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Affordable Care

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law (along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010) is the principal health care reform legislation of the 111th United States Congress.

Affordable Care Act Patient Protection

First the Senate and now predictably the House. . The House took a key step toward repealing the Affordable Care...
U have no idea what Affordable Care & Patient Protection Act is, do you Tammy?
Sarah Kliff and Ezra Klein will interview President Barack Obama live next week, discussing the Affordable Care...
Enrollment for health care begins: ONTARIO — With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “O...
5 of Hillary Clinton’s biggest wins in the fight for affordable health care:
I thought Obama care was suppose to be affordable. Yet, they're increasing the cost? 🤔
He doesn't know it's actually called the ACA. (Affordable Care Act). B4 he attempted nomination, he should have l…
We can't afford to . Our uninsured rate is just the Affordable Care Act.
Higher health-insurance premiums don’t mean the is a disaster you can look at obamacare…
Apparently the homeless woman who was beaten for defending Trump's Hollywood star is named Denise Scott. Article 1/2.
Free health care won't be needed if college is "affordable" so ACT LIKE YALL CARE
Vote The Pursuit of Happiness! Healthcare must start w/ repeal of the dishonestly named Affordable Care Act of 2010: http…
Join a Conversation with the President on the Affordable Care Act. Read Blog:
. "Affordable Care Act"... This is what gave us, huh? LOL .can't really laugh though, when vot…
Wildfires in the financial security of the Supreme Court has the Affordable Care Act.
"aware of the devastating effects that the Affordable Care Act has had on family finances and job creation."
Attention American voters: Don't be stuck on stupid regarding being scammed! Obamacare insurance is not about...
"We have a duty to all Queenslanders to provide safe and affordable access to health care including abortion" -
In 2017, 72% of Americans who get coverage on can find a plan for less than $75/month:
We can't afford to move backward. Say you'll keep fighting for affordable health care for all Americans:
In this week's GOP address, discusses our plan to replace with affordable health care for…
After braggin bout supportin the Affordable Care Act HC plans to unravel it htt…
That's a Corporation, not the Affordable Care Act. Trump has no solution. Trump has no plan.
This is why I get tired of repeating myself: ObamaCare is health insurance not health care!!!...
Trevor on the difference between Obamacare & Affordable Care Act.
Community Health Options in Maine has dropped coverage on the Affordable Care Act's elective abortion services.
With Trump losing ground in Arizona, Republicans have seized on health insurance rate hikes to buoy them
Affordable health care. Safety from violent people. Academic opportunity for those who seek it. Economic opportunity for absolutely everyone
Affordable Care Act signup to bring alarming hikes in Pa.: Some Pennsylvanians who obtain their health insurance…
President Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, is in a full-on death spiral
Obamacare is failing exactly as many progressives predicted. We need to provide quality affordable care fo…
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"All of the sudden you are paying $26,000 a year, just for catastrophic health insurance”
Is the Heimlich covered by the Affordable Care Act?
In MN where the premium increase will be close to 60%, Dem. Governor has said “the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordab…
Affordable Care Act is only as strong as we allow the insurance agency's grip on profit on the sick
Gov. Mike Pence opposed Affordable Care for a "buy in program" like Hillary Clinton proposes. People lost real care
United Healthcare warns it will drop coverage in 34 states in 2017 as a result of the Affordable Care (Obamacare) Act.
The law. is officially titled the Patient. Protection and Affordable Care. Act 2010 and is sometimes called. “ObamaCare”
Six years ago today, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care...
Considering that these costs are due in no small part to gov't 's idea of "Patient Protection and Affordable Care," I'll pass.
As a thyroid cancer survivor who had no hope of getting health insurance, I am thankful for the Affordable Care...
The Affordable Care Act can be confusing. We want to make it easier for you. Check this out: http…
"Affordable" care illusions & special interests are taking the place of scientifically sound medical practice.
The feds gave out $350 million in tax-credit overpayments that can never be recovered.
The Affordable Crisis in Des Moines and why should care: MT
How has the Affordable Care Act affected NC's health insurance market? featured in NBC s Science of Love
More low-income adults enrolled in coverage under the Affordable Care Act -
Wouldn't it be great if there was a place people could go to find safe and affordable means of reproductive care? Oh wait
What are the biggest health issues in the South? Upcoming conference tackles multiple topics via
Open Event tackles how big health issues are being handled in the U.S. South via
Providing affordable and quality child care is about protecting Nevada's families.
Information reporting deadlines for the Affordable Care Act extended:
why wouldn't you make your clothing affordable for your fans when you know their textbooks are overpriced? Or he don't care
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Top Affordable Care Act influencers one should follow
Nearly 6 years after its enactment, the Affordable Care Act remains a hot button issue in the presidential race -- in both parties.
What individuals need to know about the Affordable Care Act for 2016 (from
The Future of Healthcare:     The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a landmark legislat...
Affordable health care is a basic human right. Read plan to protect and expand that right:
What Individuals Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act for 2016 via
Most Obama haters are ignorant and don't even know that Obamacare and the PP and Affordable Care Act are the same thing. Lmao.
His Affordable Care Act is going to collapse. Premiums are skyrocketing for consumers. Accomplishment?
Trying to print the Affordable Care Act to a PDF and it's stressing out my computer. 😅
What to know about reporting your coverage on forms.
Did your premiums go up on an Affordable Care Act Marketplace plan in 2016? Please leave a comment below.
61 days left to file tax returns: Affordable Care Act for 2016 | Contact us today to understand your options |
CityMD on Chambers Street provides fast affordable urgent care
I am a small employer with 30 employees. How do the ESR provisions (Code section 4980H) affect me?
Instead of giving ppl tax credits for going to college and aquiring health care how about we just make these things more affordable?
Barack's Climate Change agenda was established on the same principle the Affordable Care Act was...fraud.
Check it out! This slideshow is worth looking at!
Does tiny Rhode Island have big implications re SEPs & Rate Hikes?
Good starts early! can find affordable for your family:
Georgia has fewer uninsured kids as Affordable Care Act takes hold
If they considered Single Payer Health care they could hav done better than not s…
Black women in TX need affordable, accessible health care. Laws like HB2 create just the opposite. --
access to good prenatal care, addiction services, healthy affordable food, follow up postnatal. Need supports. Midwives.
BTW: This "Affordable" Care thing? It's not. Wanna hear about how many more restrictions you have placed...
We are forced to pay (some are post-tax) premiums and now we will pay more taxes...our gov't is a mess
Stable & affordable can keep families together & kids out of the foster care system
the same services New Yorkers can now receive from a doctor through the Affordable Care Act." Sounds about right to me
"I’m a urologist. Male gynecologist. I’m really concerned with what will happen with the Affordable Care Act."
If you're eligible for Affordable Care Act coverage, you have until Jan. 31 to enroll or face hefty fees:
Nice to see Dr V Shanta's name in Padma Vibhushan awardees list. She has done a lot for cancer patients and has provided affo…
Ryan White & work to make health care affordable for people with Maria & Valentine share their story:
In case you didn't know. The deadline to enroll in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act is Jan. 31.
libdem "Providing more flexible and affordable child care to stop the female brain drain in London"
If the Sanders/Obama style mobilization had existed after the election, the Affordable Care Act could have been truly unive…
As the third open enrollment season for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act come...
More than 2.7 million New Yorkers have enrolled in a health insurance plan through
Thanks to Obamacare, some Hoosiers finally got to participate in affordable health care coverage.
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The future of the Affordable Care Act:
Obama makes his case for Affordable Health Care Act in Utah
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Top Affordable Care Act articles from last week
.NHHPP only link to access to quality affordable health care. Medical issues left untreated lead to more costly care.
Affordable Care Act: Fail to plan, plan to …
Licensing laws may help protect their territory, but they're hurting patients. Full story: via
Is your small business ready for the requirements in 2016?
Complexity in is here to stay. Here are steps you and your organization can take to stay ahead in 2016. https:…
Affordable family health care through phone or visit online.
needs to so that Ohioans can continue to get affordable reproductive health care
Pre-print available. "The Affordable Care Act and Opportunities for Change in North Carolina’s Commercial Fisheries"
Top issue care about? 1st Caucus convo explored best way to make college affordable again!
Weekly Address: Affordable Care Act is Making a Difference for Millions of Americans
is working, Lagos is moving forward to eradicate Lassa Fever through his quality &affordable health care…
The right to health includes access to timely, acceptable, and affordable health care of appropriate quality
Less than a week left for North Carolinians to enroll in Affordable Care Act - Tryon Daily Bulletin
all these white people were like "oh yeah def Affordable Care Act bc Obamacare seems like it's forced" like... I was dead 😂
I'm a happy man today! NHIF doubling it's outpatient cover is lots of great news. Kudos! Affordable accessible health care to all Kenyans 👊
yeah but we saw a video in class and you'd be surprised how many said Affordable Care Act just bc "obama" was in the other one
Bernie sanders I'm a cancer patient don't kill the Affordable Care Act I need my insurance,u tear it down it stays down.
Tax Season is here Check if you meet the Minimum Essential Coverage
Paying the Penalty — What happens when the Affordable Care Act makes insurance unaffordable for families?
Wait... Your friends can't afford the Affordable Care Act?
Without a Sanders-style campaign in 2008 that mobilized millions of nonvoters, there would be no Affordable Care Act
Affordable and Natural Tips on How to Care for Your Granite Counter Tops! Bayes.
There are 4 days left to sign up for quality, affordable health care for 2016—at htt…
The Affordable Care Act Doesn’t Rank Highly As an Issue for Voters in the Presidential Primaries
We will never stop providing Ohioans with high-quality and affordable care - no matter what!
Answer a few simple questions in this chart to learn your premium credit eligibility
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Affordable Care Act is working for New Hampshire via
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I hope that with the new government that we currently have at the federal level; that we might find affordable dental care a possibility
The is shifting costs to employers. How can providers act.
Because of the Affordable Care Act, more people now have the security of health insurance than ever before. As...
The controversial part of ACA the GOP-led states are keeping They don't want to give up the high paying jobs created
The controversial part of Obamacare that GOP-led states are keeping generates economic benefits!
Stand up to protect quality, affordable health care. Join Team Obamacare today:
Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment has begun; don't delay! Go to to get insured.
Not really. Democrats voted for the Affordable Care Act without ever having read it.
Add this Free Webinar to your Calendar this Wednesday! Register today.
What do you think about Supreme Court’s decision to rule on the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate?
Transitional reinsurance fee under the Affordable Care Act
The countdown to 2016 is on—start the new year off right. with affordable health care:
Millions of Americans now have affordable health care access, thanks to Help keep that progress going:
So just opened my mail and found out the Affordable Care Act isn't so affordable. 40% raise in cost in 1 year. All a bunch of crooks!
WUSF's interviews about the Affordable Care Act, prescription drug prices:
Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment started on November 1. If you need to call (305) 576-5001 to...
.The core issue is the cost. Health insurers wouldn’t impose barriers to getting care/drugs if they were affordable
The Affordable Care Act has brought the rate of uninsured children to a historic low.
Small businesses choosing self-funded health insurance: Thanks to the 2010 Affordable Care Act,...
pick a bigger cause to get worked up over. How about access to affordable health care or reducing gun violence?
There's a key reason so many co-ops announced in October that they would close:
A hole in the Health Care Safety Net for former foster youth in 37 states...
The third round of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act began Nov. 1.
Free Webinar: Next-Gen ACA - Be prepared to do more than just comply w/ the Affordable Care Act - via
Join my pal, & Christopher Condeluci on 11/11 at 1pm ET as they discuss what is next for the
GOP-led states that expanded Medicaid are keeping it. Will Kentucky?
Why even GOP-led states are keeping a key part of Affordable Care Act
A Hole in the Safety Net Offered by the Affordable Care Act • A disaster!!! pedis 2 advocate
8 Important Principles of Parents Care (is an Art Form in Itself!)
Humana will discontinue several products offered on government-run exchanges under the Affordable Care Act:
Enrollment for Dual Advantage is year-round. Need coverage? Have questions? Visit our Affordable Care Advisor
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