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After Earth

After Earth (originally known as 1000 A.E.) is an upcoming science-fiction thriller film directed by M.

Will Smith Jaden Smith Earth Day

That movie After Earth that has Jaden and Will Smith may be the opposite of black excellence.
They completely cut out Isabelle Fuhrman's part in After Earth. I was waiting for her...
I see your After Earth and raise you She (post apocalyptic re telling of the H Rider Haggard story).
making a sly joke about Gary Whitta's comments on the Hunger Games' logic considering the fact that he wrote on After Earth
Rise like lions after unvnquishable nmber.Shakes your chains to earth like dew which in slep had falen on u.u are mny.thy are few
After watching this documentury, How on earth is Hilliary and Bill not in jail?
Mum says that you should rename her Gaia the Gecko after the Earth Goddess
How on Earth do YOU justify remaining active within (?) after your own racist slur against the Scots
it seemed odd to place Octavia making the fire after the flashback of pike’s class when we all know she learned about the earth(1/3)
After 5K yrs of Conflict betw humans on earth …Maybe there's Other Forces @ WK Kava,B Smart!
NieR was out today in 2010 in America. Set 1000 years after Drakengard's fifth ending where the Earth is decaying.
After the weekend Monday party for Seattle Goodwill and their amazing Earth Day efforts with Ivan & Alyosha,...
Unique fragment from Earth’s formation returns after billions of years of cold storage.
Unique fragment from Earth's formation returns after billions of years in cold storage
Plexus plants 20,000 trees after Earth Day -
I realized that after I got it! Until last week I though Arbor Day and Earth Day were the same.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Man after the crap job I put up with for so long Sam's club is like heaven on earth
Since God sent back to Earth after pleading to protect Chloe in exchange for his obedience, that means he's her guardian angel now.
Unique Fragment from Earth’s Formation Returns after Billions of Years in Cold Storage
What if the "after the rain" smell was really just how the earth smells when it's clean?
The Goliath beetles (named after the biblical giant Goliath) are among the largest insects on Earth
Hope BBC cover Space Station activity after Tim Peake returns to Earth? I`d hate to think BBC think we`re only interested in Brits in space
She's finally acknowledging us after our, um, 18 years on Earth 😭
Much needed after the worst day on earth 😌😌😌🍸
Think of it like this you go to *** for evil,or Earth is *** You pay your debt lifetime after lifetime until your debt free.
There is no feeling on this earth more satisfying than taking ur bra off at home after a long day at work. With a glass of wine poured! 😄
I make this query to all; how wud be non-european world after 10, 15 years? others on moons, we ditched in earth?
Earth is good to us. This resonated more after a Sharing my orbital perspective on our planet h…
still on unstable ground one year after Via
YES. I'm just pointing out that it was WEEKS after the Supergirl ep and also it bugged me that he did NOT mention a new Earth
Rev. Reginald Pitcher talks after the press conference about an Earth Day incident.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
how on earth did you come with this conclusion aiman? Out of all the things 😂😂😂😂 i'll say you're cute after you say i am 💁🏻
huge mistake by whoever decided to make Arbor Day a WEEK after Earth Day. gotta space those environmental holidays by at least 2 months fam
After a big 2015, ed tech fell back to earth in Q1'16
Nepal: A year after the earth shook via
At birth a baby elephant weighs 250 lbs, making them the biggest babies on earth right after American college students
Earth Day was also celebrated in After Care! They made Lorax mustaches and Earth Day crowns!
"Muvon" - After Earth - Official Music Video guys this is my friends band, should check it out :)
Battlefield Earth coz it's so bad it's good, After Earth is ***
I mean, 16 years ago we were promised the "Willinium" and instead we got "Seven Pounds" "After Earth" and no music.
Shoutout to for being the greatest and nicest person on earth for bringin me a milkshake after gettin my wisdom teeth out🙌🏻
The hottest place on Earth is covered in wildflowers after heavy autumn rain...
Are we saying someone/something told Man keep humans in low Earth orbit only or.? What? And yet 47 yrs after Moon landing
Scott Kelly set to return to Earth after spending a year in space via
my mom just got out of the hospital after a week stay & I truly believe nurses are true superheroes on this eart…
And touchdown! Welcome home officially back on Earth after spending a
how on earth after all the evidence tampering or mishandling could a cop just keep the knife for 20 years? Charges?
'Modern Family' Star Opens Up on Breast Reduction, Legal Battle with Mother; Astronaut Scott Kelly Back on Earth After Year in Space
just re watched the man who fell to earth, still amazing after all these years. Great part and acting by you Candy.
Scott Kelly is back on Earth after a record setting 240 days in space—
Scott Kelly is a bit sore after a 340-day space mission, but says he could have kept going.
Before and after photos show dramatic change to landscapes over the years: https:/…
And still, after all this time,. The sun never says to the earth,. You owe Me.
Like the ash that will cover the game's box after the Earth burst into flames?
with Scott Kelly returning to Earth after a prolonged visit in space 2" taller, could that be a reason aliens are so tall?
After God ends this earth, will he create another one? Start afresh with no sin? Will he correct the Adam's apple eating mistake?
Even after. All this time. The Sun never says to the Earth:. "You owe me". Look. What happens. With a love like that. It lights the whole sky. Hafez
Day 63. to when we were in the happiest place on earth. After the week I have…
Questioning my sanity after planning spinning twice in one week when every sec I'm on bike I think it's gonna be my last one on earth
Days after exploding meteorite over Scotland...100ft asteroid to fly past Earth on Sunday https:/…
After 340 days in space Astronaut returned to Earth. Watch the 1st images: ht…
Hamilton Collection
.calls on his return to Earth after spending 340 days on board the
it's in November. It's a standalone set on Earth 40 years after Planetfall called After Atlas :)
Where are the scorched earth stories? State after state of GOP apocalypse?
7 weeks later after seeing my bro I just get the news that he is gone. NOVA was down to earth.…
Why Scott Kelly’s return to Earth is like an epic bad hangover: After a year in space, NASA astronau...
TSM beat a struggling OG and then beat Ever who I guess tilted off the face of the earth after losing to RNG.
Great to be back on There's no place like Taking the plunge after my arrival. htt…
Highlight of the week was and his return to earth after a year in space.
Death is the after taste from this world and it's  lot. The earth's purity has only decay wrapped around it..
Scott Kelly reveals the aches and pains of coming back to Earth after a year in space
Is there a place on Earth you want to go after seeing it from space?
Astronomers got tired after watching the moon go around the earth for 24 hours so they decided to call it a day
Astronaut Scott Kelly shrinks back to size after two days on Earth
The Atoyac River in Mexico VANISHES after an earth tremor opened a 30m crack
I liked a video from YMS: After Earth (Part 1)
This is what happens when you let Albert choose the film, first total recall now After Earth 👏👏
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best role? — Jayden Smith - After Earth ❤️😍
You mean that guy from After Earth and The Legend of Bagger Vance WON'T be in it?
Hello I like your new film called After Earth. Sajeel from the Young Peoples Forum.
One of the characters in Cybertronian history brought up in Devastation is Nova Prime. I'm having REALLY bad After Earth flashbacks now.
Please slate your name for the camera. Jaden Smith. Great job. Youre hired. - After Earth casting process
Transformers 2 & 4, Lady in the Water, Gigli, Jack and Jill, If I Stay, Wicker Man, After Earth? Worse than those?
Albus Severus Potter is one of the worst names ever created, up there with Cypher Raige in After Earth
What would you want to be remembered as? after you part ways with this earth.. A hero or zero a nobody, an acheiver
How on earth can people be doubting us after one game! People need to start getting a grip. Get behind your team, not boo them!
Tried to put on She killed a few fallen on Earth, then wanted tacos. I shall try again after tacos.
Great time last night in Boston! Thanks for hanging out after the show too. Pretty down 2 earth for rock stars! 😜
The Nagasaki Archive is an interactive tour of the city before and after the bomb. (Need the Google Earth plugin)
What would it take for people to be nice to each other & to look after the earth & the animals?
The smell of the cool, moist earth in After a rain dipped in sunlight. You really can't beat that
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
+ my shoulder. I commune with my plants, making them return beneath the Earth after exiting the giant hole where the door +
Strange as it sounds ones looses everything after he or she has leaves this earth as the heart stops to function ..
Who on earth is this man??? Why is analysing Derby when it's during the match? Can u not do that after it??
Also what on earth is this structure, it's a bit confusing after watching that Town performance. I'm frazzled
Especially for those indoctrinated as children, it can be v.hard to come back down to earth after thinking they're above it.
If you hear an earth shattering crack, don't worry it's just my soul breaking after buying textbooks.
Bit of scorched earth round the fire put after that excitement
The earth will still be here long after life goes away...that simple fact should make people value life more than our society does
I just became slightly in love with you after watching Earth To Echo😍😍
How on earth is my eyeliner still perfect after having a break down and then going to sleep for a few hours?!?! 😂
After some 20 odd years I finally got this sculpture on a well derserved pedestal. MOTHER EARTH 1994(?)-2015...
Hilarie Burton = still my favorite person on earth. Remembered me after years of me not seeing her and played with my …
Apollo rocks hint at Moon's violent birth after collision on Earth
♫After The Love Has Gone by Earth, Wind & Fire, from with LiveLyrics®
What is the "new heavens"? What is the "new earth"? Peace with all animals after Armageddon!
[EU] Aliens have invaded Earth to reclaim it after learning the humans eradicated its previous predator; the mosqu…
Well, after 19 years on this earth I just found out that it is not spelt "Halarious" .
"Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day." –1 Chronicles 16:23
Both the present, future & life after departing from this earth, Christ Jesus will always be there. We must live in Him
What about permissions for 219,000 houses granted in Green Belt? DCLG diversion tactic
Relaxing after Day 1 of yard work. - Drinking a Down To Earth by -
No answer for balding after all these years on earth
I guess after this week no one will say sunkissed. We all got our *** kicked .
Earth Wind and Fire...After the love us gone.
The earth was here before us and will be here long after we've gone. It will heal itself from us, bc it is magical and deserves more than us
Aid from international donors after earth quake have economically strengthened AJK ppl. Education is thr 1st priority.
As much as I want Harry to go solo after 1d I think he's probably going to fall off the face of the earth
Im so happy to see finally getting the recognition she deserves after years of being the most underrated com…
Betty Ellman has volunteered to remain on earth after the Rapture; he will spend his time fighting the Anti-Christ.
It would be easy to include the FANTASTIC FOUR in the MCU. Just have them return to Earth after spending a few years trav…
Before & after pic of the happiest 5k on earth w these people 😊💜
Why on earth wouldn't you lump a big ball into the box from a freekick when the whistle is about to go seconds after the next play?
How on earth is still alive after doing all his own stunts?
Judd Hirsch at least is cool enough to be in the Independence Day sequels, but Will Smith's too good to come back? But he'll do After Earth?
Oh what could have been. Mariah wouldn't let him do stupid movies like Shark Tale, Hancock and After Earth.
Focus is sick, there's no such thing as a bad Will Smith film (excluding After Earth) and Margot Robbie is perfection, roll on Suicide Squad
Will Smith can thank Jaden Smith for his successful acting career, as Jaden allowed his father to act with him in After Earth.
ICYMI: Will Smith says Wild Wild West was less painful for him than After Earth
Honestly, I've totally forgotten about Will Smith as an actor. After Earth was boring, predictable, and unentertaining.
oh, and he's a "model/actor". He was a stand in on that Will Smith/Jaden "After Earth" flick.
What's After Earth? Jaden Smith Goes to HBO: Jaden Smith and Maya Rudolph will guest-star in the pilot of Brot...
The movie After Earth is completely unwatchable because of Jaden Smith.
Lineo. “Jaden Smith is a kid.. But he looks so yummy on After Earth.. Yhuuu”
Loved this piece by on the narrative failings of Civ: After Earth. And I agree. .
Well, since it'll come out anyway thanks to the Sony hack, I'll fess up: I bought tickets to see "Basic Instinct 2" and "After Earth."
Here's a hint about my new video:. Locke. Terminator: Genisys. After Earth. The Wolf of Wall Street. Dallas Buyer's Club
I need one of those suits Jaden Smith had in After Earth in like an oblivion color way
I've stood up for M. Night Shyamalan several times (not like he needed it anyway), but really, "After Earth" was pathetic...
I just looked up After Earth and I know why it sucked so bad. M. Night Shyamalan directed it. WHy does anyone still let him do things?
how on earth did you do that again. You must have been exhausted after your hard work. Get well soon Nicky xx
“Taking my shoes off after a long day at clinicals >>> heaven on earth 🙌
After 16 years of life on this earth, I've learnt that life isn't fair
"I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain. I want to be the best I can. & Live with God again!" 🌈 🎶
Even Ms. Dunn doesn't teach earth space anymore, why did everything have to change after I left.
Who else loves the smell of earth after a rain storm? I'm sitting at my window right now with my head almost completely out..
If you haven't watched after earth you prolly should
lol. I'm not, & yeah, if we come back here then it's over with but I think this is *** on earth and wherever we go after is better
cup: Europe not so dysfunctional after all...but who on earth designed the US team's outfit ??
(After being stabbed by Rin) "No way, I'm the Earth King... How can I lose?! Big Brother!"
Freakin movies! Lone Survivor & After Earth had me crying lol ..ugh
Little Giant Ladders
No! The verse is not referring to the Big Bang as the Earth formed 9 billion years after it. Stop lying to people.
oh god and After Earth and the vampire film was Dark Shadows 😂
Just when I thought there was no song on Earth better than "After Ur Gone", let alone by Alex G/on DSU.
OMG! After listening to Kingdom of Earth, it's not hard to imagine. Right Karri?
How you live on earth determines your destination after death, you can take that how you want
Help us look after Mother Earth. Complete a survey on protecting previous natural environment.
Need to heal the wounds after an exhausting struggle in Real Boxing(TM).
earth, perhaps! He will suffer but little more after
Could happen in a split moment, its our poor damaged Earth that will give in finally after all abuse. Nbody can put it back.
After warning of ISIS as a dire threat for months, Obama claims the IC "underestimated" them. What on earth?
I've spent nights wondering and trying to pinpoint why After Earth was SO BAD, and today I found out who directed it: M. Night Shymalan.
Watching Eastenders after 5 months... Can someone tell me what on Earth is going on & why Billy Mitchell is still a sideman?
Photo: ladylilyvanity: after humans are gone nature will take the earth back
After all that I've been through,who on earth can I turn to. I look to You ! ♫ I Look to You by Boyce Avenue —
Our pilgrimage on earth cannot be exempt from trial. We do not know ourselves except through trial, or receive a crown except after victory.
Well just visiting after a space war I was in just good to be back on earth
Young know that u uncle is ready to leave this earth... Hurt my *** soul young after hearing that yesterday... Idk what I'm fighting for
The Earth's body: After a month of classes
I just had to buy it. Way too cheap. Tamriel, I'm coming back finally after the beta if time on Earth…
We use in our and hold a fundamental that it is our job to look after the
NoahsArk was actually the Architerian Spaceship that dropped off Humans & Animals to re-populate the Earth after the p…
Cops who won't wear name tags or badges. Women billed for treatment after rape. Why on this green earth would I EVER visit?
Left Behind-inspired series of novels about the gamers and furries etc. left on Earth after all the artists abandon them. Cheetos = currency
You may not be able to tell this by looking at me, but after you see my wife you'll understand... I'm the luckiest guy on Earth.
“Next to goat meat, ayamase, suya and supermalt. The sweetest thing on earth is taking ones bra off after work …
After watching this, you'll never forget the name: Varg Longhammer. Strike the Earth - Shovel Knight.
Is this girl the dumbest in the uk? Just realised her boyfriend isn't prem footballer curtis davies. After 18...
Does this mean Bryan Wasinger can't have pumpkin pie until after he finishes the game?
I wanted to know what your guys thoughts on the future of middle earth after the final hobbit film,Thanks:)
.What we found out is that the neutrinos were changing to one of the other types en route to Earth after being produced.
What's happening in Japan after the unexpected eruption of Mount Ontake? S2 - studying Japan and Earth Forces
Breathing tha natural soil of this earth/after rain drops had fell/.
Y9 STEWARDSHIP - we must look after the Earth, which is "the Lord's" as we are accountable to God for our treatment of it.
it also mentioned that it's a canopy. And that it was made after earth. And was made after humans. It's really quite stupid
I might try after work – are lots of birders there? And why on earth is it still churring at this time of year?
After the Doctor's phone number was shown in "The Stolen Earth", over 2,500 people tried to call it.
Gone go see dmilly nd den get off the earth after school
Which part? U claim Earth is being destroyed. Nothing is further from truth! Earth will endure after our departure!
Listening to the sweet sound of the earth singing after rain & her whispers shining in a carpet of vibrant emerald green.…
What did I learn today. Earth is the only planet not named after a god.
After i'm gone your earth will be free to live out its miserable span of existence, as one of my satellites, and that'…
We're in need of another M. Night Shyamalan movie. Imma act like After Earth was never ever ever ever ever made.
Sad after D person no longer on earth to defend himself for this to continue Hopefully everyone can live happy Beautiful Pic tho Thnx
After about 250 million years, a day will last 1.5 hours longer due to the slower rotation of the Earth around its axis.
The song that was playing thought the minds of the people of the earth kingdom after they found out the queen died.
I would have loved to walked the earth right after God created it! I bet it was spectacular! 😍
Man an oatmeal cookie after a long day and an 8 hour shift is heaven on earth
The battle actually took place in *** though. After Exodia was summoned, everyone was sent back to earth because the opponent lost 😂😂😂
Hotel room after 5 weeks of OCS. Heaven on earth. A real mattress. A real pillow. Is this how real people live?
The Earth is a giant fur ball after all. :-D
These 13 before and after pics show how misleading visual effects can be!
Fun Film Fact: "Jurassic Park" opened in theaters in 1993, just 4,970 years after dinosaurs and humans coexisted together on Earth.
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: .Ps 5:5,6
♫After The Love Is Gone by Earth Wind & Fire. Brought to you by The Heartbeat of Hout Bay - Republic Radio -
Kevin Martin from Chocit and Chocolate Earth NZ Ltd ran off home with a big smile on his face after he found our...
The ISEE-3 probe made its closest approach to the Earth at about 0300 UTC Aug 9, at a distance of 178000 km, after 29 years in solar orbit
I am the luckiest on Earth... Guys, you,won't believe. I somehow managed to hop on the next train right after the first one.
America is the most sought after place to live on earth!!
welcome to my home team... After a lifetime of being a fan I can say you'll fit right in with the best fans on earth!
Been mentally checked out for the past couple of days after the news, but its life. That's why God put me on this earth to overcome it.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I have 2 weeks to do as my uncle said than after that I'll be the happiest soul on earth 😘😍 it's a must I go get my dam education frfr.!
Nocturnal adventure in Downtown LA, over two nights in deep streets. by VIDEO}
After all thag I've gone through, who on earth can I turn to?
Like those before-and-after-cgi pics? . Here’s a similar gallery from OTHER films, via .
Earth closet craftsman announces ranking donnishness bag of tricks so concentrate on after slouch, held out zealand
SHOCKING . Before & after satellite images show how Israeli army literally erased off the Earth …
Oooh, Yay, now i know how i will look in Thorins crown after i take the throne and conquer all of Middle Earth
Watching After Earth because I feel like I owe it to Will.
the one with him and his son After Earth maybe and the latest men in black
yes they are. After seeing your video I'm so insanely in love with this band and there great music. Down to earth🌟😍
The Abuja environment during and after El-Rufai's era - BusinessDay: ...
GENOCIDE: | before/after satellite images show "Israel" literally wipe Palestine off the Earth
After 35 years of unprecedented melting, Earth has the same amount of sea ice as 35 years ago. htt…
I think the most beautiful planet after Earth is Saturn! *-*
The mama bird in this movie is the saddest story in "After Earth" 😭
saw that movie After Earth today it wasn't complete garbage but it wasn't really good either
We bout to watch after earth even tho I seen it 😒
Just realize that im suck at saying goodbye after living on earth for 19 years. Saying goodbye is never easy no matter how often you say it.
Where on earth did Maggie go in the 25 mins after I left?
Fracking fears for the North York Moors after oil company gains permi...
jfc after hours of not checking fb I come back and the first thing I see on newsfeed just makes me want to facepalm into the earth
After a few episodes of I'm now sure that is the funniest man on Earth.
At least in "After Earth". It could just be that his character annoys the *** out of me.
The end of NC's After Earth review just left me wanting to hear Steve Blum do the Woodie Woodpecker laugh in Amon's voice.
Will Smith made $32m last year, starring in garbage like Men in Black 3 and After Earth. Go figure Hollywood
agree..! I am speechless after yesterday show.. Never seen any guy lyk him he is so down to earth
Shuja'iya, Gaza | Before and after Netanyahu's operation scotched earth.
Actually walked 4 miles at 12:30am after a night of drinking. What on earth is wrong with me?
tragedy from perspective of local ppl MT Strelkov, Putin, and all the evi…
'After all what is the point of being on this earth if all you want to do is be liked by everyone and avoid trouble' -Arnold schwarzenegger
lol. I hope it has made efforts to report 700 ppl died on the other side after such earth shattering news!
y on earth this happens to me. every show i get addicted 2 has 2 undergo one problem after another. first IPK and now RR
I could watch After Earth Over and Over Again No problem .
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daug
In the end humans will make themselves extinct after destroying everything on earth
let's also remember that Air Malaysia a week after MH17 passed over Syrian airspace. I mean what on earth...
After last nights awesome gig, the rock god that is Woodsey comes back down to earth
The Oldest Trees on Earth I guess the "Great Flood" wasn’t so great after all :lol:
One of our previous girls at Rafiki Mwema has had to return to us after living through *** on earth. So heart broken.
I got the Earth plan for justunfollow but only lets me do 1 account Also stops letting me follow after ~200. Refund please
I finally thought after 20 years on this earth I had perfected the dippy egg but my last two attempts have been heartbreaking 💔
[Wikipedia] K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest. With a peak elevation of 8,611 m (28,25…
The fallout after Comet crashed to earth | this is a nonsense, another example of politico's giveing away our money
Petrichor - the smell of the earth after rain.
oh god yes of course! !! I need that emotion to end this year at peace with me after watching six movies of Middle-Earth ^^
Danger is real. But fear is a choice. ★ After Earth —
After one of the sweetest weddings I have seen in a while, we now arrived at my favorite sandy place on earth! Hilton Head Island!
The fallout after Comet crashed to earth | via Tory Britain/The City.😤
Has it not become clear to those who inherited the earth after its [previous] people that if We willed, [7:100 1/2]
How on earth did we lose the first. position for rascism ? After Rapists. Now Racists. INCERDABILITY at its best.
100% of the proceeds goes to making Earth a healthier planet by building a forest in Seoul named after T-ara.. that will be…
The fallout after Comet crashed to earth - via
After eating muesli at midnight, my flatmate has taken another bowl of muesli back to his bedroom now. What on earth is he doing to it?
After my birthday I'm pulling myself off the face of the Earth
Shocking story of Comet & wrkrs: - I raised this in Commons re Harlow & askd 4 investigation:
“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination" After Earth
Back to civilization: Six volunteer researchers return to earth after four months on 'Mars' ... in Hawaii
Magically realistic: One hundred days after leaving Planet Earth, Gabo arrives in Macondo.
Im watching After Earth with and his dad Will !! I love this movie so heartwrenching! ❤️
ISIS case probe: police to pick up suspects after Eid, which country on earth works like this??Secular festival??
The fallout after Comet crashed to earth: the Telegraph looks back at the handling of the collapse of the chain.
Waaah this looks amazing! Strategic storytelling in Civilization: After Earth:.
Sophie Okonedo stared in the Secret Life of Bees, After Earth, Hotel Rwanda, and Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Eric Holder says it was racist that "After Earth" did not win best picture Oscar.
After watching Doug's review of After Earth, I'm wondering how much lithium Will Smith was loaded with to make him so sedate and lifeless.
After I'm successful with whatever it is I'm doing on earth I'm getting dreadlocks down to my waist and buying a sailboat
Finally heard from yoseph after a billion years of him disappearing off the face of the earth!
On other news: It considerately cooled down after the 3rd (intermittent) rainy day. The earth, fields and plants sing with relief.
For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my...
scum of the earth! After all they have done, and to abuse that power, they should never see day light again!
You wdnt think 3 decades after Reagan, anyone took 'supply side' seriously. But in flat earth America, they still can.
After seeing all these previews about Earth To Echo now I think I want to see it lol 🙈
.commenter monkeybutter made us a Robot Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Maybe I won't leave Earth after all.
I liked a video Earth, Wind, and Fire - After The Love Has Gone (with lyrics)
Morning after Pill is + why on green earth is it mandated to pay for something l
Fear is not real. It’s a product of our imagination causing us to fear things tht don’t & may never exist. Tht’s near insanity. -After Earth
Earth to AbortoNazis manage their own reproductive issues--to 'burn' Hobby Lobby after win
Always ahead, always thinking ahead, and down to earth aswell. Thats some why's I love after 35 years
Good. I'm preparing myself for Little Women (in original) after I finish what I'm just reading (Shades Of Earth).
The meek will inherit the Earth after we've wiped the savages that live there off the map - Jesus, probably
U condemn d team b4 they play; after d game u re angry n condemn d team again, haba! U can't live in heaven n on earth at same time
After far too many years away I am finally going back to the greatest place on earth
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