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Affirmative Action

Affirmative action refers to policies that take factors including race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group in areas of employment, education, and business , usually justified as countering the effects of a history of discrimination.

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It's a bit of a shame. Lee is a bizarre example of affirmative action gone wrong
Traitor isn't even worth the ink that Affirmative Action was written in.
YT people really think affirmative action is racist against them? Do they realize it helps out their women more anyone else? Screws Asians +
nowplaying Should be based on status?
Lecturer ≠ teaching. All it means is that he got an affirmative action "hire" so the school could cheaply/easily av…
A 'must hear' about socioeconomic status and affirmative action.
David Oppenheimer on Archibald Cox and the Diversity Justification for Affirmative Action
Welcomed Daylight Savings Time by debating racial equality, school funding/access, and Affirmative Action policies in NYC public schools.
Sitting around today I realized that few things irritate me more than affirmative action. I say it's time we do away with it for good! 🇺🇸🐘
"I don't want people to think I'm here because of affirmative action. I deserve to be here" -NASA Space Engineer
I mean, he and LBJ established the Dem platform in terms of civil rights and affirmative action, healthcare, etc.
That's right, turn it round, affirmative action!😉
KKK (n.): Early Affirmative Action club of Southern whites selflessly helping blacks seek better jobs in the North.
Macron to name and shame firms that practice hiring discrimination (almost Affirmative Action).Fillon camp attacks…
Affirmative Action: saying OK when asked if you want fries with that burger
I will bet that the vast majority of redundancies will be male. Affirmative action at it's best hey Michelle.
Because Rs only know how to say, No! No global warming, no corp regulations, no birth control, no affirmative action, No!
how strange. This an old reactionary college republican thing "the affirmative action bake sale" in the US
.I think it is clear Democrat party message despises white working class. Look at affirmative action.
Affirmative Action: being chosen as the token black dude in the Cabinet.
Affirmative action could have been a motivational factor in the 115th congress due to favoring odds for diverse candidates.
More reason to HATE - Illini Republicans' affirmative-action bake sale cooks up controversy
If the deaf can't hear it, nobody across the globe will - now that's affirmative action for you:
Affirmative action has ruined healthcare. Unqualified staff are paraded around in the name of diversity. If people only knew...
I totally agree with you on affirmative action.
Or how they act like the govt is giving black folks a leg up (when we know white women are the biggest recipients of affirmative action)
Ben Carson is the poster boy for repealing Affirmative Action - A.A. is the only way to explain how he was a surgeon
better if you oppose affirmative action. But like I said, government picking what constitutional activity to validate.
someone come write this Affirmative Action essay for me or else
I'm more interested in policy than packaging; I voted for you in spite of policy. They won't get the affirmative action you did.
Not one iota. I think reparations, not half assed Affirmative Action programs are immeasurably overdue.
Simple, they're racists who can hide behind "affirmative action"
Grassley attacking Al Franken for failing to give Jeff Sessions the questions in advance is peak affirmative action for mediocre white dudes
Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson oppose affirmative action as unnecessary b/c they want to be viewed as having in no…
Affirmative action: Why we have a judge helping an illegal escape ICE- from her courtroom. PC: Why there are no charges. Un-fking-sustainable.
Do you guys even bother opposing affirmative action racial preferences any more or are you afraid of being called "racist"?
White ppl really overestimate the scope of affirmative action lol
899 daughters to 1000 sons in Rajasthan. Affirmative action by Govt & NGOs has helped improve status. Feeling extremely Hap…
PDF [DOWNLOAD] A Conflict of Principles: The Battle Over Affirmative Action at the University of…
BEST PDF Affirmative Action, Hate Speech, and Tenure: Narratives About Race and Law in the
This video lacks diversity. I'm going to contact affirmative action on yall.
Im qualified but affirmative action may not let me.
Is Ben Carson the prime example of what Republicans fear most about affirmative action?
Why are y'all still letting Trump keep you SO distracted! If you're not using affirmative action and literally...
the "affirmative action" pimp uses lynch to obtain spy on djT
"earned"??She's "obviously" typical black Affirmative Action IQ denier. Moron better description than Professor
I added a video to a playlist Instrumental - Affirmative Action
No they aren't. Unless of course you mean affirmative action?
Affirmative action promote the ideal of fair equality of opportunity thus helping towards just society...
Rachel Dolezal is white but identifies as black and looks African American. Should she have access to affirmative action?
Idealistic notions like affirmative action? Hey, it can work! We'd better keep at it, like keeping at equitable wag…
Would it be amazing to see better representation? Absolutely, but the solution isn't some kind of affirmative action measure.
Webinar On "Essentials of Affirmative Action and OFCCP Compliance". For more details and registration-…
Shen she mentioned Affirmative Action and she thought she was schooling the kids I wanted to say did you mentioned how YOU benefited.
Portland State University is searching for a Director of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity. The Director...
claims to represent Madiba values? this is Nelson Mandela on Affirmative Action, your party rejects.
Lamont Prof; easy-in Black College-he would have t get Affirmative Action pass t teach elsewhere
Lied about being a minority (Native American) to take advantage of Affirmative she's for the poor!!😖
The Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action is Bullying the Gopher Football Team via
May not be black but falls under Employment Equity Act and Affirmative Action criteria to which is how he accrued a…
When did Idiols commit to Employment Equity n Affirmative Action? It's about voting for who we like not gender based
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Remember, this is the guy who pretended to be black while applying for colleges to condemn affirmative action programs…
If white people are so bad, why dont you leave the white supremacist society that gives affirmative action to non-w…
- A clueless moderator for US VP debate w absolutely no ability to think on feet. How does that happen? Affirmative action.
Affirmative action is by far the largest source of systematic racism in the USA
Never been one for complaining. Always been one for affirmative action.
Are you smoking crack? Read what just released; you oblivious incompetent affirmative-action chair…
as the affirmative action pick to moderate the you did good supporting Kaine.
Man behind gutting of Voting Rights Act: states may have 'gone too far' since decision
a big LIE! Only represses terrorists. Ordinary uyghur are living better lives than majorities . ever hear th…
The GOP agreed to all these affirmative action moderators
Register & vote, as it aids your stand on gun control, abortion, death penalty, affirmative action, and religious freedom, etc.
they thru Big Krit and Lecrae in there just for affirmative action
He is probably a functional illiterate masked by afluenza affirmative action
She was way out of her league. Couldn't hide her boss. Affirmative Action at its worst.
Agree. Affirmative Action is a disgrace. End it.
I just thought of something, affirmative action
AND nobody does their jobs properly That is why our gov agencies have problems Affirmative Action Hiring for the wrong reasons
Cause affirmative action isn't discriminatory, right?
Van Jones sounds like Chris Rock on a bad night. What a clown? An affirmative action guilt trip. Blk & I can say that.
I'm not for or against affirmative action. I hire any non-Mexican who does a good job, doesn't steal, does what they're told.
..Another affirmative action leftist hack trying to be the next .
If you believe Donald Trump (who supports affirmative action, ie anti-white racial preferences) is a "white nationa…
Liberia passed the Equal Representation and Participation Act, reserving places for women's participation:
"The debate is being moderated by CBS News’ Elaine Quijano.". Affirmative Action - I rest my case.
Hillary still enjoying the benefits as a recipient of affirmative action.
Irony when who spent his whole life & career disavowing affirmative action whines about being excluded from the black museum
Oh yeah with equal rights under the constitution and the highest standard of living in the world + affirmative action is oppression
Affirmative action hire. This is why America is dying. Low IQ people are given prominent positions and failure results.
I mean affirmative action acknowledges it right? Grotter Michigan case was what ten years ago???
.Congratulations on demonstrating once again that affirmative action is a bad idea. .
Kaine is a *** and the moderator is the WORST, she is too weak for this job. Was she hired via affirmative action?
She's an incompetent, gutless affirmative action pick.
You were a horrid and biased moderator. Get job through affirmative action. You can kiss HRC's *** now.
Moderator deserves ZERO respect. This is why people reject affirmative action. She has no principles, why should we?
U not proud of Obama 4 fighting for voting rights? Healthcare for poor ppl? Affirmative action? Housing desegregation?
New Article Up! Harvard University's Qaren Quartey unwraps some of the complexities of Blackness. Raising some...
Lied about minority status to get around affirmative action. Sweet job at university
New economics research suggests race-based Affirmative Action can't be effectively replaced by race-blind measures: https:…
Was having a debate about affirmative action in HRM and some kid just shouts "build the wall"
I fully disclosed my privileged background in my application, yet they still consider me their "affirmative action" candidate.
I strongly encourage affirmative action toward those disadvantaged. But the current policy we have is purely based on race.
That they could do always in America. Did not start with Affirmative Action.
Person is convinced despite evidence to contrary that affirmative action hurts PoC. Derp
so affirmative action does help POC too??
CHEAPER HOUSING for blacks! Time to end affirmative action. Cal State LA offers segregated housing for black students.
how is this bad? Keep those feral affirmative action monkies away from our white students.
so you admit POC don't benefit from affirmative action?
If white American would hire all on equal basis, there would be no need for Affirmative Action. They hire look a likes first!
Affirmative action is a privilege the left gave to Blacks. The left say black people can't get ahead without the white…
But affirmative action as a solution has failed. It promotes negative stereotypes about their competency and professionalsim
They know Obama didn't write it. They're not going to embarrass our affirmative action president publicly, fool.
But we can't end racism by perpetuating another form of racism, i.e. affirmative action.
I get affirmative action, but the latest quota impostion on the SA national team is misguided and self-defeating.
Affirmative action is the ONLY legalized form of RACISM that destroys the dreams of millions of students...
If all humans are the same, then why do we need forced affirmative action that makes special arrangements for non-whites?
Well, certainly one of the ironies of the success of affirmative action is that the mid
Affirmative action benefits more than one race 🙄
Education Research Report: Prohibitions on affirmative action policies that explicitly consider race -
Lol. Met some guy who thinks BEE, affirmative action and et al are in effect reverse racism 😏
sorry about my late response. was enjoying my privilege of affirmative action.. oh wait that's just for chicks an POC...
Is affirmative action effective? I think that it necessary in order to provide access to…
Also, more affirmative action and HUD please.
OR my personal fave, "how many think affirmative action is the reason I'm here and not my grades"
Ah...affirmative action should have tipped you off.
affirmative action is a good policy . Let let all help PPP dreams came true...
Looking For Your Soulmate? Learn about potential. How to be affirmative. Be wealthy. Take action. Royal Oak Michigan
Men don't need affirmative action. Women and minorities do. This perspective comes from the statistics.
That's why we have affirmative action. Because without it: probably.
Meaning a white woman can be granted a position and white supremacy can remain intact while complying with affirmative action.
I don't think people realize that white women are also included in affirmative action requirements.
last the minority populations in the USA get extra welfare, affirmative action, etc and more. You have reputations.
Nobody's arguing that talent is exclusive to anybody. Affirmative action has no place in the arts.
Person assumes apropos of nothing that I support affirmative action. What I wrote was that WW have benefitted MORE.
mantains apartheid in the form of affirmative action largely targeting whites, Indians and Coloureds. It is
Do you have an Affirmative Action Plan for your organization? Let us help
Affirmative Action lowers standards for everyone - Law of Perverse Consequences
wait, is this affirmative action for the presidency at work? Give him a trophy because he tried!
Affirmative action can get unqualified students into universities but it can't create jobs for incompetent graduates.
will set the Clock back on affirmative action. But our "upwardly mobile urban middle class" will warm upto to the (11/n)
This is why, after 60 years of affirmative action, the problem of racial inequality has barely improved...
you were the one supporting affirmative action. Govt mandated "help" to willing recipients.
pushes Affirmative Action which is never the answer. Support gifted kids, no handouts.
Did you say you're ok with the good ole boy system of hiring coaches? I was thinking affirmative action was unnecessary
Affirmative Action appointees have a lot to answer for Police Military Fire Brigade Rescue all now Lowest C Denom. htt…
Affirmative Action: got Obama into Occidental College; got Obama into Princeton; got Obama into Harvard Law:AXE A.A.
got a job at Harvard due to Affirmative Action when she applied she was part Cherokee Indian. Media needs to ask her
By 2030 Caucasians will be a minority, @ that time will a obliterate Affirmative Action. Political genocide will be complete.
Affirmative Action and Immigration. A helpful rundown on what the Supreme Court decided and what it means
Affirmative action is constitutional, says Supreme Court
Less than 20 mil black women in US, over 30 mil white women. Per capita, blacks receive more Affirmative Action. https:…
SCOTUS shuts down the woman who said she got rejected from college because she's white
How do we get rid of ingrate and affirmative action "scholar" ?.
."We're going to continue to see this reevaluation of affirmative action in the coming years."
SCOTUS strikes down affirmative action challenge: A 4-3 decision from the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the use of race as a facto...
Affirmative Action: . Whites need not apply-->
You'd think that after nearly five decades of Affirmative Action, "white privilege" would cease to exist.
Supreme Court's decision on affirmative action was cheered by college admissions experts
If Abby did her research she might not have sued because white women are the largest beneficiaries of Affirmative Actio…
oh, no no. But UT student population is only 4% black. So claiming that affirmative action is why you didn't get i…
When you don't have the grades to get in and get upset that you got denied and blame it on affirmative action
Justice Anthony Kennedy's evolution on affirmative action via
So relieved with the SCOTUS decision upholding UT's affirmative action policy. Loving
Supreme Court upholds affirmative action in college admissions
upholds Affirmative Action in the case of Becky with the Bad Grades V U. of Texas.
Not having affirmative action means only the rich with great education get the opportunity to go to nice schools. Thus,…
Order Miche Bag Online!
SCOTUS gives TX another win as it successfully defends how students are admitted to college. reports: https:/…
"During the 17 minute reading of Alito's dissent, Justice Sotomayor took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes..."
>> White women benefit most from affirmative action — and are among its fiercest opponents
Noah Feldman: Affirmative action is now here to stay via
At least affirmative action survived today
Officer Goodson trial seen as pivotal to Marilyn Mosby's political career. - Her "career" is a testament to affirmative action
A surprising win for affirmative action at My column
Today was a big day for news. Btwn the 2nd Amendment issues and affirmative action, we've got current affairs covered in
Fisher has spent about eight years trying to dismantle affirmative action at a school she wasn't qualified to get into anyw…
With nationalism there is no need for affirmative action. A country is one people united.
Here is a little secret: The affirmative action doctors (a cut below) go back to treat "their community" which means po…
Internet celebrates affirmative action court decision via
When you take your very sick child into the ER do YOU want a straight A student or an affirmative action doctor? If U c…
Affirmative action overwhelming helps white women yet still couldn't find a way to prosper. http…
"Affirmative Action in College Admissions, Here to Stay": Law professor Richard Primus will have this op-ed in…
Speaking of Affirmative Action, someone ask Marilyn Mosby how that's working out for her. . 0 for 3. ☕️🐸.
A win for affirmative action - and also for the internet because is the best hashtag
Obama keeps Affirmative Action, as he keeps bringing in more & more illegal immigrants who will be able to…
ok, so can I ask you, do you believe affirmative action is a myth?
Supreme Court upholds affirmative action in university admissions via
This Supreme Court Affirmative Action decision is a real blow to mediocre white people with out of control entitlement iss…
When Affirmative Action still mostly benefits white women but you still don't cut the mustard https:…
The Supreme Court is upholding Affirmative Action. Hopefully now we can stop talking about Abigail Fisher Abby. ht…
Only reason Affirmative Action diva Marilyn Mosby and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake-Smith-Suggs are still in office: they're black. Duuh.
Affirmative Action for Women Fund leveraging US3 billion for women businesses in Africa - Akinwumi Adesina AfDBAM2016
To cherry-pick Affirmative Action as an advantage is like saying 5'3" Mugsy Bogues had unfair advantage in NBA cuz low center of gravity
we have that now, despite the protestations of Affirmative Action, diversity quotas, you name it.
Always a right to *** marriage, abortion, and affirmative action. Thanks for clarifying your support Ben.
The case was about the University of Texas's affirmative action admissions policy.
I have always maintained that Nas wrote Foxy Brown's verse on Affirmative Action. No way she could have come up with that.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Riding Metro supports affirmative action and the coming fire that will kill 100s of riders. Find a safe ride
wait and see! Or are you asking on behalf of the affirmative action police?
Racist black, affirmative action West Point grads showing their true colors exonerated by head racist in White House ht…
Lizzy,Lizzy,Lizzy, who got free ride?U,Satan's bride, did;your false claim=Indianhood opened affirmative action dors
And let's not be naive. This is still a massive problem in the television industry. Far too many Johns. Affirmative action r…
there ARE Amazons of "color" in the film. I cannot wait until it's released so the affirmative action police can start eating crow.
She's a fake Native. No Cherokee tribe claims her, she lied to get minority affirmative action benefits.
Hmm, I wonder if she got in because of affirmative action or black privilege?. -Words of a right wing loon
There are no legit threats. If you weren't an affirmative action attack dog with a safety net, you couldn't live in our country.
"A free ride?" Like lying about ur heritage to take an Affirmative Action job from a deserving recipient?
Affirmative Action admits unqualified minorities into top-ranked schools.
when 911 came Condi was out buying shoes ! We NEED competent Sec of State..not affirmative action hires!
Yes, and their darling savior is a pretend-Indian who stole an affirmative action slot from real minorities.
everyone (at least in the US) is claiming they want equality but don't want to remove affirmative action or whatever it's called...
Forget a woman. It would be an affirmative action VP and we are in too much trouble for another AAer in the WH
Goverment isn't the place for Affirmative Action hiring!We choose by ablility!Where did it get us with Obama~
Not the first time had trouble with truth. She thought she qualified for affirmative action
Changing voting rights laws, anti-immigration, war on drugs, anti-affirmative action...all code for disenfranchising black and brown people.
You're not a Native American and you relied on Affirmative Action. Your time is coming. Keep it up.
Affirmative action but for women in all forms of media
Spreading Bull also used her "Cherokee heritage" to qualify for Affirmative Action criteria 4 admittance 2 Harvard.
hey Jake hillary campaigned and organized for Barry Goldwater running on anti affirmative action platform.
only 2 people in my social problems class said they were against affirmative action and I'll give y'all a wild guess as…
She's not really a Native American. Just claimed to be to get special treatment through Affirmative Action.
she only used it 2 get through college as an affirmative action,otherwise she could care less about Native Americans
Hillary campaigned and organized for Barry Goldwater who ran on an anti affirmative action platform. Her logo looks similar to Goldwater s
Affirmative Action is alive and well under the Obamanation. Does he ever hire white people any more?
Chief of Spreading Bull, used that bull 2 get into Harvard under Affirmative Action criteria. https…
Warren lied about being Native American to get her job at Harvard- affirmative action gravy train. She's used to lying.
been white males doing that there would have been an entire row missing at graduation. Affirmative actio…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
How's that Affirmative Action hiring going for ya?
Goofabeth defrauded taxpayers pretending 2B minority for special advantages of federal Affirmative Action programs
Coming from a person who pushed systemic racism, Affirmative Action. Shame on you Injun Liz!
you're a disgrace. You've stolen affirmative action funds from real Native Americans!
Goofy Liz Warren is a liar. Phony Indian who used affirmative action to move up Ivy League ranks
. That has already been done! Head start (proven worthless), and affirmative action, putting two *** in the White House.
This is why affirmative action has failed this country.
Trump never lied and exploited it to steal affirmative action from minority groups many times like Elizabeth.
I am sure these noble women-of-color received no boost from Affirmative Action or preference in admissions. lol
Going for the jugular with affirmative action beneficiary Elizabeth Warren. Beautiful.
.Another just talk, all affirmative action, politician.
Great look into affirmative action-like policies, also cultural/socioecon. issues students from poorer schools face
first eradicate casteism from India then talk about removing affirmative action.
Obama is affirmative action president.Raised white Has not lived black exp as Ben Carson says. Uses his race against the US
Affirmative. Looks like all the action has resumed full tilt.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So the Goofball DEFRAUDED an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAM...? Say it ain't so Lizzie, say it ain't so!
oh also Zayn was only asked to be in his band because of affirmative action
Only free ride going on here is the affirmative-action free ride Warren got by claiming to be Native American.
Why don't you start with ending 74% black illegitimacy and 53% of homicides rather than affirmative action racism? htt…
Our Attorney General just said that feelings are more important than facts. Time to end affirmative action.
George Bush got into Harvard Business School with a 2.35 GPA... & got into Yale via Affirmative Action... SO... https:…
Columbia President Lee Bollinger writes in the Law Review on diversity, Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action for Presidentiial Candidate Donald Trump needs protection 1964 voter act. Sec 5 he only have to come close to 1237
yet he claimed to be a Constitutional scholar, Affirmative Action at its best
CODEO National Coordinator calls for Affirmative Action in Ghana’s elections.
affirmative action. Decades of excluding talented people from critical jobs because they happen to be white and male!
host why can't U just say the racist code word; benefits from action
I think affirmative action's time is up. If organization have to be forced to hire us, do we even want to work for them?
Chinese and Indian immigrants are not gonna come here and eat my affirmative action. Jas!
*** on the left are as bad as *** on the right. Pampered morons in school on Affirmative Action.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Agreed.Affirmative action quotas are a vital bridging mechanism when qualified candidates are denied
Senate Republicans are Extremists? Those are bold words coming from this White Cherokee Affirmative Action Professor
it's probably one of those affirmative action scholarships that's the only way knuckleheads like this get into Harvard
Clarence Thomas is living proof of the incredible effects of Affirmative Action and yet he's turned his back and cursed the hand that feeds.
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. also had some interesting thoughts on Justice Clarence Thomas and his stance against Affirmative Action.
+My red line is affirmative action.Garland could only disappoint me if he stood against that but it's highly unlikely that he can be anti-AA
it's racist when affirmative action is used. Take a look at all the low range gov. positions. All black or mexican.
I feel like the Kelly Clarkson addition to that FLOTUS song was affirmative action.
In all of these we should know the difference between nepotism and affirmative action
Nothing so amusing than a black person who turns their nose up at affirmative action. Stay thinking your merit is all that's needed hear?
Affirmative action was criticised by and you find this "chilling"? Why?
You should know that the black supporters of are also tired sick n tired of affirmative action and…
I know about affirmative action. I don't support it.
RSS’ education policy has a new focus but is disjointed and lacks clear definitions –
and ALL the 91 selected where "Elites"? Like we are being serious here. At the End na Affirmative action go settle am.
Website Builder 728x90
Showboating narcissistic Trudeau is willing to sacrifice quality, merit and competence for affirmative action bimbos
"That's why affirmative action causes problems. You don't know if the person has the post…" — FranklinWasRight
Affirmative action for white guys. But they never call it that. Meritocracy is a lie.
theVA is overrun with affirmative action flunkies.They shouldbe hiring military people who are getting out.They care
The phrase 'affirmative action' doesn't exist in a Nigerian context. Jamb score is not the only measurement of merit
So true ! That they got over a more deserving and smarter white kid via Affirmative action
That's not the definition of affirmative action. Having a better score doesn't signify being a better candidate
What is affirmative action in the context of Nigeria ?
When you write Fed Common Entrance, beat the cut off mark but affirmative action stands in the way, what do you do?
An international call for boycott of KFC will damage their reputation and profits? Affirmative action
Anyway, nice of us to benchmark against USA. Perhaps, we can start doing the same on state's role in religion & affirmative …
of the Chief Diversity Officer and Affirmative Action "Director" Equal Opportunity and Diversity at
EEOC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Affirmative Action for People with Disabilities in the Federal Government
Trump and Affirmative Action: One addendum to David French's post on the Michelle Fields mat... -
I love the GOP's unintentional love of Affirmative Action: Michael Steele, Sarah Palin, & now Carson. Hired for 1 reason...
US Supreme Court Justice sitting on vital case which cld decide future of Affirmative Action dead of natural causes
Accept or anyone I would truly love an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.
Only diff between Affirmative Action prosecutors Christopher Darden, Marcia Clark, Marilyn Mosby is that in Baltimore the good guys walk.
Michigan finds its way to an Affirmative Action alternative - increasing minority enrollment in wake of
Gerald Torres gets quoted on Affirmative Action in College, but no glamour shots via TeenVogue
I liked a video Thomas Sowell on Black Students and Affirmative Action nearly echoes Justice Scalia
one escaped from The Franklin Park Zoo in Boston a few years ago, he was smarter than the Affirmative Action employees
Abigail Fischer needs to go away. She HAS NO CASE. Didn't get rejected bc of Affirmative Action - was a bad student
Global : Justices Are Wise to Delay on Affirmative Action - College campuses are in no state to deal with a dec...
I'll be live on the Tom Joyner Morning Show at 7 50 am est. tune in as we discuss the Affirmative Action case before the Supreme Court.
josephjett "Affirmative Action: . End the *** Minstrel Show:. song, dance, pro sports. Direct Black youth to the Arts of War:. Science Ma…
Abigail Fisher, a White Woman, is fighting against Affirmative Action, you know... that thing White Women benefit the most from? Yeah.
What happened was the Lyndon Johnson, the Democratic Party, and Affirmative Action.
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