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After Obama

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After Obama sanctions Russia, Trump says it’s time ‘to move on to bigger and better things’.
After Obama's sanctions on Russia, will Trump still stand with "his authoritarian friend in the Kremlin"?
After Obama became the first president to visit Hiroshima, Shinzo Abe will be the 1st Japanese PM to visit Pearl Harbor.…
Republican Congress will boost Trump's popularity come 2017. After Obama-era gridlock, he'll be seen as president who can…
After Obama's funny White House correspondents dinner funny jokes. We are looking at 4 years of lame jokes! 💩
After Obama's speech this morning it's clear the President has handed his responsibilities to Rodham-Clinton in her speech rig…
Islam in America, Before and After Obama: An anonymous internet meme has been circulating via email lately, a...
After Obama carried VA in ‘12, the GOP-controlled legislature changed the law to accept only photo IDs https:/…
After Obama, we're going to need a president to do his own apology tour and apologize for Obama's actions
After Obama's trip to Hiroshima, Japan's PM Abe should visit Pearl Harbor, declares article in
After Obama became president, I realized that black people could not have p...
Breaking news! After Obama intervention flops, Cameron appoints Paul Gascoigne ( plus chicken and fishing rod) to front campaign
After Obama threatens the UK Cameron hits back by taking him for a round of golf via
After Obama, will we ever want another president whose main prior experience is being a street pamphleteer?
After Obama's Visit, Castro Regime Steps Up Repression in Cuba: The week after after US President Barack Obama...
The LEFT blamed Bush for Katrina, but Obama's hands were clean after EPA’s Gold King Mine Disaster.
Never forget that Obama is the worst president ever. The only change he made was a change on racism... aka it became a legit issue after him
Yes indeed, and it will not an easy mission, after 8 years of destructive Obama Administration!!
The story of how Barack Obama tried to reshape America. A month after his victory, Obama discovered America was on…
But why do I even bother washing up after and said she was a good person, Obama followed her.
Obama letter among first direct mail to Cuba in more than 50 years via
.has gone into hiding after Tuesday. He did the same running against Obama.
Hillary Clinton loses gracefully. After losing to Pres Obama for the Democratic nomination in 08 she embr…
"This is the greatest honor of my life," Judge Merrick Garland says after nomination https:…
APNewsBreak: US eases security for ships visiting Cuba: Obama will arrive just days after unveiling sweeping n...
Obama Watch | US senators say they might confirm Obama's high court pick after election - The Standard Digital...
threat? No it saying Obama got money from super pac's but still went after them so just because Hillary does it don't mean
Que? Backing a black guy? Um I support Obama. BC hooking up with DT after DT & WS means BC is BS
New US sanctions on NKorea after tests
This will back fire, just like Barry Obama. Brown after a 'snouts in the trough Kinnock-esque' job at the EU.
illegal immigration should be an outrage! what about the hundreds of murders committed after Obama released them?
Lets take the Senate in 2016 and put Obama on SCOTUS next. That be so sick!! Elizabeth Warren after that.
Planned Parenthood president shows up at WH after SCOTUS announcement – why eyebrows are… https:/…
After listening to this how can you say Sosa trash
The way Obama goes after these protesters is absolutely chilling
After Obama, gun sellers may also love Hillary Clinton
After Obama, anything goes, the GOP does not want to take anything at face value or for granted makes them hysterical.
After Obama bragged about killing bin Laden last week, this happens IMMEDIATELY
History is starting to be written on 9/11 and even current rhetoric is changing. After Obama term the gloss over will dissappear
After Obama signs the budget deal Harris snarks Obama, "Thanked people for doing their job."
"Obama never talk about murder happening there... WHY ???" — DustyFae
is your plan to regain an effective foothold in Middle East after the current obama disaster?
Obama's DOJ > Terrifying Move on Oct 30, 2015. We Are in DANGER. 6,000 more criminals out on the streets after Oct. 30. htt…
Good thing Obama came along to clean up after Bush!! Sorry Jeb!, no more Bushs' in the White House!!! VOTE BLUE!!!
The Barack Obama trapdoor spider is a species of trapdoor spider named after Barack Obama
After 22 years in prison, a letter from Obama set him free
domain names
fumes after falling for fake Jackie O's Barack Obama prank AGAIN
whoops! Old white guy now says Obama is really quite cuddly after all ?
Day after Obama apology, Doctors Without Borders presses its demand for thorough probe:
Rupert Murdoch has the gall to deny President Obama's blackness, after profiting millions over racist paranoia about hi…
Obama not welcome in Oregon town after politicizing murders, says publisher
This is an example, in my opinion, of supplementary video content not adding anything further to a story.
Murdoch apologizes after social media blast him for hinting Obama not ‘a real black president’
Mr Obama We will cling to our guns and our Bibles long after you are gone. If you do not understand the basis of freedom, you don't belong.
Even before that.After Obama's visit India had gone soft.Perhaps waiting to wrench the Afghan situation in our favour
After Obama got elected twice, does anybody seriously have the gall to care whether a given candidate is qualified?
Contrary to what Obama says, Khamenei says Iran will still counter U.S. Mideast policies even after the nuclear deal
Limbaugh: 'Will Obama even leave office after 2016?' He'll leave alright; one way or another!
Obama said, he would be able to do more after election. Ukraine, Cuba, ISIS, Immigration *** etc.
i cannot WAIT to visit the Obama Presidential Library
When is it going to hit the Jeb GOP that we don't want compromise after 8 years of Obama. We want an *** kicker
Another example of Obama failing! We shouldve bounced back after the recession! Worse than Great Depression!
I have a hunch that Obama will have a very interesting post-presidency.
Obama’s Post-Presidency Panel of Experts: Celebrities, Billionaires, and Authors via
Obama will hang with big money, play golf, and wish he was a movie star..after he leaves the big house..
Excited to read about the possibilities for Obama's post-presidential agenda: You've got my support,
Let the TelePrompTer Presidency continue "Spielberg was focused on helping to develop a “narrative” for Mr. Obama"
Combared to what Bush cost the American taxpayer, this is peanuts :)
It has to be such a strange transition and question to ponder: What do you do when you're no longer the president?
Maybe just do what you want because your life doesn't have to be a poll-tested "narrative" anymore.
Obama’s post-presidency panel of experts: celebrities, billionaires, and authors
With High-Profile Help, Obama Plots Life After -**There sre so many that despise his *** world wide *that he better find a hole to stay in
May I suggest the south side of Chicago.
I'd blaze up after watching that if I was Obama
A small glimpse into the direction of the Obama Presidential Library
How a Florida beautician and 'bag holder' in a drug conspiracy got Obama on her side after a life...via
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: 2 days after U.S. opens embassy, over 200 dissidents violently arrested: Less... http:…
I am just so glad that Obama’s top priority right now is raising money for his own self:
Obama wants $1 billion after leaving White House, and other reasons to fear for humanity
one 4 star recent pointed out that Gen Dempsey does what Obama wants.That's after a number great Generals (one a Medal of Honor)
i forgot to update y'all . my dad ended up getting the black car. 😭😭😭 that Obama line worked after all
What will President Obama do after he leaves the White House?
After Obama speech at ends, tune into for context & analysis with Marvin Kalb:.
After Obama's "deal" with Iran, he's pardoned Charles Manson & put him in charge of a new family values & moral development program!!
Obama makes 'Freudian slip' about post-presidency: The president compares life in the White House to a prison ...
After all, guns don't fire themselves. . Money isn't wrong - the love of it is. Guns are not bad - people are.
Obama Gun Plea After Black Church Killings ... What will it take to drive change ?
Remember calling for knife control and criticizing Islam after woman was beheaded by Muslim in Oklahoma? Yeah m…
After all these years my phone fell in the bathtub thanks Obama
what all change, after of the MR American President Barack Hussein Obama, Justice need be made.
Obama said he had no trouble getting his hands on a gun! He trying to come after the 2A now better pack a lunch Obama lawless 1
Obama on Charleston Shooting: "It is in our power to do something about it." Now for the doing.
This is the 14th time that President Obama has had to make a statement after a mass shooting during his presidency.
Update: the shower rod has fallen off and landed on my head then shortly after I happened to slip on water and fall on my *** Thanks Obama
Before he was president, ran through Obama's backyard trying to escape the cops after writing graffiti. http:/…
After the tragic shooting in a SC church, Obama resumed his war on the 2nd Amend. rights of law-abiding gun owners.
Obama Gun Plea After Black Church Killings: US President says innocent people have been killed “in part becaus...
Diane Guerrero's reaction after hearing U.S. President Barack Obama's speech on the immigration reform
President Obama’s immigration actions are still unrealized nearly a year after announcing them
I'm going to go ahead and say it . The walk that Obama did after the speech was pimp .
Dear : will you be blaming President Obama for this disaster, before or after you plead for his help, like a …
Thanks ! At least we got a traitor deserter coward out of deal. Somebody after your own heart. Your truly pathetic.
Obama wormed out of it. He said he would resign, made speech nobody clapped afterward-went to Pope for orders after.
The only way is driven into extinction is if Obama becomes their leader after his walk of shame out of the WH
Fox analyst floats impeachment after court continues hold on Obama's executive action:
Obama’s Chief Negotiator in Iran Nuclear Talks Plans to Depart After Deadline for Deal
Save it, Dana. After Obama's grandiosity (see: Greek columns), no reasonable person could take this article seriously.
After Obama calls liberal critics of his trade policy "dishonest," top liberals - including Sens. Elizabeth...
After Obama leaves, Modi tells Xi he wants to create an Asian century Asia just one big hedge against…
After Obama visit, Modi heads to China by end of May. (Reuters) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi will...
For God’s sake people come to your senses! You will hate any President that fixes Obama’s Mess! All will suffer if Obama’s and the Democrat’s mess is to ever be fixed! ( Count on it ) In 2007 America had a $8 Trillion dollar National debt when the Democrats gained the Majority in congress! After Obama was added the new National Debt is over $18 Trillion more then doubled and is expected to be $21 Trillion by 2016 on Obama’s last day!--Obama is the only President in history to ever have the debt be 189% of the GDP! ( Official Government records ) In your private lives you can not spend your selves out of Debt--Neither can the Government! Adding the Illegals alone will be another Trillion in debt yearly-- To fix this mess unnecessary spending programs must be cut just like in your personnel lives! I would not ever want to be President not following Obama and the Democrats Hugh mess!
Obama Deception Broke promise that Spanish version of Obamacare website would be up and running by “mid October” 2013 After Obama broke his promise to have the Spanish version of the Obamacare website up running by October 1, 2013, his administration made a new promise to have it up and running by “mid-October.” However, Obama broke that promise too – as of October 25, 2013, the Spanish version of the website was still not up and running. 387) Fired an Obamcare phone operator for truthfully answering a caller’s question In October 2013, a caller to the Obama phone line asked: “Have you ever gotten anyone who really likes it yet?” The phone operator, a woman named Earline Davis, answered: “Um, not really.” Davis was fired for her answer. 388) Gave contract for Obamacare website to Michelle Obama’s college classmate Instead of having the Obamacare website built by someone who was qualified, Obama had it built by CGI Federal, a company that was run by Toni Townes-Whitley, who attended P ...
After Obama awards her the Presidential Medal of Freedom .
Nero would be so proud. Jon McNaughton:;. This is my painting, "The Demise of America." After Obama asked the...
After Obama was inserted in 2009, the Washington Monument & Jefferson Memorial were damaged by earthquake & lighting. WAKE UP CALL
After Obama many vow to never vote Democrat again. Maybe third party?
After Obama's out of office, if a book came out revealing that he habitually got high in the White House, would ANYBODY…
Your lack of immediate public outrage is pathetic After Obama's attack on you, people's House & entire US system today
After Obama told Central American parents not to send kids to U.S. border, border patrol says crossings immediately stopped. No, really.
After Obama gives a commencement address at UC Irvine next Sat., the Obamas plan to spend the rest of the weekend in Palm Springs
After Obama isn't it better to have an executive with some experience in governance? And I don't mean Romney...
[ Politics ] Open Question : After Obama beat Romney for a second term, did Karl Rove get in his lit...
So special Committee has been called to investigate Benghazi! I feel like I am watching something from House of Cards and Joe Biden is feeding info to assume the Presidency.After Obama resigns. Lol
CBS News devoted 15 and a half minutes on Wednesday night and Thursday morning to an interview with Barack Obama. Despite April 15th having just passed, correspondent Major Garrett offered no questions on taxes or the IRS scandal. He also avoided any queries on ObamaCare or the Benghazi terrorist attack. Instead, more than four minutes on This Morning were given over to a horse race discussion on 2016. (Joe Biden joined the interview for that section.) Garrett did press the President on Russia and Ukraine, quizzing, "In your mind, is there a line, never mind the color, is there a line in eastern Europe or Ukraine, that Vladimir Putin must not cross?" After Obama paused as he formulated an answer, the journalist prodded, "Can you articulate that for the world and for the Russian government? Major Garrett; a very poor interviewer that just *** up to Obama!
After Obama care said I don't exist after checkin my SSN for over 2 hours the IRS took my tax return (first in 7 years) in 3 minutes. Can I get paid for the molars I'm grinding into dust over not killing the next government employee I see? Can I deduct my ammo expenditure? If I use my bare hands can I file the EZ form? When? NOW
After Obama's attempt to rewrite history today I felt compelled to try to set the record straight. The Truth about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Just six Senate Republicans voted against the bill in 1964, while 21 Senate Democrats opposed it. It passed by an overall vote of 73-27. In the House, 96 Democrats and 34 Republicans voted against the Civil Rights Act, passing with an overall 290-130 vote. While most Democrats in both chambers voted for it, the bulk of the opposition was from Democrats. Time magazine even largely credited Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen (R-Ill.) for pushing the sweeping legislation through, putting him on the cover after final passage. President Lyndon Johnson told Dirksen: “The attorney general said that you were very helpful and did an excellent job and that I ought to tell you that I admire you … and I told him that I had already done that for some time … . You’re worthy of the Land of Lincoln. And a man from Illinois is going to pass the bill, and I ...
After Obama,I think they should bring back unlimited term in the Oval office.
The bloody ende of Piers Piers Morgan Live I couldn't believe my Eyes/ears!.Can you believe when the state of Illinois brought up a referendum of *** marriage to the polls / special bill+ mid-term elections when somebody got impeached S...See More I'm very pleased to report I have succeeded in having a Neilsen's Ratings monitor on my Cable Box ending: Pears Morgan : in a serendipitous instance of Fate I turned to CNN after 9 months of Boykott wondering what might be on. It was News Anchor/Editorial Journalist Piers Morgan signing off. he spat out the usual; un-repentant, the few slogans as usual "more guns-more violence" while ignoring the finer points of community-by- community statistics which overwhelmingly reduce gun control to a freak flag ideology. Pre-Obama Chicago-land avg. gun deaths; 29/yr...After Obama gun bans escalating to 1,000 Deaths in 2011+ 2012 That is Equal to avg. Mexico gun violence; Same in Detroit, New Jersey England and Mexico. Stripped of their rights to defend their homes the pop ...
More about the visit of the US President Obama to Vatican and meeting with Pope FRANCIS: By: Jim Kuhnhenn And Nicole Winfield Associated Press, Published on Thu Mar 27 2014 VATICAN CITY—Sharp differences over abortion and birth control surfaced as President Barack Obama held his first meeting Thursday with Pope Francis, even as the president sought to emphasize common ground issues like economic inequality during a much-anticipated Vatican visit. After Obama's hourlong audience with the pope, the Vatican said discussions centred on questions of “particular relevance for the church in that country, such as the exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection” — issues that have fueled divisions between Obama and Catholics in the U.S. But the Vatican statement also said the leaders discussed immigration reform, touching on an issue where Obama has largely enjoyed the support of America's many Hispanic Catholics. More on Pope to mafia: Repent or go to *** Pop ...
Thanks Kay Hagan for Betraying All of Us! We Will NOT Forget!!! Exactly four years ago today, President Obama signed Obamacare into law. It was only made possible because Kay Hagan cast the deciding vote several months earlier. Millions of Americans have unfortunately discovered first-hand that Obamacare is a total disaster. After Obama and Hagan repeatedly told the “lie of the year,” over 473,000 North Carolinians received cancellation notices. Families are shocked to see their premiums skyrocketing, and businesses are being forced to cut employee hours to comply with Obamacare’s burdensome mandates. Simply put, today is an anniversary that Obama and his political cronies hope you forget. But there’s no way we’re simply going to forget about Kay Hagan’s repeated lies and broken promises to justify her deciding vote for the Obamacare train wreck. The only way we can repeal Obamacare is to defeat Hagan in November.
I hear that after obama's magnificent handling of the Russian crisis.France asked him to run for Pres in 2016
ESPN saying 5.6% still perfect after Harvard upset. That's not the number I'm looking for but still..
Wonder if Obama will be able to remain in the US after his term is up. I think not.Person non grata.
2day 2013: After reelection Obama arrives in for 1st visit as POTUS 2 the country he despises! photo Ramallah
After DNC $$ event, Obama to join Pelosi, for DCCC fundraiser at Alonzo Mourning's house.
Nancy with the stupid plastic face Pelosi admits she is the most corrupt lying dimwit creep after Obama.
A millenial shares her feelings about Obama & gov't! Hope & change not so good after all:
Obama certainly has got more flexibility after the election. Putin has him bent right over.
Chaz on Obama picking them to win Fri: "The real fun part will be meeting him at the end of the year after we win the nati…
I would actually hate to be the person to take office after Obama.The mere thought would make me nauseous terrified.What a mess he leaves
In subtle moves, Hillary Clinton creates distance from Obama: NEW YORK (Reuters) - Just over a year after leav...
Texas A&M study ranks Obama 5th best Pres in history! After reading results have to agree! .
hey On that NEW 2nd GM BAILOUT go after the person who orchestrated it and didn't let the BK Courts settle it - yeah Obama!
Dear Comrades,. When General Obama said "tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election" that was "I am givi…
Obama promised there would be no US military. action vs Russia in Ukraine. The sound heard right after that was . John McCain…
If Obama & EU made such sanctions years ago, for Magnitsky List or after Georgia, Putin would not be in Ukraine now. But th…
Obama is alive! Real sanctions & threat to sign new ones to go after oligarchs. Now Putin will raise the stakes. Will Obama…
After Obama's America issued Sanctions against Russians: one of the people banned,Vladislav Surkov, a top Putin ideologue often called the Kremlin’s grey cardinal, reportedly told a Russian newspaper, “It’s a big honor for me. I don’t have accounts abroad. The only things that interest me in the U.S. are Tupac Shakur, Allen Ginsberg, and Jackson *** I don’t need a visa to access their work. I lose nothing.” Martha Karua in 2008:"America is not heaven."
The story is close to accurate (check Snopes link below). It's official to me now, the Nobel Peace Prize is a joke. After Obama getting it for doing nothing but being elected, and now I learn of this. Big whoop to the Nobel Peace Prize. This woman is a hero in my book. How could she not be recognized? True bravery and effective actions saved THOUSANDS of people.
WORLD Obama has limited leverage over Putin in Ukraine crisis Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY 2 hours ago Evan Vucci, AP WASHINGTON — For President Obama, the situation in Ukraine is on the cusp of becoming one of the most complicated foreign policy crises of his administration. In the three days since Obama warned Vladimir Putin that "there will be costs" for military intervention in Ukraine, the Russian president has not only ignored Obama's threat but has doubled down on his Ukraine gambit. After Obama called Putin on Saturday to express his "deep concern" that Russia had violated Ukraine sovereignty, Putin went to the Russian parliament and won unanimous support to deploy troops inside Ukraine. By the Obama administration's estimate, there are now about 6,000 Russian troops in Crimea, and reinforcements continue to fly in. On Monday, there were conflicting reports that the Russian navy issued an ultimatum to Ukraine's military in Crimea to surrender, even as Obama reiterated that his administration is exam ...
What happened to Justina of Boston is a tip of the iceburg of what is going to happen all overl Do you really know who is behind it? What is going on in Connecticut about the feds threatening to go house to house confiscating guns? Wake up America!!! After Obama bailed out General Motors, the company is doing anything they can to improve China's economy. What about ours? Seven out of ten general motors vehicles are made in China. Doesn't it make you want to go out and buy one. Another way to kick the American worker in the teeth.
Well Debbie Benghazi Clinton is on my mind, all you supporters do not worry, she will be white washed *** and span before the election, course all the white wash covers is all the crap beneath, but we as a people no longer care, everything is appearance now. She may be our next president here in our great dying republic. I will not vote for her because she is creepy, and I always vote for myself anyways (unless Peggy Fleming runs), I always vote for the one I am certain of. After Obama, I will never vote for a minority, a woman, a *** an american indian, whatever, but only white males. The reason is, is that with these so called minorities, one can not be critical of them. All politicians suck and deserve a bad ending, there may be a few good ones, but on a test, saying all are bad, well, one still gets an "A" and can leave early and not trouble one's thinking. At a university, in a class, I criticized a book written by a black woman, the book sucked; the teacher asked what we thought, I assume he want .. ...
: After Obama bankrupts the Payday lending industry. The USPS is poised to move into the lending money business.
After Obama labeled Benghazi a "phony scandal," a new bipartisan report shows Al Qaeda participated in the death of 4 Americans AND Hillary Clinton ignored security warnings that could have stopped the attack. Hillary asked, "what difference does it make?" COMMENT to give her your answer.
Barack Obama'S 'RULES FOR REVOLUTION' After Obama became a U.S. Senator, his wife, Michelle, told a reporter, “Barack is not a politician first and foremost. He’s a community activist exploring the viability of politics to make change.” Her husband commented: “I take that observation as a compliment.”17 revisit 1963. John F. Kennedy had fired CIA chief ALLEN DULLES after the Bay of Pigs fiasco where 200 of our soldiers were killed and 1,197 were taken captive. . Allen Dulles was later named to head the Warren Commission that determined the assassination of JFK was the work of a lone nut. Ah, yes, the same 'lone nut' that killed Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy, John Jr. and Mary Jo Kopechne. "Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible." - Frank Herbert You can thank Allen Dulles, godfather of the National Security States of America for creating the perfect enviornment in which Americans give up their freedom for a little security. The very same game rules t ...
The women around Oshiomhole’s neck The image of Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, sitting with Mrs. Joy Ifije, and her son, Bright, reminds me of President Barack Obama’s “Beer Summit.” After Obama jumped into a matter he was ill-informed about and received severe lashing from “post-racial” America, he called the protagonists of his own drama to a beer summit. Oshiomhole’s “tea summit” has a rather different tilt. He abused a widow by unleashing violent anger on her in the course of an environmental inspection in Benin City. The governor’s apologists think we should let the matter die since he apologised –a long rambling tale about his spoonless upbringing, as if Nigeria has not had enough of replica shoeless stories. In the so-called lengthy apology, he even let slip that he was concerned about his political opponents’ taking advantage of the situation. Who knows if the way the Peoples Democratic Party, another clueless collective, has quickly latched on the issue is what ind ...
After Obama, more hope and change?: Cohen: A recent issue of The New Republic had Elizabeth Warren on the cove...
MEET THE 39 DEMOCRATS WHO BROKE WITH OBAMA On the day before the vote on the Upton bill to ``Keep Your Health Plan,'' Democratic leaders were projecting that as many as 100 Democratic Congressmen would join the Republicans in voting for the bill. After Obama's intervention, and a scramble by the House Democratic leadership to come up with an alternative plan to allow some people to keep their plan, that number was pared down to 39. It is very important to note that among the 39, some 23 were Democrat freshman who face tough reelection bids and have reported enormous pressure from constituents: They include Ron Barber (AZ), Ami Bera (CA), Cheri Bustos (IL), Bill Enyart (IL), Pete Gallego (TX), Joe Garcia (FL), Ann Kuster (NH), Sean Patrick Maloney (NY), Patrick Murphy (FL), Rick Nolan (MN), Scott Peters (CA), Raul Ruiz (CA), Carol Shea Porter (NH). The others represent varying degrees of competitive races too, or are often perennial top targets for Republicans, such as John Barrow (GA), Tim Bishop (NY), Ji ...
“Sometimes I just think funny thoughts!” After Obama finished with his speech yesterday it dawned on me where I have seen Obama before. Like you, I just thought it was from politics… *** no! He is the “SHAM-WOW” salesman; the one you have seen on TV. Did you see all of those people line up behind Obama in the Rose Garden… those 12 people were the only ones who got onto the Website and only 3 of those actually signed-up. They now hold the title of being, “The World’s Greatest Suckers!” Obama had the timing down on this thing… did you see the obligatory fainting, by the young woman behind him? It would have been touching, if Obama hadn’t pulled that trick about 20 times, while he was running for Office. Getting back to the Sham-wow salesman… I recognized that pitch, because I used to write Radio and TV Spots, back about the time they invented TV (or so it seems!). To make this work, you need to picture the “SHAM-WOW” salesman (In this case Obama in a plaid Suit, reminiscent of R ...
After Obama & OPCW, if there were any environmental protection Agency in Antarctica - that should be awarded Nobel for Peace
How did the Republican Party become a kamikaze club guided by a small handful of hostage-taking radicals *** bent on causing chaos to ruin the presidency of Barack Obama? It wasn't by the design of House Speaker John Boehner and the GOP congressional leadership. This came about because a small number of tea party back-benchers in the House and Senate, assisted by a well-financed network of right-wing organizations (some funded by the billionaire Koch brothers), pushed an issue that was red meat for the GOP's base—defunding Obamacare—and managed to hijack the party (even more than the tea party already had). Let's look at how the Boehner-led GOPers began this latest round of political battle. After Obama won reelection and the Democrats picked up 11 seats in the House last November, Boehner appeared ready to accept political reality. He observed, It's pretty clear that the president was re-elected. Obamacare is the law of the land. If we were to put Obamacare into the CR [the bill funding the governme ...
Follow up on Illumination 666 hand sign...46664 1.Mdala ws reported 2 b havin a lung collapse n hs brain cells wer ded. 2.It ws said dt he was put on a ventilator meaning he ws dependant on it 3.Barrack Obama came 2 R.S.A n it ws said dt after he left da country Mdala ws back on his feet n discharged though he ws on a lyf support machine. 4.Robben Island is said 2 b small be small n it accomod 4.After Obama left i
Marco Rubio; (before Obama said he will intervene) wanted U.S. intervention in (After Obama said he will interve…
After Obama did all these "great things" in your eyes they had to re elect him for a second term because its their tim…
After Obama's masterful handling of this Syria problem, that Afghanistan withdrawal is gonna go totally smooth.
After Obama, what next for the USA, Hillary?
After Obama's parents divorce his mother then marries an Indonesian by the name of Lolo Soetoro.
Absolutely without a doubt! After Obama's apology tour in 08' gives us a true understanding he is aligned with Islam.
After Obama called Cali State Attorney hot tensions rose higher at the border of his & Michelle's bedroom than the Korean Demilitarized Zone
After Obama unveiled proposed budget, congress expressed concern over $500 for Attorney Gen. Kamala Harris to "get yourself something nice."
After Obama's remark on Kamala Harris, all the 'beautiful' Indian female politicians wait for PM MMS's remark! *** are there any here :-D )
Brennan before confirmation as CIA director The designated head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, is about to be confirmed by the Senate. The Intelligence Committee of the Chamber of Congress spoke out clearly from today with twelve votes to three for Brennan. Later this week, the Senate could give the final green light in plenary. Then President Barack Obama had occupied after Defense Chuck Hagel, the second important post of national security following a difficult confirmation process. Successor to Petraeus Brennan Obama had proposed in early January, succeeding David Petraeus, who resigned in November because of an extramarital affair with his biographer of the CIA tip. The 57-year-old Brennan long for the foreign intelligence service. After Obama's victory, he was in the White House involved in the strategy to combat followers of the terrorist network Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Yemen with drone attacks. Brennan's nomination was met because of the drone program, especially when the l ...
After Obama rolled out a wide-ranging plan to curb gun violence in America, many Oklahomans united to oppose it.
Obama's Soviet Mistake By Xavier Lerma Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake. After Obama was elected in his first term as president the then Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin gave a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January of 2009. Ignored by the West as usual, Putin gave insightful and helpful advice to help the world economy and saying the world should avoid the Soviet mistake. Also read: Pravda.Ru exclusive interview with Jean Marie Le Pen Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them. He gives speeche ...
WORLD NEWS UPDATE HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC: "there seems to be a major power struggle coming to a head in the US. As mentioned above the founding families of the Federal Reserve Board in the US have either fled or are trying to flee in order to avoid imminent arrest, according to the CIA. There is also apparently some complicated plot brewing in which the Congress and the Senate will trigger their own demise by impeaching Obama, at least so the CIA is saying. After Obama is impeached, he will announce that he is just a spokesperson and the Vice-President Biden was actually sworn in as is actually President. Following that, the members of the Congress and Senate will be arrested and Obama will be formally reinstated as President, the CIA says. At this point a systematic purge of traitors will begin and no more dual Israeli/US citizens will be allowed in government. Once that is done, the newly restored US Republic will legally and rightfully renounce debt owed by the private Federal Reserve Board consortium ...
I sense the debate over gun control is entering into a new phase and the gun lobby is losing. After Obama's second victory, the wind changed. Republicans are suffering uncertainty, and many of them grow restless. We have absorbed...
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) challenged President Obama to a *** shooting contest Monday night and said she is confident she would win. After Obama remarked that he goes *** shooting regularly at Camp David in an interview with The New Republic, people have begun to wonder why the public has n...
After Obama's reelection, America's most powerful liberal groups met to plan their next moves. Here's what they are:
LEADERS DONT MAKE EXCUSES, THEY LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Today on the Chris Plante radio show, the subject was about Obama's hypocrisy when it comes to guards in schools. He sends his kids to a elite school with guards, at the same time doesnt care for gaurds in Public Schools. A liberal called in and tried to make the point that Obama's kids need protection because of who they are and who he is, and other kids dont need that kind of protection. In other words, if your father isnt Barak Obama, you arent important enough to recieve protection. Well, if that is the case why are there other kids in the same school as the Obama children? Why arent they by themselves while all those other kids are taking up the gaurd's time by having them look after them as well as the Obama kids? If they are that important, they shouldnt be in a school with other kids, they should be to themselves surrounded by 20 secret service agents. Here is where the hypocrisy begins though. After Obama got elected, he ended the school vou ...
Cheri Jacobus was just was on the Geraldo Rivera's show talking about Obama's gun grab proposals. She did the same thing in the past week on O'Reilly and Lou Dobbs. She has a difficult job responding to complete lunacy from the left. Sally Kohn told her conservatives blamed *** for the 9/11 attack. We never heard that one. Cheri said "After Obama surrounds himself with all of those children for his gun control press conference, perhaps he can then explain how much each of them owe in his growing debt. " Cheri believes "Washington is a town where very few people have low self-esteem, yet so many of them really should. It's why I really need to leave here!"
Christian Friends of Israel - Israel News Digest Weekly INDWeekly December 24-28, 2012 Damascus Madman Poses Threat to Israel He seemed like a rather decent person. After all, he was an eye doctor, and how could a “gentle” doctor pose a threat to human life? After Obama was elected to the US presidency in 2008, Assad’s wife, Asma, even spoke of inviting the Obamas to Damascus. Certainly no one expected Bashar Assad to turn against his own people, and indeed the whole world. The Cairo Review of Global Affairs asks this question: “How did Al-Assad the unassuming ophthalmologist morph into Al-Assad the authoritarian butcher?” The turning point, says David Lesch, of Yale University, was his survival of a dual onslaught: the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005. Both of these incidents brought international pressure to bear on Damascus, with thinly veiled threats of regime change. But Assad survived these episodes, and this, according to ...
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After Obama opened event for corporate donations, only a few companies have stepped forward.
Taxes, we love them, we hate them….or we just hate them, whatever. Regardless they are an important part of our lives if we like it or not. Looking at all the numbers going back and forth about the top 1% paying their fair share, I had an idea. I decided to look up all the numbers myself and calculate what it would take to run our government as is, as well as look at paying back our national debt. Below are my findings. Be aware, do not take anything I say as gospel, I only know as much as is readily available knowledge. If I have made a mistake please let me know! I can email the excel sheet I used to put this information together if you are interested. And this is all very simplified; it’s the concept I think that is important. Be warned, a wall-o-text is below, get out your reading glasses! All numbers are based on 2011. “A new dawn has risen! After Obama pardoned himself from his responsibilities as President, it was I, Mike Hearn, that took up responsibility for all you little people! ...
There is an extreme shortage of certain types of guns, ammo and magazines. After Obama's first election it took about six months for supply to catch back up with the demand, and the shortage wasn't nearly this bad. How long will it take this time? Or has fire already been set to the Second Amendment as tonight's fireworks explode?
This is alarming.Tea Party activists appear to be missing and no one seems to notice. After Obama was first sworn in, Tea Partiers descended upon Washington DC, carry misspelled signs while wearing revolutionary garb. They — mostly older people — demanded that the evil gubbermint stay out of their M...
Thailand - US relations: After Obama's Visit: The US-Thailand Alliance and China While the US's 'pivot' towards Asia has been well-received by most of its allies in Asia, the response from Thailand has been less than enthusiastic. According to Sasiwan Chingchit, the deep political divisions within Thai society and the success of China's diplomatic efforts are two reasons why. This has been another remarkable year for the US-Thailand relationship. On November 18, the oldest US ally in Asia hosted President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a high-profile visit, but beyond the public glare it was Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta's visit three days earlier, on November 15, that led to the most significant outcome, the adoption of a new joint vision statement for the Thai-US Defense Alliance. While this reflects Washington's priority in reviving governmental security ties, the United States must not forget to also secure the support of a Thai public opinion that is increasingly attracte ...
After Obama's speech today on gun reform, we found several people at local gun stores, buying up firearms like they were going out of style. We spoke with several residents who say the shooting in Connecticut and Obama's push for gun reform motivated them to get out and buy the guns they want, while they can. More on this tonight. Stay tuned.
After Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize means about as much as 9-10 yr olds 5th place soccer trophies. What a joke.
interesting, after the fact, facts ..After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks By Louis Charbonneau | Reuters – Thu 8 Nov, 2012. .Latest News ». UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee's call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $60 billion global arms trade. U.N. delegates and gun control activists have complained that negotiations collapsed in July largely because Obama feared attacks from Republican rival Mitt Romney if his administration was seen as supporting the pact, a charge the United States denies. The month-long talks at U.N. headquarters broke off after the United States - along with Russia and other major arms producers - said it had problems with the draft treaty and asked for more time. But the U.N. General Assembly's disarmament committee moved quickly after Obama's re-election to approve a resolution calling for a new round of talks March 18-28. It ...
After Obama re-election and superstorm Sandy, world hopes for greater climate leadership from US - (cont)
Recognise Rohingyas: Obama to Myanmar Mon, Nov 19th, 2012 11:59 pm BdST Lovlu Ansar writes from New York New York, Nov 19 (—US President Barak Obama on Tuesday urged Myanmar to give citizenship to hundreds of thousands of stateless Rohingyas in the west of the country where ethnic bloodshed has caused massive displacement. After Obama's landmark visit to the reclusive South-East Asian nation, the White House in a press briefing said the Myanmar government responded positively to the issue. Although the Royingyas in Myanmar claim themselves as aborigines, they are yet to get state recognition. The statement came on board Air Force One, the US President's private jet, as he was going to Cambodia after the six-hour Myanmar trip. The first serving US President to visit Myanmar, Obama gave a speech at Rangoon University where he urged Burmese people to accept Rohingyas after recent sectarian violence that killed hundreds of people and left tens of thousands homeless. Myanmar's estimated 800,000 ...
Christie cared for NJ in crisis.Over politics.You know, his job. "After Obama, Christie Wants a GOP Hug
After Obama, needs a G.O.P. Hug Did he hurt his reputation?!
After Obama, Christie Wants A GOP Hug He deserves one (still impressed by his non-partisan stance in wake of Sandy)
Susan were used and then used again. After Obama throws you to the wolves on the news show circuit after Benghazi, he gets even more use out of you by appearing to defend you. He does this by making it look like he wants to promote you to Secretary of State. Then to get more political capital from your carcass... he plays the noble knight in shining armor by faning to protect you at his own perril. This is the leadership the American people voted for. WOW
Obama During the Presidential Debates: "“First of all, the sequester is not something that I've proposed,” “It is something that Congress has proposed. It will not happen." Obama now: “We can all imagine a scenario where we go over the fiscal cliff,” After Obama had concluded the news conference, but before he walked off the podium, a Bloomberg News reporter attempted to follow up by noting the contrast with his statement during the debate. But Obama refused to answer, saying he didn't want a set a precedent by taking questions from reporters out of turn, and promptly left the room.
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After Obama's re-election, man apparently commits suicide: Henry Hamilton, 64, of Key West seemingly...
Yesturday after Obama won i betchu he went up to Michelle and said "Youre getting the D today"
After the divorce I want to marry this woman -- Woman blames husband for Obama win, runs him over with car
Looks like Team Obama is going after the top brass. As I said, he will consolidate power now.
everyone that was going to be questioned in the Benghazi trial resigned the day after Obama was elected. It's a huge cover up.
Patriotic citizens in 15 states started a petition to secede after Obama's reelection. No word yet on whether they'll be enslaving blacks.
John Kerry deserves post in Obama administration ... he did such a GREAT job prepping prez for debates, after all! hm.
Obama hid the atack on our drone until AFTER the election. We have another Patriots!
Analysis: Jilted Africa cool to U.S. vote after Obama fever fades
Gee, why do you think the Obama administration waited until after November 6th to mail these letters?
why doesn't the FBI go after for threats against Obama? Simple answer: Waco, TX
Right after found out he was going to keep his job, many Americans found out they were going to lose their jobs!
Yeah because that went SO WELL last time: Petition to secede from America after Obama's Re-election
Having Folgers when you've run out of Kcups is like getting into your own car at the airport after driving a cool rental all week.
You get what you vote for. Private Sector Troubled, Bailing Out After Obama Win via
not 12 hours after Craig Hulet's interview, CIA Director David Petraeus gave his resignation
Obviously Obama knew. We probably won't find that out until after he is out of office.
Obama says must raise taxes on the fortunate Americans.So since fortunate means lucky can we assume he is after lotto winners?
Obama under pressure over SECOND major security scandal barely a week after the election
Obama needs to speak up clearly about human rights abuses before during & after his visit to Phnom Penh
All of this right after Pres. Obama was re elected
Who's Macy's going after by having Trump in the ad? "Honey, that's the guy that hates Obama. Let's buy a blender."
organizing after the election, and most have named Obama and praised Obama in their speeches.
Arkansas/SC/ Tennessee/ Missouri citizens flood White House with petitions to secede from US after Obama victory- interesting times ahead:))
After Obama win, surge in petitions to secede
20 States Petition to Secede From US After Obama Re-election. --> ish just got real
So the US nation feel unsafe after the election? sales soar after Barack re-election
Anti-Obama CEO gave his employees raises after election
Bali’s tourist industry gears up after Obama’s win
DTN China: Congress returns, Obama meets with labor leaders, and more to watch: Congress convenes Tuesday after ...
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This is what we are dealing with: Obama ONLY went to NJ after Sandy. Why? Photo op for bipartisanship & debunking Christie to Rep base.
After Obama reelection, Murray Energy CEO reads prayer, announces layoffs Paul Fraughton/AP - In this 2007 file photo, Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray waits to be interviewed by a television news program in Utah. On Nov. 7,2012, the day after the presidential election, Murray laid off 156 employees. * Smaller Text Larger Text Text Size * Print * E-mail * Reprints By Steven Mufson, Nov 09, 2012 12:16 PM EST The Washington Post Updated: Friday, November 9, 7:16 AM For the chairman and chief executive of Murray Energy, an Ohio-based coal company, the reelection of President Obama was no cause for celebration. It was a time for prayer — and layoffs. Robert E. Murray read a prayer to a group of company staff members on the day after the election, lamenting the direction of the country and asking: “Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build.” 3279 C ...
After Obama gets done destroying our country we might just have get a front end loader and pile it all up and start from square one.
I think Ray Lewis and Tom Brady Should Run for president After Obama's Term Ends
After Obama win, hope and relief in China. 'Stop interfering in the political affairs of other countries'
Repost: from my Past Client ... After Obama wins the election. "Don't celebrate quite yet. We are still $16 trillion in debt. We are back at square one. There will not be much different than the past year of gridlock unless President moves center. I think that is unlikely. We will have a more conservative house. The fiscal cliff is approaching. We will need to choose between higher taxes, entitlement cuts, or both. Even grossly unfair 90% rate on high income Americans and business will do little do dent our debt. If Obama takes 100% of the profits of Walmart, it wouldn't run our federal government for even 15 days. A majority of Americans, particularly younger Americans, were concerned about NDAA, a huge hit to civil liberties, which Obama signed into law. Yet, young people supported Obama again. The majority of Obamacare tax increases (16 of them) will start soon after this election. A lot of the initial stimulus spending will continue to die in 2013. .The Federal Reserve CONTINUES TO PRINT MONEY and DEV ...
After Obama win, how civility can come to Washington: After the election last night, President Oba...
After Obama used Morgan Freeman as a voiceover in his ads, Romney should have fired back with someone as equally epic. Sean Connery...Christopher doing Sean Connery or Christopher Walken
After Bush left office, stories trickled out about his temper being so vile that interns were terrified by the sight of him, one even peed his shorts, they say, and that he behaved just like a male Australian movie star toward other human beings, day in and day out, nasty things you never EVER heard about while he was president, because people forced to be around him were too afraid to utter a peep. After Obama leaves office, be it now or 2016, these kinds of underground, privileged stories about HIM will come out. People will say, "Oh, he was always like that--inept, lazy, unserious, incurious, sullen, deluded, immature, like a grinning ninth-grader watching for his chance to intercept (wink). What we all saw at the Colorado debate was just, well, the whole country catching him at it. He was just that arrogant, habitually remiss, super-entitled and into himself." Obama's "showing" at that debate still needs explaining, and by God, so does Benghazi. No matter what we think of America's involvement in the ...
After Obama's 2nd term.2016 we''ll welcome Hillary Clinton as the next and 1st female president of United State
A woman e-mailed me earlier today to ask me, (1) if I was an Obama supporter and (2) if I voted for him back in 2008. She said she was inclined to vote for me, but first wanted to ask those questions. I replied as follows: An Obama supporter? To quote that famous line from the movie Airplane, "Surely you jest!" No, I am far from an Obama supporter. Here's why. From the time I was 18, around 1977, up until 1996, I voted in every election no matter how important or how meaningless. After Clinton won a second term, I became so disgusted with politics in general I had my name stricken from the voter poll. I didn't vote at all for the next 16 years, and I didn't miss it all that much. To me, the two major parties weren't all that different. I think they tend to look after their own hand picked candidates, and the rest of the country can go get screwed as far as they care. After Obama got elected and I watched as he dismantled the U.S. Constitution while the rest of the politicians in Washington, D.C. sat back ...
After Obama loses this election...I think we should find him new employment. even though he hasn't worked to get people in this country the employment they need. There was an opening created recently in Benghazi. I think it would be perfect for a community organizer. He should take the job in the same condition in which he presided over it.with no security. And if there is any more trouble or requests for help because of a terrorist should be denied in the same way as it was denied to Ambassador Stephens and the Seals.
Why can't half of the voters see last four years extreme destructive partisanship was caused by a strategic decision of the Republican leadership in the Congress, but one way or another that is bound to come to an end. After Obama won the election with a decisive votes of the young and the intellectuals seeing an upward trend on the horizon, Mitch McConnell’s mission to get rid of him will have to fail, and the party will have to deal with a new reality.
"After Obama did that law thing Great Lakes took over." Henry Arrambide I want to pipe a smoke with you.
After Obama wins his second term, we'll get Hillary for the next 8 years as president after that (with Bill as her co-present, of course-on the sly). So wrap your heads around that. Freedom for real Americans wins.
After Obama wins, I hope the Republicans soul search and decide to be a serious opposition party, not the obstructionists they are today.
Let’s take a look at the deadly and violent consequences that came as a result of the Obama administration blaming the video after the initial planned attacks in Benghazi and Cairo. After Obama administration officials repeatedly blamed the YouTube video, the Muslim world erupted, U.S. Embassies in ...
After Obama attacks Romney for out of context quote in his Register Ed board, Obama does his on the condition its secret. Classy
After Obama gave A123 Systems 249.1 million in stimulus money only three years ago, like Solyndra before it, the company's filing for bankruptcy. We guess there's something to the old saying: "for a company to succeed you need a market demand."
Tonight during the debate, Mitt Romney's campaign will show clips of "Borat" and "National Lampoon's European Vacation" in lieu of offering up Mitt's foreign policy experience. After Obama is elected, he's going to be forced to do another "apology tour" to clean up the mess Mitt made this Summer.
A question: After Obama was elected President, he was "awarded" a Nobel Peace Prize. Just out of curiosity, how much money came with that? Not trying to start anything, just asking a question.
Great Debate last night thats the President I knew he always was, and he only going to get better.. He was Commander and Chief last night even more so when he spoke on Lybia , Romney thought he was going control the Debate even telling Obama " You'll get your chance to speak but Im speaking right now " After Obama went in on him dispelling his lies...
After Obama's vastly stronger performance tonight and his showing as the good President he is, I want my Blue Bunny!
After Obama's done arguing w/ Mitt he should just drop the mic like Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolate.
After Obama beat down by Romney in 1st debate, made me wonder exactly how does Obama respond and act in a 1on 1 meeting with foreign leaders. No wonder few, if any leaders are intimidated or feared by him. Imagine Obama in a private 1on 1 with Vladimir Putin or any mid east leader. Now .
After Obama's '07 racist speech on Katrina relief, he now won't provide any aid to victms of Hurricane Isaac
This election is too important to have Bill Clinton sitting on the side line. Time for Bill to hit the road, and James Carville and Paul Begala take over the campaign from the Chicago boys. Any campaign team in the country could have led Obama to victory over crazy John McCain and Sarah Palin. After Obama weak debate performance, these amateurs should have been sent back home to Chicago on the next flight out.
Swing states: Florida: Two polls — from Rasmussen and We Ask America — found Romney in the lead here on Friday by 2 and 3 points, respectively. Both polling firms tend to lean Republican. Virginia: The same two firms — again, leaning Republican — found Romney with 1- and 3-point leads, respectively. Colorado: After Obama slipped up in the debate at the University of Denver, he saw a big, 7-point swing in this state in a Gravis Marketing survey. Romney now leads 49-46, after trailing 50-46 pre-debate. Wisconsin: This is the big one that should worry Obama. The Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling found that Obama's lead had tightened from 7 points in its last survey to just 2 points post-debate. The reason for that is almost exclusively debate-related — 61 percent of Wisconsin voters thought Romney won the debate, compared with just 25 percent who saw Obama winning.
After Obama finishes his identification of the person who mugged him in the presidential debate Wednesday night, I recommend he be placed in the Witness Protection Program so he will have an excuse not to show up for additional muggings, in debates II and III.
After Obama deflation, Noonan's advice: "Chicago won't go quietly. Be ready for trouble and able of rapid response"
The writing is on the wall, Mr. Biden. Too bad you can't read. After Obama touted Romney's proposed $5T tax cut twice, which was refuted twice, Biden continues to sing the song. Additionally, he once again admitted that the Dems are seeking a $1T tax increase on the rich so that "the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden of all that money going to the super-wealthy." Sing that song, Joe. Now, let's talk about middle class. Here we are, two retired Veterans. I'm unable to hold a permanent job and am on a fixed income. Yet, I've seen my taxes go up 100% during Obama's administration. Your so-called tax increase on the wealthy does me absolutely no good. It's simply an excuse to pull more money in to give to those "less fortunate", or give to the GSA, VA, or Justice Department to squander away on extravagant conferences. I've got a better idea, Joe. How 'bout you, Barry, and George Soros just pay back the $5T you stole from us during your first 4 years and leave everyone else out of this. You propose ...
The first presidential debate is over and the left is in an uproar. Obama failed miserably to deliver any knockout remarks and seemed totally unprepared as he struggled to defend his abysmal record and beg the voters to give him four more years. Romney, on the other hand, delivered several including a big one on domestic energy production. After Obama bragged about how oil and natural gas production were both up, Romney reminded him that it was not due to his policies, but in spite of them. Not only that, but production was up only on private land and actually down by nearly half on government land. Romney went on to say that under his leadership, we would do more offshore drilling, open up Alaska, build the Keystone Pipeline AND burn CLEAN COAL. Slam-dunk. Only those in the most extreme stages of denial could believe Obama's performance was anything but pathetic. The New York Times comes to mind. According to the timekeepers, Obama managed to weasel in four minutes more than Romney but still fell short. ...
After Obama's poor debate performance, I'm going to have to watch BBC and Al Jazeera instead of CNN for a while.
After Obama wins I really want him to just come on stage for his acceptance speech with them playing BARRACKA FLOCKA FLAME
After Obama's comments tonight, in my opinion he no longer represents the Democratic party. he now represents the COMMUNIST party! HE OPENLY ADMITTED what Obama haters have always accused him of being, a COMMUNIST!!! He announced his plan to continue trampling the constitution and to turn us into a Communist nation by "taking out the middle man".
After Obama's performance tonight, I'll bet Bob Beckel takes a day off or two
After Obama wins this election Julian Castro goin for hat spot
After Obama wins Eric Holder needs to subpoena everybody involved in the election fraud including Reince P ...
I am wondering something and have been for some time now. After Obama supposedly took out Bin Laden, why has there been no backlash from the muslims for him doing that? No death threats, no riots around the muslim world, no nothing, really. Anyone else wonder about that? If they go beserk over some video on you tube, and now that is in doubt, too, why would they allow the killing of one of their great leaders go by without even a peep? Something is not right there.
After Obama's four years in office, let's look at what the USA's economic status is? Blaming George Bush will no longer work because it was too long ago! I need to know. My vote will be determined by this! Let's take a good look... 23 million unemployed 43 straight months of 8+% unemployment 45 million on food stamps Black poverty at record highs The middle class has lost 33% of its net worth under Obama Black youth unemployment over 50% Hispanic unemployment at 10.3% Illegals due to receive roughly $7.4 billion through Obama’s Additional Child Tax Credit. Food prices up 15% under Obama Gas prices doubled under Obama Obama has the worst job creation record since 1945 Obama recovery the worst in 75 years Median household income $4,300 declines under Obama Average family health insurance up $1,500 under Obama Added $5+ trillion to our debt…more than all Prezs. Combined US credit downgraded on his watch Number of welfare recipients increased I think we need to change the water in the bathtub!
After Obama comes to campus you should totally check out The Great Debate tomorrow with Black United Students!
After Obama announced earlier this week that he would be sending American troops into Uganda, WND uncovered billionaire activist George Soros' ties both to the political pressure behind the decision and to the African nation's fledgling oil industry.
After Obama and Pelosi forced passage of obamacare, I re-registered as Republican - after 45 years as a Democrat.
After Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, private-sector job creation, which had been growing, slumped.
That Obama is an abject failure is increasingly obvious even to his strongest supporters. He has not delivered. He has seriously divided people along religious, gender, race, class and country of origin lines. He has no new ideas, just tax the rich to pay the deficit for five minutes. If he wins re-election he will have a Republican controlled House hostile to his every move. He will have a Senate either evenly divided or controlled by Republicans instead of Harry Reid who does not allow the Senate to vote on anything of substance. Reid is a traitor to the principle of democracy the so-called liberals claim to love. Obama's second term will be a downward spiral of class warfare on steroids. The country will slide further into a funk if not worse especially when people realize the depth and breadth of Obama’s failures. After Obama's second term ends, a very conservative President will be elected as the people increasingly feel betrayed by the liberals having accomplished nothing. Rand Paul! Right On ...
If were Prez after Pearl Harbor he would've apologized to Japan for America's insensitive Bugs Bunny cartoons!
Cool photo, shows how Obama feels... after all he is better off now than 4 yrs ago. Hope Romney will help him retire!
Not hearing a word from the Obama supporters.Only the Muslims are coming after me today.
Aides clean up after Obama's Egypt 'ally' gaffe
Can U believe the Day AFTER Libya Attack, Obama again skips Intel Briefing?? Talk about ...
Even the day after the ambassador's death, Obama skipped his National Security briefing. Had to run to a fundraiser, I guess.
if the media did their job and went after Obama on this;would turn Romney's campaign around...
I like how Obama admin says that it disavowed the original statement after Hillary double-downed on it and a General is now ...
Will Obama ask his Hollywood pals to start featuring more female characters in full veil and burka too? After all, it ...
Bachmann making sense about radical islamists.
yeah, Obama was not aggressive in his use of drones or in sending the Seals after bin Laden. LOLOLOLOLOL
Bears repeating : is vindicated for going after instead of one man. is incompetent.
Did you hear? Obama sent his thugs after some guy "connected" to the film. Going to scapegoat him to appease Islam.
Barack Obama campaigned to a war-weary America in 2008 as a transformative figure whose affinity for Islamic culture (he was raised in Indonesia, after all) would make him more empathetic and sensitive to the "Arab Street" and more able to project a positive image of America to the dangerous powder keg communities that supposedly hated us because of our "cowboy president" George W. Bush. Here we are, three years after Obama's landmark speech in Cairo where he pledged "to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims," and we see on the devastating map above that there has been no "new beginning" but an escalation in hatred and violence toward the United States. While Obama's Cairo speech was correctly described by the Palestenian Authority as "the beginning of a new American policy" in the Middle East, it was more accurately painted by the spokesman of the West Bank Settler's Council as "out of touch with reality... the Muslim world is at war with the Western world." Appeasement, understandin ...
"Obama's team run their wars as sanely and boringly as an exterminator going after termites" [you wa ...
Update your maps at Navteq
President Obama Skipped His Intel Brief Day After the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was Murdered by Terrorists via
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