was born.
Aga Khan opens doors on his top stud next week ; to everybody
Aga Khan was modern. I studied with King Oyo. Who did Mitti study with
I also thought baddeee um was too cool yet I was from Aga Khan
RFP - Program for Enhancing Quality and Access . Aga Khan Foundation . Patna, Bihar . Apply at:
The Aga Khan: from Lord Curzon to Hitler - a Man Always at the Centre of History. . An intimate tribute by His...
Join us on 23rd & 24th Jan 2015 at Aga Khan Jubilee Hall.
Enjoying the Patrons Lounge above Diwan (delicious meal) at Aga Khan.
My article about the Garden of Ideas exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto!
Cdn journalists: check out Aga Khan Foundation Canada's Fellowship for International Development Reporting:
Some rare books I and Rahim Shah found in Aga Khan Community Learning Resource Centre Bubur, Ghizer District,...
Best of luck too all involved at the organisers and especially the riders for a long hard week ahead Irel…
The best of luck too the 4 lads and Robert in the Nations cup/aga khan tomorrow bring it home lads
Ali Al-Zein of with the Aga Khan Foundation asks what role the sector may play in
can u come and take photos of these shoplifters at Uchumi, Aga Khan walk? for the public to be aware of them
While some look like they are about to be closed. The aga khan walk branch not sell shoe brushes?
learning from MHD Ali Al-Zein about in and the work of the Aga Khan Foundation
loves hearing what the Aga Khan Foundation is doing for and for development
Bibliotheca Alexandrina was a recipient of the 2004 Aga Khan Award for Architecture
plead insanity and check yourself into Aga Khan
"For news and updates about the Aga Khan Development Network, sign up for the newsletter:
Helping my grandma who has been admitted at Aga Khan Hospital. I love her to bits and pieces coz she…
Dine amidst antiques at Aga Khan Museum's Diwan: Diwan, the restaurant in the Aga Khan Museum, ...
Being the mouth piece for the rabid opposition is the surest way for the Aga Khan to keep losing money.
HRH Aga Khan and Qatar Royal family send in forces to strike at Dundalk
.I just saw the prettiest well figured indian nurse/doctor/whatever she is at aga khan..huyu anaeza kua
At Aga Khan Hospital where my daughter still admitted in the ICU
I recommend the Aga Khan's book The Roots of Hope. It is Islam as faith, peace & hope. It is a celebration of pluralism over…
..political parties and elections do not alone produce stable governments or competent leadership.” - His Highness the Aga Khan
Video: His Highness the Aga Khan speaking at London Conference on Afghanistan, December 2014 / See also our archives for more ...
BREAKING: We have received some sad news from Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi. Just waiting for confirmation before we share.
Think tank on the vision of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan And the Future status for Gwadar Port - Pakistan for the Economical Development of Ismaili Community living in cities of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kasghar China, Tajikistan, Azarbhaijan, Russia, and living in South East Asia such as India, Burma, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and far eastern countries, and more over Middle East, UAE, Africa, Iran, Turkey, Spain, other part of Europe, Canada and USA and for Islamic ummah, living world over, with all other common people who are living under poverty level - Just Think What Imam Vision and thoughts about the world - His Highness the Aga Khan: A Life in the Service of Development just view the History about Gwadar - Pakistan and Hazir Imam vision about Gwadar and for the Community of Gwadar Ismailis and let me add more our Last Pir Subzali was belongs to Gwadar - Pakistan
Spotted our beloved and respected, our inspiration our spiritual father Mufti Azam Pakistan Hazrat Molana Mufti Mohammed Rafi Usmani Sahib (May Allah bless him and give him a long life with good health) 2 weeks ago at the Aga Khan Hospital when My Ammi was hospitalized there. .. (May Allah cure every sick with the best of his cures and grant them the best of health) Aameen! I still feel honored that I sat in front of him and saw him closely as I never had seen before...
A beautiful vision by a student of Aga Khan Kharadhar. Enter your at
Wish 1) EVERY KPK hospital z equipped / managed more than Aga khan/Shifa.. 2) Any CNIC holder can get to Any Hospital for FREE
Mum walked into Aga Khan having a heart-attack. She died 2 days later on Jan 19th. She was 60.
Always cool to see people I've met in the NY Times: my MP and the Aga Khan Museum Director Henry Kim
Have you been to the Aga Khan Museum?: 10 best architectural projects of 2014: Hume (via
Aga Khan inspires with aim of cross-cultural unity: Style Czar
At the Aga Khan Museum and its not surprise the greatest audience of Islamic history and art are white academic types
Toronto Star | Hume: 10 best architectural projects of 2014 => & Ismaili Centre
At Aga Khan Hospital waiting for treatment.2014 imenionea!
Debrett's (supposedly, apocryphally) on the precedence of the Aga Khan:
The Aga Khan Palace in Pune... has a beautiful frozen slice of Mahatma Gandhi's freedom struggle!
ROM, AGO, and Aga Khan in the next few weeks
Good move by UP Govt by declaring controversial starrer tax-free in the state. Hope others to follow this.
What a year 2014 has been. Best moment has got to be at the delivery room at Aga Khan as I helped push out my son Amari. It was a miracle.
Plz pray for my mother's health she is admit in Aga Khan Hosp Khi Pak for endoscopy ERCP.She is suffering with hepatic pain and fatty liver.
Ismaili Centre and Aga Khan Museum listed by Azure in Top 10 Big Projects in 2014 Review: (via
Gettin' my learn on during the holidays @ Aga Khan Museum
Science and Religion in Islam: The Link.: 311)Albert Einstein and Faith; Quote of Aga Khan III.
20 things you need to know about Albert Einstein, the smartest scientist of the 20th century; Quotes of Aga Khan III.
Great to spend time with our program fellows at Aga Khan Univ!
Aga Khan: ‘Without a doubt, I am seriously worried’ about the world
RAILA ODINGA and KHALWALE arrive at Aga Khan to see …
Paresh Rawal must be a distressed man. wish if it would be any Khan instead Akshay Kumar OMG would have more for him.
Mughal India 16th century | an amazing jade cup in the collection
Aga Khan is an International Hospital but doctors are lazy!! Being quieng for the last two hours with zero progress!!
An amazing by a student of Aga Khan Kharadhar.
The Aga Khan Palace was constructed in 1892 by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in Pune.
Spent yesterday with Ismaili Canadians. Happy birthday to His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan and thank you for your suppor…
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