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Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law (along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010) is the principal health care reform legislation of the 111th United States Congress.

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Please note throughout this chat: = Affordable Care Act and the new bill is the = American Health Care Act
Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Repeal and Replacement of Affordable Care Act via
TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress that their plan to “replace” the Affordable Care Act is unacceptable
Statement from on Repeal and Replacement of Affordable Care Act & the Collins Amendment via
Julie Ross gives stirring speech in defense of Affordable Care Act at town hall.
Climate change is in the challenges we build a higher education." — on Senate leaders have undercut the Affordable Care Act.
HOD Passes HJ9 - & stand up against Washington - Over 430,000 Marylanders benefit from the Affordable Care Act
Affordable Care Act.. Local family deals with unexpected Government penalty of almost $10,000
Over 12 million signed up for Affordable Care Act coverage this year – Akron Beacon Journal
6 fact checks of President Trump’s critiques of the Affordable Care Act
Repeal of Affordable Care Act will jeopardise people with disabilities, incl people with autistism. https…
Governor, did you know the Affordable Care Act, which benefited folks from across Kentucky, is the same thing? I was shock…
most ardent supporters are likely to hurt hardest if he makes good his promise to get rid of the Affordable…
And Congressional GOP are largely the same crew who insisted on a CBO score for the Affordable Care Act.
NEW interactive: See how tax credits differ from the in your area, by age & income https…
Trump+GOP seek to warp the Affordable Care Act (ACA) under Pres Obama to The Available Con Act, replacing health care with health…
Repeal the Affordable care act with this?-are you...
Whoa, chief Medicaid officer breaks with Dept. of Health and Human Services. Opposes Affordable Care Act repeal and re…
And so now we want to fact-check all these congressional letters/emails about the ACA repeal. Can you help us?
How truthful is Congress abt the ACA? Have you contacted them? Did they respond to you? Send those responses to us: https:/…
Dumping people in high-risk pools is to replace the Affordable Care Act.
The wealthy take care of the wealthy
The ACA repeal bill penalty for going without coverage is higher than the Affordable Care Act tax penalty
What taxes are repealed in the American Health Care Act proposed by Republicans?
President Trump is hiding from reporters and the public since accusing his predecessor of committing a crime
Dismantling the Affordable Care Act is inhumane and will threaten the well-being of those most in need. Period.
I believe it was called the "Affordable Care Act." The grass isn't always greener Cheryl
The life-and-death stakes of an Affordable Care Act repeal in one of L.A. County's poorest, sickest regions
Sir.. it's called Affordable Care Act.. it was never called Obamacare except by *** Now millions without proper care
Caught on tape: House Republicans have no clue how many of their constituents are on Obamacare
This poisoned Montana town is now at the mercy of the GOP health care plan ➡️ by via
$157 Billion over the next 10 years for Millionaires and Billionaires & everybody else gets less than nothing.
Repealing the Affordable Care Act will kill more than 43,000 people annually.
We're looking for civically engaged people to help fact-check correspondence from member of Congress. Is that you?
Those with income of $1 million or more would get a huge tax cut under the GOP health plan
Hi have you cancelled the Affordable Care Act yet?
Trump has been much less accessible since claiming, without proof, that Obama tapped his phones during the campaign
Republicans are trying to rewrite the history of the Affordable Care Act.
.- Why did you refuse to fix the Affordable Care Act?
Affordable Care Act can can still impact taxes - Ventura County Star
I have a few thoughts on plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.
That's a must see interview. Left me wondering about SC Judge Roberts bizarre Affordable Care Act vote. Blackmailed?
ICYMI: National News: House Republicans released their plan to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act.
House Republicans Unveil Plan to Replace Health Law members are going to *** Death panels for th…
House Republicans unveil new plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the Millions Die in Medical Pover…
The Affordable Care Act doesn’t just make our city healthier, it supports thousands of good jobs around Boston: https:/…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
talk about lol the new GOP joke of a replacement plan for "obamacare"(The affordable care act)
House Republicans' plan to replace Affordable Care Act keeps in place two of the most popular Obamacare provisions.
Before Republicans said Affordable Care Act was "overreaching" and now they want to barely help at all. In short: "die plz" 😃
most important number for GOP health plan might not be in the bill. 7 = number of GOP senators who already oppose
you don't care about the affordable care act all you care about is delegitimizing Trump at People's cost
Hi did you cancel the Affordable Care Act already?
When a Republican tells you the Affordable Care Act is really unpopular, please remind them that is much more popular than…
Affordable care act to be replaced by unaffordable bankrupt your *** act.
GOP: You think the Womens March was big? When you repeal the Affordable Care Act, you will wish you had somewhere to run & hide…
Affordable Care Act to be replaced with Unaffordable Neglect Act
House Republicans Unveil Plan to Replace Health Law, via trumpcare will knock millions from health coverage
If you are in the 1% you should support the House's proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act. If not, urge your reps to oppose it!
House Republicans have released the text of a bill that would remake the Affordable Care Act in the coming years.
What Republicans will keep, change or discard with the Affordable Care Act.
The Republican replacement for Obamacare scraps mandated insurance in favor of incentives to buy on the open market https:…
Electronic Device Insurance
The one-third of Americans who don't know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing are about to find…
Tax credit based healthcare is a big fail. We need to protest this very loudly. Call ur reps. This is unaffordable.
The American Health Care Act: Because the one thing that bothered voters about the ACA was the Affordable part.
House Republicans release bill that would dismantle Affordable Care Act, likely resulting in more uninsured.
Trumpcare doesn’t replace the Affordable Care Act - it forces millions of Americans to pay more for less care.
Repeal of the Affordable Care Act would be Devastating for Hardworking Families from Illinois’ 17th Congressional …
House Republicans expected to introduce legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act early this week. https:/…
Protestors (inc. my sister) protecting Affordable Care Act at Palmdale town hall mtg of US House Rep Steve Knight…
Republicans accused of playing "hide-and-seek" with Affordable Care Act replacement bill.
3/3 Section 2: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is hereby re-instated.
The truth is Republicans won't fund any replacement of the Affordable Care Act.
2/3 Section 1: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed.
Key GOP senator: For many voters, Obamacare is ‘a subset’ of the Affordable Care Act
We're talking with today about the Affordable Care Act, HR 676 (Medicare for All…
Affordable Care Act turned me into an activist in 2009. I worked really hard for Hillary. I'm still heartbroken
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It was "find the Affordable Care Act replacement" day on Thursday
Oi did you stop the Affordable Care Act yet?
Yup started with repeal of Budget for Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). GOP hurts every citizen, big time, with move and…
Multiple polls show rising support for the Affordable Care Act as GOP moves toward keeping the promise of repeal
Personally I don't make bets, but if I did I'd bet that GOP is going to replace ObamaCare with the Affordable Care Act.
Rep. Rick Larsen to talk Affordable Care Act in Sedro-Woolley -
I hope you will help lead the way on fixing the Affordable Care Act. Speaker Boehner is right.
I added a video to a playlist Speaker John Boehner and Gov Ed Rendell on Affordable Care Act
Affordable Care Act is a lifesaver - Allentown Morning Call
Hospitals made a high-stakes trade when they signed on to the Affordable Care Act. Now that deal is in jeopardy.
We can't afford to watch President Obama speak about the Supreme Court, and fill the Affordable Care Act.
. As US president Donald Trump moves to kill the Affordable Care Act, known widely as Obamacare, conf…
GOP leaders plan to advance a bill to kill the Affordable Care Act even though they don’t have the votes
ACA - almost gone, but not forgotten? Affordable Care Act Enrollee Stories: The Law at Work
Work with me. Assessing the Affordable Care Act’s Future Through a CHRO’s Eyes Jobs
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hello did you cancel the Affordable Care Act today?
Who knew healthcare would be so complicated?
I am one of your constituents. I oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. People Will Die If You Repeal It!
Trump applauds "great" meeting with health insurance CEOs who will "save Americans" from the Affordable Care Act
Republican lawmakers are moving closer to repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with... well... ???...
Who are the 10 people planning how to repeal Affordable Care Act?
Not to mention the Affordable Care Act. She holds extreme positions on healthcare that would raise costs for women and…
With the affordable care act, that's one step closer. Without it? America is willing to deny millions a basic human…
My synopsis on the affordable care act is due in 12.5 hrs & idk what to write since nothing has happened w/ the ACA since this class started
Do you know what the Affordable Care Act does? Here's a primer to help
Trump suggests that the struggle to replace the Affordable Care Act could stall other parts of his agenda. agenda.
Sens. Moore Capito, Heller, Collins, Cassidy, Portman, Murkowski say they're against repeal of Medicaid expansion. https:/…
The real name is . Affordable . Care . Act . people
Here's our piece on the Affordable Care Act/ Obamacare from last night...
Working families deserve better than the Affordable Care Act. Urge Congress to pass patient centered healthcare.
Five million Californians have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. It’s imperative the GOP doesn’t dismantl…
Ashley Walton, a 32-year-old Oakland resident credits her surviving cancer to the Affordable Care Act.
Republicans need to listen to their constituents & stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act:
Here's last night's story on the Affordable Care Act and why the Republican replacements are a little like a thong. ht…
Whitesburg physician named country doctor of the year defends Affordable Care Act
1 of 2. U r the best. It was only Obama care when they lost the vote. Now it is the affordable care act. He wants 2 undo all u have done.
BELIEVE ME. Stop for a min & watch John Oliver (last night on GOP's repeal of Affordable Care Act. . ht…
There's a at the Wisconsin State Capitol in support of the Affordable Care Act
Yes,we do.-Cancer patients, survivors fear GOP efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act
Sign Senator petition - Denounce the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Supervisors vow to fight repeal of Affordable Care Act: LOS ANGELES — The county Board of Supervisors voted……
Whats the replacement plan Blake?. .- Congress to defund Affordable Care Act in March .
EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Rep. Blake "Step 1" for Congress to defund Affordable Care Act in March
yeah but what about the Affordable Care Act?
If the Affordable Care Act is saved, it will happen next week
Yet another important reason to fight all efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act:
Repealing the Affordable Care Act & defunding care at Planned Parenthood are unpopular. Make sure Congress knows:
People in Congress are hearing a lot more from supporters of Obamacare than from opponents
What would repealing the Affordable Care Act mean for those fighting cancer?
I called office to say pretty much exactly that.
Is now a good time to remind the GOP that the Affordable Care Act was based on a plan by Mitt Romney? Or nah?
Not fair that folks were charged a penalty under the affordable act care. Not affordable at all. Please refund penalties.
The Affordable Care Act has saved the USA lots of money. While parts of the act need to be repaired not repealed.
"Polling indicates that more Republicans want to make fixes to the law rather than do away with it. President...
Affordable Care Act, SCOTUS, Muslim ban, Russia, and taxes. Where do you start with your ?s at a townhall? Our tips: h…
With Obama gone, the hatred for Obamacare eases and opposition to repeal surges. Smart analysis by
NEW: With O gone, the Obamacare debate is more focused on "care" than "obama" - zapping GOP energy for repeal >.
"...the debate over 'Obamacare' is becoming less about 'Obama' and more about 'care'..."
Humana’s decision to pull out of Affordable Care Act exchanges adds pressure on Republicans
This is exactly right. Obamacare always suffered from a perception-versus-reality problem. Republicans abused that. https:/…
Hi did you stop the Affordable Care Act yet?
Health news: WATCH: Congressman hit with questions, boos over GOP plan to repeal Affordable Care Act
is ready to make a full frontal assault on Affordable Care Act. Let's fight for an EVEN BETTER PLAN->
Oi did you repeal the Affordable Care Act today?
Nice to see the IRS advance LIBERTY by not enforcing the individual mandate of Obama's Affordable Care Act.
With the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act, angry constituents are flooding town halls & demanding answers
Overturn Roe v Wade or repeal the Affordable Care Act? Which should take priority?
ICYMI: Mike Greenwald and other industry experts discuss the future of the Affordable Care Act
Rep. Tom Reed says the Affordable Care Act will be repealed. The crowd boos loudly. "I appreciate that input," he says.
Racist: "Who needs Obama Care? I have the Affordable Care Act!" . "Obama Care is the Affordable Care Act". Racist: https:/…
Want to save the Affordable Care Act? Click here to find your closest town hall meeting next week, or hold your own:
Promotion for self/family gain is ethics violation. Affordable Care Act about health/well-being of natio…
Tonight I'm hosting a tele-town hall on the Affordable Care Act and the future of health care. To join, text ROSA to 82828…
Joke of the day:. Republicans are going to repeal and they'll replace it with the Affordable Care Act. Jim McDermott
Good line from Rep. Jim McDermott 'Republicans are repealing Obamacare and replacing it with Affordable Care Act'
Politics alert: Rep. Mike Coffman to hold in-person meetings to talk about the Affordable Care Act
"Republicans are squirming from coast to coast. The biggest draw is the Affordable Care Act"
Repealing the Affordable Care Act could "destroy' the insurance market, former HHS secretary says:
Sen. Sanders will debate Sen. Ted Cruz tonight on the future of the Affordable Care Act. Tune in at 9 ET!
Former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act, discusses its future:…
Kathleen Seblius shares her thoughts on the future of the Affordable Care Act.
Powell County residents both hopeful and worried about repeal of the Affordable Care Act
Dave Reichert is looking for feedback about the Affordable Care Act. Please weigh in!
Affordable Care Act repeal could blow a $3 billion hole in state and local public health funding over the next 5yrs
Republicans are increasingly talking about repairing the Affordable Care Act instead of swiftly repealing it
Gorsuch voted in favor of Hobby Lobby when it objected to Affordable Care Act requiring coverage of birth control
Nancy Pelosi: The Affordable Care Act "has succeeded in every way"
. Vets & Native Americans threatened by repeal of Affordable Care Act … Vets…
Affordable Care Act, Trumpcare and What it Means for Your Mouth, from
CNN's Wolf Blitzer says Dr. Sanjay Gupta is an "expect on the Affordable Care Act" - all 20,000+ pages
Update your maps at Navteq
Several Republican senators have proposed a bill that would give states the option to keep the Affordable Care Act
The repeal of the Affordable Care Act is not an academic debate about health care policy. It is a life and death issue.
For those who complained about the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, and you purchase your...
No he didn't. Its named the Affordable Care Act. Republicans named it Obamacare in efforts to discourage support for it…
Donald Trump’s vow to repeal the Affordable Care Act revives talk of high-risk pools that had left many uncovered
Tell do not repeal the Affordable Care Act
Trump's nominee for Health Secretary was vague about a replacement for Obamacare during a Senate hearing
Didn't labor unions vehemently oppose until they received an exemption to the Cadillac Tax?. . https:/…
Please sign my petition about keeping ACA and RT.
What's next for the Affordable Care Act?. U.S. Rep. Tom Price's confirmation hearing to be HHS Secretary may hold clu…
Our job today is defend the Affordable Care Act. Our job tomorrow is to create a single-payer system.
What is ‘Obamacare’ and why does Trump want to repeal the Affordable Care Act?.
We have no idea what Republicans will be offering to replace the Affordable Care Act, but Tom Price, Trump’s...
"For the 20 million who rely upon the Affordable Care Act , they will not be without coverage during this transition time,…
People dont even understand that Obamacare and the Affordable Health Care act have the same principles
Ms.Conway Crowd size don't Matter. It's also called the Affordable Care Act get it right
Paul Ryan's office is conducting a phone poll, hoping to hear overwhelming opposition to the Affordable Care Act.
AMERICA: Obamacare & the Affordable Care Act are the same thing.
Maine’s rural hospitals fear a crisis if the Affordable Care Act is repealed without a comparable replacement…
Reggie love, Obama's good pal used to get upset when the "affordable" care act was called Obamacare. it is only hillarycare with Obama name
As one of his first official acts as president, Trump signs an executive order scaling back the Affordable Care Act
Republicans have discovered the solution to avoiding constituents angry about the Affordable Care Act repeal
Republicans called it "Obamacare" to incite a racist reaction to it, Obama called it the Affordable Care Act
. to Trump: Instead of immediate repeal, focus on what Obamacre didn't address, like drug costs
Trumpcare will be a major success with white America since it'll literally be the Affordable Care Act without a black man's n…
And continued as policies were passed, like the Affordable Care Act.
1/20/2017 trump issues executive order to repeal the Affordable Care Act(ACA).
Affordable Care Act made cancer screening more accessible for millions, study finds
There are actually people that believe that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are two D I F F E R E N T things 🤔🙃
Repealing the Affordable Care Act without replacing will hurt rural hospitals, dean says in news report:
trump and his cabinet have THREATENED to take away lgtbq rights, ban abortions/PP, and get rid of the affordable care act
Speaker Ryan is conducting a poll on the Affordable care act. Call his office and follow the prompts (202) 225-0600
So our *** president signs an executive order to defund Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act. Wow! Talk...
Join me! Tomorrow @ 3 pm in Bakersfield the Senate Health Cmte will talk the Affordable Care Act & what's at stake. http…
Live on today at 11:30 AM ET: Experts answer your questions about the future of the Affordable Care Act https…
Why the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable
CBO estimates large surge in uninsured rate, premium costs based on ACA repeal bill touted as model |
People are really this stupid? . Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act
Key provisions could disappear with Affordable Care Act repeal
The key to understanding the ACA debate is that repeal is a giant tax cut for millionaires
New Report Says Obamacare Repeal would cost 18 million their insurance in the first year.
I enjoyed speaking with about the Affordable Care Act and Friday's Inauguration earlier today. htt…
Pre-ACA and pre-Endo diagnosis, i was denied coverage for Pap smear because period pain was a pre-existing condition
The Affordable Care Act has ensured that the 129 million Americans who have pre-existing conditions have access to afford…
Mike Coffman urged to not repeal the Affordable Care Act today in Denver.
NowThis sat down with in Michigan this weekend to discuss the fight to save the Affordable Care Act https:/…
One cancer patient shares why she needs the Affordable Care Act by
It’s easy to think of something better than the ACA, but Republicans can’t do it
Remember that the Affordable Care Act was exactly what Obama promised: Hope. Nothing more.
There's no magic wand MA can wave to go back to the way things were before the Affordable Care Act.
Donald Trump's reported pick for health secretary, is a staunch critic of the Affordable Care Act. https:…
Donald Trump's comments send the dollar reeling, and more of the day's stories
SERIOUSLY?! How do people NOT know that Obama Care is another name for the Affordable Care Act?🤣
I liked a video Sen. Elizabeth Warren floor speech on the Affordable Care Act
New poll: the Affordable Care Act is now more popular than ever
The so-called Affordable Care Act has been anything but for me - The Laconia Daily Sun
The nonpartisan reports that repealing the Affordable Care Act means 32 million more uninsured and premiums will double! ht…
Oppose Obamacare, yet want to keep your insurance under the Affordable Care Act? Seems a lot of people are in for...
Breaking News: 18 million would lose insurance in 2018 if Obamacare is partially repealed, congressional study says
Congressional study: Partial repeal of Obamacare could cause insurance premiums to double over 10 years
If major parts of Obamacare were repealed today, 44 million people would be uninsured next year ht…
at it again with ObamaCare vs Affordable Health Care Act question to public. We truly uniformed lol.
Trump and Republicans have done what Obama couldn’t: galvanize public support for Obamacare
The hidden reason Republicans are so eager to repeal Obamacare via
Thousands rally in Michigan to protest GOP efforts to repeal Affordable Care Act. by
Health care prices have risen at the lowest rate in 50 years since the Affordable Care Act became law.
Trump said he was nearly ready to unveil a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act with "insurance for everybody"
Great Read on Obamacare, enemies who created it, USA Casualties: Sergeant York and the Affordable Care Act -
Good morning, update about Affordable Care Act & Indian Country. What's ahead & what people should do in re…
Congresswoman Cheri Bustos: "For 7 years we heard there's a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. But do we know…
List of things & people Trump has attacked this week instead of Putin. John Lewis. CNN. Affordable Care Act. Buzzfeed. NBC…
Republicans promised they'll keep the parts of the Affordable Care Act Americans like, which I'm hoping includes Obama…
Paul Ryan just ended The Dab. So first the Affordable Care Act and now The Dab. 2017 is off to a rough start.
Sorry, preachers. You'll have to suffer a bit for the greater good of kicking 20 million people off insurance.
It's funny even Democrats know Obamacare has failed, that's why we have the Affordable care act
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I am pro-life & pro-healthcare. Repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement plan is unacceptable
Ending the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid would put Americans with HIV/AIDS in real danger.
why don't u ever mention the purely political OBSTRUCTION by GOP as part of reason AFFORDABLE CARE ACT isn't more successful??
Repealing the affordable care act, Steve Harvey??? Things that make you say hmmm..
“If there was an outright repeal of preexisting conditions, no insurer would offer me coverage,”
VIDEO: Senator Carper paints bleak picture for Delaware if Affordable Care Act is repealed - WDEL 1150AM…
Well just to let you know The affordable Health Care Act(Obamacare) is starting to be repealed by congress do you really know what it means!
What the Affordable Care Act Means to a Woman With Terminal Cancer - Vogue
Without the affordable care act, millions of Americans will be unable to pay for lifesaving medical care. Trump is not for the people. Sad!
⚡️ “Cancer survivors share heartbreaking pleas to save the Affordable Care Act”.
As Republicans try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they should be reminded every day that 36,000 people will die yearly…
Dial 1-844-6-RESIST & Press "2" to contact your congressperson to urge them to save the Affordable Care Act. . Your voice matter…
People don't know The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Obamacare are the same thing?
How much do we need the Affordable Care Act? Just take a sad tour of GoFundMe:
Girls don't want good morning texts girls want their birth control covered under the affordable care act
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
please save Affordable Care Act or give us Single Payer or better yet the health plan that Senate and House have.
This is only gonna get worse — and harder — for the GOP. 20M people got covered through the Affordable Care Act. They're not…
When my husband had cancer, our plan under the Affordable Care Act prevented us from going bankrupt. To take it away would be…
Medicare is now projected to remain solvent 11 years longer than before the Affordable Care Act was enacted.
Full name is Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. for uninsured, underinsured, uninsurable. PP…
Congress approves initial measures to repeal Affordable Care Act
Thread: Here's a history of what the GOP did to get everyone health insurance in the 25 years before the Affordable Care…
because my mom is a breast cancer survivor who, without the Affordable Care Act, is uninsurable due to her medica…
Republicans can try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but they have no replacement. My statement on the vote to try and…
If Trump and the Republicans move to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would you rather do?
Rep. Issa on health care reform: Put Affordable in Affordable Care Act
Listening to Rep Steven King talk about the Affordable Care Act makes me want to punch him in the face!
What's going to happen to the Affordable Care Act? via
Repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement means up to 30 million people would lose insurance. 30 million peop…
A former life-long Republican says he is alive thanks to the Affordable Care Act and Obama
A former Republican and cancer survivor just told Speaker Ryan "Thanks Obama" for the Affordable Care Act on the Town Hall on CNN.
Women rush to get IUDS, fearing Affordable Care Act repeal via
South Central Kansas Area do you need assistance with enrolling or have questions with the Affordable Care Act?...
Thanks, Obama, for the Affordable Care Act, signing the Paris Treaty, for Dodd-Frank, and more. Gonna miss you
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski among Republicans pushing for more time to repeal the Affordable Care Act
Affordable Care Act penalties pay dividends in readmissions reductions
Here's how the helps people like you—and what's at stake with the Republican proposal to repeal it:
"I'm not on Obamacare..." Trump supporters who did not know that Obamacare was the same as the af…
believe actual GOP quote was "we'll see what becomes of your precious Affordable Care Act [evil cackle]" + tons of…
For the first time ever, more than 90% of Americans now have health coverage. Get the facts: https:…
Republicans in Washington will decide what becomes of the Affordable Care Act.
"Real people are benefiting from this," cancer survivor from Fairmont says of Affordable Care Act.
If Republicans repeal the pregnancy could be considered a pre-existing condition. Here's what's at stake:
You realize it is called the Affordable Care Act, right?
Conservatives who oppose U.S. debt vote to raise it as a step toward repeal of Affordable Care Act | The Sacramento
😂😂😂😂 FYI: Obamacare and the Affordable care act are the same thing.
“If in fact the Republicans make some modifications...and re-label it as Trumpcare, I’m fine with that,” Obama said.
. Make sure to change name of replacement to Affordable Care Act
Has the Affordable Care Act reduced socioeconomic disparities in cancer screening?
Rep Hoyer GOP has no Affordable Care Act replacement Fox News Video: via
6 days before the passed, talked about what was at stake. We must not forget how far we've come:
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