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After Trump

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After Trump has taken US out of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement,11 members including Malaysia meet in Japan. The direction has changed.
After Trump, the next ticket can only be Muslim, Mexican and female. Zainab Ahmad / Julián Castro 2020.
LEAKED: After Trump had top secret talks w/ Trix Rabbit & Cookie Crook about forming an impenetrable security…
After Trump: so much basic "healing" needs to happen. I want a ticket that has Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown…
After Trump falsely accused President Obama of wiretapping him, he managed to top it by falsely accusing him…
After Trump is gone, his penchant for lying to his constituents will live on. Example: GOP Governor Scott Walker of…
After Trump's requests you'd need a wire brush, a la Karen Silkwood, to get clean.
After Trump dumped Paris, California went to China to keep fighting climate change
.After Trump lashed out at his AG, Sessions said he was more than willing to resign, sources say
A light in the darkness. After Trump's decision back out of the One World Trade Center lit up in a defiant sh…
After Trump speech on Pruitt spoke with a single purpose to glorify Trump. Stalinian cult of personality is…
After Trump visited our enemies in Saudi Arabia, with nothing to show for it, Pigman paid them a visit, to make the…
I believe Pence is lying as well. After Trump gave him tickets to Hamilton & The Super Bowl, he feels obligated to appease him
After Trump slams him, Stephen Colbert proclaims victory with a giggle - Los Angeles Times
Top story: After Trump fired Comey, his staff scrambled to explain why - The Wa… see more
After Trump was completely eviscerated by then-President Obama, it's no wonder he's afraid to go back to the https…
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After Trump, is the GOP headed for ruin or renewal? . via
After Trump stopped by, border agents found a political voice: “We’re not going to apologize for what we believe in”
Don't worry everyone. After Trump's exhausting week of cutting programs that help low-income Americans, he's taking his 6th…
After Trump suggested to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto that if he didn't have the ManPower and skill...
After Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, is told that aliens vaporized California: "So then I won the popular vote?”
After Trump builds the Great Wall of Mexico do you think he will cast Matt Damon in a movie about it?
After Trump ban, fewer foreigners showing interest in travel to U.S., except for Russians. President Donald Tru
After Trump was elected, Michael Morgenstern started the American Muslim Storytellers grant.
After Trump announced his campaign, Roger Stone set up a meeting between Trump and Flynn almost immediately, in August 201…
After Trump, Erdogan and now Netanyahu, engages a medium so she can commune with Idi Amin, Ceaucescu, PolPot,…
After Trump's immigration ban, people flood with tales of stranded family - San Angelo Standard Times :
The calendar will be changed from AD to AT. Anno Domini to After Trump.
After Trump's immigration ban, people flood social media with tales of stranded family via
Mexico's president has cancelled his meeting with President Trump after the border wall executive order
Trump suggests canceling meeting with Mexico's president after shots fired over wall
ABC's David Muir wanted to talk about the Woman's March. Pres. Trump had another March in mind. Watch:
West Wing leaker goes dark after pulling back curtain: Trump "irrational", staff "demoralized"
I found evidence of serious voter fraud. Iowa Woman Arrested After Voting for Trump Twice
Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest SHARE PLEASE!!!
On CNN trolls Trump after he bashes inauguration ratings on… Be found online ->
Sanctuary cities dig in after Trump executive order
Shia LaBeouf arrested for hitting man at his own anti-Trump "be nice to each other" protest.
Maybe he didn't know? Doubtful but it is Trump after all
that girl voted for trump after he stated he'd get rid of Obama care at least a hundred times
Trump leaves speechless after calling out liberal media bias against pro-life https…
Mexico's president cancels his trip to the U.S., after Trump announces a new border wall (which will cost some $200 per U.…
Lara Trump, Eric's wife on Oct. 24 then bragging after Comey letter. Good indication of how sloppy they were.…
Seems Mexico's, *** nah we won't pay, we don't care what you say." wasn't an
Trump calls Chelsea Manning an “ungrateful traitor” after her critique of Obama presidency
president cancels U.S. visit after wall comments.
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USDA gag order rescinded after public outcry. SO KEEP OUTCRYING - it works
ABC's David Muir tries to stick Trump w/ questions, left speechless when Trump mentions
Peso slumps after Mexican president cancels meeting with Trump
Trump may threaten to block money transfers to Mexico to force it to pay for wall. Some take this seriously: remittances…
The Trump outcry isn't because he's "shaking things up." It's because he's going after women's rights, the environment, and…
If you're even more worried about climate change after Trump started destroying efforts made to fix it, don't support anim…
FIGHTING BACK: Sanctuary cities stand firm on illegal immigrant protection after Trump 'crackdown'
A monumental error of judgement and direction. Labour leadership's 'Official' stance is an appeasement to Brexit.
Trump nuzzles FBI Director James Comey’s cheek after blowing him a kiss at White House event
Border Patrol chief out day after Trump border fence decree
Mexican president cancels meeting with Trump after border wall order
After Trump institutes voter fraud investigation will he reinstitute Obama birth certificate or who killed Ron Goldman/Nicole Simpson?
After Trump pledges "America first," the world responds with protests and... by via
After Trump pledges ‘America First,’ the world responds with protests and dismay . Too Bad World!! Bright for us USA
can but hope. After Trump's speech just now, wonder if Farage has the beginnings of doubt
After Trump supporters boycotted Rogue One and Hamilton, why would Meryl Streep risk all the added wealth & success that…
After Trump says he looks forward to meeting British PM, she publicly declares: No P***y Grabbing. .
After Trump's latest denigration of our intelligence services more reason for a full select committee investigating all aspects…
After Trump exposes how has been holding us back n destroying our economy heads will roll
Bush was so bad, we got to elect our 1st black president. After Trump, our president will be a 50 ft tall militant femi…
After Trump's win, more U.S. students consider university in Canada Appears that US students are cautious of Trump
After Trump was elected, 7th graders chanted "build a wall" at Latino students. We hear from those who were targeted http…
After Trump. I've desperately wanted to read this forum for two weeks. Maybe some day I will.
After Trump's win, Goldman Sachs partners reaped $800 million windfall on expectations that he will dismantle banking regu…
After Trump rift at Liberty University, students find unity
After Trump win, could John Morgan be next?(Orlando news)
After Trump verbally attacked her, "we had security guards the whole year," says on
Black Girl with long Hair [Pics] After Trump&Election, Teyana Taylor Rolled up to the White House with a...
Saudi King contacts to congratulate on win
George Takei offers heartfelt advice for how to get through Trump's presidency via
Right after this picture was taken, i gave the collected media in the room a double middle finger. They have video. https…
"California should secede.". Hours after Donald Trump became president-elect, some Californians called for a
Donald Trump presidency protest at Oakland Tech. Pic by my daughter. (She's also belongs to
stocks spike after Trump victory. A sign of things to come.
We're LIVE with and a look at how markets are recovering after Trump's victory
Many Americans waking up to a Trump presidency is like waking up after a bender with someone you shouldn't have slept with
After 9/11 we have now 11/9 : TRUMP! Let's remeber what he promised all!
Protests erupt in California after Trump wins election via the App leave the country
After you read this, go pick up a history textbook and look up the causes for both world wars.
After all the Trump losing predictions
Our president doesnt affect how you make a living. If you was "broke as shawty nem" before Trump, you gonna be "broke as s…
You will sit with your parents at Thanksgiving dinner after they voted for Donald Trump.
Your retirement account and relation with advisor is up the air after Trump’s victory
Reminder: Donald Trump due in court after Election Day on child rape and racketeering charges
Hillary claim to win the popular vote is a FARCE. MSM stopped counting after Trump won Penn. Our results? Trump 56% htt…
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Don't expect much, he's a con, who couldn't pass an 8th grade Civics test, and a grifter's job ends after the sale is made
WELL, so welcome 2 the new world of protests, SMH! We gotta get used this folks. (in sarcastic tone) WELL DONE TRUMP
After finishing American TV, last night co-anchored Australian coverage of the election for 9 hours. Great time!.
Black ppl in America need to do 2 things after this Trump victory. 1. Stop waiting on white people to "confess" to racism…
I hear trump's kids went to Putin's after party last night
Taking to boys on Tinder after finding out Trump is going to be president
After the Trump victory yesterday, the sun has come up in Gods Own, we still live in the best country on earth, don't forget it Kiwi's!!
14 heartbreaking confessions from Indian-Americans after Donald Trump won the U.S. elections htt…
Trump already looks like a dusty orange bed bug whos skin is going to crack in half any sec wonder what hes gonna look like…
Barack Obama promises 'smooth transition' with Donald Trump team after shock...
12 hours after watching returns and a win unfold at Trump Tower, our team is taking in Hillary's concession speech.
me before Trump was elected vs. me after Trump was elected
Protest getting violent in after wins US elections via
"And trump to take after Putin and ride shirtless on a horse" 💀
Donald Trump's first speech after being elected President of the United States was totally out of character
Private prison stock surges after a Trump win.
After Trump and Brexit, populist tsunami threatens European mainstream
YourAnonGlobal: Protests erupt all over the U.S. after Trump elected president https:/…
Lady Gaga protests outside of Trump Tower after Hillary Clinton loses election
After all that trump paraphernalia was all over my camp this week I don't even wanna step foot outside
announces week of exercises to brace for "enemy action" after elected U.S. president
ISIS when they found out Trump and Putin are going to be coming after them:
Both Trump & Hillary graceful in their speeches. Shows how leaders become much sober after election rhetorics. . Unles…
Stocks are rallying after Trump's win, just as predicted. Via
Hillary Clinton celebrates bringing LGBT people together in concession speech after Trump victory…
Clinton and Obama ask America to accept Trump - Politico
Black Mirror creators compelled to clarify we are NOT living in an episode after Trump's win
Been thinking, I think the tide turned in favour of Trump just after that youthful Oxford fan gave Phil Wilson the finge…
'Not my president!' Vandals set fires, smash windows, shut down streets in California after Trump win
Remember when the media fearmongered about Trump supporters rioting after the election?. Leftists already rioting.
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Private prison stocks are soaring after Donald Trump's election $CXW $GEO
That voice, angry and silent and white, it still rules after all.
'Not our president': Protests erupt in Bay Area after Trump win
Hillary supporters burn flag, threaten to kill Trump...
5 min after trump gets elected. *record scratch*. *freeze frame*. Yup, that's me. you're probably wondering how I ended up…
Countries which will suffer after Trump's victory 😂🔫.
Tears of joy. Vindication after 38 years of pain & suffering. Thanks to Mr Trump & all of you. It does go away.
"hope the girls for Trump have money saved up to pay for their birth control so they can continue to screw frat guys after…
ready to restore full relations with U.S.’ says after he congratulates on his famous win.
Wow. This was Trump after the last election. . Now he's down in the popular vote by over 200,000 votes and is being saved by…
After Trump loses would be a great spokeswoman for Koch Industries normalizing the chemical poisoning of E…
"This is rape culture": After Trump video, thousands of women share sexual assault stories
After Trump loses we are going to have to figure out as a nation what cold dark cave to leave in.
After Trump was named the presumptive nominee last night, the Google search "Libertarian Party" skyrocketed.
After Trump visit, Mexico's president says there can be improvement to trade agreements. Says border must be transform…
All purpose parts banner
After Trump's triumphant trip to Mexico, perhaps next he'll pop in and get Hezbollah to disarm.
After Trump's triumphant visit with the Mexican president today, he should skip this speech & start putting together his tr…
After Trump wins in November, Kaepernick can be repatriated to his newly adopted homeland in Saudi Arabia.
After Trump and Marine Le Pen, Corbyn joins the bashing club of Western useful *** (at best)
And this is why I love the President of the Philippines Rodrigo "The Punisher" Duterte. After Trump proposed a...
After Trump wins, we'll have more breathing room in public. These things will be easier to sort out.
After Trump insulted him at closed-door meeting, Sen. Mark Kirk said Illinois bullies are "made of better stuff" than Donald
After Trump's Clinton Foundation speech today, we can all follow along with the script of rebuttals. https:…
After Trump gets elected President; I wonder who wil be appointed to the Obama Parole Board? HA!
After Trump's big win in Indiana, Clinton intensifies her attacks, says he is too divisive.
After Trump crushes Hillary let's gather with Bill at my farm in the mountains of NC for an epic celebration!
After Trump implodes, it'll be bye-bye to Cruz and Kasich as the Koch Bros candidate Paul Ryan gets the nom.
After Trump's abortion flip-flops, National Right to Life decides to support in all upcoming primaries: https:/…
After Trump endorsement, NASCAR leader faces the fallout:
After Trump endorsement, NASCAR leader faces the fallout via
After Trump endorsement, a sports leader faces the fallout
After Trump used song "Rockin in Free World", Young declared he was unauthorized, but was free to use it!
After Trump states how he'd handle terror suspect families, Sen Graham writes to Jt Chiefs chair asking what is "legal of war?"
Yes Bill Burton does not want the NYT tape released until After Trump in the nominee.
Quick Takes: * After Trump refused to disavow the support of David Duke and/or denounce the KKK, lea...
After Trump wins Nevada, maybe he'll begin attacking Obama/Hillary in the days before Super Tuesday. The South eats that up!
So, when does Mitt Romney announce? After Trump wins the New Hampshire primary?
After Trump's plan for tax bracket, plan remains the the biggest tax cut
There's a war brewing between Donald Trump and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is not hesitating to take sides. After Trump lashed out at the Chicago Trubune's Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic for criticizing the his building's sign, Stewart wanted to know, Wha…
After Trump questions, Cox reaffirms his excitment for Rob Astorino as the GOP standard bearer next year
I watched the David Letterman's show tonight. Donald Trump was one of his guests. Of course he's still talking about President Obama's place of birth, as well as asking the President to produce his college transcripts, etc. As you know, Donald Trump has his own clothing line at Macy's department store. After Trump criticized our President over our relationship with China, Letterman produced some of Trumps clothing that is sold at Macy's. Well his shirts were made in Bangladesh, and the ties were made in CHINA!! Oops, kind of like Mitt Romney doing some of his personal business with the Chinese while criticizing Obama. Just another example of the hyprocrisy of the republicans! They seem to talk out of both sides of their mouths!
After Trump's latest stunt, Roger Simon asks, "could [Trump] be any dumber if you cut off his head?"
Damp squid? So that's what it is on his head! MT "» After Trump damp squid betting moves back to Obama"
tell him he's the 3rd most famous Donald. After Trump, Sutherland and me :p
After Trump, who are some other NY staples we could obsess over nationally? Bernie Goetz? Any remaining Helmsleys?
Donald Trump got a tongue lashing from Wolf Blitzer today in the course of discussing Trump's obsession over President Obama's birth certificate. After Trump took a shot at Blitzer's ratings, Wolf slapped back, telling Trump you're "beginning to sound a little ridiculous." Jump to the 2:00 mark to w...
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