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Afghan Taliban

The Taliban , alternative spelling Taleban, (', meaning students in Pashto) is a far-right Islamist militant movement of Pashtun tribesmen.

Mullah Omar Islamic State Imran Khan Sartaj Aziz Haqqani Network Shaukat Khanum Hospital Al Qaeda North American

This deserves huge praise! soldiers rescued a North American family from the Afghan Taliban - after 5 years in captivity.
Pakistani troops free North American family held hostage by Afghan Taliban for five years, Pakistani army says
it is interesting-since the Taliban evolved out of the mujahideen groups that fought the USSR.BUT…
Russia is giving arms to the Taliban. That's no ally and they are terrorists. .
While US is battling the Taliban,Russia is seeking to “help shape events on the ground” by cultivating closer ties to the Afghan government.
Some countries compete to host the Olympics. . Other countries compete to host the Taliban.
We can thank u for being brown nose to Putin NOT being strong in election RU invading Ukraine help…
UPDATE: Afghan Taliban has claimed credit for Kabul attack targeting foreign forces and has released name of suicide bomber: Shakkar Takhari
And u first ensure your country will be polio…
(GERMANY)"Muslim posing as 'asylum seeker/refugee', Europe, charged with murdering USA Soldier in 2014" Aug 3, 2017/
Pakistan should face comprehensive sanctions for supporting Taliban, as Russia does for supporting proxies in Ukraine. https:…
Private air force in Afghanistan ,to deal with Taliban
The mission 2 the cmdr in Afghanistan was train the Afghan Army while preventing a Taliban takeover
Maulana Allah Daad (JUIF) view about his fund collection for Afghan Taliban in Jirga program.
But that presupposes certainty as to what Afghan would look like "if we were not there." Taliban co…
POTUS upset Taliban gaining ground in Afghanistan -- in part due to Russia's support of Taliban, should be noted:.
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Maybe Trump should ask his buddy Vladimir why the Taliban is resurgent and whether Russia is arming them.
Aftermath of VBIED attack by Afghan Taliban against a convoy of NATO in . Damaged MRAP being r…
Afghan refugee 'killed US soldier while fighting with the Taliban'
The Taliban can probably strike in any province and infiltrate many levels of the Afghan government
thrilled about the long American presence in Afghanistan, the shakiness of the Afghan government, or the way that the Taliban, ISIS, and
16 years war in Imagine your Afghan. What is the way out: The murderous or the clueless USA.
Maybe because his buddy Putin is supplying the Taliban with weapons? via
Afghan Taliban wanted to sequester her at home and behind a burka. She escaped and became a soccer star in Denmark.
Afghan officials say young boys are being trafficked to madrassas in Pakistan and recruited by the Taliban.
Not Really. We began fighting Terrorists and now the Taliban, an Afghan polit…
Excellent read from on America's longest war that takes Afghan lives everyday - Photos by
US & India r supporting Afghan Govt. It loves our attention & $$ but any settlement will have to d…
Just In>> ". Afghan refugee 'killed US soldier while with the Taliban'. " .
have captured many weapons from the army in Province, including M4s, M16s, RPG-7…
The war America can't win: how Afghan Taliban took back Afghanistan via
RAND's Arturo Muñoz explains how is exploiting Afghan disappointment with the U.S. intervention:
These who don't have even proper footwear, are defeating trained by spending billions…
important agenda for Afghanistan? Mineral Rights for his business cronies! Not freedom from the taliban, not training Afghan troops.
Afghan Taliban released photo of one of the three check posts captured from Afghan forces in Shawal area of Paktia…
Taliban responds to proposal to inject private contractors into the Afghan fight
61 remain injured with various injuries. ISIS takes responsibility of attack after Afghan Taliban denial…
The key to end Afghan war with many terrorist groups (Taliban)&their extremist ideologue is to compel Pakistan to stop nu…
Afghan Taliban 'claim' to have captured villages of Now abad & Gadham ha, about 2 KM west of khan Abad district center…
Islamic State kills senior Afghan Taliban official in Pakistan
TTP, Afghan Taliban, Haqqani Network, LeT defectors all form part of Islamic State in Afghanistan. Big blow to Pak ISI..…
BBC News - Afghan Taliban capture crucial town of Sangin
Afghan Taliban capture crucial town of Sangin
Afghan forces forced to bomb own military installations to prevent insurgents using them
Breaking News: The Taliban have captured the strategic Afghan district of Sangin
Millions of Afghan children unable to attend schools: Aid group
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Taliban Take an Afghan District, SINGING That Marines Died 2 Keep. Thanks Junior 4 the war that will not send.
US troops returned to once again to evacuate Afghan forces. Then destroyed abandoned buildings & vehicles
seizes control of Sangin district in Afghan southern Helmand province https:/…
Meanwhile, in other news: Afghan Taliban capture crucial town of Sangin.
take key district in culmination of a deadly offensive that lasted years | National Post
Pakistani confirms senior commander killed in
Taliban take key Afghan district in south; 9 killed in north via
captures Sangin, the town where more than 100 soldiers died
Afghan Taliban signal growing strength with key district capture
Pakistani officials hold meetings with Taliban leaders in bid to press them to join Moscow-led talks on Afghanistan: https:…
Taliban captures Sangin, the Afghan town where more than 100 UK soldiers died.
The Taliban continues to increase its control in areas of Afghanistan's Helmand province
Orlando Killer was Home Born too. An Anchor Baby of a Taliban Supporting Afghan.
Afghan Taliban capture crucial town of Sangin -
Afghan Taliban signal growing strength with capture of key southern district.
Hamilton Collection
Why Sangin's fall to the Taliban matters
"How I stopped the taliban from shutting down my school" . Afghan women are so brave.
Taliban take an Afghan district that many US Marines died to keep
Russia may be supplying insurgents in says Nato Supreme Commander
LANGUAGE: captured crucial Afghan district of Sangin; Government forces say they made tactical retreat
Why Sangin's fall to the Taliban matters - The Taliban's capture of the crucial southern Afghan city of Sangin ...
The role of green-on-blue attacks in the Taliban’s strategy to weaken Afghan Military
Meanwhile, where the war on terror began: Afghan Taliban capture crucial town of Sangin - again.
Breaking Reportedly, Afghan Taliban has contorled some parts of Helmand. The Ankara Times Claims.
via The explosive factory was run by the Afghan Islamic Emirate —popularly known as the Afghan Taliban.
BREAKING: US military probe says American troops fired on Afghan homes in November firefight with Taliban that killed 33 civilians.
Fox News back at it again, headline talks about Morocco and the burqa & picture shows Afghan with the taliban era b…
The Afghan Taliban would have been defeated by Massoud's forces back in the 90's if Pakistan hadn't supported them.
Congratulations and & to our all team! Afghan TV station targeted by Taliban wins AFP
News on the SIV programme and it's not good
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Obama Admin selling US military weapons to Afghan Taliban . .
Afghanistan Disputes US Report on Taliban Gains: The Afghan Government on Thursday pushed back against a U.S.…
US military killed 33 Afghan civilians in November firefight with Taliban
That's why you support Afghan Taliban. I can understand!
"Large number of Afghan politicians strongly condemned the trilateral meeting on 🇦🇫 which held on 11/27 in Moscow"
Taliban attack near Afghan parliament kills more than 30.
TV station targeted by wins Kate Webb Prize 2016
Afghan Taliban releases video of U.S., Australian hostages
Do you even know the fact that Pakistan supports Afghan Taliban? No point blaming others all the time
Ustad Atta, governor of Balkh, wants immediate jailing of a senior member of Afghan peace council for praising Taliban as "angels of peace"
In 21st Century is the only force that has defeated terrorists,a coalition of 52 armies failed to defeat Afghan Taliban in 15 years
govt denied a US IG’s report that its forces are losing significant territory to Taliban & not capable of keeping the…
Afghan girls going to school despite Taliban via
stand on Afghan Taliban is a major blow to Kabul Govt & its allies in New Delhi.
Afghan Taliban would perish in one month without Pakistan support: Ashraf Ghani  .
Yankees should know better that Afghan Taliban thrive NOT because of Pakistan BUT because of a collapsed Afghan army un…
If Pakistan had supported the Afghan Taliban, the puppet govt of this shameless scoundrel would not have lasted 30 days…
Afghan Taliban commits to protecting energy and mining projects via
Afghan Taliban offers security for major govt projects.
Or may be joint effort of ISI and Afghan Taliban?
Afghan journalist threatened after presentation about Taliban and HIA
u know the history of Afghan Taliban u know there Islam
What would the reaction of be if we do the same & call Taliban & Qaeda forces in Afghanistan, "Afghan rebels"? Shame…
Afghan Taliban offer security for copper, gas projects...
"Those truely fear Allah,among his servants,who have knowledge" Fatir 28 khawarj doesnt hv knowledge
The Afghan Taliban are facing a crisis as civilian deaths deter donors
not sure how this is so different from Taliban tactics.
Yvone ridley spent few weeks with Afghan Taliban and accepted Islam. Now Mariyam Ridley
Sonita: The story of the Afghan girl fighting the Taliban with rap
Taliban invited journalists, activists for rare meeting in Qatar office. Quite a turnout for a group who has killed journalists.
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Taliban post this pic captioned: graduates Binwalid camp,I'm not intelligence officer but those hairless arms cant…
30 dead, 80 wounded by suicide attack in Shia mosque in Afghan condemned the attack and denies any role.
Afghan Tablibans are comitted to protect national and international projects. The Taliban have stated...
For the 1st time journalists are meeting and discussing issues in Photo- Faiz M Zaland/FB…
assaults halt progress of Afghan, coalition forces. via Quoting our
Fake official caught conferring medals to Afghan security brass!! Reminds me fake Taliban emissary who was showered with 1m dollars in 2010!
UPDATE: at least sixteen Taliban killed in clash with Afghan security forces in province, @
do you know something about secret meeting between Taliban and Afghan Journos in Doha?
Meeting some in Any further Informations available? Who knows more? DM me.…
First you try to kill them, then you invite them for tea: Taliban meet Afghan journos in Qatar:
I liked a video Fierce Real Combat U.S. and Afghan Soldiers fight Taliban | Camera on Afghanistan War
Meat of afghan journalist and ... with taliban in Qatar. fore more...
Mortgages Set to Debut in Housing Market by our economist journalist
Afghan Taliban leaders n Qatar confirm to a Kabul-based media team n Doha they have held meetings with Afghan gov't "unofficial" delegations
intelligence operatives arrested Taliban insurgent involved in rocket attack on airfield, giving fitting reply to Taliban.
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Kabul Skeptical of Afghan Taliban Vow to Protect New Infrastructure Projects - Voice of America
Very bad news for Mes Aynak:. Afghan Taliban offer security for copper, gas projects
Afghan Taliban offer security for copper, gas projects
now says it'll protect Afghan infrastructure. Hope it does better than with its vow to protect civilians. http…
Islamic terror kills 2, injures 34 at German Consulate.
Taliban attacks German consulate in northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif
Alleged reason for attack in NATO air strike killing 30 civilians in on Nov 3
I think we should pull all our troops out under condition that the cease all hostility against us. If they break...
Manhattan-New Jersey bomber was radicalized in a Pakistan seminary located near hideout of Afghan Taliban leadership https:/…
No other leader can talk about FATA reforms, Afghan identity of Pashtuns, terrorism, TTP and Afghan Taliban the way Asfandyar Khan did today
Afghan Taliban are willing to talk and negotiate on 5 Pakistani citizens but not the Russian pilot. News via
At least 14 militants died as Pakistani and Afghan Taliban clashed in eastern Afghanistan on Friday.
Hamid Gul was a *** He created MQM and Afghan Taliban + future terrorist groups
Afghan Taliban leader was treated at Shaukat Khanum Hospital: Imran Khan
Baluchistan province is a primary hub for Afghan Taliban | The Long War Journal
'Pakistan did not take substantial action against the Afghan Taliban' or Haqqani Network: State - Long War Journal |
Next time sb should take directions from these hate speakers. He is reporter covering Afghan Taliban
Afghan Taliban good,TTP bad,Hafiz Saeed leads an army to fight in Kashmir! THIS duplicity is why we are in this mess
CIA must consider appointing as Emir of the Afghan Taliban. He's way too experienced a wheeler-dealer than…
Afghan Taliban announce successor to Mullah Mansour - BBC News
is the new Afghan Taliban leader afterLets C how long it takes for him 2 go to paradi
The U.S. must explain why it took 15 years to carry out its first drone strike in Balochistan, where the Afghan Taliban lead…
Afghan Taliban not ready for talks: Sartaj AzizDawn News
Afghan Taliban not ready for talks: Sartaj Aziz .
Afghan Taliban not ready for talks: Sartaj Aziz
DawnNews: Afghan Taliban not ready for talks: Sartaj Aziz
Afghan Taliban not ready for talks: Sartaj Aziz: ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Friday said t...
100 Afghan troops have been trapped by the Taliban in Baghlan-e-Markazi for the past 5 days
Afghan Taliban not ready for talks: Sartaj Aziz
Afghan NDS military op on May 19 in Nad Ali nets 3 Taliban operatives plotting attacks on government organizations:
Taliban are keeping the pressure up in Uruzgan, and it claimed a Brigade Commander yesterday.
Afghan not ready for talks: via dawn_com
A Senior Judge in the Afghan regime Abdul Habib Nasiri who sentenced a Talib to death, has been gunned down by Taliban in
QCG makingefforts to ensure peace in Afghanistan The News Tribe
Taliban 6 Afghan soldiers killed in the Shilgar district on May 15 plus 2 APCs & a truck seized.
collective dua is bidaa and no diff between afghan Taliban and Pak Taliban or JUD or lashkar all khariji Isis followers
(IMAGE) Afghan Special Forces freed 60+ Prisoners May 6 From the Taliban in nighttime raid on a home in Naw Zad
Top Afghan Army official, General Basir Badakshi, was killed in a Taliban IED blast in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Said American organized crime, "Our Domestic Terrorism as heroin distributors for the Afghan Taliban takes up the slack."
Pakistan to host meeting on reviving Afghan Taliban talks: ISLAMABAD (AFP) - Pakistan will on...
With support of Pakistan ISI, Haqqani Network steers Afghan Taliban in more deadly direction
Envoy acknowledges Russia's contacts with Afghan Taliban: “There have been limited contacts with the Afghan T...
A leader of the Afghan Taliban dies of cancer at Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore.
Afghan Taliban leader dies in Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Will anyone be asking Taliban Khan about this? Where's NAP? https…
A Pakistan-based leader of the Afghan Taliban has died at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital on Friday.
Afghan Taliban say team in Pakistan not for peace talks
Afghan Taliban showing no sign of weakness: President Ashraf Ghani seems deliberately to have overlooked the a...
Ahmed Rashid on creation of Afghan Taliban,not even half truths. on Army run businesses-speculations,,not even half truth
Dozens of American freedom fighters killed in Taliban attack on Afghan security agency: (from
'My weapon is 54 years old and the Taliban have night vision,' a friend fighting with unit of Afghan armed forces in Wardak tells me
A powerful Taliban car bomb followed by a fierce firefight left many people dead or wounded in Kabul Tuesday, the Afgha…
Latest narrative coming out of :. 'If we put too much pressure on Afghan they might get upset and go to '
Afghan government suspended five police officials over deadly Taliban attack in Kabul. our report for
While PM Modi was busy with CEO. China+Taliban threw India out of Afghan peace talks
Taliban suffer heavy casualties in operations led by Gen. Dostum in Jawzjan - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan News Agency
The minister of interior & defense R in 2 *** the situation & need of their troops. have been attacking the city
Youth in south Kashmir: They say they take inspiration from the Afghan Taliban’s “victory” over American troops.
in afghan and pak mainly Pak taliban shot that girl Malala in the head for going to school Remember? We know where they are
all im saying is the taliban is in afgh and pak Why can't we defeat them in afghan at least ? (cont)
The Taliban tighten a deadlock, with a grisly start to the new fighting season.
Death toll in Taliban bombing and gunfight rises to 64; Afghan president calls the attack 'inhuman'.
Im sorry son your dad didnt come from afghan alive he died in action He tried to 360 no scope a Taliban but he got tomahawke…
Massive explosion followed by gunfire as Taliban attack Afghan security office in Kabul:
2) Gen Nicholson is wrong because the Taliban are openly engaged against Afghan forces on multiple battlefields throughout…
Rus envoy Grushko:NATO deaf to Rus appeals to step up fight vs Afghan drug traffic benefiting Taliban
Heart-rending story of young man manipulated by Taliban to become a suicide attacker
delegation apparently walks out in protest of Pakistani support of Taliban when Pak minister starts speech.
I write for abt this week's attack in Kabul: Taliban make a grisly start to the new fighting season
The Taliban is gaining territory but its long-term prospects remain dim
. Who is funding the Afghan Taliban and Islamic State?
US killed Bin Laden who u wr hiding in Pak; Mullah Omar of Afghan Taliban was also hiding in Pak, died in Karachi hospital
LOL, "Indian rupees behind it." The article makes the very point you do about the Afghan Taliban.
Shahbaz got the chance to runaway after that attack and reached Kuchlak with the help of Afghan Taliban.
Afghan Taliban carried out operation to release claims saying intelligence had no role
Release of Shabaz Taseer was ensured by Afghan Taliban by conducting a raid over the hideout where he remained in captivity
Shahbaz Taseer was freed by Taliban during an attack on Zabul on Daesh.
Sources tell Shahbaz Taseer was freed by Taliban in an attack in Afghanistan.
"Taliban attack police headquarters in Afghanistan's Helmand" via
Death threats and a Taliban rampage through her radio station headquarters haven't deterred one Afghan journalist:
Kuchlak is the Afghan Taliban outpost in Pakistan. How did he end up there?
Afghan Taliban attack police and intelligence offices in Afghanistan, killing at least three
could a raid in Kuchlak to intimidate Afghan Taliban have led to the inadvertent discovery of ?
Taliban attack police headquarters in Afghanistan's Helmand via
...went into Kuchlak, which had been a No-go area due to the presence of Afghan Taliban leadership's families, to send a message to the...
Interesting and conflicting theories about release. Did the "Good" Afghan Taliban take him into...
The Taliban have refused to resume long-stalled peace talks with the Afghan government, insisting that foreign troops pull…
It's just in that scumming to US Pressure Afghan Govt. & Taliban Dialogue to be withhold at Islamabad:
Afghan forces withdraw from district in Uruzgan Over the past year, the Taliban have seized control of, or...
Great piece on the Afghan army's increasing reliance on their own special forces to fight the Taliban
40 years ago, "we had a disco," a southern Afghan politician says. “But then we fell into the ditch of misfortune.” https…
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In pre- days, women had a life. Ladies today are in the wrong side of history…
new or orthodox media channelizes needs of a society. There was dissent in Pakistan about TTP but not over Afghan Taliban or LeT
Pakistan has urged all Afghan Taliban groups to participate in upcoming peace talks with Afghan Govt which will be without pre-conditions.
Afghan Taliban must talk to govt for peace in Afghanistan, US behind unrest in the region: Imran...
Afghan Taliban open new front in war with attacks on media:
Hina R Khar tells me how the PPP govt tried to bring Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table with Afghan govt but they refused 1/2
Afghan Taliban have denied involvement in the ongoing attack on indian consulate in northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif
Precisely what Asim Hussain has been charged with for doing at his hospital > Imran Khan says Afghan Taliban leader was …
Imran Khan disclosed,an Afghan Taliban leader was admitted in S.K hospital.Will Rangers arrests him like Dr. Asim?
Afghan Taliban after Mullah Omar (MO) has totally taken a U-turn and nw is far mre tolerant of shias which MO wasn't.
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Uncertainty over the fate of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour deepened on Friday…
Afghan Taliban claim killing 150 in attack at Kandahar air field, release pic of their fighters
Afghan Taliban chief ‘injured’ after shootout in Pak: A militant commander said five people were ...
Pakistani media reported arrest of 4 Afghan Taliban in Karachi city of Pakistan by PAK security forces. No more details are available yet.
Dear dont get misled by It's hunt 4 Pakistani Taliban not Afghan Taliban. You guys r so naive.
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he was subtle . Used aik firqa not shia. Talked about konday . One khas number was basically about afghan taliban
"Dissident Afghan Taliban Leader 'Shot and Wounded' by Bodyguard" by REUTERS via NYT
Dissident Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah 'shot and wounded' by bodyguard - The Express Tribune |
Dissident Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah ‘shot and wounded’ by bodyguard
Russia talks to Taliban as Isis gets Afghan foothold, reports.
Taliban had recently met the in Tajikistan
Dissident Afghan Taliban head "wounded" by bodyguard . Wounded or dead, there're rifts that impact political dynamics
Afghan radio station focused on women’s rights is a casualty of the Taliban
Taliban had recently met the Russians in Tajikistan,
Fathers important in improving girls' ed assume Afghan men share Taliban views. Reminds me of father
Afghan girls struggle to get education 14 years after Taliban ousted
A leader of a breakaway Afghan Taliban faction fighting for control of the Islamist movement has been shot and wounded by a bodyguard, two …
“The Taliban are threatening my family every day.”
Just Happened in Asia: Dissident Afghan Taliban leader 'shot and wounded' by bodyguard
Afghan Taliban dissidents have formally announced Mullah Rasool as their chief in a meeting in Farah province:Video
Afghan Taliban deny reports of joining hands with TTP - The Express Tribune |
G+: . Afghan Taliban threatened personnel of two leading private news television channels of dire…
Recall Ronald Reagan showcasing Afghan Taliban as next generation powers ? That's today and George W Bush yesterday
Some heavy allegations of post-ZeA tinkering by PAK in the Afghan Taliban's choice for successor to Mullah Omar.
Afghan Taliban seize control of Kunduz, raise banner: KUNDUZ CITY: Taliban fighters battled their way into the...
need to accept ground reality that Afghan Taliban is the PROXY of the Pakistani government as labeled by Adm Mullen.
broadcasted by Afghan Taliban seize much of northern city center in major ...
Pakistan's efforts to persuade Afghan Taliban to participate in peace talks should not be wrongly interpreted.
Taliban&Haqqani continue to perpetrate acts of violence against innocent civilians, Afghan security forces, and U.S. personnel…
Yes my Afghan slave boy.. When are you meeting the taliban?? Any suicide blasts in the menu?
Might be funny if not so serious: US helicopters sent to can't reach Taliban HQ
Afghanistan's communist puppet leaders killed even more Afghan civilians than the brutal regime of the Taliban.
army has backed the Afghan Taliban. It helped create the Taliban's Islamic Emirate in the1990s, so said Bruce Riedel.
Bhutto told a Pakistani reporter that her government funded Afghan Taliban beginning in1992 to take over Afghanistan.
Afghan Taliban storm jail, release hundreds of prisoners
Jihadi attacks declined to 70% in Pakistan. Thanks to Afghan Taliban who convinced TTP to end their war in Pakistan.
A very good insight on Afghan Taliban new pro claimed leader Akhtar Mansoor
Also to add: Haqqani Network is part of Afghan Taliban -- the long arm of ISI some analysts have shut their eyes to.
by Afghan terrorists you mean Haqqani Network & Afghan Taliban,they are babies of pak army & ISI
Afghan Taliban, in In biography of new chief Akhtar Mansoor, say that Mullah Omar had passed away on 23rd April 2013.
Afghan Taliban laugh at American decsion to attach terror tag to Abdul Aziz Haqqani whom US decribes as senior Haqqani Network leader
DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, in an online audio message, pledged allegiance to the new head of the Afghan Taliban
Afghan Taliban not a terrorist organisation: US ... few words for ur ex-post ... plz. .
Muslims in Lahore Pakistan mourned the death of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar
Afghan Taliban statement says unaware of peace talks, silent on Mullah Omar
Afghan Taliban founder and spiritual leader died more than 2 years ago, Afghan government says.
Telegraph - Six dead in first major Afghan Taliban attack since power transition
Afghan Taliban dismiss reports of Mullah Omar’s son’s murder in Pakistan
Haqqani Network boss 'died a year ago': For two years, the Afghan Taliban did not let on that its leader Mulla...
Afghan Taliban :Mullah Omer died of heart attack in January 2013 in Norad district of Helmand Province .
Hard to believe Afghan Taliban leadership would be under pressure in any scenario. They have always been one step ahead
G+: Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IIA), also known as the Afghan Taliban stormed a military base…
technically ur right but its the Afghan Taliban were made by the remnants of the Afghan Mujahideen
Today i found that Maulana Samiul Haq is also a book author of Afghan Taliban
Afghan Taliban say only Qatar office can pursue talks. The office spox Dr Naeem says no one from Qatar office took part in Pakistan talks
Have read an article on a newspaper about Afghan Taliban were planning to meet the so called Caliphate of Islamic State in Gulf
Taking note of Imran Khan's poor form, I'd like to invite Afghan Taliban to attack Pakistani parliament and take down Nawa…
Afghanistan continues to suffer at the hands of Pakistani PROXY Afghan Taliban as even President Ghani now admits.
Afghan Taliban is 'the PROXY of Pakistani government' as per Adm Mullen's testimony to US Senate Arm Svcs Comitee on 9-22-2011.
Afghan Taliban officially admit killing of one of their senior commander and shadow governor of Nangarhar Mir Ahmad Gul H…
Kabul-backed peace council to meet with Afghan Taliban at Qatar conference - The Express Tribune
Afghan Taliban claim they have captured Abdullah Khel district in mountainous Panjshir province
Taliban publish Mullah Omar’s biography: In hiding for 13 years, the Afghan Taliban supremo disappeared after ...
Afghan Taliban release a lengthy biography of Mullah Mohammad Omar on 19th anniv of Amir ul-Mu'mineen declaration.
Afghan Taliban even condemned the Peshawar attack
Deccan Chronicle - India - Afghan Taliban to meet US officials for talks in Qatar: sources -
China offers to mediate in stalled Afghan Taliban peace talks
Center for Public Policy Analysis News: White House, US does not consider Afghan Taliban as a 'terrorist' outfit - ET
FYI, the Afghan Taliban are NOT on the Foreign Terrorist Organization Watchlist…. But the TTP are!.
“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” – Article Three, Section Three, U.S. Constitution. Given the fact that one of the suspects, Said Kouachi, in the Paris killings had traveled to Yemen in 2011 and that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility for the killings, does it strike anyone as strange that Obama set free five Yemeni detainees out of Guantanomo Bay? Four were sent to Oman, a nation that neighbors Yemen. A fifth was transferred to Estonia. It was the first time either nation had accepted Gitmo prisoners for resettlement. Does anyone think that the five Afghan Taliban leaders Obama set free last year are still in Qatar? Among the things Obama will be remembered for will be his promise to close Gitmo and these releases of U.S. enemies. Since when is freeing Islamic terrorists to return to the battlefield not giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Well, it is not if yo ...
CHRONOLOGY OF COVERAGE JAN. 14, 2015 Memo from China; China's diplomats have been talking with Afghan Taliban over past several months in attempt to mediate peace process; nation is motivated by border concerns and desire to tap Afghan mineral and oil deposits where Chinese firms have invested heavily. MORE JAN. 13, 2015 Afghan officials announce nominations for cabinet-level positions, ending three-month impasse between Pres Ashraf Ghani and chief executive Abdullah Abdullah over who will head government ministries; international officials welcome nominations, even as lengthy process has raised doubts about viability of government based on power-sharing agreement between Ghani and Abdullah. JAN. 4, 2015 Editorial expresses concern over Afghan Pres Ashraf Ghani's demand that Afghanistan take over responsibility of United Nations Development Program fund that pays for Afghan police force; questions whether Ghani has his priorities in order, pointing to need for cabinet and negotiations with Taliban to begi ...
2/2 ISIS flags removed by Afghan Taliban in district of Charkh. Villagers warned any1 hanging ISIS flag will be hanged.
UAE govt can play the peacemaker between Afghan govt and Taliban: HPC
Pakistan arrest 2 Taliban leaders who opposed ISIS
“Afghan Taliban to open 'political office' in UAE -
Afghan Taliban to open 'political office' in UAE -
"The allies didn't think the Taliban would be coming back." Great piece from on Afghan interpreters
Afghan Taliban to open ‘political office’ in UAE: He didn’t want to be named in the report. The first Ta...
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