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African Americans

African Americans (also referred to as Black Americans or Afro-Americans, and formerly as American Negroes) are citizens or residents of the United States who have at least partial ancestry from any of the native populations of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Disparity in death in African Americans & there are novel genomic alterations ion chromosome 4p16.3 says M…
“It’s really all about history and so many of us don’t know the history of African Americans.”.
Dear John Kelly, if the North and the South compromised and avoided the Civil War, African Americans would still be picking…
Addressing by ethnicity: African Americans, Puerto Ricans, Native Americans more at risk, says Randall Brow…
These upstanding young African Americans apparently forgot that Just another day in Philly.
NAACP warns African Americans about traveling on American Airlines via
.issues a "national advisory" for says African Americans could be subjected to discrimination
NAACP issues travel advisory, cautioning African Americans about flying on American Airlines
NAACP issues travel advisory, cautioning African Americans to not fly American Airlines via
Taylor Holland was among the 2771 impressed African Americans that built Federal fortifications in Nashville starting in 1862.
"Renaissance excluded African Americans from high-paying positions." via
The NAACP has issued a travel advisory urging caution for African Americans traveling on American Airlines.
AHA News: African Americans carry higher burden of cardiovascular diseases compared w white Americans.
Why can't kneeling for the anthem ALSO be a sign of respect? African Americans, some of you will have links to West Africa.
So Roger Goodell is going to focus on ending police violence against unarmed African Americans?
Lyles Station is a farming community settled by free African Americans before the Civil War:   10% Off
"African Americans have used the power of dress to convey strength & solidarity."-Dr. Diana N'Diaye. Delta Sigma Th…
I mean to be fair mike ditka was a coach of a sport that's dominated by African Americans, I don't think he thought his comments thoroughly.
survival better in African Americans if proper care available says Society
(History) Some of the enslaved African Americans who fought for Britain against the U.S in the war of 1812 settled in South Trinidad.
Virginia Man Arrested Today. Police say he threatened to murder African Americans at Howard University. . https:/…
Alexandria man arrested for threatening to kill African Americans at
African Americans are underrepresented as financial advisors. Learn more about The College's plan to bring...
1980-2008 studies found African Americans are 52.2% of homic…
Richard Riker abused the fugitive slave act to send or sell African Americans in New York to slaveowners in the south
African Americans uprising. Thus if your white, who is against your second amendments rights when you feel you need guns? Hilary
Kirsten Powers: "The bottom-line is there's never a place where it's appropriate for African Americans to complain"
The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, enacted to ensure rights of African Americans recently freed from slavery ratified in 1868
Congrats to who was named in 100 most influential African Americans. .
“And I like Strauss and Mozart and all that, but the priceless gift that African Americans gave the world when...
no African Americans have native ancestry - a african
Idk why African Americans think they're mixed with Native American 😭. Like gtfoh.
To Jeff Sessions, how does it feel to be dragged & humiliated? Now you know how the African Americans you disrespected…
Hillary looked at African Americans as bottles of hot sauce while Trump looked at them as American citizens worthy of safe…
Ida B. Wells most impacted my life because she exposed the lynchings of African Americans and fought for women's rights.
Worst. I guess when she ignores the excesses of wall st she doesn't know African Americans lost the most wealth in the great recession, 6/?
Ida B. Wells had the biggest impact on American society because she took away unfair punishments for African Americans. Go her
We don't know what those voters decided; but save for African Americans, Je…
If Jews, African Americans, Muslims, LGBT+ individuals and Mexicans go on a work srike America's economy would collapse!
Ann Coulter's the type of human who'd leave jews, Latinos, African Americans, immigrants, democrats and lg…
How is this any different than refusing to serve African Americans or Muslims or Jews. You are a…
Leopold ll killed 10 million Africans , Hitler killed 6 millions Jews. And the Silent Genocide of African Americans out weighs them both.
A rich straight old white person worth $300mil has suffered more than African Americans, Natives, Jews, Palestinian…
If you attack or African Americans - You Are Not a Christian . Like most supporters, You're just an…
To you very mean people, . opened the doors to African Americans and Jews when others wouldn't permi…
New post: Black Enterprise magazine releases exclusive report of African Americans on Corporate Boards
Hope Grace Lutheran Church have members of . English, Spanish, French Filipino, African Americans, and . Indian people forever?
No statues of the African Americans who fought for the union or the hundred thousand whites w…
System. It's African Americans who get portrayed in the media poorly with that situation. If people…
He didn't refer to African Americans as monkeys, who told you to keep spreading this false narrative?
of the Spartan king Leonidas in a book about the history of African Americans and guns:
Anyone: hi. Me: chapel hill is only 11% African American but African Americans comprise 2/3rds of the town's imprisoned popu…
Hey guys! Re-upping this, but let's not give reverence to people who thought African Americans were property, sign!!
Sen. Tim Scott: Trump needs 'personal connection' with African Americans who battled racism
Motivations for Using MDMA among African Americans: Implications for Prevention and Harm-Reduction Programs
It was the Democratic Party in the south that opposed voting rights for African Americans and the end of Jim Crow l…
To maintain segregation in the South, many white residents sought to make fear part of everyday life for African Americans.
More with Les: Jackie Robinson Day is great but Major League Baseball has too few African Americans
...and kindly remember both Native & African Americans helped create America & deserve recognition for the sacrifices they made.
My Name is LYNDON JOHNSON & my legislation ensured African Americans would VOTE for the Party…
President Trump has already done more African Americans than Barack Obama.
Hanging of African Americans in the South = forbidden. Abduction & hanging of Germans in Wisconsin = turn a blind e…
Africans living abroad exist and aren't exempt to the same bigotry African Americans face. Amadou Dial…
One of the reasons African Americans are more likely to die from is that they do not follow up with treatment for it.
Private clubs in Palm Beach had, with the support of the city council, “long barred Jews and African Americans —...
It's also obvious to me that there's no way Native Americans & African Americans would've been here this…
Ann Coulter, in a recent interview, described African Americans as some of the early "settlers".
On this day in 1965, LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act into law, to guarantee African Americans the right to vote. https:/…
I truly believe they want to pit African Americans and Latinos against each other. Does that count?
Blacks/African Americans have no rights. We are under natural Law of Torah as Hebrew Israelites.
Great 3 min interview from on high rates of and in African Americans
Today I learned on the MAX that the Earth is flat, and that the real Hebrew Israelites of the bible are African Americans
African Americans need a beating for thinking they Hebrew Israelites lmao
Hey AC i been asking the same Q in Person & Online to many African Americans when it comes…
Africans world-wide... Why do Hebrew Israelites say that you hate African Americans because we are not the same race??? Talk. To. Me!!
Augusta Savage (1892-1962), influential Harlem Renaissance sculptor who worked for equal rights for African Americans in th…
State-sanctioned violence against African Americans has been a reality in the United States for centuries.
African Americans don't get on what am I supposed to look up what slave Master I got my name from.
decent people recognise US drone attacks terrorism as is 100 years plus preying on African Americans domestic terrorism
Emory University student Clementina Nyarko showcases her perspective on dynamics between African Americans and... https:/…
HBCU’s are working to include culturally appropriate behavioral resources for African Americans.
Recognize contributions by African Americans in Black History Month February. For heart smart eat right, workout daily 30 min and live long.
won’t look at roadblocks for African Americans to get to polls, nor Russian meddling? Useless, straw commission
ImmigrationProf Blog: Hate crimes spike again in California; African Americans, Latinos targeted
There's something called SYSTEMIC RACISM sweetie. African Americans were on the bottom of the food chai…
In Class Action vs Jennifer Lopez World-Wide in support of North Africa, she can stop framing African Americans and…
SameLogic: there's a reason why 'African Americans' are hated by all race in America. That's the same reason&place f/ anti police environment
Race relations are being exploited by the liberal left,Dems have always used African Americans then disappear
James Myles do African Americans want Bull connor and Robert E. Lee going to JESUS CHRIST heaven. -The United States of America
TIL Seattle has so few African Americans downtown due to racial restrictive covenants which lasted well into …
The racial hatred was so deep that southern whites didn't even want African Americans to be sent to France to fight.
Might look weird to you Americans, but that's how many Africans see African Americans in my experience.
Can't wait to read this book about one of the greatest but overlooked African Americans of 20thC - renaissance man.
There is a disparity in mental health treatment for African Americans. Know the issues here and why change matters
1 in every 4 African Americans in Florida was unable to vote in 2016
First Amendment Rights President Trump ok Colin Kapernick not ok slavery attitudes throughout the USA in the year 2017 African Americans
in 1865, enslaved African Americans in Galveston Bay, TX were notified of slavery's end by Union troops.
Our criminal justice system is profoundly broken and has failed African Americans over and over again.
Except rich male African Americans who can afford a battery of lawyers.Cosby case, OJ Simpson?
June 13, 1868,Oscar James Dunn (1826 – November 22, 1871) was one of three African Americans who...
fact 5: CNN is being sued by 175 African Americans for racial dis…
I don't need African Americans to tell me about my Africa
After an investigation, is agreeing to hire more African Americans:
When Shaun King can provide the kinds of financial opportunities to African Americans the NFL offers, we'll start paying att…
African Americans = "12% of the pop. in Alameda Co., but made up 49% of the homeless pop." . (via
“The first official authorization to employ African Americans in federal service was the Second Confiscation & Militia Act of July 17, 1862.
African Americans make up 40% of overall homeless population in Los Angeles. Something must be done.
African Americans have been written out of American history at every point. I think THIS would make a wonderfu…
Paul blart mall cop remake but its a BLM produced film about police brutality against African Americans.
On May 12th 1970, a race riot in Augusta, Georgia resulted in the deaths of 6 African Americans.…
African Americans have loved this country faithfully when it didn't love us back. So any suggestion that we aren't patriots…
"The Civil Rights Act 'infantilized' African Americans by making them dependant on government. - Robert Mercer of R…
I saw the Cincinnati Symphony orchestra last night and they played song exclusive catered to African Americans... it was AWESOME
I really liked having a Justice Dept that tried to hold police accountable for killing unarmed African Americans.
"There is not one image of African Americans, but there is a range of images that we can all reflect upon." -Deborah Willis
Chronic overbilling is apparently behind the financial woes of a DC hospital that primarily serves African Americans
Africa's history is important to us today. Its the basis for African Americans.
During prelims... P-Type: *breathes*. Tiger JK: next. P-Type: what?!. Tiger JK: U don't diss African Americans & get away with it. 👀 ***
Its been happening for years ask the Latinos and African Americans
This is what African Americans couldn't do before the 60s in America. We still have a long way to go.
I think it was meant to combat racist stereotypes. No one says deragatory statements…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
African-Americans we feel like we're living in a police state. But the Constitution does not apply to us.
That's because whites, Asians and Arab are above African Americans in certain respects. Don't worr…
A list of the few inventions made by African Americans
HE IS TO BUSY HUALLING IN THE WALL STREET DOLLARS of which his greates followers, African AmericanS will REMAIN in POVERTY!
African Americans are 12% of the population, they are OVERrepresented in the media, thats a fact. But…
.The people who like Bernie the most are African-Americans & whites are the ones who like him the l…
Sometimes. Racism? African Americans cannot be racist due to the lack of power we have or should I say don't have.…
25 African-Americans thrown out of South Carolina restaurant after aehite woman complained of fee... via
In other words, the racist African Americans version of White supremacists "RACE TRAITOR" ... along with "Uncle Tom"
White supremacist The Tariq Nasheed defenition. Everyone but African Americans are white supremacists except when they are friends with white
African Americans in FL Blacks run businesses have the nicest cars superior academics patience and best dre…
Without slavery never would have existed.Thats why it bothers me in particular to see African Americans play along w/tribalism
Let's face it: African Americans and women are w…
Police investigate hate crime motive: White Shooter Fires on a group of African Americans at Birthday Party. One Ki…
Who gets offended when we are called black people.? I find "African Americans" more insulting tbh lmfao, like ju…
Breast Cancer Awareness
African Americans and a Hispanic shot by a grinning old white guy...wonder what DJT and Sessions will say about this?
It would've been even higher but folks, BS cultists spread lies abt Hillary. She never called African…
7 African Americans and 1 Hispanic were shot today at a pool party in San Diego !!
African slaves that were colonized by the Spanish and French, Native Americans that lived among/intermarried in maroon communities; etc.
“He had his beer in one hand and a gun in the other.” White man shoots into party of African-Americans and Hispanics
Black Millennials are the worse generation of African Americans of all time via
Taina really had 6 Puerto Ricans and 3 African Americans in it's main cast.
Airbnb to let California test for racist hosts via
Mass shooting at UTC apt. Witness: '4-6 African Americans at pool when white man walks in, starts shooting'…
African Americans faced racially restrictive housing covenants in their new cities. Until this 1948 case:
If African Americans would just vote republican, the GOP wouldn't have to suppress their voting. Simple.
African Americans in LA were making more money in 1990 compared to 2015 . 1990 $34,653. 2015 $29,212
Ever notice how those who insist African Americans should forget about the past...never shut up about their own?
Yeah I saw all those white sheets on the African Americans who support a Trump and the children behind him... ***
So I am marinating on Shea Moisture and all other manufacturers that cater to African Americans. I'm thinking the...
In NYC more African Americans babies are aborted than born, but let's worry about cigarettes .
Today in 1853: Mary Randolph Custis Lee renews her work for the gradual emancipation of enslaved African Americans.
Community Day for America St honoring great African Americans, community spirit
Because today is Jackie Robinson Day! Thank you to the man who paved the way for young African Americans! http…
Did Geraldo really say he doesn't have beef w kendrick after accusing his music of being more harmful to African Americans than racism?
Because it affects Blacks and African Americans. Right now 1 in 3 Black and Hispanic people in Dallas live below the poverty line
Malcolm Gladwell wrote about an aspect of this comparing black immigrants to African Americans
Gang stalking is similar to what the KKK used against African Americans in the Deep South, what Hitlers Brown Shirts used against the Jews.
Yesterday I quoted a portion of ESPN's Jemele Hill in her response to Dez Bryant saying African Americans simply...
Black Egypt so far removed from African Americans compared to possible Semitic, Moorish, or definite West African roots. NGHs love KMT tho.
The fugitive slave law didn't work to plan because you would have members of the community lying about African Americans being slaves or not
Parallel to how African Americans murdered by cops have their history dug up by the media to attack them
With so many rich African Americans why was the home of Ross Parks allowed to reach this state?
East Africans, Caribbeans, African Americans and Latin Americans get the best ancestry results 🙄
So this lady gone tell me that Sickle Cell Anemia, which is only really prevelant in African Americans, isn't a certified cancer! 🙄😑
Traveling while Black in the American South. This audio piece by Nicole Taylor shows why African Americans rarely... ht…
Photos from the D.C. Town Hall meeting about the missing girls; a room full of African Americans.but r…
Congresswoman Maxine Waters will be at the Charles H. Wright Museum on Friday, March 31 talking about the progress of African Americans...
I'm sick of African Americans being the voice of black ppl in the world, it's such a typical American mentality to think u…
I guess Africans forgot that African Americans protested for Amadou Diallo when he was shot 42 times by police
did he forget to hire African Americans this time to stand behind him? No central casting in Nashville?
Ocala, FL has a runaway cobra. Central & S. FL are hiring anaconda hunters! Are yall African Americans starting to feel like home yet?
Samuel L. Jackson said black Brits shouldn’t portray African Americans. After outcry, he walks it back.
Check out UK Premiere of ‘Paris Noir - African Americans in the City of Light’ at
43 million Americans, or 13.1% of the population, lived in poverty in 2015. . The rate among African Americans was 24%.…
Why are some African Americans so threatened by black Brits? |
Samuel L Jackson is mad because black British actors are playing African Americans. What if I told you...
Lol but us African Americans been playing South Africans for decades 😂
I really don't get why African Americans are doing this. They really don't like us do they?
I just think it's funny how the majority of African Americans live in the south yet it's always red, where as the Northeast is blue.
but when African Americans snub African actors and can barely portray nigerians or south a…
But ESPECIALLY African Americans. A majority live in the South. . So "screw em" because of arbitrary and gerrymandered political geography?
Wait--wasn't there a period of us African Americans getting cast as Nigerians, Kenyans, South Africans, and Ugandans? htt…
Elijah Cummings tells President Trump his language has been hurtful to African Americans: Baltimore Rep. Elijah E.…
Lasty this engagement was between an African & African American, African Americans are descendants of West Central Africans
Panel discusses ways to mold future for African Americans in St. Louis. Read Blog:
actually most grand juries have said the African Americans were unlawfully killed but there's reasonable doubt to prevent
latest on Reconstruction and African Americans writing on it circa 1913:
how do African Americans appropriate African culture? We're of African descent...
forgot to say White people will be celebrating in 9 years... African Americans were not free and independent.
Captured and hung July 1, 1896, the Rufus Buck Gang was unique, as it was made up of all African Americans and Cree…
Listening to the history of Jubilee singers & their quest to make sure audiences knew the value of African Americans.
Where is the out rage from liberals, Democrats, Al Sharpton, African Americans,. There is none because a Liberal sai…
Dr. Ernest Everett was one of the first African Americans to receive worldwide recognition as a
Pictures of everyday life of African Americans in Nebraska | Daily Mail Online
President Trump was very positive at national African American Museum.his commitment to help African Americans very encou…
Remind me what tRUMP said about Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, etc?
And the same incubator feeds hatred and threats to African Americans, Muslims, Sikhs, Latinxs, LGBTQIA persons. . T…
Immigrant Muslims are quiet as Church Mouses when Racism is directed at African Americans in this country but need…
African Americans had part of their history stolen from them, including their identity as Muslims. It's beautiful...
African Americans realized the 1st African American President traded them for Muslims when he saw they aren't dumb…
COPS comes on FOX tv & affiliates. Coincidence or Conspiracy? Both tend to be the as the enemy" for African Americans & Muslims
NO! He hates Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans, Women, anyone not white & male, is stupid, can't read, is a flam…
These were all celebrity African Americans. Show me some photos where Trump is hob-nobbing with the common African American.
I believe trump will do more for the African Americans than any other president. Besides Abraham Lincoln.
Library+5th gr Ss hear which top picks of notable African Americans they'll explore-Alice Coachman, Gordon Pa…
Noble Drew Ali said African Americans were descendants of the Moors in N/W Africa. And thus were Moorish by Nationality and Islamicbyfaith.
.and faced struggles in new urban environments. Noble Drew Ali said all African Americans were Moors from N/W Africa.
Did you know that African Americans invented these things? Thank you to the sisters of Omega Phi Beta Sorority...
Women of the Harlem Renaissance. Between 1918-1920 a movement of art and literature began when African Americans mo…
In 1868 an African American named John Mercer Langston founded and organized the first law school at Howard University for African Americans
African Americans owned the first big city in America and was bombed by OUR GOVERNMENT 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Tulsa, Oklahoma
why do they call black people African Americans am I considered American American
Monument to the efforts of African Americans in Falls Church to defend their constitutional rights.
John Mercer Langston became one of the first African Americans ever elected to public office in America in 1855…
“Madam C.J. Walker wasn’t just a force for African Americans. She pioneered global black activism” by
Denying living wages to the 54% of African Americans who make less than living wages is systemic racism.
Repealing health care access, which impacts three million African Americans, is systemic racism.
I'm proud to celebrate Black History Month & the incredible contributions African Americans have made to our country
This month we honor the achievements of African Americans. Let's celebrate Black History Month together.
it's actually inner city African Americans . Try again buddy
Journey through the pivotal moments that shaped our city in ‘African Americans: The Las Vegas Experience’ 2/20 @ 9p…
Hey gang, I've decided that I will spend every day in Feb educating about famous African Americans as a pub…
I love seeing confident African Americans accomplish the things in this world that we were mocked about back then , y'all are my role models
...kinda like African Americans for Barack Obama (a campaign started by the former president)? THAT is absolutely segregation.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"Nearly 60% of African Americans can trace their roots back to Charleston, South Carolina.".
I once took a two part class on the History of African Americans in community college. The professor was from Marin City and a baaad man
"Beloved" a book about African Americans in sports, um a book of poems by Nikki Giovanni, "For Colored Girls" the book and movie
This join us in celebrating the contributions of African Americans in our nation's history.
Happy Black History Month to all my African Americans , I got alotta love for y'all , some of the realist people out here
across working on an Afro-Renaissance series were basically, I interweave African Americans thru the European Renaissance
Latinos have Cesar Chavez Day, African Americans have Martin Luther King Jr. Day; who should Asian Americans celebrate as a holiday?
Instructive as to how the war on drugs used to harass, provoke justification to kill African Americans
Author interviewed 30 local African Americans who experienced the before and after of segregation.
I guess you haven't seen Mark Lamont's CNN piece, in which he calls African Americans meeting with Trump "mediocre…
.Wow, that's really your argument, eagle scout? So plantation owners using black overseers actually liked African Americans?
Embassy Row is the closest the Obamas want to be African Americans unless he is golfing or throwing a party for Hollywood.
Once again Capehart laid it out for anyone to follow, African Americans think Trump is a racist through and through
I love my African Americans! We must come together on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Yes, someone like you from Woodland Park, CO - a town that's 0.5% black - knows a lot more about African Americans than John Lewis.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
his past rhetoric on black communities. He hasn't made any statement about wanting to help African Americans at all in any point
ironically, this airs during Black History Month & conveniently neglects the fact that Rock n Roll was pioneered by African Americans
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