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Affordable Health Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare , is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. Together with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, it represents the most significant regulatory overhaul of the U.S.

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Sen. Ted Cruz compared America under President Obama to a corrupt dictatorship in which the chief executive decides which laws to follow and which to ignore. He cited the Obama administration delay of the employer mandate under the Affordable Health Care Act. He said the directive to ease ...
After looking at different plans and insurance companies I finally found one.should be insured starting Feb. 1st. Everyone should check out the Affordable Health Care Act. Even if you already have insurance. Thank you Patty Smith for helping me better understand some of it all.
Feels so good to move into a job I can believe in. All my shirts and sweatshirts from my previous employer properly dumpstered. So excited for the future. 2014 is already proving to be promising and full of good energy. Also, Covered California, via the Affordable Health Care Act has proven itself to me. It is providing free healthcare, and better than what I had at my last job! With my existing health issues, this means a great deal to me. Thanks, Obama. No really. Thanks.
Ok, Anthony Daniels.As of the matter of the Affordable Health Care Act. I believe the system is different and a right move in the right direction. A lot of people keep getting caught up in the right now and what ifs, and companies are even using this as a scapegoat. I COMPLETELY agree about the state manipulating the poor and putting us back at square one. However, I believe that they are not the ones in Limbo but the people who currently have health care and make between 40K to 65K...These people pay the most expenses that affects their income percentage and spending power and the States will drive them into not being able to afford this new plan. Their (Our) Premiums have gone up. However, it is not a direct result of ObamaCare but because this country was founded on the beliefs of making more and more money at the expense of other people. I personally do not mind that ObamaCare overall will raise premiums tho. People have died not being able to get proper treatment. If me paying a little than what I am ...
You are cordially invited to attend a seminar on the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act sponsored by Senator Ben Clark, NC District 21 on January 11, 2014, at the College Lakes Recreation Center at 4945 Rose Hill Road, Fayetteville NC 28311. The center is located near North Region Public Library corner of Rose Hill Road and McArthur Road. The seminar begins at 11:00 am. All are invited to attend. PPACA open enrollment for the effective date of January 1, 2014 began on October 1 and closed on December 23. However, you can still enroll thru March 2014. More information on the continuing enrollment period will be discussed at this seminar. We look forward to seeing you at the PPACA Seminar on January 11, 2014. Please share this information to as many as possible.
This comment is on the Affordable Health Care Act. I find it interesting that so many conservatives are running it down. What caught my attention was an article written on Bishop John Shelby Spong's web sight that I receive on my e-mail. Bishop Spong brings out that the Affordable Care Act is based on the Massachusetts' health care law which of course everyone knew, but get this the Massachusetts law is based on ideals that came from the Heritage Foundation. That is right a conservative think tank is the origin of the ideals that created the Massachusetts health law , and the Affordable Care Act. Maybe people need to realize that the origin of Obamacare isn't from the liberals ( because if it was we would have single payer health care) it's from the conservatives. So if Obamacare doesn't work I wonder who should we really blame for it?
You know it's Christmas Eve when my grandparents and parents talk about The Affordable Health Care Act
A Shout Out to the New Affordable Health Care Act, by the Republicans derogatorily labeled "OBAMA CARE". Sitting in an excellent enrollment counsellor's office (Tim 773.892.2593), enrolling, and standing to save A LOT of money in our 2014 health care costs. I mean A LOT!!!
Cardinal Dolan is dead wrong. When asked if he have challenged the President on the so-called Affordable Health Care Act he answered on the affirmative. I was excited to hear more but my excitement soon faded when I heard that his challenge was in opposition of the law not covering people here illegally! That is outrageous. In other words, the state's intervention was not expansive enough. The tragedy about most prudential positions taken by the bishops on economic matters is that they see no need for a discussion on the size and role of the Federal government . They are fully aligned with statism and that is tragic.
Let's consider this quotation in light of the discussion surrounding the "Affordable Health Care Act" referred to by the president as Obamacare, Our education on the subject should not be limited to reports on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and other old established news outlets but should include new media such as blogs and internet sources that may look at the subject differently than the old media does. That is, if we really want to know what is true. True is defined as 1) in accordance with fact; that agrees with reality; not false 2) truthful 3) honest; virtuous. The opposite of true is not what God called his children to be. He calls us to diligent, true effort to gather the facts in order to arrive at a correct conclusion. Certainly in serious matters, like compulsory national health care (that includes everyone) the Christ like person should pinpoint what's true about the whole matter and make a judgement based on the truth itself, the scripture. Then stand alone, if necessary remembering the majority is ...
Apparently there are many out there confused about the healthcare law thinking that the Affordable Health Care Act and Obamacare are two separate programs, believing the AHCA is good and Obamacare is bad. Please be clear - THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME! Make sure your friends know this.
I'm sorry. I'm a republican, but I don't love to bash the president and all because I know everything bad isn't 100 percent his fault, but with the Affordable Health Care Act, you can't just keep making slight changes to a law without the changes going through all of congress and the bill to law process. You can't just amend the law. Unless all of these tweaks are executive orders. And even executive orders have there limits, and can't last forever. If you want to amend it legally
2013 - Let's reflect on what the hijacked GOP tea baggers DID NOT accomplish this year! President Obama is a one term President, as stated by Michele Bachmann! Failure to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, Failure of any charges for IRS. NSA, Benghazi, All failed claims. Ted Cruz telling nursery rhymes another failure.etc, etc. Now let's see what did they actually accomplish this year? m NOT A DAM THING! poor things, they are good for one thing, and that is whining and complaining!
An increase of over $200 a month for our household per The Affordable Health Care Act.
Memphis has the potential to be a great city, however too many opportunities are passing Memphis by and the citizens of the Bluff City are being affected. Congressional Black Caucus Member and South Carolina Congressman James E. Clyburn, has a Bill on the House Floor, that would allocated Millions of Dollars to Counties in the United States, that fall below the Poverty Line for the past 30 years. Without knowing how long Shelby County (TN) has been under the poverty line, but Memphis is one of the poorest cities in the Country. I truly look forward having Congressman Stephen Cohen on THE BRIAN CLAY CHRONICLES and discuss his support on this Bill, plus other issues like the SNAP REDUCTION, Affordable Health Care Act and funds available to help Memphis repackage our infrastructure! During this Christmas Break, we need to take time to think about what kind of city we want. Do we want to be a " sleepy southern poor mouth town" or a thriving Metropolis, that is a World Class City.LEADERSHIP IS THE KEY!
Today is your last chance to enroll in the Affordable Health Care Act plan. If you have any questions go to or call 1800.318.2596. You never know unless you get the information yourself
Have Questions about the Affordable Health Care Act?? Need help enrolling?? Today at 2 pm we will have a team of experts coming in to assist you with all your questions & enrollment needs! You don't have to do it alone! If you already have insurance, please pass the information to someone who doesn't, and who needs the help!! 93 Linden Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07305
We will be open today, Thursday and Friday this week. Please remember that many people's deductible will renew January 1st. That leaves a few days this week and a few next week to get your visits in under this year's deductible. Also many changes will be occuring under the Affordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare) starting January 1st with healthcare and health plans. Let us know if we can schedule you an appointment before these changes take place. 964-9960
Just a quick reminder that today is the deadline to sign up for health insurance with the Affordable Health Care Act if you wish to be insured on Jan. 1, 2014.
I know people have different views about the Affordable Health Care Act but I am thankful that I finally have health care again because of it! Unfortunately, when I decided to pursue my dream full force, I had to sacrifice some things that a 9 to 5 offered and one of those benefits was health care. It has been the most uneasy feeling ever! Thank you Obama!!! Everyone should have the right to see a doctor without accumulating debt!!! And yes, the website is working... Don't be fooled.
I will say this once!! Compliance is surrender!! The illegal Affordable Health Care Act with Obastards name on it is their way of taxing us for their crimes!! Then they want to penalize us if we do not comply?? This does not require higher education to be seen and understood as illogical, arrogant and criminal on the part of the government!! At what point will the American people actually get off their *** and put an end to all of this corruption?? At what greater problem will the American people fight back?? It is sickening to see nothing being done to STOP the governments crimes against Americans!!!
CULT LEADER ESCAPES. FROZEN FORTRESS DESTROYED BY FIRE North Pole (AP) - Cult leader, Santa Claus, escaped capture following a late night surprise raid on the cu­lt's ice forti­fied head­quar­ters deep in Alaska's remote frontier. Claus refused to answer federal warrants listing numerous crimes including producing and transporting merchandise without federal permits, employing physically disabled “elves” without minimum wage guarantees or medical insurance through The Affordable Health Care Act, child abuse charges, suspicion of illegal use of drugs, among others involving failing to file flight plans, and possible animal abuse. Elements of the federal gov­ern­ment, the US Army, and the Na­tional Guard, wait­ed throu­gh­out the dark arctic day on December 24 for the surviv­ing elves and their leader to surrender to federal mar­sha­ls. Efforts to negoti­ate with Claus were suspended just before midnight when Claus failed to answer the phone. Claus had earlier claimed that he was just fini ...
Santorium claims the Affordable Health Care Act is a clever way to murder those who don’t vote for you.
Remember back in the 90's when Clinton was pushing what was called the Affordable Housing Act? It was basically a resurrection of Peanuts Carter's misguided Community Reinvestment Act. Well, Clinton's Affordable Housing initiative(they never call these things laws, because "laws" seem too harsh)had the disastrous effect of causing the largest housing bubble in history that took down some major investment firms(such as Lehman Brothers)when it burst. Of course that cycle popped on George Bush's watch so guess who got the blame. Anyway, I digress...whenever you hear the term "Affordable_", you can pretty much bet the farm that: 1. It won't be affordable 2. It's gonna cost the folks who have money and are trying to keep it because the government is going to subsidize those who have no money and spend whatever they get. 3.The long-term unforeseen consequences will be be blamed on someone else. Just remember this as when are flattened under the steamroller of Obamacare, The Affordable Health Care Act...
The South Carolina bill prohibits state agencies and officers from implementing any portion of the federal mandate, outlaws state insurance exchanges and directs the state attorney general to sue over selective enforcement of the Affordable Health Care Act.
"Senator Rick Santorum likened Mandela’s fight against injustice to Republican opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act." Gah!!!
I see that even the *** republicans have bought into calling 'obamacare', the Affordable Health Care Act. Don't buy into barry soetoro and his boot licking friends trying to run from it now . . . It IS what it is, OBAMACARE!
The wheels are falling off the Obamacare train wreck... everybody knows it, and that includes many in the liberal press that up to this moment have been trying to justify the lies and the errors commited by Obama and his staff... At this moment his 'advisers' (whom lack of lot of ability to advise) are suggesting to the President that in order to divert attention from the Affordable Health Care Act, he should tackle another one of his 'signature programs'... Immigration Reform... I am going to make a prediction... the legalization of millions of 'ilegal inmigrants' will be a bigger and worst train wreck than Obamacare (if anybody can believe that)... that is one individual's prediction: ME!!! KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN... TIME WILL TELL WHETHER OR NOT THIS OPINION IS RIGHT OR WRONG... But at the same time the craziest these people get... the sooner it will all come to an end, and I can't wait!
Just when you begin thinking things can't get more bizarre. Senior American Cardinal, Timothy Dolan of New York, says the Church has been "outmarketed" on the issue of *** marriage, but that the issue is not over. He also says the American Catholic Church will continue to oppose the Affordable Health Care Act and the Church is willing to deprive 40 million U. S. citizens of health care because the law as written complies with the U. S. Constitution and Supreme Court decision in allowing for abortions. Pope Francis keeps making statements about how it is wrong for the Church to focus on narrow issues like *** rights and *** marriage, and how wrong it is to target *** for discrimination. Obviously, the American Church doesn't give a *** what their Pope feels, thinks or says on issues relating to *** A Church that claims its moral authority from Jesus Christ believes it is morally just to deprive 40 million Americans of medical coverage if doing so will prevent abortions? It is getting more and more dif ...
Learn more about the Affordable Health Care Act. Sayre High, December 4th. 5:30p - 7p
Infographic: How will the Affordable Health Care Act affect your patients?
Our Thanksgiving Service/Giveaway! Kappa Alpha Psi is our partner & Fla Blue will be providing info about the Affordable Health Care Act
Charles Blahous also on same issue:
FWIW, my fam's health care cost will go up by $1200 for the same level of coverage due to the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare on Jan 1.
Affordable Care Act Program. Beatrice Jimenez from the Manchester Community Health Center will present a program...
It's not Obamacare, it's business - Politico: PoliticoIt's not Obamacare, it's busi...
The insurance companies could be critical in getting people to log on to
It's not Obamacare, it's business via for iPad (yeah I'm in PR on my iPad reading politico)
What are you hearing from your patients about the Affordable Health Care Act?
Wow. An easy to use Affordable Health Care Act plan comparison web site built by three guys…
How Affordable is Health Insurance after the Affordable Care Act? via
Driven by industry trends and the Affordable Care Act, big data is forever reshaping health care.
The Affordable Care Act has led to the creation of more law jobs, experts say.
Insurance cos. now ready to plug new “hassle-free coverage that won’t let you down”; not ready to call it "Obamacare"
It's not Obamacare, it's business via for iPhone
It's not Obamacare, it's business - Kyle Cheney and Paige Winfield Cunningham... (
How the new health care law is playing out in Texas versus 3 other key states via
Don't expect insurance companies to use the term "Obamacare" in their PR blitz:
How will the Affordable Care Act affect your children? They’ll be covered for annual comprehensive eye exams!
$67.21/month, $500 deductible, 87% of costs covered under my silver plan from the Affordable Health Care Act. That's a lifesa…
Did you know that you have until March 31 to apply for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act?
insurance would have gone up anyway fix the Affordable Care Act don't fight it so we can all have health care.
Charles Blahous debunks the myth that the Affordable Care Act brings down the cost of
It's required at this hour that all who've made Christ Lord refuse to yield to the Affordable Health Care Act. Do... http:/…
Senate President Stivers on "The Affordable Health Care Act is not really affordable."
In 2009, Snopes and Fact Check did everything in their power to bury Sarah Palin for her comment about Death Panels. Even President Obama piped off with there are no Death Panels in the Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Now, we just saw in one swift move, the Senate opened the door to Death Panel appointments with one “Nuclear Rule” vote. With the Nuclear Rule, the Senate has moved any and all appointments of the 15 member Health Care Panel to a 51 vote system instead of the normally required 61 votes to approve someone to an appointment. They stripped all the protection that was in the Constitution to prevent one party or individual from having all control of two branches. That means that the President has the ability to cram anyone onto that panel on a straight party vote without even the full party to approve it through the system. Lack of good sound medical judgement? No problem. An accountant with no experience in medical procedures? No problem. Believe in Dr. Kavorkian’s eu ...
This is why we attack those, that attack, the Affordable Health Care Act. All of us should care about people...
I'll call it the Affordable Health Care Act when the President legally changes his name to Barack Affordable.
"Fed up" with President Infant-in-Chief Obama doesn't even begin to cover how much I loathe the job he had done as our President. President Nixon was impeached for much less and resigned. Even Bill Clinton was impeached for the Lewinsky scandal, but wasn't removed from office. President Blaimer has lied to American citizens repeatedly, manipulated us, his incompetency has caused the deaths of American citizens abroad and now his ridiculous so-called "Affordable Health Care Act" will result in millions of Americans paying more for their insurance if they can get it at all. He is literally killing Americans and our economy. Please watch, "Runaway Runaway Slave, The Documentary with CL Bryant and the movie, Obama 2016. Protest, call congressmen, write letters, rally, do everything short of violence to let our voices be heard. We will not go quietly into the ruin that he is making of our Country. If you love our Country, and respect its Constitution, which he clearly does not, fight this lame duck's ...
I will be hosting a Town Hall meeting this evening on the Affordable Health Care Act. 6 p.m. Lexington @ the courthouse. Come join us
To : Senator Jeanne Shaheen, thank you for my response to the email I sent you after the government strike about the Affordable Health Care Act and my concern that it probably needs another name. I have identified your statements and my statements because your web site did not copy my colored text nor did it copy italic print. You said; “I support the Affordable Care Act and believe it should be improved, but I do not support efforts to repeal or dismantle the law. T he law is essential to making a number of critical insurance reforms like extending coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, allowing young adults to stay on their parents' insurance plans until age 26 and limiting annual out -of-pocket costs to consumers. I don't want to go back to a time when insurance companies made all the decisions and one accident or one illness could bankrupt a family.” Scott says: Under “Affordable Care Act” how will the government make better decisions than the insurance companies? What qualifi ...
We can see that the President, is in a dilemma , regarding his Affordable Health Care Act, which has been under...
The Unstable Senator from Arizona, that everybody in Arizona hates, is now climbing on the Wagon for Defund and Repeal the Obama Affordable Health Care Act. John McCain, who needs support from anybody he can get, is now claiming that the Obama Health Care Act needs to be Repealed and Defunded. By the looks of John McCain he needs to check into the first Mental Health Facility that is in Washington. I have Relatives in ARizona that say that nobody, including the Governor of Arizona would like to have him move to another State Asap. tHEY CAN'T STAND HIM. I guess if you get desperate enough you will say and do anything to get elected again. Another Career Politician that needs put out to Pasture. Recycle Congress and Impeach Obama
Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said on CNN's State of the Union Sunday that his party would contest the 2014 midterm elections by campaigning against Obamacare and its Democrat supporters. Priebus said the Affordable Health Care Act will turn out to...
Watching Scott Pelley on CBS evening news. If you didn't think the Affordable Health Care Act was a mess before...
Am I the only one that has noticed that. The AFC (Affordable Health Care Act) has made health care (cont)
WATCH LIVE: Obama to announce fix for people to keep healthcare plans makes remarks on Affordable Health Care Act Video on LIVE VIDEO — President Obama to make a statement on the Affordable Health
The "Affordable Health Care Act", like the American medical industry, has nothing to do with health
The unspoken success of ObamaCare: Despite what you are being told, the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), comm... http…
How is it that the Affordable Health Care Act, is unaffordable for too many people ? 8 since Oct wow
SO- when is what 's politically expedient give way to the public good-right now! Revamp the Affordable Health Care Act and
Would you like an example of brainwashed-communist immaturity and mindless indoctrination? Look at this pseudo-discussion by completely ignorant or dishonest BELIEVERS who cannot see the truth lurking beyond their very noses... which defines brainwashed communistic immature mindlessly indoctrinated morons: It's quite long: Kim Abbott wrote: and IOWA's Exchange is... Where?. 16 hours ago · Like Libris Fidelis I cannot believe how much Obama is lying about his commercial endorsement of for-profit insurance THAT IS OUTSIDE OUR GOVERNMENT !!! The Affordable Health Care Act is a scam. It is the repeated attempt by The Establishment to make the public buy insurance which INSURANCE is a FOR-PROFIT COMMERCIAL lottery game. AFFORDABLE HEATH CARE ACT FOR DUMMIES: As I said, it is ILLEGAL for government to provide insurance of any kind in our USA because INSURANCE IS A COMMERCIAL SHARED-RISK POOL OF BENEFICIARIES WHICH BY CONTRACT PROVIDES A PROFIT TO THE CARRIER THAT AFTER THE TERM EXPIRES THE CARRIER KEEPS AND B ...
Is Obama Care clouded by AGILE? - I find it interesting that the Affordable Health Care Act website...
."Then the reality of the Affordable Health Care Act hit."
What is on my mind tonight is that I am unhappy with our National News still calling the Affordable Health Care Act by the silly Republican engendered name, Obamacare. Scott Pelley sounds ridiculously unprofessional calling it ObamaCare.
Today = dumb stupid day. Tired of trying to understand details of Affordable Health Care Act... Blah blah blah.. No pre existing... Blah blah... Everybody gets free Pap smears... I'm pretty sure a Pap Smear is when your Grandpa gets boozed up and tries to make a peanut butter n jelly sandwhich. Then my kids call me at work...kid What up. Can we ride the go cart? We SWEAR we will be way safe. Like real safe and stuff" Kid be careful. We will take extra precautionary measures Mom. Like not running over the neighbors kids. Anymore." If either one of y'all aren't alive when I get home, I swear to God, you will be in so much freakin' trouble!!!
Electronic Device Insurance
Seems the harder I work, the less I get. With the "New Affordable Health Care Act", my insurance premiums have went up 4 fold, yet coverage is barely better. Looks like I will have to give up... lets say eating or wearing new clothes from here on out. Not a good sign of "affordable". And this is the "good" life? The american Dream?
Obamacare Revealed since 2009 health care reform has been one of the most debated topics on the political agenda. So much so that it has taken center stage in a storm of issues ranging from increasing poverty rates, peace talks with the Taliban, as well as conflict in Syria that has all of the worlds powerhouses scrambling to bring an end to it one way or another. The opposition to this bill even lead to a government shutdown that lasted from October 1st to October 16th. The last time this had happened was in 1995, when than President Bill Clinton had a rift between and him and the Republican Party over the issues of funding to welfare, health care and education. Both times this has happened Conservative Senator Ted Cruz was the spokesman for the GOP. Senator Cruz and President Obama have been going back and forth with the issues with in the Affordable Health Care Act. The problem with these debates is that in effort to claim a victory over one another as both have made claims and promises that they are . ...
I don't understand why someone doesn't just ask this question: If the Affordable Health Care Act is so wonderful, why the mandate? The wonderful thing about capitalism is that it breeds competition, which we all know helps fuel better products at better prices. When, just when, has the government ever stepped into the private sector and been successful? For some reason I cannot help but hear Tom Cruise's voice asking Jack Nicholson, "Why the two orders?" All I'm saying, is if it's such a good deal, why the mandate?
I got my cancellation letter from my health insurance company today. Turns out under the new "Affordable Health Care Act", my existing policy does not meet ObamaCare requirements... I really am sick of this BS! Thanks Barack Obama! Looks like you guys are really doing a great job managing the tax payers money! What a legacy you will leave behind as a president of the United States of America!
Some time in the future a bright historian will look back to the 21st century and list the top ten blunders of the USA. I believe near the top five will be the Affordable Health Care Act, and close or possibly ahead will be the election of Barack Hussein Obama as president.
So, Senator Joe Manchin (WV) wants to delay Obamacare penalty payments for one year. Hmmm. I had a hunch as to why he may want to do this when he was for the act itself. Sure enough, he is do for re-election in 2014. He wants to delay the pain he has caused until after the election. Then he can set for another 6 years. The further I look, there are at least 4 other Senators who wanted Obamacare but also are seeking to delay the penalties for one year. I didn't trust it from the beginning, considering it was delayed to take effect only after Obama's re-election. Now, due to election reasons, supporters want it delayed again. Hmmm. Why do you think that is? I have my theories, but then I would be labeled and considered a conspiracy theorists. There is no theory. We are watching this play out in front of us. This is my prediction. Obamacare (Affordable Health Care Act - I use Obamacare because everyone knows it as such) will be a dismal failure. I believe many want it to fail, and not the ones you think. The ...
I wonder what would have happened if Mitt Romney had won the election and backed an Affordable Health Care Act based on his own model in Massachusetts. I wonder if the GOP-led House would have reacted the same way.
Do you have questions regarding the Affordable Health Care Act? Come and see us today for our Health Fair!
I have changed my mind in the last 24 hours, the Affordable Health Care Act is good for America. It will drastically reduce obesity making American's much more healthy. If you can't afford to buy food, then you will eat less and there you go!
Having consistently done a poor job of explaining the Affordable Health Care Act, pro and con, the press is now...
I love my President, but with The Affordable Health Care Act aka "Obama Care"...will those with private ins plans increase in 2014?
David Dewhurst, running for lieutenant governor of Texas, said earlier this week that President Obama should be impeached. Upon reflection, I suspect he might be right. Just look at the things he has done since taking over the presidency: 1. Turned the United States into the 2d largest oil/gas producing nation in the world, passing Saudi Arabia and leaving us behind only Russia. 2. Eliminated Osama bin laden 3. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi 4. Ended the Iraq war 5. Passed the Affordable Health Care Act 6. Passed Wall Street reform 7. Began troop drawdown in Afghanistan 8. Passed the Stimulus package to get us out of the biggest recession since the Great Depression 9. Turned around the US auto industry. 10. Increased benefits to veterans by adding 16 percent to the Department of Veterans Affairs budget in 2010 and added another 10 percent in 2012 and added $78 billion in tuition assistance for veterans. WHAT DOES THIS MAN THINK HE IS DOING??? HE IS RUINING AMERICA
From book/article about Affordable Health Care Act as it relates to CAM issues: "706: A Provision for Non-Discrimination? One of the facets of Obamacare most celebrated by natural medicine consumers is Section 2706, known as the non-discrimination provision. This legislation states that “a group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall not discriminate with respect to participation under the plan or coverage against any health care provider who is acting within the scope of that provider’s license or certification under applicable State law.”3 Weeks of the Integrator Blog told HerbalEGram that 2706 is the “potentially most far-reaching” provision for the CAM community (email, November 19, 2012). As Weeks wrote in a recent Huffington Post column, this section was authored by Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), a long-time champion of natural health causes in the US Congress, with input from various natural health organizations, such as IHPC a ...
Questions on the new Affordable Health Care Act? Meeting tonight at 7:00pm at St John Vianney Family Life Center.
See how the Affordable Health Care Act affects you with our interactive tool
Donald Kershayn 9 Fans Become a fan 3 seconds ago (10:55 AM) In an earlier comment Ten Bears wrote, "Obama is working 24/7 to think of any way to inflict pain on people and then blame the republicans." As an Independent, I don't have a bull in this rodeo, but I do think that Ten Bears has let his/her Republican Party influence his/her thinking. I do not agree with all of the President's decisions and policies, but this inane game that is being played in Congress is not of the President's making, since the President cannot force the House back in to session, nor can the President shut down the American government without a veto, and he has not yet vetoed anything. This debacle is all of Congress' making -especially on the Republican Party. I think that they are doing it because of the Republican's anger at President Obama for getting re-elected, at the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) being passed by a Republican house and being affirmed by a Republican-dominated Supreme Court, because of their anger ...
What do I not understand? The only part of the budget in contention is the Affordable Health Care Act. Where is the logic refusing to continuing to govern and pay our debts over one part our economy? What if the objection had been the Military, or Education, or Social Security, or Medicare, or Medicaid, or the EPA, or SNAP, or National Parks? What part of government do you negotiate about every when you raise the debt ceiling? If we could figure out how to adjust our budget instead of a continuing resolution every year, we could surely propose a budget that both houses could find ways to compromise. You don't want to repeal something that we have tried to pass to provide health insurance private or government for the uninsured? People are dying because they don't have affordable health care.
What Does the Affordable Care Act Do? ObamaCare's many provisions give new Patient Protections in dealing with insurance companies and in return mandates that everyone who can afford to must obtain health insurance by 2014. It also creates new taxes, increases funding for health education and awareness, makes spending cuts and more. Obamacare Facts discusses the many provisions in detail. In the years since it's become a law, the Affordable Health Care Act has already made a big difference in our country by providing new rights and protections to over 100 million Americans. Here are some of major changes to healthcare. • prohibits insurance companies from dropping your coverage if you get sick or make an honest mistake on your application. • It eliminates pre-existing conditions and gender discrimination. • Let's young adults stay on their parent's plans until 26. • Creates State based Health Insurance Exchange Marketplaces where Americans can shop for Federally regulated and subsided insurance. ...
Reality check: Sanjay Gupta of CNN was asking people on the street which they supported Affordable Health Care Act or ObamaCare. 100% said Affordable Health Care Act. Doctor Gupta then told them they were the same thing and they refused to believe him...Ted Cruz did not support ObamaCare! This is how the Republicans hold the government hostage: stupid people. Ted Cruz will let the budget deadline pass as long as the people do not know what we have been talking about since 2008.
Parts of Affordable Care Act site down: Parts of the Affordable Health Care Act website will be taken...
Nina Dobrev is reportedly dating Derek Hough. But The Vampire Diaries actress nearly gives fans a look at certain body parts reserved for this new boyfriend in a WhoSay image with a political agenda: She's holding a sign up over her boobs that encourages folks to and which shows support for the Affordable Health Care Act, which went into effect on Tuesday: “Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all," Dobrev wrote as a caption to the photo. "If you dont have insurance go to [] and,Because w/o it, youre naked.” Translation: Kate Upton, please do not get coverage! The fight over this act has led to a government shutdown, with over 800,000 employees forced to stay home and national parks/monuments closed until Congress can each a budgetary agreement. What a mess.
The Obama haters, the Ted Cruz lover, and FakeNews showing all those republicans start to throw each other under the bus. But especially that video survey they showed where people were talking about hating OC (Obamacare) but liking the AHA (Affordable Health Care Act) — their faces when they found out they are one in the same care. Priceless!
So, the "Affordable Health Care Act" is "open for business." Really? If you didn't know it before, now you know why they call it "the Rose Garden."
Do people even know what the Affordable Health Care Act is? Apparently, no:
Massachusetts instituted what is now called "Obamacare" first, under Republican Governor Mitt Romney, and Massachusetts is doing just fine with it. All this hysterical talk against the Affordable Health Care Act and against President Obama is just the usual political posturing and disinformation by political hacks seeking attention and money.
The Affordable Health Care Act has caused a lot of drama in our country.This bill is the result of a long journey beginning under President Bill Clinton. Newt Gingrich worked with Hilary Clinton on Healthcare Reform. Mitt Romney was smart enough to see it's value and adapt it to the need for Healthcare in the State of Massachusetts.All buy Health Insurance or pay a penalty.How is it working in Massachusetts? Would we be a healthier society if more people could buy affordable health care.If you read your 2014 Medicare Booklet you will see a big drop in Prescription Drug Coverage costs. Big boost for me. The population blessed with government pensions may have no idea how costly medical insurance is or the high premium paid for Medi-Gap insurance.We need more reform one payee, one payment cut endless duplication of service the insurance companies control it all.
This is an open letter to be read only by women that voted republican, or prefer republicans, or support the tea party or just don't like the President and the Affordable Healthcare act. I just want to point out a few things that are including in the Affordable Health Care Act for Women - of course you are wealthy and don't real need insurance but for the great number of you who do - here is what you are fighting against: The following are part of the Affordable HealthCare Act (get your face out of Fox News) look it up for yourself. Anemia Screening in Pregnant Women (anemia can cause heart problems - just to name one issue with anemia - even hair loss for those of you with big hair - this could be important to you. BRACA testing - this is the genetic test to determine based on family history if you have the gene that puts you at high risk for breast cancer - ever see someone go through cancer treatment, masectomy or even die from breast cancer, Mammograms - something that is clearly a great tool for ...
'SNL' IS BACK: Tina Fey hosted the Season 39 premiere of Saturday Night Live, and in case you missed it, you can watch it all online here: and new SNL cast members took on the Affordable Health Care Act, TV's "Girls" and "Breaking Bad." Who would you like to see host SNL this season? Read more:
The very rich and the Republican Party have spent over a BILLION DOLLARS in newspaper, radio and television advertising in lies, distortions and completely false claims in hopes of "killing" Obamacare. Starting tomorrow you can by computer, phone, personal appearances etc. obtain the FOLLOWING TRUE FACTS CONCERNING OBAMACARE. l. The health care law does not ration health care like they do in Canada and Great Britain. Obamacare is NOT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. It leaves in place the private health care system that we have had for over l00 years. 2. THERE ARE NO DEATH PANELS. 3. Moslems are not exempt from Obamacare, also known as The Affordable Health Care Act. 4. The IRS is NOT GOING TO BE IN CHARGE OF A HUGE NATIONAL DATABASE THAT WILL INCLUDE INTIMATE, PERSONAL INFORMATION ON AMERICANS. 4.Congress is not exempt from Obamacare...5. Under Obamacare, most patients will still be able to continue to see the same doctor they have been going to for years. 5. Obamacare is not a government take over of health ca ...
Will the government shutdown if the argument on the Affordable Health Care Act continues? What did you think of the speech the President gave at the UN General Assembly? I discuss these issues and more with my guests, former Republican candidate for NY Governor Carl Paladino; and Democratic strategist Steve Pigeon on "Political Buzz" Sunday at 11am on WBBZ-TV, where every voice is heard! Watch on Ch 67.1; TWC 5; Dish 5; DirecTV 67
"Affordable Health Care Act. Just like affordable housing. Affordable to whom?" — Mother124
They keep forgetting to bring up with the "Affordable Health Care Act"... What if I don't want health insurance? I don't have that option.
True or False: Obamacare and the Affordable Health Care Act are the same thing?
Affordable Health Care Act is great for people stuck at jobs they can't leave for fear of losing their health insurance.Thank you
KY3: Agencies, hospitals to offer assistance for Affordable Health Care Act
So let me get this straight, if someone doesn't sign up for the Affordable Health Care Act otherwise know as Obama Care, they will fine you. The last time i looked , i lived in the U.S. and not in a " Communist " country. I will go to jail first if it comes to that.
The law passed 03/23/2010. It was a great day for America when the Affordable Health Care Act was signed.
The senate cannot afford to not delay the individual mandate and if they do, they will not be able to fund the Affordable Health Care Act.
Folks, my big complaint on the Affordable Health Care Act is in getting the IRS involved in it. They can't do their original jobs!
my senator listened to me and supported the Affordable Health Care Act
The (un)Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) was passed against the will of the people and using political...
why not? Call it Affordable Health Care Act approval rating in polls spike. prefer universal. chances?
We don't want The Affordable Health Care Act yet you voted forhave NO respect for you
If Americans didn't want the Affordable Health Care Act, Mitt Romney would have been elected president. This is your reality check.
Though I regularly watch FOX News, I do tune into MSNBC and others (to include the new Al Jezera Channel that took over for currentTV. Unfortunately, FOX tends to use some of the same faces day after day or week after week for opinions - I realize that there is limited time in which to get someone to be interviewed for various topics - especially those which 'pop-up' with little warning, but FOX really does need to quit giving face time to those (Sarah Palin & Carl Rove) who simply want to remain relevant - and can someone get Mrs. Palin some up-to-the-minute info? During an interview about the Affordable Health Care Act, she had mentioned about it being administered by the IRS - headed by Lois Lerner - News Flash, Lerner retired yesterday - which is another topic for another day, because that inept or corrupt bureaucrat (no other way to describe her tenure at the IRS) must be brought to justice for the Watergate-esque style of handling tax-exempt entities...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Join other Americans in Signing Our Petition Calling for Impeachment of The Tea Party United States Congress for it's threate to the future of our nation and our young peoples future. Cutting $40 Billion from The Food Stamp Budget and using extortion to force our elected President, Barack Obama to abandon The Affordable Health Care Act, which passed both the House and Senator Ted Cruz. The American People are tired of a Broken Congress, while our children are dying from the spread of guns, while our people can;t fund jobs because Tea Party Billionaire backers sent all the jobs overseas, while Tea Party Republican Congress Members say" They would rather Shut Down the Government rather than provide affordable Health Care for all Americans". This is Treason,and We're Calling for Impeachment Now.
If you want to get a better understanding of how the Affordable Care Act will impact you, your family or your employees...come to this presentation. Deb Fournier, Policy Analyst for the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute, will be at the WREN: Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network, Local Works Marketplaceon Thursday, Oct 3 from 3-5pm to give a presentation on the Affordable Health Care Act.
The Affordable Health Care Act helps to save my nephew's life everyday. His hemophilia will not kill him, and he can live a comfortable, wondrous life . . . his entire life. For that, it's worth every penny. Suck Kochs, Mr Boehner. --RMA
September 22. 2013 The House of Representatives has now unsuccessfully voted 41 times to defund the Affordable Health Care Act. They will not be back at work until after the 25 th of the month with a government shutdown looming on Oct 1. Check out this blog. May 29, 2013 2:15 PM Already, the Most Unproductive Congress Ever By Anne Kim At the end of 2012, the 112th Congress went down in history as the most unproductive ever. During 2011-2012, Congress passed a mere 283 laws - fewer than a third of the more than 900 laws passed by the “do-nothing Congress” derided by President Harry S Truman in 1948. The current Congress, however, is already on track to shatter the dubious record set by its predecessor. Sixty-six days into the current session (Congress is again in recess this week), Congress has passed a whopping … 10 laws. Count them. And the most recent of these - Public Law 113-10 - was enacted to address this pressing priority: “To specify the size of the precious-metal blanks that will be used ...
Speaker Boehner, I am writing to you to express my disappointment in the behavior of the GOP and for your personal lack of leadership. I cannot understand why you would buckle to the pressure of a minority within your own party. Whether you like it or not, your party lost the argument over the Affordable Health Care Act and who is President. These ultra-conservative tea party branded representative are not Republicans, in the mold of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, they are politicians that want to get and stay elected, at any cost. They are not interested is solving the nations issues, they are only interested in running for President and/or staying elected, with the only what to do that is to continue to stoke the flames of discontent with the government, the economy and the standard of living. Why would you support “members” that sabotage you and the party’s agenda? When they vote for some tea party inspired budget or plan, they vote for it knowing that it will never pass. If there was a chan ...
Per Joy Behar via the Real Time with Bill Maher, Cosmopolitan magazine is supposed to "explain" the Affordable Health Care Act in the next upcoming magazine! Folks who need to research this may want to check out the magazine! (Eva Coley, Robyn Love) Pass this one on!
I can`t believe that the Republicans are willing to hold this country to ransom due to their total hatred of the president. The Affordable Health Care Act (OBAMACARE) was ratified by the Supreme Court by YOUR chief justice Roberts (FACT). The president ran against Your candidates (John McCain & Mitt Romney)and won (FACT).I thought the Republican Party were supposed to be a party of Patriots and Honor? (The jury is out) Where is the honor in this ? You lost the Election 2x to this man get over it !!! Will the real Republicans stand up and take their Party backfrom a bunch of terrorists. I had to get that off my chest.
A suggestion to progressives: stop using the term "Obamacare". Just like Republicans perverted our congressional/executive thinkers' ideas for responsible, compassionate and civilized health care reform, they now--using their weaselesque Karl Rove marketing mind control tactics-- have done the same black magic to that term. That word now functions as a Tea Party meme, to be used against the Affordable Health Care Act. They won't take credit for mauling the bill, but they'l sure use their dirtywork now for political advantage, invoking the "dirty" word "Obamacare".
Even though it's the same thing, Republicans support The Affordable Health Care Act more than Obamacare, just...
To call it the Affordable Health Care Act makes it sound like a good thing. Keeping the POTUS name on it keeps the neg publicity.
Huckabee responds to the Healthcare train wreck called The Affordable Health Care Act with some sensible alternatives .
And the audience won't go for Affordable Health Care Act, so they'll die off faster.
What u need to know about the Affordable Health Care Act.
Excuse me I meant Affordable Health Care Act, that is the proper way to say it.
I got a letter yesterday from VA regarding the "Affordable Health Care Act". It says that my medical benefits...
Update your maps at Navteq
Please continue to ensure the safety of Affordable Health Care Act.
Please ensure the safety of Affordable Health Care Act. These reps are scary!
Good news: "The Affordable Health Care Act and its Impact on Services"
The Affordable Health Care Act is the Law! Get over it.
We need to defund this Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) because it will affect small business. The USA needs small business
the Affordable Health Care Act that now makes it illegal to be turned down for any kind of preconditions!
Businesses seek cure for health care cost surge related to Affordable Health Care Act: The expected surge in h...
"We are looking to capitalize on the revenue available to us by providing the services under the affordable health care act"
Why did Congress exempt themselves and their aides from the Affordable Health Care Act/ Obama Care?
DEVELOPING: Update on Affordable Health Care act given at seminar at Lima-Allen Co Chamber on Tue.
Answers: via keep on sharing this video. the affordable health care act is for all!
TAKE TODAY'S POLL: How do you think the Affordable Health Care Act will affect you?
Affordable Health Care Act + potential Minimum Wage Increase = incentive for employers to hire part-time workers???
Obama is cherry picking what parts of Affordable Health Care Act Law is implemented, this is Absurd & unconstitutional
We must remind ourselves to laugh so here is my joke. The affordable health care act. :).
Greatest political irony and hypocrisy in American history: The AFFORDABLE Health care Act. Can you guess which WORD is a joke?
Premiums under the Affordable Health Care Act will INCREASE because of INCREASED NUMBER of services provided, contrary 2 POPULAR belief!
It is not the affordable health care act that's costing workers reduced hrs. It's the business owners who are cutting hrs. and blaming Obama
An expert on the Affordable Health Care act answers listener questions tonight on at 9:00 on News Stations
We need to stop calling it Obamacare. That politicizes it! It is The Affordable. Health Care Act!!
the increase in your medical bill was not the affordable health care act but greedy for profit insurance Co
This is so creepy to me...there are over 1500 pages in the "Affordable Health Care Act" dealing with...
'Unpacking the American Affordable Health Care Act' Aug. 20 in Laurel. For more info, call 649-3031.
Under The affordable health care act children with disabilities are left out. Please help their working parents.
Under the Affordable Health Care Act children with disabilities are left out. We need your help.
Please help with children with disabilities and The Affordable Health Care Act. They are being left out! Ins. went up yesterday
When are we going to see the LAWSUITS on all of this UNCONSTITUTIONAL behavior regarding the "UN AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT"!!!
Another Key Provision of the Affordable Health Care Act delayed. Caps delayed until 2015.
The Affordable Health Care Act (0bamaCare) is an Anathema to the Constitution of These United States; SCOTUS WRONG, so are WE allowing it!
What's working my nerves right now.. If they didn't like the affordable health care act, why did they vote for it?
All purpose parts banner
The Kaiser Foundation has put together an excellent video explaining the Affordable Health Care Act, also called...
What questions do you have about President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act?
These delays are the death rolls of the Affordable Health Care act! NOW!
There is NOTHING affordable about the Affordable Health Care act.Been with you on everything.But this will BREAK poor people.
Hot Topic: We're just weeks away from signing up for Obamacare. How well do you understand the Affordable Health Care Act?
Rand Paul on the daily show gave of the best cases against the affordable health care act I've ever heard
Chamber Sets Health Care Talks What do you think of the Affordable Health Care Act?
I like the affordable health care act. Insurance is about spreading risk. We all need to participate, we all need to support it.
GOP would subvert rather than submit 2 the Affordable Health Care Act. Is this FUMAR?
Under the Affordable Health Care Act get ready to see your "family nurse "
They won't call it that...they rename 2 disguise everything...such as "Affordable" Health Care Act.
GOPigs intransigence and the sequester hurt US more than Affordable Health Care Act
President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act is a game changer.this book gives you the details of…
we need you pass Affordable health Care Act . . we are living in modern area . yesterday world
healthcare marketplaces open in 50 days. We've got info today on
any suggestions for an unbiased book about the Affordable Health Care Act? Everything I can find is how to get around it or …
A truly affordable health care act in the Phils. Is it possible?
Its ok Affordable Health Care Act will double that soon
And the IRS and Fast and Furious. And the Un-Affordable Health Care Act. And the debt. And jobs.
Affordable health care act made my college health insurance go up by about $850. Cool.
The Patient Protection & Affordable Health Care Act (is all about redistributing a lot of money!”
Well, at least their medical bills will be covered under the Affordable Health Care Act.
How can Affordable Health Care Act provide me with medical coverage? |
You know that commercial with the woman asking about how the Affordable Health Care Act will increase her...
13 States are opting out of The Affordable Health Care Act. All 13 States are "red" states. Coincidence? I think not...
So more and more Americans are getting to grips with the affordable health care act an now they want to try and repeal it .. Why?
I was reading... and the president said... No it is not Obama Care but the Affordable Health Care Act.
Is the "Affordable" Health Care Act just further "proof" that there can never be any such thing as "Intelligent" design?
Affordable Health care act is causing the elimination of CO state mandated business groups-of-one health insurance in 2014. I need to hire!
OSHA, sales tax, Affordable Health Care Act, continuing ed... - we've got your back!
Understand the effects of the Affordable Health Care Act.
Remember? It wasn't just Romney's 47% comment. You did what Hedge Fund Managers wanted on the Affordable Health Care Act.
The Affordable Health Care Act is how the Government will control who lives and dies. It is corruption at its finest.
OOPs Union bosses backtrack on Affordable Health Care act
Thought for today – If you are confused by the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) and what it will mean to...
Let me get this straight.there are tv ads running in an attempt to appeal The Affordable Health Care Act again...jesus. Give it a break.
What you need to know about the Affordable Health Care Act's employer mandate delay:
Learn about the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) in easy to understand language through michael capaldo employee benefits blog.
The affordable health care act or "Obamacare" isnt perfect but its a step in the right direction.
Totally disagree with your cosponsoring legislation to continue to try to obstruct Affordable Health Care Act. Shameful.
So we are learning more about the Affordable Health Care Act and how it will effect us here in Florida and man.
Wegmans responds to the Affordable Health Care Act by cutting health benefits for part-time employees.
The Affordable Health Care Act is a great opportunity for a new health insurance startup.  First time they'll need to market themselves.
If Mitt Romneyy had decided to not to enforce the Affordable Health Care act by executive fiat I would be yelling
He got hit with the printed copy of the Affordable Health Care Act
Affordable Health Care Act has made my premiums and deductible higher than my annual medical costs.
Everything Obama promised about Obamacare is false so much for his un affordable health care act.
sooo its not flat,fair or free? But he said it was the AFFORDABLE health care act,,,ohhh, ACT is the
.maybe if we weren't spending more money on the Affordable Health Care Act u voted for we could fix it
Everyone should be very afraid of the "Affordable Health Care Act." Just ake me and I'll tell you how they are refusing to cover my meds.
Still many unknowns about the Affordable Health Care Act
I'm just glade the affordable health care act, participanting insurances can offer coverage for mental health services.
Learned about the Affordable Health Care Act today at a policy lunch: Preventive care is the key to a healthier future
Okay, GOP: since you continue to bemoan the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act, explain how you'd provide health care to the poor
10 Affordable Health Care Act changes to be aware of for 2013 -
BREAKING: WH to introduce Affordable Health Care Act admins on Friday!
Check out the photos from our trip to Washington DC to discuss the Affordable Health Care Act.
just months? LMAO knows as the Affordable Health Care Act
Why does Obama administration call it Obamacare its the Affordable Health Care Act.
In today's Affordable Health Care Act news: awards $150m in grant funds to over 1,000 health centers across the nation
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Are you ready for the Affordable Health Care Act? Open enrollment begins Oct 1. Visit to prepare yourself !
.and team up to promote and teach Americans about the Affordable Health Care Act.
Affordable Health Care Act News: visit to find more info, see if you qualify, and other tools to help you prepare.
The "Affordable Health Care Act" is not anything that it was represented to be. It will be neither affordable nor...
Hey, while you're there, pick me up one of them "Affordable Health Care Act" belt buckles.
We couldn't make it easier - webinar for Affordable Health Care Act 7/24
Learn more about the Affordable Healthcare Act here
What do you know about Affordable Health Care Act? Learn more at as Georgians for a Healthy Future will give us an informational
...need to eliminate the affordable health care Act permanently. It was never meant 2work a diversion
Maine health centers get $1.4 M in grants to help previously uninsured get coverage under affordable health care act
Affordable Health Care Act: $150 million in grants have been dedicated to health centers to help people navigate options for Affordable HCA
Finding Affordable Health Coverage With the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act health insurance has...
Will the American people be able to sue the GOP for them lying about Affordable Health Care Act?
An open note to all who oppose the Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise referred to as Obamacare: Government was forced to do "something" because of the unmitigated greed of the private insurance industry. Throughout U.S. history, private industry has repeatedly forced Big Government's hand because of said greed and there are many examples of what Big Government has done in response to make the playing field fairer. There has been antitrust and fair business practice legislation (Taft Hartley, Interstate Commerce Act, Sherman Act), numerous accounting standard changes (such as the Sarbanes–Oxley Act enacted after the bookcooking of companies like Enron, Worldcom and Tyco), and although these pieces legislation all, to some degree, raised the "cost of doing business", they provide protection from American citizens being fleeced even worse than if nothing was done by Big Government. So now, insurance companies have forced the hand of Big Government and, in my opinion, the companies themselves were, AND . ...
More death rolls for the Affordable Health Care Act -
What? I thought that The Affordable Health Care Act "Obamacare" was passed by Congress and the Senate and signed by Obama in 2010. Now Obama is changing provisions in this law simply for political purposes, namely to help Democrat Candidates in the 2014 elections.
Open letter for discussion: Even after the passage of the ACA, (Affordable Health Care Act) and the thirty eight attempts (at the time of this letter, there’s bound to be more, after all, if it’s not this, what else do they have? Birth control and abortion? Certainly not jobs, as they haven’t brought one of those up to a vote) by the Reich Wing of the GOP/TeaParty . Is there any other wing? At this point I don’t see it, perhaps they are hiding under the bed, among the dust bunnies, afraid to come out), to bring down what even the oddly right wing tilted Supreme Court of the United States has determined to be completely constitutional, we are seeing, mostly in ‘red states’ a concerted effort to stop it. Among the ways they stand, metaphorically, in ‘the schoolhouse door’, is denying funding for, of all things, the expansion of Medicaid. Now, after all the rhetoric floats away, their argument against the expanding of Medicaid is the erroneous assumption that all Medicaid does is ‘he ...
Stockton/San Joaquin Labor Fest 23rd through May 2013 E-mail Labor Fest Committee Coordinator Jerry Bailey Get Directions to the Center Scheduled Events Health Care In Crises Saturday May 4th 11:00 a.m. Central Labor Council Offices 115 N. Sutter Street, Stockton. Film and Discussion with Sara Flocks, Public Policy Coordinator California Federation of Labor (CFL, and Founder of Young Workers United. She will speak on the Affordable Health Care Act and the impact it has on the worker whose health insurance is employer provided. Photography Exhibit by David Bacon Lodi Public Library 201 W. Locust in Lodi. Opening May 4th will run through May JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMPS Before, During and After; Manteca Public Library McCall Room Sunday May 11th Time: 1:00 p.m. Author Cynthia Henry presents a two part program. The first part is a speech, with accompanying photographs, on the Japanese internment camps. It begins with the immigration of the Japanese to California, life once here, effects after the bombing of Pea ...
Just got my premium notice for my health insurance. According to the company, due to the "Affordable Health Care Act"... ie... OBAMACARE, my MONTHLY premium goes up $400 a MONTH on August 1st. Damned Democrats!
Not that anyone out there will take the time to ACTUALLY read this post, wade through the article below, or consider the specific measures listed in the "Affordable Health Care Act", AKA: Obamacare. Not that people will take even 5 or 10 minutes of their time to consider what was buried in those 2400 pages of a bill that Pelosi and others told us "we need to pass it first,.then we'll read it". To jump ahead for you: buried in the bill is a REQUIRED measure for EVERY CITIZEN, starting within 36 months of enactment, which was March of this year. This "REQUIREMENT" is the implantation of a RFID chip INSIDE the body of every man,woman and child, in the nation , which will be used to monitor and keep tract of all kinds of information about you, beside your medical treatments and records. This identifier will also be linked to your bank account and every other thing about your presence in the world. It can also be use to locate you, anywhere and everywhere you go, keep track of where you go,who you meet with an ...
Even though "The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) won't be fully implemented until next year, "the redistribution of wealth (Theft) has already started to help pay for Obamacare. My healthcare premiums has dramatically increased by $87.00 bi-weekly from just two weeks ago. That is merely the size of the bi-weekly increase. Not the entire cost. So why is my money being stolen from me to pay for other's healthcare?? Oh that's right... 'cause Obama and Pelosi says so!!! For all you Obama supporters out there... Thank you SOOOooo much for empowering this thief to legally steal my money. I can't afford this increase in my healthcare cost. But to Obama and Pelosi, that doesn't matter. " From each according to their ability... To each according to their need." ~ Carl Marx I think Obama must have studied Carl Marx extensively. Because we now have a Marxist Communist in the white house and a progressive liberal democrat congress (even some rino republicans) supporting this treasonous traitor by wha ...
Staff Writer Chance Ryan: Do you have health insurance? Are you worried about potential changes to your coverage via the Affordable Care Act? Want to share more? Email me: Chance.Ryan
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Partisan debate about pregnancy and rape re-emerged last week with a bill that would ban abortion 20 weeks after fertilization, when some researchers say fetuses are capable of feeling pain. H.R. 1797 heads to the House floor today with narrow exceptions.
Book raises alarms about alternative medicine Liz Szabo, USA TODAY 9:01 a.m. EDT June 18, 2013 PHILADELPHIA — The 12-year-old girl arrived at the hospital wracked with abdominal pain. Doctors diagnosed her with acute pancreatitis, in which pancreatic enzymes begin digesting not just food, but the pancreas itself. The most likely cause of the girl's condition: toxic side effects from more than 80 dietary supplements, which the girl's mother carried in a shopping bag, says Sarah Erush, clinical pharmacy manager at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where the girl was treated last summer. MORE: Alternative therapies can cause harm STORY: How to guard against a quack The girl's mother had been treating her with the supplements and other therapies for four years to treat the girl's "chronic Lyme disease," a condition that, experts say, doesn't actually exist. While some Lyme infections cause pain and other lingering symptoms, the infections don't persist for years. And, according to the Infectious Disease ...
Pet Food Recall From a press release issued by Natura Pet Food, the company is recalling all lot codes, all sizes, all UPC's of Innova, Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Karma, and Mother Nature pet foods and treats.
With polls constantly showing that Americans favor repeal of ObamaCare and Democrats in Congress increasingly worried that it will hurt them in next year’s mid-term election, Obama for America (OFA), which was spawned from President
I would like to thank President Obama for helping me become poor!!! I never knew how rich I was until I realized I can afford to pay for the "free health care" thank you Mr. President because of you I have something to look forward to. Work 7 days a week and pay for the medical bills. Who needs to eat nowadays? On the other note I strongly consider being fired and stay on wealth fare and Medicaid (the new Centurion American Express for Health Care) and I get free housing!!! Who needs to work and government pays for all!!!
Florida's governor has signed a law that says cities and counties cannot make businesses offer paid sick leave. Walt Disney and Darden Restaurants, which operates Olive Garden and Red Lobster, did not want voters to decide. Should sick leave, vacation time, and family leave be up to cities, counties, states or the federal government? Read more about the Florida law here -
California State Assembly Speaker John A. Perez represents the 46th Assembly District and the State of California. Find useful information about the legislative agenda, and the critical priorities the Assembly is working on like Job Creation, balancing the budget and enacting badly needed reforms to...
If Healthcare were free (ie, no copay) what is the first thing you would do?
At the very least, half of Wisconsin's population should be outraged at legislation speeding through Madison.
Join our June 19 webinar to learn how employers are confronting challenges from the Affordable Health Care Act
Perry doesn't want you to have affordable health care. He thinks it will fail in our state. Prove him wrong! Are you eligible for health care starting on October 1? Join us to find out!
I get offended if you are a CNA, Medical assistant, paid care giver, ect..YOU ARE NOT A NURSE. STOP TELLING PEOPLE YOU ARE. Im so tired of everyone claiming my profession. I worked my *** off for that BSN,RN flat out. Ok whew I feel better now
This analysis is done on divorce laws and specially Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage (IRBM) and property division on divorce in nations leading in women empowerment denoted by an index called Ge...
GREENSBORO — Congress is riding another stalemate toward the brink, with interest rates on federally subsidized student loans slated to double July 1 and no consensus on how to proceed.
Morning soap box: why do we pay for health insurance? :/ Just got a call from my doctors office about what I have to pay for a procedure that Im having on Thursday! My jaw just about hit the floor :/ It's one of those things that I really need to have done ASAP but good grief! Ugh :/ really debating on putting it off for awhile now..
In less than a year, key components of the Affordable Health Care Act will kick into gear. We want to know if you think it will hurt local small businesses in the Chattanooga metropolitan area or not have any affect at all.
Fan question - B Hi im a pv2 And im pregnant, my doctor excused me from having to go to Pregnancy Pt, because im having some complications and i can do pt on my own. Now my plt leader is really giving me a hard time and wants me to go check in, when i live 35minutes away, i asked if i can call in and said no. I talked to my first Sargent and said he didn't mind on me coming but it was at the discretion of my plt Sargent. My plt Sargent is on leave and there is another Sargent there in the meantime that rarely knows me. I had gone and checked in and signed in when the day before she said anything about formation that i could sign in. But now she wants to give me a counseling statement and wants me to do first Sargents detail. Now she told her own way to the Sargent and now making me look bad. Can i refuse to sign it until my platoon Sargent gets back from leave?
Boost for Affordable Health Care Act? Report: Healthcare costs continue slowdown, not expected to spike.
From the Diary of Josefa Menendez The Way of Divine Love     The following account comes from the diary of Sister Josefa Menendez, as recorded in the book The Way of Divine Love. Her testimony is a truly frightening an eye-openning wake-up call for a world that has fallen so far from her Lord and Savior that she no longer knows right from wrong, nor good from evil. May the cries of these souls ignite a fire in your heart to seek the Lord, to intercede for your fellow brothers and sisters, and stear you away from the lures of the world that have lead so many into the arms of the evil one.       ***   These are a few notes of Sister Josefa's about *** She wrote with great reticence on this subject. She did it only to conform to Our Blessed Lord's wishes, Our Lady having told her on Oct. 25th, 1922: "Everything that Jesus allows you to see and to suffer of the torments of *** is so that you may make it know to your Mothers. (who eventually published it for the world after Josefa's death.) So, for ...
Etheridge is also a breast cancer survivor, who made different decisions.
Obama brought a campaigner’s mindset to the White House — but the roll-out of Obamacare marks the first time he’s adapted his campaign’s groundbreaking grassroots tactics to the task of turning policy into reality.
low info voters think Affordable Health care act simply is 'free health care,' little do they know
If anybody needs health or life insurance we are licensed in 35 states so I can pretty much help anyone on my friends list or if you know anybody the referrals would not go un appreciated. Thanks.
E-bikers could soon get the boot from pathways in city parks.A city committee is considering a proposal from Parks and Recreation to ban the
When Faith Allen wanted to adopt a baby, she turned to the yellow pages. Allen, 37, a professional writer from North Carolina in the US, had suffered many painful years of infertility a
Is relationship a trade-by-barter transaction? (Should I consider what she has to offer in comparison to what I am ready to offer? Do I evaluate her worth in comparison to mine? Do I just love her without considering what she can contribute to my life? Please I need your objective opinion. Sir Dave (GCON)
You know what I don't get (as of like two minutes ago)? When people like to toss around unemployment numbers at the President as if he somehow has control over whether or not the Private Sector hires people. Let me ask what may be a silly question to economists(and probably has a very simple explaination that I'm not getting) but why exactly aren't we raging at Big Businesses for not hiring people when they're the ones who have all the money, and are lauded by the right wing as "Job Creators"? I mean if all 6 of the Wal-Mart Executives own more money combined than almost half of the entire country, couldn't THEY do something about Unemployment? I mean we all know that they force a lot of their employees to get on Government aid as is, so it's not like they'd be losing a lot of money if they always had positions open, part-time or otherwise. Or how about Koch Industries and their various businesses under them? Don't they have enough money to hire people to do some work? Unless I'm mistaken, isn't an econom ...
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. Matthew Henry's Whole Bible Commentary Pr 31:31 The Virtuous Woman. 10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. 11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. 12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. 13 She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. 14 She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar. 15 She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. 16 She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard. 17 She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms. 18 She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night. 19 She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. 20 She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; ...
Now get this. I cannot afford medical insurance. But I could get arrested, thrown in jail. By the time I went to trial, I would have received the most prominent health care the County has to offer. Maybe I should just act stupid & wave a fake gun around in a public place. Hmmm. that would take care of my problem, right?
It is the job of the wife to cook while the husband should flip through the channels on Television By Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo Kisses and Huggs Club Daily Devotionals Here are a few things the wife should note in getting your husband involved with household chores. 1. Never nag him. 2. Never compare him to others 3. Never force him 4. Never bruise his ego 5. Never get quiet and depressed on him 6. Keep praising him 7. Never deny him sex unless it is absolutely impossible. With these few tips, you can get your husband’s participation at home. Helping your wife at home is very important and it is a way of communicating your love especially when her love language is acts of service. For singles, house-hold chores is for your parents and not for some guy you are not married to. Don’t travel over to campus to see him and then turn yourself to an unmarried mummy, cooking, and washing boxers. That is unfair on your destiny! And upon all your efforts, he concludes, there is too much salt and you don’t c ...
Late night topic : what important info should somebody know regarding child support and custody hearings ? .
Something we never see people talk about, and they really should, is our corrupt "credit rating system." This whole system is set up to benefit those who control it to make it harder for Americans to get by in life. To this day, we still haven't seen a direct formula for how any of these scores are calculated or why is it there are different scores based on which agency. Things such as getting a job, car insurance, buying a house, car loan, credit car, bank account or even a cell phone are all impacted by your credit score. It's ridiculous our lives are dictated so much by something that is as unreliable as a score which no one can really explain how it's calculated. And why is it bills we pay on time, such as a cell phone, don't count positively on our credit score---but if we can no longer pay, THEN they can show the delinquent account on our credit reports? We say for starters let's implement a rule that says unless the account shows positively as a payment record, it can't suddenly be tagged as neg .. ...
The road has been a bumpy one for us financially since we met five years ago. There have been times we have faced losing utilities, didnt know how we'd get groceries and we have even faced being homeless. Thankfully, times have gotten better and we've learned how to deal with the pot holes better! Unfortunately, there has been times that we havent been able to come up with bills including child support. Never more than two weeks in a row and we've always made it up with taxes and we go above and beyond when we are able. Needless to say, he hasnt been perfect with child support, but he has paid it faithfully for almost a year now! How many baby mamas are there that would kill to have a baby daddy that loves his children, wants as much time with them he's allowed and PAYS CHILD SUPPORT?! Be appreciative of the good things and dont harp on other's flaws! I mean, Gees!! Why are some people so ungrateful?? It just really irks me! Life is way too short to be so bitter and to have such unnecessary animosity! Ugh ...
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